i just want to date yosuke

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Ok, I know everyone praises P2 for having a canon gay relationship, But can we talk about how it isn't apex of represantation. I mean, while Jun's great, writers avoided giving him a Shadow. Also his relationship with Tatsuya has pretty much all yaoi cliches of that time (like game can't stop reminding us how feminine Jun is). I think Naoto and Kanji's (and Chie's, in the original) are much realistic and meaningful represantations of gender perspective in Japan.

I agree with some things you have said Anon, but I also think you got a lot of things wrong too, so I’m going to try to adress those things down below in this big post.

Just have in mind that this could be just my own opinion in the matter and I could have made some mistakes or forgotten to mention something, but I really respect your opinion and I will be careful to say anything about the matter.

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Absolutely 500% same - from what I’ve seen of, like, romos for in the team there hasn’t been anything abhorrent, just clumsy and somewhat out of place with the introduction of potential romance (futaba) or the pacing of Suddenly The Girl You’re Dating Is Madly In Love With You (all of them honestly). Plus like the fact that you have the option of cheating on everyone is just…. scuzzy. I’d rather just ignore all romance entirely instead of having to acknowledge that as an actual thing protag can do with practically zero repercussions.

Also since like, character distinction from player insert is so paper thin, it’s like… I don’t want to date teens b/c Theyre My Kids but I don’t want protag to date adults because He’s A Kid. P4 protag was already like, a pretty solid separate entity for me so I’m like haha protag and Yosuke are dating but it’s never been haha me and Yosuke are dating. God no.

Thanks so much for the messages concerning this comic! I’m not upset about my style or improvement over the years but I’m so happy you guys sent me messages trying to cheer me up, you guys are so sweet!! Thanks again! :’ )

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