i just want to be completely honest for once and not sugar coat everything like i usually do

My opinion on the signs, ranked from who I get along with the best to not at all

1. Taurus - Simply the best, hands down. Head and shoulders above everyone else. Determination, extreme focus and goal attainment are all part of this sign’s personality. Once a Taurus sets his/her mind to doing something, there is nothing in the universe that can stop them. They will pursue their identified goal until it is reached – even if this comes at great personal sacrifice (health, relationships, etc). They’re determined, stable, they prefer simplicity, and they’re goal driven They have a thing for beauty. Creative and talented. They don’t complain and they’re not precious or delicate. The women generally are good with finances, independent, intelligent, and have an undeniable but reserved earthy femininity and sensuality. Definitely much more a fan of the males than the females, though. The men are my kryptonite. My thirst is real for Taurus men. The men are very protective of me and strong. Generally don’t like to start or have arguments. Equanimous. Sexy as hell. Tough, hard-hearted, extremely helpful, forgiving. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t fuck with them. EVER. Protect at all costs. Logical. Stable. Steady as a rock…there’s just something about them that makes me feel safe and secure. No bullshit with them. Taurus guys are earthy, lusty, manly, sensual, affectionate, and ooze sexuality. They’re also charming, magnetic, independent, genuine, great listeners, sexy, charismatic. Taurus men tend to be gentle and tolerant of others, with a strong sense of honour and integrity. They’re honest, communicative (but not annoyingly so), expressive both verbally and physically. The men are emotionally and mentally stable and smart. They’re possessive but not jealous. They are also rather dominant but mostly in the bedroom. Taurus men are the epitome of what I find truly sexy in a man. They’re practical and have an above average level of common sense. They’re about action, not words, and I love that about them. You could throw anything at them and they’ll handle it with strength, intellect, and class. They’re kind-hearted, generous to those they care about, and extremely focused. They love deeply and completely and are highly successful in business and financial ventures. My best friend, a couple of my very very close friends as well as my father happen to be Taureans. They really make me feel special, so seriously thanks to all the Taurus men for being who they are. Lovely, lovely guys. My favourite earth sign.

2. Aquarius - Cool, detached, aloof, and cerebral, just like me. The geniuses of the zodiac, by far. Visionaries. Impartial and original. Objective. Independent and individualistic. At peace with themselves. Weird. Frequently labeled “cold”, although I love it. Their adaptability and humanitarianism is admirable. They take all sorts of people as they are and I love this about them. Curious. Charismatic. God-complex. Unconventional. Loyal people. Open-minded. Rational. Not precious or delicate. Leaders. Some of the kindest people I know. Its not a smothering kind that freaks one out,its a pure, no silly intention type of kindness that is so soft, but still leaves a mark. And to me, they’re easy to understand - they care, but they also want their own separate lives. It’s lovely. There’s an Aqua girl I used to work with; she’s a really smart girl and everything that comes out of her mouth is interesting and hilarious. Although I liked her, it was usually from a distance because I could never tell if she really liked me as a potential friend. Yet there were times when I was the indirect target (by a Leo) in our meetings, and the Aqua always came by and subtly let me know in various ways that she cared. It was weird, but it was like she never wanted me to feel alone or bad, and I always appreciated that. It’s like we can’t say more than a few words to one another without quickly going back into our “own” space, and I’m thinking that’s maybe because we possibly felt our individuality would be threatened in some way if we got too close, and also maybe we retreated because we both were/are sensitive to the other, but we supported each other on a deeper and more emotional level. It’s hard to explain, but yeah, that’s been my experience. My older brother, whom I love more than anything, is one. More than a few of my favourite associates are Aquarians. What’s not to like? Hands down my favourite air sign.

3. Capricorn - They’re the hardest workers, they have high standards, and they’re pretty engaging; extremely intelligent and have an interesting way of drawing you in. Regal. Never loses their cool unless there’s a valid reason. Witty. I’m totally in love with their ambition. Have been labelled as “mean” or “loners”, but I have a general respect for them, even if I don’t like some of them. Quiet leaders. Untrusting like me. Also equanimous. Patient and calm. They’re bosses. Thinks in advance. Not to be fucked with. Doesn’t let get things get under their skin, very classy and tough like that. Sensible. Pragmatic and practical, but also can be a bit fanciful. The females are very feminine and have great taste in clothing. The men are in control and more often than not, CEOs. The men also make me feel so protected. Two very good friends are Caps. The Cap girls I know are really selective over their friends; they won’t talk to everyone for the sake of it…if they don’t like you or find you interesting then they probably won’t say a word to you or look at you. But they’re all funny, classy, and grounded and I love that. They possess winner’s minds; look at the late David Bowie: classic example of why Capricorns are the shit.

4. Sagittarius - You’re assholes, but you’re my kind of assholes; you’re blunt, you don’t sugar-coat the truth and you people are just brilliant. Absolutely hilarious. Funniest sign in the zodiac. Love having fun with them because their confidence is infectious and inspiring. Not gonna kiss your ass. Brutal. Insensitive. Sometimes downright inhumane. Sociable. Go-getters. They’re about their freedom and their power. It’s onward and upward with these folks and I respect that. Tends not to hold grudges (something I need to work on). They use their asshole-ism for good and for things that make sense (instead of evil and general bullshit like Scorpios do). Will speak their mind even (and especially) if it hurts your feelings. I love it. A couple of very good acquaintances are Sags. The only fire sign that I can stand.

5. Libra - Also protect at all costs. Love, love, love. Complete cinnamon rolls and are diplomatic, charming and fair. Tendency to be lookers. Great friends. Terrible flirts. Intellectual savages. Great personalities. Fun. Love getting guys with these ladies. When we choose to go out, we shut it down in a club and all eyes are on us. Also love how peaceful and easygoing they can be. Warrior’s mentality with a poet’s soul. They tend to be a doormat at times, tend to enjoy being volatile shit-starters on occasion (especially the females), and tend to be liars as well. Usually have good intentions. Indecisive, just like Pisces, but unlike Pisces, their indecisiveness is in a charming, yet slightly maddening way. More often than not, a pleasure to deal with. Another close friend and a few dear acquaintances are Libras. My kind of folks.

6. Gemini - Paraphrasing from Joni Mitchell’s song “Help Me”: “[They] love their lovin’/ But not like they love their freedom”…engaging and usually intelligent conversationalists. An ex-roommate is one. Charming, if not a bit fake, flighty, and two-faced. On the other hand, Stevie Nicks. Marilyn. Fetty Wap. I like that they keep things light and hate dealing with too much emotion, although their “lightness” tends to border on the superficial and shallow. Adventurous. Craves variety. Batshit crazy. Liars. Fucked up when drunk. The children of the zodiac, by far. I mean, bipolar creatures; their mood swings make them excellent case studies. Totally schizophrenic, they specialize in mind games and are the best players, hands down. Flaky. Thirsty as hell. Desperate for attention. These people have issues. Sociable and tend to be very popular for whatever reason. No slouches for sure, they’re definitely entertaining if nothing else.

7. Leo - They remind me of the famous line that Jareth said to Sarah in Labyrinth: “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” LOL. Overrated. Unconscionably selfish. Some of them are cool, but for the most part, I’m not impressed. A cousin that I used to be close with is one, we don’t really talk as much anymore, since I’ve outgrown her due, in part, to her tendency to be a bit jejune and silly as well as a drama queen. On the other hand, J. Lo. Jackie O. Kate Bush. They’re sexy, stylish and entertaining, but they’re just short-term/one-night stand material to me; they’re quite pretentious, have delusions of grandeur, and a bit sensitive for me (can’t take criticism, too dramatic, etc.) and as such, there’s nothing of real substance there with them. Tend to be liars. Animated and melodramatic (there’s a reason why most of the best actors are Leos)…they’re overgrown babies in the sense that they have a pathological need to have their asses kissed, they’re bossy, temperamental, and have a tendency to be arrogant and disrespectful (but don’t be this way to them, though, lmaooo). Very childish. Have a tendency to be something they’re not and truly believe that they’re more than what they actually are or ever will be, which is slightly amusing.

8. Scorpio - Ah, the sociopaths of the zodiac. I guess this would be my favourite water sign, if that’s possible. Not a fan of water signs in general, tbh…but out of all of them, you people are the only ones I can somewhat stand, for some strange reason. Probably because my mum is one, with whom I have a love-hate relationship (the only complicated relationship that I’m willing to have ever), as well as an ex-boyfriend. I’m a lot like them in the sense that there’s no room for ambiguity, either people hate you or they love you; regardless, you are who you are and that’s the way it is. As well as the fact that everything’s a state secret with them. However, if one wants brutal honesty, then like the good old Sags, these people are good for that, if nothing else. Opportunistic. Impossibly sexy. Bad to the bone. I’m a sucker for these men; most of the men I’ve “known”, whether we were in a relationship or not (including my current one) are Scorpios. Where we part ways: they (mainly the females, who are just unnecessary cunts, for the most part) are jealous, obsessive, love to be as negative as possible, have a crab-in-the-barrel mentality, and tend to be miserable and like making everyone else miserable as well. Tends to like having their asses kissed. Like all water signs, to me, life’s too short to really deal with them.

9. Cancer - Again, not a fan of water signs and Cancers are some of the reason why. A bit too moody, sensitive, temperamental, and clingy for my taste. Passive-aggressive. Possessive and needy. The females seem to be quite jealous of other females for some odd reason. The men tend to be kinda wishy-washy childish mama’s boys. Protective of those they love and care about, which is nice. Homebodies. Home. Like all water signs, they tend to think they’re billy badasses more than they are and their insecurity drives them to bully folks just to feel good about themselves, which is quite pathetic. These guys are crazy, but they have great music taste, good with money, and are kind of manipulative…the ones born in July tend to be temperamental as fuck. I’ve not gotten along with one ever (which is curious, since I am one), my associate’s boyfriend is one, and he’s a bitch; I have an older half-sister who’s one. To put it succinctly, we no longer speak. But, on the other hand, you guys tend to fly under the radar a bit, so I guess a scant few of them all are actually alright.

10. Virgo - Don’t really get the big deal about these people. I respect their propensity to be analytical, attention to detail and hard working natures, but other than that, you guys are completely irritating; a couple of colleagues are Virgos. They tend to be more sensitive than they like to let on (hence their moodiness), when jealous or self-conscious, they tend to act childish by getting angry and saying things they don’t mean. High maintenance. Self-serving. Also quite opportunistic. Martyr complex. Loves intellectual hair-splitting. Too much insecurity and bullshitting around with you all. Prides themselves on being harshly critical of everything and everyone, but if you tell them about their bullshit then they want to play victim and can’t handle it. People who can’t take their own medicine I don’t respect. Fussy and persnickety as hell; nitpicks everything and are often impossible to please and cowardly. They think the world should stop for them. Liars. Sneaky and shady as fuck. Doesn’t breathe unless it’s planned out thoroughly in advance. Tries too hard to be perfect and omnipotent. I’m sure OCD runs rampant in this sign as well. Control freaks, just like Scorpio. They will self-obsess over their imperfections (and are very quick to point out others’) and think they’re right all the time. Especially applies to those born in September.

11. Pisces -  Again, I truly don’t get the big deal about these people either. At all. Emotionally exhausting. Victim complex. Very artistic and musical, however. Creative. An ex-roommate and former friend are this sign. The main reason why water signs repel me. Evil as hell because they’re disasters who always project their own insecurities onto everyone. Like all water signs, they start drama and then expect you to feel sorry for them. Manipulative. They never take responsibility for their actions, and hide behind gullible people. Spineless. Feels the need to test people (like Scorpios and Aries) and be quarrelsome, then loves to turn around and play the victim (which they do exceptionally well), which is completely pathetic. Indecisive. Indirect. Adores getting offended, just like Virgos. Very passive-aggressive. Easily led. Disingenuous. Emotions/moodiness > logic. They live in a dream world, thinking everything revolves around them. They just annoy the crap out of me. Too co-dependent and (possibly due to low self-esteem) likes to suck the strength from others to validate themselves because they have none of their own. Tend to be harsh in order to overcompensate for how hypersensitive they actually are, which is exasperating. Tends to overreact and are way too emotional, reactive, and sensitive for me to deal with. February Pisceans = barely tolerable (I love you Rihanna); March Pisceans= pieces of shit.

12. Aries - Stay in your lane perhaps? Get some therapy maybe? These people see everything as a fight or an issue, and they need to chill. A boss and a couple of co-workers are this sign. Lack of foresight. Also reactive, loves confrontations just for the sake of having confrontations. Lives for being combative. Very ram-like. Fighters. Malcontents just like Scorpios and Virgos. One of the most ignorant signs.They tend to be outgoing and extroverted generally. I associate them with the colour orange or fluorescent yellow or some other grating colour. Very fast. Very bold. Courageous. Ultra-competitive. Energetic. Dynamic. Loud. Not one to mess with. Always has the need to be right. Downright rude and childish. When volatility, rage and anger is your default emotion (Leo, ARIES, SCORPIO), I dismiss it and completely have no respect for it, since that’s the way you are, so what’s to take personally, really; I have extreme distaste for grown-ass people that insist on acting their shoe size. Quit being so fucking aggressive and pushy all the time. It’s obnoxious.

Breathe. Grieve.

Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader 

Word Count: 1,569

Notes: This one’s a little different. Not only is it way more personal than anything else I’ve published, this oneshot is an emotional response to something that I’ve been trying to process for the last twenty-four hours. I’m not sure why I’ve chosen to share this rather than keep it to myself, but I’m not overly concerned with trying to figure that out. And I just want to say a huge thank you to @iraullylikeyou for supporting me and encouraging me to write so that I’m able to get a better grip on my feelings through this ordeal. The writing might not be the best, but I couldn’t care less. This is just simply me grieving in a way that works for me. I would say enjoy, but that’s not the point of this.  

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide. Please, if you are ever feeling as if there is no other way out, please please please seek help. So many people love you, and so many people would be missing you. 

*Names have been changed*

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Important Places


Shawn Mendes x Reader 

Word Count: 2424

Rated: PG

Preview: You outline your three important most important places to you and how they affect their lives. 

You have three places that make you feel the most comfortable. Everyone has those few places that try could not live without. Yours are common. Everyone would agree with you, but yours are more meaningful to you. They all share something that connects them to the most important person in your life. 


Shawn conquers all. You and Shawn have been dating for a couple of years now. He means everything to you. You live in the states so you can’t see him very often. It crushes you, but sometimes it makes the smaller moments more exciting. 

Your bedroom

Everyones bedroom is important to them. It is a place of relaxation and serenity. People say that you aren’t supposed to do homework in your bedroom because it makes it register as a place of stress and hostility, but there is no other place you would rather do your homework. After a long day at school all you want to do is lay on your bed, listen to music, and do your homework.

After you finish your homework you start to think. Thinking sucks.

You think about Shawn. How much you miss Shawn. It’s been four months since you have seen him. You have to admit that you are somewhat jealous of your friends who are also in relationships. They all go out every weekend. They go on group dates together. When ever they want to hang out together all they have to do is drive. 

You can’t just drive to see Shawn. You don’t go on many dates. You can’t even bring Shawn, your boyfriend, to your senior prom. It sucks. A lot.

Shawn has allowed you to experience some amazing things. You have been to award shows and countless high status parties. You also had an amazing summer touring with Shawn. You spent three months on a tour bus together. 

You decide to send a text to Shawn that says, “Missing you a little extra today, any time to talk?”

Shawn replies almost immedialty, “I was waiting for this text. I always have time to talk with you:) FaceTime?”

You don’t reply. Instead you decide to FaceTime  Shawn. After a few short rings he picks up. The camera shows you the roof of Shawn’s Jeep.

“Hi!” You exclaim.

“Hey (Y/N).” You heat Shawn say. The sound is muffled because his voice is far away from the speakers. “Sorry I am almost home.” 

“It’s okay! I’m just glad your not using your phone while you are driving.” You say, which is the honest truth.

“You sound like a mom.” Shawn says while he laughs. You can tell he is pulling into his driveway so when he turns the phone shifts and you catch glimpse of Shawn. He looks hot driving with his sunglasses on. Shawn looks hot in everything. 

“Shut up.” You laugh. “There’s your handsome face” You exclaim as Shawn gets out of the car and walks into the house. 

“I miss your beautiful face.” Shawn says. He shows a small smile. 

“I know. I love facetiming, but i want to see your face in person.” You say.

“When is the next time we are going to see each other?” Shawn asks.

“Well we are going to California during my April school break, but that is months away.” You say and then you come up with a revelation, “What if I drive to Pickering after school on Friday? I’ll be there by 10:00 and I have a day off on Monday. I can leave at noon on Monday.

“That would be amazing! Let me ask my parents.” Shawn says before he steps away to talk to one of his parents in the kitchen. “They said yes! Oh my god I’m going to see my girlfriend!” You laugh as you watch Shawn dance around the room. This is going to be good.

Your car

You are proud of your car. It’s important to you. Every time that you step into your car it reminds you of all of the hard work that you had to do to pay for the car. You drive a White Volkswagen Jetta. It may not be the most luxurious car, but it is good enough for you. 

You use your car for everything, obviously. It gives you a sense of freedom. You can just get up and leave whenever you want. Now that you have your license and your own car your parents allow you to drive to Shawn’s house. It is a very, very long drive, but it is worth it. It is very worth it. 

Right when the final bell rings at school you change into sweatpants and you jump right into the car. You place your backpack in the passenger seat so you can eat out of your lunchbox.You quickly grab your phone and send your mom a text. The text reads, “Hey! I’m off to Pickering! I’ll check in in a little while! Love you:)”

In a minute or so you receive a text from your mom that says, “Okay Great. Have a safe drive!” 

On that note you start your journey. The drive is about eight and a half hours. You and Shawn usually try to make the trip every couple of months if you haven’t seen each other in a while. Sometimes Shawn has ‘business’ to do near you so they stop in for a day or two. When you leave school at 2:00 you usually make it to the Mendes house between 10:00-10:30. 

After about 5 hours into your ride you begin to get hungry and bored. After listening to 5 hours of the same radio playing the same 15 songs over and over again you can take it anymore. You pull off the highway and pull into a Dunkin Donuts drive thru and pull up to the microphone. 

“Welcome to Dunkin Donuts. What can I get for you?” The worker asks in a monotone voice. 

“Hi, can I get a medium iced coffee with skim milk and one sugar, a wheat bagel with cream cheese, and a banana.” You order.

“Yes. Please drive to the first window.” The worker says once again. Once you pay and you drive away you begin to eat. Once you finish you get a call from Shawn. Even just seeing his face on the screen of your phone makes you smile.

“Hi!” You say after you accept the call.

“Hey how are you doing?” Shawn asks.

“Lets just say it is really good to hear your voice.” You laugh.

You hear Shawn laugh on the other end before he replies, “That bad huh?”

“Yeah, they are much better when you are here to do them with me and I still have 3 hours left.” You sigh.

“So do you want us to wait for you to have dinner?” Shawn asks, “Sorry my mom wanted me to ask.”

“Of course not! You should eat! Please don’t wait for me to eat.” You say, “Just make sure you have a big bowl of ice cream for me when I get there.”

Shawn laughs and says, “I can get you a big bowl of ice cream.”

“You promise?” You ask.

“Promise.” Shawn laughs once more.

“I’m counting on you.” You say with all seriousness.

“I actually thought that you would want to see me when you get here.” Shawn jokes.

“I mean I guess I wanna see you, but right now I would really like a bowl of ice cream.” You joke right back. 

“Be honest.” Shawn begins, “Who are you more excited to see; me or Aaliyah?”

“Definitely Aaliyah.” You joke once more. Although you are excited to see Aaliyah, the obvious answer is Shawn. 

“Be serious (Y/N).” Shawn states.

“Oh my god Shawn I was kidding!” You laugh, “I thought we were still joking! Obviously I’m excited to see you. I would drive 8 hours to see Aaliyah. I would drive 100 hours to see you.”

“Okay.” Shawn says, “I knew you were joking. I just wanted to hear it”

“Canada is cold.” You blurt out. You hear Aaliyah laughing in the background, “I live in New England, but Canada is cold.”

“I know you brought a coat right?” Shawn asks in all seriousness.

“Yeah mom I brought my coat.” You joke.

“Whatever. I’m just making sure that my beautiful girlfriend won’t be frozen when she steps out of the far.” Shawn says.

“I won’t be freezing.” You say, “I just hope you have a pair of sweatpants on and you have a blanket for me I will just fine.”

“I can do that.” Shawn says.

“I don’t want to do anything tonight.” You say, “I just want to sit in our sweatpants together and talk. Just give me a lot of blankets. Did I mention that Canada is cold?”

Shawn laughs and says, “That’s what I want to do too. And yeah you mentioned that, but I’ll keep you warm. I promise.”

Shawn’s home

You let out a tired sigh of relief as you turn onto Shawn’s street and you see the familiar houses. As each house passes by, your heart beats a little faster. Once you catch the first glimpse of Shawn’s house an enormous smile grows on your face. You see his Jeep parked in the driveway and you pull up in front of the house. You decide to send a quick text to your mom that says, “I’m here:)” She texts back, but you are too preoccupied in grabbing your bag from the back and running up to the door to read the text.

Every step you take closer you flood with emotions. You step onto the front landing and ring the door bell. You see a shadow coming closer. Your can hear your heartbeat thumping in your ears. The doorbell turns and inches open. Your heart drops a little when Shawn’s mom, Karen, appears. 

“Hi!” You cheer, “How are you?” 

“I’m great!” She says, “but I know you don’t really want to see me.” She jokes. She then turns her head to look at Shawn who is sitting standing at the kitchen table. He is facing you but he is completely oblivious that you are present because he has his headphones in. 

You walk over to him. He is focusing on whatever he is typing into his phone. He is also humming. He is probably writing lyrics. He looks so hot when he’s focused. 

You are standing 3 feet away from him. Just a table holds the two of you apart. You decide to drop your duffle bag on the ground next to you. Shawn’s head shoots upward. You can practically see his eyes brighten and dialate. His lips separate. He is in shock. He knew that you were coming and you were 15 minutes away. He was awaiting your presence and every time he sees you he is still in shock.

“Hi.” You whisper. You are wearing that widest smile. 

Shawn doesnt reply. He runs to your side of the tabbl eand engulfs you in his embrace. You push your face into the corner of his neck. His warmth overjoys you, but it will never be enough. You will never be fufilled when you are near him. You love him so much that you will never have enough and this feeling drives you further in your relationship. 

“Hi” Shawn sighs. He grips you tighter. You run your hands through the hair at the bottom of his neck,

You pull away, even though you don’t want to, and you say, “I’m here!”

Shawn laughs, “I got that!”

“Is that (Y/N)?” You hear Aaliyah call from her bedroom. You take this time to walk to Aaliyah’s room. You knock on the door and you immediately hear her shuffling around. 

“(Y/N)!” Allay screams when she sees you as you open the door. She runs and hugs you. Aaliyah is like your little sister. Hopefully one day she will be.

“I missed you!” You cheer.

“It’s so boring here!” Aaliyah says, “All Shawn does is sing and play guitar in his room.” 

“At least he’s good though!” You laugh, “You wouldn’t want me singing all day!”

“Yes, yes I would.” Aaliyah says, “Then we could girl talk!”

You laugh and before anything else you turn around to see Shawn leading up against the door frame. He so hot. How the hell did you score a hot guy like this. And he is good to. He is perfect.

“Can I steal my girlfriend?” Shawn asks.

“I guess so.” Aaliyah whines. 

“Of course!” You cheer. You walk over to Shawn and walk to his room with him.  You hold onto his side.  He is wearing sweatpants and his iHeart Radio sweatshirt. Obviously Shawn is hot in everything, but you like him the best when he is comfortable. “Are we going to your room?”

“Mhmm.” Shawn says.

“Why?” You ask.

“I just wanted a minute with you.” Shawn whispers. When he pulls you into his room he pulls you close to him.

“So what do you want to do?” You ask.

“I just want to kiss you.” Shawn begins, “I don’t like kissing you in front of my parents. It’s weird.”

You run your hands though his hair and say, “Yeah, I agree.”

“Mhmm.” He hums. Your hands are still in his hair and he is just looking into your eyes.

“So are you going to kiss me or…” You say.  Without answering Shawn leans in and kisses you. You have been craving his lips for months. This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The Mendes house is a safe place for you. Even if Shawn isn’t there. It just has this feeling. It is Shawn. This is where he grew his personality. You see a part of him in every little piece of his house.

You three most important places are essential to you. They build your personality. You would be nothing without them. And because Shawn is a part of all of them, you would be nothing without Shawn.

Winchester’s Garage and Salvage - Part 2

Author’s Note: Sequel to Winchester’s Garage and Salvage! Reader is now living with Dean and working for him. This chapter is building their weird little relationship, and ends with a big surprise (: Not as fluffy as I originally intended, but meant to give you all kinds of “aww” feels with the plot twist. Not often do I write plot twists that are actually sweet, so that was fun haha. 

Warnings: language 

I awoke startled by my surroundings, still unused to having a bed I could truly call my own. The room was much brighter than the dingy motel, and I was thankful for the window overhead that allowed rays of sun and fresh air. Gentle whining brought my attention downward to the wet nose resting on my bedspread. Bones was staring at me with large pleading eyes, his tail wagging at my small movements. 

 "Hey buddy. Good morning.“ I scrubbed the crown of his head playfully. The house was still quiet and Dean was probably still asleep, so I made sure to walk softly as possible on the creaking floor. 

 Exploring the hollow cabinets of the kitchen was a nightmare. There was nothing to indicate anyone had cooked anything over the stove in the past six months, and even less to prove the fridge was capable of sustaining life. An entire shelf was devoted to beer, while the rest boasted only half empty condiment bottles and aged takeout boxes. Thankfully I found everything I needed to make some coffee. 

I was just pouring the bitter brew into some chipped mugs when a nearby door flew open. Dean stumbled in, his hair sticking up and his t shirt still wrinkled. He rubbed his face roughly before finally noticing that he wasn’t alone. He narrowed his eyes at me and stared for a moment. I grinned and held one of the mugs up for him to retrieve. The expression on his face was just as suspicious as it was clueless. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who forgot that I had moved in. 

 "Good morning, Dean.” He flinched at my perky voice and threw up a hand to wave me away, at the same time drawing near to snatch the cup from my fingers. 

“I don’t know how you like your coffee, so I got the sugar out too…” He eyed the bag on the counter like it threatened his fragile state of walking-sleep. A long sip from his mug was followed by a lazy, sleep scratched voice. 

 "I own sugar?“ I chuckled and put the bag back under the counter where I found it. 

"So you drink your coffee black then.” Dean nodded slowly, eyelids never rising from their place at half mast. He never stopped following me with his gaze, looking at me like I was some sort of unpredictable creature in his kitchen. 

“Do you always ask so many damned questions morning?” He scrunched his nose disapprovingly at the sound of my laugh. 

“Do you always look hungover when you wake up?” There was a pause, one hand running through the wild tufts of his hair. After a moment of pondering he slurped down more coffee. 

“Generally, yes.” We stood like for a while, just staring at one another in a strange sense of mutual fascination. His foggy eyes roamed over my body curiously. I was still dressed in the t shirt he lent me the night before and a pair of running shorts. 

“…Well, I didn’t hire you to make coffee. I’m taking a shower. When I get back, be ready to get dirty.” His words were completely monotone, but the obvious suggestive nature of his comment made me nearly choke on my drink. He scowled at me and strode toward the sink I leaned against. 

“Something funny?” I shook my head incredulously and he grunted in dissatisfaction. As much as he pretended to be oblivious, I could see the edge of his lips curl up in the slightest, satisfied grin. He knew exactly what he had said. His broad shoulders pushed mine aside while he washed his cup out, never once considering to excuse the invasion of my personal space. He commented again, this time less gruff and more intrigued. 

“You… smell like me…” The mug in my hands could have shattered under the enormous amount of nervous pressure I exerted. My cheeks betrayed me with blush as he continued to work in the sink. I stuttered and fumbled for an explanation, or at least one that didn’t make me sound like an idiot school girl. 

“Oh, I found some of your soap in the closet. There was none in the shower.” That was true, but I left out the majority of my reasoning. Dean smelled perpetually amazing, and I will admit, that might have led me to conveniently leave my own soap at the motel, along with a few of my extra shirts. But he didn’t need to know that. His ego was big enough already. 


 "I want to go buy some groceries.“ Dean wiped his glistening forehead with his bandanna and shot me a look of disdain. I pretended not to notice from behind the rusted bumper of an old Silverado I was working on. 

 "I didn’t hire you to be my cook.” He cranked a large wrench several painstaking turns in between each word, his labor accenting the discomfort he felt with the suggestion. The grease and grime on his hands left smudges all down the front of his shirt, each print a reminder of just how large those callous fingers really were. 

 "I’m not doing it to play house, Dean. But, I do have to eat. I’m not entirely sure how you’ve survived this long to be honest.“ He rolled his eyes and finished unscrewing the last bolt. When he was done he braced his arms on either side of the tool box, squarely facing me. He just stared for a while in contemplation. A trickle of sweat traced a clean path down his tensing jaw, and his biceps quivered when he bore his full weight on his open hands. 

 "You know, you living here doesn’t mean I’m changing everything. It’s bad enough I have to be assaulted by the damn energizer bunny in the morning.” I grit my teeth to deny the pleasure of him making me laugh, but he was already smiling at my failed attempt to suppress it. In surrender I threw my own wrench down and settled my palms across from Dean’s on the metal box. We were face to face, neither flinching at the closeness. He was smirking, entertained by my challenging body language.

 "Just some groceries, nothing more. It’s not like I’m putting lace doilies on the counter tops and demanding you wash your clothes more often.“ He didn’t even pause before nodding his chin towards my shirt. 

 "Well I can’t wash them if you’re wearing them all.” Damn he was quick. I gnawed at my lower lip and immediately knew he had the upper hand, like he always did. My only hope of getting anywhere with him was if he let me. Dean breathed slow and evenly while he watched me squirm. Finally something in his eyes softened, a relenting spirit that I think was there the whole time. He broke our face-off by standing up straight and folding his arms over his chest.

 "… There’s a fifty in the jar on my desk. That should get some food. If it costs more tell the clerk to make a tab for me.“ My jaw dropped open but a wide smile tugged it back into place. 

 "Really? Will she let me do that?” He made his usual disgusted expression as soon as he heard the excitement in my voice. Returning to his work provided him with his regular excuse to avoid making eye contact.

 "Tell her you’re with me. Besides, I know Angie at the store. Her little Buick’s got more problems than I have spare tires. And she’s got a soft spot for loners like me.“ I could see why anyone would have a soft spot for Dean. After you got past all his bullshit and biting sarcasm, he was nice guy. I quickly rubbed my hands clean and pulled on my coat from its place hanging on one of the derelict vehicle’s side mirrors. 

 "Okay, well I’ll be back later! It shouldn’t be more than fifty. Can’t buy what I can’t carry!” My feet were already moving towards the house when Dean yelled, his voice back to the commanding bark he had when we first met. 

“Wait.” I spun on my heel, half expecting him to have already changed his mind. Before I could whine, a silver object was thrown at me. I just barely reached up in time to catch it. The cold sting of metal keys burned into my palm, and under further examination I realized they were Dean’s keys… the Impala’s keys. I felt like I was holding something I shouldn’t ever be allowed to touch. The Impala was his pride and joy, a pleasure forbidden to me like the fruit in the garden of Eden. And here Dean was, tempting me with his own prize. I turned them over in my hand several times in disbelief. 

“Really… I mean, I can’t…” Dean cut me off with his usual uncaring motions. 

“I trust you under her hood, why wouldn’t I trust you in the drivers seat?” We both knew it wasn’t remotely that simple. I was dumbfounded, completely at a loss for the proper thanks. The man standing in the garage sighed loudly. “Just go before I change my mind.” My face was one of those stupid, ear to ear grins reserved for children. 

 "Thanks, Dean!“ I could hear him grumbling even as I raced away.

 "Okay, yeah, whatever. Don’t mention it.” 


 The local store wasn’t anything to brag about. The utter lack of variety was like nothing I had seen before. I was fairly sure the entire town had the same exact twelve items in their fridge, and maybe even the same exact meals on their table. Thankfully the produce section was all farm fresh. I fantasized about each of the meals I could make, and wished I had spent more time asking Dean what he liked and disliked. Somehow several packs of beer ended up in my cart. After all, it was Dean’s money. 

 A pleasantly plump, curly haired woman greeted me at the checkout. Her absolutely contagious joy made up for every one else’s silent judgement. She must have been the Angie Dean talked about. She just looked like an Angie. When the total came to $64.75, I reluctantly asked her to put it on Dean’s tab. The entire store seemed to crane their necks in my direction when I spoke his name. Angie leaned forward, her blue-lidded eyes wide as the colorful pins on her vest. 

 "You don’t say? You’re buying groceries for Dean?“ I shrugged and did my best to appear unaware of the dozen ears listening to our conversation. "That grumpy old bachelor actually found a woman… Never thought I’d see the day!” Angie patted my arm in a congratulatory manner, like I had just caught an elusive fish or won best in show at a fair. I almost became so caught up in her enthusiasm that I forgot to protest. 

 "Oh, no! Not that. I actually work for him now.“ The clerk seemed genuinely disappointed as she stuffed my groceries into paper bags. 

 "You work for him? I didn’t know he was hiring…” Her eyes became very narrow suddenly, as if she was uncertain that I was telling her the whole truth. I eagerly explained myself, although I’m not sure what it was about her personality that made me want her to believe me so badly. 

“Yeah, that help wanted sign by the road. I saw it and went right in. I’ve really needed a job lately.” The hands packaging my purchases stopped moving. Angie’s mouth dropped open and she cocked a sympathetic eyebrow.

 "Oh, sweetie. You aren’t from around these parts are you?“ Her voice was sweet and thick, so much so that I began to wonder what I had done so deserving of pity. My cluelessness must have been clear, because she leaned over the counter to break the news to me and everyone else listening. 

 "That help wanted sign has been out by the road for years, long before Dean even got there.” Her little fingers patted mine comfortingly, but I wasn’t interested in consolation, even from kind strangers. Her words didn’t seem relevant right away. As she continued to explain the realization of what she was implying left me breathless.

 "He wasn’t really hiring, honey. He’s never even looked for anyone to talk to, let alone work with.“ 

When I walked out of that grocery my head was absolutely buzzing with questions and emotions that I couldn’t calm. Dean’s face when I first walked into his office flashed through my mind, and I replayed each thing we said to each other. I tried to imagine him looking at me, a jobless, homeless, stubborn-ass girl, and somehow finding the compassion to offer me a job that didn’t exist. 

Just when I thought Dean had already given me everything… I found out he’d given me so much more than that. Just when I thought I was beginning to understand him… I found that I didn’t really know Dean at all. Angie’s voice rang out after me as I walked to the Impala, and stayed ringing in my ears for hours after. 

 "You must be a real lucky girl, sugar." 

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Do you have any pointers on making new trolls?

Thank GOD I finally got an ask like this jesus christ I’ve waited months for this.

I cant even begin to describe how fucked up fantrolls are god damn.

Like there’s clearly fucking basic headcanons and rules you have GOT to follow that no body does.

Alright so step 1…

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