i just want to be a bunny so i can make out with sly babes too

I Love You Baby |Bad Boy Jungkook X You|

  • Everything started at the party you shouldn’t be at.
  • ‘Ugly and dumb. You sure we haven’t dated?’
  • ‘Dude get the fuck away from me, I don’t even know you.’ you shoved him away.
  • ‘Aren’t you violent, and bitter, and ugly inside and out’
  • ‘You are pain in my ass right now.’
  • ‘Love your ass btw.’ he smirked.
  • Next day he sat behind you. ‘how’s my princess doing?’
  • ‘I’m just going to ignore your stubborn ass.’
  • ‘You can try, but you’re gonna miss me babe~’
  • ‘Fuck you.’
  • ‘Maybe next time.’
  • ‘Just shut up!’
  • ‘Watch your mouth princess.’
  • He liked talking to you, because usually girls were too shy or too scared to talk to him like you did. But others would start rumors about you two, if he continued approaching you. So he started to text you every day.
  • He was an asshole and creepy at first like
  • ‘You don’t look good with that jacket, take it off.’
  • ‘Stop being a creep.’
  • His piercing eyes staring at you, smirk playing on his face.
  • When you didn’t want to go to his party, he would use your friend. who was in love with him.
  • ‘Jungkookie asked me to come, so we have to go!’ she gasped dramatically, when your said ‘no’. ‘I cant say no to him.But I will do something stupid , if you won’t be with me.’
  • He would text you ‘You lose.’ after your friend finally made you say ‘yes’.
  • ‘You sly little fuck.’ you answering him.
  • Him getting mad when other boys flirt with you.
  • ‘Get the fuck away from (Y/N), right now.’Possessive af even though you two aren’t even dating.
  • ‘Oh so you actually know my name.’
  • ‘That’s it you done bitching?’
  • ‘That was just a warm up asshole.’
  • Him texting you at night.
  • ‘You are worse than nicotine~.’
  • ‘It’s two in the fucking morning jungkook and you are listening to ‘panic! at the disco’ right now’
  • ‘I never met such an emotionless girl like you.It’s scary and kind of hot at the same time.’
  • ‘Are you flirting with me?’
  • ‘I’m fucking trying to.’
  • Jungkook trying to make you go on a date with with him.
  • ‘I don’t know if I like him or I want to punch him in the face.’
  • Your friend was suspicious about you two. But after Jungkook’s crazy move, made her believe her that he had feelings for you. She’s cool with it, bc she knows that they wouldn’t even be together.
  • Jungkook heard that you liked the movie ‘10 things I hate about you.’ so he decided to surprise you.
  • Him singing  ‘ I Love You Baby’ , when you have P.E. his friend Jimin and Taehyung helping him out. They made school orchestra play music, when you were just standing there with jungshook face.
  • He got detention and you helped him. You were hanging out with him all day, doing stupid things together.
  • ‘I’m afraid I’ll ruin you.’ his serious.
  • ‘You’re not that special kook.’ you ruining the ‘moment’.
  • Jungkook being really drunk and talking nonsense.
  • ‘I think I love you.’
  • ‘Don’t do that to yourself.’
  • ‘Why are you saying that? Is loving you THAT bad?’
  • ‘You don’t mean that, it’s just a game to you.’
  • ‘I wouldn’t hang out with one girl this long if she wasn’t special to me. I’m a mess and please let me be your mess.’
  • *Forehead Kisses* “I love you too pretty boy, but I don’t think your a mess. You’re just a bunny trying to be a bad wolf.’ this nickname annoyed him usually, but now he was just staring at you with wide eyes. ‘And also that was lame way to convince me that you like me.’
  • ‘You liked that I sang for you?’ he showed you his cute smile.
  • ‘Oh shut up!..Yeah I did…’ you whispered the last part and he kissed you, smirking against your lips.
  • ‘I knew it, that you my princess would love it. Don’t call me bunny again. Do I look like a rabbit to you? or you want me to show you what I really am?’ he said with teasing smile.
  • ‘You’re still annoying…’
  • ‘Only for you~’he buried his face in your chest still smiling.

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Snow Day

Negan x Reader (wife #6 - Y/N)

900 words

Warnings - a little bit of sexual innuendo, and Negan and his f-bombs

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