i just want to cuddle you and tell you everything will be alright

Dating Violet Baudelaire would include

-You were originally family friends, your parents worked with them

-You would go on movie dates or walk on the beach together

-Being so amazed but how smart she is

-Shy and sweet kisses

-Warm hugs and always holding hands

-Sunny and Klaus adore you

-She would always invent something as a girt for you

-After her parents death you stay long distance

-Constantly calling, when she was with Count Olaf she would send you letters

-You’re the first person she tries to contact when Count Olaf tries to hurt them

-Visiting Mr. Poe telling and telling him to do something whenever Violet tells you there is trouble

-On the rare occasion you get to see her you always try to make her laugh

-Things are so sad in her life and you just want her to be happy

-You’re presence is enough to make me feel happy again, feel normal again

-Cuddling each other

-”Everything will be alright, I promise”

-Everytime you bring a gift for all of them

-Braiding each other’s hair

-Trying to help her whenever there is a tuff situation

-Freaking out when her and her siblings go missing

-You eventually start trying to help them by joining Jacquelyn in helping them


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Marauders Imagine: Imagine getting the Marauders into musical theatre

(This’ll make at least one person as happy as it made me. This is more like just listing things, Ill make a better one later, I need to get this out there)
Musical You Sing With Sirius: Jesus Christ Superstar, he couldn’t sing for shit but wanted to play Judas so bad. He often attempted to perform Judas’s death on the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, but whenever he got a howler from his parents, telling him how much of a disappointment he is, you two would cuddle in his bed, and while holding him sing ‘Everything’s Alright’ softly in his ear. One day you bursted into his dorm after hearing a scream to find him just sitting on his bed. Still panting heavily you yelled “what happened!?” He looked up at you. “What? Oh, I was just trying to hit that note in Gethsemane, Andrew Lloyd Webber is a blessing” you, still out of breath, sighed, rolled your eyes then walked out of the room.

Musical You Sing With James: West Side Story. He would often replace the words in ‘Maria’ to Lilly and sing it over and over. “Oi, (Y/N) snap battle!” When you all watched the movie together, he was mortified when Riff died (his favorite character.) He had you style his hair like a 60’s greaser before class everyday. “Ya know what?” He asked one day. “What?” You asked back. “Lilly and I are just like Tony and Maria.” He stated smiling. “Oh, yeah? When are you planning on getting sho-” “aht aht aht, We don’t talk about that!”

Musical You Sing With Remus: Rent. He knows every word to La Vie Bohème and you two have competitions seeing who can sing it faster. You walk into the common room one day to find him sobbing. “Woah, woah, Remus what’s wrong?!” You ran over to him and hugged him on the couch, this must be something serious, Remus usually isn’t very emotional. “Did you know *sniff* that Johnathan Larson, the composer died on opening night!” He cried into your neck. “Yeah? and that’s what you’re sobbing over?” “It’s just so sad, imagine how the actors felt, they still had to perform the show! He was so young and so talented!” He cried more and more. “It’s not fair!” You just rubbed his back and whispered “I know, love I know.”

(Fuck Peter, he doesn’t deserve anything fun, the asshole)

Musical You All Sing Together: Les Misérables, you all have your designated parts for One Day More. Jean Valjean/Mme.Thenardier: James, Marius/M.Thenardier: Remus, Cosette/Javert: You, Eponine/Enjolras: Sirius. You and James would randomly scream-sing 'The Confrontation’, usually scaring first years. Sirius would charge the Quidditch field, gripping a Gryffindor banner screaming “RED, THE BLOOD OF ANGRY MEN!!!” Once when James forgot to prepare a presentation for Divination he just spoke the entirety of “Valjean’s Soliloquy”. You and Remus read the book together and it was
amazing. Later when you were all in The Order he would always compare them to the friends of the ABC. “I’m obviously Enjolras.” He stated casually, but then a war broke out. “Are you kidding me!?! I’m Enjolras!” yelled Sirius. “I think we’re all ignoring the real leader here!” said James pointing to himself. “You’re absolutely right, Prongs. I’m actually Enjolras!” you said with a big smile.

How the guys/girls would kiss (+gifs- Teen Wolf Preferences)

I actually don’t know what happened to me but I felt like shit, come home, cry about having a huge test tomorrow and my head hurting, and I made those..I felt like wanting to have someone cuddle, kiss my head, and tell me everything will be alright…I just need that..ALSO! REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Want me to write something for you? Smut, lime, angst, fluff, anything your mind can come up with, then hit me a message and I’ll do them! THE GIFS AREN’T MINE AND SOME ARE +18! I warned you and boy this is soooo long! That’s what she said…*snickers* IF I FORGOT ANYONE, I’M SORRY.IT WAS RUSHED 

T ^ T Also, end me!


Scott McCall - Romantic

Scott’s kiss will be romantic. He would take you to a picnic or somewhere near the sea and place a blanket down, letting you sit atop him and give him light kisses.Kissing him will turn more forceful and loving while you guys proceed with it.

His favorite kissing period would be during July-August! Summer time is his favorite season to show you how truly he really cares by making you his next to the beach.

Stiles Stilinski - Nerdy

Stiles kiss will be slightly nerdy. While you would read or write some of your friends messages on your phone, he would appear out of nowhere and steal kisses from you making you lose your focus on whatever you were doing and pay attention to him.

His most kissing period would be around May-June when you need to focus on your grades. His favorite season is also during Spring!

Derek Hale - Rain 

Derek actually doesn’t show so much love towards you, mostly when others are around, but once in a while he would kiss you and make you feel like you belong net to him.

His favorite kissing weather is during rain. He would pull you outside, and kiss you deeply, and needy while water will drench you both.

Derek’s favorite season would be Autumn! There’s a bigger chance it would rain around that period!

Isaac Lahey - Teasing

Isaac perfect kissing place would be anywhere! Thought, he would mostly love it when you guys are all alone.

His kissing type is teasing, he also loves to do it whenever he can.His favorite season would be Spring or Summer.

Liam Dunbar - Shy

With Liam, you would have to do the first step. it’s not because he wouldn’t want to do it on his own, he’s actually shy and afraid he’ll get all clumsy and not know what to do.

His favorite season would be Winter where he can cuddle and hog you all up all day.

Theo Raeken - Wet

Theo has a sick obsession of always preparing you before a kiss. He would bit, suck and lick all over your neck and playfully chew at the skin there while his hands will feel up and down your curves.

He doesn’t have a favorite season but he would probably chose Summer! During that time he can see you wear little clothes, and have his way with you faster.

Aiden - Deep

His kisses will be deep, sometimes leaving you breathless and needy for more. For an ex alpha, he just knows how to make you feel like a queen with just simple gestures and kisses.

His favorite season is Winter because during that time you guys will be locked into the house and having fun exploring each others fantesies!

Peter Hale - Sensual

Peter wouldn’t back away from showing you the privileges you have for being his mate.He could do you anywhere and anytime, as long as you wouldn’t mind.

His kisses will be sensual, most of the times during sex, except from having only kisses, he would coo in your ear, growl, and mumble he was your master, owner and that you are only his.

His favorite season will be Autumn.He just finds it the perfect season for mating.

Jackson Whittemore - Biting

Jackson adores whenever you guys kiss to pull on his lower lip rather harshly. He would growl, grip your hips and push you harder against the wall or mattress.

His favorite season is during Spring and Summer. He likes the warm weather more then cold ones and mostly cause you’ll come to watch his lacrosse practice and get turned on from seeing him take his short off and show his muscles.

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