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rfa (or maybe a mini fic with jumin/zen?) when their s/o comes home looking really down and troubled, and when they ask, she just starts self-deprecating, insulting herself, particularly her appearance, because earlier that day someone told her that, "she isn't a girl lol look at her front, it's flat lolol" or something...? i just want to be comforted aah, someone was very rude today and my insecurities just...bursted out;;;;

I saw these as having pretty similar reactions so I decided to put them in one post ^^ also, I’ve kept MC genderless for all except Jaehee and Seven. and anon, I know the feeling of people saying rude things and bringing out insecurities, but most of those people are just assholes who can’t deal with their own lame lives and make fun of people to mask that, so just remember that you are 100x better than them and I’m here for you <3

-Admin Ace in Space


  • this poor little bean is so confused when you come home talking about how much you dislike yourself
  • you are perfect??? and he loves you??? and he could never imagine someone like you being insecure??
  • he gets surprisingly serious and wraps his arms around you
  • “MC… I never believed anyone would love me. I mean, I’m short, I have a horrible work ethic, all I do is game… but you love me. And I love you, no matter what you think about yourself.”
  • for the rest of the day, you can expect surprise kisses and hugs at any moment
  • he holds you really close to him at night and murmurs how much he loves you until you fall asleep
  • he may be new to romance and stuff, but he never wants to see you upset and does whatever he can to make you smile


  • dating him, you’re bound to have some insecurities
  • I mean, the guy is a God
  • but he soon manages to pick up on the tell-tale signs that you’re wallowing in insecurities
  • and he hugs you from behind and kisses your cheek
  • and tells you how much he loves you
  • when you come home one day self-deprecating because of what some stranger said, he’s really pissed
  • how dare anyone say something bad about his angel???
  • he’s EXTRA romantic for the rest of the day, constantly doing little things for you
  • if you’re okay with it, he has you lay down and kisses every part of your body that you’re insecure about


  • she’s been there, she’s had her fair share of guys tell her she doesn’t look feminine enough and that no guy would want her
  • joke’s on them, she’s dating the best woman in the world
  • and she makes sure you know it
  • she curls up on the couch with you, a movie running in the background, and whispers sweet nothings in your ear
  • Baehee is the sweetest
  • you two share stories about bullshit guys have said to you and end up laughing about it
  • and you make fun of them instead of yourself
  • she leaves cute notes on the mirror reminding you how perfect you are so that you can start every day feeling a little better about yourself


  • he won’t let you be insecure for even a few moments
  • immediately puts Elizabeth 3rd on your lap because we all know cats are perfect distractions
  • wraps his arm around your waist and holds you close
  • when you tell him that you’re feeling even more insecure than usual because of what a stranger said to you, he’s livid and ready to sue the bastard
  • pulls you in his lap and buries his face in your neck
  • when you ask him what he’s doing, he says, “This is now your insecurity-free zone. As long as I’m holding you, you’re surrounded by my love and can’t feel bad about yourself”
  • what a dork he’s perfect
  • it surprises you that he’s going for the “distract you by being funny” routine, but honestly? it works
  • the great Jumin Han making jokes to cheer up the love of his life
  • he’s still ready to sue whoever said anything bad about you


  • MC is insecure???
  • no no no no
  • sure, he’s insecure as fuck, but YOU’RE not allowed to be insecure
  • he sits you down and cups your cheeks
  • “MC, being insecure is my thing. You’re so wonderful and perfect and I love you, and if you think you’re ugly, then what am I?”
  • tickles you to make you laugh and tells you how much he loves you
  • when he hears someone said you’re too flat-chested he gets pissed
  • “I love your boobs!”
  • vouches to find that asshole and hack his bank account
  • whenever you feel down or bad about yourself, he distracts you with jokes or just hugs you really tight
  • “I’m hugging the bad feelings away! None of them can escape God 707!”
  • honestly who can focus on disliking themselves when you have this wonderful mess of a human being wrapped around you


  • the SECOND you have even the SLIGHTEST insecure thought, this boy is there
  • it’s like he has a built-in radar or something
  • and he takes your hand and kisses it softly and asks you to tell him what made you feel bad
  • when you explain that a stranger made a rude comment about you, be prepared for the shock of your life
  • Kim Jihyun, the world’s softest man, is angry
  • he may be an absolute pacifist, but he is so mad at whoever made you feel bad about yourself
  • because you deserve so much better
  • and he isn’t afraid to tell you that
  • he has a grumpy lil pout as he hugs you tightly and you can’t help but smile
  • because how is this man even cute when he’s mad
  • if you still feel bad after that, he talks about his own insecurities and how he also has to try every day not to let them get the best of him
  • and you two manage to have a good talk and let everything out
  • which is followed by you trying to out-pamper each other

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ok so someone I don't know messaged me on insta bc they wanted me to draw them, in trade for a shoutout... I don't really care about the shoutout and I kinda have my own things to draw myself but they seem too nice for me to reject them? and I'm not sure if I should tell them about commissions, because I've done that in the past and people look at me as if I'm rude.. what should I do?

maybe tell them you’re busy right now working on other stuff and just thank them for the offer anyways? if they appeared nice I’m sure they’ll respect that you have other work to get done ^^

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Did ciel ever addressed lizzy 'omae'? Just curious thou. And if he did can you let us when or what the circumstances are? (^ ^,)

chapter2, p12: “What were you (omae) thinking?”

chapter14, p20: “Lizzy, you (omae) get off, too.”

chapter51, p16: “I’ll accompany (you) wherever you (omae) want to go”

chapter54, p17: “I’ll definitely protect you (omae)… at any cost!”

etc. etc. etc.


Q: Is it rude for a young noble (male) who lives in the 19th-century England to call his fiancee who happens to be his childhood friend & cousin “omae” ?

A: No.

takes a deep breath

okay. look. is it too much to ask you people to unfollow and block someone if you don’t like them, rather than send them hate and tell them to stop enjoying themselves and to stop roleplaying altogether? do any of you realize how RUDE that sounds??

“ Hey I want you to stop having fun with your writing, because I don’t like it. ”


it’s rude as heck. if you don’t like how someone writes or whatever, there’s a fancy little button that looks like this!!

all you have to do is hover over that person’s icon on the dash and it’s!!!! right there!!!!! so easy you barely have to exhaust yourself. don’t want that person to ever show up on your dash? this is also super duper easy peasy! 

just click on that SUPER COOL little person silhouette and a drop down box of commands will appear!! At the bottom there’s a BLOCK BUTTON that will save all of your silly little troubles! and now, guess what??? that person won’t show up on your dash anymore!!!

and by doing all of this, you don’t need to do any of the following below!

send anon hate

bash someone for their choice of character

bully them

say mean things to them

or all around be a jerk!!!

by following these cool and simple steps, you are on your way to not be a total douche and handle things like a super cool human being!!!!



Hello Georgie! I wanted to request a Riverdale ship. So, my physical appearance is 5'1 dark brown eyes and brown hair with light brown locks. Personality: As you know I love making new friends but at the same time I’m a loner, I don’t go out with friends just with family. I like to keep company to those who are alone. I’m really cuddly and bubbly person with my close friends I like to show them I care about them Likes: Reading, singing, beanies, writing, watching movies Dislikes: Rude people

I really hope you enjoy this Ana!  I couldn’t pick just one character so I hope you don’t mind me picking two!

Riverdale: I ship you with:

Originally posted by stydiaislove

Jughead is one of the most loyal people on the face of the earth.  He keeps to himself, and is also a loner, but would do anything for his friends, and do absolutely anything and everything for you.  Even though Jughead doesn’t talk much, just like you, he is great company to anyone who needs it, and an even better listener.  You like beanies, he likes beanies, is there more to be said?  I can honestly say that you stealing his beanie, only for him to call you the most beautiful woman in the world would be a regular occurrence.  He loves the look of it on you, and he loves that he can see two things that he is so fond of being so close. *wink wink* (He loves your Spanish. It makes him so so so happy to hear you talk in Spanish.  Because Jughead doesn’t speak Spanish he loves when you teach him) He adores you, and nothing could change that.

I also ship you with: 

Originally posted by kevinkeller

Veronica loves your cuddly and bubbly side.  The two of you will sit for hours complaining about the amount of rude people you ran into that day, and comforting each other about it. “I can’t believe people.” Constant cuddles and affection are Veronica’s number one things to do.  She always has to be near you or touching you in someway.  Veronica is the ultimate girlfriend and would do anything to make you happy!

Hello, I am a little potato whose life is being endangered by a man called Andrew Dabb and his associates

This season is the equivalent of Dabb appearing in the sky, floating down to meta writers, saying ‘yep’ and floating back up

I am an emotion

Also I don’t want to be rude but notice how after 12 years the fandom still hasn’t learnt to chill for a moment and see how the thing develops before jumping to conclusions as soon as the thing gets introduced (see Crowley and Lucifer)

And other things

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(Rude anon) yes I assumed your age correctly. I am aware of your age. You still act like less that how old I know you to be, I have been following you a while. You can go flattering yourself all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that your reading comprehension, and your bootlickers', appears to be lower than what you think it to be. Are you going to tag your little reblogs or nah?

… why do you care so much?

Imagine Sam accidentally watching your first kiss with Dean...

Y/N and Dean were taking an awfully long time getting the bags in from the impala, Sam hadn’t heard a fight, but it was worth checking. With the luck that all of you tended to have, it only took 10 minutes for everything to them upside down. He wandered over to the window and parted the blinds.

For a minute, he worried, Dean appeared to have Y/N in a tight embrace, she was faced away and for a moment looked to be crying. Sam peered slightly more intently, straining to see if Y/N was okay.

Before he could take another breath, he saw Dean lift her chin up and kiss her, they looked at each other for a few moments and then turned to pick up the bags.

Sam backed away from the window quickly, eyes wide and looking for something to do. He lunged across the little room and pretended to be coming out of the en suite.

“Hey Sammy, got the bags.” Dean said as he opened the door. Y/N trailed in behind him, a small blush still on her cheeks and a smile playing on her lips.

Sam looked between them and swallowed before composing himself and acting as if he’d not seen a thing…

…And that he couldn’t see the smug grin on Dean’s face.

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tbh when ppl make jokes abt their appearance (nose, forehead, etc) or abt their personality (like i've seen ppl call jimin annoying multiple times now) it makes me rlly uncomfortable?? even when they say it's just a joke, it's still rude???? we don't know them personally so i don't think it's ok to make rude comments or 'jokes' abt them??

yes!! I agree so much my friend n it makes me uncomfy too :/ n ur right we don’t know them we don’t rly have the right to make fun of them, whether that’s about their appearance or their personalities….idek why ppl would want to be anything besides respectful towards them. Why do ppl wanna say jimin’s a demon he didn’t even Do Anything and jungkook has expressed before that he’s insecure abt his nose :/

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concearning mass effect: you do know that shepard is canonically female right? and the twins in andromeda are canonically one mae and one female... and you get to choose which one you want to play so i'm not quite sure what your issues with it are. sorry if this comes off as rude, just wondering if you could elaborate

Oh of course I can. My main issue here is with some of the trailers and such released for Mass Effect: Andromeda, especially the launch trailer.

The launch trailer specifically due to its extreme marginalisation of female characters, especially Sara(?) Ryder, who did not appear in any major capacity, despite being one of the two playable main characters. I don’t think Vektra or Cora got anything more than a couple of frames either and Peebee was used exclusively as a sexual hook for potential buyers.

The thing is, within film and media, especially in things like advertising, everything is done for a reason, and in advertising especially the reason is money. And money can be a powerful force. The reason female characters were marginalised and used for sexual marketing only in the trailer is to pander to cis straight men in an effort to get them to buy the game. They were the only target audience through that trailer.

And it was done so in a way that damaged the reputation and standing of women.

I would like to note of course that there was one other trailer that did largely feature Sara and even Vektra but I’d also like to point out that that trailer was not supposed to be as important to the marketing of the game as the launch trailer. Also, the compositions and quality of the trailers were very very different, in which one featured tonnes of action, well polished scenes and animation, a lot of eye catching effects, a sex scene, and an important piece of dialogue in the form of a speech by Scott Ryder over the entire trailer, and the other was full of jonky and likely unfinished animations, very little of the same professional film techniques and very little in actual representation or empowerment for the female characters displayed. There was a huge difference between those trailers.

My problem here is not currently with the game by the way, but with the marketing/team who made the decisions that went into these trailers to make them what they are. I found a great many problems with it just watching it, and I should say I’m no ‘sjw’ or whatever. But I know how this stuff works to a degree and what I saw disappointed and even angered me, as it has others that I’ve seen. It was incredibly poor on the marketing teams behalf.
The game though, could in fact be great.

Please also note, I do not believe straight cisgendered men are inherently stereotypical in any way and I’m not trying to imply that here. I have no doubt that even some of them could see what was going on. I was simply commenting on the fact that they were the target audience quite explicitly, and in a way that is detrimental. That’s not their fault (except maybe the actual fuckboys who complain every time same-sex romance or fem-shep comes up) and nor is it even fair on the majority of them to treat them as if they can be sucked into the trailer due to stereotypical ‘traits’. Again, my issue is entirely with the marketing team.

Also, I’m not sure fem-shep is the canon Shepard is she? As I understand it they are both interchangeable and thus both canon in their own way. Male Shepard appeared in the majority of default front covers and displayed cutscenes and a bunch of other stuff, but Female Shepard also got that one cool teaser for MEA on N7 day.

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There...

> ….

> It is quiet…

> …Margaret is sitting by the table…

> She appears to be waiting for something…

….Caroline. Justine.

> One of the doors in the room opens.

> Two people step through…

We have returned, sister.

What’s it you need, Margaret? You’d better make it quick. I wasn’t planning on going back to work right after coming back from TGS. 

> Margaret ignores her younger sister’s rudeness. 

Have you seen Elizabeth and Marie anywhere? They were supposed to be here to help me prepare for our next guest.

How should we know? Elizabeth’s always just wherever she wants to be anyway. Why don’t you just send Theo after her, it’s not like he’s got anything better to do anyway.

…As for Miss Marie though, I am quite certain that I have caught a glimpse of her at the Tokyo Game Show’s event hall. She was walking alongside one of your guests, I believe. 

I see… so Marie’s with him…

> Margaret seems to be thinking about something.

However, to my knowledge the festivities have already ended, correct? What are they still doing at the event hall?

Like I care.

If I may so rude as to voice a suspicion… I was thinking, they might have been invited to a special event of their own…

A special event…

> Margaret briefly considers the words, then begins to chuckle.

I see… It really has been a long time, hasn’t it? Ha Ha Ha…



Eric had been surprised earlier on in the week when a friend of his had randomly decided to gift him with some type of card to Eros.  From what he understood, it was like some type of gift card which just seemed very strange to Eric, but he’d taken the card anyway since he didn’t want to be rude.  He’d figured he might as well use the card, so he now found himself stepping through the front doors of the building, doing his best to not appear as flustered as he felt.

“Uhm.  Yes.  Hi.”  He started, heading toward the first person he saw and hoping they worked there.  “I’ve got, uh, this…thing.”  Eric held up the card as he spoke, flashing a sort of sheepish smile.


So I made a post encouraging peace and tolerance in the Voltorn fandom, and some people left passive aggressive comments about “underage ships” 

That annoyed me, because their comments were unrelated to the subject at hand, based on a false premise, and rude. 

For a while, I was considering posting screenshots of their comments. But I won’t. That would make me just like them. So I took my own advice, blocked them, and moved on. I suggest that y’all do the same. 

The Jr. Thought Police doesn’t want anything logical. They cannot be bullied, bribed, reasoned, or negotiated with. So you just have to block them as they appear. Don’t let toxic people ruin your day.

How Bleach characters would react (if they heard an ice cream truck's jingle)

As requested by jariyajames. :)

An ice cream truck is (apparently) traveling through all of the realms! How will various Bleach characters react when they hear its jingle?

1. Hitsugaya: Acts unexcited

But secretly he is quite excited.

Hitsugaya: An ice cream truck? How annoying.

Hitsugaya: I should go out there…and tell it to leave.

Hitsugaya: Maybe buy some ice cream, too. Just so I don’t seem rude.

Hitsugaya: But mostly I just want it GONE of course.

Hitsugaya: Yes.

2. Orihime: Runs out excitedly

She keeps cash by the door for this very reason.

Orihime: Hi! Do you have anything with red bean paste?

Ice Cream Truck Guy: I have this red bean paste flavored ice cream!

Orihime: All right!

3. Ulquiorra: Goes outside to interrogate the ice cream man

And he doesn’t even buy any ice cream.

Ulquiorra: Tell me what this magical tune is.

Ice Cream Truck Guy: Excuse me?

Ulquiorra: This tune appears to attract humans. 

Ulquiorra: How? Is it a heart thing?

Ice Cream Truck Guy: No, I think it’s more of a Pavlovian thing.

Ulquiorra: Now I am more confused.

4. Yachiru: Buys out the truck

Or to be more precise, Kenpachi does. When they eventually find it.

Yachiru: I’ll take THAT!

Ice Cream Truck Guy: Sorry, what are you pointing at?

Yachiru: The menu!

Yachiru: I’ll have it all!

5. Bazz-B: Has trouble with the ice cream

He buys ice cream every time he hears the truck. But it keeps melting in his hands before he can eat it.


6. Yukio: Puts in his head phones as soon as he hears the jingle

So that he doesn’t have to listen to the annoying jingle anymore.

Yukio: If I wanted ice cream, I would buy an ice cream parlor.

Yukio: Obviously.

7. Rose: Composes impromptu lyrics to match the jingle

It’s a little game he likes to play pretty much any time he hears music.

Rose: I’m so happy that “ice cream” rhymes with “dream”!

Kira: Sometimes you are so sweet that you hurt me inside, Captain.

8. Hisagi: Tries to find ice cream truck

But he cannot.

Hisagi: Dang it! Where is that music coming from??

Kensei: I weep for you.

9. Nel: Follows the music

Although she doesn’t know why.

Nel: This music just sounds so delicious!

10. Lille: Shoots out the speakers

Very accurately, of course.

Lille: That music was very annoying.

Lille: And now it is no more.

Lille: I think everyone will agree I have done the world a favor.

11. Chad: Buys a couple dozen treats

He carries them all in one hand.

Chad: Now I will have ice cream for everyone I meet on the street.

Chad: I like smiles.

12. Ukitake: So excited he falls down coughing

He has to send out Sentaro and Kiyone instead.

Ukitake: G…Get me something delicious!

Sentaro & Kiyone: WE WILL, CAPTAIN

C Tonight I walked into Kroger with a bonnet on my head, because I had just hopped out of the pool so my hair was in a wet bun. Immediately when I walked in these two teenage girls looked at me and one of opened her mouth wide, gawking at my appearance. I walked around to the checkout lane they were standing in and gave them a big smile, while waving and saying hello. The girls were surprised at my response. I made sure I made eye contact with both of the young girls each time I passed them. I wanted them to know I saw them and they were being completely rude. What if I wear a scarf because of the effects of cancer treatment? What if I were wearing a hijab? Would they have laughed and pointed at me all the same? I in no way allowed them to make me feel ashamed, because one should not be teased about the way he/she wears his/her hair. I want to end this story by telling you all to wear your hair as you please and don’t let anyone discourage you.

Hi guys! You are probably aware of this horrible fact that Phoebe has recently received unjustified and unreasonable hate. It appears that there is this troll account that does nothing but harass her and tag her in their posts. The things is, they actually want her to see all of this rude posts. I don’t have to say how awful this is, do I? Actually, I’m not asking you to tweet this account or try to argue with them. Please, do not do it. I assume the last thing we want to accomplish is to rattle their cage. We’d just give them the attention they want.

However, we can do something else instead, something much more positive, something for Phoebe. My friend came up with a great idea. Since it’s TO day, as the family, we could tweet Phoebe some love, some positive things. I think that right now that’s the greatest thing we could do for her as her fans. It will definitely make her happy! You know, just send her some nice tweets, for example tell her what you like about her character, Hayley or tweet her fanart, etc. Generally speaking, anything positive, anything what will make her smile. I feel like she needs to know that we love her, that we are there for her and we will always be! ♥

So, please, if you’re able to, join us this afternoon. Just send Phoebe some nice messages via Twitter. Just tweet her some positive stuff. Let’s show her our support! She needs this! :) 

Please, do not ignore it. Reblog this post or repost it, it doesn’t matter. Just spread the word! THANK YOU!!!

Here is Phoebe’s Twitter account: @1PhoebeJTonkin

I made a screenshot of the post, because I’m on board with this whole “let’s not engage” way of thinking, but just in case anyone was feeling discouraged by this thing that appeared in our tags bc rude…

I wanted to talk about common literary devices known as unreliable narrator & unreliable expositor. It’s important as a writer to occasionally allow the narrative to take on certain assumptions that may not actually be true. In particular, it’s important when you’re writing dialogue for a character to remember that they are in fact human, and limited in their knowledge and ability to comprehend everything that you, as the writer, are doing to them. They are allowed to lie to your audience. They are allowed to be mistaken. The easiest and most universally recognized example I can think of is when Hermione slaps Draco in Prisoner of Azkaban. A few books later, Ron refers to it as a punch. It could just be retcon on the part of JKR because of the movie, or, a more elegant explanation is that Ron himself is remembering the incident with more force, that he’s romanticized the scene in his head to show Hermione with a closed fist instead of an open one.

Anyway, back to Carl. So here’s his poor face getting all bulleted-up and here’s a picture from later when he’s not got the bandage on.

If you thought that looked like there was some brain damage, you were probably right. Evidence of this isn’t just the depth of the wound or the gnarly scar-tissue, it’s the recovery symptoms that he experiences. Carl falls into a coma. This is a symptom of brain damage. Upon waking up, Carl doesn’t remember that his mother has died. Memory loss is a symptom of brain damage. Since the bullet did enter his head, assuming that the bullet is the cause of this brain damage isn’t dumb, it’s a logical inference.

However, there’s no reason for Carl to know or understand any of this. Especially given the fact that he’s just a kid, trained to kill walkers by aiming for the head, brain damage = death in Carl’s simplistic understanding.

In any case, what really makes me roll my eyes is that anyone is trying to argue that people don’t live through serious head injuries. That’s. Just. Incorrect. Trying to claim that because the bullet entered her brain she’s automatically dead isn’t good enough, sorry. People survive gunshot wounds to the head. People lose parts of their brain and they get over it. The human body is kind of amazing. It dies really easily sometimes, and other times, it shocks you by what it can live through.

If you want an extreme example of someone who had bits of their head spilling out of a busted skull and got over it google Phineas Gage.

When it comes down to it, Beth taking on Carl’s comic-book recovery is actually a totally valid theory.

TL;DR - Carl doesn’t know how bad the damage was, and why are non-TD people so obsessed with us?

People who think it makes more sense that T&T are a PR couple rather that they are two people who genuinely like each other and are in a relationship remind me of the customers that come to my work place and demand we check the back for more product because they can’t believe we don’t have anymore on the shelf, even though we know there’s no more product in the back and we tell them as much, you can be rude all you want lady but I can’t magically make more hummus appear out of nowhere.

Just because you want something to be true, being rude and mean about it isn’t going to make it true, maybe you just gotta accept things for what they are and learn to live with it.

If They Have Abbie Pursue Danny...

It will make Abbie look like the second dumbest woman in Sleepy Hollow. Pandora is the dumbest for putting up with THO. Danny is giving off alarmingly similar controlling vibes  with his “I’m in charge” speech. We have to separate Lance the actor from the character Danny. I can appreciate the swooning over Lance because he is so handsome and is reportedly a great guy, while Danny appears to be treacherous, surly, unappreciative, rude and not nice to Abbie.  Why would she pursue something beyond co-workers and friends with him when a love for the ages in the person of her “roommate” is standing right in front of her. If she is that fearful of loving Crane and only wants just a warm body that is not Crane, the rock climbing guy is a clueless, but cute possibility. All this weird behavior from Danny is going unnoticed by FBI Agent Mills?  Abbie is supposed to have a profiler’s instincts; she is some one who is supposed to understand behavior and motivation. It is time to write her that way.