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People are really yelling at you for being upset b/c what? This 'isnt as bad as 307'??? Wtf you were a fucking leader during the 307 shit. You, of all people, know the impact shit like this can have on ppl. I cant believe ppl are coming at you for being mad. You led and helped ppl through dark shit. If youre mad it isnt over nothing. People are ridiculous. Youre great. Keep being such a strong positive voice on my dash/in life. Hope you have a nice day!

Like… let me phrase it differently.

Both are awful. But this is just different. Eliza especially has always been supportive of Clexa. But seeing the actual cast literally MOCKING lgbtq fans for interpreting art the way they want to interpret it in such an insidious and obvious way is so so so damaging. If you really want to think this is about us being mad that supercorp won’t be canon, then y'all really need to learn sarcasm because you obviously didn’t get that all the posts that me or other fans made being like OMG SUPERCORP GONNA RISE were jokes, people.

this is not about a ship we know won’t be canon not being canon. it’s about us being mocked for even thinking that could and should be a possibility. it’s invalidating and it’s gross.

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First of all can I just say I love ttwk!!! Also those people who are telling you to stop ending on a cliffhanger are rude. It's your story, and they're the ones reading it and liking it so they shouldn't complain. That's all :) -R

Dearest R:

I honestly want to thank you right now. You have no idea how much I needed this at this very moment. When your ask came in, I was crafting a post about scrolling through my dash and seeing that a reader of my story had sent in an ask to a rather popular blog not recommending reading it because of certain triggers. It felt unnecessary and rude since this user also sent an ask to me today that felt like a sequel is being demanded when I have yet to actually finish TTWK yet. Why want a sequel when you recommend it not being read by someone who posted it on a heavily followed blog? Doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s the way things go apparently. 

The past couple of days have been incredibly discouraging on here and AO3 with my work. There are the wonderful readers who leave sweet comments, and I value them so very much, but there have been quite a few not so sweet comments and those have a way of carrying a heavier weight unfortunately. I wish it wasn’t that way. I wish I could ignore them and let them go. It’s much easier said than done. I’ve written before urging people to think before they comment so I’m not going to rehash here again.

Please just know, sweet R, that it is people like you that make me still want to keep posting. Thank you so so much. 

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my dash has been okay but i feel like i see a lot of the same things and just wanna check out more blogs and maybe interact with people some more, i feel like i haven’t been very active in the past month,,

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lesbianrey replied to your post: on the one hand the supergirl nonsense is…

tbh. also its a bad show and it was vexing me for wlw to keep watching it and hoping for it

god i know what you mean? every time someone would reblog a scene onto my dash with a caption like “THERE IS NO HETEROSEXUAL EXPLANATION FOR THIS” i would just feel my stomach sinking like… like i know it’s not gonna happen and in the end they’re just going to tell you to shut up and enjoy the side lesbians and i don’t want to have to be the one to tell you that


I’ve been working on this one for a LONG time and I kept scrapping ideas and I couldn’t think of how to write this but here it is finally! @jae-sch

Logan x Reader

Pronouns: They/Them/Their

*Y/n’s P.O.V.*

I clutched the envelope in my hands. The tighter I held onto it the more sweaty it became. In all honesty I don’t think i had ever been so nervous in my life.

“Are you going to open that or just stare at it with wide eyes?” I heard Logan say. Logan was my tutor and a person that I had fallen head over heals for. I mean come on who wouldn’t he was not only a genius but also looked quite dashing in his glasses.

“I don’t know! This could determine my future, I mean not directly, but agencies want journalists that know geography. It makes things easier to assign articles.”  I continued on with my rant, my (h/c) bangs falling into my face.

I guess Logan got tired of hearing me go on about my nonsense because he out his hand over my mouth cutting me off. “Just open it. I didn’t spend a month helping you prepare for your finals to never know how you actually did on them.”

After hearing those words I slowly tore open the paper of the envelope. I grabbed the paper and looked at my score, causing my eyes to widen at the results.

*1 Month Earlier*

“Alright, that is the end of this presentation! I shouldn’t have to remind you but because I’m nice, exams are exactly a month from now! Study, study, study!” Dr.Palmer announced to the class.

As she said that everyone filed out of the room at slow pace. All except myself and Logan, the schools genius and the key to passing my exam. Instead of walking out the door I walk over to Logan with only one thing on my mind.

Asking him to tutor me.

This seems like a very easy task for most but I’m not exactly the most fond of Logan, for two reasons and only two.

Number one: He is one of the biggest “know it all”s I’ve ever met. It gets very annoying very fast. He gives unwanted input, he’s a pessimist, and he seems to always go out of his way to correct me

Number two: Earlier this year, right when classes had started again, I decided to go to the store because I needed food. There was one thing that I knew I needed and that was chicken dinos. When I finally got to them I saw that there was only one left. Long story short he took them! The last box of chicken dinos was stolen from my grasp by none other than the genius himself!

I had to put the dinos aside though because I knew without any doubt in the world that I would not pass without his help.

In seconds I found myself at Logan’s desk, though he didn’t notice me. As he stared down at his notes, marking what he wrote down during the lecture.

“Hey, Logan.” I said, pulling out the chair from the desk next to him and sitting down.

Even after I tried to get his attention he continued to mark on the paper in front of him, only glancing at me from the side of his eye. I sat there, drumming my fingers and waiting for him to at least tell me to go away.

“What can I do for you today, (Y/n)?” He asked, finally looking up from his note book.

“I have a favor to ask you. And befor you say ‘no’ I can pay you or buy you a coffee every morning for the rest of the year! I just really need your help!” I pleaded. Logan stared at me curiously looking as though he was considering hearing out my case.

“Depends on what you want me to do…” He responded, trailing off. “Walk with me and tell me what you need.”

Picking up everything he used for the class and stuffing it in his bag, we walked out of the room down the long hallway.

“Pretty much, I need a tutor and you’re the first person I thought to ask. I understand what we learn in class but when I want to look over my notes, I just don’t get it…” Explained exasperated, and continued my pleads, “PLease, I really need your help. I’ll seriously buy you coffee for the rest of the year or I cou-”

Right as I was about to make another offer Logan cuts me off. “I’ll help you. I need your number, schedule, and address. Not in a creepy way, just so we can meet up. Also, here is a card with all my info on it.” He pulled me to the side of the hallway and handed me a business card.

“You have a card?” I asked, eyeing the piece of paper in my hand then looking back to Logan who was writing something on a piece of paper.

“Yep, and you have to buy me coffee for the rest of the year.”  He responded giving the paper he was writing on.On the paper he had written down his order. “Do you have any more classes later?”

“No. The next class I have is two days from now.” I told him, folding the paper and putting it in my pocket.

Looking around the hallway I noticed that it was mostly empty except for a small group of people a little farther down.

“Then how about we go to the cafe down the street and start studying.” Logan suggested  looking me in the eye for the first time since we started talking.

That’s how it all started.

A week later we started to meet at each other’s houses because most places were packed with students studying. Every day I would buy Logan a vanilla blend from the Coffee Bean near my house and I would get myself a Caramel Coconut blended.

I never felt like we were anything other than friends that was until one day. I was walking to Logan’s apartment with the drinks. While I walked in I took a sip from my drink but it didn’t taste right. That’s when I realized it wasn’t my drink it was Logan’s.

I finally got to his door and knocked with my foot three times. Logan opened the door right away and let me in.

“Hey. So, heads up I accidentally took a sip of yours because I thought it was my cup. Do you want a sip of mine?” I offered him, setting everything down and gathering what I would need for the study session.

“Um, okay.” he said.

He awkwardly picked up my drink and took a sip. As soon as he did his eyes widened and he quickly turned his head to me.

“What is this? This is amazing! Oh my god!” He continued to fangirl through the entire study session.

The entire time he was my tutoring me I hadn’t seen his smile, but to see him act this way because of a drink was absolutely adorable. At that moment I had let go of any hatred from him stealing my chicken dinos. It was also the moment I developed a crush on him.

*Logan’s P.o.v*

It was the third week of tutoring Y/n and I think it is going great.

I never thought that I would have this opportunity to “hang out” with the person I had a crush on. I liked (Y/n) from moment they answered their first question in geography. I never thought they would ask for help with tutoring because they are brilliant.

When they also offered to buy me coffee I knew it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. Especially since (Y/n) would treat me so coldly sometimes. At one point I started to tell them little fun facts and random things to try and warm up to them, but they seemed to get even more hostile after that.

One day while we were taking a study break I decided to ask them.

“(Y/n)?” I asked looking at them from the other side of the couch.

“Yeah?” They answered looking right back at me.

I wanted to play it off with some stupid trivia question but I needed to know. What had I done to make them not like me for months on end?

“Before you asked me to tutor you, you didn’t seem to like me… At all. Why?” I asked looking at them. I hoped I hadn’t said anything to offend them or something of the sort. That’s when they started to look at the floor and rub their arm.

“Well, ya see. When the school season first started up I went shopping because I needed food, and I was going to get some chicken dinos but there was only one box. And you wound up getting it…” They said not looking me in the eye, “Then there’s a that thing you do where you know the answer to everything and you just seem like a ‘know it all’. It kinda gets annoying.”

I burst into laughter after I heard what they said.

“Hold on. You hated me for months over chicken nuggets?” I asked holding my stomach.

“Stop laughing! Besides they’re not just chicken nuggets! They’re chicken dinos!”

After that I think we got closer than we’ve ever been.

*(Y/n)’s P.o.v: Present Time*

I grabbed the paper and looked at my score, causing my eyes to widen at the results.

“It’s a perfect score.” I mumbled in disbelief, staring at the paper in my hands.

“What? Are you okay, (Y/n)? What’s the score?” Logan asked trying to see my test score.

“It’s a perfect score!” I yelled wrapping my arms around the slender man in front of me.

I close my eyes tight hugging the man who I had feelings for. I felt as his arms wrapped around me holding me in a tight embrace. After I eventually let go I look into Logan’s beautiful eyes.

“Thank you! Thank you so much! I would have failed without you! Thank you!” I yelled pulling him into a quick hug, then releasing.

For a few minutes I just stared into his eyes, admiring how they shined. I then looked to his lips. That was went I made the boldest move in my life.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked him. (Remember consent is key no matter who is doing what to who.)

“What?” Logan asked, looking at me in disbelief.

“Can I kiss you?” I repeated, looking him in the eye.

In a moment his lips were on mine, moving in sync. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he moved his to my waist. When we came back for air we just stood there looking into each other’s eyes.

“(Y/n) (L/n) will you be my significant other?” Logan asked, with his arms still wrapped around my waist.

“What do you think, Smarty?” I responded, placing my head in the crook of his neck.

“Did you know that I’ve been ‘into you’-as the kids say it- since we started this year?” I heard Logan say. My head shot up and I looked into his eyes again.

“And I was hating on you because of chicken dinos? I feel so bad!”

“It doesn’t matter. You like me now, and that’s all I need.”

I try to avoid unfollowing friends in the event that it looks like I don’t wanna be friends. But sometimes it’s just like. Hey man. We’re friends. But I don’t wanna see distracting memes all day. Or other various content.

So if we’re friends and you notice I unfollowed you… Don’t take it personally. I probably will randomly stalk your blog even if I don’t follow (then prepare for a flood of notifications).

Basically, the Tumblr dash is a time-wasting activity for me. So I want to make sure the content I digest is something that is going to directly better me, like blogs/friends who inspire me to cultivate my best self. To name a few, @philosonista, @petrichorals, @error-patience-victory and others.

For the most part, I want to follow blogs that do a lot of original posting and not so much reblogs. Nothing wrong with reblogs. That’s just the content I want to see at the moment.

If you’re wondering whether or not we’re still friends, the answer is more than likely yes. I probably have you on a list of blogs to stalk if I’m not following you.

But yeah. If there’s a post you think I would like… Send it to me. I always appreciate that. And I send posts to my friends all the time.

like… i feel like if someone says ‘if you put this on my dash then i’ll unfollow’ people take it as ‘stop enjoying this’ no… they just dont want to see it. its not meant to be an ultimatum. followers dont matter. its a number on a blogging site


so suddenly a bunch of people on my dash (@jellybeanery, @deedee-sims/@simetriasims and @knightsims) were doing the 4x4 challenge and i was soo inspired by their mini builds that i had to make my own! i was desperate for something to do as i had just decided to stay awake all night (yay past malin, that decision is not gonna come back and bite you in the ass at all!) oops 🙈

this build is incredibly cc heavy, and i want to try making a 4x4 without cc next!

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can i just say how a nice person you are?? like for real you are just so sweet to everyone. i've send so many messages for you asking stuff or just talking about something/ freaking out about ships and not only me but others too and you just always answers with so much kindness. you're always giving your best. and on a site consumed by bitterness you're always a delight to see on my dash, included your gorgeous edits .you are just a very lovely person and you deserve everything good in life ❤️

I want you to know that I actually teared up reading this and when my sister asked if i was okay I showed this to her. This honestly touched me so much and I’m sorry I’m so bad with words and I don’t know how to properly thank you??? i’m actually afraid that i’m not gonna be apple to express to you how much this means to me! JUST THANK YOU SO MUCH I AM KEEPING THIS MESSAGE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and just saying such sweet things to someone makes you an even lovelier person!! 

you deserve all the good things in life and i hope you get them!!! :’)))

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just wanted to say your art inspired me to start painting (digitally, traditional art supplies are way too expensive). since then i've seen a lot of improvement and i really just want to thank you for showing up on my dash and showing me that, yes, people my age CAN create amazing paintings, and that means that, yes, so can i. have an awesome day.

HEll yeah I’m glad I could inspire u!! Wtf!!!

i need more pan + wlw solidarity on my dash… i see lotsa bi solidarity and dats real good! like yo id kill someone for a bi girl but id also, equally as passionately kill someone for a pan girl yknow? like all wlw deserve the world and more and i want all wlw to know tht, not just bi and les girls. =w=n

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I need some advice. I started RPing for like half a year ago and back then I started having threads with someone who I now consider my friend. However, I've started taking a disliking to their writing and don't really feel like our writing coincide anymore. Besides that, they reply to threads so rapidly and almost post all the time so it clogs up my dash. I really feel like an asshole when I think that I want to unfollow them and maybe even stop RPing with them. What should I do?

If this is someone you consider your friend then I would give them the benefit of talking to them about this instead of just randomly unfollowing / dropping them entirely, since people on Tumblr in general just have a really bad habit of dropping things the instant it starts not being smooth sailing or something goes wrong, and it can cause a lot of hurt feelings and drama later down the road.

I’d tell them that you feel like your writing styles don’t mesh well anymore, and that they reply way too fast for you. As for them posting too much on the dash, you could blacklist their URL with XKit or Tumblr Savior which should prevent their posts from showing up on your dash, and then you can just look at their blog whenever you wanna check and see what they’ve posted lately.

It doesn’t make you an “asshole” to want to move on from people you feel you no longer click with, but if someone I was friends with just dropped me out of nowhere without any communication whatsoever, I’d be pretty pissed and yeah, probably consider them an asshole. (It’s happened before.) So communicate with them, see if this is something you can fix (see if you can pinpoint why you don’t like their writing anymore– is it a change in format or vocabulary? too many typos / grammar errors? etc.), and tell them they reply too fast and you want them to slow down. Or maybe consider taking a break from writing with them instead of just cutting them off entirely.

If you don’t feel like trying to salvage the relationship though, then at least give them the courtesy in telling them you no longer have the desire to interact, at least RP-wise.

— mod Sky

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no…. you’re seeing my real constant mood………..

All of my work, all of the hours I’d put in logging events when remembering the events of the day was the last thing I wanted to do, dashed to the winds.  I clenched my fists in my lap.

“You okay?” my dad murmured in my ear.

I don’t think the logs have been completely defeated just yet, but you’ll probably need something more.

There was precious little I could actually verify, though.

“Two weeks ago, Mr. Gladly approached me,” I addressed the room, “He verified that some things had occurred in his class.  My desk had been vandalized with scribbles, juice, glue, trash and other stuff on different days.  Do you remember, Mr. Gladly?”

Mr Gladly nodded, “I do.”

Nice. And here Taylor thought that would be completely unhelpful!

“And after class, do you remember seeing me in the hallway?  Surrounded by girls?  Being taunted?”

“I remember seeing you in the hallway with the other girls, yes.  If I remember, that was not long after you told me you wanted to handle things on your own.”

“That is not what I said,” I had to control myself to keep from shouting,

It’s close enough to what you said to reasonably be what he heard.

“I said I thought this situation here, with all the parents and teachers gathered, would be a farce.  So far, you’re not proving me wrong.”

Hrm. It’s going slightly better than she probably thought, but not much.

I just saw one of these posts on my dash and I just wanted to say how much I hate them

if you don’t reblog them, it doesn’t mean you don’t care. and if you do reblog them, you’re not better than anyone for it because these posts are useless, they don’t do anything, they’re not talking about any specific issues or doing anything to drive change they’re just annoying and get notes through manipulation

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but like anyways who cares what you ship ???? you're free to do whatever the fuck you want, they just have to exit your tumblr ????????

I do understand being in shock when certain content suddenly appears on your dash out of nowhere. That’s why I will tag the ship henceforth (if I ever post about it again). I understand that some people like to follow me for 99.7% of my other content and don’t want to unfollow me but are unsettled by certain irregular content. And I appreciate them for that! I’m thankful for every single follower I have. And if it’s not something like “I’m afraid of eyes, please tag your pictures that have eyes in them”, I have an open ear for people that would like to have something tagged. If they ask nicely.
What I don’t understand is people getting all hostile at a person they don’t agree with but don’t have to follow.