i just want to be liked :'(

he’s drunk and stumbly and his lips taste sharp like a lick of blue-raspberry vodka, but he’s soft and safe in even’s arms. warm. sleepy.

he’s a spoonful of melting sugar in even’s mouth.

“why’re we..” isak puffs out a tiger yawn, nuzzles even’s neck softly, where he’s tucked snug in against it. “… dancin’? m’tired. bed.”

even’s smile feels like a bundle of flowers blooming behind his ribs. he dusts a kiss to the top of isak’s head among his curls. breathes him in. says, so quiet in the blanket of moonlight-speckled dark of isak’s bedroom, “i like holding you, this close.”

isak’s laughter hiccups out of him, curls like smoke around even’s ear.

“you can hold me in bed?”

even can hear the smile twitching on isak’s lips - he’s pressing it flat, dipping his chin and brushing his pink, blushing cheek off even’s shoulder to hide it, but even knows.

“in a minute,” he whispers. “i just wanna hold you, like this.”

he’s waltzing them so, so slowly in a ring on the rug on the floor. their hands are threaded together, and he draws them in closer. listens with a sparkle in his smile to the hitch and tug of isak’s breath in his lungs as he presses a kiss to each of isak’s fingers - one by one.

they flutter beneath his touch, restless, until they’ve wound themselves free to tiptoe up along even’s jaw, cupping his cheek.  

isak coaxes him into a kiss like that, eyes like spilled honey in the moonlight, and even- he just holds him even tighter.

It struck you as a surprise, Arthur Kirkland would be the least person you expected to show off his power with mistresses. Rumor had it, Arthur was never lacked of women chased after his feet, nor if he gave them any attention. Seeing him and the other male, Gilbert whose name you learnt, intimated with each other no less than lovers, when Arthur was as reserved as you could barely read one to none thought in his mind, Gilbert was the opposite. 

The way the albino male tilted his head, his breath ghosted whispers to Arthur’s ear, deemed with mischievous and mockery. Arthur did not flinch away nor responded, but his eyes shifted to the other in an unspeakable way, and that’s all it took for Gilbert’s expression to ripe in satisfaction. That’s when you understood that their bond wasn’t just a boss and his courtesan, like how Arthur’s hand rested on Gilbert’s hips was other than possessive, was also subtly hint of loving affection.  Kirkland’s influence was utterly powerful, which did not come from oneself, but from two became one.

AU which EngPru are important sidecharacters wuahahaha

It’s obvious Kamui wears that braid to honor Kouka, but… when his hair is loose and down, is it as fluffy and wild as Umibouzu’s when he was younger? Is that also another reason Kamui wears his hair in the braid? Because if he doesn’t he’ll look more like his dad and he doesn’t want that??

as of recently, i’ve been obsessed and in love with the show “riverdale” and i was wondering how you guys would feel if i started writing for that fan base? please let me know! 💜

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What if a human with a black soul ((or your headcannon of it)) fell into the underground? Due to their lack of determination, they can't save or reset also.

Then honestly their SOUL would be of no use to the Monsters. It’s a tragic way to be spared, but if it doesn’t have any power then they couldn’t help to open the barrier anyway, so there’s no reason to take it. The Monsters might work on trying to find a way to restore their SOUL’s power, just for the sake that then they could take it, but other than that, they’d be the only human to get through the Underground & live, if they make it that far.

- Mod-Mellow

so today is the first day of Important Game Developer Conference Meetings the studio i work at is having

We’re hoping to finally get funding and when we do i can finally get paid and see my fiancee again!! so wish us luck, yeah?


@mylittlehony, I scheduled a pickup for your “Vintage Breyer Model” shipment today.

 Unfortunately for us, the FedEx driver was pretty suspicious and refused to take the package. He muttered something about his truck being too small, and mares being terrifying as he climbed back behind the wheel of his vehicle. *sigh*

I’m afraid I’m going to have to keep her. I will refund you your $1 immediately.

Photo 1: “But look at how beautiful I am! I am definitely model material!”

Photo 2: “Hey wait! Where are you going, FedEx driver?”

Photo 3: “Well fine. I’ll just eat this grass then.”

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You're not dumb/stupid... If I ever see you say or tag yourself like that again, I will hunt you down and cover you in your favorite things and punch every reposter who has ever or will ever exist. Don't think I won't do it... Because I will!


but omg nooo i just. i’m dumb cos i didn’t realize how bad the comic was til i posted it. i literally drew it completely out of order, putting panels where ever they fit on a page to save paper [cos old poor ppl habits die hard lol] and when i scanned it, i just edited the panels all on their same out of order pages. and when i copied/pasted into tumblr, i was busy looking to make sure i sorted them out in the right order… so i didn’t really notice how bad it was til i posted and viewed it on my dashboard lmao…. like seeing it all together, I was like wwwwwwwow WOOOOW THIS IS. TRULY THE WORST THING I’VE EVER DRAWN???? and i slept on that and then felt really bad about it in the morning lol. [i think i made an apology post even??? i forget]

but yea this is what i meant by calling myself dumb xD the fact i drew it out of order and only realized i made a mistake after viewing it the next morning lol.

 reporting art theft is dumb and time consuming and it sucks, but it doesn’t usually bother me more than just being really annoying [unless ppl are making money, those times i get p mad]. but the past couple weeks this fuckin comic has been popping up a lot, so i think a big name reposter must have reposted it in the last month or something. cos before that i only saw it once or twice…

the only thing that’s gonna get me through ‘til next week’s ep is seeing you guys gif hot af hardy to your hearts’ content. the shirtsleeves the glasses the JUMPER. thank u in advance, gif-makers :D

No hard feelings, just being thorough and capable for a great outcome.

I’m p sure the reason why I’m so unmotivated by life, and so unmotivated to push myself to be better at art to make a career out of it, is because I’ve already lost hope in trying to make a career out of a hobby I love. Like
Time caught up, there’s no more time to improve before adulthood to get a good start early; I can’t even afford art school; my art style in general is not very likeable to suit the taste of any studio; I’ll never be satisfied if I can’t work at a big studio (bc they seem more trustworthy and reliable actually haha) and the fear of not having a stable career— all of this prevents me from giving art a chance so I just don’t bother if it can’t even take me far anyway??? But at the same time I want to try harder but I can’t because it’s too late and don’t even try n argue with me on that or try to give me motivational stuff jdhdfkhdfkfn it doesn’t work on me anymore I know I’m past any hope rip