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”Uhhh, I don’t see anything on blue hedgehogs in here…?”



It’s Sonic’s birthday and I wanted to post something for the blue blur so here’s my latest print for Salt Lake Gaming Con. A crossover of two of my favorite franchises!

(Ask for permission to use/repost)

Stress Relief (M)

video credits: sweaterpawsjimin

gif created by: Admin Smuttyfairy

Summary: When it’s been awhile since you’ve paid a visit to Mr. CEO Kim Taehyung’s office for help in his relief of stress. c;

Genre: saaa-mutttttt

Keywords: rough sex, dirty talk, begging, teasing, orgasm denial(ish)??, spanking c:

Word Count: 4028

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

A/N: I tried :D…anyway, I started on this last summer and completely forgot about it until I was scrolling through my google doc files. I started working on it again so here’s the finished product (again, i tried :D)!

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People will come up and be like, “Hey! Thank you so much; you pulled me out of such a dark time in my life, the content that you do makes me smile everyday, we love your videos, you help me out so much” and I just want you guys to see that its a two way street. You know, that you guys doing the simple act of watching a video or engaging in a live stream or leaving a positive comment, like it makes a huge difference to me, to Steph, Jason and Chris. Like, you guys also pulled me out of one of the darkest times in my life. And my life has never been the same and I could’ve never predicted it and I’m so lucky to be here on stage talking to all of you. So you know, all of you who are like ‘thank you for making your content’, I just want to say thank you to you guys. Because you guys are awesome.
—  Matthew Patrick, GTLive

I’ve been training this new guy at my work, and he keeps flirting with me all the time. And he’s in high school, and I’m just like honestly?? You’ve only been here for two days and that’s how you want me to see you??

This is a random call-out post for people who are too sweet and kind: to @mythicalpatterns 💕 and @one-true-houselight 💕 for being two of the sweetest people around here and messaging me when I felt anxious, and to @remembertherandler 💚 and @violetoccurrences 💜 for always thinking of me, and @missingparentheses 💗 for always being there and going above and beyond in the friend department so often for me.

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Okay, but single dad au. Avery used the house phone right? So he's memorized G's cell number. And that just kinda hits me in the heart right. Like hard.

Two weeks earlier, before leaving for a game and Avery’s crying for Geno to not leave, Geno had bent down to Avery’s level and said, “Here, I’m give you phone number. You feel sad, want to talk, need help, you call me. I’m always pick up. And I’m home so fast, you not even miss me!”

Avery have stared at the line of numbers until he memorized it. He looks up, “I’ll always miss you, G.”  

So when Avery hears his Dad’s muffled, aborted sobs when he’d gotten up for water that night, he knew he had to call. 

OKAY! so i’m normally not this petty but what the actual fucking fuck. so cool, people have been reblogging this set here cool, chill… k. it’s stolen, it’s mine. they stole it from me. here’s my original content, IT HAS A TIME STAMP OF TWO MONTHS AGO, and i KNOW it’s my work bc 1. you know your own work & 2. the psd i used is a shared one between a friend and i only

SO COOl. chill. ???? 
i wanted to be respectful and shit but this just pisses me off? and after approaching the situation in what i seemed to be a decent manner, the response i got was no.

so yeah. if you guys see the post, or anything of the sorts please take it down?? like… make your own work.. for the love of god. 

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It's so frustrating going on Twitter and literally anything the writers of Riverdale tweet about that has to do with Bughead the annoying Barchie shippers instantly have to attack it and hate on it, calling them 'boring'. Since when was a relationship between two people who love each other, support each other and are immensely passionate 'boring'? Like I just don't understand why they can't keep their damn opinions to themselves! I'm sorry for this I just had to say something 😭

Tbh I rarely check twitter, always waiting for the screenshots here, and I never read the replies because I just don’t want to give that the time of day - it’s immature and senseless and I don’t need to know about it. We’ve already heard what Cole had to say about ridiculous fans thinking they’re somehow gonna change what happens in the show by screaming over the internet; it isn’t gonna happen. Just ignore them, and hopefully one day they might come to their senses and realise they’re shouting into a void.


It’s been awhile since my last poses like couple wise skdjfn 

I will not bail on you guys like last time I promise it’s just second life would always pull my back LOL

But I am here now because my computer decided to glitch everytime I get on SL -_-

two of the WIP poses for the 2nd trimester ♥

Hey, everyone. Maybe you have noticed that I’ve been posting a lot less since the past few weeks. Well, I blame the exams. Lots of them.

Anyway they are over now, but for a two more weeks I’ll keep the low activity, but it’s because I’m on a trip… TO ROME. FUCKING ROME MY DREAMS CITY.

I’m really loving every second, and I just want to relax and enjoy it the way it deserves. I’ll be posting some photos from the trip and whenever I can I will upload other kinds of post. But not very much.

So, see you soon!

Oh and if anyone knows of a really good library here at Rome (you know, where I could find all the history shit I love), please tell me! Thanks!

Attention All!!

((I may change the updates on here to be either two or three a week for at least story updates?? I’ve been wanting to fix my sleeping schedule and have some free time for my own works so I’m thinking about changing how often I update to either be
With Saturday being for sketchbook things
And all the other days being either small doodles or just nothing, depending on my mood and the amount of time I have that day.
Is that alright with y'all? And which would you prefer?))

Lissa has returned.




And, basically, I just wanted to say a few things.


I’m immensely sorry for my inactivity during exams. I know I’ve missed being on here for Giles’ EA, for the most part, the cupcake collection event, and pretty much the whole masquerade event. I’m so sad that I missed being here for the latter, since I just loved it so much, and had so much funny shit to say about it but couldn’t because I was so wrapped up with exams, exhaustion and a motivational crisis.


Thank you so much to all the people on here, just in general, as well as to those in particular who sent luck my way for exams. I love all of you so much and really appreciate the support; it means the world to me!


I’ve got lots, and lots, and lots of writing to do. Basically, I’ve tried to write in-between revision and exams, but I haven’t been able to complete any asks that I’ve got, request and non-request. So, here’s the stuff that I had to do anyway and will hopefully get around to soon:

  • Louis x Reader/MC
  • Louis x Injured!Reader/MC
  • Nico x Reader/MC
  • Sid x Pregnant!Reader/MC
  • The ask from a lovely anon about the nail-art available at the con going on; I’ll answer that very shortly, darling!

But, here’s the stuff I’ve also been working on in the background when I was procrastinating or trying to resolve intense mental conflicts between my future and my happiness *sobsob*:

  • Hell’s Gates (Reverse Harem):
    Vampire!MidnightCinderella x Fem!Reader with darker-than-normal suitors, Rayvis, vampirism and none of that lovely-polite-vampire nonsense. This one’s going to be quite a bit darker and less lovey-dovey, trust me ;)
  • Intra-Hearts (Reverse Harem) Epilogue:
    Some reverse-harem goodness between the MC and all the guys. Shameless fanservice and a lot more… hot stuff than the main story ;))))) basically just venting out some… exam frustration~
  • Intra-Hearts (Reverse Harem) Prologue:
    When the boys realised they loved the reader
  • Intra-Hearts (Reverse-Harem) Prologue:
    When the reader’s father was killed and the immediate aftermath, basic loads of hurt/comfort with all the boys and lots of emotional stuff

So, lots of stuff is in the works! It’ll take a while to finish anything as a result, but I’m hoping I’ll have some fresh content up soon. Bare with me a little longer, people!




This is actually not centred around that ^^^, but basically, I’m going to buy the hell out of that game when it arrives in two (?) days’ time, and I will likely want to sit and scream over it, so I’m thinking about creating another Tumblr for Otome other than MidCin; namely Otome Romance Novels (because those boys have my heart even if Cybird’s basically forgotten they exist) and Ikemen Sengoku.

What do we think? I just know I’m going to end up sobbing over beautiful seyuus and vampires and UGHHGGSESKEFSLGLS DEM BOIS HAVE GOT ME ALREADY-

Så… (Guess who’s been hammering Norwegian in her barely-existent free time~)

In conclusion, I’m back, and I’m ready as hell for Albert, Ikemen Sengoku, Rayvis (I’m hoping and guessing he’s coming soon???), and eventually the addition of voices in MidCin (another hopeful wish, but I’m confident it’s coming!) Now, I’m just praying I’ll be able to get an ICT apprenticeship and get some money rolling in, so then I can otome my way through life even more than I am now.

It’s going to be a good year, guys.

Jeg elsker dere alle! Jeg er glad for å være tilbake!

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader 

Summary: Barry had just been dumped by his, now ex, girlfriend and you knew that it was your job to help him through the heartbreak. Even if that meant getting your heart broken along the way. \

Warnings: None.  

a/n: hey guys! so im setting a notes goal for this imagine. I want it to hit 150 notes! please make it happen! like and reblog it for others to see. remember, sharing is caring haha 


*two weeks ago* 

I watched as Barry trudged down the hall. It was the night of the Central City Police Department Ball and Barry had walked in with his girlfriend Mandy when the night had started. He was happy and giddy and just… Barry.  Now here I am, two hours later, witnessing a paranormal event. Or what seemed to be one. Barry was walking so slowly. His head was hung low. He looked as if he had left his body, and only the shell remained, walking around aimlessly.  

I shifted my blue skin tight dress, pulling it down my thighs because it had risen up to an inappropriate height. I made my way over to Barry, my silver stilettos making noise as they hit the floor. “There you are,” I said. “I’ve been looking all over for you. What happened?” Barry shook his head, keeping it low. Was he… crying? “Barry, tell me what happened. Now.” I said, using my overprotective voice. 

“M-mandy. She broke up with me.” 

“What,” I said softly. 

“She was only using me. She knew I was The Flash before we even started dating and she used that as leverage. The ‘oh, yeah, I am dating The Flash’ thing until she found someone better. Which she did. Who, by the way, she admitted to seeing behind my back for a month.” Barry dropped his head again. 

I was shocked. Not that she broke up with him. Mandy was always a bitch. But more shocked at how she did it. That was the lowest any person could have gone. I was fuming. I wanted to march through this crowd of people and find her, then give her a piece of my mind. Maybe throw in a punch or two to her already deformed nose. 

Instead I kept calm and tried to soothe Barry. “Hey, hey. It’ll be okay,” I comforted as I took his face into my hands.  

“I really liked her, (y/n).” 

“I know you did, Bar. Here, I’ll go tell Joe that we are taking off and you can come back with me to my place. Okay?” Barry nodded. “Good. Stay here. I’ll be right back.” 

I made my way through the crowd. Luckily there was no sign of Mandy. I knew something was wrong the minute I met her. I just never said anything because she made Barry happy. And that’s all I wanted for him. I was also thrilled, however, because I’ve loved Barry for longer than I can remember. But I knew that whatever happened tonight, or tomorrow, or any day after that would mean nothing. Barry just needed someone to comfort him. And that’s what I’ll do. Because he’s my best friend and I love him.

I found Joe and told him what was happening. Then I made my way back to Barry and he was standing where I had left him. I drove my truck to the ball, so I told Barry I’d drive us home. I didn’t want him speeding through the streets in the state he was in. 

We hopped into by blue Chevy Colorado and Barry said, “It still amazes me you drive a truck.” 

I smiled to myself. “Yeah. I was just lucky I could afford it,” I said and pulled out of the parking lot. 


I fixed Barry a cup of tea to calm him down. It helped a little. We watched a bit of TV, but eventually migrated to my bedroom. I left to change and I assumed Barry was wondering what took me so long ‘cause he soon ended up walking in on me smoothing my shirt over my body. Everything was covered. 

We were sitting on my bed talking for a while until Barry started crying softly again. I pulled him into me and we laid there like that, his head on my chest while I gently stroked his hair until both of us fell asleep. 


*present day* 

I sighed as I bent down and stuck half my body into the dryer, trying to unload what  clothes I had in there. Once that was done, I threw what was in the washer into the dryer and turned it on. I heard my front door shut. I knew it was Barry. He was the only one that ever just walked in without knocking. 

“There you are,” he said when he found me. “You left early.” 

“Yeah. I had some stuff to do around here.” Truth was, I needed time to myself. I love Barry, but all the time I was spending with him just made my feelings stronger. And it depressed me a little because I knew none of this would last much longer. 

“Are you alright? You look like you haven’t slept in days,” he said. I hadn’t. But I wasn’t about to tell him that it was because of him. 

“I’m fine, Bar. Honestly.” 

“Okay. Then I think we need to talk.” 

I froze slightly. I knew what this was about. And I will have to keep myself from being heartbroken. 

“Okay.” I said. “Just let me finish up this load and I’ll meet you in the living room.” Barry nodded and walked out. 

I finished what I was doing and walked into the living room where I found Barry sitting on my couch. I sat on the other end and turned to face him. 

“I wanted to talk about these past couple of weeks,” he said. “Let me start by saying thank you. I know I was a mess and you were there with me through it the whole time. You’re my best friend. I came to you for comfort and you did just that. But-” 

“It’s okay, Barry. I know what you’re going to say. I get it. You love me, but not like that. And I totally respect your decision,” I said and I felt my heart shatter. I shifted to stand up and walk towards my kitchen to start on some dishes that have been sitting there for ages.

Barry looked at me quizzically and just continued. “But I realized during that time that you are not just my best friend. You’re my better half, my partner in crime-literally- and I was finally able to admit what I was scared to admit all along.” Now I was the one who looked at him quizzically. “I love you, (y/n).” 

“Oh thank god,” I said and let out a breath that I wasn’t aware I was keeping in. “I don’t know if I could have recovered from that one.” 

Barry chuckled. He reached out and grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to him. His green eyes looked into mine with such passion. Then his lips landed on mine. It was warm, and slow, and perfect. His arms snaked around my waist as mine snaked around his neck. We pulled apart for a moment, our foreheads resting on each other. “I love you, too, Barry.” 

Barry smiled. “Do you want to go see a movie?” 

“Please. I’ve had enough cleaning for one day.” 

“Okay. We will go. Under one condition.” 

“No. You cannot call me shmoopaloo in public,” I said, very sure that’s what he was going to say. 

“Actually, I was going to say you needed to do the dishes first.” 

“But, Barry,” I whined. 

“Oh, c’mon. There’s literally like six dishes there. You can get those done in ten minutes.” 

“Fine,” I groaned. 

Barry kissed me again. I stood up and he smacked my ass as I turned to walk away. I looked at him and his smirking face. “I’ve been waiting forever to be able to do that.” 

“Is it weird if I were to say the same?”

We both laughed and Barry stood up to help me clean the dishes. It went a lot faster with his help. And within ten minutes, we were on our way to the movies. 

I was beyond happy. I guess having a little faith is worth the try. 

I bought a new type of tea and just made a cup tonight and it smells so good. I’ve been sitting here with it under my nose for about ten minutes because I love the smell so much and I want to take a drink but I don’t want to ruin the delicious appeal of the smell if it tastes horrible. 

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Thank you for being here in Tumblr, I just recently discovered your blog. Amazing insights, comic book history and knowledge for all things Superman! My question is: what is your theory on how Clark can come back post Bvs? Superman coming back is easy, but Clark Kent?

Thanks! And yeah, there’s really no clean way of going about it. At least in the comics Clark just ‘vanished’, and Superman ‘found’ him after he came back, justifying he’d been trapped for a month or two in one of the buildings that collapsed in the fight with Doomsday. Here on the other hand, there was a body, people went to his funeral, end of story. Some feel Snyder intentionally wants to close the book on the Kent side of things to play him up even further as a god, and while I don’t see that, any explanations of “he was in witness protection/it was just a similar-looking guy/etc.” wither and die in the face of there being a body that was publicly buried, as confirmed by his mother and long-term girlfriend. Unless there’s a universal shift or mass human revival of some sort amidst all the godly shenanigans with Steppenwolf, I really don’t see how they’ll justify this in any remotely plausible way. So mainly I assume they’ll either sidestep it or explain it really shoddily and unconvincingly, but at this point who the fuck knows when it comes to these things?

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SAME ABOUT TOM HOLLAND!! I just seriously cannot wait for Spider-Man to come out in TWO FREAKING WEEKS YAASSS. It's sad cuz IK im just gonna be more obsessed 😭

That fucker made me reconsider my sexuality fucking hell that motherfucking fuck face. As you might have noticed, my description has gone from “gay” to “bi” and I actually want to fight him. 

But, my goal here is to not get attracted to him bc I don’t like to fall for celebrities because, what’re the odds of something happening? Like, I ain’t bashing those who fall for celebrities, I just personally don’t do it. It gives me hope and then crushes it and it’s always just UGH

So i’m hoping to crush this…crush…and then never think about wanting to kiss him again

Full Story of Today

So, I got up super early this morning to catch our flight, and put my name and my parents names in for three lotteries (Sunset, Hamilton, and War Paint), just in hopes we could maybe get something and see an extra show the night we fly in. I didn’t really expect to win anything​. So, we’re on the plane from our layover to NY, my dad got WiFi for the light and at 3:00 he checked our lottery statuses. Turned out TWO of us won pairs of tickets for Sunset Boulevard, and I mean, how could we not take them? So, we email my uncle who lives here in NY to see if he wants to take our fourth ticket and he goes to meet us at the theater. Then we land in Newark at 5:40ish. The show starts at 7. We run through the airport to catch a shuttle to the train station, and on that shuttle we get a call from the hotel. There was some mix up and they had to transfer us to a different place in the city. We think we’re screwed. But turns out the new place was RIGHT next to Penn Station, which actually saves us a lot of time. We get to Penn Station at 6:50ish, give our bags to our dad to check them at the hotel’s desk and my mom and I pretty much run twelve blocks to the Palace. We get there pretty much right at 7 meet my uncle, get our tickets (leaving one at will call for my dad). I get to my seat (which is like fifth orchestra row, off to the side) and the exact moment my ass touches the seat, the overture begins to play. My dad ended up being only slightly behind us and got there right at the end of the overture.

I have no idea how we got so insanely lucky over all of this. It’s been a crazy day


Guess I’ll finally post this here- I’d been putting off posting these to tumbls for a while because I managed to accidentally make two more parts lmao..BUT I lack proper refs for the time periods to complete them so I.. Scrapped ‘em and decided I’ll just post these two after all. Ayy.

I just wanted to draw lil’ grumpers  :’)

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 

my name is Stanley Almodovar III
i carry the name of my father and his father before me
i’m twenty-three years young
i dyed my hair saturday but no one got to see it sunday morning
my name is Amanda Alvear
i am twenty-five years young
people know me as a pharmacy tech, the girl who lost almost two hundred pounds, the girl who takes too many selfies
but the only place i was truly myself was where i was that night
my name is Oscar Aracena
i am twenty-six years young
i’m a student at Valencia College
i was so close to getting my degree… so close
my name is Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala
i am thirty-three years young
i am a supervisor at the OneBlood donation center
i never did know if my job was the one who tried to save my life
my name is Capt. Antonio Davon Brown of the U.S. Army Reserve
i am thirty years young
i almost have my doctorate degree of management in organizational leadership
my name is Darryl Roman Burt II
i am twenty-nine years young
i just received my master’s degree in Human Resources Management
tonight, i was celebrating
mi llamo Jonathan Camuy
soy es veinticuatro anos
trabajo en una cadena de televisión española
realmente estaba deseando volver a trabajar el lunes
my name is Angel Luis Candelario-Padro
i am twenty-eight years young
soon, i will be an ophthalmic technician
i cannot wait to begin my new job in a few days
my name is Omar Capo
i am twenty years young
i love to dance
i always said i wanted to die doing what i loved
my name is Simon Carrillo
i am thirty-one years young
my partner and i just came home from a little getaway to Niagara Falls
i was really looking forward to our next vacation together
my name is Luis Daniel Conde
i am thirty-nine years young
my best friend is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
he’s been by my side since high school
my name is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
i am twenty-two years young
my best friend is  Luis Daniel Conde
seems only fitting we left this world together
my name is Cory James Connell
i am twenty-one years young
my brother is getting married this fall and i am to be his best man
don’t tell him but i have no idea what to say in my speech
my name is Tevin Eugene Crosby
i am twenty-five years young
i am the owner of a marketing firm, Total Entrepreneurs Concepts
hard work truly does pay off; i can’t wait to share my latest meme with all of my facebook friends when i get home tonight
my name is Anthony Luis Laureano Disla
i am twenty-five years young
i love to dance, i want to be a dancer
tonight, i want to go dancing with my friends
my name is Deonka Deidra Drayton
i am thirty-two years young
for the first time in a long time, i can finally, confidently, say
that i am happy
my name is Leroy Valentin Fernandez
i am twenty-five years young
i love to sing
no matter what happens in life, no one will ever take my voice away from me
my name is Mercedez Marisol Flores
i am twenty-six years young
i am studying literature at Valencia College’s West Campus but my true passion is party planning
i’ve been thinking about switching majors
my name is Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz
i am twenty-two years young
all i want to do is make people smile
i’ve always thought that laughter could cure anything
my name is Paul Terrell Henry
i am forty-young years young
i am the proud father of two amazing kids and i have the most magnificent boyfriend
i cannot thank god enough for all of my blessing
my name is Frankie Hernandez
i am twenty-seven years young
i have a little sister, she’s one of my best friends
i cannot wait to see the person she becomes when she grows up
my name is Miguel Angel Honorato
i am thirty years young
i have three sons who i love more than life itself
i hope they will enjoy what i have planned for the next birthday party
my name is Jimmy De Jesús
i am fifty years young
i love my job but i am so thankful i have tomorrow off
i plan on having a good time tonight
my name is Javier Jorge-Reyes
i am forty years young
i am so, so proud of who i am
no one can take that away from me
my name is Jason Josaphat
i am nineteen years young
i love life, i love my life
and it’s only just begun
my name is Eddie Justice
i am thirty years young
i have a huge family, but i am a mama’s boy at heart
i always make sure to text my mom everyday
my name is Christopher Leinonen
i am thirty-two years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Juan Guerrero
i cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the two of us
my name is Juan Guerrero
i am twenty-five years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Christopher Leinonen
after a long week at work, i just want to unwind with my love tonight
my name is Alejandro Martinez
i am twenty-one years young
i have only been living in Florida for two years
but i have always met so many kind people here; that must be why it is called the “sunshine state”
my name is Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool
i am forty-nine years young
i beat cancer twice
and i have never felt more alive
my name is Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez
i am twenty-five years young
i am studying health care management at the Ana G. Mendez University’s Orlando campus
all i want to do is help people
my name is Kimberly Morris, but you can call me ‘KJ’
i am thirty-seven years young
i moved to Florida to be closer to my mother and grandmother
i love my job as a bouncer at Pulse Nightclub
my name is Akyra Murray
i am eighteen years young
i just graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School
my name is Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez, but you can call me Drake
i am twenty-five years young
i love Selena Gomez
i hope to meet her one day
Joel Rayon Paniagua
i am thirty-one years young
i love dancing
i am going to meet my friends for a night of dancing
my name is Jean Carlos Mendez Perez
i am thirty-five years young
not to brag, but i am the best salesperson Perfumania
you can ask Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
my name is Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
i am thirty-seven years young
growing up wasn’t easy but i can finally say that i am comfortable in my own skin
and i am lucky enough to have Jean Carlos Mendez Perez by my side through it all
my name is Enrique L. Rios
i am twenty-five years young
i am from New York
but i came to Florida to celebrate my friend’s birthday
my name is Eric Ivan Ortiz Rivera
i am thirty-six years young
i don’t really like clubs
but it’s for a friend, so tonight, i will go
my name is Xavier Emmanuel Serrano
i am thirty-five years young
i have a five year old son who is my entire world
i just hope i will raise him to be a genuine and compassionate person
my name is Christopher Sanfeliz
i am twenty-four years young
i am a personal banker at J.P. Morgan Chase bank
i am very thankful to have Sundays off, especially tonight
my name is Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan
i am twenty-four years young
i am a proud mom and wife
my youngest baby is three months old
my name is Jean Carlos Nieves Rodriguez
i am twenty-seven years young
i just brought my first house
i just want my mom to live somewhere nice
my name is Edward Sotomayor Jr.
i was named after my father
i am thirty-four years young
i love my boyfriend and i love adventure
my name is Shane Tomlinson
i am thirty-three years young
i am the lead singer in a band
i love to bring music to the lives of others
my name is Martin Benitez Torres
i am thirty-three years young
last month, i enrolled in college
i hope to be a pharmacy tech
my name is Juan Rivera Velazquez
i am thirty-nine years young
i love being a hair stylist
 i love making people feel beautiful
my name Luis Vielma
i am twenty-two years young
i love my job, especially working on the Harry Potter ride at Universal
but one day i really want to become an EMT
my name is Jerald Arthur Wright
i am thirty-one years young
i have a huge family, both biological and my coworkers 
tonight i am celebrating my friend’s birthday
—  say their names
(cc, 2017)