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My Brother Can Beat Up Yours!

(Wordcount: 1.6K; HS AU. On ao3)

“Punch him!”

“This is really stupid,” Dean muttered, staring dubiously at the guy standing opposite him. “Man, I gotta apologize. I have no idea what’s got into him. He’s normally a good kid.“

“Likewise,” the other guy grumbled. “Anna is usually a sweetheart. I’ve never seen her raise a hand in anger.”

“Kill him, Cas!”

“Well, technically, she’s not raising a hand now,” Dean said with a roll of his eyes. “She just wants you to raise yours.“

When he’d come to the playground to pick Sam up after school this afternoon, as he’d done since getting his driver’s license earlier that year, the last thing Dean had expected was to be stepping into the middle of a showdown between his brother, Sam, and a pint-sized girl with a face nearly as red as her ponytail. Whatever argument they’d been having had apparently escalated beyond the point of no return, and although Sam had definitely been raised well enough to know that you don’t throw punches at classmates - particularly not tiny, female classmates - he’d obviously not outgrown the "my brother can beat up your brother” stage of development.

Dean was now facing down his “enemy,” a fellow teenager he’d never seen before, to the screams of a small horde of bloodthirsty ten-year-olds. He shrugged in embarrassment.

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My Girl || Theo Raeken Imagine

Request:Getting suspended from school for kickin a dudes ass because he was trying to kiss you. Your man, Theo, shows up to your home after school??

word count:550

A/N:well, this one is shhort but i hope you still like it!But tbh I feel like this one did not turn out very good.. bare with me.I wanted to post something  today. Please request more imagines, I will write a few in the next days

It was a normal day at school, pretty boring.Theo was still in class, so you just went to the girls bathroom to check up on your hair You were annoyed a little bit, this boy Alex always hit on you. He did not want to accept the fact that you were already taken. Not just any boy it was Theo . He should not mess with him but he oviously does not care. 

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INFJ Confession #2858

I often find myself stuck between the two versions of me. The person I believe I am inside, and the person I have become to survive my environment. Growing up, I was such a loner my parents wondered if I was autistic. Seeing I am a girl, and back in the 80s autism wasn’t known as it is now, they focused on the fact I was different and did everything in their power to bring me out of it. I thought I was normal, I was just doing what I wanted to do. The harsh reality of life made me change to adapt. I perfected so well the picture of a well adjusted kid in high school. I was still the quite person everyone thought I was, but I was friends with everyone. Actually, a more accurate thing to say is that everyone had a friend in me. I was loved by all but I remained selective about who I let in. This persona I created stayed with me all through college. Then I slowly started to shed away the persona and step into myself. This, to my family and friends, led them to believe I was retreating, becoming introverted. They don’t know that this is who I’ve always been. That it takes days for me to recover from a weekend getway full of extroverted activities, or from a party or a conference where I have to speak to thousands of people on stage. That I can’t focus when I am in a noisy environment and have to physically remove myself from it in order to be able to function. That I am constantly thinking, over thinking, worrying, stressing, helping, analyzing, that my mind is always ON and that’s why I fall in and out of depression because I am sponge. I don’t know if I should be upset they never noticed, or if I should be freaked out by how good of a liar I’ve become to survive.

The bad boy and the good girl PT 1

Request: A Kol Au where he’s just a regular teen in high school and he’s like the bad guy you should stay away from but the reader (who is a goody too shoes and teachers pet) starts to like him and idk how you’re gonna do this but they end up sleeping together. 

SORRY I DIDN’T POST THIS WEEK. I HAVE SCHOOL AND I JUST LAY CRYING ALL DAY. Please tell me if you like it and/or want a part 2 

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 I had never done anything bad. I got straight A’s. never handed in and assignment late. Never broke a rule. But that all change the day i met Kol Mikaelson. I knew who Kol was but i never talked to him. Mostly because we never met. He was our high schools bad boy and i was the good girl. Kol would walk around him his normal black cloths talking to every girl possible where as i would walk around in my normal black jeans and white shirt trying to be invisible, not talking to any living human. That is besides my best friend Davina Claire. 

“Hey girly.” Davina called from her locker. I walked over to her already uncomfortable with how many people were around her. She was the most popular girl. Every guy wanted to date her and every girl wanted to be her. Davina and i met because of our mothers. They were friends when they went to high school so it was inevitable that Davina and i became friends.

 “Hey” i said quietly. Most of the people left giving Davina and a i little space. We started talking about stupid stuff like grades, homework and how much we hated our teachers.

“There’s a party tonight wanna come.” she asked me. Davina always tried to get me to go with her to these kind of parties but i always said no. i felt uncomfortable around all the popular people. It’s not like i had anything in common with them. But this time i felt like going.

 “Yeah. sure i’ll come” i said taking Davina by surprise. “I’ll come over at like 7” i said walking away from her when the bell rang indicating it was time for the next period. English. I walked into the classroom and sat in the corner hoping i didn’t have to speak up even though i knew the answers. 

“Okay class. You had a essay about narcissism due today. Did anybody not reach 10 pages.” Mr. Jensen asked. I laughed to myself. 10 pages was nothing. I had to make mine shorter. But to my surprise there was one person who raised his hand. Kol Mikaelson.  

“How come you didn’t reach 10 Mr. Mikaelson” Mr. Jensen asked him with a long sigh at the end.

 “I would lie and say that i didn’t have time to finish it but you know me well enough to know i didn’t want to” Kol who sat besides me said. I rolled my eyes at the excuse if you could even call it that. “Something bothering you love” Kol asked me. I felt heart rise to my cheeks. I didn’t know how to answer him. For once i decided to do something i never did. Be bold.

 “No nothing. It’s just surprising how a person who has two weeks to write something decides to ignore the task they were given.” i said. I felt even worse after that. I should have kept my mouth shut. But to my surprise Kol started smiling. ‘

“What’s your name” he asked with a smirk on his face. 

“Y/N” i said quietly. 

“Well nice to meet you i’m Kol i think we’ll get along well” he said. I smiled at him before i heard Mr. Jensen clear his throat.

 “Well since you seem to be very fond of miss Y/L/N i give you both a challenge. Y/N you are one of the best students in this school and Kol you… well you show up that has to count for something” he said making the class laugh a little and making Kol give him a cold look. “I want you Y/N to help Kol write this essay. Miss Y/L/N i’m sure you’ll do it without anything in return because you’re again a good student but for you Mr Mikaelson. Write this essay and don’t annoy Y/N and i’ll let both of you out of the test we are having next thursday” 

“You got yourself a deal Dennis” Kol smirked. I didn’t really need saving from the test but then again who likes tests. 

“It’s Mr. Jensen to you” Mr. Jensen corrected Kol before continuing with his lesson. After he was done telling us about the test that i could possibly get out of the bell rang and people started packing their things. 

“Okay i have math now and i know you do too. After that we will go to my house and finish your essay” i said to Kol while packing up my things. I tried avoiding his eyes but it was kinda hard when he gave me a disbelieving look. 

“It’s friday. You wanna do homework on a friday.” he complained. I looked at him really taking in his appearance. He wasn’t unattractive. But i couldn’t go there. He probably didn’t think i was pretty and he’s not really a good influence. 

“Yes come on. I have to go to a party at 7 but from 3 to 6:30 i am all yours” i told him before walking to math. Math was probably my least favorite subject. I knew what they were telling and it’s not like it was interesting. Luckily math seemed to go by quickly and before i knew it i was back at my locker.

 “Hey” Kol said behind be making me jump and all my books fall out of my hands. I bucked down to pick them up and so did Kol. “Sorry i didn’t mean to scare you” he laughed. 

“It’s okay” i said. When i got all my books back into my locker i turned back to him. He smirked at me making me blush. Out of the corner of my eye i saw Davina looking at me with a shocked expression. I couldn’t blame her i don’t really talk to a lot of people. “Hey you have a car right. Meet me out there i’ll just be a second.” i said after shutting my locker. He nodded and walked away. I turned slightly to see him leave but right as i turned back around Davina was in my face. “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL DUDE DO YOU HAVE TO SNEAK UP ON ME” i yelled. 

“What the hell are you doing with the bad boy” she asked me completely ignoring my question.
“Nothing he’s a nice guy. Our teacher said i have to help him write his essay and if it was above an A he would let both of us out of the test next week” i explained.

 “Look i know him a little and i have heard things. Please be careful dude. He’s not the type of guy you’re just friends with” she said walking away from me. 

“What do you mean…. Davina. DUDE” i yelled after her but she kept walking. I walked out the front doors to be with the sight of Kol in his black car waiting for me. I opened the door and sat besides him. He started driving without me even telling him where i live. “How do you know where we are going” i asked. 

“I asked around about you.” he said like it was nothing. When he noticed my shocked expression he continued talking  “Yeah well i needed to know some stuff about you. All i got was that you were Davina Claire’s best friend so i went to some of her friends and they gave me your address and said that you weren’t the type of person they enjoy hanging around and they only do it because of Davina so i punched them” he explain while driving into the driveway.

“YOU PUNCHED THEM FOR THAT.” i yelled. “People say waaaaay worse things about me. The only reason they don’t like me is because i don’t drink and party every weekend” i said. I didn’t really care if they didn’t like me. I didn’t like them either. “I like you. I like how you don’t care. Hey i know how you feel people say stuff about me too” he said. I sat on one end of the couch and Kol sat at the other “Just because i drink more than them and get high from time to time people like to judge too” he said. I was surprised to hear him being so open about his drug and alcohol use. 

“Anyway… what’s your genre” i asked him while pulling out a notepad for me to write ideas on.

 “Uhmmm. I don’t know.” he said with no care in the world. I sighed. “What i’m not a born writer” he complained.

 “It’s fine. How about you write about a boy who thinks he’s better than anybody else so he doesn’t do his homework… i think mr. Jensen would love it” i said sarcastically. Kol rolled his eyes at me. “Okay fine. A girl. She is the most popular girl ever and she starts to love herself more than she loves her family and friends” i said hoping it was fine 

“Is that fine with you since it clearly based on your best friend”

“IT’S NOT BASED ON DAVINA. SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU DON’T KNOW HER OKAY I DO AND SHE DOES CARE. SHE CARES ABOUT EVERYONE” I yelled in his face. I got really defensive when it people talked bad about Davina 

“I do know her… we used to sleep together” 

Head kisses- Requested

@dreamingintheclouds34: For the personal imagine: lot: I’m dating Nate and I’m on tour with him and I forget to take my prescription medicine  (8 different pills) for anxiety, thyroid problem, ADD and depression (weed does not work for me and I react badly to it if I smoke it) and I have a panic attack at his concert because of the big crowd and I faint because my body reacts badly if I do not take my medicine. You can decide the rest, I just want it cute and fluffy at the end. Please pick me, I never see a imagine about a girl who’s dating one of the guys and she takes a ton of medicine for different things. Oh and my names Dana. I would like it to be where we have been dating since freshman year of high school and I also have mild ataxic cerebral palsy that affects my motor skills, I have really bad tremors, coordination skills but my speech is perfectly normal. Also, I have a Botox shot either every month, every day or every week which helps my tremors a little bit. You’d have to look it up because I have no idea how often someone with cerebral palsy gets a Botox shot. I do have mild cerebral palsy but I actually don’t use Botox even though I’m going to look into it maybe.

His arms are so warm and tight around me. “Just focus on my arms, Dana. My arms are around you. You are breathing in and out and my arms are around you” He says softly, his lips barely grazing my ear. This is the first time it’s happened in over a year, I’m so stupid. 

 It all started this morning. It was Nate and I’s fifth anniversary since we began dating during our freshman year of high school. I was on tour with him, and this morning he had woken me up with pancakes and flowers. I loved him more than anything and get luckier every day. Nate has been there for me through everything, through all the treatments and medications for my cerebral palsy  my heavy bouts of depression, numerous trips to the hospital, losses in the family, my dad relapsing for a few months and going to rehab again, and everything in between. He was so wonderful, it still completely overwhelmed me 5 years later. 

Anyways, Nate and I were in bed all morning, just eating pancakes and snuggling. It was so calm, that I forgot to take my meds (8 different pills for the concoction of issues I’ve got going on). By the time I remembered, we were on the way to the concert and there was nothing I could do. If I told Nate, he would have turned everyone around to make sure I got the meds I need, but he would have been so late for his show, and I didn’t want that. 

 For a few hours, it seemed as if on a streak of luck, everything was going to be okay. I had not started shaking, I could breathe just fine, and I felt no anxiety. Maybe, I had been worried for nothing, maybe all those meds were excessive.

 Nate was about half way through his set when I felt my throat close up. I looked down and my hands were shaky. When I looked back up, I made eye contact with my boyfriend. At first he smiled, but as my vision blurred and the room started collapsing around me, a look of concern cloaked his face. I needed to sit down, somewhere, anywhere. I was surrounded by people as far as I could see. I tried to push through, but the next thing I knew, I was sitting on the floor. “Dana!” I hear yelling from the stage before my ears ring and things go dark. 

 That brings me back to where the story started; me, backstage, Nate’s arms. I listen to his voice and feel his chest rising and falling against my back. As I begin to feel better, I look around. I’m sitting in his lap on a couch. “We’re going home as soon as you’re ready, Mama” he rubs my arms and I take deep breaths. 

“No, you have your show!” I protest, leaning into him. He always smells like soap and smoke and sexy as hell. “I’m fine. Do the show. I’m fine” He shakes his head. 

“Nope. Nope. No arguments.” He kisses my forehead and holds my hand. “I am bringing you home, you are taking your meds, then we are taking a nice warm bubble bath, ordering room service and going to bed.” He rests his chin on the top of my head, then kisses it. 

“Fine. I know there’s no point in protesting” 

“Damn right.” He smiles and pulls me in closer. When I am ready, he helps me get my jacket on and get on my feet. He holds me the entire ride home. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky.

When we get home, Nate lights candles and draws us a bath as I take my medicine. I slip out of my clothes and join him in the hot, lavender and honey scented water. He lightly splashes water over my legs and we talk lowly until the water gets cold. He steps out of the tub, puts on his boxers, then lifts me out  and wraps me in a big towel, setting me down on the bed. I laugh the whole time and kiss him quickly on the cheek. He kisses my nose. We order pasta, eat it entangled in each other’s arms and soon after, I begin to drift off. I feel a scratchy chin and soft lips brush my forehead. “I love you Dana. Happy Anniversary” is the last thing I hear before I fall to sleep. 

Hope you liked it girly!

Sorry it took so long :(


Taehyung Scenario: You’ve Fallen For Me.

Request:  So I saw requests are open and I want to request a V scenario. I want it to be that him and OC are in Highschool and he’s like the bad boy at school (like BTS as his gang or whatever) and OC is just like a normal girl but him and her like each other so he like bullies her kind of (not like super mean stuff) and then I don’t know what else. Have them together by the end of it though. I guess it would be fluff. Anyway, thank you and I love your writing

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

There they came, the school’s top seven troublemakers and the delirium of the female students. Have it be that they were entering together or have it be that they arrived in small groups, the BTS gang, how they liked to be called, loved to make an entrance. Today they came in the full package and you couldn’t help but stare at them too.

The eldest came first, your eyes going to each of them for just a few seconds, Jin with his pretty clothes and polite smile, Yoongi’s laid back and smooth demeanor, the leader Namjoon talking with Hoseok who was throwing smiles and winks to the girls. Your friend elbowed you and not so slyly pointed at Jin, she thought he was the most handsome and had a major crush on him. 

Behind them came the the younger part of the group and in your opinion the worst. Jungkook was the maknae and the one you honestly thought was the most handsome, his hair was pitch black and he had really nice eyebrows; by his side came Jimin who was laughing at something the maknae was showing him on his cellphone, he was always laughing and with his innocent looks no one would think he was capable of causing trouble but you knew better; and of course at the other side of the maknae you saw him, the seventh member of the gang and the one your eyes searched and got attached to, Kim Taehyung, the most annoying of the bunch, the louder, the most notorious, the most troublesome, the most… everything. 

You rolled your eyes and groaned a bit louder than expected, but with the murmurs and hallway talking nobody noticed. Nobody except for him of course.

Taehyung spotted you instantly and a smirk grew on his face. He walked away from his gang and approached you, his walk said things about him you already knew. He was popular and confident, he was hot and he was wanted, he was trouble.
-Y/N- he said your name as a greeting, the smirk getting bigger until he chuckled, like he knew a funny secret and you obviously didn’t. -I see you were staring at me-

You turned your head the other way and sneered. -Hello, Could you go back to your friends? People are starting to stare-

He bended until his eyes were leveled with yours, a reminding that he was much taller than you. -I’ll be watching you- he whispered and flicked your forehead. He turned around and went to his friends again, carefree and light, like nothing had happened. You didn’t know if you heart was beating faster due to the annoyance or to his delicious smelling perfume.

Your friend grabbed your arm and shook you. -What was that?-

Your eyes went to them again, this time less directly so to not gain more attention, your friend kept tugging at you. -I don’t know- but that wasn’t entirely true.

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Vampire! Ashton

Words: 2.1K

Warning: Thigh riding and squirting! + smut!

Summary: Y/N is just a normal school girl who gets caught in some trouble with a Vampire and Ashton saves her even know she doesn’t know it he is also a vampire.

Michael Calum Luke

Ashton Irwin. He was by far the hottest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. His sandy hair tied back in a bandana and him smiling his dimples on show. He went to my school and was that boy that all the girls wanted to be with Including me. School had finished and today I had made myself a fool in front of Ashton at least twice. I always seemed to do that when he was around.

I was currently leant against the wall of the cafe intaking all the beautiful surrounding of the woods. I took out my camera taking a photo of the green trees against the bright blue sky. I always wondered what was in those woods, they’re so beautiful and nicely kept, I always see a few children walk into them woods but they don’t seem to come out till morning. 

“Hi there” I heard a voice say, I turned round at the stranger who was tanned with dark hair. I ignored him and looked at my phone.

“It’s not nice to ignore someone, sweetheart” I still ignore him not wanting to be involved with socialisation. He walked over to me glaring as I looked away. He grabbed my chin and titled it upwards, his eyes were red.

“Please get off me” I whined, reaching for his hand but he kept it there. I looked at him confused, but he was looking over my neck, his thumb rubbing circles over my sweet spot.

“Usually I like to talk to my food before I suck them dry”

“You’re a cannabal?” I stuttered as his hand wrapped tightly around my neck. 

“No sweetheart, I’m a Vampire” He laughed. He reached down as I squirmed but he wasn’t giving in, his sharp teeth sunk into my skin. I screamed out trying to shove the figure off me but he was to strong. His teeth were dug into my skin causing a sharp pain.

“Help” I screamed, his hand came to my mouth covering it as I felt him suck harshly, I could feel my body getting weaker. Before I knew it someone had pushed the man to the ground and I fell to my knees clutching my neck. 

“Are you ok?” the girl asked, I was about to answer before the man had hit her again. I cried as she got into a fight with the so called vampire. I shut my eyes gently, clutching onto my neck, only to be awoken by Ashton. I fluttered my eyes open waking up leant against the restaurant door. The man from earlier wasn’t there no more and Ashton was sat in front of me. 

“Hey Y/N” He whispered, I took a deep breath and lunged forward into his arms. 

“Ashton he bit me, he was a vampire and he bit me, I’m going to die” I cried into his shirt, Ashton rubbed my back a couple of times before he peeled me off his chest. He wiped my eyes and leant forward. 

“Y/N I can help you” he whispered 

“H-how?” I mumbled, he smiled showing off his fangs, they were pearly white and sharper then the rest. I looked up at him wide eyed and he awkwardly smiled. 

“You’re a vampire?” I whimpered clutching hold of my neck

“Yes and he’s bitten you Y/N if I don’t help you you’ll die, I don’t want that” He whispered stroking over my neck.

“I don’t want to die” I cried.

“You have to trust me”

“Ok” he leant forward and ducted his head into my neck where the other vampires fangs were currently but instead the soft feeling of Ashton’s lips were on my neck, his fangs dug into my neck and he sucked out the poison. I felt so weak as I clenched onto his shirt. He lifted his head back up spitting the poison onto the floor. He raised his arm biting into it and pushed it in front of my mouth.


“I’m not drinking that” I whined feeling my eyes grown heavy. 

“Y/N please suck” I looked at him weakly grabbing his arm. I sucked onto his arm tasting the metallic taste of blood.

“One last thing Y/N” 

“What?” I asked, he stroked over my face and leant towards my lips, he kissed me and I felt my neck start to tingle. The blood through my body started to rapidly swirl around my body and my heart was beating a thousand times. I kissed him back but as soon as I closed my eyes I felt my eyes grow heavy and I had to lean onto him.

I sat up feeling more alive then ever. I bounced up smiling and Ashton was looking at me sceptically. I flung my hair over my shoulder and bit my lip as Ashton stood up, dusting off his jeans.

“What?” I giggled. He just shook his head laughing and wrapped his arms around me. For some reason I felt a massive bond between me and Ashton and I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my hands through his hair. I felt a sudden urge to kiss him, but I decided against it.

“Why do I feel so connected to you?” I asked

“We each drank each others blood and then swapped saliva, we’re bound to have a bond”

“Good, I couldn’t imagine it with anyone else” I smiled as so did he, he blushed hiding his face in my shoulder and kissed over it. I kissed over his neck sucking onto his sweet spot without digging my fangs into his skin. He let out a moan and grabbed a hold of my hand.

“Lets go back to my house” He said pulling me towards the forest. I obliged as we got further and further into the woods. I suddenly began to see houses and little children playing, with skipping ropes and hula hoop, just like a small village of people.

“How come humans don’t see these houses?”

“We have different visions to humans” Ash said. We walked over to a bunch of people as they all turned and looked at me.

“Hey guys, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Michael, Luke and Calum is the one who tried to kill you” Ashton glared at Calum as he laughed walking over to me. 

“I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t realise you were the girl Ashton has been fawning about” he mumbled 

“It’s ok, the girl with you was she ok?” I asked

“No a prisoner, that I should be getting back too” 

“Oh” I said hugging into Ashton “Is he going to hurt her?” I asked Ashton, he nodded his head. 

“You’ll get used to it” he sighed.

“So Y/N, you and Ashton huh?” The blonde one said. I just laughed looking up at Ashton.

“We’re bonded” Ashton smirked

“Nice” the one with red hair said, placing out his hand to high five. Ashton did as so and high fived him, I rolled my eyes.

“You’ve been fawning over me?” I raised an eyebrow at Ashton. He just laughed as he took me over to his forest home. His home was one of the biggest ones in the whole vampire camp, it was made of wood which was a nice light brown colour. Ashton opened the door, I looked around the house it was dark and covered in photos of Ashton and his younger siblings. He took me up to his room and sat down on the bed, I really wanted to kiss him and mark him as mine.

“Then do it” he growled. I looked at him and sauntered over, I kissed him passionately digging my nails at the back of his head and climbing onto him, well his thigh. I pushed harder into him, licking my tongue over his lips and stroking over his tongue. He licked over my new fangs and moaned into my mouth. 

I grinded onto his thigh as his hand came around to my back. He pulled my shirt up and over my boobs. He stopped kissing me and sucked on my boobs, he made a small purple hickey as he lifted the rest of my top off. He licked over the purple mark and kissed back up my chest. He reached around my body with his soft hands and he unclasped it. I grinded into his thigh as I reached down for his shirt. I quickly pulled it off and went straight to his neck. I sucked onto his sweet spot and thrusted my hips on his thigh. He gently pushed me off his thigh so I was standing up. He pulled me towards him by my belt loops and kissed the spot just above my trouser line. He un-buttoned my blue jeans and pulled them down my leg’s. I took them of my feet and swayed my hips taking off my panties.

I went to push him on his back but he stopped me. “Ah ah” he gestured, moving my leg onto his thigh. “I liked watching you grind on it” 

I smirked and grinded my bare core onto his denim clad thighs. I let out a moan feeling my clit rub against him. Ashton’s hand came up to my breasts and rolling them in his hand. I clenched my legs around his thigh rotating my pussy on his leg.

“Feels good Ash” I whined grabbing a hold of Ashton’s shoulders, he tweaked my nipples in his hand and licked over one, swirling it around in his mouth. He let it go, a string of saliva attached to my now erect nipple. I sat up slightly on Ashton’s leg, looking at the small wet patch that had formed. Ashton pushed me back down on his leg as he started to bounce it. The vibrations quivered through my pussy as I gripped a hold of the top of his thigh. 

I felt my high approach as I rubbed myself swiftly against his bouncing leg. He gripped my chin facing me towards him as he enveloped me in a kiss. My legs tensed as I came on his thigh, I clamped my eyes shut and my whole body tensed. I came down from my high and looked at Ashton his eyes were red and he was looking down at his thigh. 

“You just squirted” he said in disbelief. I hid my face in my hand before he tore them away and threw me on the bed.

“Sorry” I said, looking at his drenched denim thigh. He smirked at me and took his jeans off climbing over me. 

“Don’t be sorry, I’m going to make you do it again beautiful” he groaned kissing me. He pulled down his boxers and pulled out his dick running it over my folds. He didn’t waste any time in teasing as his thick, tanned dick was thrusting into me. I let out a moan gripping onto his hair as he moved inside of me. His thick cock spread my legs even wider and stretched out my pussy. 

Ashton kissed over my neck, sucking on the spot that he bit earlier. I felt a bunch of tingles run through my neck and down my body as he sucked over the same spot. 

“You pussy is so tight baby” he groaned. He lifted his head and I ran my fingers down his back, scratching him with my nails. His cock hit my sensitive spot and I clawed at his ass, digging my nails into the tanned skin. He sat up, wrapping my legs around his waist and kneeling on the bed thrusting into me with his head tilted back. I arched my back off the bed as he ran his hands over my stomach. I felt my body jolt from the please and I knew my second high was approaching. He started to rub my clit figeriously wanting me to reach my high

“Fuck Ash I’m going to-” Before I could finish I felt myself squirt all over his cock and threw my head back in pleasure. I felt Ashton clench my thighs and his body stop inside me as he let out a whine. He came inside my pussy, his fangs digging into his lip as he came. 

“The sight of you squirting all over my cock is fucking orgasmic” he breathed pulling out of me. He fell down next to me and looked at me. My hair was probably a mess and my make-up was most likely all smudged. But he was looking at me like no one else has, he stroked over my cheek and kissed me lightly. 

“You know you have to marry me now” he whispered against my lips.

“What?” I laughed

“We have a bond, you have to marry me”

“Maybe, depends how you’re going to ask me” I giggled. 

Totally Canon Natalie Things
  • sarcastic asshole
  • like it’s pretty much her only defense
  • she’s had friends but she kind of pushed them away when high school started
  • most people just call her “Piano Girl” because no one actually knows her name
  • some teachers even call her that
  • Henry calls her that to annoy her but it has a different meaning from him
  • she has a soft spot for the movie “Bambi”, especially Thumper
  • (but who doesn’t lbr)
  • she knows how to cook because more than once neither of her parents were stable enough to cook/order food
  • introvent to the max
  • actually just really doesn’t like most people
  • she has a couple of internet friends
  • was moved up a grade and sometimes got picked on for it
  • doesn’t have a piano at home so has to find random places to practice
  • she starts to get gigs out of it
  • she does end up going to Yale
  • she and henry end up moving to NYC and she commutes a lot
  • Henry writes her a song to celebrate when she graduates
  • he entitles it “Piano Girl” and it’s a sort of funky yet classical piece
  • she really likes vintage stuff
  • she’s all for vinyls and old looking bikes and that stuff
  • her parents come to her and Henry’s wedding, but that’s like the only people who came for her, while Henry has a bunch of people (coworkers, people he just started talking to, etc.)
  • she feels really awkward
  • but Henry attempts to joke around with her and she feels a bit better
  • she makes a lot of jokes out of irony
  • when she and henry move into a real house they buy a huge piano
  • she becomes a piano player in a city orchestra
  • teaches her kids to play piano
  • makes sure she goes to every single one of her children performances
  • like she could be puking and she’ll still be there, bringing a bucket
  • her kids think it’s weird
  • but tHEY DON’T KNOW
  • they also don’t really know their grandparents
  • on either side
  • active and loud member of PTA
  • when Nat retires she teaches neighborhood kids to play piano
  • never has real holiday feeling until she and henry move out together
  • she gets really into holidays
  • fin
Investing in Myself

In order to be a good, well-rounded sugar baby, I want to start doing things that will enhance me as a person and make me more desirable. I decided to make a list so i can sort my goals out.

1. Sign up for fitness classes. (My top 3 are yoga, pilates, and pole fitness)

2. Read at least one book a month. Right now these are the following books on my reading list:
- A Gold Digger’s Guide
- Girl Boss
- Ho Tactics

3. Work out and eat healthy.

4. Keep my hair and nails maintained at all times.


6. Keep up with current events

7. Practice ettiqutte and good manners

8. Attend plays, concerts, art shows and other cultural events

This is a lot of extra stuff to do outside of school, work and being a normal teengaer, but I just want to be successful and I know I have to work hard to get there. You ladies motivate me so much. I just really need to focus and keep my head in the game.

That’s all for now, more updates later.


Ooooh these are so old, man. Anyway, I think it’s a good thing to show you guys.

I just heard of that DC Superpower Girls TV series and I remembered doing some character design on the reaaally embryonic stages of this great baby back in 2013. I was just about to start my second year in traditional animation here in Montreal and had  one weekend to do a few line ups of classic DC superhero characters using different styles. It was my first contract ever, I was 19 and barely understood the general rules of design for animation (bear with me a little). At the time the exec wanted to put the girls in a more regular kind of high school setting, that’s why they look more normal/casual. I really wanted to make them look a little more like children. I hate those kids shows where child girls are dressed and designed like women. It obviously sends some bad messages for the kids watching.

Having to design some of your favorite characters for DC as a first  freelance contract is a hell of a blessing!  I’m so glad those types of shows are finally being produced. I still haven’t seen an episode so I don’t know if that’s any good but having an all girl cast cartoon series is already a good thing for the kidz!   

Oh and happy new year everybody!

See ya!

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i know i look ridiculous standing in a shopping cart but goddammit i want my mac and cheese are you going to stand there and patronize me or help - thorfinn x hermione?

I just got another ask from an anon, so I want to let you know I am still working on these and I added you to the queue. As of now, I think I have four left? Hope you enjoy!


Normally, when Hermione was at this grocery store, it was to stalk the cute stock boy. Thorfinn Rowle was a totally cute, totally off-limits, senior at her high school, but that didn’t stop her from staring at him while he worked in the aisles. She was a totally nerdy, totally eligible, sophomore, and she knew that she would never catch his baby blue eye, but a girl could dream couldn’t she.

But today, she just wanted some macaroni and cheese, after a really humiliating speech during her social studies class. Draco Malfoy had sat in the back row, mocking the way she talked, until she got so flustered she forget the rest of her presentation. She needed the kind of comfort that only the blue box of Kraft could bring.

Hermione tried to pretend like she didn’t look for Thorfinn’s black car – totally unsafe, but totally fitting for his bad boy image – and stomped off in the direction of the mac and cheese aisle.

She was quickly dismayed to learn that they had moved the Kraft all the way to the top shelf, just out of her reach. Cursing her short stature, Hermione jumped up trying to reach the precious box, only to be left empty handed and with a bruised hip from hitting the metal shelving.

“Thought they were supposed to keep this at kid level.” She mumbled, looking up and down the aisle for some kind stranger to help her. Unfortunately, it was empty, but she did notice an empty shopping cart not far away.

Stomping off in the direction of the cart, she pulled it towards the prized mac and cheese. Taking a deep breath, realizing that she was actually going to do this, Hermione stepped into the metal cart, finally eye level with her desired treat.

A chuckle from the entrance of the aisle startled her, her arms pinwheeling as she fought to keep her balance. “Are you really that desperate, short stack?” The voice teased.

Hermione wanted to snarl, seeing as it was none other than Thorfinn Rowle who had caught her standing a fucking cart, but she was too desperate for the mac and cheese to care. “Look, I know I look ridiculous right now, but I just really need some mac and cheese. So are you going to help me, Thorfinn, or are you just going to stand there patronizing me?”

“You know my name?” He asked, sounding shocked.

Hermione shook her head and turned to face the shelves again, only to cry out in shock when two very warm, two very large hands grabbed her around the waist, picking her up and lifting her out of the cart and setting her on the floor. She lifted her head, drinking in his chest covered by a tight band tee, up to his smirking face.

He reached behind him, up to the shelves, and Hermione found herself internally praising and cursing him for his height. He handed her two boxes.

“I only needed one box.” She said, feeling a bit embarrassed for being caught by her crush.

“Not if you are going to make enough for me, too, Granger.” He said proudly with a smile.

It was her turn to act surprised. “You know who I am?” She parroted his words back to him.

“You don’t think I notice the cute girl following me around on shifts?” He asked, before wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “So, uh, your place or mine?”

Suddenly, Hermione’s day didn’t seem so awful after all.


Top images courtesy HarperCollins

Happy almost-birthday to the one and only Beverly Cleary, who turns 100 tomorrow!  Our own Melissa Jaeger-Miller has an overview of Cleary’s career and our coverage:

Cleary was in her early 30s and working part time in a bookstore when she sat down at a typewriter to see if just maybe she could write a book for kids. She had worked as a librarian before World War II, and she wished she’d had books for young readers about children living everyday lives.

“I think children want to read about normal, everyday kids,” she told NPR in 1999. “That’s what I wanted to read about when I was growing up. I wanted to read about the sort of boys and girls that I knew in my neighborhood and in my school. … I think children like to find themselves in books.”

I am totally going home and making a crown out of burrs and a big toothpaste cake in the bathroom sink in honor of Beverly Cleary!

– Petra(mona the Pest)

The Signs as Clueless Quotes

Aries: “Miss Stoeger, I would just like to say that physical education in this school is a disgrace. I mean, standing in line for forty minutes is hardly aerobically effective. I doubt I’ve worked off the calories in a stick of Carefree gum.” - Cher

Taurus: “Christian said he’d call the next day, but in boy time that meant Thursday.” - Cher

Gemini: “Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.” - Cher 

Cancer: “Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose.” - Amber 

“Well, there goes your social life.” - Dionne 

Leo: “I feel like such a heifer. I had two bowls of Special K, 3 pieces of turkey bacon, a handful of popcorn, 5 peanut butter M&M’s and like 3 pieces of licorice.” - Cher

Virgo: “Why should I listen to you, anyway? You’re a virgin who can’t drive.” - Tai

Libra: “Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex. And anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” - Cher

Scorpio: “I felt impotent and out of control. Which I really, really hate. I had to find sanctuary in a place where I could gather my thoughts and regain my strength…”  - Cher

Sagittarius: “Cher’s saving herself for Luke Perry.” - Dionne 

Capricorn: “Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.” - Cher

Aquarius: “Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there’s no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value.” - Cher

Pisces: “Suddenly a dark cloud settled over first period… I got a C in debate?” - Cher

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5 things you’ll find in my bag: I don’t carry around much. My school bag just has normal school stuff. Otherwise at most I might carry my wallet if I’m out with friends and my phone. 

5 things you’ll find in my room: my fish tank, posters I haven’t gotten to hanging up, decorative pillows, and a glass dolphin I got from India. 

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life: Oh yikes … I want to be able to be completely independent and not rely on anyone, I want to meet Shah Rukh Khan, travel to unique places, see India play cricket in person, and go to Neverland and stay there forever (anytime Peter).

5 things that make me happy: Talking with friends, spending time with family, breaks from school, Shah Rukh Khan, Disney movies  

5 things I’m currently into: haikyu!!, Shah Rukh Khan movies (always), bollywood movies in general, volleyball (i hate/love it), those cheesy shoujo animes/mangas

5 things people may not know about me: I was a total tomboy as a toddler. I had a boy cut, wore truck sweatshirts, and stuff. Then I was girly but I grew out of it quickly. I’ve been a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan for as long as I can remember (I started watching them with my mom as a baby) and wanted to marry him as a kid. I really love spicy food. I put jalapenos on my pizza and every time I have pasta I have to put an insane amount of red hot pepper flakes on it or else its just bland. I’m a perfectionist so I’m never really happy with anything I do. 

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No one Can Say my Name Like You Do

(WARNING: Harry Styles smut and some cursing is going to be involved. By the way there are visuals at the end!)

I’m a regular girl, I go to school, I have struggles, I’m basically like everyone else except I’m dating Harry Styles no one knows except for him, me, our families, the boys, management and my best friend. The public doesn’t know because management believes if the fans found out Harry was taken it would go crazy and plus Harry didn’t really want me to receive hate as I am just a normal girl who goes to college. Dating Harry is hard, but the nice thing about it is now that he’s on break we can actually spend time together. Or so I think. It’s New Year’s Eve and I wish I would be spending it with Harry, but he told me he was taking his mom and step dad on a yacht for New Years. I was ok with that because Harry is a family man and he doesn’t get to see them as often and plus with him having time off now he can get to spend time with them. I’m not usually the type of girl to go out and party so I figured I’d just stay home and watch the New Years stuff on tv. I haven’t been on my phone much today because I’ve just been lazy and cleaning. I finally get time to relax and I lay down on my bed and start scrolling through Twitter and I see that #Hendall is trending. I decide to click on it and see what nonsense is going on now. As I scroll I find pictures of Harry with Kendall on the boat that he’s supposedly on with his parents. Usually with stuff like this Harry would tell me don’t worry about it, but he didn’t tell me she was coming. Why is she on top of him and kissing him? I have so many thoughts running through my head I decide to call my best friend. “Y/BFF/N.” I say kind of upset and I let out a sniffle. “Y/N what’s wrong are you crying?” She asks me and I try to clear myself up to make it sound like I’m fine. “Can you just come over I need you, I know you’re going out with Y/BFF’s/BF/N but please.” I say and wipe my nose with my hand reaching over to grab a box of tissues. “Of course want me to bring anything?” She asks me and I sigh and say “Champagne and chocolate please. I have dinner food.” I say to her as I just want to forget what I just saw and drink it away. “Ok I’ll be over as soon as possible.” My best friend says. I hang up the phone and I just let all my emotions go. I start balling and I put my phone on my bedside table. All of a sudden I hear my phone ring and I look at it and see it says ‘Harry😍❤️’ i immediately decline the call and go back down to my pillow and cry. How could he call me after having another girl on top of him. I think to myself. My front door unlocks and I don’t even move as I know it’s my best friend. She had a spare key. “Y/N?” I hear her call out and I hear her set things down and I call back “In here.” I say and within 5 seconds my best friend comes in and takes her coat off and crawls in bed and says “Y/N what’s wrong why are you crying?” She asks and I lean up and wipe my eyes and nose again with my hand. “Harry lied and took Kendall on the yacht and I saw pictures of them kissing.” I say stuttering as my lip quivers. My best friend leans over and just hugs me and wipes my tears away and she says “Have you talked to him at all?” As soon as she asks me that I shake my head no and she grabs my phone and sees he called me and left a voicemail. “I’m going to call him you stay here.” She says and I say “please don’t be rude to him.” I say and she says “I’m going to let him know he hurt my best friend and he is going to have a hard time explaining himself.” She says and walks out of my room calling Harry. I lay down and turn on the tv and put it on Disney channel as I know it won’t be filled with drama. I hear my best friend say “Hi Harry it’s Y/BFF/N, look I don’t know what’s going on but you need to come home or stop lying to Y/N.” I hear her say. I get nervous about what could happen and I hear her say “don’t explain it to me explain to her but don’t you dare do it over the phone. Bye Harry and I told you what would happen if you broke her heart and your lucky I’m not cursing you out right now.” I hear her say and I begin to cry more as my best friend meant a lot to me but Harry did too and I don’t want to lose Harry especially this way and the thought of him cheating kills me.
**A couple days later**
*Knock knock* is what I’m woken up too. My best friend left last night as I told her I wanted to talk to Harry by myself. I climb out of bed as I’m wearing nothing but a white t-shirt of Harry’s and a pair of panties. I open the door and see Harry. “Hi.” He says and I half smile at him and say “Hi.” Harry walks in and I widen my eyes as I didn’t say he could come in. I close my door as I don’t really want people walking by seeing me in a tshirt and panties. “Let me explain Y/N…” Harry says and I cut him off and say “No I want to talk first because I think it’s time you hear it from my side instead of you saying the media always portrays you with someone. I don’t give a shit about the other girls they said you were linked too. But I do care about the truth and the fact that you told me you were taking your mom and Robin on this trip but instead I see Kendall on top of you kissing you and you pulling her leg disgusts me. You know I’ve been cheated on before. You know that it takes a lot for me. I don’t get to see you nearly enough. I don’t get to be there to congratulate you for your awards. I can’t kiss you good luck before each show unless they are close to me. I don’t ok. If you cheated fine then it’s over. I’m just tired ok. I thought because you had time off we would get time together but no you decide to spend it with Kendall Jenner.” I say and sigh out of breath and as soon as I finish talking Harry comes over and kisses my lips passionately cupping my cheeks in his hands. I pull away and say “What the hell Harry.” And he says “I didn’t cheat on you. You know I would never fucking do such thing. Kendall came because management is fucked up. I wanted you to come but they said no. Plus she didn’t kiss me it looked like she did but she didn’t. I told her she couldn’t kiss me and I won’t kiss her back. If you think I would cheat on you then you got some things you need to fix because I would never fucking dare to such a thing.” Harry says as he is furious. I begin to cry more and I kiss Harry back more out of frustration then passion. Harry kisses me back in a way that I’ve never been kissed before. Instantly Harry picks me up and carries me to my room. We get to my room and Harry puts me on the bed and keeps kissing me and cups my breast with his hand and says “Only you can say my name and make me rock hard. Kendall can’t and will never do that.” Harry says to me and I smile and I take his shirt off of him. Harry helps me and I run my fingers down his toned tanned tattooed body. Harry also helps me take off my shirt and Harry gets in between my legs and starts kissing up my thighs and I gasp and he smiles and keeps going higher as he’s only inches away from my pussy. He plays with my panties and begins to rub me through them with his big long fingers. “Mmm Harry don’t tease.” I say to him and instantly Harry pulls my panties down forcefully and rips them as he goes and immediately starts licking my entrance and rubs my clit hard and fast. I gasp as he usually builds up to going this fast but instead he goes faster. My legs begin to shake and Harry notices. He puts his hand on my leg to stop it from going so crazy. Harry is the only guy who can make me mad and make me fall in love more in the same day. I moan loud and say “Harry I’m close!” I say and Harry smirks at me as he never breaks eye contact with me while he eats me out. Harry then quickly takes his pants and boxers off and teases me with his hard thick cock “Harry…” I say and he says “what do you want baby?” He asks me as he keeps teasing my pussy and I groan “Fuck me!” I say to Harry and he smiles and begins fucking me like he has never done before. This was the hardest we’ve ever fucked and I screamed so loud I am positive I heard my neighbors wake up and tell us to shut up. I didn’t care. One last thrust and Harry was finished and we both came at the same time. Harry laid down beside me and I curled up beside him and I kissed his lips softly and he says “Now do you think I cheated?” He asks and I shake my head no and he says “Good because only you can say my name and make me crazy. I love you Y/N.” He says as we are both breathing heavily.

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Request: Oooooo you should write an AU imagine where Robbie is a high schooler (around 17-18) and the reader and him do a play together where they’re love interests and they get to talking and start seeing each other… I like this idea since I’m a theatre kid. 😂😅😁

Warnings: AU

Notes: I’m a theatre kid too! Also, I know Robbie says he can’t sing, but let’s just say he can and it sounds good!

It was that time of the school year again. It was the school’s musical. This year, your senior year, was going to be the production of Grease. You were beyond excited. Although it wasn’t your favorite musical, you still loved it. Normally, the theater girls would tryout for Sandy, but you wanted to be Rizzo. You wanted to be the bad and scandalous girl. Everyone thought you couldn’t do it since you were so kind. But weren’t they all in for a show.

At the first audition for the musical, the acting portion, you read Rizzo’s part. You blew your theatre teacher away with how you sounded so tough like Rizzo. Then at the dancing audition, you once again blew your theatre teacher and the dance teacher away. Same with the music audition. You shocked the music teacher. Sure enough, you got the part of Rizzo.

Rizzo’s love interest was Kenickie. You looked at the list, seeing who got the part of Kenickie. You traced the line that led to the name. It was a boy named Robert “Robbie” Kay. You’d heard of him here and there, but you never spoke to him. He was in the same grade as you, but still, you never spoke to him. He was from England, and moved to America a year ago. You guessed he could do a killer American accent if he got Kenickie.


For rehearsals, you spent a lot of time with Robbie. Of course you did. He was one of the T-Birds, and you were one of the Pink Ladies. You started talking, and turns out, he was one hell of a Kenickie. He was so good. He nailed the accent, nailed the way he moved his body in the movie, and nailed the singing. Sure, he didn’t have any solos, but him and Zuko had the mics attached to them, meaning you could hear them the most when it came to the T-Birds singing Grease Lightning.

“Hey, Y/N, want to hangout afterwards?” Robbie asked you. “We can go over our lines together, give each other feedback.”

“Sure,” you grinned.

That day, after rehearsals, you and Robbie went back to your place. No one was home, being at work or your siblings’ extracurricular activities.

You and Robbie had your scripts in hand. Your lines were highlighted, same with his. You both went over them, acting them out and doing the movements and actions you were supposed to do. But then it came to a scene you both hadn’t practiced yet. There was a scene where Rizzo and Kenickie are supposed to be making out in the background while Zuko and Sandy try to hit it off. It was further into the musical, but you were nervous. You’d never kissed a boy that you weren’t dating, despite being the total drama geek you were.

“Do you… want to try it?” Robbie asked.

“I guess?” You hesitated. “I mean, let’s not jump right into it. But more of easing into it.”

“Perfectly fine with me.” Robbie set down his script. “Um, where should we… do this?”

You shrugged. “Well, it says that they’re on an outdoor table. So maybe we can go outside to the backyard. I have an outdoor table there.”

Robbie nodded. You led him outside to the back. Sure enough, there was a wooden table meant for the outside. You didn’t know how your teacher would want you two positioned, but for right now, you sat on the end of the table as Robbie stood in between your legs.

“Okay,” he said, “ready?” You nodded. He cupped your cheeks with his hands as you rested yours on his shoulders. He inched closer, but soon dived in. His lips went on yours as you two kissed. He kept kissing you for a little bit longer until he pulled away, breaking it.

“How was that?”

Heat rose to your cheeks. “…Yeah. That was good.”

You looked him in the eyes. God, were they gorgeous. He was gorgeous. And this time, you couldn’t help yourself. You trailed your hands up to his cheeks, pulling his face forwards. Again, lips collided. But this time, you guys weren’t acting. It was legitimate. You kissed Robbie, melting into it. His hands roamed down your body, tracing your sides until his hands gripped the underneath of your mid-thigh. He lightly held onto them, rubbing them.

“Whoa,” you said as you pulled away again.

“That sure was something.” Robbie chuckled.

“Mind if we continue?” You asked, a sly smile on your mouth.

“It’d be my pleasure.” And once again, you were kissing him. And he was kissing you.

For the remainder of the time, you two dated. Throughout the musical, throughout the school year, and up to graduation. People in the drama department told you that you guys wouldn’t last. It’d be just another couple in the performing arts that’d end once the play ended. But it didn’t. It never ended.

Yes, I’m a gay girl.

Being gay is not something that I asked for. It is part of me since I was little. I never blame anyone. I just accept it, I didn’t fight it. It was there, I felt it, I’m feeling it.

I mean, I don’t feel it everytime, it just happens when I think about love or some girl. My life is as normal as other’s lifes. I’m living, I went to school, I work, I go to Starbucks, such as any other girl.  I’m a normal human being.

Being a gay girl doesn’t mean I am a bad person or I have a twisted mind, I’m a human being living an ordinary life. The only difference is that in my love life I want a girl. I want a beautiful woman who can love me back.  ¿Is that a problem?

Love is not a problem. Bias and hate is.

Love yourself.

Sexting! (Sam x Josh)

Anonymous asked: For the pairing and number thing, Sam×Josh with number 4? :) I love your blog so frickin’ much 😍

And Iove you anon! I hope you liked this, I had fun writing it up. No smut really, just a bit of graphic content. I’m sure Josh touched himself tho.

The girls were having a movie day at Emily’s. She had gotten a brand new TV and wanted to show it off to everyone. It had been a while since they had done anything like this, normally everyone was so busy with their boyfriends or school or college to be able to do anything. They were appreciating some girl time.

Jess’s phoned beeped and she picked it up, her eyes scanning over the screen, giggling as her fingers tapped excitedly.

“What’s so funny?” Ashley asked, grabbing some popcorn from the tub and shoving a handful in her mouth.

Looking up from her phone, Jess smirked at the girls. “Just Mike. He keeps sending me dirty pictures and messages, I think he misses me.” The blonde started to giggle as her phone vibrated again and she went back to her phone.

“Sexting sounds so awkward, I don’t think I could take it seriously.” It was Hannah who spoke up, her voice low, almost like she didn’t want people to hear her.

“Yeah, well, it’s fun and I think it keeps the relationship super interesting.” Jess got almost a little too defensive about the subject, rolling her eyes at Hannah. 

Sam’s own phone started to vibrate and she took her phone from her pocket, a smile on her face seeing it was from Josh.

Hey babe, what are you doing? Hope you’re having a good day with the girls. xxx

Yeah it’s good, just eating popcorn and watching movies, what about you? xxx

I’m just sitting in my room, thinking about you. xxx

Sam thought about what Jess had said; it couldn’t hurt to try right?

“I’m just going to the bathroom.” She stood up, phone held tightly in her hand as she walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She lifted her shirt up and took hold of it in her teeth, her breasts on display, trying to look as sexy as possible. She took a quick picture and sent it to Josh, thanking god she wore one of her good bras that day.

Sitting down on the side of the bathtub she waited for Josh’s response. After what felt like an eternity, her phone vibrated.

Well, fuck Sammy. That’s not fair. You can’t send me a picture like that, It’s not fair. 

She couldn’t help the smirk that was appearing on her lips. She was trying to think of something to say when her phone vibrated again. Josh had sent her a picture. As she opened it, her eyes widened slightly as she saw a picture of Josh’s erect penis, his hands wrapped around it.

Looks like I’ll have to have some fun of my own, eh Sammy? Unless you can come over and finish the job?

Sam bit down hard on her lip, her stomach churning. She wanted to do that, so so badly. Would she really ditch her friends to go have sex with Josh Washington?

As her phone vibrated and she opened the message. Josh had sent her a full body shot, his toned, muscular, tanned body on the screen, his dick just in shot. There was that look on his face ,the one he knew drove Sam crazy. 

Yes. She would ditch her friends to go have sex with Josh Washington.

I’ll be there soon. xxx

CLYDE: “Awww. This ask is worded so….cutely?”
CLYDE: “But I really don’t think you guys should tease him about it. He told me he really, really wants to put this whole crush business behind us.”
CLYDE: “I don’t really blame him, considering all the drama it caused. I’m just glad he’s talking to me normally again.”
CLYDE: “But between me and you anon, it is pretty adorable.”

Love Live: School Weeaboo Project

For the last few cons I’ve been to, the main character I’ve cosplayed has been Umi Sonoda from Love Live. Most of the LL fans I’ve met through cons and kept in touch with are all pretty fun and chill, but since it’s an anime about nine cute schoolgirls who form an idol group, I guess it was inevitable that I would attract a few weebs at cons.

My first weeb experience was my first time cosplaying Umi, so I was just in her normal school uniform. I had just finished checking in and was walking to the artist alley when a girl who was a couple of years younger than me spotted me and waved me over. I figured she just wanted a picture, and I was excited to see she was cosplaying Maki’s Wonderful Rush outfit, so I struck up a conversation with her. She got a little clingy when we took pictures, but I remembered how excited I had been at my first few cons and didn’t mention it. However, I kept seeing her around the con for the rest of the day, and it was obvious she was tailing me. Whenever I turned around and saw her, her eyes would get really wide and she would try to hide herself, all while acting like a stereotypical moe character. Once it got to the point where I couldn’t even shop in the vendor alley without seeing her badly trying to hide behind other congoers, I approached her and politely asked her to stop following me. I didn’t want to be too hard on her since she was probably 14 at most, but I explained to her that’s not how you want to act at cons. Fortunately, she seemed to understand, and left me alone after that.

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