i just want these two to be the best of friends what more can i say

The P-Word

This is a no miraculous AU. Also, this was inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode, ‘Geoffrey Cleans Up’ in which Geoffrey asks out a woman he likes. I wanted to just get this written already so I can focus more on the recent prompts I received. Hope you enjoy!

“I don’t understand what your problem is,” Nino drawled, rolling his eyes. Sometimes his best friend was just too dramatic when it came to simple, tiny issues. “Just pick up the phone and ask her out!”

“I can’t just ask her out!” Adrien protested, throwing his arms in front of him while making his point. “I wouldn’t know what to say. She’s talented, she’s selfless, she’s so nice…she can read!”

Nino just rolled his eyes again. The two were in the model’s room, trying to spend a day just relaxing and playing video games. But like usual, somehow their conversation steered toward Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the girl Adrien was utterly, irrevocably, nauseatingly in love with.

They had a rocky start on his first day, but apparently they later shared a special moment with an umbrella or something and agreed to be friends.

And he has been smitten ever since.

It’s been this way for a month, and honestly Nino was getting tired of hearing Adrien continuously gushing about Marinette. There’s only so much sap he can take.

Cue his suggestion to ask her out already.

But he, being the scaredy cat he was, refused.

Which brings them here.

“Look,” Nino began, casting a sharp gaze to his friend, who straightened at the serious look in his eyes. It would seem he would have to teach his magical skills with the ladies to Adrien. Normally he wouldn’t give guys advice on women, he couldn’t care less whether they ended up scoring or not, but he could tell the model was in dire need of his advice. “It’s not what you say, it’s what you don’t say.”

Adrien’s eyes narrowed as he tilted his head, regarding the aspiring DJ with a confused look. “What I don’t say?” he repeated for clarification.

“Exactly,” he confirmed. “Now, whatever you do, don’t tell her you like her, okay? Don’t tell her that you want to go out with her. And whatever you do, do not say the p-word.”

Adrien, still trying to comprehend the sense of Nino’s words, paused to ask a question. “The p-word?” He has heard many curse words since entering public school, but he couldn’t think of any horrible, offending ‘p-words’ at the top of his head that would upset Marinette.

“Yeah, ‘please’,” Nino answered. “It’ll make you sound desperate.” He reached over to the coffee table to pluck Adrien’s brand new cell phone, before presenting it to him with a grin. “Ready?”

Adrien swallowed, nervously looking down at the phone as if he could already hear Marinette’s rejection from it.

Then again, what would really be the harm in asking her? Sure, their friendship might never be the same, and it would make things extremely awkward between them…

But there was also the chance that she could say yes, go out with him, fall in love with him, marry him, and then make three babies with him. He could have the family he always wanted, and he would most definitely be a better father than his own.

Nino cleared his throat, raising his eyebrows expectantly.

Hm. Maybe he should just concentrate on asking her out.

His eyebrows furrowed as his green eyes flashed in determination. He nodded once.

“I’ll try.”

Biting his lower lip, he reached out and took the offered cell phone. With a few taps of his finger he was soon hovering over Marinette’s name.

“Go on,” Nino encouraged excitedly, “you got this, bro!”

He allowed a small smile to grace his features before pressing her name.

As it rang, Adrien couldn’t help but thoroughly ponder over Nino’s advice. Would that really work? He didn’t want to doubt his best friend, but when he was younger his mother (when she was still around) would always tell him that honesty was the best policy.

And that when he was older, girls would want him to be completely honest. He didn’t really understand then, asking questions like ‘what girls?’ but now he understood it perfectly.

Besides, he knew for a fact that Marinette hated liars.

When her sweet voice asking, ‘hello?’ reached his ears, his mouth formed into a tight line as he internally prayed that what he was about to attempt would work.

“Hi, Marinette! I just wanted to tell you…”

He stole a look at Nino, who nodded, silently pressing him to go on.

Adrien grinned mischievously. “…how much I like you.”

Nino’s mouth dropped. “Dude, no! No!” he objected in horror, mixed with annoyance. He just completely botched his chance, doing the exact opposite of what he told him to do!

“You are the most beautiful, kind, selfless, most talented girl I’ve ever known.”

As Adrien went on, Nino began flailing his arms, desperately trying to get him to shut up before he screwed it up even further. However, the model seemed completely oblivious to his panic.

“And I would be truly honored if you would go out with me tonight to the movies.”

“Don’t say it, don’t you dare say it,” Nino hissed, his eyes daring him to speak the forbidden word.

Adrien grinned, his friend’s antics replacing his earlier nerves with amusement and effectively making him braver.


“Augh!” Nino huffed in exasperation, standing off the couch and throwing his arms in the air.

“You will?!” Adrien gasped in happiness, making Nino pause in his quiet rampage.

“Awesome! I’ll pick you up at six. See you then!”

With that, Adrien removed the phone from his ear and placed it back on the coffee table. A rare, wicked smirk spread his lips as he stood and made his way over to his gaping best friend.

He patted his shoulder before going to his walk-in closet.

“So, you think I should wear a nice shirt and jeans? Or go for khakis and a button down?”

Nino scowled as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Doesn’t matter, since you’ll do the opposite of what I say, anyway,” he grumbled, but walked to Adrien to try to help nonetheless.

Meanwhile, in a bakery not too far away, a certain budding designer was currently passed out in her own best friend’s arms. She giggled as she gently tapped on her face in an effort to coax her awake.

After all, they only had six hours in order to prepare for the hot date.

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What if MC was out with their BFF and the RFA member they're dating/V, and MC+BFF just start switching between 4 languages smoothly while talking to each other lol? (P/S: I wish to not mention which specific languages to be more inclusive of others)

Jesus, 4? I have to say MC is amazing. I can’t even do two, my Chinese is terrible HAHAHA. For this prompt, I will fix Korean as one of the 4 languages no matter what.

~ Ion


  • Zen is accompanying you and your best friend. He wants to see where you guys are going after all
  • You three end up going to a cinema to watch a movie
  • After the movie, you and your best friend just start to comment about the movie so rapidly
  • At first, it is only in Korean, asking each other how the movie is
  • All of a sudden, you guys are talking so rapidly that he cannot understand what you two are talking about
  • Wait are you two even talking in Korean?
  • Wait no that is English
  • Oh wait nope that’s Dutch now
  • Zen just. Gives up trying to understand the topic you two have by speech, but instead, he starts observing your actions
  • You two are pretty dramatic, honestly. But it does help in helping him understand, with how your friend is aggressively clutching at her heart, her face contorting in pain
  • Meanwhile, you’re crossing your arms, shaking your head. You then proceed to open your arms, pointing at your friend, albeit rather angry.
  • You two obviously have different opinions about the movie…
  • Before you state one point in Korean again, “but the moment when the couple hugged!” – your friend just squeals in joy and leaps up to jump at you, freaking out about the scene
  • You start smiling and fangirling with her as well
  • … Zen is just left confused, but he likes seeing you like this. It’s new to him, but he finds it interesting that he’s able to see your interactions between you and friend, and how he can understand it still.


  • Yoosung goes with you because you wanted him to meet your best friend.
  • (That and he is interested when you say your best friend plays LoLoL too, but hey he loves you the most)
  • And your friend is actually willing to go to an internet cafe to play LoLoL!
  • So he’s really excited at first
  • Everyone is communicating well during the games, but things get… Weird during team fights.
  • During team fights, you two will suddenly talk in another different language
  • He doesn’t even know what language you two are talking in, dear god
  • It sounds different now
  • The number of clicking increases, ultimates going down
  • Yoosung has to think about what you two are thinking and try to back the two of you up while you two keep talking in another language, oh they have changed for the third time
  • Oh dear. Everyone died.
  • “Ahhhh, it’s late! Our ultimates went too early!”
  • “… I kinda wish Yoosung could have rolecalled… Oh wait.”
  • Yoosung is slightly peeved, but he understands that it is the first time he has joined you two in playing LoLoL
  • From now on when you two play with him, you two have to make sure you two still interact in Korean
  • If you two forget, Yoosung will remind the two of you, but other than that it’s just a minor inconvenience. You three still stomp on the others like nobody’s business!


  • Hey, it’s a time to meet up! Why not?
  • You three are in a cafe, just drinking coffee and nomming at cute cakes
  • It has been some time you have not meet up with your best friend, so you start a conversation focusing on her
  • Jaehee is enjoying her coffee, listening to you two having your conversation
  • But for some reason, she doesn’t really get some of the words anymore
  • It sounds familiar, but it really doesn’t at the same time?
  • It then clicked – your friend just referred you with a “-chan”, that has to be Japanese.
  • She still slightly understand the language, just some words she exactly can’t pinpoint
  • But then it went to something different again, but she could still identify some words
  • Chinese? She thinks it’s Chinese?
  • Argh, this is mildly frustrating for her now, because of how serious the two of them look
  • She needs to know, okay? What if the something serious involves something about you?
  • Why are they talking something like English now? What does amissio, amoveo or canis mean?
  • After translating, she realises that your friend has lost her dog because it went missing and that you’re telling them to move on
  • Or trying to, they’re now crying, but they look thankful
  • She froze slightly, but you are now cheering them on with a smile
  • She may not understand the language, but she sees your care and love for your friend. And she respects it.


  • Jumin just wanted to go with you. He wants to know who you’re hanging out with. That’s it at first.
  • Your friend is very happy when you two meet and goes to kiss your cheeks twice. Jumin immediately assumes that you two are from Italy or Spain.
  • You three had a good conversation with one another, it’s pretty formal and all
  • All of a sudden your friend started speaking in Italian
  • By this time, he’s already ready. He has a phone translator to translate what you two are speaking
  • “Hey, you’re fine and all right?”
  • “Yeah, I am. Why?”
  • Your friend immediately switched to another language. Now it’s in German.
  • “I just. Feel that you two are pretty formal. You usually are not this uptight, you know. Everything’s.. Fine, right?”
  • “Yes, really! Jumin’s nice and all. He seems cold and stuff but he’s really such an amazing person deep down.”
  • Another language swap. French this time.
  • “… I hope that’s true? But if there’s anything wrong, I’ll hunt him down, okay?”
  • “Sí, amigo. Don’t worry, I trust him, I will not get cheated again, and he has shown me love in his own way.”
  • In all honesty, he’s thankful that he sort of translated to listen to the conversation, but he feels sorry that he ended up snooping on what you two are saying
  • Should he, though? Nah, not really. It’s a good reason after all.
  • But he is really thankful for you saying that. 


  • You two go to meet up with your friend and Seven already have some idea how your friend is
  • You three are just walking to your next destination when a conversation just randomly sparks up
  • At first, it’s in Korean. It’s just a conversation about the weather with you and your friend, so Seven is not really listening really closely to it
  • But you replied in Filipino, “Well. It’s cold here during winters, of course. It’s not as sunny like in Philippines…”
  • Your friend laughs immediately, replying in Malay, “Do you miss Philippines?”
  • “Yeah, I do.” Did you just reply in Arabic???
  • “But I can bring you to the space station and go to Philippines after that!” Seven replies in joy right after in Arabic
  • Everyone clicks well right after and your friend really likes Seven being your boyfriend too (10/10 Boyfriend is approved)


  • You just don’t feel good having him in the house alone. Although he keeps saying he can take care of himself, you still bring him along to meet your best friend
  • And hey, you get to introduce each other after all!
  • While you three are eating your meal, everything is fine and all
  • You suddenly spoke in another language though and your friend continued with it
  • You two keep changing languages – That is something V is pretty sure of
  • But he can’t see the hand motions, it’s too quick and blurry for him to understand what you two mean
  • So he decides to just listen to the tone and pitch of the speech
  • It’s really calming, actually. The chat is so nice with each other
  • There’s some nostalgia in both of your voices, like as if you have not talked to each other for such a long time
  • V feels kinda sad, tbh. It’s a really relaxing chat, although he only can listen to it. 
A Baby?

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Pregnant reader, little bit of self hate

Word Count: 1,077

Request:Hello, I love your writing! I waswondering if you could do a deanxreader where they have been together for two years and the reader finds out she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know how to tell Dean so she asks Sam, who’s like her best friend, for advice. You can decide how Dean finds out! Lots of fluffiness and… If you don’t mind, maybe a little smut at the end? If you don’t do smut that’s fine, I love your writing either way.

A/N: Okay so considering this is my first time ever doing this, I just wanna say thanks for the request and I loved writing it! It always fun to write fluffy stuff :) and yes I know that there is no smut in here but I don’t really feel comfortable writing that kind of stuff yet, just give me some time and I just might surprise you… okay anyways I hope it’s what you wanted! Enjoy!! (Request box is always open)

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THE DELIRIUM SERIES ⇢ hazel murphy + scott mccall

“It won’t change anything Haze, you know it won’t.” Scott says, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I’ve never been religious but I’m praying to some kind of deity that he’s right. I can’t imagine my life without Scott in it now, he’s brought me back down to Earth more times than I can even count on both hands.

“But what about when we’ve had a fight? I don’t want you to be stuck in the middle of it all.” I tell him. I don’t tell him that I feel like I’m stealing from him, stealing his best friend. He starts laughing at me, raising his eyebrows.

“I’ve been stuck in the middle this whole time, you two idiots just didn’t even notice.” He says. “You’re my best friends, that will never change.” I smile, knowing that Scott is always right.

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so I have a question that i don't know if you'd rather answer it or write a fic on it? if you're so inclined but - what do you think Stiles would be like with a sister? would they be best friends? would they be picking/making fun of each other all the time? would she be 1 or 2 years younger than him, or would she be a preteen, or maybe a toddler? would she change his personality at all? what do you think her name would be? i would just love to hear your thoughts on this and love a fic even more!

idk about a fic (though never say never), but thoughts I can do!

I think Stiles with a sister two years younger than him would be priceless- old enough for him to joke around with and make fun of without holding back, but young enough to get on his nerves and make him want to rip his hair out strand by strand sometimes (speaking from my own experience with people two years younger than me lmao).

idk if she’d change his personality, because he’s already a really protective person, but maybe he’d be more nurturing? cautious? he’d have more at stake.

she’d have a Polish name like Stiles, but hers would be so much easier to pronounce, something like Nadia, and she’d rub it in his face all the time. (She calls him Meechy. or Cole Slaw) 

They’d constantly be bickering about something, sometimes just for the sake of talking. She’d be laying in the floor of his bedroom doing homework:

 “You need to mop your floor, it’s disgusting in here.” 
 “How about I use your head?”
 “Only if you want me to talk to Lyyydiaaa next time I see her in the hallway.”
“You wouldn’t.”
“Try me.”
“I’ll murder you.”
“At least I wouldn’t have to look at this grimy floor anymore.”

and they’d do it all without glancing up from their work.

also, she teases him about Lydia. every day. she’s a freshman while Stiles is a junior, so throughout all of s3 when stydia are getting close she sees them at school, and makes kissy faces at him behind her back, and asks him about her at home, but she knows that it’s more than just a crush and is actually the #1 stydia shipper, and she’s always pushing him to just ask her out

when Lydia comes over for the first time (well, the first time since stiles drove her away in s2), she barges in on them and sweet talks Lydia, and they’re friends within minutes, and Stiles pretends like he hates it, but he can’t help but feel his heart do a little flip at the sight of the love of his life and his little sister getting along so well.

anyways I turned this into a stydia thing (shocker) but this is such a fun concept I’m Intrigued someone point me toward Stilinski siblings fics now

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For the Bughead make-out/kiss? Do you think what arch said at the party was to try and break them up? I think he tried but it actuall made them stronger as a couple,do you think so too? They are so good for eachother!

I think your referring to the spoilers that will happen in episode 8? 

It’s definitely hard to say since we are missing a lot of what happened between now and the spoilers. I think if we know Archie well we can assume that he really does care about his two best friends but I do agree that he might not be excited about them being together. I think there will be a level of jealously whether it stemming from him not wanting Betty in a relationship with anyone else, or just not wanting her to be with Jughead, and vice versa with Jughead. Its a huge transition for a friendship to go through and he probably liked having the attention from Betty and having a lot more one-on-one time with Jughead. He probably feels like a third wheel now rather than apart of the group. 

All in all I don’t believe that he was trying nor expecting them to break up over his outburst, however if it happens I think he would be sad for them individually for a time but be happy that things would revert to the original status. 

This is all speculation btw! 

And yes! I adore them together. I think they have an excellent chemistry and will balance each other out quite well. :)  

Unexpected - Part Two


Part One

Yeah, everything is fucked up. So hard.

On one hand, there’s Sebastian. My totally gorgeous best friend. Oh, did I mention he wants more? Yeah, so there’s that. I can’t hurt him. It’s wrong. But, what exactly happens if we do more? It’s great, for how long exactly? And it it falls apart? I end up with a broken heart and losing my best friend. What if it’s weird? 

What if I say no? Do I hurt his feelings and risk losing him anyway? Like I said, everything’s fucked up. Oh wait, everything? Yeah, everything. Because of Chris.

Oh, I didn’t forget. My totally gorgeous neighbor, who apparently has been under the impression that I thought we’d date eventually. It’s obvious, he says. Maybe I’m just oblivious to that kind of thing? It didn’t cross my mind. Much. And if I do, how will this affect thing with Seb? See my frustration? Oh, I forgot one little detail…

These two hate each other.

Yes, seriously hate each other. I wish I was exaggerating. The first time they met was shortly after Chris moved in. They shook hands like decent humans, but that was the end of it. “I’m pretty sure that guy just wants to get in your pants,” Sebastian whispered one afternoon after Chris had been by. I just rolled my eyes, but Seb wasn’t relenting. “Want me to get rid of him?,” he asked. “No,” I told him, “he’s a good guy. I’m fine.” But yeah, that didn’t fly with him. He was snarky every chance he got. They weren’t outright awful toward each other. In the beginning.

But, time went on, and it became almost like a competition for my affections. It was ridiculous. And childish. And I reminded them both of that regularly. Didn’t matter. It got worse.

And now, can you still see my predicament? I’m completely fucked.


Shadow and Bone Labyrinth AU

After a serious fight with her best friend Mal, Alina accidentally wishes for The Darkling, also known as  the Goblin King, to take him away and he, who had fallen in love with her, grants the wish.

Once she realizes her mistake she tries to get the Darkling to free her friend, but he is relentless and tells her that the only way to free the boy is to solve his labyrinth in less than 13 hours or stay in the boy’s place. Alina, thinking it’ll be an easy task, chooses to solve the labyrinth, surely she can save them both.

What follows next is an adventure full of magic, unexpected friends and allies, dream ballroom sequences with dresses as black as the King’s magic and offers of eternity of servitude and love. Will Alina solve the labyrinth and save both her and Mal? Or will the Darkling win the deal? 


‘I’m just saying you two would be adorable together. Besides, it’s obvious you like him more than you want to admit to.’ you said while lounging on the couch in Derek’s loft.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Derek said.

‘I might not be able to hear your heartbeat, but as a seer I can read your thoughts, Derek. I know your sad little thoughts and feelings.’ you smiled, reminding Derek that you had your own supernatural powers.

‘That’s creepy, (Y/N).’ Derek said.

‘Whatever, all I’m saying is you should ask Stiles out. You have no reason not to.’

‘The age difference; his father the sheriff who owns guns and knows how to kill werewolves now, his protective best friend, my history with lovers. All of these are great reasons not to.’ Derek said, kinda sadly.

‘He turned eighteen two months ago, the sheriff won’t kill you unless you hurt his son which we both know you wont do, Scott is always too busy with whoever he’s dating to really pay Stiles that much attention anyways. And as for the history with the ladies, Stiles is a dude and the past is the past.’ you reasoned.

For a minute Derek was quiet, you grinned as you heard him mentally decide to talk to Stiles later tonight. 

You smile victoriously seeing that you had finally got Derek to pull his head out his ass.

‘Shut up.’ Derek pointed.

‘I didn’t say anything.’ you surrendered, still grinning though.

Lost and Found

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I.  Found


D’you ever wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t found your compartment on the train way back when? he sometimes asks.  Sirius always shudders and says,

           I don’t want to.

           And James knows exactly what he means.  Sirius is his first real friend, his friend that James picks for himself, his friend that is more than just the kid of his mum’s coworker, his best friend, his friend he can’t imagine going through life without.

           Remus and Peter are great too, and James doesn’t want to imagine life without them either, but the thing is, he thinks he probably could.  The four of them together are a kickass quartet but sometimes it just happens that Sirius and James wind up singing the same harmonies and suddenly they’re two duos, or maybe a trio.  JamesandSirius and Remus and Peter.  

           It’s Sirius James finds his first secret passage with.  They’re running from the Dungbomb they set off at the entrance to the dungeons, and Slughorn’s after them, wheezing and puffing (even though James is pretty sure the lazy professor hasn’t even broken into a run).  There are voices coming from up around the bend, they’re in for it for sure, so he grabs Sirius and pulls him sideways behind a tapestry.  They’re both twigs of boys, really, no matter how many push-ups James does before breakfast, surely they can press themselves flat enough against the wall to escape notice. Instead they stumble into a narrow corridor.  Without the expected barrier to arrest his momentum, James falls, dragging Sirius down on top of him in a mess of tangled limbs and hushed giggles.

           Shh, we don’t want Sluggy to hear us!

           Like he could hear anything over those wheezes.

           The two of them are flushed with the success of their prank and the luck of their discovery, pressed against each other, comfortable, in synch, happy. They follow the passage to the end and it’s only their third week, so James has no idea what part of the castle they come out in.  They spend the afternoon wandering through a whole mess of corridors before they manage to find their way back to the Gryffindor common room to share the news of the passage with Remus and Pete.

           And the moment is golden.

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