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When Jin was getting ready to meet his lady the first time he was just going to be dressed causul™ but then he accidentally knocked over the case of flowers and was like fuck yeah I remember I have her dairy and she wants those fucking smeraldo flowers I should get sum so he dressed to fancy and meet the flower delivery truck moments before his girly died so after the tragedy he went back in time to try and save her by this time not getting her flowers after he noticed he knocked down the vase

Trump, meanwhile, had been upset about Bannon’s participation in a book by Bloomberg News reporter Joshua Green, “Devil’s Bargain” — particularly a cover photo giving equal billing to Trump and his chief strategist. Every time Green was on CNN, where he is now contributor, Trump grew unhappy with his references to Bannon as a thinker and strategist — and upset that the conversation was not instead about Trump. Bannon’s critics noticed that Trump hated this narrative and would casually mention the book whenever they could in private conversations, slowly building a case against Bannon as a self-promoter.

Trump gets rid of Stephen Bannon, a top proponent of his nationalist agenda

This entire article is a fascinating read, but I just wanted to highlight that Trump allegedly fired Bannon, not because of any white nationalist leanings (in fact, he was fired two weeks ago and his firing was delayed because of Charlottesville), but because Trump was jealous of all the attention he was getting.

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Hey, so I happen to be autistic and I know it seems kinda stupid to be asking, but my MC is autistic and I’m struggling with how I can get across that my character is autistic without laying it on way too much or just outright saying it. I want it to be a noticeable trait for them. Any advice on how to do this?

My first suggestion would be to look at our Calling Characters Autistic series - part three has suggestions for strongly hinting that your character is autistic.

My second suggestion is to examine why you don’t want to “just outright say” that your character is autistic. Explicitly calling your character doesn’t have to be a big affair, it can be done gracefully, and we would love to see more characters being explicitly called autistic. Read part 1 of the Calling Characters Autistic series for suggestions.

Hope this helps!

-Mod Snail

the rest will be done saved in drafts by mod dabi

  • Aizawa rushes to his kid’s location right away with a calm look but a worried feeling inside
  • Once he finds his kid and the villian he’ll intervene with a sneak attack surprising them both
  • Tells his kid to run away but notices the mild injury and tells to just back away behind him 
  • Quickly tries to finish the fight before anyone else gets hurt or if his child’s mild injury gets worse
  • Once it’s over Aizawa quickly pulls his child to the side into a hug telling him, “It’s alright now. I’m here now.” He noticed his child’s fearful look after gettung injured
  • Takes his son to the hospital even if it’s just mild he doesnt care he wants him to get treated right away so it doesnt get a infection or what not 
  • Even though he’s dissappointed his child fought a villian he’s glad they didnt get a even serious wound or worse: death, that’s what matters him to the most

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hi! i follow you on goodreads and i noticed you just finished if we were villians. if you don't mind me asking, how was it? did you enjoy it?

I did, actually! I read it over an 8 hour train ride and I think it’s a pretty decent book if you want something to devour over a long journey - fast-paced, intriguing, quite easy to get through (also, incredibly fun dialogue). An added bonus if you love Shakespeare and enjoy pretentious, melodramatic theatre kids and their terrible decisions and even more terrible coping mechanisms. 

I know comparisons are coming out left, right and centre with The Secret History (which was inevitable and more than fair enough since the narratives are so strikingly similar) but I don’t like comparing books and authors all that much so I’m not going to get too into it. It’s not the same, I’ll say that much. It isn’t as seductive or as darkly immersive as The Secret History; the pace is different and the tension is far subtler but it was….I don’t know, fun? I know that’s probably the wrong word (all the awful things considered) but it’s the only one I can think of that sort of fits. In terms of the whole ‘Dark Academia’ genre Villains is melodramatic and just a touch more emotionally charged (obviously because, again, Theater Kids) but it was, for lack of any other word, fun. Terrible things happen, obviously, and the characters are more or less ridiculous, but it had this very small, very odd  - almost reckless, I suppose - sort of charm to me. 

That said, I did have a few issues with the characterisation and the pacing in parts, and I felt some things could have been dealt with in just a bit more detail, but other than that it’s enjoyable enough - it didn’t blow me away but I liked it and I think it’s a pretty decent read. You’ll probably either love it (because of The Secret History), be incredibly disappointed (because of The Secret History), or just find it woefully (or, heck, delightfully) pretentious.

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Jack responds to you over and over and over so do you have tips on how to make him see others posts as well? He noticed me a once or twice but i feel like unless i'm good at editing or art he wont ever interact with me.....

Look, I’m not an artist or an editor either.
I just post videos or make silly edits, but it took me one whole year and up to 80 posts to finally get to the point I am now. You just have to try and be active if you want to get noticed.

But please keep in mind, you don’t have to get regularly noticed by Jack in order to be a “true” fan, because many people think that if they can’t make art or contribute to the community, they don’t belong here. But that’s wrong because your subscription and support counts as well and it’s very very important💕

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I saw people keep putting up your links on mangago and I feel bad for you guys.. Hope you will keep doing great and thank you for being the best group i ever know! ❤️

Thanks for another heads up. Really appreciate it. Yes, that is immensely annoying. Mangago blots on the hard efforts of artists by making our releases massively available FOR A PROFIT. We cannot stress this enough. They get sooooo much money for putting out all those crappy ads (Have you noticed they often have nothing to do with manga?). Every snide undercover upload pushes us further to making our releases more and more restricted. And we don’t want that. Just come to our tumblr. Evidently we’re the best right? ~o^

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Why not make a post about harry getting 125m views on YouTube in 3 months? you done it for Liam and Louis? Why not harry? is it because you don't like the song or the video? Not being rude btw just want to know!!

Not at all. I knew it had hit 100 a bit ago and I’d really only been watching the BTY numbers until this week when I saw STD was about to hit 100 so I got excited about that. Not everything has malicious intent. I just saw it and was excited cause I knew I would see the number turn. You can’t do anything around here without being accused of something else though, so I probably shouldn’t even have bothered….

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It's really sad what happend in Turku today and I just wanted to check that are you safe/ok?

Don’t worry, I’m alright!

I live very close of the market place where the attack happened, but I didn’t notice anything until my mom texted if i was okay. I called my roommate who was out at the time, and fortunately they were safe.

Now, I’m just..so damn worried about state of my contry. Things are getting worse in here

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Hi, Jules! I'm a 17 year old girl from the UK and I was wondering if you could give advice on how to get people to take part in my short films. I've had many ideas and my friends have said yes but they just never happen. Do you have any advice on how to keep to plans and make sure it goes through? Also, other than YouTube and film festivals and workshops, are there any other ways to get noticed? (Tho I know it's hard). Thank you!

Hi, Jules! I’m thinking of making a comedy-horror short film, and I was wondering how to get my friends to help out? I don’t have any friend who are into filmmaking (though I’m thinking of joining film workshops where I can meet other people) and I want this film to actually happen, as my other film ideas never went through. Thank you! :)

Hello Anons!

I grouped your questions together because they are very similar and I am behind on answering my inbox.

It can be difficult to get friends to participate in your films, especially if you don’t have friends who are interested in film, theater, or acting. However, there are things that help keep them interested:

  • FREE FOOD. I cannot stress this enough. If you are having people work for you unpaid, good and free food on set is a must!
  • Show them proof that your project is more than just an idea. If you have a script, storyboard, shot list, etc. show them to the people you want involved in your project. It shows that not only are you serious and excited about your project, but you are PREPARED and actively working on it.
  • Involve them in the planning process. If they are invested in the project and contribute to it before it is filmed, they are more likely to want to see it through to the end.
  • Don’t try and film everything in one day for 12 hours straight. Your friends are not working for you and they probably don’t want to spend 12 hours acting/filming if it isn’t something they are interested in. Instead, spread out shooting days. Film for a few hours then have a bonfire in the evening. On location? Go sightseeing or try local shops and restaurants before or after filming.

In addition to all these points, you both already mentioned that you have to actually have a plan to execute so your ideas don’t fall through. So how do you get a plan together to make sure your film actually gets made? Well, there are a few ways, but it depends on your personality and what works best for you. Here are some ways I plan projects:

  • Make schedules so you have deadlines to meet. It’s a plan for your plan, and it feels good to cross things off a list!  The screenplay challenge I did this summer is an example. Before I even had a concept for my film, I made a schedule, so I only had a small job each week to finish my script.
  • Make sure you are held accountable. Sometimes my self-control isn’t enough to get me to get a film done and I need an outside party to help. Grab a friend and tell them that you will show them a specific part of a project by a certain date. For example, I tell my sister that I will have scripts finished within a certain time frame because I know she will purposefully annoy me if I don’t finish it.
  • Set aside time every day. Even if it is only 10 minutes and you stare at a blank page, dedicate some part of your day to your project. It will get you in the habit of using that time for creative projects and help you focus more.
  • Be organized. Keep folders (digital or physical) for each element of your project. Pre-production folders for scripts, budgets, casting, prop lists, location scouting… Production folders for cast and crew lists, filming days, equipment lists, shot lists… Post-production folders for editing, sound, color correction, release dates, distribution…
  • Involve your friends in the process. Even if people aren’t involved in your project, it is helpful to get second opinions when you brainstorm and need to solve problems that may arise in the planning process.

Finally, when it comes to getting noticed, I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for you. The film and television industries put a lot of emphasis on who you know versus what you know, so anyone you know in the film industry is a good contact to have, no matter how you met them.

Create as much as you can. Take any job you can related to film and learn what you can from that job. People like to see initiative and hard work in the industry (and in pretty much any job) so if you do your best, your employers are bound to take notice and recommend you to other people.

Good luck to you both!



You’re a good student. You’ll make it - I promise you, you’ll make it. You get better grades than I did. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine.

ok but imagine Pidge as the Toddler From Hell™ terrorizing teenage Matt and Shiro (but mostly Matt)

  • Shiro comes over to hang out with Matt and they’re left home alone to look after Pidge. Somehow Shiro accidentally lets the f-word slip in front of lil toddler Pidge and suddenly Pidge is running around the house screaming “FUCK” at the top of her lungs.
    • Matt is chasing her, completely pale and trying to shush her while Shiro just: “SHIT I’m so sorry oh wait cRAP I DIDN’T MEAN TO–ohmygod I should shut up now I am so sorry….”
    • Pidge: “FUCK!! SHIT!! CRAP!!” (Matt is screaming in the background)
    • Later that night at dinner….
      • Sam @ Pidge: “So, sweetie, did you have fun with Matt and Shiro today?”
      • Pidge: “FUCK!!”
      • Matt goes white as a sheet, Sam turns red, and Colleen nearly faints
        • Matt takes the fall and says he accidentally said the f-word in front of Pidge, not Shiro
      • Years later, Pidge is like “holy crap isn’t Shiro the one who actually taught me the f-word” and Shiro’s like “oh fuck, I meAN SHIT I MEAN I DIDN’T, IT WASN’T ME IT WAS MATT!!”
  • Pidge tattled on Matt ALL THE TIME. Like the time he wanted to try driving their dad’s car and backed it into a trash can. Rip Matt.
    • Shiro actually caught Pidge in the act but he decided to join in rather than stop her
    • Later she secretly watches them play from the doorway when she got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night aND SHE FIGURES OUT THEY WERE GOING EASY ON HER SO SHE SITS HER ASS DOWN AND THROWS A FUCKING TANTRUM RIGHT THERE
    • The next time they play, Shiro and Matt play fairly per Pidge’s request, but of course she loses and proceeds to throw another tantrum :’)
  • Matt brings home a girl he has a crush on and PIDGE SHOWS HER HIS DIARY
    • Matt: “That is NOT MINE”
    • Pidge, with her hands on her hips: “Well my name isn’t MATT” *points at where Matt signed his name at the bottom of the page*
    • Shiro pops in to drop off something he borrowed from Matt and notices Matt and the girl are getting along really well and calls out, “Oh so you told her you like her?? That’s great buddy!!” and gives him a thumbs up. Matt wants to crawl into a hole and die.
      • The girl leaves 30 mins later and Shiro’s casually hanging around the kitchen like “uhhh sorry man I didn’t mean to fuck that up for you” and Matt just gives him A Look.
    • Shiro wins after Matt finally gets his tiny sister off him
    • Matt: “You’re my sister!! Who’s side are you on?!?!”
    • Pidge, sitting in Shiro’s lap with a sHIT-EATING GRIN ON HER FACE: “Shiro’s” :DDDDD (MATT FEELS SO BETRAYED)
  • Now Matt questions how he even dealt with Pidge as a kid and she’s just like “idk but you still love me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

You see a bright light streak down from the sky and plummet downward to the west and you recognise it immediately.  It’s the light of Creation. 

wanna know something fun?
if you take the first letters of each name of Lotor’s squad plus the first letter of his own name you get a german word.
so we have Lotor, Acxa, Narti, Zethrid and Ezor which results in Lanze. And what’s even funnier: if you translate this to English it’s Lance. You know, like our favourite Blue Paladin? Lance? Right leg of Voltron? Currently the right arm?
yeah, what a truly remarkable coincidence indeed

"Free speech does not include hate speech"

Yes it freaking does, primarily because there is no universal definition of “hate speech”. You really want the government to decide what’s acceptable speech and behavior for everyone? The same government who was kicking down married couples’ doors 60 years ago because they dared be an interracial couple? I don’t know if you’ve noticed but society’s definition of right and wrong and acceptable and deplorable have changed dramatically even over the last few decades. You can’t just want these rules when they work in your favor and cry when they work against you. Free speech means you can say the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard and I’m free to either tell you off or completely ignore you. Free speech means I can say that Nazis are pieces of human garbage and not get arrested like I would in Germany if this were the 30s.

Free speech means any speech, whether you like it or not.

Anyone Else Notice These Things??

-Watch closely when someone gets in Max’s face/ swings at him (examples: those two times David yelled at him, when Preston yelled at him, when Pikeman swings at him, ect) he flinches. Badly. He just doesn’t give a short jump, he closes his eyes and he backs up.

-He’s kind of immune to pain??? Throughout one single episode, he gets stabbed, punched in the face, slapped multiple times, and he gets tangled up in a bunch of ropes. In another episode, he gets thrown off the Flowerscouts’ “proper walking/ posture” course thing. And he doesn’t really land in the liquid/ acid shit like Space Kid does. He actually gets thrown off. And I know a lot of detail isn’t put in this specific show, but that could’ve really hurt him. But everytime he gets hurt no marks show up on his body (the only reason I’m pointing this out is because when DAVID gets hurt, he gets bandages and scratches/ scars afterwards) and he kinda just walks off all his injuries. (But! In one episode he does get effected by one of Harrison’s magic tricks, and he points out that he doesn’t feel well… Three times??? In that episode.)

-He doesn’t eat a lot. He’s shown drinking coffee in… I’m p sure four different episodes, and he’s shown eating breakfast in one (EDIT: I watched the episode again cuz its one of my favs, but I noticed he doesn’t even eat any. He’s just playing with it with his fork, and he leaves for the shower before he eats). And while everyone else is in line for breakfast (season 1 episode 11) he wants coffee. Hell, even in the theme, he has nothing on his plate while Neil and Nikki have… Food?? On their’s.

-Max has admitted to crying himself to sleep (S1 Ep8)

And before you all come at me, yes. I know. It’s 110% canon that the a majority of the other camper’s lives are pretty fucked up, too. I’m just saying, like?? The other campers sometimes mention their life at home, but every time “home lives” are brought up, to me it feels like Max was scripted (purposely) to not respond.
I dunno.. This has all been on my mind for a while aofbakfjanf

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fkwkskfkd I never send things to the blogs I follow like this but I kinda need help with a lot of things but what if I want to give up on art? I love drawing but,,,, nothing looks good I'm just getting worse and worse and idk what to do I have no inspiration and nothing comes out as planned dkkfkdkskfnfnakxkfk

Ahh, I’m so glad you reached out! Honestly I seriously love giving advice so I’d be happy to help you out. Every single creator has doubts, even famous illustrators and artists, so I’d be happy to share what I and others have done to help ourselves out. 

Firstly, remember that practice is key. When you’re in an art block or frustrated with art, break the mold and do something that’s a bit different. What I tend to do is draw flowers from reference pictures or go outside and draw a tree or something. Other times, I’ll do thumbnail sketches of compositions like these.

You could do a still life, sketch only the part of a body you’re comfortable with, or do gesture drawings (which intentionally don’t look great). Heck you can even trace art, color someone’s line art, or things like that (obviously don’t share without artist’s permission though)! Looking at art tutorials can be a great source of inspiration too. 

Once you’re a bit more like “okay, I like this even when it doesn’t look great!” then you can start practicing the weaknesses you see in your art. For me, for instance, I tend to go with more stagnant poses and I’m not very good at drawing mouths and intense facial expressions. So I started googling references and just sketching them. When you treat it like a study, there’s less pressure for it to be perfect. You’ll notice some will look better than others but, when you walk away and then have to draw that part again, you’ll notice that it comes to you easier. 

Now, here’s the most important thing to remember when you feel like you’re getting worse. You’re not actually getting worse, you’re becoming more in tune with your art and noticing things you want to improve more. This is progress!! Awesome super fantastic progress! It only seems like you’re getting worse because you’re noticing the areas you want to improve more. So, all you have to do is start practicing those areas. 

While you’re doing this, celebrate how much more aware of the awkward anatomy and compositional errors and weird things you are. This is the best guide towards becoming a better artist–to be critical of your own work. But, to make sure you don’t knock yourself down with self-criticism, remember to be compassionate and honor what that teaching voice is sharing with you. Work together to become a better artist, to learn and grow. 

Lastly, remember that all of your favorite artists started somewhere and gosh did we start somewhere horrible lol. We all doubted our work (I still get frustrated sometimes!) and felt like we’d never be on par with our favorite artists. But we kept working–both on improving our artistic confidence and skills. 

So long as you keep trying, you’ll make it to where you want to be. That’s the only thing you need. 

For bonuses (lol) let me show you some of my old art compared to my newer stuff so you can see how bad I used to be (and most of these art was after about 5 years of study anyways!!).  

That piece is from seven years ago, so it took me seven years of doing art most days of the week to get to this sort of work: 

Now here’s a super old watercolor (from late 2011). It’s muddied and the composition is poor and it’s generally not a good piece looking back. 

About six years later, though, this old watercolor was transformed into pieces like this!

How I got here was practice. I kept trying. I notice what I wanted to work on, what parts about my art bugged me, and I studied them. Slowly but surely I improved. And you, lovely anon, you will too. 

Help me fundraise for a service dog? I only need another $333 to reach the halfway mark! <3