i just want to be a lesbian

  • shadowhunters: so clary and simon are now dating
  • me: no theyre not
  • Shadowhunters: yeah they are look theyre kissing
  • me: yeah totally platonic
  • shadowhunters: here they are talking about their relationship
  • me: no theyre just friends
  • shadowhunters: this is very important to the story
  • me: i love the best friend duo lesbian, clary fray and pansexual simon lewis, totally platonic, never dated, never wanted to date, simply friends nothing more, platonic soul mates beautiful and amazing and right

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I'm a Muslim teen and wear the hajib so everyone assumes I'm straight and homophobic which is shitty cuz I just want a cute gf :')

I’m sorry everyone is so shitty to you. You are going to find a cute girlfriend, don’t you worry!! Let me give you a blog recommendation that might help you when you are feeling down. @homojabi is run by a Muslim trans lesbian, and she gives wonderful advice, support and always has good, informative posts!! Hang in there sweetie, things will get better. 

-Mom Em


I love music, tattoos, any type of art, animals, and food. I’d love to talk about absolutely anything. I’m super friendly so don’t be shy ✌🏼
There’s a lot you don’t know about me so just ask if you want to know 🌚🖤
Insta : Byuhteefullnana
Kik: Byuhteefullnana
Snapchat : Byuhteefullnana
Tumblr: byuhteefullnana.tumblr.com
(Yes, they’re all the same lol)

Cj. //24// Panhandle of Florida

I’m not looking for anything super serious. So no pressure 😄 I just want to have some fun and see what happens.
I love going to concerts, being outside, and really I will try anything once. My life has been pretty stagnant latley and I would love to change that. Adventure keeps the heart going, in my opinion.

Anything else feel free to message me.


I’ve been posting my own pictures on your site for a while! I just wanted to keep you all updated and announce that I have found the love of my life. I would appreciate if you shared this because love is so real and alive and it’ll happen to all of you before you know it. I wanted to thank you for helping me find some of the best friends I’ve made on here… and now I’m on the verge of being engaged this year! Best wishes.


pro tip: if ur a guy (or girl/nb folk!!!!) and u ask out some1 n they say no for whatever reason dont turn around and call them ugly or a slur or anything like……it just makes u look pathetic


Hi I’m Wynter. Lesbsin, 15, single, New Zealand, looking for a girlfriend that can be mine that I can hold, grab, kiss, cuddle, make out with, and fall asleep with. I just want to be loved And taken care of and someone that calls me baby. I really like art/painting. I come out gay two years ago. I have my good days and bad. I’m just trying to find my place in the world. I also don’t mind long distance relationships. I know I’m only 15 but I am very mature and do actually want a long term relationship. Give me a message @itswynta

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You know about lapi//dot and how Zucchini wanted it to be something that people don't have to look into to see a canon lesbian relationship? I actually have to look into it to see it as canon (and even then it's still iffy) vs rupphire where it's nice and obvious.

A lot of people I’ve talked to said that they never caught on that peridot and lapis were in a relationship. They were so chummy it was read as a close friendship because Zuke was too impatient to make them slowly like each other and just forced them together

Shit I Said While Sick Starter Pack

“This is, like… beyond his usual brand of stupidity.”

“I think that’s just my ear canal being, like, ‘HEY, BITCH, YOU SINUSES ARE INFECTED!’”

“I’m in the process of experiencing what death feels like.”

“I may be sick as hell, but I haven’t worn pants all day, and that’s what counts.”

“I have achieved immortality. Nothing can kill me now. These lesbians give me strength.”

“There were many varying descriptions of how that room smelled. One of which was, ‘Cinnabon and shit in a blender.’”

“Hey, you want a bag full of the President’s disgusting disease breath?”

“I just wrote the lyrics to Ocean Man on my Valentine’s Day bag.”

“I leave for two seconds to die of the common cold–”

“Captain’s Log. It’s been 3 hours and I still haven’t been able to launch the fucking app.”

“You have, like, 13 terminal illnesses now.”

“It’s FUCKING hero time.”

“I may be dying of a sinus infection, but you’re still a bitch.”

“Remember how I said I was feeling better? I lied.“

“I’m only relatively alive.”

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I am a lesbian but I'm very shy and don't talk to many people. I've only ever been asked out by guys and I feel like maybe I'm just not good enough for girls and have to settle for something I don't want

Meeting girls is hard in the first place. But you can do it. I would work on trying to find more LGBT+ spaces if at all possible, or even using the internet.

You are plenty good enough for girls. Don’t forget that either.


Homura’s Top 15 Arc V Characters

and finally my top fifteen favorite Arc V characters!!!! <3 (not including cameo charas)

this was the absolute hardest one to narrow down tbh, there are like a billion other characters that i wanted to also be on this list ;w;

once again under the cut, this was a lot of fun to do~

and can i just say how blessed I feel that there are so many girls in Arc V that most of my list is made of them?? they might not be written the best they could be but damn it’s great to just have so many, especially coming off of the previous series where we’d be lucky to have two or three.

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3 words. The Good Fight. New show on CBS... that has a lesbian lead (well, co-star) and she has a girlfriend, they show them in a shower scene together, like any other domestic couple, they are normal people!! That just happen to be gay. Very happy with the portrayal so far, but it's only been 2 episodes so who knows they might Lexa one of them. Anyways, just thought you might want to check it out.


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Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion.

don’t assume that because i play a female muse that i want to bang your male muse. like fam i cannot even begin to tell you how many times this has happened. like i have a muse that is a lesbian, full on gay, and it still happens. like bitch not every female muse that comes your way wants to hop on your muse’s dick, and i’ve seen this being stated as a legit reason some people prefer male muses over female ones or won’t interact with female muses at all. wtf man as if female muses don’t have it hard enough already. honestly it’s just ridiculous that there are people out there who think that way, nah fam you can keep your character’s little greasy peen to yourself thanks pal. imma be over here with all my non-sexual and platonic relationships. k bye.

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I HATE the term Gold Star Lesbian. It reeks of a nonsense hierarchy wherein lesbians who have had sex with men are somehow deemed less worthy or less valid in their lesbianism. Everyone has a journey toward understanding their sexuality. There is no shame in having slept with men. I know you didn't mean any harm by responding to that question, I just want your followers to know whatever their sexual history, they can own their label. Proudly and without fear of judgment. Love, a fellow lesbian

👆🏽👆🏽VERY true. Sorry if any offence was caused. There’s enough shit lgbt+ people have to deal on a daily with ppl outside the community as it is. Thanks for the reminder 💖

equusgirl replied to your postadlock is inherently homophobic

There are so many things wrong with this statement, I’m not even sure how to respond. If you’d like to actually have a mature conversation about this rather than just sling hurtful comments around, let us know. Otherwise keep your hate out of our tag.

omg lmao i could literally go into detail about this but irene adler is a lesbian and shipping her with a man is homophobic! also if you dont want to see my posts u can hit that block button :)

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So, I'm nonbinary transmasc. Not 100% boy but DEFINITELY 0% girl. I was identifying as a lesbian before I realized I was trans, and I'm in a relationship with a cis girl. What the Heck would my sexuality be? I know one specific person doesn't decide your sexuality but.. In a way mine does bc I'm not really attracted to anyone else or want to be with anyone else but her. Just.. Gay? Queer?? And same for her, any ideas? Thanks y'all

Hi there! Interesting question. Some people are uncomfortable with the use of “queer,” but if you are not then I personally think it may suit this situation best. It’s an ambiguous term, and it’s what I use to describe my sexuality. If you’re both comfortable with that you can use “queer relationship.” Honestly though I don’t ever think about my sexuality (because nobody asks!).