i just want to cry sometimes

Forts And Chocolate Caramels//H.S. Imagine//

Hii! I just wanted to drop in and supply you guys with some best friend Harry, enjoy!

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You looked down at the grocery list in your cart with your lip in between your teeth. Popcorn, you thought to yourself, where is the popcorn? You were trying your best to shop for you and Harry’s movie night, but he was being absolutely no help. He always got bored in grocery stores, something you had grown to live with. You glanced down at Harry, sitting cross legged in the shopping cart, and couldn’t help but laugh. He was touching both ends of the cart and you imagined he must be uncomfortable.

“Harry? Do you see popcorn?” You questioned him.

“No, Rosebud, I don’t,” Harry replied absent mindedly.

“Well, first you would have to look, Harry. I mean maybe if you stopped making me push you and helped me this would go a bit faster.”

“Fine, fine. Stop the cart.” Harry stood up and stumbled his way out of the cart, banging his knee in the process, “Happy now?”

“Yes.” You smiled at Harry and playfully rolled your eyes.

“Hey! We had a deal, if I let you pick the movie this time you wouldn’t make me shop!”

“Yes, then I remembered that required pushing you and plans changed! Can you reach that soda, H?” You pointed to the diet coke on the top shelf and watched Harry reach up and grab it. He placed it in the cart and looked at you expectantly.

“What next? We have, soda, paper plates, twizzlers, sour patch kids, and chips. What else do we need?”

“Well we need popcorn, that I for some reason can’t find, and caramels.”

“Ahh, right, can’t forget your caramels!”

“Shush, do you want me to get you some too?” You started to roll the cart down the aisle and look around for your favorite chocolates.

“Nope, I prefer gummy bears.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am positive.”

An hour later you and Harry had left the store and made your way back to your apartment. You unlocked your cherry red door and walked inside with your hands full of groceries. Harry closed the door behind you and grabbed two bags from your grasp. Setting them on the kitchen table, he started to look at your walls. Harry loved the walls of your apartment, they were absolutely covered in art. Most of it you had done yourself, you had just sold some to a gallery local to you and Harry was extremely excited. You had a few paintings on the wall of your bedroom inspired by Harry, some of them were based on candid photos you had taken of him. Some were him laughing, others were him cooking (or burning water) but some of your favorites were him smiling, putting his dimples on display.

“Wanna come pick out a movie, Haz?” You asked, going back and forth between standing on your tippy toes and standing flat.

“Sure,” Harry answered, his dimples popping out, “Would you be mad if I suggested The Notebook again?”

You playfully rolled your eyes, “As an artist, your lack of creativity while picking movies insults me.”

“Oh, I see, you only love me when I help you make a fort.”

“Right, I’m glad you’ve caught on.”  This time, it was Harry’s turn to roll his eyes, “Now come on, I wanna pick a movie as early as possible. You take forever to decide, and we don’t want to be here all night.” 

You grab Harry’s hand and tugged him along with you to your living room. Your apartment was small, but full of life, the color’s yellow and white made many appearances in your living space. Harry’s eyes fell on the huge book case that went from the floor to the ceiling. He remembered making it with you last spring. You had insisted you needed three bookshelves, but you absolutely couldn’t pay for them already put together. So, you and Harry had arranged the wood yourselves and painted it. One was yellow and stood in your bedroom, the other still had its original appearance and was in your living room. The last one had a place in your art room, it happened to be splatter painted. The bottom two rows were filled with movies, you had arranged them in order of your least favorite to favorite. You always said, ‘Always save the best for last, so if the worst upsets you, the best will make it all better again.’

You soon broke Harry out of his little memory, “I’m thinking Disney movies! How about Beauty and The Beast? I know how much you love the music in that one!” It was no surprise that Harry loved music, although he owned a bakery, he would always sing on his free time. You worked at a local café within walking distance from your house, so sometimes Harry would walk you home. You would paint, keeping what it was a surprise until its finished, and Harry would sing to you. If there was one thing that helped you fall asleep, or stop crying, or just break into a smile, it was Harrys voice.

“Whatever you want, petal. But, just so you know, I wouldn’t mind watching The Notebook after,” Harry cheekily mentioned.

You crouched down to grab the movies with a smile on your face, “Okay, goober, sounds like a plan. Go to the closet and grab a bunch of pillows and blankets please! We’re gonna make the best fort in the history of all forts.” Every time you and Harry had a movie night, you two would work together to make a comfy fort. And today was absolutely no exception.

Harry came back with his arms full of pillows and blankets and stumbled into the living room, placing them down on the couch.

“Perfect,” You exclaimed, “Now that’s get to work!” The next hour was filled with you and Harry strategically stacking pillows and draping blankets where they seemed to fit. With the aid of some chairs and the couch of course, you finished the fort. It looked sort of like patchwork from a bird’s eye view, but you have always loved things that didn’t make sense. You gave Harry a triumphant high five and admired your work.

“Snack time!” You said in a sing-songy voice, shaking your hips a little bit.

“Right,” Harry laughed, “I’ll pop the popcorn if you pour the soda.”

“Deal.” You gave Harry a fist bump and jumped into action, trying to avoid knocking the fort at all costs. Once you reached the kitchen, you strategically poured the soda, so it didn’t bubble over, and carried the cups to the coffee table. You went back to grab the bags of snacks you had bought earlier, and skillfully placed them into the fort. Behind you came Harry carrying a bowl of buttery popcorn. You witnessed him steal a few pieces and gently slapped his hand away from the bowl.

“I was just tasting it, love. Had to make sure it was safe for you to eat!” He mumbled in attempt to excuse himself.

“Excuses, excuses,” You whispered, shaking your head back and forth, “Can you be a spectacular best friend and put the movie in?”

“Well, considering you won’t let me get an early start on the popcorn, I guess I have nothing else to do.” You and Harry’s relationship consisted mostly of cheeky comments and sarcastic responses. Harry slid the circular movie disk into the slot and waited for it to begin working. Using the remote, he messed with the settings a bit and pressed play. The sun was setting, so Harry closed the curtains so make it as dark and possible. He crawled beside you in the fort, which was quite difficult due to his lanky arms and legs, and shuffled around to get comfortable. He obnoxiously opened a bag of chips, earning an amused look from you, and a quick ‘Sorry!’ made its way to you through the dark.

About ten minutes into the movie, your legs were draped across Harry’s and you were leaning back into a chair you had used to set things up. The light from the movie would illuminate your face every once and awhile, causing Harry’s heart to speed up a bit. He noticed you were eating those caramels you love so much, he could smell the chocolate from where he sat. His ring covered fingers appeared in front of you, shuffling into your bag of caramels.

“Harry Edward Styles! Get your hands out of my chocolate!” You shouted at your best friend.

“Just one!” He announced, feeling a sharp sting on his hand, most likely from you swatting it.

“You said you didn’t want any!”

“But, Rosebud, that was before I smelled them! Just one, I only want one!”

“Absolutely not Mr ‘I prefer gummy bears’,” You mocked in a deep British accent.

“Fine, fine. I have accepted defeat.”

Three hours later, you had finished watching both movies and were raiding your fridge looking for dinner. You turned to Harry with a depleted look on your face, “Yeah, um, I have no food, H.”

“How bout’ we call something in?” Harry suggested.

“Great Idea! I’m gonna go grab my phone, I’ll be right back!” Harry sat down in one of your kitchen chairs and let his eyes wonder around your apartment once more. He noticed your bag of caramels sitting about a foot away from him. Just sitting there, waiting to be eaten. Praying you wouldn’t notice later and cause a fuss, he slowly reached his hand in the bag, plucking one out. He popped it into his mouth a savored the combination of sweet and salty on his taste buds.

Harry felt a light tap on his shoulder, “I saw that Harold.”


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Luctus you're absolutely precious and it makes me super sad to see you sad! Can I give you a hug, buddy?

Luctus: “D… Dad… Are you… mad…?”

Patton: “No, kiddo… I’m not mad at all. I’m here to tell you it’s ok… I know, all this time we thought we have to keep our sadness to ourselves… that we always have to be happy so we can help others… But recently I have learned that it’s good to just let go sometimes…”

Luctus: “R… really…?”

Patton: “Yes. So cry, if you want to. It’s ok to be scared. There’s no need to hide your feelings…”

Luctus: “…. Thank you, Dad….”

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I was wondering if it's a side effect of abuse to be angry when other people cry. I was never comfortable showing emotions around my dad, but too encouraged around my mom, so I decided to just be as neutral as possible all the time, and now whenever someone cries or shows signs of distress around me I get very irritated and snappy and wish sometimes even wish something would actually happen to them so they'd just stop, which makes me feel terrible. can I change this?

im not entirely sure. i mean, it can very well be learned behavior to find crying annoying because of the lack of emotion, but i think irritability is a side effect, which this could be. 

as for what you can do, i think assessing why you personally don’t feel comfortable showing emotions. i think assessing why you don’t do it might help you understand why you don’t want others to either.

initial irritation makes sense, of course it does, have you ever heard a baby cry on an airplane? people hate it. but i think taking a step back and thinking about why they’re crying might help you feel more sympathy towards criers. training yourself to think about crying in a more positive light might help too. i don’t know what exactly you feel when people start doing that, but maybe focus on the idea that “oh they’re showing their emotions” or “they’re crying to me bc they trust me” or something like that. crying can have health benefits especially if it’s for stressful/upsetting reasons. our bodies are secreting stress hormones through the tears which is why we tend to feel better after crying. so instead of thinking “man they’re so annoying and weak” you could try to think “man they’re just trying to chuck out the bad vibes” instead. their body doesn’t have room for any more of that negativity and is literally pouring it out the best it can. idk i feel like that makes it seem less annoying and more of a “oh good for them” kind of thing. 

i hope that helps… if you want more tips i think i answered a question like this before and linked some posts about dealing with anger like this one and this one is about dealing with an overload of emotions, it might be helpful.


Favorite Character Meme: [¼] Relationships ♡ Finn/Rachel (Glee)
↳ “You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. You’re my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.”


♤ yoda
♤ big eared elf that everyone loves
♤ yeolllieeeee
♤ gets lost because he depends on gps
♤ causes baekhyun to get lost too
♤ fucking clumsy af
♤ hair color changes almost at the same speed as sehun’s
♤ tallest in exo’s ot9
♤ tallest in exo-k
♤ fucking tall

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occasionally most frequently harassing kyungsoo
♤ likes to get bullied by kyungsoo
♤ likes to harass kyungsoo
♤ ends up getting harassed by baek and ksoo
♤ always worth it
♤ also tries to harass ksoo but it comes back at him
♤ remember that time he touched ksoo’s water and got water spat onto his face
♤ and it’s so cute because he’s so tall aaaa
♤ also he’s just cute in general
♤ but his aegyo makes us want to cry because we can see that effort 

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♤ forgets what he’s going to say 
♤ sometimes it’s just an empty “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
♤ cute nonetheless
♤ he could literally breathe and he’d be cute
♤ also fashion icon much
♤ also he looks out of place in edgy mvs like monster n lotto bc i spot a baby
♤ literally a beagle
♤ should battle baekhyun and jongdae for the title of “cutest beagle”
♤ that babyface makes me just wanna like do you know what i mean
♤ honestly he’d be cuter than his own baby

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♤ chanyeol + glasses = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + black hair = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + cute hats = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + stuffed toys = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + exo = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + breathing = my ovaries
♤ honestly he could do anything and i’d think i’m pregnant
♤ how could you ignore this child though like

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♤ look at his legs
♤ if you look at them for a while you’ll just 
♤ also i feel like he just wants exo to baby him
♤ but he’s so precious so why not
♤ also don’t say bad things abt him because he’s a precious baby okay
♤ chanyeol stans be like “come at me i’m ready because fuck you love you <3″
♤ honestly he could be sexy and would ruin the vibe by being chanyeol
♤ example one: the eve dance practice
♤ example two: every time he laughed and/or smiled in the eve dance practice
♤ example three: all of the above

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♤ honestly if chanyeol is happy the fandom is happy
♤ it’s hard for him to be happy all the time so no pressure babe
♤ but seeing him happy just makes the world a bit brighter okay
♤ also him standing behind ksoo and baek and minseok is just the cutest
♤ he looks like a tree lmao
♤ a sexy tree
♤ a sexy tree i can’t take seriously until i have to
♤ just look at all the chanyeol moments compilations on the internet
♤ his laugh just 
♤ can i set it as my alarm because if it was i’d never miss school

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♤ everything he does is just cute
♤ you could spam my dash with cute chanyeol pics and i’d be happy
♤ literal puppy right there
♤ cuter than any puppy i’d get
♤ says he’s bad at aegyo but is secretly the best
♤ same with dancing
♤ chanyeol + jongdae + junmyeon = dance line
♤ also when he jumps it’s so cool bc he’s so tall like woah
♤ also “nice skirt” and “chogiwa” and you know what makes me cry
♤ he’s so cute and precious and amazing and talented i swear

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♤ his deep voice is so sexy and omg
♤ but then his amazing babyface omg
♤ t o r n
♤ also when he worships the rest of exo i just
♤ and when he was being interviewed by iheartradio 
♤ i think i died a little inside
♤ watching him be a little kid like 
♤ also watching him trying to be serious but failing
♤ and him trying to find his way around nyc
♤ and spilling so much cheese on his pizza lmAO

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♤ also all the chansoo chanbaek and other chanyeol pairings are just
♤ and chanyeol swearing is just
♤ like his reaction after is just the most wholesome and pure thing i’ve ever seen
♤ also him being shocked is like woAH
♤ his face was just saying “i found the answer to life”
♤ highkey looked like a philosopher of some sort
♤ “i found the path to sehun’s dick”
♤ not saying it’d happen but he’d get lost and end up in junmyeon’s dick
♤ also him ordering for him and baek is just
♤ can you order for me too

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♤ chanyeol in bed with sehun is literally just i love him so much
♤ and them learning english and reciting letters omg
♤ and him playing with his toys omg
♤ and him breathing omg
♤ just know you’re breathing the same air as exo apparently
♤ shocking right
♤ maybe you’ll be as tall as chanyeol
♤ also his hands compared to exo’s baby hands omg
♤ all chanyeol derps like why is he like this
♤ just love chanyeol like he’s an angel

Anyone Else Notice These Things??

-Watch closely when someone gets in Max’s face/ swings at him (examples: those two times David yelled at him, when Preston yelled at him, when Pikeman swings at him, ect) he flinches. Badly. He just doesn’t give a short jump, he closes his eyes and he backs up.

-He’s kind of immune to pain??? Throughout one single episode, he gets stabbed, punched in the face, slapped multiple times, and he gets tangled up in a bunch of ropes. In another episode, he gets thrown off the Flowerscouts’ “proper walking/ posture” course thing. And he doesn’t really land in the liquid/ acid shit like Space Kid does. He actually gets thrown off. And I know a lot of detail isn’t put in this specific show, but that could’ve really hurt him. But everytime he gets hurt no marks show up on his body (the only reason I’m pointing this out is because when DAVID gets hurt, he gets bandages and scratches/ scars afterwards) and he kinda just walks off all his injuries. (But! In one episode he does get effected by one of Harrison’s magic tricks, and he points out that he doesn’t feel well… Three times??? In that episode.)

-He doesn’t eat a lot. He’s shown drinking coffee in… I’m p sure four different episodes, and he’s shown eating breakfast in one (EDIT: I watched the episode again cuz its one of my favs, but I noticed he doesn’t even eat any. He’s just playing with it with his fork, and he leaves for the shower before he eats). And while everyone else is in line for breakfast (season 1 episode 11) he wants coffee. Hell, even in the theme, he has nothing on his plate while Neil and Nikki have… Food?? On their’s.

-Max has admitted to crying himself to sleep (S1 Ep8)

And before you all come at me, yes. I know. It’s 110% canon that the a majority of the other camper’s lives are pretty fucked up, too. I’m just saying, like?? The other campers sometimes mention their life at home, but every time “home lives” are brought up, to me it feels like Max was scripted (purposely) to not respond.
I dunno.. This has all been on my mind for a while aofbakfjanf

Keith/Lance, set immediately after the keith vlog cause I’m emotional and want bby to be comforted sooo hurt/comfort. 

Lance perks up when the control room doors slide open, it’s finally his time to shine; finally his turn to get behind the camera and mesmerize their audience. He stands up when Keith comes out, smiling at him, but Keith charges on by, his expression twisted; his eyebrows furrowed and lips held in a tight line.  

The smile drips off Lance’s face, replaced by confusion, he watches as Keith raises a hand to his own - scrubbing at his eyes. 

“Hey!” Lance calls after him, and Keith turns, his eyes wide with surprise; and there’s something else about them, too, they look a little wet? “How’d it go?” he asks, still trying to puzzle over Keith’s expression - is the vlogging really that bad?

Keith quickly drops his gaze, looking down at the ground. “Uhh, fine,” he says, and waves distractedly behind him, back the way he was headed, “I’m gonna go train, or just you know sit in my room. I’ll go to my room, I think, but training helps me clear my head and focus. I - yeah, I’ll see you later, Lance?”

Lance’s eyebrows draw together in concern, watching Keith stutter over his words. “Hey, man,” he says softly, ignoring Keith’s plans to ask, “You okay?” He reaches out a hand, putting it on Keith’s shoulder, and Keith, almost unconsciously, leans into his touch. 

“Yeah,” Keith says, his voice cracking a little on the word. “I’m fine. It’s just -” he chokes, then groans in frustration, bringing his hands up to cover his face, “Ugh, this is so stupid.” He quickly rubs at his eyes; he wants them to stop burning, and for his throat to stop feeling like it’s all clogged up, he wants to stop feeling like he’s going to break even if he just tries to talk - he doesn’t want to cry

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Things the signs don’t like:

(I’m not trying to tell you what you don’t like this is just my opinion based on the Signs as I know them)

Aries: I feel like they are sarcastic but hate sarcasm from others

Taurus: Change

Gemini: Doesn’t like being in situations where they can’t speak their mind

Cancer: People who won’t let them help. I feel like even though they are meant to be the most ‘cry baby’ out of all of the signs, they keep their emotions in and are more 'motherly’. They show tough love and I honestly don’t really see them cry. I think their the toughest.

Leo: Not being the centre of attention (just kidding.) They hate negative people that doubt everything.

Virgo: MESS

Libra: Not being listened too

Scorpio: Being emotionally exposed

Sagittarius: Commitment (sometimes) and restrictions from freedom!

Capricorn: Someone getting in the way of something they want to accomplish

Aquarius: Everyone copying them, whether it’s their style or homework

Pisces: close-minded people!

Insecure ; Min Yoongi

Couple: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Angst

Originally posted by inuera

Part 1:

You and Yoongi have been together for almost two years. You have never been the jealous type, but sometimes you got insecure about you relationship. You never told him tho, cause you trusted that he loved you.
In that period he was working on a song with Suran and he spent all his time with her at the studio. You always thought that she was hella beautiful and talented, and the fact that she was always with you boyfriend didn’t really made you happy.
You could only see him late at night, if you were still awake, and most of the times he was too busy to even answer his phone.
For the first weeks you kept quiet and didn’t say anything every time he got home late, just saying he had been busy before falling asleep next to you. After sometime, you started worrying. You didn’t want to seem clingy or annoying, but you started texting him more often, hoping he would understand that you were missing him and that you wanted him to be with you and not with her.
One day, he came home at a decent hour and you had the luck to see him, or so you though. You went to greet him and hug him, but he didn’t hug you back.
《How was work?》you asked
《Like always》he simply answered
《What did you do with Suran?》
《Jesus Christ! Every time I come home you ask me what I did with Suran! We worked. Not that you would understand the meaning of that, you do nothing all day》he snapped
《I didn’t mean it like that》you whispered
《Of course you did! Do you think I didn’t see how fucking clingy you have been recently?》
《I’m not clingy, I only miss you》you shouted back
《Just admit that you are jealous and stop bothering me》
《I’m not jealous》you said
He rolled his eyes and turned back, to go the bedroom. You couldn’t hold it back anymore, so you decided to take it all out.
《I’m just fucking scared that you’ll leave me for her! A relationship with her would be easier, you wouldn’t have to hide her from everyone all the time. And she is beautiful, talented, and famous like you. I am nothing, just a normal girl that you met at a caffe, and that clung to you right after. Sometimes I really wonder why are you with me. We barely see each other and we have to hide from the world every time we want to do something. You should be with someone like you, not waste your time with me》
You were a crying mess, and your boyfriend was looking at you with a blank look on his face.
《You know what? You’re right》he said, and your heart dropped to your feet 《I should be with someone that’s worth it, and not waste my time with you》
He went to the bedroom that you two shared, and left you alone in the living room, frozen in you place, with tears running down your face. You forced yourself to react, you took you phone, put on you jacked, and run out of you house.

There will be a part 2. Hope you like it.


@mer-yan prompted: Drarry develop a cutesy relationship through scribblings on the toilet wall in moaning myrtle’s bathroom while real-life pining for each other

i cannot believe i’m crying in a stall of moaning myrtles bathroom

you’re not the only one

two sad pathetic fucks we are

it looks that way

seems you come here as often as i do

lots to cry about

tell me about it

too much, dont know where to start

oh i didnt, well ok, no problem, this is just a wall after all

you’re not like the diary, are you?

here i was hoping you weren’t

im real

me too

why do you cry so much?

ehhh pressure

i hear you

when i cry?????

no! i understand. about pressure.

we’ve been crying for weeks now

honestly, sometimes i come here just to see if you’ve answered


who are you?

you’d never believe me if i told you

i think i’m more improbable than you

wanna bet?

im going to bet you’re a gryffindor

point. im going to bet you’re a boy

you are too so

you’re not a gryffindor



played myself into that one

do you want to meet?

are you asking me out on the wall of a bathroom of which we come to cry

i’m not asking you out! i’m asking to meet

pitty, i like boys

don’t think you’d like me like that

who is to say, most gryffindores are pretty

what if i’m a first year

you’re at least sixteen

never did cry as much when we were younger did we

it appears so. im an eight year

huh. me too

if you’re ronald weasley, this thing NEVER happened

i’m not ron. i know who you are tho

guess we’ll see if that makes any difference

it doesn’t

so who are you

why don’t you come back here on thursday after devination and i’ll show you


sometimes when i go back home i wanna cry and rip my hair out because i’m so cold and distant to everyone but that’s not who i am inside, it’s what this life made me be, i am warm and loving inside and i just want to be nice to people i wanna spread love not hate and sadness

BTS Scenario | Fight [One]

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for supporting me. I’ll be re-posting my reactions & scenarios on my blog.

PS: All of my reactions/scenarios and fictions will be fixed and there will be new things added in.

Requested from Anonymous.

Warnings: Angst

One | Two

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Dating Richie Tozier

i love it. i love my sons sosoosos much im actually getting concerned for myself bc theyre all like 2 years younger than me :’)

also writing these really fucked me up so thank u to my own thoughts

  • u guys would b that couple that everyone would be like; “wtf” “how did they end up together” “WTF
  • hahahaha you guys would also be that annoying ass mofo couple don’t get me wrong
  • he would DEFIANTLY squish your cheeks all the time!!@#^

“hey (y/n), you dad asked me what i’ll do when im older and apparently ‘you daughter’ was’t the right answer”

“richie, i spit out the watermelon seeds, what does that have t- oh my god”

“hey hey hey (y/n) for halloween we can be pirates and you’ll give me the booty”


  • even though every thinks the he’s one of the tougher losers, he still cries into your shoulder when he’s scared
  • he has nightmares & you’re always there to hold him :’)
  • he just kind of slings his arms around you
  • hes like a dead weight when he does this
  • bc he doesn’t care what he looks like, he just wants to be held oh my god my poor smol child
  • if you’re talking to bill
  • and giggling when he’s staring
  • oooooooooh prepare to terminate

“(y/n) why don’t you get the fuck away from me and go talk to bill. he seems like he could make you laugh way more then i ever could”

“richie, what the fuck?”



“rxtcfygvuhbi imsorry”

  • he would try & act like he’s not a sappy mofo around the losers but HE SO IS OH MY GOD
  • cuddles. all. the. time.
  • forehead kisses iywrebfjdknsal im not ok
  • he’d b that bf to run his fingertip across your forehead to put you hair behind your ear awwwwwwwwweee
  • at first, when he started to catch feels, he would be so angry and confused and scared that someone (you) could make him so flustered and question all of his morals and make him not be able to make any jokes
  • zrxtcfygvuh he would want to distance himself but he would know that its only making things worse :((
  • he would be so confused my poor son so then he would ask beverly for advice & she would just be like ‘make her laugh richie, she likes funny guys”
  • & he’s like:: i CAnTTTtttTtTTttttT
  • so he tries a few jokes & you’re kind of giggling and he’s like “OH FUCH YEAH”
  • then he makes a joke about you going out w him & thats how it aalllllllllll started
  • i think that many dates would consist of u 2 riding bikes to places where you can watch the sunset
  • taking his glasses off his face when hes crying or just bc u want to try them on omg
  • and his eyes would b all squinty bc hes basically blind & hes rubbing them ooohhh lord
  • youd put them on and then hes like “damn my gf is hawt asf
  • sometimes u would get super annoyed bc he can never take anything serious
  • so when you have real issues to discuss with him, he’s like ‘ahHahahAhahhA right
  • & he’s awkward about it
  • he would never tell you how much u mean to him, or like how much he likes/loves you, which is y you’re always like ??? when he gets hella possessive
  • but u know deep down that he loves you even tho he doesn’t say it very often and would want u to b with him all the time if it was possible :’)
  • like when he would start to say something really sappy or sweet you would just kind of go ‘awww’ and grab his arm and wrap it around you
  • and he would b like ‘pssshhhhhhhhh you’re alright

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Bouquet of Roses -- Steve Harrington

Requested: “hi can I get an imagines with steve Harrington because he is a babe where you guys planned a date then he was late because he was fighting the demidogs and u think he’s cheating on u sorry for the long request but thank you if write” “I know you have a ton of requests but would you be able to do a Steve Harrington x reader smut? — stilinskisuggs” “Hi! I saw requests were open and was wondering if you could do a Steve Harrington smut? Literally anything you want, thank you love x”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). Cursing.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Your suspicions that Steve is cheating only grows when he ditches your date to go to Nancy’s house. He proves to you that he would never cheat on you in the best way.

Listen To: Roses by Shawn Mendes

Words: 1827

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