i just want to be tumblr famous ok


Ok so I’m done posting about Iceland, and I wanna say a HUGE thank you to all my followers and to all the people who support me by just reblogging or liking my pictures!
Iceland was a big time for me and I’m glad that it continues to be because of you all on tumblr!
I also wanted to announce that I’m gonna have my first publication in a photography magazine!

It is a celebration, love you all - ♡
Jack .A.

Benedict and his cold...

The following may be weird but it’s true (and I have witnesses that I was there etc. anyway XD)…

Remember how Benedict had a cold that made that during the SAG awards, someone had asked him to make a voice and he said he couldn’t because of the cold? (When you have a cold your throat is messed up and making voices is hard and can hurt.)

Well… guess who met him again after that, shared a hug with him, talked with him up close etc….and who currently has a cold?


There was no one else I was in contact with who had a cold, so it can only be from Benedict that I got it. XD

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anonymous asked:

Befriending and drawing tumblr famous people just to get famous yourself. I am disappointed to say the least. Your art is good and you dont need to draw these people to get recognized. Stop showing off.

Ok lemme just get this straight

1. I can draw whatever and whoever i want

2. didnt u read the caption? It was a late valentines gift

3. Drawing is my way of expressing my shit. So if you’re my friend and I hella love you to bits, you can expect a drawing of yourself from me.

4. im glad you think my art is good but you’re still fuckin rude

5. Artists aren’t trying show off when we decide to share our art with people.

Ok now STFU.