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Jimin; Boyfriend Material

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Sorry not sorry. I’m positive that Jimin would be a perfect boyfriend

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Like look at him being all cute guys, who wouldn’t want this in their life??

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Sliding his way in your heart 

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He’s a lil (ok a lot a bit) clingy but it’s in that cute endearing way so you might as well accept it or your heart will melt in you reject his hugs and cuddles

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(Normally I’m a hardcore loyal taekook shipper but this gif is the cutest thing ever) But seriously guys just imagine yourself in Taehyung’s place. Y’all know this would happen all the time cuz Jimin is precious like that (ugh the longer gif when Jimin pulls away and Taehyung is all surprised and cute wasn’t working for me but this is still cute)

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Honestly Jimin is a little insecure about things (DONT BE BABY YOU’RE PERFECT AND WE LOVE YOU) and if you are too then you can both support each other. And if you’re really confident then you can totally hype him up

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He just rocks the boyfriend look guys and all armys know how great of a boyfriend Jimin will be

(The last ones I did of Jungkook and Taehyung’s boyfriend material received lots of love so I hope you guys enjoy this too)

*None of the gifs are mine*


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if love’s a fight, then I shall die
   with my heart on a trigger

   {Fitz version}


What are girlfriends for ? ♥