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Just a Little Jealous (NSFW...ish)

A/N: I found a gif and I wanted my wifee @mrsgabrieltrickster  to talk me out of it but then she made a great point and boop here you go DESTIEL WARNING

He was staring just a little too long, laughing just a little too hard. 

And Castiel, though a patient man, is on the edge of losing his temper. Dean smiles – the smile that crinkles his eyes and tugs at his cheeks – at the woman in front of him, smoothing his hand down his suit jacket.

“I appreciate your time ma’am,” Dean says, cocking an eyebrow as she jots down a number on a piece of paper. “We do have a few more questions–”

“Just in case I forget,” she purrs, offering him the number. Castiel cocks an eyebrow, clearing his throat. “If you have any more questions,” she blurts. Sam shifts in his seat, frowning as the angel lets out a short breath. 

“And we appreciate that ma’am,” Sam cuts in. Dean nods in agreement, clamping his mouth shut as Castiel shoots him a glare. 

“Dean, a word,” he grunts, shooting Sam a look before heading down the hallway.

“U-uhm…we like to get a good feel for your home…so my colleagues are…gonna have a look,” Sam says, followed by an uncomfortable laugh. 

Castiel walks into the first room he can find, dragging Dean along with him. The moment the door closes, he’s pushing Dean against a shelf of books, gripping both of his wrists. 

“Is she your type?” Castiel growls, his voice a whisper. Dean shudders out a response, grunting as the other man forced his leg between his thighs. “I know when you’re flirting Dean, you aren’t subtle.”

“I wasn’t – fuck – you’re just –” He cuts himself off as Castiel’s grace wraps around his neck, a stifled moan escaping him. “This really isn’t the time Cas,” he chuckles, tilting his head as Castiel’s lips met his neck. 

“Then stop looking at her.” His voice is muffled against the Winchester’s neck, but the assertion is clearly heard. “Stop laughing at her jokes.” He pauses, rolling his hips and gaining a light whimper from Dean. God, the sounds he makes can send Castiel’s head spinning in seconds. 

“J-jealous fuck,” Dean breathes, his eyes widening as the tingle of Castiel’s grace teased down the length of his cock.

“You’re right, I am a ‘jealous fuck’, Dean.” Castiel pauses, letting out a long, hot breath against Dean’s neck. Dean shudders, his hands gripping into fists. “And I suppose you want me to stop?” he asks. He shakes his head, groaning as Castiel grinds against him. “Then what? I thought this wasn’t the time, Dean –”

“S-stop fucking around,” he whines. 

“Oh, I will.” Castiel begins pulling away, chuckling as Dean lets out a desperate whine. 

“Please?” he breathes, biting his cherry red lip between his teeth. Smiling, Castiel reclaims his place pressed up against his boyfriend, nuzzling against his sensitive skin. 

Sam stares ahead with a tight-lipped smile, his eyes wide as moans echo down the hallway.

“I am…beyond sorry ma’am.”

the rfa+minor trio baking with mc :3


  • look
  • this boy
  • youre convinced hes probably never baked anything in his life
  • and he kept “accidentally” getting cake batter near/on his lips and would wait for you to
  • you know,
  • get it off………
  • of course you did it every time BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT
  • the point is he sucks at baking
  • you just wanted to make some cupcakes for him and his crew to congratulate them on their new muscial
  • but nO
  • he took his shirt off when it got batter on it
  • so did you
  • the cupcakes never got done
  • tragic


  • he was oddly good at baking ??
  • he was secretly trying to impress you
  • he did
  • at one point you booped his nose and got icing on it
  • so you licked it off
  • and he blushed so hard you thought he was gonna faint
  • then he swiped some on your nose and licked it off
  • “I guess…were even now…”
  • this boy is gonna be the death of you jfc
  • you kept sneaking kisses from each other as you prepared the cookies
  • eventually you ended up making out next to the oven till the timer went off and scared yoosung
  • and yes the cookies were delicious


  • you weren’t surprised to know she wasn’t half bad
  • shes good at so many things
  • you were making little sweets for the rfa party
  • she looked so cute when she was baking
  • she had this little smile on her face
  • she poured every measurement perfectly
  • she got a lot of flour and powdered sugar in her hair though
  • its your fault shhh
  • in return, you got a lot of frosting on your face
  • you had a lot fun together~ <3
  • you took a relaxing bath together afterwards

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i taught the cats to high five for treats, but now nova thinks highfiving will get anything he wants. i just tried to eat some pringles, he tried layin a sick five down, but no these are my fukkin chips cat! i hid my hands to stop him…. and the little fucker climbs on my lap, looks deep into my eyes, and slowly, gingerly, lifts one paw and boops me on the fukkin nose what the fuck even are cats

mogai post: “i can’t believe how monosexuals see some cutie patootie hottie babe in the street and don’t want to smooch and cuddle them and bump their sexy parts or beep-boop their noses just because they are the “wrong” gender! how can you even deal with knowing that you will miss out on so many beautiful awesome valid peeps and folks! uwu. monosexuals are weird.”

Shipping Meme

Send me a number and a ship, and I’ll draw it 


1.) On the lips/forehead/cheek/nose/ear/neck/shoulder/hand
2.) Cute
3.) Awkward/shy
4.) Surprise!
5.) French Kiss
6.) Passionate
7.) “I’m sorry”
8.) Dip/War’s end
9.) Angry
10.)  drunk/sloppy/tired


11.) Hug/hug from behind/
12.) Cuddle
13.) Holding hands
14.)  Lean on shoulder
15.)  Surprise!
16.) Poke/boop!
17.) Carry on back/ over shoulder/ bridal style/ over head
18.)  Arm around shoulder/arm/waist
19.) Awkward/shy
20.) comfort 

21.) Blank (write in something that isn’t already listed)
22.) Random!

Beep Boop

Summary:  A ten chapter Check, Please! future fic where Jack and Bitty have been married for four years and decide to become parents. They have a house, a cat, a dog, and now they want a child. So much fluff, you have no idea. Lots of fluff, with a bit of smut thrown in for good measure. No angst, no drama – just love and fluff.  Thanks to @devereauxsdisease for her support with this one! <3  Also on AO3

Madison, Georgia. 2000
”And what does your daddy do?”

“Football coach.”

“I bet you wanna be a football coach, too, when you grow up.”

“No, ma’am.”

“No? Well what do you wanna be?”

“I wanna makes pies! And I wanna be a daddy, too.”


Montreal, Quebec. 2002
His first game in the minor leagues, and he blew it. He absolutely blew it. Jack threw his helmet against the wall and held his head in his hands. He fought hard to regulate his breathing, but already knew it was an uphill battle.

The losing wasn’t so bad. It was facing papa. That was…well, for now, all he could do was breathe. Just try to breathe and fight back the tears that he could feel coming up from the back of his throat, punching their way forward.

He was a terrible son. And now he’d have to face papa’s disappointed face.

“I hope I never have kids, so no one has to ever feel this way about me,” he said as he swallowed down a sob.


Four years into their marriage, Jack and Bitty were traversing the park during one of their early morning runs. Married life had come easy to them. As throughout most of their relationship, Jack never had a doubt, for once he let Bitty into his routine, his life, his heart, there was never any hesitation. Bitty was always the truth. Bitty was happiness. Bitty was home. So as they were taking their morning run through Prospect Park, it happened.

A woman ran past them with a jogging stroller, and then slowed down to take a drink of water. Her son, about a year old, tossed a stuffed giraffe out the side without her noticing and she began to jog away. Bitty saw, and ran after them.


“Wait!” Bitty called out, holding the giraffe. “Wait!”

He caught up to them.

“Carlos, did you drop Mr. G?”

“Hi, honey,” Bitty said as he returned Mr. G go his rightful owner.

“Thanks so much.”

“No problem. I know that if I would have lost Señor Bun I would have been devastated.

The mom smiled warmly.

“How old is he?” Bitty asked lowering onto his haunches to smile at Carlos.

“Fourteen months.”

“What a cutie pie,” Bitty said softly.

Jack watched from where he stood. He watched Bitty chat effortlessly with a complete stranger. He watched and something inside him suddenly shifted. As Bitty made funny faces at the baby, and laughed while the baby reached out for him, Jack was hit with a realization so strong, it made his breath hitch. It was something he never expected, but now made all the sense in the world.

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Jughead Jones headcanon

As requested by @superwholock-5sos 

I made this into a headcanon instead of a preference as i wanted to add more. I hope you don’t mind too much…

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

  • Late night at Pops
  • subtle PDA like hand holding under tables
  • Figuring out who killed Jason together
  • Star gazing
  • Flirtatious banter 

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Okay but..

Smackle needs to flirt with lucas just bc she wants farkle to be more affectionate towards her but like….zay wrote a million reasons why she was great in a book??? Was the only one who attempted in snapping her out of her trance??? Booped her??? Put his arm around her?? Put her glasses on?? ZAY IS IN LOVE SMACKLE WHY CANT YOU SEE


Alright, hi guys. I know, I don’t want to get serious on this blog, but I kinda feel like I have to for today. And I just want to say I know things are looking super bad right now, honestly, I’ve been feeling anxiety for everyone over there for the entire day! 

But I just want to remind you that this isn’t the end. You’ll all get through this, you might think that there’s no point but please don’t give up! Don’t stop fighting! 

But also please remember to take care of yourselves and take care of each other. 

I know it’s easy for me to say this as someone who’s not from America, but I just want you all to know that I’m here rooting for you and I hope that my words and work would provide some form of comfort.

Take care and be safe. 

Sombra Valentine's Day HC

I started off avoiding doing Sombra for this but then I got really into it?? I would love a Valentine’s Day with Sombra!

Genji  |  McCree  |  Pharah  |  Reaper  | Soldier:76  |  Sombra  |  Tracer

Bastion  |  Hanzo  |  Junkrat  |  Torbjorn  |  Mei  |  Widowmaker

D.Va  |  Reinhardt  |  Roadhog  |  Winston  |  Zarya

Ana  |  Lucio  |  Mercy  |  Symmetra  |  Zenyatta


  • Sombra would announce to you that you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with her

    • Low key loves the holiday

    • Hides that fact from Reaper and Widowmaker

  • Dyes her hair in preparation of the day

    • Claims she just wanted a change but you know it’s because of Valentine’s Day


  • You’ll wake up to a song she hacked into your alarm

    • It’ll be a love song in Spanish

    • Will boop your nose when she notices you’re awake

    • Will cuddle you until you say you both have to get up

      • Will absolutely pout

  • Showering together (non-sexual) and washing each other’s hair

  • Chocolate scones for breakfast with mocha lattes

  • Giggly hide and seek that results in tackling each other and peppering kisses all over each others faces

    • She will definitely win, but she’ll give you a couple rounds just to have your arms around her more

  • She’ll give you a necklace that projects a video of her telling you how much she loves you

  • Her calling you “Mi tesoro” (my treasure)

    • If you call her cariño she won’t even try to hide her smile

  • She makes a point to not have any work to do that evening

  • Reenacting the spaghetti scene from Lady & the Tramp during dinner after she found a bootleg copy online

    • She declares watching that movie will be your Valentine’s Day tradition
Fluffy sentence meme

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “You’re so cute, I could just eat you right up.”
  • “I’m a koala, and you’re my eucalyptus tree!”
  • “I want a baby. Or ten.”
  • “Stop booping my nose!”
  • “You’re really warm.”
  • “I might have stolen your sweater.”
  • “Do you want my sweater?”
  • “Hold my hand.”
  • “Will you go on a date with me?”
  • “I love the way you smile.”
  • “You’re blushing!”
  • “You’re making me blush!”
  • “I’m not blushing, honest.”
  • “You need a password to enter the blanket fort.”
  • “Can we stay in bed?”
  • “I’m going to cook you dinner.”
  • “I ran you a bath.”
  • “Want to take a bath?”
  • “Are you just going to keep playing with my hair?”
  • “I don’t want you to go.”
  • “Stay the night?”
  • “You’re pretty.”
  • “You’re beautiful.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you.”