i just want to cry and bottle my tears and sell them

We’ll Figure It Out (Pt 1)

gif art by @travellerintime thank you so much!

Summary: After recent events, Sam has been fighting insomnia. Dean wants to help him in any way possible. He need’s Sam to talk about his experience, and needs him to relax, and will do anything to get him there.

Pairing: Sam Wincester / Dean Winchester
Warnings: None
Tags: WIncest, First Time, Season 12 Divergance, Bunker Sex, Depressed!Sam, Caring!Dean, Comfort, Slow Burn, not too smutty


Dean’s eyes burn after what felt like 24 hours straight of reading articles on the internet about crazy events that might be in their wheelhouse. Nothing particularly jumped off the screen to him, so he took the last 2 swallows from his beer and decided to call it a night. Sam had gone to bed hours ago. A little earlier than normal, but he had been looking more tired than usual, and it’s probably just caught up to him.

As he approached his bedroom door, Dean paused and listened to voices coming from Sam’s room. It sounded like the TV, but Sam doesn’t usually fall asleep with the TV on, so he decides to check on his brother.

“It’s open.” Sam says as he hears Dean’s signature “shave and a haircut” knock on his door. Dean opens the door to find Sam watching TV in the dark, sitting up on his bed, in his T-shirt and lounge pants, sipping from a tumbler of whiskey, also not normal Sam behavior. Dean is sure something is out of whack.

“Hey, you okay?” Dean asks as he gives Sam a once over look to see if there is anything visibly wrong.

“Yeah,” Sam says with a half smile, “just can’t sleep. Trying to take the edge off,” as he gestures with the tumbler. Dean glances over at the whiskey bottle on the night stand. Still ¾ of the way full. Sam could probably still drive if he had to at this point, so Dean lets himself relax a little…his little brother isn’t sitting in the dark, brooding and getting drunk.

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Bunny 2

Part 1 

Pairing: JiKook
Genre: hybrid au, hybrid Jungkoook

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Jimin stood speechless for a few seconds. He really had no idea what to do or say. The boy, who couldn’t be anyone but Jungkook, finished eating the strawberry and turned around. He noticed Jimin at the door and his eyes immediatly opened wide with fear. Jimin tried to say something but before he could even open his mouth, Jungkook already run away. Jimin followed him to the bedroom and found him curled into a shaking ball on his temporary bed. Jimin crouched in front of him, he had to calm down the….hybrid. “Jungkookie” he started and was surprised when the boy raised his head, his eyes shining with tears. “S-sorry, I-I w-was r-r-really hu-hungry….” “It’s fine, bunny, you didn’t do anything wrong. I was just surprised. I didn’t expect a…hybrid” Jimin interupted him, smiling sligthly. “Y-you didn’t buy me?” Jungkook asked with a confused expression. Jimin shook his head. “I don’t even know where they sell hybrids and I definitely can’t afford one. But don’t worry, I’m not giving you back. Unless you want me too?” Jungkook blinked few times and then shook his head. “Cool. I should give you something to wear before you catch a cold” Jimin said and stood up to rummage through his closet. He took out a pair of boxers that were a bit too tight for him but should fit the hybrid well, a pair of sweatpants and a plain white shirt. He handed them to Jungkook. “Put this on. It might be a bit uncofortable cuz it has no holes for your tail” he said. “It’s okay” the hybrid replied, flashing him a smile and standing up to put the clothes on. “I’ll bring you the fruits” Jimin went to the kitchen, picked up half of them and put them in a bowl. He grabbed one bottle of milk and padded back to his room. Jungkook was back to sitting in the pile of blankets. “You don’t have to sit there, come here” Jimin patted a space on the bed next to him where he already made himself comfortable. Jungkook looked hesitant, eyeing the bowl with the fruits. But his hunger won and he slowly went to sit next to Jimin. The boy handed him everything with a smile and grabbed his laptop from the desk. “I don’t know much about hybrids so do you mind if I ask you few questions?” he asked, writing “bunny hybrid” into the search bar. Jungkook shook his head, too busy with an apple to use words. “Okay soo how old are you?” “17″ “Can you read and write?” Jimin questioned. Jungkook nodded, sipping on the banana milk. “Were you born like this?” The hybrid shook his head. “Did you go to school?” Another shook. “I don’t have to treat you like a pet, right?” Jimin asked, quickly checking the search results he got. Only after few seconds he realised he didn’t get an answer from Jungkook. He looked at him, surprised to see th hybrid staring at him with half of an orange stickinng out of his mouth and eyes widely open. “What’s wrong?” Jimin asked. He wasn’t sure what he said wrong. Jungkook quickly chewed on the orange and swallowed it. It looked exactly like a bunny would do it, which cute. “You don’t want be to be your pet?” Jungkook asked, his lips quivering a bit. “Jungkookie, I wouldn’t ba able treat you like an animal. I mean you’re mostly human so can’t I just treat you like………Jungkook?” Jiminn stopped mid sentence when he saw tears sliding down the hybrid’s cheeks. “B-but you’re my o-owner” Jungkook sobbed out. Jimin reached out to him and started wiping off the tears. “Please don’t cry, bunny, we’ll do it your way. Forget what I said, okay?” The hybrid nodded and went back to eating. Jimin decided to leave the rest of his questions for tomorrow and started reading what google showed him. He was so focused he kind of forgot about Jungkook sitting next to him until he heard him yawn. He closed his laptop and turned to the hybrid. “ Sorry, I got caught up. Do you want to go to sleep?” he asked, putting th device back on the desk. Jungkook nodded and get off the bed. “Where are you going?” Jimin asked him, surprised, Jungkook pointed to the temprary made Jimin made earlier. “You’re not sleeping there, it’s too small. You’re sleeping here with me” Jimin opposed, mentally thanking his uncle for getting him a double bed. The whole apartment was from his uncle, who bought it for him, once Jimin got accepted into the university, and despite all of Jimin’s protests.
Jungkook didn’t make a move to join him, he just stood there and stared. “Come one, Jungkookie, you’re too big to sleep there” Jimin repeated. “I can just turn back into a bunny” Jungkook finally said. Jimin shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I’d feel bad if you slept on the floor. You’re sleeping here, no arguing” Jimin replied. Jungkook finally gave in and joined him on the bed again. Jimin noticed his cheeks were slightly red. He covered the hybrid and went to turn off the lights. He grabbed his phone on the way, he had to send a message to his uncle. He wouldn’t ask for it but with Jungkook living with him, he’ll have to spend much more money. 

20:36 My fav nephew 
Uncle, I’ve got some unexpected expenses. Is it really okay to use the card you gave me? 
20:37 Uncle Park
Yah, Jiminnie, how many times have I said this. It’s your money now, you can do whatever you want with it. Have fun with all the shopping ;)
20:38 My fav nephew
Thanks uncle! 

The emoji……..Jimin had a feeling that his uncle had something to do with Jungkook suddenly appearing on his doorstep. 
He turned the volume of his phone down and set the alarm for 9am. He slipped under the cover and put the phone under the pillow. Jungkook was already asleep and Jimin watched him for a while. His long ears were covering half of his face but Jimin could see that his lips were slightly open, showing his front bunny teeth. He smiled and caressed Jungkook’s black hair. He didn’t even realize how lonely he was in his big apartment before Jungkook appeared. He took the hybrid’s ear into his hands, he wanted to check if they were the same as when he was a tiny bunny. They were the same. He put it back and turned around. He tried to fall asleep but he somehow couldn’t. He didn’t know how long he just layed there before he heard Jungkook move and the hybrid was suddenly snuggled into his back. Now Jimin didn’t know what do to. He went for trying to fall aleep again, embraced by the warmth Jungkook was emitting.

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This sounds so shitty but there's a nice ending 👌🏻👌🏻

This got super long accidentally because I need to rant. There’s a TLDR at the bottom.

So I’m currently off work because I had to have day surgery to get all four of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday(2nd of March). I spoke to my manager(M) about the fact that I was probably going to need the time off at the start of March, but I wouldn’t know until my pre-appointment on the 22nd of February. During said appointment, M was on holidays which is fair enough, but I came back to work in on the same day I had my appointment to tell the people who were doing the rosters while the manager was off.

Fun fact: This week, it has been okayed for THREE people to be on holidays at once (we’re a small community pharmacy with like 20 staff total on the roster to cover all ends of the shop on any given day from dispensing scripts to Webster medication packing for the nursing homes to y'know, general sales etc?) whilst TWO were about to go on maternity leave. One of said two had to go early because she had some complications. Obvs this leaves us super short for the start of the new month.

One of my coworkers (T) who has been basically doing managerial things while M is away was amazing about it. I was hardcore stressing because I know that I’m one of the big helps in the store, the front counter’s club card sign up is like 70% me and I usually only have two days off a week. T was all like “look, it’s okay. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do” when I said I was going to need at least a week off but I put for two just in case there were complications (which there were) and I needed the extra time.

M got back on Monday and I expect to get a phone call and hear nothing. Messaged M about calling her during the day and heard nothing Messaged T that night and she said they were just super busy. Finally got a message back from M that night asking me to call her at work the next day.

So I called her at work and she didn’t seem happy from the moment she answered the phone. She was lowkey guilting me saying that Thursday we would have five staff off. And I was like??? I’m sorry??? But like if I didn’t take that appointment, I wouldn’t be able to get them out for like two months and they’re causing such a problem now so that wasn’t really an option. She ended up being like “Well I guess we’ll just have to make do”

I came in on Wednesday and immediately feel like shit. It upset me so much because M usually is kind of like a second mum to me but she was just super passive aggressive toward me all day. She was super short in how she spoke to me and just generally made me feel like shit. I don’t know if she meant to do it, because I know she was super stressed. But it made me feel like shit all the same.

So the afternoon comes around and this lady and her kids are looking at the earring stand and when they come over to the register, the littlest one opens up this bottle of the ear spray we give people after they get their ears pierced and spills a good third of this all over the ground. Obviously we can’t sell it now and when I come back to the register I’m like “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to pay to this.” At first she’d like “Well I guess..” But then she just goes “You know what? No. I’m not going to pay for it.” And I turn away as I call T down the back to see if she can get M to come up because I couldn’t let her walk out because of policies? (We literally have signs) and this customer starts bitching me out as I’m waiting for M to come up. “I work for this blahblahblah of the government. That’s against the law. It shouldn’t be somewhere that a two year old can get to it. If she had of drunk it, I could have sued you because it’s antiseptic. It has alcohol in it.” Internally I’m kind of thinking that if she had of controlled her child, it wouldn’t have happened. Just as if she were to open a packet of lollies, that’s not on us that she can’t control her child, but we can’t sell the item. I’m also trying my hardest to keep it together. Because after such a shitty day, it’s the fucking cherry on the cake.

M comes up and it turns out that this lady had booked in to have her other two kids’ ears pierced next week and M says she’ll just put the spray with their stuff for the ear piercing. M goes back down the back and the customer starts bitching me out again “You should learn policy before getting your manager involved. Also, you’re horrible at customer service. Turning away to call them down there is rude to do in front of a customer.” And etc, just generally making me feel like shit WHILST HER TWO YEAR OLF TRIES TO OPEN A PACKET OF LOLLIES. Customer leaves (she didn’t open the lollies but fucking exactly what I was thinking though???) and the lady behind her was really nice and all like “I’m sorry you have to deal with people like that.” She then leaves and I have no one lined up and I call T and legit start crying on the phone and she comes up to cover me while I duck down and pull out the lay-by book to make it look like I’m doing something to any nosey customers.

After I’ve stopped the tears, I get T to get M to come up the front and I tell her what the customer said and she actually started treating me like normal and gave me a hug and said that she’s going to ring up the customer and say “Sorry, we can’t pierce your daughters’ ears because we don’t want you to sue us if they get infected or something.”

(Also shoutout to T for being so amazing through everything. Honestly one of my favourite people at work)

TLDR; Manager who is like a second mum okays too many people to go on holidays and then is passive aggressive because she’s stressed that I have to be off for sick leave to get my wisdom teeth out. Shitty customer causes a mini breakdown then the manager has my back ❤️

Turn Loose The Mermaids (Part 28)

AU belongs to Taulun

Here we go again guys. It isn’t oo much, I admit, but it is pretty flufy I’d say. But you’ll love the next one, I’m sure. Thanks to @miracujess for being my beta.

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Marinette remembered the first time she broke the surface of the water. The first time she got to breathe air. She was just a baby mermaid, only one year old and as curious as she had ever been. She had already been hiding away at night from her sisters because of the curious things her tail turned into. Back then, she didn’t know they were called legs, just that they belonged to humans and they were bad. Marinette had felt bad about that, of course. There was something wrong with her for having them, wasn’t there? Humans were bad and the lands above the sea were bad so she should stay away from them, right? Right. Not that Marinette had cared. She wanted to search, to discover, to know everything about anything. Her legs had been so much slower than her little tail, but her breathing was fine. Her sisters told her people with legs can’t breathe underwater, but she had no problem with it; she could breathe just fine. She wondered if it meant she couldn’t breathe above the surface — that’s what got her to check in the first place. She remembered perfectly how she felt when she reached the surface. It was amazing, feeling the sun on her skin without it filtering through the water. And when she took her first breath of air, Marinette felt like a little piece of her that was missing all along just came back to her.

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Request: Business call - Part 3

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism, grief


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Tig’s POV

He laid by Y/N’s side, catching his breath. Tig didn’t cuddle, but that night and with her was different. He wanted her to stay, hold her close and wake up with Y/N’s sleepy eyes meeting his. He laid on his side, sliding a hand over her belly, pulling Y/N closer. She caressed his arm, tracing patterns with her fingertips as he nuzzled on her neck, breathing her scent in.

“Party is still going on”, Tig mumbled, pressing a kiss on her skin, “Do you want anything?”

“I’m good”, she moved closer, sighing and closing her eyes. Since the moment she walked in the clubhouse, Tig had the feeling something was going on. He wanted to ask her, not let her leave without a proper answer, but he decided to wait for the morning. All he wanted to do was just snuggle with her, maybe have a second round and enjoy that peaceful time alone.


He fell asleep soon after, listening Y/N breathing. Tig couldn’t remember when he ever had slept so easily. He woke up in the middle of the night though, with the sound of someone walking around the room. He propped his body up on his elbows. Tig noticed the other side of the bed was empty and suddenly, Y/N’s form became clear. She was getting dressed. He reached for the lampshade and turned it on, surprising Y/N.

“Where are you going?”, Tig saw her freeze for a second, then she leaned to grab her shoes.

“I’m leaving”, her voice was so low he barely heard it. Tig got up, pulling his boxers up. He turned the lights on and stood in front of the door. Y/N sighed, putting on her shirt, “Alex…”

“Something is wrong”, he barked, “I knew it from the second I saw you, actually I have known it since I called you the first time. Come on Y/N, tell me what is going on”

“I can’t stay Alex”, she hissed, her jaw clenched hard.

“One minute ago we were cuddling. What happened?”, Tig moved toward her to hold her hands, but Y/N walked backwards, avoiding his touch, “Come back to bed”, he softly begged.

“Charming”, she whispered then look up at him, eyes cold, “I can’t stay in Charming, I’m leaving today Alex”

“What?”, he had no right over her, they weren’t a couple, but still, he was feeling betrayed, “What about this night?”

“It was a goodbye!”, Y/N barked, “Now please, let me go”

“A goodbye? Bullshit!”, Tig raised his voice, seeing Y/N startle and not bothering if the whole clubhouse would listen them, “I deserve an explanation, I won’t let you go that easily!”

“I’m a coward! Is that what you wanna hear?”, Y/N walked toward him, her cheeks blushing as she ranted, “I’ve lost someone I loved and I’m still fucking grieving! I can’t let someone get closer again. What is the point if I’m gonna lose you?!”

“Y/N”, she seemed so fierce and yet, so fragile. All he wanted to do was hold her and make it right, “You’re not gonna lose me. You gotta try again”

“I can’t, I’m not ready”, Tig could see she was determined to go, nothing he could say would change her mind. He stepped aside so she could opened the door. He watched as she stopped at the door for a second, “I’m sorry Alex”  

“Yeah, me too. I fell for you”


My heart was breaking in a million pieces as I left SAMCRO clubhouse. I tried not to cry and didn’t look back. I got back to my hotel room and opened the suitcase over the bed. When I was done I couldn’t carry it downstairs, I began to cry and curled up in bed. I haven’t slept, but I hit the road anyway, feeling a lump on my throat as I saw the Charming sign on the rear view mirror.

Months later…

I had headed North, planning to stay one month in each state. However, I couldn’t stop for more than one week in each place, I got bored quickly and began to drink again; this time forget about California. I thought a change would be good, so I sold the car and hopped on a plane to Florida. I thanked God for the sun on my skin as soon as I arrived, sure I would have a good time. I was wrong again. I made the mistake to go to the beach on my first day and when I looked at the ocean, the memories overwhelmed me. The wonderful blue ocean and sky only reminded me of his eyes. It had been months since the last time I saw Alex and I still hadn’t forgotten him.

I sat on the sand, hugging my knees close to my chest. I had been running for a long time, trying to find a place for me, maybe somewhere to start again. I had found it, but I ran again. I didn’t believe I could be happy again. My heart had told me to stay and try, but my mind told me otherwise and fear won. I still had his phone number though, a piece of paper on my wallet. I was coward and selfish, keeping his number and wondering if he still thought or wanted me.

I don’t know why I did it. I grabbed my phone, the paper on my wallet and dialed his number. After the third ring, Alex answered it, “Hello”. I held my breath as he spoke, “Hello! Who is this?”. I hung up, tears rolling down my face and the sun setting on the horizon. What should I do?

Tig’s POV

Tig had told himself to move on, forget Y/N, but he couldn’t, he thought about her every single day. It was a selfish thought but- How long could a person grieve? How long would she run? He hated Y/N for a while, drowned his sorrows at the bar and erased her number. Juice offered to try to track her, but Tig doubted someone could do it, Y/N was determined not to be found. He frequently wondered where she was, what she was doing. Months had passed and her scent was still on his mind, their night together too. He should have noticed it was a goodbye.

He was almost losing hope and beginning to accept she wouldn’t come back. One day, his phone rang, it was an unknown number and nobody was answering his questions. At first, he thought it was a mistake or maybe someone trying to sell something, but after getting the same calls every day during a week, Tig began to think it was Y/N.

“Hello”, Tig answered when his phone rang again. He took a deep breath and decided to try, “Y/N?”, nobody answered, but there was someone still there, still listening, “Are you okay?… You can talk to me you know… Listen, I understand you weren’t ready to stay, to try again and I just hope you’re okay… You can call and talk to me whenever you want or… You can come back. I’m still here”


My heart beat faster with the sound of his voice. Was he crazy? What kind of man would want me back? Who would wait for so long? I had hurt him, but he still wanted me. I paced inside my hotel room that night, trying to figure out what to do. Could I go back? Could I live with the constant fear of losing him? I had fallen for Alex; I wanted him. I had run away from everything and everybody, thinking I could leave alone, but just one call had put an end to it, changed my life again. It was still dark when I left the hotel and walked to the beach; I sat on the sand again, hugging myself, watching the sunrise and the waves on the blue ocean.

Tig’s POV

It had been more than week since Y/N’s last call. Tig had her new number saved on his phone, but maybe it wouldn’t work or he shouldn’t call back. Club kept him busy enough, but whenever he was alone in his bedroom or just seated by the bar, his mind would go back to her. Tig had told her what was on his mind and it was her decision to come back or not. He was at the bar again, staring down at his half empty bottle of beer when the phone rang. It was Y/N’s former boss.

Tig had gone to the bar after Y/N leave town, ask her boss if he knew where she might be. The man didn’t know, but Tig gave his phone number, “Call me if you know anything”, he had begged.

“She is back”, her boss said when Tig answered the call, “She came back a few days ago, asked if I had a job for her. Her shift ends in half hour”


Tig haven’t seen her car anywhere, Y/N must have lost or sold it. He parked his bike across the street and waited. Minutes later, Y/N walked out the bar. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she held her purse close to her body, already walking up the street. Tig hated she was walking alone at night; he clenched his jaw and ran to meet her.

“Y/N!”, he called out. She froze for a second and then turned around, mouth ajar.

“How…?”, she started as Tig stood in front of her, a safe distance between them.

“Your boss”, he confessed. Y/N just sighed and looked down, “Why you didn’t call?”

“I’m a coward, remember?”, she whispered before look up at him again, “I have been thinking how to do this, what to say to you, wondering if you would be happy to see me, if you really want me here…”

“I did told you to come back, remember?”, Tig cut her off. Y/N was tearing up; she closed her eyes and nodded.

“Yes, but-“, she licked her lips and ran her hands through her hair, “Why? Why would you want a complicated person like me? You should hate me Alex!”

“I can’t”, Tig admitted and moved closer, cupping her face. He pressed his lips over hers in a gentle kiss, “Why did you come back?”, he whispered, lips just an inch away from Y/N’s.

“I came back for you”, she confessed in a whisper. Tig pulled back to look at her, “I’m tired of running, I wanna be happy again, but… I’m still afraid. This isn’t fair to you Alex”

“Let me decide that doll”, he smiled, tracing her low lip with his thumb, “You just have to stay and try again. We’re in this together”

“I want to”, Y/N caressed his cheek and smiled. Tig pecked her lips and grabbed her hand, pulling Y/N with him toward his bike.

“Come on doll”, he handed Y/N a helmet, “Let’s go for a ride”

“Where are you gonna take me?”, she smirked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Where do you wanna go?”, Tig hopped on his bike and looked over his shoulder to her.

“With you?”, Y/N wrapped her arms around him and rested her chin on his shoulder, “Anywhere”

The End

Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part Three (Jax Teller x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) cannot get the image of the mysterious biker out of her head, she is so sure that is is him, they are back. The girls aren’t sure whether to believe her still, though something is telling the Sons that danger is coming. They can’t help but get involved with their friends only causing more trouble.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Violence, swearing, alcohol, drugs, abuse (it’s Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

As I stormed out of the TM I couldn’t stop crying. Why wouldn’t they believe me? I wouldn’t make any of this up, why would I? I’m not the sort of person to make a sick joke. It didn’t make any sense. I know that we were supposed to be forgetting what happened but why would they just shove aside what happened to me? Questions ran through my head until a voice called out to me. Looking up, Jax was on his bike pulling up next to me.

“What do you want Jax?” I snapped.

“Look, I won’t ask any questions if you don’t want to talk but let me take you home. You seemed scared back there, I’m sure you don’t want to be alone.” he had pity on his face.

“Maybe it would be better if I was alone.” I lied.

“Just get on.”

He was right, I definitely didn’t want to be alone, especially if my assumption was true. For the second time that day I got behind Jax before he took me home. Once again I felt relaxed as we sped through the streets, closing my eyes and resting my cheek on his back. The ride was over too quickly though, I had to come back and face everything. He insisted that he should come inside, just until I had calmed down or someone came back.

I offered him a drink but he declined. Taking out a bottle of wine, I poured a lot into a glass before it almost overflowed. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t care. I needed this right now. Jax and I were sat on the sofa closely in silence until he spoke.

“What was that all about back there?” he asked in a hushed tone, looking into my eyes.

“It’s all in the past according to the girls.” I mumbled, taking a huge gulp of wine.

“You said that you were going to wind up dead, it has to be serious.”

“Oh it is. But it doesn’t matter because they don’t believe me.”

“Well I do.”

“You don’t even understand what’s happening.”

“No but it’s evident that it’s scaring you.”

Again, more tears began to fall. Goddamn emotions.

“It’s just…I don’t see how they can forget it all so quickly or at least pretend that it never happened. Maybe I remember it clearer, I was more involved.”

“Involved in what?” Jax was desperate to know answers but he wasn’t getting angry with me.

“I don’t even know you. I met you two days ago.”

“Sometimes it’s better to talk to a stranger than a friend.” he took the glass out of my hand and placed it on the coffee table in front of us.

I sighed, debating whether to tell him. However if I didn’t talk about it soon I thought I would explode.

“Before we moved here, we had trouble with another MC in our town. The girls were in business with them, selling drugs and whatnot, they got caught twice and went to prison because of it. The first time they kept quiet about providing it for the MC but the second time around they ratted them out to get a shorter sentence. The club had given an annonymus tip that the girls were the only ones involved, meaning that they would be the only ones to go down. This obviously made them really angry.

"However, I was dating one of their members at the time. Keira from Cara Cara used to live there, she had an abusive boyfriend and I tried to save her; however I ended up getting beaten too until the girls and a member of the MC saved me. He later asked me out. It wasn’t too serious, though I thought I was maybe going to become his old lady or something. He was so good to me, he cared for me when the girls got locked up until the second time. They threatened me and I had no where to hide. I was the one they took their anger out on. I thought I was going to die because they beat me almost every day. The girls had no idea about it so obviously continued to rat them out. I endured it for as long as I could.”

I paused for a minute, trying to not break down in front of Jax. He probably thought I was a psycho bitch after that scream fest at the club. He didn’t rush me which I was thankful for. Jax stayed quiet, waiting for me to continue.

“They had me locked up in my own home. People started to wonder where I was, what had happened to me. One night I managed to escape. I couldn’t believe that I was getting out of there. However they soon found out that I had left and came after me on their bikes, shooting at the girl running through the streets. I was hit in the arm but continued to run. The police showed up because of the amount of calls about a shootout happening in the neighborhood. They took me to the hospital and that’s where I was reunited with the girls. I didn’t answer any questions when the police visited and as soon as I was better we fleed the town.”

I grabbed the glass and took another massive gulp of wine. It was almost gone. Jax was speechless. He was trying to say something but he wasn’t sure what. I just started to cry, I couldn’t hold it back. The girls thought the best way to forget it all was to never talk about it. That wasn’t right. It needed to be talked about.

“That’s…I don’t know what to say.” He breahed out.

“We jumped around a lot, trying to throw them off in case they were following, mostly staying in motels. It’s been about two months.”

“What!? I thought you were talking about years ago? Maybe a couple more months at least.”

“Nope. That’s why I’m panicking so much. We didn’t lose them, they found us.”

“Look, maybe it isn’t them-”

I leapt out of my seat and stormed to the kitchen. Placing the glass next to the sink, I just took the bottle instead. Before I could get one sip, Jax snatched it out of my hands. We glared at each other.

“This isn’t the way to deal with this. Tonight you and the girls are going to come to the party and apologise to one another. From there we’ll work out what’s happening around here.” he ordered never blinking.

I shyly nodded.

“Good. Go have a bath or something, calm yourself down. I’ll be out here if you need me.”

I did as he suggested. As I watched the water fill up the bathtub, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the MC was here. Were they here for us or something else? Slipping into the steaming water I tried to push the thoughts and worries aside. My hand absentmindedly ran over the wound on my upper arm, the scar on my skin reminding me that I was lucky to be alive. I had never been so scared of a noise before in my life. Even when I heard gunshots on TV shows I flinched. It could have been the last thing I heard before I died. No one wants that.

It was silent throughout the house. I wasn’t sure what Jax was doing. Oh god he was probably wanting to get out of here so badly. We were just another problem for the club. They didn’t have to get involved though I had a feeling that they couldn’t escape now. What if both MCs were rivals already, or worse friends!?

After the bath, I started to reapply my makeup which was a mess due to my breakdown. It was still so quiet in the house and I had to call out to Jax to make sure he was still there. After getting ready again, I brushed my hair out and chose an outfit for the party. I’d been to an MC party before, I knew what I should wear. I also knew that there would be many women there with much less clothing than me.

A knock on the bedroom door startled me.“(Y/N), can I come in?”


I continued to put on some jewelry as he walked in. I watched him through my mirror, sitting on the edge of the bed his eyes met mine.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

I sighed.“Not much better if I’m being honest.”

“You know that it’s for the best, making up with the others I mean.”

“Yeah. It’s just going to be hard because they didn’t believe me.”

We made our way to the club house again. I began to feel nervous, what was going to happen with the girls? Were we just going to keep arguing about this or could we actually resolve it? As we arrived something seemed wrong. There was no loud music, no chatter from the crowds and no people for that matter. Jax and I got off his bike, his face showing confusion, as did mine.

“Jax, what’s happening?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, stay close to me.” he took out a gun from the waist line of his trousers before grabbing my hand.

We took cautious steps towards the club house. I had been to this sort of party before, there had to be something going on here. Jax kept me behind his back, looking out for any danger. However we were caught off guard, both of us being knocked off of our feet. We were lying on the floor and before Jax could shoot the attackers the gun was forced out of his hands.

“Miss us baby girl?” a slimy voice free my attention away from the ground and up at the men.

That’s when I let out a blood curdling scream.

Series: Who Will Save You Now?
Fandom: Peaky Blinders
Pairing: Reader x Michael Gray / Reader x Peaky Blinders
Word Count: 1608
Dedicated to: @peakyblinders1919. This author with their imagines and oneshots has inspired me to write my own story featuring Peaky Blinders. Also dedicated to the people who adore this show as much as I do.

Prologue (X) Chapter 1 (X)

Chapter 2

Everything around you had stopped. You couldn’t force yourself to get out of bed. Your friend Paula had visited you, but since you didn’t reply to her there wasn’t much she could say or do to ease your situation. Your father hadn’t come into your room not once. Instead, if he had something to say to you he sent the message through Lucas who was the only one you saw past these two days. He didn’t say much, only passing on what your father wanted for you to know. He tried to reassure you that everything was going to be fine, but you couldn’t force yourself to believe that. You couldn’t believe that your father was selling you to the Shelby’s.

“Tell me he’s lying. Please.” You pleaded as you looked at your father who couldn’t dare to look into your eyes. When he did the expression on his face said everything - Thomas wasn’t lying. You felt your eyes tearing up, but you forced yourself to hold them back. You weren’t going to start crying in front of the Shelby’s, not now or ever.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N.” Thomas said before standing up from his seat as he grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the table and leaving the room. John, Arthur and Michael sat still for a second before they too stood up, Arthur sending you an apologetic look before they all left the room, leaving you and your father alone.

“I can’t believe you would do this to me.” You spoke up after a while, a tear rolling down your cheek. You directed your look at him as you tried to read his expression. He looked cold as ice, just like he wouldn’t even care what happened to you.

“I knew you hated me, but I wouldn’t believe you would sell me like a horse to the highest bidder.” You said angrily before storming out of the room, tears dropping down onto your cheeks.

You had heard Thomas Shelby visit your father the day before. You wouldn’t even bother to ask Lucas what he wanted, because you simply knew - he was there to discuss the matters of you marrying someone from his family. You would become your father’s spy all along, just like he wanted you to before you refused.

You were more than sure that your uncle was more than happy. He had visited you in the morning, telling you that whatever happened you would still be part of the family. But he couldn’t hide the smirk on his face which he thought you wouldn’t notice. You out of the picture made him think that he would gain the power all to himself.

The more you started thinking about it the more you realized you couldn’t let this happen. You were still a Pierce, daughter of Raimond Pierce and if there was one person who would lead the Pierce gang it was you, not Andre Pierce. That was the thing that made you realize that moping in your room would not help ease the pain you felt due to your father’s pain. You would show him that you were his daughter, just as tough and capable as he.

“She still hasn’t come out of her room?” You heard your father ask Lucas as the two of them walked into Raimond’s cabinet. As you exited your room you pulled your coat onto your dress as you tried as quickly as possible to sneak past the cabinet door. You hoped that they would stay in it as long as you walked out of the house. Talking with your father was the last thing you wanted to do.

As soon as you exited the main door of your house you bumped into your uncle, making you drop your purse. You quickly tried to grab it, but Andre had managed to beat you to it as he grabbed it instead, handing it back to you.

“Where are you going?” He questioned, standing in front of you so that you couldn’t move. You stared at him, seeing him smile. You knew he was power hungry, you just hadn’t realized before how hungry for power he really was.

“None of your concern. Now move.” You replied, a little too harshly than you intended. He raised his hands before moving to the side so that you could move past him. When you did he suddenly grabbed your arm, making you turn back at him.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that. Ever.” He simply said before you pulled your arm from his grip, sending him a glare before walking away from the house.

At first you didn’t have a destination. Then you decided to visit Paula. Realizing that it was not a good idea you found yourself walking towards the Garrison, the one place you actually wanted to stay away from. Due to your desperate need of a drink you decided to hit a pub, choosing The Garrison out of all of the pubs in Birmingham. You remembered Arthur’s invitation, and today seemed to be like an excellent day to take up his offer. You just hoped that he would be there without any of his family members, even though deep down you knew that the chance was slim to none.

When you walked into the pub you were greeted by drunken men along with drunken women, some of them singing, some of the kissing. At one corner of the pub a couple of men were arguing with each other, looking like they were about to start fighting at any second. You stopped in your tracks, your eyes wandering around the place. As soon as you spotted the bar you decided to go there and ask the barmen whether he knew anything about the Shelby’s.

As you started walking you heard a group of people whisper your name, pointing at you before continuing drinking. Your guess was that they knew who you were and perhaps were surprised to see you there. Or they knew that you were going to marry one of the Shelby’s and were discussing your unfortunate destiny.

When you reached the bar you were approached by the barmen who was more than surprised to see you in a place like The Garrison. You were dressed nicely which was the number one indication that you were richer than most of the folk in the pub. 

“What can I get you?” He asked, looking you up and down. You sat on the stool, your eyes wandering around the place as you hoped to gain a sight of Arthur Shelby.

“Where can I find Arthur Shelby?” You asked, looking at him. Upon hearing the name the barmen froze as he walked away from you, not bothering to say anything. You let out a huff as you watched him go to serve other customers.

“Oi!” You yelled, raising your hand as a sign for him to come and serve you. He let out a sigh as he stepped back towards you, nearing closer to you as he looked nervously around the place.

“Look, everyone in here is scared of the Shelby’s. We don’t want no trouble with them.” He explained as you rolled your eyes at him. Of course they were afraid of them, who wasn’t?

“Do you want any trouble with Raimond Pierce? Because that’s what you’re going to get if you don’t tell me where I’m gonna find Arthur bloody Shelby.” You whispered back to him, seeing his eyes widen as he stumble backwards, almost hitting the shelf on which all of the alcohol was placed. Without even glancing at you he walked away as you turned around, grabbing your purse from the counter as you were ready to leave the place, understanding that you were not about to find him.

You raised you head, seeing John Shelby stand in front of you with a smirk on his face. Suddenly Arthur Shelby appeared from behind him and upon seeing you he stumbled over to you, barely able to stand. If it weren’t for you catching him he would have ended up on the floor, but luckily you had managed to wrap your arms around his shoulder before he did so. You looked over to John with your eyebrow raised, hoping that he would take Arthur away from you or at least would help you support him so that he wouldn’t end up on the floor.

“Why you here, Y/N?” Arthur managed to ask, looking over to you.

“I desperately needed that glass of American whiskey.” You mumbled, looking over to him. He smiled at your response before standing up suddenly. You looked at him with a confused look as your arms left his shoulders.

“It’s a good thing that Tommy ordered another box of it then.” A woman’s voice spoke from next to John. You saw a brunette older looking woman stand next to John with Thomas and Michael next to her. You figured that the woman was Polly Shelby. Your father had told you about her, telling you that she was the one who led the Peaky Blinders when the boys were away in France.

“Come. We have a lot to discuss, don’t we?” She said with venom in her voice as she walked towards a room that was opened for her immediately. The boys followed her close by as you stood still, confusion written onto your face.

You simply wanted a glass of whiskey, not some gathering of a family you weren’t even a part of. With a deep sigh you grabbed your purse as you walked into the room, closing the door after you.

I Need U (J-hope AU, angst)

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Words: 1240

“Hoseok…” You trailed off, placing the little bottle of half empty pills on the table in front of him. Already, when you thought he was clean, Hoseok always surprised you. He didn’t answer, so you picked up the bottle of pills and chucked it at him. The half unscrewed lid opened and all of his pills spewed all over the floor.

“What the fuck?” He muttered, getting out of his chair and picking up the pills delicately one by one.

“Who sells you this shit?” You wondered, stepping on the little white pills as fast as you could. Hoseok shoved your knee away, shouting curse words. When he stood up, you attempted to take the little orange bottle from him, but he held a hand firmly on your shoulder.

“(Y/N), stop!”

You hadn’t even realized you were crying until Hoseok came closer to you and placed a hand on your damp cheek.

“Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t-”

“Okay, okay. I’m not touching you.”

You kept pressing. “Stop buying those, you don’t need them. Hoseok, please get help.”

“I don’t need help.”

“Please, please…” you choked, covering your mouth to suppress your sobs. “I’m trying to help you, but you won’t stop!”

“Oh my g- look, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“You’re going to overdose! I don’t want to come home one day to you dead on the floor. I’m so scared, Hoseok. I don’t want to lose you.”

He scoffed loudly, placing his bottle on the table. Hoseok took a seat again, balling his hands into fists.

“I’ll stop, I promise I’ll stop.”

“You always say that. I want you to get help!”

His fists slammed down on the table, causing you to flinch and step back. Hoseok stood up, knocking the chair back.

“You tell me to stop, but won’t even believe me when I say I will! How do you know those pills weren’t old that I haven’t used for years? Where did you find these, huh? Huh?”

“Of course I don’t believe you! You lied three times now about stopping, how do you think I’ll believe you after this unless you really get fucking help?”

“Where did you find these?” He shouted, getting closer to your face with a mean expression.

“You,” you started quietly, looking down at your feet. Hoseok shouting was the worst thing that could happen, you thought to yourself. “You came home late last night, and you were drunk and I knew you were high… When you went to work today I looked through your dresser.”

“You went thought my stuff?”

“What else do you expect me to do? You don’t tell me anything, Hoseok. For the past year, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me for help. For the past year, I’ve been waiting for you to fucking admit you were addicted to those pills!”

He shoved you against the wall, his fist hitting the wall near your head. It made a loud smashing noise, and you knew it broke even thought you didn’t see it. You screamed loudly, shoving his chest as hard as you could. It was no use, Hoseok was  still so much stronger than you.

“Stop it, stop! Hoseok, please!”

He did. He moved away from your entire body, going back to the table to snatch up the pills before going to the sink in the kitchen and pouring them down it. Hoseok turned on the garburator, and the sound of shredding pills filled both of your ears.

For a moment, both of you stood silently in the kitchen, before Hoseok turned around and dropped the empty bottle at your feet.

“Satisfied? Do you believe me now?”

You still didn’t know. It would’ve been better if you’d just believed him, but you didn’t know at all. How could you not trust your own boyfriend of 4 years? Instead, you went over to Hoseok and wrapped your arms around his waist. Tears still fell heavily from your eyes, but you ignored it. Hoseok stood frozen in the middle of the kitchen as you hugged him, until he finally warmed up to it and wrapped his arms around you. He held your head tightly against his shoulder. 

You noticed he was shaking. He was crying, just like you. Hoseok’s fingers tangled in your hair, the other holding your shoulder against him.

“Hoseok,” you murmured. “I love you.”

You’d fallen asleep on the sofa with Hoseok. 

The sound of a door slamming shook you awake, and you noticed Hoseok was no where in sight. Anxiety mixed with confusion filled you. Where was he? Instead of thinking normal things, all you feared was he was somewhere doing something wrong.

You got up quietly and crept towards the bathroom. The door was closed, and it didn’t look like there was a light on. The carpet underneath the door was soaked. A stab of fear engulfed you, wondering if Hoseok was on the other side of it.

Gaining as much bravery as you could, you turned the door knob. The door was unlocked, but when you opened the door the sight before you made you fill with more fear.

On the floor, a different array of tablets lay. Differently colored prescription bottles were on the floor, with them. The sink was overflowing with water, and pills were floating in them. Other than that, the entire bathroom was empty. Panicking, you threw open the mirrored cabinet. There was nothing, really. A tube of tooth paste, both of your tooth brushes and a bottle of hand lotion. You quickly turned off the running faucet and pulled the plug.

You were crying again. Scrambling out of the bathroom, you went right to the coffee table in the living room. You fumbled with your phone, dropping it at least twice before finally unlocking it and trying to call Hoseok’s phone.

There was a loud noise from your bedroom, and you cried out in fear. Trembling, you pulled the phone away from you and dropped it on the floor. You went to the bedroom you shared with Hoseok, and flicked on the light.

He wasn’t there.

His phone rang twice more before the screen turned black again, and you felt yourself stumbling back into the living room crying “please no, please no, please, please…” over and over.

Picking up your phone, you texted the first person you thought of.

The waiting was agonizing. It was past 5:30 by now and you didn’t know how many time’s you’d called Taehyung. He never answered his phone once, and you couldn’t stop from crying. With burning eyes, you threw your phone across the room and screamed at the top of your lungs.

Your phone rang.

Hurrying over, you answered it within the second ring without even checking the caller ID.

“Hello, Taehyung? Where’s Hoseok, is he with you?”

“(Y/N)…” Taehyung trailed off, causing you to burst into tears again.

“Where’s Hoseok?” You whispered. He didn’t answer.

“Where’s Hoseok?” You screamed again, collapsing on the floor.

“He’s here, I found him…”

You didn’t feel relief. Not at all.

“Where are you? I’ll be there as fast as I can.”

“(Y/N), Hoseok had an overdose. I’m at the hospital right now. He’s…he’s dead.”

You barely heard what Taehyung said. Dropping your phone again, you went straight to the door. Hoseok wasn’t dead. He wasn’t. He couldn’t be dead. How could you let him die so easily? 

Whiskey and You

Author’s Note: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Anti-Valentine’s Challenge and I hope you all enjoy it! I chose the song “Whiskey and You” by Chris Stapleton…give it a listen! He is an extremely talented man.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff (Sorry, I just can’t not have fluff)

Word Count: 1,541 (Including Lyrics)

Jensen sighed nervously as he sat on the stool in front of his hundreds of fans in the convention center. He had promised them he would sing a few songs for them, but if he was being honest, he wasn’t really in the mood. But a promise is a promise, so he rested his guitar on his knee and took a deep breath, then moved toward the microphone. As he gathered his thoughts, he looked toward the side of the stage, but she was nowhere to be seen. The tears were already forming in his eyes; he was lucky that the lights were down low and he was pretty far from the first row of fans.

They were both in the wrong; he was stubborn as was she, but she wouldn’t take any fight from him. No matter how much he tried to compromise, he was always shot down. She had an awful temper and he knew that going into this relationship with her; but it frustrated him so much that she wouldn’t just stop and listen to him.

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anonymous asked:

Sole is slowly losing their voice and after a while, they become mute. Can you also add Maxson (if you want tho)

Well, it’s about five minutes to 9:00 which means I will be making that 12 hour deadline I set for myself by five minutes. Yay for procrastination!

So this one’s been sitting in my inbox for a while, and I loved it, so here we go! I did the reaction a little different this time. Everything is in first person relative to the companions, and all romancable (by my standard) companions automatically have romanced reactions. Not sure how much I like it, so I’ll probably go back to the old format. But hey, where’s the fun in sticking to a formula all the time?

I’ll add Maxson later for you anon! I just didn’t have the time to do it in one sitting.

Curie: “Oh Sole, I am so sorry. I wish there was more I could do, but I am afraid zhat I- I cannot- I- I,” Ergh, I cannot even finish my sentence! Stupid, stupid tears! And my hands cannot wipe them away fast enough. They just keep coming. I wish I couldn’t cry; It’s Sole who should be upset! Out  of everyone in zhe whole Commonwealth it should not have to be Sole who loses their voice.

Oh, now look, Sole is hugging me.

“Thank you Sole, but it should be me that is comforting you, no?” I feel their chin rub back and forth against zhe top of my scalp; they’re shaking their head no. I start smiling as I cry into their chest. Is zhis supposed to happen, do humans sometimes smile when zhey cry?

Sole pats me on the back while placing a gentle kiss on the top of my head, and I know just what zhey are saying, even without the words.

It’s okay Curie. It’s not your fault. You can’t fix everyone, and I still love you, no matter what.

“Thank you Sole. I love you too.”

Deacon: After all they’ve done for the Railroad, for me, only to find out that their son is the Father of the whole damn Institute. And then to kill them too? That’s gotta be harsh. In fact, I know it is. They… they haven’t talked to me… to anybody really, for days. It started with short, sweet answers, “yes,” “no,” etcetera, and Sole would only speak when spoken to. Then they stopped verbalizing altogether, and their responses were short, almost undetectable nods. And they haven’t even smiled in, what…


They’re sitting on their bed when I walk in, facing the wall, knees drawn in. Wow, those dark circles look rough. Have they even slept since the big bang? Wait, what? I’m uh, not… moving anymore, and I can’t seem to to get my legs working. C’mon Deacon, let’s go.

I give up on walking to watch them for a while instead, and I know they know I’m here. But then I’m there, holding them. Why are all my muscles quivering?

“Sole, I miss you. I understand, but I miss you. Come on back now, yeah? How about it pal? I can’t talk all the time you know, as unconvincing as that sounds.” So much for playing it cool. My voice is warbling in my throat, and I’m pretty sure those are Sole’s tears soaking through my t-shirt. I lean out of the hug to press my forehead against theirs. “I love you Sole, and I’ll wait for you, but please, please hurry.” And then I kiss them. What else can I do?

Cait: Oh shite, oh shite, this is serious! I just feel like- Augh! Ack! Ergh, it sounds like a knuckle cracked! Damn wall. Oh shite, Sole. I just…

Maybe Curie’s wrong. Maybe it isn’t actually permanent, but… it is some sort of miracle that kept Sole alive after that dog chewed their throat out. It’s been months though and Sole still isn’t able ta talk to me at all through those disgustin’ red welts across their neck. If I had just been payin’ more attention, I could’ve s-stopped it. I’m just- I’m just…

I’m just so scared of forgettin’ their voice. I already have hard time rememberin’ the way they used to say “I love you.” Oh… Oh no…

I bury my head in me hands and press down, hard. As long as I’m pressing against my eyes the tears won’t come out; Sole doesn’t need this right now. You’re always talkin’ yerself up Cait! C’mon and get together!

Here they come outta Curie’s little infirmary. The scars don’t look any better, and Curie seems like she’s about to spill some tears: Sole does too. I run up and grab them by the shoulders, starin’ straight into their eyes before crushin’ ‘em to me chest. If I can’t hear them anymore, I’ll make up for it by holding them as tight as I can.

“Oh Sole. Everythin’s gonna be just fine. I promise.”

Nick: “Oh darlin’, I’m so sorry.” I hold Sole’s face in my good hand, wiping away the tears from their cheek with my thumb. Today was the first day since the accident that Curie made them try to speak, but when Sole opened their mouth… there was nothing. Nothing at all. I wish I could forget the look of absolute despair on Sole’s face. I wish they could forget about it too.

They’re still weeping, silently, into my palm, but now they’ve stopped to look up at me. Rapidly blinking the tears away, they start motioning with their hands in a zig-zagging fashion.

“Ah, you wanna notepad kid?”

They nod silently, and I notice their trembling lips.

“Here ya go sweetheart.” I hand them the paper notepad and a pencil to write with. They furiously scribble a message down. When they hand it to me I notice the smudge puddles from where Sole’s tears had dripped onto the paper.

I miss singing with you .It read.

“C’mere.” I tell them, and they collapse into my chest. I wrap my jacket around them, holding them, and hum one of their favorite tunes. Maybe we can’t sing together anymore, but don’t worry Sole, I love you, and I’ll sing enough for the both of us.

Danse: “He was a good hound soldier.” The comment doesn’t really seem to affect Sole. This is the fourth month they’ve come to visit Dogmeat’s grave, and they haven’t spoken a word since the burial. I ran a hand through my hair; I’m not entirely sure how to deal with the situation. It would be best to just talk it out, but Sole insists on bottling everything in, and that’s not healthy. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of fresh-faced squires do the same thing.

“You’ll have to talk to someone about it sooner or later Sole. Why not just go ahead and talk to me, please. “I implore them to give up their vow of silence, but they just stare at me vacantly.

But now they’re leaning their face into my chest. I sigh, but don’t hesitate to put my arms around them.

“I understand Sole. Really, I do. I just don’t want you to tear yourself apart on the inside for too long because… I’m afraid it won’t be the old Sole that comes back, the Sole I fell in love with.”

I feel them nod into my shirt, and then I kiss their hair because I know they love that, and because I want them to know that I love them, no matter what.

X6-88: “Sir/ma’am, I understand your distress, but this has gone on for months. Don’t you think it’s time to start talking again?” I’m sitting across from Sole, watching them through my sunglasses. They’re looking at me too, but I’m convinced that, for the most part, they aren’t present. Sole consistently refuses to tell me why they’re doing this, and I’ve given up on trying to figure it out. I’ve just had to accept the fact that they’re grieving.

When did their hands move to my face? Fingers wrap around my glasses, and I let Sole slide the shades off of my nose. Now there’s nothing between us; I feel exposed. Maybe that’s why I say what I do,

“I miss you. It’s time to come back.”

They nod slowly, agreeing, even though no words come out of their mouth. I’m not usually the affectionate type, but I feel like it needs to be done. I take their hands and hold them. They look both relieved and confused, then mutter out a small, “Okay.”

Am I… smiling?

MacCready: Irreparable damage.

That’s what Curie’s report said anyway. I mean wh- what hell! Can’t she at least try! Ugh! I pull at my hair and use the pain to try and distract myself. I can hear choked breathing coming from the other room; Sole is crying. I’m pacing and feel absolutely useless! I have to bite my fist to keep from sending everything on the dining room table right through the window.

Finally everything boiled over inside me, so I marched straight into Sole’s bedroom and picked them up from the bed, just loving the feeling of holding them in my arms. I press my face into their shoulder as hard as I can stand, and I let them sob into mine.

“I love you Sole. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry this happened, and I wish I could do something to help. Oh my g- Sole. It-It’s gonna be okay. I promise. I promise.”

I pull back, grab their face, and kiss them hard, harder than I ever have before. I’m going to convince them everything will be alright, and then I’m going to make it that way. For Sole.

Hancock: “C-c’mon Sole, you’re killin’ me here. Just talk to me.” I pleaded. Hell, I’ve even begged. I understand Sole is grieving, but it’s been so long, and all I want is to hear their voice. Maybe it’s selfish, but, damn, I’d sell out Goodneighbor to hear them laugh again.

They’re giving me a hurt look, and now I feel awful, watching their eyes spill over with tears. Their mouth gapes open for a few seconds, but no words come out. I understand perfectly though; they’re trying to apologize: typical Sole.

“I’m sorry sunshine. Forget what I said okay, no need to apologize. You’re hurt, so take your time healing. Hey now, don’t cry sweetheart! Come here.”

I pull them into a hug because I know it comforts them. Not to brag or anything, but they even told me once that it makes them feel safe when I hold them, and I think feeling safe is what they need now more than anything. I’ll be sure to provide it for them in spades.

Piper: “Oh Blue, oh blue I’m so sorry.” I can’t believe it. Never hearing Blue talk again, ever. They don’t deserve something like this. All they’ve ever done for the Commonwealth is make it an easier place to live in, and how does it repay them? It takes their voice. Typical. Too bad no one, not even a great reporter like myself, can bring the cosmic forces of karma to justice.

“Well, at least if you had to be paired with someone, it’s the only person in the Commonwealth that can make up both sides of a conversation. Heh.” Sole gives me a half-hearted smile. “See! That’s the spirit! Glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor Sole.”

All joking aside, I am really proud of Sole and their un-crushable spirit, so I smile too, and lean forward to give Sole a quick kiss. “Love you Sole.”

Preston: Ever since Curie broke the news to Sole, I’ve been sitting here with them all day. They’re taking it really hard, and if I’m being honest… I am too. I loved hearing Sole wake me up in the morning with an “I love you,” and the way they laughed when Dogmeat played with the kids, and to know that I’ll never hear those things again…

No, I can’t think about that. Sole needs me now.

“You know I love you, right Sole? You’re gonna make it through this. You’re such a strong person, to make it out of the Vault, to lead the Minutemen. You’ll make it.” I squeezed them a bit harder to my side, reassuring them.

I feel their fingers lace together with mine, and I look over to kiss Sole on the lips. I intended for a sweet, simple kiss to comfort them, but Sole lingers, and I am more than happy to stay there with them. Whatever they need, I’m here, and I let them know that every day.

Dogmeat: Master hasn’t talked to me in a while, which is strange. They always tell me they love me when they pat my tummy, in that funny, squeaky voice. Now they just smile when they pet me, although sometimes they cry too. I can tell that something is wrong; dogs are good at that kind of thing, didn’tcha know? I don’t know what’s hurt my human so much, but I make sure to give them extra kisses and extra cuddles now. I think they need it, and I hope that they understand just how much I love them, even if they don’t say they love me back.

Codsworth: I know it doesn’t help much, but caretaking is what I was programmed to do. Today I’ve flitted to and fro about Sole after hearing the news about their… injury. In hindsight, perhaps keeping them home today to recuperate was not the best choice. All they’ve done is stew in their misery, and who can blame them?

“Sir/mum, I’m so sorry. I-I shouldn’t have kept you here today. Perhaps a day full of distractions was just what the doctor ordered.”

Sole looks at me with pity, hah! Me, pity! I should be giving them pity. How mysteriously this world does work.

“Don’t look so down sir/mum. Come on! I bet the local pub already has a drink poured for you!”

Ah, there’s that smile! I guess after 200 years I still haven’t lost my touch, and what better way to use it than to brighten up Sole’s day.

Strong: “Strong not understand why human stop talking. Seem stupid to Strong. How we communicate in battle when you no talk?”

Human gives me a funny look, not one Strong usually see on them.  Whatever. If human want to be quiet then Strong not care. Human tough enough without voice, can scare enemy with just looks.


Hi, guys! So this is a post I’ve wanted to make for a long time. In part because I just love this particular fanfic community, though primarily because I found these kinds of posts really helpful when I first started looking for fanfiction to read. Basically, if you’ve finished FMA and are in utter disbelief that these two losers never professed their undying love for each other and would like to pacify your shipping angst with some awesome fanfiction, YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Without further adieu:

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Imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food
completely the fault of this prompt

“You ready?”

“Wait, lemme—okay. Yeah. Go.”

“Don’t do that dewy eyes thing again. I nearly burst out laughing last time.”

“Just shut up and go—the waiter’s coming.”

Dean hastily leans back, fumbling with the cheap velvet box in his palm. Cas is barely suppressing his grin, pretending to be interested in the dessert menu.

The waitress is at the table opposite them, and Dean taps his fingers patiently against his leg. Just a little bit closer.

“You know, I was gonna wait ‘til we got back home, but I don’t think I can anymore.”

Cas looks up, expression of surprise just on the edge of believable.

“Dean?” He asks carefully.

“Dammit, Cas, I can’t stand it!”

Dean throws his napkin down, standing with a dramatic flourish. Heads are starting to turn towards their table, and their waitress is staring at them, her mouth open. Dean fights back his grin. Jackpot.

He drops to one knee, and all around them, surprised gasps and a couple stunned oh my gods echo through the restaurant.

Dean holds up the ring (something they dug out of the bottom of a 99 cent bin in Walmart), adding a hesitant edge to his voice.

“Castiel,” he says gravely. “Love of my life. Will you—will you marry me?”

Cas presses a hand to his heart, his lip trembling a little. (Damn him and those acting classes he took their senior year of college, the fucker.)

“Dean,” he breathes. “Of course. Of course!”

Dean is immediately yanked up in the arms of his pseudo-fiancé, as the restaurant dissolves into a cacophony of whoops and applause. Cas smiles against his lips.

“Nailed it,” he whispers.

“As always,” Dean whispers back. Then he kisses him again, because hey—that was the best part of the fake proposing, getting to make out with Cas in front of everyone.

Well, that, and the free food.

It happened kinda by accident.

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Royals Pt. 3 (Michael)


Originally posted by mcliffordmadness


|| in which you are royalty but michael is not.|| 


“Your highness.” 

The  words echoed through  you, piercing your side with an electric shock.  Those words were used with you in a manner of showing respect and courtesy, but coming from Michael’s mouth, it was a dirty word, almost like an insult. His intention was clear when he no longer used your  first name. He knew you no longer as the girl he met in the marketplace, but  a snobby princess who lied and betrayed his trust. 

“Leave him. I’ll handle him myself.” You heard yourself say to the guard at his side. Without further hesitation, the guard nodded politely and left the area. 

As soon as he left, Michael stood up, wiping the grass stains and the little green blades that clung to his attire. His eyes would not meet yours. 

“Michael,  I can explain.” 

“Save your breath.”  He mumbles, adjusting the cap on his blonde head and putting his hand on the doorknob of the wooden gate. 

“Michael, please.” You  pleaded, putting your hand on his shoulder.

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Be Mine For the Night (Mark Tuan)


Member: Mark (Tuan)

Word count:

Mark has been wanting you ever since he met you. One night at Mark’s  party, you get drunk and Mark takes you upstairs to clean up but you eventually slip into your tipsy mode and start kissing him. 

genre: sexual but fluffy ^_^

Mark smiles when he see’s you walk into the his congratulations party. He was finally turning 23 and you wanted to see your best friend. You smile and walk over to him who was under the stairs, enjoying talk with friend. He looked at you and he smiled. “Y/N..you made,” he breathed.

You chuckled. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” you pulled him into a hug. Mark was athirst surprised, but hugged you back.

Mark’s P.O.V.

jesus, i hope she doesn’t notice my boner…it’s getting bigger! I mean its not my fault! She wearing a tight revealing dress and i can feel her breast against my chest as we hug one another. I was blushing badly and she pulled away and kissed my cheek, making it even worse. 

“I’ll see you around Markie-moo,” she cooed, squeezing my cheeks, before joining the crowd of people who were doing beer pong. I watched she had fun like i always use to do in High School. She’d always be around the jocks having fun, while i stood in the corner watching her, because she was that beautiful.

“-Dude who you staring at?” Jackson bumped into me, spilling beer on the carpet. I sighed and he chuckled and looked at where i was. “Ooo, why you staring at Y/N like that,” he teased. Jackson knows i like her, he just wants me to grow into so badly i crack and tell her. “Im not thinking about it,” i blushed. “I wasn’t thinking that way, nerd,” he teased. “Sorry,” i say. Jackson puts his arm over my shoulder and nods over Y/N. “Go talk to her!” he said. “I can’t. She’s with a bunch of those guys…she’s having fun,” I say. Y/N took a shot from one of the guys and cheered in accomplishment. “And? go,” he pushed my back over to her. I was going to back out, but she saw me anyways. I smiled and she waved me over. “Hey, Y/N! Having fun?-” “Y/N! I bet you can’t take these two shots!!” One of fuckboys asked. 

She gave him that cute, seductive, challenging look and with both glass on her lips, she downed it in one gulp and slammed it on the counter. “Pay over loverboy!” She said. He gave her a ping pong and she looked at the red solo cups. Y/N threw her hand over my shoulders. “Should I go to the left, middle, or right?” she asked and looked at me. I looked into her eyes and felt my heartbeat. “M-middle.” She smiled and threw the pong down the middle but missed it. She sighed in defeat. “I’m sorry,” I blushed in embarrassment. “Nah, its good. Since I lost, that guy over there gets to play 7 minutes in heaven with me,” she winked and walked off and just like that I lost my girl. 

“Goodnight, Mark!” they all waved goodbye. “Bye guys, thanks for coming!” I waved. I shut the door and sighed as I looked at the mess in my flat. I picked up  my black garbage bag and began walking around collecting the red cups. The music was still blasting from outside, because of the pool party but i didn’t mind. I went over to the kitchen and that’s when I saw her. Y/N.

She was on the floor drinking straight from a wine bottle. Even tipsy she looked beautiful. “Y/N?” She looked up and smiled. “Hey, Markie!” she hiccuped. I sat the bag down and crouched beside her. “You alright?” I asked and took the bottle from her, getting a glass and pouring water inside. “Yeaaaa! That asshole left me for some whore with fake hair,” she lazily pointed outside. She drank the water and sighed. “I’m just not perfect.” I was about to protest, but my mouth wouldn’t open. Instead i watched her hum one of my songs loudly. I shook my head and helped her up. “Come on, let’s get you watched up.” 

We walked upstairs to the bedroom and i helped her on the bed. “Mark, your so good to me,” she mumbled. I rolled my eyes as i helped take off her ‘fuck me’ heels. “You never treat me, bad *hiccup* ly! Your not like them other boys, you treat me like a princess,” she said. I smiled to myself. “That’s because you are a princess.” Y/N laughed. “T-thank you.” I sat her heels next to my drawer and went to my laundry basket and started looking for a shirt to wear.

“Mark.” I looked behind me to see her looking straight at me. “Come sit here for a second.” I came back to her and slowly sat down, looking in front of me. I was feeling nervous because I’ve never sat so close to her like this alone, in a bedroom, on the bed, with her wearing a revealing outfit. I felt her eyes on me. “Mark, why do you treat me so well?” She asked. “B-because i was raised to,” I honestly said, nervously. “No, no, Mark. Because you like me,” she whispered into my ears. I felt her sit on her knee and lean close to my ear. “Hmm? Is that right Mark? You like me..you love me?” She whispered. She pressed a light gentle kiss on my ear. My breath hitched in my throat as the kiss went through my body.

i don’t know what was happening, but i liked it. She kissed my neck than grabbed my face and made me look at her. She held my chin with her index and thumb. “Mark, do you love me?” she asked, seductively. “Y-yes,” I gulped. “I love you too,” she whispered, before crashing her lips onto mine.

I was taken back at first, but fell into it.

Author’s P.O.V.

You smiled into the kiss as you aggressively kissed him. Mark cupped your face with one hand as the other was on your waist. Rubbing your sides gently and slowly, feeling your curves in the tight material. You decided to tease Mark and slip your hand in his inner thigh and that made Mark jump and he pulled away from you. You raised your brow surprised at his action. “What’s wrong?” you ask. 

“This! Us having sex! You won’t even remember it. I want it to be special okay. I want to make love to you. I want you to feel like your the most beautiful girl and perfect. I want to take my time and feel you up, before making you mine. I want to make you feel good and all. I want to fill you up with love and passion. Respect you like a queen. I don’t want to have sex with you if you won’t remember every second of it. I want you to wake up in my arms, not you trying to escape a one night stand,” Mark blurted out. Your eyes widened at his words. He sighed and crouched in front of you. “Y/N Y/L/N…im in love with you. Ive been in love with you since the day you walked into the preschool room. Remember you were new to Korea and remember that pink beautiful dress you wore and splattered paint over it? That was the day i fell in love with you. Jesus,  i love you! i love you so much it hurts, okay.” Mark yelled out loudly.

You looked at him as if he were crazy. “Mark-..no you don’t,” you shook your head. “Yes i do! Remember in the 6th grade up till 12th grade?!- you kept receiving love letters about yourself and how someone really admired you and they said thing only you’ve send to me? That was me! I gave you those love letters because i loved you. Together or not. Remember every time there was candy grams and you’d receive teddy bears and boxes of chocolate and they girls were always jealous? That was me! Me! I gave you those. I had to sell literally every gaming console i had to get you those gifts every single year! Remember when you lost your razors after years of attempted suicide!? I took them! I couldn’t stand your pain so i took them all away and buried them in my backyard. You stopped cutting. You say its because Charles loved you again, but in reality, because without those razors wasting your time, you realised there was a big life ahead of you!” he said. By now you were crying as you listened to everything he said and getting flashback s of every childhood memory.  He continued, “I did it! All those things that you thought were your boyfriend, was me. I even wrote a poem about you and won the writing contest. I poured out my whole love to you on that paper. You were my Juliet in the story. And i was your skinny nerdy Romeo who said sorry too many times,” he teased. You giggled even through your tears. Mark grabbed your face. “If you think i don’t think of everything i did to you. Not because i was raised to respect a woman, but because i was madly in love with you,” he whispered.You looked into his eyes and smiled. 

“Mark- this outta be the best thing I’ve ever heard. Mark…i do love you,” you whisper. Mark cracked a huge smile and pulled you into a long de”sperate kiss that was meaningful.

“will you be mine?” Mark asked against your lips. “Yes. Whenever.”

Promised ~ pt. 4

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: OFC Izzy x Stiles


Word Count:4985

A/N:  SO SORRY this took so long, I ran into a little bit of a traffic jam. But hopefully, y’all have stuck around to find out what’s going to happen to Stiles and Izzy.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

Originally posted by stilesandderek

My heart beats so fast I can almost hear it. I open my eyes to find Stiles’ soft brown ones, anxious and full of sadness. His brow furrows and his warm breath fans across my cheek as he tries to calm his breathing.

We lay there in silence, hands memorizing each other’s faces, eyes never straying far for long. The memories play through my mind on a loop; the fear, the agony, the darkness. Is this what Deaton was talking about? Is this one of the reasons why we keep finding our way back to each other? Is he the sole reason? Or is it different every time? How can we try not to repeat the mistakes of the past? How do we get to be happy this time?

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: 155. This is not healthy.-riarkle pls!

Damn, this is long. Sorry anon. Also, I apologize for taking a while to write it. I hope this is sorta what you wanted!

Some info: They’re in the middle of Sophomore Year. No one is with anyone. Well, except for Joshaya’s long game. I think it’s a bit more Rilaya than Riarkle though whoops.

Warning: Sad Riley Matthews, read at your own risk. Also, If you stan Maya and choose to read this, please don’t hate me.

Word count: 1914 ( I talk a lot but you know that by now.)

Ships: Riarkle, Slight mention of Lucaya, Even slighter mention of Joshaya

It’s been exactly 2 days, 12 hours, and 37 minutes since he broke it to her ‘gently’.

They were in Topanga’s trying to get some homework done. Except nobody could, what with all the joking around going on. She hated it. She hadn’t told anyone what happened yet. All they knew was that they broke up. Nothing more, nothing less. Somehow while she was in Rileytown, the subject drifted to the recent Spanish Quiz.

“Guess who got another A in Spanish class?” Said Maya, holding up her quiz to show the gang. Riley smiled to herself. She was happy for Maya. However, just before she could say anything Lucas interrupted.

“Great job, Maya. We knew you could do it,” He said, seeming like a proud.. you know.

“Well thank you, Huckleberry. I’m very proud of this.”

“As you should be.”

Maya gave him a warm smile before returning to the chatter of the group. It tore Riley’s heart to see Lucas looking at Maya like she’d hung the Moon. She would be a bit chirpier about this, if it wasn’t for one key factor. Maya was still playing the long game with Josh. Which just goes to show that Lucas could care less about her relationship status, he still loved her.

But he would never go after her, or try and get in the way of her and Josh. Lucas was a gentleman. He wouldn’t have it in him to do such a thing. He wouldn’t dare put Maya in another triangle. That’s what she liked about him, how charming he was. Riley flinched remembering how he tried to break it down to her in what he thought was a gentle manner.
“I’m really sorry, Riley. But sometimes you can’t control your own feelings.” He said, placing a box of tissues before her.

Somehow he suspected she would cry. He was right. Well, sort of. Inside she could feel her heart rip to shreds, but on the outside, she gathered up all the strength she could muster to form a small smile which she hoped seemed real enough to trick him.

“It’s okay, Lucas. Feelings are hard. It’s clear you need time to figure them out, who am I to stop you from doing so?”

“Riley, what if my feelings for Maya are stronger than I thought? What if I don’t come back to you after this war of feelings? Will you be okay?” He said, speaking gently.

She knew it was because he didn’t want to break her. He didn’t want her to collapse. She shook her head, still smiling that fake smile of hers.

“Then I’ll find someone new. What matters is that you tell her, so you can both be happy.” She could now literally hear her heart crack.

He liked her very, very much. Feelings were the one thing Lucas Friar failed to hide. He gave her one of his killer smiles.

“Thank you, Riley. I hope you find the right someone for you.” He gave her a quick hug before leaving through the Bay Window.

She didn’t cry. She refused to break. She couldn’t. Not yet. She’d hide this. It was probably for the best if she hid this heart-aching feeling deep down.
It’s been 2 days, 12 hours, and 39 minutes since Riley Matthews felt her heart break.

“Riley, are you okay?” She heard Isadora ask. She looked up from her notebook to find the whole group looking at her concerned or worried.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Honey, you’re crying.” Said Maya softly.

It was at that moment that Riley let herself acknowledge her tear-stained cheeks and her watery eyes. She broke. That was not what she wanted to do. Especially not like this.

Her eyes slightly widened and she immediately started wiping her cheeks.

“Oh, I didn’t notice. N-No I’m fine, nothing’s wrong.”

“Riley,” Said Zay, unconvinced.

“No really. I-I just remembered this story about a puppy with a wheelchair. The one Sarah told us about. That poor puppy.” She said, sniffling a little, hoping it would help sell her charade. To her relief they looked convinced.

“Well then, just think about something else Riles. We should finish our work anyways.” Said Maya looking back to her textbook. Riley did not want to stick around any longer.

“Actually, I-I finished my work. I think I’m gonna head home, see if my mom needs help with the dishes or something,” She started packing her bag quickly.

“But Riles, your mom’s-” Started Maya.

“See you later guys!” And she walked out of there in a manner that very much indicated something was wrong.
She ran to her room and immediately locked the front door. She walked towards the Bay Window and tried to sit there, but she missed and she fell to the ground, with her right hand covering her mouth, and hot tears begging to escape her eyes. She can’t believe she broke. Especially in front of her friends like that.

All those smiles she faked, those ‘I’m fine’s she’d say, how could nobody notice? She knew why. She hated the reason, but it made sense. They were too busy circling around Maya. Even before Lucas and her broke up it was, for the last two weeks, it was always Maya, Maya, Maya. She loved peaches very much but this recent increase of attention really started to get on her nerves. It was always 'Maya this’ or 'Maya that’. It was always 'Maya you’re great’ or 'Maya we need you’. It drove Riley mad.

Maybe, maybe Maya was always the favorite of the duo. It made sense. How could it not? Just before she could list the reasons why, she heard a tap on her window. She looked up to see Farkle outside.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“The window’s open Farkle, of course you can,” She answered, quickly drying her watery eyes.

He came in and sat next to her on the ground. He was quiet for a moment, but then he spoke.

“Riley, what, happened back there?”

“It was the puppy story, Farkle. I told you,”

“Riley, I know it was more than that. Tell me please,”

She looked over at him to see his face heavy with concern. He knew her too well. He saw past her charade. She might as well tell him.

“You really wanna know Farkle?” She said, standing up, her voice a little louder than before.

He didn’t stand instead he moved to take a seat on the Bay Window. He then hesitantly nodded, silently trying to ready himself for what was to come. She took a deep breath before spitting it out.

“Maya.” She watched his face go from concerned to confused in less then a second.


“Yeah, Maya.”

“But why?”

She shook her head.

“Shall I explain to you 'why Maya’ by reciting the '100 Reasons Why Maya Hart is Better Than Riley Matthews’?” She watched his confusion melt into something between concern and anger.

“That’s not a thing, Riley,” He said. She scoffed.

“Well then how about I prove you wrong? Let’s begin,”

“Riley, please don’t,”

“Reason Number 1: She’s so beautiful. Those blue eyes and that long blonde hair, how do you not love her?”

“Riley, what-”

“Reason Number 2: She’s very cool. She isn’t too cold but she isn’t too friendly. Everyone loves that.”

He sat on that Bay Window, watching and listening to her list the reasons why Maya Hart is supposedly better than Riley Matthews. He tried to get her to stop. He said her name multiple times. He tried to contradict everything she said but she won’t listen.

Reason 16, 17, 18.

'This is not healthy’ He thought to himself. He knew he had done something similar with Lucas before, but he was never comparing himself to Lucas. Riley is comparing herself to Maya and that was bad. Really, really bad.

Reason 24, 25, 26.

“Riley, please, these aren’t even true,”

Reason 28, 29, 30.

She ignored him. She continued. He flinched at Reason #33, shook his head at Reason #39, tried to intervene at Reason #44, but she wouldn’t stop.

It’s been 15 minutes and she’s already made it past 60, with most of these reasons being ridiculous.

Reason 73, 74, 75.

'Riley, I beg of you, please stop.’ He pleaded in his head. He shut his eyes tight, hoping this was all a nightmare. He cannot stand Riley doing this to herself. He opened his eyes for Reason #80.

“Reason #80 Why Maya Hart is Better Than Riley Matthews: Lucas broke up with me because 8 months after the triangle is over, he STILL has feelings for her. I’m not even remotely surprised.”

Lucas broke up with Riley because he had feelings for Maya. Riley’s surprise tears were actually her bottled up sadness. Her misery. Her heartbreak. He felt his spirit sink. How had he not noticed? Playing back a few moments of them all together, Riley did seem a bit tense after her and Lucas broke up. Especially if Maya was in the room.

Reason 96, 97, 98.

He snapped out of his trip down memory lane. He cannot let her say Reason #100. He refused to hear it. So he got up and grabbed her shoulders and pleaded one last time.

“Riley, please stop! Don’t do this to yourself!”

They stood like that for a few seconds. His hands on her shoulders, her eyes wide but locked with his, their breathing heavy, her hands glued to her side. Riley shook her head, snapping out of the trance. Then, with a shaking voice, and watery eyes, she looked him dead in the eyes while saying Reason #100.

“Because even you refuse to choose between us, in fear that even if you did choose me, you’d lose her and that says a lot about your feelings towards her. Even you refuse to choose, Farkle.”

And then she broke down. The tears refusing to stop. Farkle his arms immediately leaving her shoulders and wrapping around her firmly, her hands wrapping around him even more so. She fell to the floor, still in his arms.

In an instant he snapped back to reality and finally let it sink in that the girl he swore he’d always make sure was happy was now crying into his chest. He lead her towards the Bay Window and sat with her until she calmed down.

“Riley, those are not true,”

“How would you know?” She asked, her voice slightly weak.

“Because I know of something called '100 Reason Why Maya Hart is Not Better Than Riley Matthews’. Would you care to listen?”

She looked up, her eyes now empty. All that hope and light in them, gone.

“The mere existence of such a thing seems sketchy. Let’s see if this is real.”

He gave her a small smile and then started listing every good thing about Riley Matthews. Of course 100 was not even close to summing it up, but it was what she needed at the moment. He watched her as he listed the reasons, giggling at a few, blushing at a few others. Then after another 20 minutes, he reached Reason #100.

“I did choose, Riley. I promise, I did. But that isn’t important right now, it’s for another day,”

“Thank you, Farkle. You always know what to say.” She gave him a warm smile. A real one, he noted, one he returned.

“Anytime, Riles. Anytime.”

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can you do an exo gif reaction to them finding out that you were once abused (by ex or family)?

Hi hi, sorry for the delay. I hope you like this. If any of you are in an abusive situation, please please try to get out as soon as possible. If you find that you cannot, and you need someone to vent to who understands, you can always talk to me. Additionally, there is a website called blahtherapy that lets you vent to a stranger. Remember, “It’ll all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

*Trigger Warning*


Xiumin would be angry, so so angry. He’d be livid as soon as he found out. He’d probably stand up angrily, his body tense, his fists clenched. There would be a muscle ticking in his jaw, and he’d just look at you in silence, his eyes heated. Suddenly he’d curse out, kicking the table or couch or whatever’s near, startling you. He’d kick it a few times, letting his anger out. You’d just sit there, looking at him a bit scared. He’d finally notice your look and this is when he would break down. He’d slump down, his fingers in his hair, his breathing uneven. He’d look up at you with wet eyes and say, “I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” He’d sniff, wiping his eyes, and then he’d just sit with you holding his hand. On the inside though, he’s refraining himself from going out and killing whoever hurt you.


Luhan would be one who would get incredibly sad at this. You are starting to get intimate when Luhan sees the marks on your body. His fingers trail over them softly and his voice is quiet as he asks what happened. You get uncomfortable, trying to cover the marks on your body, but Luhan grabs your hands in his, looking you in the eyes. His eyes are hard, but his voice is still quiet. “Baobei, look at me.” He ducks down to meet your eyes. “Tell me,” he whispers softly and you do so. He listens quietly, his thumb rubbing your skin softly. As you finish, telling him that you’re okay now, you notice the look on his face. It’s a mixture of anger and sadness. He tells you that despite the fact that he didn’t know you back then, he wishes he could have been able to protect you. He quickly gathers something for you to cover your body with, and then he just holds you in his arms. He drops a kiss onto your bare shoulder, stating that he wishes you didn’t have to go through all that. He would just hold you in his arms delicately, and it might take a while before he decides to do anything with you. He’d be too scared of hurting you. When he finally comes around though, he’d be the perfect gentleman. He’d sweep your hair off your neck, wrapping one arm around you from behind and pressing an open-mouthed kiss on your neck. He’d turn you over in his arms, kissing every inch of your face. After every kiss, he’d whisper reasons why he loves you. “You’re beautiful,” he kisses your eyelids. “You’re so strong,” he kisses the corner of your lips. When he softly kisses your lips, he’d say, “You’re completely perfect and I love you.” He’d take your hand and lead you to the room, and then he’d show you how much he loves you.


I feel like Kris would be one to find out through someone else. It’s not that you don’t trust him, you just never thought of bringing it up and frankly, you were ashamed. You’ve been to enough therapy sessions to know that the feeling of guilt is normal, just like you also know that what happened wasn’t your fault, but you can’t help it. As soon as Kris hears about what happened, he’d corner you. “Is it true?” He’d demand and you’d ask him what he’s talking about, your heart beating loudly in your chest. He’d look at you angrily, his jaw clenched. “You know what I’m talking about.” You’d be silent but then ask how he knew, and he’d curse loudly. “So it’s true then. Your aunt was talking about it. Why did you never feel the need to tell me about this?” You’d just be quiet, hearing him curse loudly. He’d angrily demand. “Tell me where that bastard is, I’ll fucking kill him.” You’d laugh a bit awkwardly, telling him to calm down. He’d completely lose it at this, slamming his hands on the wall behind you. “Calm down?! How am I supposed to calm down?” He’d curse angrily some more and then ask, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” You’d scream out that you didn’t want him to avoid you. “I didn’t want you to not want me anymore,” you’d whisper and Kris would sigh, his shoulders sagging. He’d be quick to grab you in his arms, wiping away the few stray tears that escaped your eyes. He’d kiss your temple, apologizing for his temper. He’d say, “How could you ever think I wouldn’t want you?” he’d kiss the top of your head. “I’ll want you for the rest of my life.” 


I feel like with Suho, your past would just naturally come up. You’d both be in bed reading, and maybe the book that you’re reading has a character that resembles you. You’d think this is ironically funny, so you’d mention it to him, He’d look over at you confused, looking over your shoulder to look at the book in your hands. “What? That character? Do you know what happened to them?” You’d say that yes and, feeling open, you’d start telling him about your past. Suho would sit and listen in silence, his own book forgotten in his hands. You don’t cry talking about your past anymore, so your eyes are dry when you look back at him. His eyes are blank, a thoughtful look on his face, and you’re sad to see that he has tears in his eyes. You sigh, cursing yourself, moving everything so that you could grab Suho into your arms. He wraps his arms around your waist, burying his head into your chest, sobbing. You brush his hair, telling him that you’re okay now and that you’ve dealt with it. Suho looks up, brushing his tears away. “But have you really dealt with it? Did you talk to a therapist? Anyone? Or did you just tell yourself to get over it?” You hesitate to answer him, and that’s all the answer he needs. His eyes water again, and then you’re in his arms, your face pressed against his chest. He runs his fingers through your hair. “You can’t keep things bottled up forever jagi. Please let me help.” You sit in silence, contemplating what he said and to your dismay, tears start to fall form your eyes. Suho lets you cry into his chest, humming softly so that it vibrates against your body. You fall asleep like this and the next day, you shyly tell Suho that you’ll talk about it when you feel ready. He smiles at you, pulling you into his arms and kissing your temple. “I’m so proud of you jagi,” he says as he leans back to look at your eyes, lightly squeezing your shoulder.


I can see a vivid scenario for this… Maybe your parents are selling your old house, and you’re told to get what you want before the sell is final. Yixing goes with you, all bubbly and happy to see the place you grew up in. You’re less than excited. As soon as you step in, all the memories come back and suddenly you’re a little girl again, walking down these big halls with a broken and sad heart. Your fingers trail on the furniture and walls, and despite everything that happened, you find yourself smiling. Once you reach what was your old room, you let yourself sit on the floor, your hands running on the floor beside you. Yixing stands in the doorway of the room, his arms crossed across his chest, his ankles hooked together. He asks what’s on your mind, and you look at him with a bitter smile, tears in your eyes as you say that you had horrible memories in that place. Yixing comes to sit next to you. “What do you mean?” His head tilts in confusion, his eyes wide and curious, innocent, and you can’t help but to open your heart to him. By the end of it, Yixing is crying, pulling you into his chest and apologizing profusely. He kisses the tears off your face and lays you down on the floor, hovering over you. His hand grips onto your hip, his eyes wet as he looks down at you. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that,” he kisses you softly. “I don’t want you to have bad memories, let’s make some good memories here baobei.” His kisses are sweet and gentle and he touches you like you’re a porcelain doll. Afterwards, he grabs you in his arms, his breathing laboured, and he presses a kiss on your bare back, whispering over and over that he loves you so much.


Baekhyun would be in disbelief. You’d always been so bright and happy, so the fact that you went through something so horrible would shock him. I feel like this is not something that you would tell him, he’d have to find out on his own, or maybe you’d be forced to tell him. Maybe you were watching something on TV and it triggers you, and all of a sudden you’re thrown back and you feel small and you remember the feel of hands on you hurting and hurting and hurting you and you can’t help it. Arms wrap around you and you struggle to get loose, only to calm down when you hear Baekhyun’s panicked voice yell out, “Jagi! Jagi, calm down, it’s me!” He’d be scared as hell, and extremely worried. You’d basically be forced to tell him. After this, he’d be extra careful around you, making sure to not touch you unless you tell him to and not raising his voice. On some days, he’d just stop what he’s doing and look at you, a heartbroken expression on his face. He’d be one who be super cuddly afterwards, but he’d hesitate. He’d come up behind you and hover his arms over you, hesitatingly asking you, “Can I hug you?”


Most victims of abuse flinch at sudden movements or loud noises, and Chen is very loud and very animated so I feel like this is how he’d find out. He’d laugh loudly at something you said, quickly raising a hand to his chest. You flinch at the sudden movements, and Chen would stop laughing, his brows furrowing. You’d internally curse when he says, “Wae? Are you okay jagi? What was that?” You’d try to laugh it off, turning around and saying that it’s nothing, but Chen would grab your shoulder softly, turning you to face him. His face would be scrunched in concentration, and you’d be avoiding his eyes. Finally, he’d lower his voice, making sure to make it soft just how you like, and say, “Come on jagi, you know you can tell me anything…” You sigh, looking at him in the eyes and deciding to tell him. Chen doesn’t cry, just looks at you intently. His face drops when you tell him and you wait for him to say something. He leans back, blinking rapidly and clearing his throat. He hugs you tightly, leaning his body into yours, his arms wrapped tightly around your neck. You’re a bit surprised at this, and you’re even more so taken aback by the fact that Chen’s voice sounds like he’s about to cry as he says, “You’re so brave… please don’t ever forget that I love you so much.”


You would just be lounging with Chanyeol, watching a movie, your legs thrown over his lap, resting against his chest. He’s looking at the screen intently and something flashes on the screen that you can’t bear. You quickly twist your body, hiding your face into his chest, memories flooding back to you. Chanyeol looks down at you a bit confused, his hand slowly rubbing your back as you try to calm your breathing. After your episode, Chanyeol pulls you back, his eyes scanning your face. “Jagi, what happened? Are you okay?” He’d be extremely worried and you’d find yourself telling him what happened, avoiding his eyes, your fingers playing with the collar of his shirt. He’d freeze as soon as you got the words out, but then he’d quickly wrap his arms around you, crushing you to his chest. He’d pat your hair, kissing your temple, and not saying anything. He’d be the type who would do anything to make sure that there’s a smile on your face all the time afterwards. Whenever he sees something that he thinks might trigger you, he’d quickly pull you into his chest, his fingers playing in your hair as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear.


Kyungsoo would be one to avoid it. I feel like something like this would make him uncomfortable, as in he wouldn’t know how to act afterwards. You know how people get when they’re sleepy, lips start to get loose and secrets spill out. Maybe this is how it’s brought up. You’re both cuddling, his arm around your shoulder, his fingers lazily drawing on your skin as he talks about his childhood. You can hear the smile on his face and then he asks you about your life before him. You’re almost asleep and you don’t know why you say it but you do, your words slurred together by sleep. He’d tense up and ask you to repeat what you said but by then you’re already asleep.  He’d probably avoid touching you for days, not wanting to make you uncomfortable. He wouldn’t mention it unless you brought it up again. He’d get tense again, maybe looking a bit angry. He’d be hesitant to talk about it. “What could I ever possibly say to make things better? Nothing I can ever say will fix this. I’m sorry.” He’d be more angry at the fact that he has no idea how to help you. He’s one who would let you set your own pace with it, sitting in silence as you vent to him whatever you want.


It’d be at that point in your relationship where you would feel comfortable telling Tao about your past. Maybe you’d be walking around the park, holding hands. Tao is smiling, looking happily at the world around him, pointing things out to you. As soon as you decide to mention it, Tao would stop in his tracks. His hand would tense in yours, and he’d look at you with wide and confused eyes. “What? What did you just say?” You’d repeat yourself slowly, and Tao just shakes his head, a frown on his face. “What? No… why didn’t you ever tell me?” His voice drops, his eyes wet. He sniffs and tries to turn away, trying to hide his tears. You call his name out softly, your fingers touching his jaw and turning him to face you. There’s tears in his eyes, a few of them managing to slip out and you softly explain that you’re okay now, what happened is in the past. Tao would let out a small grumble, reaching one hand to wipe the tears away. His hand would squeeze yours, and he’d smile at you softly, but his eyes are still sad. He’d walk the rest of the night quietly, and afterwards he’d treat you like you’re a delicate doll. He wouldn’t want to do anything that upsets you, he’d be really careful not to make sudden movements as to not startle you. You appreciate the gesture but you explain that really, you’re okay, you’ve dealt with it and talked about it. I feel like despite your words, Tao would always handle you gently afterwards. 


Nightmares are bound to happen when you’ve been through something traumatic. You feel small and helpless and the voices are loud, but the screams are louder. You’ve never heard a scream as loud as this, you think, an then you realize it’s you. Hands grip onto your shoulders and your eyes flash open, meeting Kai’s wide eyes. His eyes are worried, and as soon as you get a feel on your surrounding, you try to catch your breath. Kai’s fingers brush hair away from your face while he also wipes tears from your face. “Jagi? Jagi, are you okay?” His brow is wrinkled with worry. You casually mention that you had a nightmare, trying to brush it off. Kai would grab you in his arms, saying that it is a big deal is it bothered you this much. “Tell me what it was about, maybe you won’t be scared anymore.” He’d sit back comfortably and you’d lean against him, sighing as you start to explain your nightmare, which is really just a memory. Kai would sit in silence a bit afterwards, and you’d already be dozing back to sleep when he speaks. “That wasn’t just a nightmare, was it?” You’d understands what he means and, still sleepy, you’d mumble out a no. I can see Kai being a member who’s extremely saddened by this. He’d be extra careful around you afterwards, and he’d want you to talk to him more and more about it every night. It’d become a ritual, he’d sit in bed, opening his arms for you to lean against him, and he’d softly play with your fingers while you spoke.


Sehun can be seen as indifferent at times, as in he rarely shows his emotions at times. As soon as he finds out, he’d probably just stand in silence and he might pull you in for a quick hug. You’d be surprised, barely starting to wrap your arms around him when he pulls back and goes back to whatever he was doing, ignoring you. He wouldn’t act too different towards you, but maybe you’d notice that he starts being gentler towards you. He barely brushes your skin, holding you softly to him all the time, except at night. At night, he pulls your entire back against him, making sure one arm is secure around your waist. He nuzzles his head into you, his nose softly brushing your skin. He places a soft kiss on your skin, whispering, “I love you so much.” This is something that he makes sure to do everyday. If you ask him about it, he’ll just smile softly, ignoring your question, his heart silently breaking at the thought of what you had to go through.

of love and envy. (jack thompson x reader)

pairing: Jack Thompson x Reader

summary: requested by anonymous: “Could you do a jack thompson x reader where the readers a bit jealous of the amount of time jack spends with Peggy?” “Can you do a super angsty/fluffy reader x Jack Thompson one where he gets injured on a mission for the SSR and its really bad and she thinks he’s going to die and freaks out but he makes a joke, like you can’t get rid of me that easily”; requested by @mpmarypoppins : “How bout one where the reader is Jack’s girlfriend and finds him right after he got shot and gets him to the hospital and its all fluffy and sweet at the end but angst in the beginning?”

word count: 1840

trigger warnings: angst and mentions of violence.

a/n: I combined several requests with this one– I hope that’s alright! I’m trying my hardest to get caught up!

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Natural Feelings By TEN


Going to school in the morning and working at the local Starbucks at night. That’s all you ever did. Until you peak the interest of a weird stranger that frequents your coffee shop late at night.

AU Where you have no idea who Rap monster or who BTS even is.

Rap Monster x Reader ( a little bit of everything, with eventual smut )

Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / Final

A/N: popping this out now since I written it as soon as I posted the 4th chapter. This chapter does have smut, There is a warning mark if you don’t want to read the smutty part just skip to where it says “end of smut” though it has a few key points within the smut part. This will be ending in the next chapter or so with an epilogue, so enjoy it while it lasts! 

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