i just want to cuddle him or something omg

Dating Grayson Dolan

Hey!!!! Can you please write a “Dating Grayson Dolan would include…”? thanks love

Hi!! I really loved your “Dating Ethan Dolan” posts and I wanted to know if you planned to do it with Grayson too? :)

y’all are so cute omg

  • asking u for which tattoo he should get next
  • not one of u legit but if u liked the stars or your zodiac sign or the nickname he calls u
  • having to deal w his temper
  • bc lesbihonest.. he has quite a big one
  • buuuuttt he gives the best cuddles ever
  • i just feel like he would genuinely want to cuddle his s/o all. the. time.
  • big ass muscular arms wrapped around YOU (yuuusss plssss)
  • i feel like the pants in the relationship would be more worn on your side tbh
  • like if u wanted to spend the night in instead of going out, he would b like ‘okbabyanythinguwantiloveu’
  • ya know
  • but he’s not like whipped as hell, he’s still kinda independent
  • but he’s whipped 4 u
  • if he’s having a hard day, he will just walk into you and wrap his arms around u and u will just kinda know that he’s upset
  • basically being his therapist bc grayson NEEDS to talk things out w someone other than ethan
  • ethan gets so annoyed w u two
  • like groans even if u laugh w each other
  • but he’s happy grayson won’t annoy him as much anymore
  • if you’re going to a concert, u can betchur ass that he’ll find a way to make u wear something of his w your outfit
  • btw y’all will go to soooooo many concerts
  • listening to music at like 3 am
  • but ethan doesnt mind the sound bc he’s up at that time anyways hahahahaha
  • back rubs tbh are a thing in the relationship
  • i feel like he would only call u ‘baby
  • soz if u like anything else
  • bc he’s just like ethan and heeeelllla family orientated,,, if ANYONE from his family doesn’t like u then you’re out sorry honey
  • him wanting u to move in w him & ethan like a month and a half after becoming official hahaha
  • and ofc u were like ‘um no,, but maybe in the future’
  • and he was like ‘ayyyye its ok bbg’ but inside he was like ‘FUCKSHESGOINGTOBREAKUPWME’
  • roasting other youtubers hahahha its 50/50 serious and joking……
  • i feel like he’s a really passionate lover
  • and he will love u w allllllllLllllllLlLl his heart :’)

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ASTRO as boyfriends

A/N: feel free to send in request!


- such a happy boyfriend omg
- whenever you’re upset, expect him to do foolish stuff just to cheer you up
- say if you’re insecure about your body
- he’ll be really dramatic and shocked that you thought that way
- so he’ll be really extra about it bc it’s myungjun
- it’ll take your mind off of it though because now you’re laughing at whatever he just did
- in front of the other members, I don’t think he’s shy with you
- he doesn’t really get embarrassed easily so I don’t think he’ll be embarrassed to kiss you in front of them or cuddle with you
- even if they do end up saying something
- he’ll fire back quickly because of the sassy little boy he is
- whenever he wants a kiss from you he’ll do that thing with his lips


- so warm and soft omg
- all of astro are literally just softies pls protect them
- gives you cute nicknames
- actually, sometimes they’re cute
- sometimes they’re really stupid and weird
- whenever he comes up with another nickname and it’s stupid, you’ll laugh at him
- but he won’t change it or be embarrassed by it
- he’ll just call you it for the next week or so
- a lot of hugs
- a lot of cuddles as well
- whenever you say you’re hands are cold he’ll grab hold of it and start to warm it up
- like I said he’s really warm and soft


- a lot like moonbin
- that’s why the two of them are dating each other
- really romantic
- buys you flowers and giggles while he’s handing you them
- because of the nerves obviously
- omg imagine cuddling with him
- like he’ll be so gentle with you
- he’ll hold you like a porcelain doll that’s how gentle he’ll be
- I also imagine him smelling really good as well
- just bc everything is perfect about him obviously his scent has to be perfect as well
- whenever he’s shy or nervous he’ll always giggle
- like after your first kiss he’ll just giggle to himself
- it will be so cute


- he’s so fhjskafakfaio
- such a softy
- really shy as well
- takes 20 million years for him to finally have enough courage to hold your hand
- when he finally holds your hand he’ll giggle to himself
- you know that video of rocky putting a facemask on him and he’s squealing?
- well he’ll be like that
- you’ll find it cute
- lets you borrow all of his clothes
- compliments you whenever you wear his clothes
- tbh I just think he enjoys you wearing his stuff
- cute pecks
- like long passionate kisses aren’t really something that he enjoys doing
- maybe once in a while
- but what makes his heart flutter the most is when you give him multiple pecks on his lips
- it makes his heart beat so fast omg


- not going to lie
- before I was a full out astro stan
- I thought rocky was one of the oldest and that he seemed cold to me
- I know I’m dumb
- but I now know that he’s so soft
- I feel like he’ll be shy with you for a while
- he will gradually start to hold your hands
- and then cuddle
- and then the first kiss
- then he’ll feel less shy in front of you
- teaches you dances even if you’re bad
- you never turn him down as well when it comes to him teaching you because you don’t want to upset him
- plus it’s his interest so you decided to show a little interest in it as well
- laughs at you whenever you fall or can’t do it
- but then he’ll turn back into gentleman mode and help you from the floor
- you know after he’s almost pissed himself from laughing at you


- okokokok
- sanha is my bias so this might be longer than other members
- sanha will be shy the first couple of weeks into your relationship
- because love is something that is completely new to him
- but eventually, he will grow into being really clingy
- like when you want to get out of a cuddle with him to finally be productive
- he won’t let you get away
- probably walk down the street holding onto you
- you know in weightlifting fairy when they walk down the street all over each other?
- yeah that will be you and Sanha
- does aeygo a lot
- he already does it a lot but in front of you it will increase
- mainly because if he want’s to do something with you and you say no, he’ll persuade you by doing aeygo
- you’ll eventually give in because who wouldn’t?
- in front of the other members, I feel like he’ll probably be shy with you
- even if you two have been dating for a year he ain’t even gonna hold your hand when in front of  them
- mainly because he’s the maknae so he knows they’ll laugh about it
- he doesn’t really want to embarrass you either so he just decides not to do any lovey-dovey stuff in front of them
- but in front of everyone else and when you two are alone, he’ll be lovey-dovey

Tell Him Part 2 (Bran x reader)

Prompt: OMG Thank you so much,“Tell him” was amazing and I wanted to ask if ypu would like to make a second part? Maybe some smut in the night of the wedding,or maybe just a normal day before their wedding where people tease them about everything and they cuddle and lots of cute things. + Hi! I love love looove your blog and I wanted to request something for you. Can you maybe do a bran stark x reader based around the song perfect by ed sheeran and make it really fluffy and adorable? Thanks!

Note: Sorry this took so long! I’m not as confident when it comes to writing for Bran, but i hope you enjoy! Check out Part 1.

Part 1

It was two days before the wedding, and Winterfell was beginning to get busy. The kitchens were already starting to prepare parts of the feast, and later that day some of the great families would be arriving.

Despite how hectic the castle was, the Starks still managed to find time to break their fast together. You couldn’t help but fall in love with how close the Starks were as a family.

You hoped that one day you and Bran would have a family like the one he grew up in, with a great brood of children that would love each other just as much as their aunt and uncles had.

Bran was sat beside you, and you felt his hand reach for yours under the table, you couldn’t help but blush, squeezing his hand lightly.

Arya rolled her eyes at the sight, quickly picking up on Brans not so subtle hand holding “Bloody hell you two are sickeningly in love”

Sansa nudged Arya’s arm hard, and Catelyn sent a scowl in her direction, of course the boys just laughed.

Bran sent a smirk in your direction “To be fair Mother, I think Arya might be right.”

From the corner of your eye you could see Arya and Rickon both pretending to be sick, but you knew they were just as happy for you and Bran as everyone else – they just had different ways of showing it.

Catelyn gave you both a knowing look “We’re going to have trouble separating you two the night before the wedding, aren’t we?”

You bit your lip. You and Bran had planned to forgo that tradition, both of you not subscribing to the old wives’ tale that it may be bad luck.

Catelyn smiled at the look on both yours and Brans faces. “You may want to spend every waking minute together now, but trust me you’ll be sharing a bed for the rest of your lives. You’ll be grateful for the rest before the big day.”

Robb scoffed at that “It’s not like they’ve been sneaking into each-others rooms since-” Your eyes widened, and you swiftly kicked Robb in the shin, shutting him up.

Ned only raised an eyebrow at Robbs outburst, saying nothing. You suspected that both Ned and Catelyn were both being polite and not saying anything, though you suspected you would be teased for it after the wedding.

You spent the rest of the day curled up in thick furs with Bran under the heart tree in the Gods wood. You both had a book in hand, and sat in a comfortable silence.

“I can scarce believe that the next time we will be here it will be to get married.” Bran said in awe, pulling you closer to him.

You gave a slight smile as you felt his arm around you. “I’m going to miss you tomorrow” you sighed “It’s such a stupid tradition.”

“I know love” Bran said, kissing you on the forehead “But they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

You shook you head, and let out a small laugh “Bran if my heart was any fonder of you I think it might burst.”

Brans gave a slight smirk “We’ll then I’ll have to think of a plan then wont I?” he said, leaning over and kissing you on the cheek.

It was the night before the wedding, and your stomach was in knots. You hadn’t seen Bran all day, and you couldn’t help but miss him. The next day would be the biggest day of your life – and you wanted him by your side going into that.

You sat at the end of your bed, with Summer besides you, your face buried into his fur. As much as you adored summer- you still missed Bran.

You were just about to give in and go to sleep when you heard a knock at the door. Summers ears pricked up and he moved towards the door.

You hesitated for a moment, before you heard the knock again. “Y/n? I have a surprise… hurry up!” It was Robb.

You opened the door to see the grinning faces of Robb and Bran Stark. Of course. You couldn’t help but grin too, at the man that would be your husband, and at the insane but wonderful family you would be joining.

“Well, I’ll leave you two to it…” Robb said as he shuffled out of the door way. “I can give you a few hours, but I’ll have to make sure Brans back in his chambers by morning.”

You nodded, acquiescently, knowing he was right, but wishing you could just have that night with Bran. Robb slipped the door closed behind, and you were finally alone together.

As soon as you heard the door click shut, a huge grin broke across both of your faces. You immediately wrapped your arms around Bran, who pulled you onto his lap.

“I can’t believe you’re here now Bran!” You said, nuzzling into the crook of his neck, as Bran wrapped his arm around your waist. “I look a complete mess.”

You could hear the smile in Brans voice as he spoke “Y/n you look perfect” He said and kissed your forehead. “You’re beautiful, sweet and stronger than any woman I have ever known, and I can’t believe that tomorrow I’ll get to call you mine. I love you.”

You couldn’t hold back the blush as Bran spoke, and held him tighter “Gods Brandon Stark, do you know how much I love you?”

Bran smirked “I’m guessing at least a little bit since you agreed to marry me.”

You rolled your eyes “A lot Bran. I love you more than I can say.”

You spent the rest of the evening cocooned together, talking about what you planned for your life together – what you might call your first born.

After Robb came and helped Bran back to his chambers you fell into an easy sleep, knowing that the next day would most likely be the best day of your life.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, and all of the Great Houses of the North had come to see the two of you wed. You had always love the Gods woods, so it felt fitting that it would be the place where you would finally be able to marry Bran.

The ceremony went faster than you had thought it would. You had thought it would feel odd, being a Stark rather than a Y/l/n, but when you saw Bran’s face, you knew that the name Y/n Stark fit you better than any other.

The families began to file out of the Godswood, but you lingered behind with Bran. Sansa turned around and gave you a questioning look, but you gestured for her to go on. You felt a funny kind of warmth in your chest when you realised she was now your sister by law, though she had always been your sister at heart.

Once the wood was empty, Bran wordlessly took your hand in his, and squeezed it tightly.

“I’ve loved you for so long Y/n, since I was a child, but I never thought I would be this lucky”

You opened your mouth to speak, to say how it was you that was the lucky one, but Bran continued.

“Y/n, you look perfect tonight.”

S/O refuse to sleep with them, likes to wear a silk top, undies, no bra to sleep.

I hope this is what you wanted! :) If not, go ahead and message me!

Shonwu would probably be extremely butthurt at the fact that you won’t sleep with him. He’s a basically a gentle giant, and loves his cuddles. I feel like even with whatever you wore, he can control himself. But, some days due to stress he’d want to take you on in bed and fuck you till you can’t walk so you’ll really frustrate him if you refused to sleep in the same bed. Lord help me, I want him to take me!

Wonho.. bias wrecker… would probably just use his adorable aegyo on you until you say yes to sleep with him, having sex or not he’d be happy. But, everyone knows you can’t resist this sexy man! Let’s be real, he probably sleeps naked anyway, lol. So, what you wear would only wind him up 10x more & would dominate you in bed for teasing him like you did! I’d tease him just so he’d make me scream oops

Minhyuk would probably be extremely giggly at the fact you wore lingerie to bed, and didn’t want to sleep with him, well he’d probably be sad, but wouldn’t want to force you to sleep with him if you’re not comfortable. He’d be a bit pouty though, which I hope you wouldn’t say no to him & just cuddle this baby to sleep!

Kihyun: omg this boy would be the saddest little baby ever, you’re HIS baby and you refuse to sleep with him? I think once he sees what you actually wear to bed, I don’t think he’d be able to lose those thoughts about you.. If he ended up sleeping alone he might be doing something to help him sleep ;) If you get my drift..

Hyungwon my fucking bias  I feel like he’d be so full of himself & be like “you don’t want to sleep with me? whatever i’m still beautiful!” this boy can love himself so easily, he’s basically a model lol. He would think you look extremely beautiful in what you wore, he seems like someone who can control himself very well though. 

Jooheon would be so fucking extra omg he’d be screaming and whining everywhere saying how he can control himself no matter what you wore, but come on you think he can control himself when you basically sleep half naked? You’d have to keep moving his hand from wondering if y’all slept together.

I.M omg this poor maknae would get so horny so fast, i feel like he’s still at the stage where even the smallest thing would make his thing go up lol I think he’d be okay with you sleeping in another room, but would prob still have to lowkey relieve himself..

omg i hope you liked it! send in requests!

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ETHANS LAST SNAP FUCK FUCK. okay Ethan was spooning him for one, which is so sexy omg. second, look at how much Grayson was enjoying it (prior to having gum put in his hair lmao). Why did he put his hand on ethans face as if to stop him from kissing him? why is it that normal for them to be that close? Also the way Grayson was chewing his gum shows just how excited he was shkddbcj. That was too much I wanna know what you thought of it cause I feel like my head is spinning

Yo were they cuddling or something? It’s soooo cute! I want them to snap these moments more often!

Here is the snap. 

Lightning HeadCannons

Hey, I was bored and I wrote out all the headcannons I have on the kachow boy. There’s 50 so I hope y'all will like some of them at least. :) I’ve seen people put their headcannons on here and I wanted to share mine lol.

1. He’s terrified of the dark and needs a night light or someone to cuddle with at all times.
2. He’s got anxiety issues, idk maybe just anxiety in general or separation anxiety, cause I think I’d be cute to see him all scared in a store or something with Sally and he can’t find her and he’s getting scared and then he turns around and she’s behind him and he just gets so relieved and hugs her or something, omg.
3. He wants kids one day, but is kind of nervous cause he’s afraid he’s gonna mess up by not being there or just doing something wrong, but he’d really like to have a daughter.
4. He gets really nervous in tough situations, like super shaky and sweaty (do cars sweat??) and he gets this cute stutter or something.
5. He’s a very hyper car, like he was a hyper child always running around and wearing himself out, and like now he’s calmed down a bit but he sometimes just gets that burst of energy and no one can freaking calm him down.
6. He’s a really good singer, but his anxiety causes him to not sing in public. Maybe he sings with Sally or something idk that’d be cute.
7. With the singing thing, he’s not usually shy in front of people and fans but put him on a stage with a microphone and he’s got chronic stage fright.
8. Oh, he’s shy! I can feel it! He may be able to show that smile on the camera, but on the inside he wishes he could crawl into a hole and leave all these cameras behind lol.
9. He wears glasses/contacts. Idk, I think he’d make a cute nerdy kid.
10. Oh, speaking of nerdy kid, I think he was one. He may seem kinda dumb and hot headed in Cars but he was actually super smart throughout school. He was like top of his class, playing chess, and getting them A’s.
11. He had braces. Come on, no one can be born with those perfect teeth without going through some major dental work.
12. He loves to play video games, but not with someone else cause he can’t stand losing.
13. He was a delinquent as a kid (even with all them good grades and what not) but like he would do all kinds of bad things around his hometown or something, like all the cops knew him by name lol.
14. He had an abusive father. Idk, I feel he had something bad in his childhood cause that would explain his nasty attitude in Cars, but I feel like his dad maybe forced him into racing when McQueen didn’t even want to, and his dad would just abuse him for it. Lighty eventually fell in love with racing, but he always thought of his dad and he’s always had that fear that he might come back and hurt him again because he wasn’t the nasty racer his dad wanted him to be.
15. Lightning has thought about marriage, but he’s nervous about it because he doesn’t want to have a divorce like his parents did when he was younger. Plus he doesn’t see why him and Sally need marriage because they are perfectly happy the way they are, plus they’re both super busy so planning a wedding on top of that would be a literal wreck.
16. His mom was super supportive of him. She was always the one cheering him on a sport events and stuff and she like loves Lightning more than anything in the world and she can’t help but gush to the other moms about what Lighty is doing now and how amazing he is.
17. Lighty calls his mom ALL THE TIME! Like four times a week I’d say, like he’s always excited to tell his mom what he’s been doing and just talking to his mom in general.
18. He reads fanfiction, like he has fandoms he obsesses over or something and he’s kind of embarrassed by it, so when people drive in while he’s reading it he kind of freaks out and will throw his phone across the room.
19. He loves to sleep and he’s like a really heavy sleeper, like nothing will wake him up. He has to set like five alarms at the same time just to make enough noise to wake him up.
20. He loves to cuddle! He’s not super clingy but he can be if he wants. He’s always looking to cuddle and maybe have a movie date night.
21. He has beautiful handwriting (tire-writing??) and like Sally is jealous cause hers sucks and Lightning freaking breaks out the cursive and Sally ends up just throwing the pen in frustration.
22. Lightning is involved with his fans and the fandom based on him (in the Cars world 😂). He’s always talking to his fans and he keeps up with them and laughs at all the things they post about him being super sexy and how he’s such a dork.
23. He’s a dork. (No explanation needed)
24. He has like so many social media accounts, I’m talking an Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook like he’s got it all.
25. He loves Netflix, like he binge watches TV shows and movies 24/7.
26. His favorite alcoholic drink is Vodka, even though he’s a lightweight, but he figures “go big or go home”.
27. He loves horror movies, like he adores them and can’t get enough of them! Sally will be terrified and he’ll be sitting there complaining about what a big baby she is and how it’s not even scary.
28. He loves to read, like he loves all them teen books and all the movies that come out based on books (Fault in Our Stars, etc.). He can’t get enough of them. His favorite is Twilight.
29. He likes chick flicks. Like he never admits it, but he does get teary eyed from some of them.
30. He loves fire and he loves the Fourth of July cause he loves fireworks and fire and he gets to play with it ( lol no idea where this came from tbh).
31. He loves Trap music and he likes to get down with it.
32. He’s a terrible dancer but he tries.
33. He’s literally terrible at everything besides racing.
34. He loves art and he can’t help but go to art museums and stuff.
35. If he ever got into a movie as an actor, he wants it to be a horror movie so he can play dead and stuff lol.
36. He loves horror, but he’s terrified of dolls, like he can’t stand them at all.
37. He’s a heavy sleeper but it’s like so hard for him to fall asleep. He’ll be on social media for hours before he passes out from exhaustion.
38. He has night terrors (due to his abusive dad and what not) and he sometimes wakes up crying and screaming in the middle of the night. When he lived alone he always had to get up and make some tea or something to calm down, but now that he lives with Sally she comforts him in any way, shape, or form.
39. He’s jealous of people who can get up early because he totally cannot.
40. Lighty loves his dank memes. They take up probably 99% of his phone storage.
41. It’s easy to make him laugh.
42. He has several kinds of laughs. He’s got like a polite chuckle and then a full on laughing fit like he’s choking and dying or something. There’s no in-between. He has one of those laughs that’s funnier than the actual joke.
43. He loves Disneyland and he wants to go back but he never has time. He still remembers the first time he went and it makes him sad cause he can’t go back for a while.
44. He’s a kid at heart.
45. He’s always getting in trouble because he does some stupid things from time to time.
46. He loves the beach, like he literally loves it. He owns like a condo in California and he goes there sometimes (with or without Sally) and just chills on the beach. When he’s with Sally he’ll race along the shore and spray sand everywhere and getting Sally dirty in the process and then she won’t talk to him for the rest of the day lol.
47. He’s a big coffee drinker because he can’t wake up in the morning.
48. He legit uses the word “lit” like all the time and he uses it when talking to his fans and his fans get annoyed sometimes cause he says it way too much and they say stuff like “Light, stop abusing the word or else we aren’t using it anymore” then he like just keeps repeating it until everyone literally stops chatting with him.
49. He loves YouTube and he has all his favorite YouTuber’s and what not.
50. He loves to argue, like all the time, but more in a fun way than an actual argument way. He’ll argue about literally anything and it drives Sally insane until he starts cracking up.

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When Patton finds out that Virgil was bullied as a child, he attempts to convince Virgil to tell him who it was so he can confront them. He's so caught up in his protective instinct that he doesn't even think about using his rank to destroy their lives, because Virgil is /his/ and nobody can touch him. Virgil calms him down and then Patton ends up cuddling with Virgil as Virgil tells him more about his childhood and comforting him. (Headcanon)

Awww! Omg, Patton would definitely be heartbroken to learn that anyone had hurt Virgil and he’d definitely want to make sure it never happened again. But I dunno about ruining anyone’s life…much as he’d be tempted, he’s too good a soul to do something like that. Of course, like you said, Virgil wouldn’t let him, because he’d just want to leave it in the past (plus he’d know that it would weigh heavily on Patton and he’d never want Patton to do anything so against his nature!).

Not to mention, seeing Patton fly into a rage would probably actually frighten Virgil, even if it was on his behalf. People who have been abused like Virgil was don’t tend to react well to anger, even when it’s not directed at them.

But Patton’d definitely spend long hours cuddling Virgil and whispering about how he’ll protect him from now on, that’s for sure! And if anyone ever came after Virgil now, they’d definitely have to go through Patton first!!! (And Teren. And Caru. And all the others.)

Now, if Roman found out what was happening to his brother, and Logan found out what they did to his best friend, well…that’s might’ve been a different story. But I still think at this point Virgil’s gotten his revenge by imprinting Caru and having a life the others couldn’t dream of, and he just wants to leave the past in the past.

And when he can’t, Patton will be there for him. To hug him and love him and comfort him, and remind him he’ll never, ever have to go through anything like that again.

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hey!! could i have a ship? preferably with a boy from either DEH or BMC! i am about 5'5", i have brown hair (with bangs) and glasses. my hobbies include painting, drawing, watching old movies, and bowling with friends. i am planning on going to art school after i graduate. when i am not working ((i work at a store that's kind of like Lush)) i am playing music and marathoning tv shows and watching musical bootlegs. thanks !!!!

For DEH, I ship you with CONNOR MURPHY!
- he found you through your art
- and he was in love like holy shit
- whenever he saw something drawn or made by you his heart went fuzzy but he pushed it away BAD FEELINGS
- he thinks you’re perfect, and he absolutely LOVES your bangs. He also thinks the glasses are pretty cute hehe
- he didn’t really want to talk to you bc he was afraid he’d fuck up something or you’d see him as a freak
- but you guys started talking and weLp y'all are dating now
- he comes over to your house and you guys just sit there and (awkwardly, Connor Murphy type) cuddle while watching old movies
- this boyo loves u sm omg
For BMC, I ship you with MICHAEL MELL!
- okay so he first met you at the bowling alley
- insert heart eyes emoji
- he awkwardly tried to impress you haha
- trips over his own feet
- he bought you a cherry slushie one time and I guess that’s kinda considered y'all’s first date but not really
- he goes to the very depths of the internet to find you bootlegs
- his fav thing is kissing you omg
- tells Jeremy everything
- gushes about you to eVERYONE
- a whole bunch of hugs from behind.
- super protective
- literally a lost puppy around you

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One w/ Michael where ur focused on homework or something and he really just wants to have some cuddle time with u but u won't pay any attention to him so he gets really needy and stuff and I'd I just need some Michael fluff atm😁😁😁

(I think we ALL need Michael to cuddle us babe omg he would just wrap you up in his arms and just be so warm I can’t.)

“Babyyyy.” Michael whined from his spot on your shared bed. “All I need is cuddles and then I’ll stop and you can get back to cramming for exams.”

You were stressed to say the least. Exam season was upon you and you always were the worrier.

“In a minute Mike. I just need to finish this chapter.” You spoke, not even casting a glance at your giant kitten of a boyfriend.

“All I want is my beautiful girlfriend to LOVE me! Is that such a crime!” He exclaimed, finally getting your attention as you rolled your eyes at his antics.

“Such a drama queen.” You mumbled, not expecting him to hear. But the spinning of your chair and the hands on your waist told you he had.

“Okay enough. You’re getting really stressed and it’s making me stressed and I don’t like to be stressed and I’ve said stressed too many times in this conversation.” He lifted you up and carried you to the bed as you laughed at his rant.

“You’re going to fucking kill it okay? You always do and I’ll be right here all along the way.” He brushed some hair out of your face as you got comfortable. He always believed in you and that’s what you loved about Michael. Whether things go good or south, he never left your side.

“Fine. Just because you look really cuddly today.” You smiled at him as you laid your head on his chest and wrapped one leg over him, separating his legs so you could place your cold foot on his bare calf.

“Look who’s cuddling now.” He laughed at your clinginess, pulling you even closer. “I’m always cuddly okay.”

You hummed in response, shutting your eyes as the effects of the day’s studying took its toll on you.

“Sleep angel.” Michael placed a chaste kiss on your head. “It’ll be better when you wake up. I promise.”

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4/4 what kind of girl i imagine them with

an anon asked me this, so i made it into a blurb type thing! just as a note, just because i imagine them with a girl with a certain personality doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t go well with a girl that doesn’t have these specific personality traits (or even a girl that has the exact opposite traits)

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Explain to me why this is...?
  • 14 year old dude: lol hey bitch nice ass id tap that hey sexy we gonna bang tonight and then ill go visit my other girlfriend and bang her too lol and then maybe I'll watch jersey shore and eat pizza eh you can clean my xbox or something just don't bother me
  • 35 year old dude: Oh hey darling. Wow, you look so amazing today, is that a new top? Beautiful. Tonight, I want to take you out for dinner. Your choice, love, and my treat. After, I'll take you around town and we can talk while we watch the passing boats. Then we'll go home and watch the Notebook and cuddle. I'll go get you extra tissues, if you want! Its a sad movie, but feel free to cry on my shoulder.


dino would be surprised and would probably be jumpy, thinking that somethings wrong with you but kind of enjoying it and rubbing your back (that is the face he makes while thinking of what to do)

hoshi would cuddle you back and would be blushing the entire time asking things like “y/n what brought on this cuddle? not that i don’t like it or anything…”

jeonghan would probably be playing with your hair and wishes you could do this more often 

joshua would be really nervous and would pat your back and quietly sings to calm his nerves 

jun would be all cocky and stuff saying things like “only i can make y/n want a cuddle” and making you want to not cuddle him

minghao would be completely silent and still and uncomfortable since he’s so awkward and nervous that you eventually get up and leave but once you leave he becomes a mess and wants you to come back

mingyu would probably do something nasty like try to touch your butt (lmao i’m kidding) but honestly he’d by shy as hell and would try talking to make things less awkward only to have you tell him to stfu

seokmin would just try to act all cool about it but on the inside he’d be freaking out like “omg y/n is touching me what to i do” and “her hair smells so nice wtf” and in the end he just cuddles you back like no biggie

seungcheol would be all like “y/n are you sick?! are you okay?!” and would try to lay you off to the side to check your temperature lmao what a dad

seungkwan would tease you saying stuff like “awww she finally cuddles with me it’s a miracle” and you’d take the nearest pillow and hit him with it but he’s smiling the entire time

vernon wouldn’t know what to do but he would be blushing a lot and probably sweating because vernon

wonwoo would just be silent and rubbing your back and just quietly enjoying his time since you don’t do it often

woozi will have this whole scenario in his head where this goes further and then he looks down to you to confess and realises you fell asleep on him (that’s his reaction when he sees you sleeping)

sorry it’s short i’m a little sick but i tried my best^^ 

~ admin mina

Can you do a Jack Barakat imagine where y/n &him are hanging out & he leaves y/n to get something from the store. Then these guys start talking to y/n & being touchy with her. But Jack tells the guys to back off & then they go home and cuddle:)

AN This was seriously so cute to write OMG. Okay so Jack is a little peeved in this, and I feel if he was ever mad, he’d probably either bite his lip or lick his lips a lot. Idk just a hunch. The conversation is between you and your friend, whoever you want it to be, and you’re trying to entertain yourself while Jack is shopping.

Your POV

Jack and I were at the mall, and I was slurping on my milkshake and he was eating pizza. We had been here to get my little cousin a present from Build-a-Bear Workshop, and I wanted him to come along. He was munching on his food and I was looking around scoping the area out.

“Okay, what about him?” I asked Jack.

“He looks like a douche,” Jack stated abruptly.

“Not important. Give me his backstory.”

“His mom left when he was really little so ever since then he’s had mommy issues. His dad never treated him how to respect women, or anyone for that matter. When he was in high school, he called people fag and picked on them a lot. Never got a real personality.”

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anonymous asked:

4/4 youre cold and he helps you warm up like idk if its indoors he'd cuddle you or bring you blankets and a hot drink or something or if its outdoors like on a walk he'd do the cliche 'here have my jacket' thing

i have a headache

mikey would always be giving you his jackets bc he loves seeing you in his stuff and it would already be pre-warmed from him wearing it so it would be comfy and cozy but if he didn’t have a jacket to give you he’d probably just rub ur arms with his sWeAtEr paWs and give you lil kisses to warm you up aWWWW!!!!!

calum would totally be the type to be like, “oh, babe, are you cold?” and then he’d just wrap himself around you like an octopus esp. on cold nights when you’d cuddle up together you’d press yourself against his bare chest and he’d mutter in your ear, “i could think of things that would warm you up” jESUS

luke would love love love cuddling under the blankets with you so anything you’d be watching a movie on the couch he’d throw one of those really fuzzy blankets over the two of you and you’d cuddle up to him and press your face into his warm neck mmmm

ashton would always make sure you were comfortable, and he’d so be the type to buy hot chocolates and cuddle up next to a fire and giggle when you shivered and then drape his jacket over your shoulders without you having to ask!!!! and it would smell like him and omg itd be so nice wow

First Love Luke imagine

Heey! I wanted to make a request but i don’t know what to ask hahahah so i just thought in something like “he become curious about your first love” hahah thanks!

Thats so cute omg here you go! I’ll probably go with Luke if thats alright xx


You and Luke were sitting down on the couch, cuddling, watching television. 

“Hey Y/N..” he said. You looked at him. “Yeah?”

“Who was your first love?” he asked. You widened your eyes. “Why you ask?” you cocked an eyebrow up. “Just wondering..” he snuggled into your neck. “Ugh fine. My first love was.. a guy name Jack,” you said. “How was he like?” Luke asked cutely. 

“I mean he was nice. He was cute..” you paused. “Annnnd?" 

"He was really generous and kind,” you smiled. “How’d you guys break up?” he asked. “Luke why are you asking me this?” you crossed your arms.

“I’m just wondering!” he looked like he was lying. You scooted closer to him and looked at his face.

“What?” he laughed and blushed. You narrowed your eyes on him. You leaned back a bit. “Lucas are you lying?” you asked. “No..” he looked down playing with his hands. You grabbed is chin and lifted up. You were looking at his eyes. He looked down and at you. You could tell he was lying.

“Lucas Robert Hemmings stop lying and tell me,” you cupped his cheek. He laughed and removed your hands. He intertwined your fingers with his and moved each others arms around. You laughed and he smiled. “Stop making me distracted!” you whined.

“Okay okay! The reason I asked this because Calum and Michael keep teasing me that I wasn’t your first love or something and I was wondering who your first love was so yeah..” he blushed. 

“You’re an idiot and adorable,” you kissed his cheek. “So after I told you.. How’d you guys break up?” Luke did his puppy eyes, which you couldn’t help it.

“We broke up because he cheated on my twice. I gave him a chance and he cheated on me again.. I really liked him,” you frowned. Luke pulled your closer to him. “I promise I will never ever do that to you. Ever,” he said. 

“He’s probably an idiot from doing that to you. You are so beautiful and wonderful. He probably regretted and want you back, but he’s too late cause you’re mine.” he smiled. You almost sobbed, but you tried holding it inside. “T-Thanks Luke..” you said softly.

“Aww Don’t cry Y/N..” he kissed your lips and wiped your tears. “I’m not a baby Luke,” you laughed. “Then you’re a dork," 

"You’re an idiot,” you hit his head softly. “OW!” he whined. “C'mon Luke lets just cuddle,” you sinked into his chest and he hugged your waist. “God I love you so much,” he kissed your temple. “Hey! AT least you’re lucky I love you! You’ve would’ve been dead already,” you said. He laughed. Kind of a weird relationship you guys have.

-Kelly :) xx

JACK G imagine

You and Jack where going back home on vacation and would be staying at his parent house. Oh you loved his parent espically his mom she was literally the nicest women you had ever met. ” babe you excited your almost home !!” You say rubbing jacks back. He had been homesick for quite awhile now , ever since you guys bought your own place he’d been trying to buy or cook things that reminded him of home ! ” yes I really am baby ” he said griping the wheel anxious to see his parent again and sleep in his childhood room, which he swore up and down was the most comfortable bed. You had also brought along Jack j since he was living with you for the time being you only thought it fair to bring him along aswell. You guys reached a corner lot two story house. Before you had even went too unbuckle your seat belt both boys were gone and knocking at the door. ” MOM ” they both yelled. It’s funny how both Jacks refer to the other parents as if they were there own. You walked in greeting everything ” (y/n) honey I thought they had left you behind ” she laughed. ” well technically they did they almost lefted me in a lock car!” You laughed. Jack j had left to be his family. And it was just you and momma Gilinsky while the boys where outside sitting. The night went off great but it was just you and Jack. You guys where laying down him cuddling with you ” babe can I tell you something ” he whisper in a very sexual voice. ” yea babe of course ” you said you had been staring at his abs he was shirtless with just track pants ” you one of the fantasy I’ve always wanted to fulfill …. Sex In my childhood room ;)” he said you began getting wet. He picked up you up running you up the stairs. He slammed you down down on his old sport theme sheets he had slowly taken off your shirt. “OMG oh I’m sorry just thought you were ” his mom said. You panicked and hide under the covers. ” MOM GET OUT !” He yelled trying to cover you. The door slammed and they lefts. You couldn’t help but laugh the mood was def killed this was one for the memory book !

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Meet Carson :D~

Yet another drawing from the FABULOUS aegisdea! I might be overwhelming her with my love for her art, and HER because she’s a sweetheart, but I couldn’t be happier!

Carson is from my original story, The Defined Role, and is the youngest at age ten~ His last name will be kept a secret for now but I will say this kid’s had a rough life. He hasn’t lived much in society until he was ten (might have something do with being a Host for demons since he was two, which I can explain later~) and because of his background he’s very withdrawn. He is on the autism spectrum and is very withdrawn. Also, he didn’t have many clothes for himself so borrowed clothes it is! Now Drei just makes me want to cuddle him. <3

Thank you, Drei! You’re amazing, as always~~

anonymous asked:



anonymous asked:

A jackson imagine where your period comes unexpectedly (I am on mine right now ok I'm in my feelings so much lmao) and you have to call him or something to ask him to pick up tampons and whatnot and you're kind of embarrassed about it. And he comes over and cuddles you while you both just talk and watch a movie (can you please make it super cute and fluffy somehow. thank you!)

omg, im so sorry for not doing this instantly! hope this still comes off as fluffy as you wanted (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎) i too had a lot of feels while writing this, thus it only took me 10 minutes…it was maybe 500 words longer (feels omg) but i tried my best to cut the words so… hehe enjoy! thank you for your request! 

It was 9pm at night and you were on your bed already. This doesn’t happen often, normally you would still be doing your stuff and sleep at midnight. Scrolling through twitter, you found yourself on a Jackson fan page.

‘At least looking at your pictures calm me down too,’ you thought to yourself.

You were really moody that day, thank lord you were having a break from school and work or else you would’ve made a lot of enemies. Jackson was working on his comeback so you avoided calling him. But nonetheless, he texted you occasionally.

A sudden excruciating pain surfaced at your abdomen. ‘Great, period is early this month,’ you cursed. Opening your drawer, you found out you had a drawer full of nothing. So this was what you wanted to shop for today, you felt like you missed something out.

There was only one solution: call Jackson. You live alone and the nearest grocery store was at least 29384902 blocks away. 

“Hello? Wang Jackson?”

“Yes jagi~?” he answered at the second ring, his voice showing a little exhaustion. You could hear ‘Just Right’ playing at the background and you knew he had been practicing hard again.

You didn’t know how to ask him to help you get tampons. “Umm, could you possibly get me some tampons? Because…my….yeah…you know,” you hesitated.

Jackson paused, thinking what you meant. Then he muttered, “ah her menstruation,” really softly, thinking you can’t hear him.

“Guys, there’s a princess emergency. Tell JYP-hyung that I’m off, I’ll be here tomorrow morning punctually,” you heard him shout. The members responded to him and he said, “coming in five, babe” before hanging up.

Shortly, he arrived with tampons and a movie.

“Go change. I’m sleeping over tonight, we will be watching a movie!!” he told you. Taking his belongings, he went into your room to change into his pyjamas while you went to fix yourself.

Both of you settled down on the sofa and you took the chance to thank him. “Ah, jackson…thank you for the err…..yeah,” you stuttered, your face heating up.

He came back and snuggled with you. Adjusting to a comfortable position, he wrapped his arms around you. “That’s nothing, baby. No need to be embarrassed, come to me anytime for anything, got it?” 

You nodded, you embraced his warmth. He rested his head on yours and sighed, possibly thinking how to spend more time with you from his busy schedule. You can feel him wrapping you tighter as his thoughts were further away.

“Jackson, listen. I’m totally cool with it if you’re busy, so let that thoughts slip, okay?” you said to the absent-minded Jackson. He was kind of startled that you knew what he was thinking and chuckled.

“Ah, this is why we are dating. You always know what’s on my mind.”

“I love you and I hope you’ll have a bright future. So hang on there, Jackson. Success go to the ones who work hard for it and Jackson-sshi, your name is definitely on the list, it’s just the matter of time,”

His tensed body instantly relaxed, he soothed your hair. “Thank you, ____. I’ll keep that in mind. I shall continue working hard, for my family, for the members, for the company, for the fans and for you.”

“That’s my boy,” you complimented, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

You have no idea how much I love you,” he said and hugged you tight.

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blackvanslucas-blog  asked:

can you write a luke blurb where you wanna cuddle and he's all shy and stuFF omg my chest hurts

i can already tell this is going to hurt but anyway

So you would of only just started dating and it would be a saturday afternoon and you would both be laying on a sofa watching movies which is something you both loved to do, but you were getting bored so you would turn over and bury yourself into Luke’s chest while he would look down at you and laugh, but then it would hit him that you want to cuddle and at first he would just lay there with his arms wrapped around you but he wouldn’t be sure if that was right so he would quickly move them which made you laugh at his shyness so in the end you would snuggle further up so your head was resting in the crook of his neck and you would pick up his hands and place them on an appropriate place so he would get the idea of where to hold you then he would pull you towards him feeling slightly more confident and whisper sweet nothings to you and shit yep that did hurt. 

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