i just want to cuddle him or something omg

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Hey! I don't know how well you know Yusuf Tazim from AC Revelations but I was wondering if you could write a little something about him taking care of his gf when she's not feeling well or just feeling sad. I just need some comforting Yusuf. Please and thank you my friend ❤❤

•He is like a mother hen omg

•Makes sure you have enough blankets, pillows, tissues, books, just everything you want right near you, practically the whole house in your room.

•Will cuddle you all day because Yusuf loves cuddles and he wants you to feel loved and safe.

• Will look up remedies and things about your sickness to learn new and better ways to take care of you.

•You wanna watch movies all day? Yusuf will get all the DVDs you like then spread them out on the bed and he’ll put them from most favorite to last and watch every one.

•Will read to you your favorite book and if you fall asleep during his reading he’ll bookmark the page, lay down with you and play with your hair while you sleep.

•Makes sure you have your fluids and eat enough foods. Makes really good soup believe it or not.

•Blows on the spoon to cool it and feeds you himself because he’s a cute and dutiful little papaya❤️

•And when you start to feel better he’ll take you out to the park for some fresh air.

Basically Yusuf is the best when it comes to care taking. I haven’t written an headcanon in a while so I hope you like it.❤️


Wow so I got really into Voltron: Legendary Defender and finally had a lovely time editing something! 

It’s so good- please watch it. There are 11 episodes and the characters are amazing and I love them. You can watch it on Netflix- and on kisscartoon if you don’t have Netflix! 

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OMG HALLA MIKKI I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT SOMETHING AND REALLY WANTED TO SHARE IT W/ U. so imagine the s4 starts with evak lying in bed cuddling and just chatting about stuff when out of the blue Isak asks even about his life before meeting him! Even starts telling him about his whole story, and as he speaks, we see everything! how he found out about his bipolar disorder, his relationship w/ his family, etc. also #evenforseason4 what do you think AM I A GOOD SCREENWRITER

Ahhhh oh my gosh Nitsa that would be so good! I would do anything to see what happened to Even before Isak. So many questions could be answered ahhh They should do like a spin off series of that haha. 

Because it’s all in real time I doubt they will do it in Skam but I hope so much that they somehow tell us how it happened, and more about his disorder and why he had to repeat a year and move schools. 

I need answers! 

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OMG I love that Mamas and Papas interview! I seriously just wanted to cuddle the fuck outta him after seeing that one. Honestly though, if he was as touchy or handsy with me as he seems to be in some fan pics I've seen of him I think I'd be a bit uncomfortable. I have weird personal space issues. Also, didn't he like unexpectedly kiss a fan during a pic? I remember hearing something like that. That kind of seemed like a ballsy move, but apparently he was drunk?

he literally looked exactly the same in that interview when i met him i was deadass staring at him lmfao. and i don’t think he’s touchy unless he asks? or if any pics of him where he has his hand around someone’s waist i think it’s just a natural habit. i’ve had other artists do that to me and it was casual. 

he did unexpectedly kiss two fans at a london show if i’m not mistaken. he was drunk and one of the girl’s turned in to kiss him on the cheek and he surprised her with a kiss on the lips. not sure about the other girl but i know that her and the other girl are good friends!! they’re both gay i’m p sure, so maybe garrett knew that beforehand.

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all I can think about now is deputy!stiles and Derek constantly being worried because he boyfriend is putting himself in danger everyday at work !!!!!! so when stiles comes home Derek is all over him and just wants to hold him and cuddle him because thank god he came home alive and at first stiles thinks it's kinda weird but then he thinks back to high school and how often he would feel flooded with relief when something bad happened but Derek was ok and he understands

@the-mess-sterek-left-behind ELISA, LOOK AT THIS OMG

Okay, imagine the first time Derek has to sit at home and wait for Stiles to come back home. He just becomes so restless and worried, because he keeps thinking the worst. Because he knows this town. He knows shit gets bad real quick, and you’re not safe just because you have a gun, knowledge of the supernatural, and the whole sheriff’s department by your side. He knows this, and he hates sitting around at home, unable to do anything but wait for his boyfriend to come home (and maybe Stiles made him promise not to be an overprotective boyfriend and come by the station, and maybe Stiles makes a K9 unit joke idk)

And then when Stiles does come home, a tired but satisfied look on his face, Derek is over by him in a heartbeat, arms wrapped around him and nose buried in his neck. He’s whispering things like “I missed you” and “Glad you’re home safe” and Stiles just laughs, pats his head, and wriggles out of his boyfriend’s strong hold, because “I wasn’t gone for that long, Derek, stop being so clingy.” But Derek doesn’t stop and he’s clingy for the rest of the time Stiles is home

Stiles expects it to stop after the first week of being a deputy, expects to come home and not suddenly have a werewolf clinging to him like an octopus. But then it just keeps happening, and Stiles thinks it’s pretty weird

He nearly brings it up one night where he’s making them dinner and Derek hasn’t left his side, hasn’t stopped clinging to him and leaving small kisses along his neck, breathing him in. He nearly brings it up but then he doesn’t. Because he remembers what it was like when something bad happened during the chaos in high school, and all he could think of was “Is Derek okay?” and “Please- Please be okay, Derek”

He understands. He understands Derek’s worry, so he twists around, wraps his arms around Derek’s neck, and brings him in for a proper kiss

And now, whenever Stiles comes home, he lets himself be pulled into Derek’s arms. Lets himself be kissed, cuddled, and clung to. Because it’s nice. It’s nice to be so wanted, so loved, that his boyfriend just can’t and won’t let go of him from the second he comes home