i just want to draw why is everything terrible

I saw a post going around suggesting Natalie Dormer for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head!! So I drew ya’ll a fake poster to go along with my other fake Marvel poster.

Just gonna complain here like a lil bitch haha sorry @ my followers who expected art but got a bunch of text roses

Just gonna make it quick. Regarding the Steven Universe art I post, I….don’t usually stray from drawing anything other than only three of the characters. That would be Pearl, Peridot, and Lapis. Why? Because they’re the only characters that have a body type I’m able to portray correctly. Yeah, skinny, anime girl type of body. I have drawn Amythest before, yeah. But it still wasn’t her actual body type. You get me?

The main point is, after hearing about the incident regarding an artist being pushed to commiting suicide, just for drawing Rose Quartz with the wrong body type, I kinda just got scared. I might not be noticed much on here, but it still scares me, despite how long it’s been since it happened, as to how even drawing a character in a way that’s in your comfort zone will get you death threats. Like, isn’t that the point of being an artist?? To start out somewhere you’re comfortable?? Something that’s in your skill zone??? Like, I get it, it does bug me a little when I see fat characters drawn a little thinner, but that doesn’t mean I should start yelling in their face and telling them they’re fatphobic, right? That doesn’t mean I should start sending death threats and being picky, right? As long long as the artist isn’t deliberately doing so just because they dislike fat people for their body type, it isn’t fatphobia, correct????

I mean, I know on this site political correctness is strictly regulated by a part of the users, but that really isn’t a reason to start harassing people???Or being an asshole to them???? What are you doing????

So, yeah. That’s mostly why I don’t post much here or draw Rose. I’m only barely getting the basics of body types and I don’t wanna go through that. And I don’t want it for others either.

Sorry for horrible English and lack of paragraphs and terrible reasoning, I just wanna write it out.


holdtightclothing  asked:

I dislike Lars. Absolutely do not like him. He's horrible to Sadie. He's terrible to Ronaldo. He just cares about himself. I love redeemable characters and he is one character, in my opinion, who does not deserved to be redeemed. Everything about him makes my blood boil. He's a bandwagon poseur. This is not a ploy to get you to draw him, even though you do it so well. I just wanted you to know why I don't like him. Not hate, dislike.

Thank u for ur input

trivia: lars never put sadie or ronaldo’s life in danger but they did to him. fun fact!