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First off I just want to thank you for the smut (throws love in your direction) this blog is satisfying my need for my newish obsession slbp. I love your fanfic masterpost too. Who would be the one lord that you would gladly bail out of jail and what did they do? 🍡🍡

Ooohhhh, thanks for the fun asks darling, hahahah. This cracks me up so much because I had to bail my boss out of jail once (and it was a mad dash to get his lawyer and get to him before he was deported no less) and it was a very good day once I managed to arrange for his bail (and a MASSIVE relief too). And translated to modern AU, these lords would be MC’s bosses, hahahahah.

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I would gladly bail any of these lords out of jail, actually, provided I got the fund to bail them out (but they are rich, so no worries hahahaha). Gosh, I can’t pick just one. But of course my hubby Kojuro gets priority. 

As for what they did? Oh, misdemeanors…

Nobunaga: minor assault. He saw a bully in the street and got involved and lost his temper. But nevermind, punching the bully’s face was quite satisfying and hey, he got out in no time thanks to you.

Mitsuhide: arson. bwahahahaha! Don’t bail him, join him! Hahahahahha, okay, what kind of crime he could do? most probably aiding and abetting a criminal *cough cough* nobu.

Saizo: illegal hacking into some top secret government/corporate’s digital vault. He’s very chill about it though. And little lady, the Kai Corp is always ready to bail him out. 

Yukimura: speeding. He’s a speed addict and when his motorbike got pulled over for speeding, he made it worse because he tries to (blame Saizo for telling him to do this) sweet talk the officer, which failed spectacularly. 

Masamune: illegal possession of endangered wildlife species. To be fair, those exotic animals and birds are gifts from Nobunaga though. 

Kojuro: hoarding. Hahahahahah. No, really, precious girl, he got it under control! It’s just some pesky neighbours reported him as endangering public health or something. Uh, huh, you are so staging an intervention with Masamune and Shigezane after that. 

Inuchiyo: disorderly conduct, and later, resisting arrest. He got into a bar brawl. He was rather drunk and some asshole at the pub just won’t stop harassing you. Made it worse because he insisted that that dude started it first! 

Hideyoshi: disorderly conduct, and later, attempt of bribery. Well, he got to help Inuchiyo, right? and you can’t blame him to try to sweet talk their way out of an arrest - that officer is cute. 

Ieyasu: possessions of an illegal substance (and possibly distribution of it too). He has a massive, massive collection of recreational drugs and pharms. Also, he grows weed in his basement. 

Mitsunari: vandalism. He strikes me as an activist and he would, for the right cause, join a guerrilla movement. He thinks defacing public properties as a protest is stupid but went along anyways because he cares for his friends. 

Kenshin: petty theft (or maybe grand theft if it’s a super expensive item). It’s not that he didn’t want to pay, he just forgot to. Those items were so pretty, they deserve to go home with him, huh, so he just walked out of the store. Kanetsugu almost got a seizure because Kenshin is actually shopliftng from a high-end department store that he himself owns…

Shingen: indecent exposure. You know how when he got drunk, he felt hot and would start strip himself naked? Yeah, that didn’t go well in public. Also it took quite some time to subdue him because HE STRONG. Laugh it off after because it makes a good story. 

Like this? Got plenty of SLBP headcanon in my masterpost.

so this is a heads up, i’m going to start unfollowing blogs that post too many negative posts. so fandom call-out posts, negative text posts, things like that. 

I’m really sorry if i break off a mutual follow when this happens but…blocking tags isn’t working anymore, and my dash has become too negative. this is NOT counting political posts, discussions on actual issues, or text posts talking about mental illness. Only fandom negativity. 

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i thought my dash was safe of gross ships & ppl but a dc blog ive been following just posted j*yt*m and i Want To Die i clicked unfollow so fast tbh,,, like how can u trust a dc blog nowadays besides like the 4 main ones u always follow. it feels like its impossible to find more than just a few /safe/ dc blogs. can you rec me any that you follow that dont ship gross stuff?

me. um my best friend brenna @niqhtwing

this is a v v smol thank you to all the people ( that would be you who’s reading this who decided to give me a follow? i’m incredibly blessed by your presence and support, and honestly am so happy to be here. i know i don’t talk much on dash or ooc ( something i hope to change ), and i know i’m super fucking slow but. i’m just so grateful that you all thought i was worth clicking the follow button, and then not clicking the unfollow. it means a great deal to me and i hope that i get to know more of you in-depth because it makes me happy to see all of you on my dash. you’re such pure souls that i always want the best for.  

                                                  all my love !!

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I don't actually follow any other Simpsons blogs (though maybe I should), but I just wanted to let you know that it has been so much fun watching the twists and turns of the "furries for moe" saga play out on my dash the last few days, so thanks Twix

this is so sweet aHh thank you for tellin me that this furries-for-moe movement is a success, we are all one step closer to gathering a specific population to support a fictional simpsons character


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Top 5 Lirry moments

ARGH my favorites!!!!!!!!

  1. When Liam said “dinosaurs” in the interview when asked about his favorite time, and Harry tried to save him by saying “when the pyramids were built”
  2. When Liam stuck his finger out to Harry and Harry licked it with no hesitation whatsoever, and then smirked at Liam
  3. When Harry clung to Liam like a koala bear baby and Liam held him up with one arm while continuing what he was doing
  4. When Harry moved his mic stand down so that the mic was pointed at his penis and he looked expectantly at his penis as though he was waiting for it to say something, and Liam was laughing as though it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen
  5. When Liam pinched Harry’s nipple and Harry went to kick him and accidentally kicked him in the arm that had the cast on it and then they hugged

Thank you! 😘

Ask me my top 5/top 10 anything!

yo its really wild to me that people still use the pep/e meme when its literally been put on the anti defa//mation league’s list of h8 symbols…like neona//zis & yt supre//macists have completely usurped the meme im ://// whenever it’s on my dash cause i know im not followin yt supre//macists lmao….. … wyd. 

but like i understand if ppl just dont know that it has that meaning now but still…once u know….cut it out!!

Good Morning - day 25? I think? What day is it again?

I’m feeling a little better today, I slept with a heating pad which helped a bit, and everything doesn’t pop and crack in very painful ways when I stand up.

Unfortunately I forgot to buy granola bars D: those are like my staple snack/ breakfast when I wake up late and lunch is in an hour food.

I did however get edamame hummus that I’m excited to eat for lunch today.

Gonna double up my workouts today since I skipped yesterday to catch up.

I hope everyone has a great day today! So many people on my dash are dropping some serious weight and I just wanted to say I’m so proud and happy for you guys

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Emmmm, of course he won't talk about Louis. Haven't you heard, Louis ran off with Luke!?! They are a thing now, love of the century! Tommorow is wedding in Vegas, Oli and Calvin are best men. #confirmedbyshadyanon 😂😂😂 Come on!? It really is anybody but L&H.


I know you’re not saying this, but I’m dying at some of the things I’m seeing on my dash complaining that some of us would ship Louis and Luke (LouLu?) if we weren’t Larries.  I mean COME ON! That doesn’t mean I want them together, it means they’re both really pretty and I like their close friendship.

I also ship Louis with Natalie Dormer (idk why, they just seem like they’d be cute) and James McAvoy!  It’s just being funny, it’s not an “anyone but Harry” or “any man, no women” thing.

Lighten up people!!

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"im so depressed i want to kill myself i cry all day everyone hates me" okay gurl i feel you and im so sry you feel that way and i LOVE ur blog and ur really pretty but i really dont need to see that on my dash. im sry if i come off as rude but you're like pretty af and im struggling on my own and these depressed post are kinda triggering. so could u please tag it otherwise i'll have to unfollow u and i dont want that💓💓

ugh im sorry??? it just feels normal to me to just write stuff like that ‘cause ive been like this my whole life (as long as i can remember) but what should i tag it with

Remember, if you’re a man who happens to have a vagina you’re still a man. Nothing can change that. Those signs are wrong. And people trying to assign you the label of ‘women’ for having a vagina are wrong.

You are male and you look super cute today.

It has come to my attention that I follow very few people/blogs (and this might be the reason why my dash & queue are always dead…)(ok, not always but my dash is dead at 2am most of the time, which is a problem bc it’s some of the only time I have to be here)(that’s not true either, I will stop lying now lmao) the point of the long-ass post is that I need more blogs to follow so please reblog this if you post: 

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