i just want to bite his cheeks off

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Do you think Junkrat's death are unnaturally sharp due to the radiation messing with his bone structure and development? Or do you think he had them filed artificially as a backup hand-to-hand combat defense mechanism? Either way I want him to use them to bite my fucking ass cheeks off and use them as pillows as we fuck.

I’m gonna assume you mean his teeth and tbh I think that’s just the way he is.
I’ve seen some people with some pretty dank natural canines, and Junkrat’s aren’t as sharp as I’ve seen them. 

It’s probably just normal genetics. 

You Get Ice Cream on Your Face on Purpose

This is gonna be cute c:


Jagi, you have ice cream on your lips.” He says smirking. You give him a fake look of confusion as you say “Maybe you should get it off?

He then smiles and laughs a bit as he leans in to kiss you.


You seem to have a bit of ice cream on your lip there Agi..” He points out, wiping it off with his finger. You pout as he does, making him question it. “I wanted a kiss.

Ohh, so you did that on purpose?” He asks, raising his eyebrows and biting his lip. “Come closer then.


He doesn’t even point it out, he just gets closer and playfully licks it off of your cheek. After that, he just sexually eats his ice cream, licking his lips and staring at you every few seconds.

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Kyungsoo and you were having a cute couple moment in the corner of the room as he carefully wiped the ice cream off of your mouth. He smeared some onto your cheek, just so that he could seductively lick it off, but as he did, Sehun started yelling and attracting all of the attention to you.

Sehun decided to let everyone know what he had unintentionally walked in on a few days ago. “LICK HER CHEEK LIKE YOU LICKED HER PUSSY LAST WEEK!

I apologise


You have some ice cream on your lip.” He says looking up at you and squinting at the harsh sunrays. You nod and lean closer, smiling at him. 

Ahh, I see what kind of game you’re playing Jagi..” He says as he bites his lip and puts his hand onto the back of your neck, pulling you closer to kiss him.


Nope. No kiss for you, you refused to give me a kiss this morning and now you’re doing this to get a kiss from me? I know your ways.” He says turning away from you.

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He doesn’t tell you that you have anything on your face, instead he seductively puts ice cream on his fingers and licks it off, knowing that you purposely did it just for a kiss. 

You’re not even going to give me a kiss, even after that?” You ask, pouting at the teasing mood he was in. “Ah fine.” He says, standing up to kiss you.

I hate how good yixing looks in this stoooppppppp


Agi, you have ice cream on your lip.” He says, smirking. You slowly go to wipe it off, but he stands up and comes closer to you. “Let me get it.” He whispers, leaning in slowly, knowing that was what you were hoping for.


Jagi, you got some ice cream right…” He starts, but then leans in closer to wipe it off of your lip with his thumb. “Right there.” He whispers, hovering over your lips.

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He was staring at you for a good three minutes before you finally cracked. “Are you just going to stare at my lips or are you going to kiss me?


Instead of him kissing you like you thought he would, he ends up pulling out his phone to take a picture of you. “Are you taking a frickin picture?


He knew what you were doing right away and just-

I got asked for a Christmas AU and I forgot that the fic I am writing takes place in December so I’m adding some Christmas-y stuff to it for you Christmas anon :)

“Happy?” Liam grunts, resting the too heavy tree against the living room before he wipes his hands off against his jeans. His skin feels raw from the cold, his muscles ache, but a smile still tugs at his lips as he turns to face Zayn.

Zayn bites around his cocky looking grin, brow quirked as he nods. He comes closer, palms pressing to Liam’s cheeks, rubbing the cold away from them. “I love it.”

“You wanted us to cut our own tree, why again?”

Zayn wrinkles his nose, skin just as red as Liam’s. He rubs a thumb against Liam’s sweaty brow. “Wanted to see you sweat.”

Liam rolls his eyes, curling his arms around Zayn’s waist to tug him closer. He is a little shit, and Liam is quite in love with him for it. “You owe me a massage then. My muscles hurt.”

“Deal,” Zayn murmurs, dragging a thumb against Liam’s bottom lip. He tilts his head up, and Liam follows his sight, warming over when he spots a mistletoe hanging a few feet away from him.

Zayn drags him over to it, chuckling as he does so. “Oops, look what we have stumbled underneath.”

Liam rolls his eyes, as Zayn tugs him closer by the jaw. He had spent the last night of November hanging them up everywhere he could. And he has kissed Zayn every single time they have stumbled underneath one. “Guess we gotta kiss or summat.”

“I guess,” Zayn whispers quietly before slotting their lips together.

Just Like New

(I don’t usually blog stories on Thursdays, but this one is short and sweet, and I don’t want to wait.)

The evening is cold for March. The air bites at my cheeks, already sore from smiling. I press my palms to them. A shiver runs through me, and I shake it off. Owen moves closer as we walk.

“Are you warm enough?” he asks. I feel his hand slip between my body and the inside of my elbow. His caress is slow, along my forearm all the way to my fingers. He laces his with mine. His hand is warm, like always.

I glance up at him, and his eyes are already on me. They’ve been on me all day. His face reflects the light of the street lamp. The creases there hold his stories. I can almost hear them whisper in this golden darkness. “Not quite,” I answer.

He takes my hand into the pocket of his coat, and he presses it between his fingers and his stomach. “Better?” he asks. I feel his muscles tighten around me. I want more.

“Almost,” I say.

His eyes move to my lips. “My truck is just around the corner,” he tells me.

Our feet keep moving along the sidewalk. He takes his time, warming me up as we go.


I hold her hand in my pocket and feel her body brush against mine. We reach the truck, but I don’t want to let go of her. She doesn’t let go either. Through the lining of my coat, I feel her hand moving, low on my stomach. Back and forth.

She turns to face me and slips her free hand into my other pocket. “You’re so warm,” she says, stroking me there too. I don’t want my coat between us.

“Amelia…” I whisper, close against her cheek, “What are you doing?”

She tucks her chin to her chest and looks up at me with big eyes. “Warming up my hands,” she answers with feigned innocence. Her smile is so wide that I can’t see anything but the dimple on her cheek. I want to kiss her there - and everywhere else.

My hand moves along the curve of her hip as I wrap my arm around her. I don’t want her coat between us either. I don’t want anything between us, but I hesitate. We’re starting over. I need to go slow. My hand stills on the small of her back.

She holds on to my pockets and doesn’t let me pull away. “We’re doing this,” she says, leaning closer – her breasts against my chest.

I shift my grip on her hand and caress her wrist with my thumb. “Just like new,” I echo her words from earlier, “Like it’s the first time.”

I feel her breath fast and shallow on my neck. “I’m gonna kiss you now,” she murmurs, in my words from long ago, “So don’t say anything.”

I want to eat her alive, but I wait. I close my eyes and just feel her. Her lips are soft at first, barely touching me. She slides her hand up my chest to my throat, and I feel my pulse beating under her fingertips. She takes my lip between hers and sucks me slow and gentle. She lets go, and I feel her breath still on my mouth. I move mine over hers without hurry, touching my tongue to the seam of her lips. She tastes like strawberries – moist and sweet – like my dreams of her. She opens and takes me inside. I slide my hand beneath her coat, up her spine, and feel the warmth of her skin against my palm. Like fire. I feel her everywhere. I don’t want to wait.