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Sometimes I think kkmin r just very very close friends & jk acts like me with my eldest sister coz she's smaller & cuter than me so I tend to pinch her cheeks & coo at her like a baby & sometimes I even feel like I'm older coz I'm more mature. But then I remember all the questionable looks & skinship btwn jk & jm & this need for jk to be aroud jm & I'm like: nope nothing platonic there lol I feel like jm's role in jk's life is too big, like he overwhelms him sometimes.

anon hello~~~~

1st and foremost, I’m sincerely sorry for only being able to reply to this now. I’ve been so caught up in my exhausting life that I couldn’t find any time to use tumblr *sob sob* 😢😢

Thank you so much, really, for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m really happy to read asks like yours, and to learn to know how other people perceive our ship. And yes, I totally, entirely, whole-heartedly agree with you 🐥🐰👍👍

Yes, whenever I see a moment that is not very usual between them, I try to force every single cell of my brain to work, find a reason as to why it happened, is there a rational/ platonic explanation for it? etc. Will I do that to my close friends, my cute sister-like younger friends etc. It’s a war 🙈🙈. Most of the time it works, but the other times… it just doesn’t make any sense.

You stated a good point there, skinship. The other day when I was working (yes yes my mind is filled with Jikook/Kookmin all the time I need help, for real ><), it suddenly hit me that Jungkook was caught touching Jimin’s chest for at least more than 5 times already, but did we see him do it with any other member? Not once in my goldfish memory. Maybe he did, I was just to blinded by Jikook/Kookmin to see it, but that’s not our main point here. Let’s just take into consideration how some non-shippers or shippers of other ships saying that Jungkook looks at Jimin with the exact same eyes he uses to look at other hyungs (yeah let’s just *pretend to* ignore the heart eyes for a bit), how we see him backhug the other hyungs too, and how he occasionally slaps the others’ butts; you know, how he touches Jimin’s chest… is really worth paying attention to.

(again, all of the gifs I use below are not mine, I include the links to the original posts of the gif-makers under the gif itself)

  • 1st, why? Why is there a need for him to touch Jimin’s chest, when most of the time there really is no need to? And why the chest, out of all place (shoulder, arm, *whisper* abs)

well actually, it’s not like he hasn’t been caught touching other places I mention, but it’s another story, maybe we’ll talk about it the other time xD

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

Well, only Jungkook can answer tbh…

  • 2nd, how. How he actually touches Jimin’s chest. I mean, you can say that the above examples are just… mere accidents (which I doubt), the other times he actually knows what he is doing, not to mention the fact that he looks like he’s… lost in there, it just engrosses him

(gifs source: http://chimchiminie13.tumblr.com/post/152987266658/once-not-enough-twice-still-not-satisfied)

(gif source: http://jikookdetails.tumblr.com/post/157361954874/suuuuuubtle)

Jimin and Jungkook being touchy is nothing new to talk about tbh, we see it all the time, it’s just there. Sure people can say brothers and close friends being touchy is nothing unusual, with I agree. But then, there are times you just can’t use the brother/close friend excuse…

It still bugs me to this day, how I can’t find any reason as to why Jungkook felt the need to be close to Jimin in A SAUNA, hello~, isn’t it hot there, Jungkook ah~? It’s not like he’s not filmed on camera, and it’s not like there isn’t enough space, and it’s not like Jimin didn’t actually move further away, but no means no, Jungkook doesn’t approve…

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(please go to the original post to see it clearer)

Satellite jeon is not made up. It’s a thing, search for it if anyone is in doubt.

The thirst seems to be real…

And I talk about it before, but I’ll talk about it over and over again. Just because I still don’t get it.

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Yes it’s normal to give compliments to your best friends/brothers right. To encourage, support them for the better, sure. But what follows it is what makes you feel… so wrong. Even if you just wanna tease, it sure is a weird way to tease…

갖고싶다 x3, “I want you” x3

Lemme go a bit outside of this. Let’s take Namjoonie for example. You know he’s one of the ones who wanna see Jimin exposing his shoulder in BST too, right?

In this particular video reaction to their own stage, Jungkook and Monie made a fuss about Jimin not revealing his jacket, Monie explained he couldn’t do things like taking off his jacket, that’s why. He also said once while monitoring Jimin’s Lie solo stage at the end of the year, he’d like to be born as a great dancer to know how it feels like. You know it’s natural when someone does sth you can’t, you admire and praise that person. But in Jungkook’s case, it’s just… so hard to understand. If he wanna be sexy like Jimin, or if he wanna take off his jacket like Jimin, he can totally try. Or back to our video above, he can say things like “oh~ what a sexy expression, I wanna have a sexy expression like that too~”, or “I wanna be sexy too”, you know, stuff like that. But no, he went straight up to say he wanted Jimin, JIMIN HIMSELF. The way Jungkook compliments Jimin’s sexiness is really on another level, like no other… I don’t wanna be that shipper, but it really does seem to be in the ‘thirsty’ direction, it’s not just a mere praise… It actually seems to affect him, does sth to him…

Check out all of those compliments in BST era here


One last thing I feel like talking about is feeling like the mature one that you mentioned. The thing that makes me wonder is that Jungkook doesn’t really act like the mature one to the other hyungs, but Jimin. Sure maybe because Jimin is cute, but it seems more than just that. Thanks to my goldfish memory, I can’t really name a particular moment. But I have the feeling that Jungkook tries to be manly, and tough around Jimin, like he’s a man, not a boy, he’s strong, muscular, capable (can drive while Jimin has no license), he can manhandle Jimin etc., yet he still treats Jimin gently (or not once in a while xD). I dunno how to phrase it so that it’s understandable, so I’ll just say it bluntly. I feel like he wanna be the man for Jimin… *oops, I said it*

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Again, these are just my thoughts, and I’m a shipper, I can be biased, delusional. Please don’t take everything I said too seriously.

At the end of the day, no one knows for sure what kind of relationship they have, and how they truly feel about each other. But one thing we’re sure, if these things they do are solely platonic, they sure have weird taste and hobbies there.

I’m sure I wanna discuss many things more, but I just can’t remember them at the moment. I hope this still somehow makes up for your long wait, thank you very much for turning to me to share your thoughts. I look forward to talking to you again 🌸🌺💜

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im 95% sure that jane and roxy's ship name is cotton candy, which is the cutest friggin ship name ever

Yeeeahh it is! Yes to both of those buuuuuuut I try not to tag ship names like that bc it’s a generic tag. Like what if someone just wants to check out some cotton candy of the candy variety? Same with things like….idk, waterfall or book report or sth. That’s why I’m not a fan of those kinda ship names.


I’m pretty sure I ruined it by coloring it…..lol

Ok I drew this and my great friend Gurugurujaan did the line art for me. the lineart was just close to heaven i swear and then I colored it in! Im experimenting with proportions and different coloring tell me what you think


if you all want to check out Guru’s art go to her tumblr http://gurugurujaan.tumblr.com/

gurugurujaan i love yous

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LLSIF JP Notices


■ Online Tournament (wOW IM EXCITED but jp players are a+++ so cries and it’s on my son kuroko’s bday :’D) 

BUT ALSO: You *should* be able to enter the online one, but there’s this second tournament which is only available for people living in Japan.

  • They will be held in the app itself.
  • Held from: January 31, 2016 (Sun) 4 pm - February 15, 2016 (Mon) 3 pm, JP time zone.
  • You can play the task (課題, aka goals) songs up to 10 times.
  • ※期間中に一度もオンライン予選に参加されなかった場合、二次予選へ応募をすることができませんのでご注意ください。
  • If you exit the app in the middle of a game, it’s game over for you pardon my english AND it will still be counted as 1 game (you can only play a total of 10!!) so please be very careful
  • DIFFICULTY CHOICES: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, AND EXPERT, choose anything you want :)
  • UNIT: (a bit confuseddd)「SUNNY DAY SONG」, cannot be changed. Your existing units cannot be used. So…I think only those who have all the promo cards can play… im not crying
  • Apparently they said sth about no change of music, like it’s the normal SUNNY DAY SONG you play…?
  • Please check your settings for the pop-ups and effects before playing, as there will be no specified settings for you. (so i think basically if you want it to be turned off then turn it off, if you don’t want then just leave it..? depends on you tbh)
  • Participation benefits: Limited edition titles (you know those bibi, full combo, etc. kinds), you will be able to win at least once in the tournament (?)
  • APPLICATION PERIOD: February 15, 2016 (Monday), 4 pm to February 21, 2016 (Sun) 3 pm. (i think apply for like entering the second tournament) Apparently, you can sign up in the game! NOTE: ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THOSE LIVING IN JAPAN.
  • They will decide it based on your max (idk total or highest score) score in the game.
  • AND BASICALLY, THE REST IS ABOUT THE VENUES AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW JAPANESE, YOU PROBS DON’T LIVE IN JAPAN, SO YOU CANNOT PARTICIPATE, WHICH MEANS THAT IT’S A WASTE OF MY TIME just kidding im just lazy lmao but fun fact: they have to play HEART to HEART! (EX only) with the idolized (or promo..?) marine cards! and you must have your pop-ups set to large and effects on! And etc etc :))

Love Live! Thanksgiving 2016

  • lmao this is also limited to people in japan cries