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I think I have everything..?? I’m not sure.. I have A LOT of stuff on her, but the most important stuff is here.. If you wanna know more about her just ask. If you just want to chat that will be great too. (。・ω・。)ノ💙

Name: Kari

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4" (162.56 cm )

Age: 20-24

Date of birth: August, 2nd

Eye color: Apple green

Hair color: Light blue

Hair style: typically up, mainly in twin trails. She will wear it in a bun if she’s either in the bath house or its just a super hot day. Though she will wear it down at times.

Clothing style: Other then her adventure outfit that she wears to battle; she typically wears comfy clothes. Tank tops and short short and pants, depending on the weather. Her clothes are typically black.

Personality: She is abrasive and harsh at first. Being distant and cold she prefers to be on her own. Though she dislikes people severely, she will help those in needneed, feeling bad for those whom have been wronged. She is a vigilante of sorts, she will kill without sympathy if she feels they deserve it. It takes a long time for her to warm up to someone, due to her having a tendency to not trust people. She is more trusting and kind towards animals, favoring being in nature and very remote places. She has adapted not being able to see well with distance. She gained a heightened sense of hearing, relying largely on that. She struggles to get close to others caused by her abusive step mom. She doesn’t go to others for help, so she tries to take on all the problems herself normally making her crumble a bit and break down, though she won’t show others that side. She is very humble and polite.

Hobies: walking Around, exploring, window shopping.

Likes: talking to people she gets along with, playing with Animals, looking at things she finds interesting, almost all things sweet, ice coffee, relaxing, enjoying nature, making up stories about the scars and seeing how far she can go and what people would believe, stimulating conversation.

Dislikes: being around so many people, being touched in any way, by a person, unless she is very close with said person, talking to someone she just met, messy things, getting dirty, chocolate flavored things.

Back story: Kari was born a high class Nobel, her father was a leader of one of a higher up fraction from one of the many armies under King Gorron, her father was a great Knight and her birth mother was a troubadour. They met in the army. Shortly after Kari’s birth, the mother was killed on the battle field. Her Father developed the habit to get Kari any and everything she could ever want; going above and beyond what she would ask for. He became doting and spoiled her. Though she didn’t like it, her father had her take many lessons, some consist of Piano, violin, dance, chess, singing, stiching and anything else that he felt a proper lady should know how to do. To try and make sure the loss of her mother didn’t affect her to much, he remarried. The woman had the wicked step mom Syndrome, she never wanted children. She would act innocent and kind in front of Kari’s father, but once he wasn’t there she would be mean and horrid. She was a pure Nobel woman, both her parents came from money, she never worked a day in her life. She was a floozy and only looked for money in men. She cared more about her social status and looks above all else. She would never allowed Kari to call her “mother” or “mom” though she was in their life for many years. Kari was mainly raised by butlers and maids, due to the demanding hours of her fathers job. This caused her to say humble and kind. The maids and Butler’s thought her many life skills, such as cooking and proper cleaning techniques. she would often help them out with chorus, for fun. When she was still young, but old enough to take care of her self, her father died in battle. Leaving her with the step mom whom really didn’t want anything to do with her. One night, she slipped poison into Kari’s food, though an elderly maid whom took care of Kari since she was born stopped it from ever reaching her. Thus as punishment, the woman made the maid eat the food, losing the closest thing to a mother she had left. After Kari’s father passed, her step mom would bring home a different man every night. One night, the man she took home turned out to be a thief. Him and his small gange turned over the house killing all who lived there. With the help of some maids and Butler’s, Kari managed to stay hidden for a long time, but once he found her he tried to end her life. Though he failed, the man did however leave a large scar going down the left side of her face and partly her neck causing her to lose nerve damage on most her face and eyesight in that eye. She now wonders around, she does what she needs to do to survive.

Extras/little quirks: she won’t dule someone unless there is a wager of some sort; even if she manages to win she will let the other party have their winnings as well. After her father passed away she continues to practice all the things he wanted her to learn when ever she can. Typically after doing one of them she would cry a little and say softly to her self,  “are you proud papa? ” or “am I improving father? ” she can be fairly vain when it comes to her hair, she takes pride in its soft silky texture. When she’s in deep thought she will twirl the ends of her hair. Because of the damage to her left side of her face, she can no longer produce tears from that eye. Though she hates chocolate flavored things she loves normal chocolate. If she eats anything remotely spicy she turns red and gets sick, if it’s really spicy she will pass out. She is very flexible and uses it to an advantage in hand to hand fighting.