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Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter one. Chapter two. Chapter three. Chapter four. Chapter fiveChapter six.

Chapter seven.

It is two days to Christmas. Richie lies and Eddie doesn’t know why. Richie disappears and Eddie doesn’t know where to—and Eddie would call but Richie’s only got Eddie’s phone number, not the other way around. It has been days without word from Richie, and all Eddie can do is hope he is okay. Passing by the big brown house is enough, Eddie supposes; when he is walking down the street he stares up toward the second story window, the one from which music erupts. And Eddie just knows. Richie plays bass from his bedroom in the big brown house. He wants to separate himself, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to talk to Eddie, or hang out.

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Nervous Pea (Sweet Pea X Reader)

Requested: “Hi! Could you do a sweet pea imagine where the reader is a serpent and sweet pea has a crush but is low key scared to ask her out? And maybe toni and fang help him out? 💜”

Asterisk: Underage drinking, Talk of sex

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You sat with your friends at the quarry talking about the initiation of Jughead Jones. You saw the qualities of FP in the young boy and are excited about what he will do for the Southside and the troubles with the Northside. While you are having this conversation, another very different conversation is happening near you.

“Come on, Sweet Pea, you just go over there, pull her aside and talk to her.” Toni says to Sweet Pea who gives her a blunt look. “Hey Toni, remember that part where I said I’m kind of nervous when talking to her. Yeah, what you just told me to do is the opposite of what I said.” Toni scoffs at him, “Hey, I’m just trying to help.” Sweet Pea watches you with soft eyes, “Yeah, I realize that. I just don’t want to make it obvious that I’m asking her out to all the other Serpents.” Fangs finally lights up as he was thinking of a plan while the two bickered. “Okay this is what we are going to do.”

You held your phone out as you saw you were getting a phone call from Toni. You looked around the quarry for Toni because you could’ve sworn that she was here already. When you couldn’t find her, you answered the phone call. “Hey Toni.” A happy voice answers, “Hey Y/N, me and Fangs need help carrying some beer in, can you help us?”

“Of course.” You reply as you start to get up and explain to your friends what you are doing. “Thanks.” Toni replys and you are about to end the call until you hear Fangs scream in the background, “Wear protection!” Toni screams his name in anger and quickly ends the call. You are confused as to what just happened but continue walking to the parking lot. 

When you get to the parking lot, you can’t see Fangs’ motorcycle or Toni’s car. You continue to look around until you see Sweet Pea leaning against his motorcycle. You walk towards him which causes him to stand up straight and fix his jacket. “Hey Sweet Pea, have you seen Toni or Fangs?” You ask with a voice that melts Sweet Pea”s heart. “No, actually that was just for you to come here.” He says and you smile back but look confused still. 

“Well, you see…we wanted you to come here because…well, Y/N would you like to go on a date sometime?” He asks with a hopeful tone. You start to laugh and Sweet Pea wishes he would just drop dead right now. “Honey, I’ve been asking you on dates for awhile now.” His heart skipped a beat when you called him honey. “Wait, really?” 

“Yes.” You say with a chuckle. “But I thought you just saw me as friend and you were just trying to hang out with me as friend.” He said trying to process what happened in the last five seconds. You move closer to him and pull his jacket so he’s closer to you, “Trust me, with the way I’ve thought about you at night, I don’t think I can ever be your friend.” 

Who Are You? - Part 2

The story continues! This one is a little longer than the previous chapter. I decided to name the first person character. Hope that doesn’t throw any of you out of the story. Would love feedback/criticism.  

Warnings: girl is in the hospital because she was drugged, some swearing.

Click here to read Part 1.

I was sitting in the waiting room 7 hours later. I had rushed Gen to the Emergency Room, knowing that she would be mad when she woke up, but I knew how important it was to go get medical help before it was too late. The staff had been taking care of her since we arrived. They told me 2 hours ago that she was doing well, but they also said that they were going to pump her stomach.

I anxiously picked at the skin around my thumbnail. It had begun bleeding about 3 hours in, and I was just making it worse. I couldn’t help how anxious I felt. I had hated hospitals since I was a kid and had seen my grandmother slip away in one. She had been my rock and the only real family member I had ever had. My mother was still around, but she was either at work or off somewhere drinking herself into a stupor. I had been fending for myself since my grandmother Esther left me.

I hated the smell of this place more than anything - mint Tic Tacs and sadness was the best description. I glanced around at the sparse décor. The drab colors and uncomfortable chairs didn’t add to my comfort.

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Just re-watching The Incredibles



Harry:Where is my wand?



Draco:I put it a way


Draco:Why do you want to know?

Harry:I NEED it!!

Draco:No way!We finally have some time together after two months!

Harry:The people are in danger!!

Draco:My ROMANTIC DINNER is in danger!

Harry:We’re talking about greater good here!

Draco:What?!I’m your wife,I’m the greatest good you’ll ever gonna get!

Break everything I am (II)

Initially break everything I am was supposed to be a one-part imagine but since a few of you wanted me to write a sequel to it, I finally figured out what to write and I might even consider one last part to this - making it a three-part imagine. This is unfortunately (or fortunately) very Bruce-centric (sort of) and I actually wanted this to be sad and emotional but I don’t think I managed to that well! I think I just need more practice but that aside, there might be mistakes here and there even so I hope you will still enjoy! Thank you!


You do not know what you have until you have lost them.

This is the one phrase that seems to ring in his ears, haunting him. The grip on his heart tightens slightly. It has been two months since anyone heard anything from you and Bruce has never felt this scared, this hopeless before. Bruce could barely see straight let alone think straight. He threads his fingers through his already disheveled hair, tugging on it lightly as if by doing so would lessen the pain that is starting to consume him.

As his fingers gripped his hair harder and his knuckles almost turned white, his thoughts become more jumbled and he feels anger bubbling in him; he had been so focused on trying to protect his own heart, his own happiness that in doing so, he neglected you. He neglected you when you hurt more than he did: you left the manor and the only family that you have just because of him – because he always came first in your life. Bruce feels like punching someone or breaking something. He knows this anger is only the tip of the iceberg – there are still unresolved emotions that is reserved for you and he also knows that he still does not want to acknowledge the fact that his feelings for you are still there. He shakes his head, releasing the hold he has on his hair before turning to look over his shoulders.

His current happiness is there. Selina is there on the bed, sleeping soundly – the blanket covering half of her body teasing him, enticing him. His breath hitches slightly at the sight of her beauty but as quickly as that admiration had appeared, it disappeared the moment his traitorous mind entered dangerous territories: once upon a time, it had been you sleeping on that bed, it had been you who wore his clothes to bed.

Bruce thought he was getting by just fine – before he made the mistake of allowing his entire world to fall apart. He loved you – he loves you – but with Selina in his life now, he knows he should focus on her but he just can’t. Not now, not anytime near the future, his mind tells him. He clenches his hand tightly into a fist and turns to look back at the monitors; this is what he has been doing for the past few weeks – keeping his eyes on any information that might lead him to you. Bruce doesn’t think he will be able to rest until he knows you are safe – he needs to know that you are safe. He still remembers the day his boys had told him about this.

Bruce remembers his anger that day – he remembers lashing out at almost everyone. He remembers being consumed by panic – it also didn’t help that none of the boys knew where you had gone to. Nothing is amiss in your apartment – everything is there; all the clothes, your important belongings but no one seems to be able to figure out your whereabouts. He had insisted on checking the security cameras but Tim had to be the bearer of bad news; telling him how you had skillfully avoided all of the carefully placed security cameras as well as the traffic cameras too. It wasn’t until Alfred spoke up that his anger, his panic, his fear died down slightly.

“The Madam wished to be left alone and perhaps, I think this is something we should all respect.” Alfred muttered sullenly. Not that it really mattered because despite what Alfred had said and implied, none of them stopped trying to look for you. Even with all the patrols and crimes in between, none stopped trying at all.

Bruce wonders briefly if the reason you disappeared without a trace is because he had stopped trying. How could he have done this? How did things escalate to the point that you disappeared not only from his life but from the rest of the family too? Bruce shakes his head; he knew how this happened. Deep down inside, he felt it – he knew he probably should not have done it, he knew his decision would come back and bite him in the ass, he knew he would regret it – in fact, he is regretting it already.

Breathing heavily in a desperate panic, Bruce almost missed the way his phone is vibrating on the table. He looks down and doesn’t recognize the number at all but that didn’t stop him from answering the call because there are only a select few that he gave his personal number to.

“Hi, Bruce.” Your soft voice greets him over the phone. “Sorry for bothering you – I figured you will still be awake and I was correct,” You giggle quietly.

Bruce inhales sharply. “Y/N, where are you? He feels this immediate sense of urgency overtaking him and using his free hand, he immediately begins to try tracing the call but nothing is working – and Bruce immediately switches to plan B; trying to keep you on the line so he repeats his earlier question.

You chuckle. “Don’t even try tracing my call, Bruce. You should already know by now that I am using a burner phone and being with you – with the family,” It should not have hurt him but it did, “Being with the family for the longest time taught me how to bounce my electronic trail off the tower signals.” He swallows the curse that threatened to leave his mouth.

“Y/N,” Bruce rarely ever pleads but for the sake of wanting you back here, back in his life, he will do whatever it takes. He became more irrational and desperate and Bruce realized in that moment, with a silence that is ringing in his ears, that he would do anything – and everything – he can to win you back.

“I just want to know something.” There is something about your tone that scared him. You became the normalcy he had craved his entire life – Bruce lost a few battles but he has never lost sight of winning the war. You taught him laughter, taught him how to love himself and he owes you a lot but before he can even try to win you back, he still needs to tie up some loose ends before pulling out the big cards. Bruce will never let you slip out of his fingers ever again.  

“Just come back.” There is a lump in his throat. “We miss you – I miss you.” Bruce knows you heard him but your dismissal hurts him.

“Are you happy?” You ask him instead.

Bruce considers your question for a long moment. He cannot deny that being with Selina gives him a chance at being happy – in a different way than when he was with you but at the same time, you also make him happy too. “I don’t really know,” He murmurs softly, answering your question. A feeling of dread washes over him.

“Are you happy?” You repeat the question once more.

“I – I am getting there,” Bruce answers earnestly and all the while his insides are screaming for him to beg her to return to them, to the family, to him.

Bruce feared you had abandoned the call when you didn’t speak for a while and momentarily he is ceased with pure fear. “Y/N!” The grip he has on the phone tightens.

“That’s all I need to know.”

Bruce panics. “Y/N, - “

“Thank you so much for everything, Bruce. I really wish you are able to find the happiness you couldn’t have from me with Selina. I love you and thank you.”

Was he hearing you right? Before Bruce could even answer, you had disconnected the call and the only thing that is ringing now is the dial tone. Bruce is consumed with blind rage (at himself) and threw his phone against the wall where it shattered. It did not matter that the noise might have woken Selina up – right now, he has more pressing matters to do.


The Good Doctor One-Shot
Part II of the Apple

Synopsis: Melendez and his team get word that one of their own has been critically injured. Meanwhile, Shaun comes to terms with the events leading up to the shooting and desperately wants to help.

You can read Part I here

  “Alright, got it. Thanks.” Melendez shook his head and hanged up the phone. He could not believe what he had just heard. He turned to his two residences on call; Claire and Jared.

  “Someone coming in?” Claire asked. Excitement and a bit of fear were all evident in her voice.

  Melendez sighed. And then, as if he was pulling off a band-aid, he told them. “It’s Arden. Paramedics are bringing her in.”

  “Nurse. Arden?” Jared said each word like it was its own sentence, clearly in disbelief. “How can that be? She was fine yesterday?”

  “I don’t have a lot of info. EMS just said there was an altercation. She was shot. And she’s in critical condition,” Melendez did his best to sound as professional as possible and not let his personal judgements get in the way. In truth, he had learned to like the young surgical nurse that began working for him 6 months ago.

  “I need you guys to focus. I know Arden is a friend, but we need to treat this like any other patient,” Melendez’s remarks were just as much for him as they were for his doctors.

  “Guys,” Jared said, “I just got a text from the paramedics. Apparently, Shaun was there too.”

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When you left me - Jumin Han

Hey guys! So I’m writing a little mini series that’s explained more in depth here, but the basic premise of these is that during V’s good ending, he leaves for two years but in that time MC might still be lonely and turns to one of the RFA members for comfort. I’m making one for each member, but here’s for Jumin ♡
Small note, lines that are fully italicized mean it’s Jumin’s thoughts.

Jumin coudn’t be more disappointed in Jihyun. Just because he understood why he left, he didn’t think it was responsible. Rika needed help, the RFA members wanted answers, you wanted him to be there for you like you were for him, and he decided he needed to leave. He was always concerned for you, to the point where Jaehee was a bit quizzical about how and why he was so upset about it. He was persistent that you were an RFA member who went through a lot, and therefore he should be concerned about you. That was enough of an explanation for Jaehee, but Jumin couldn’t stop thinking about it. His mind danced around the reason, subconsciously knowing it but refusing to think it directly. It’s because she’s an RFA member. That’s why you’re concerned. He thought that time and time again, but something was tugging at him that it was more. He hadn’t felt this before, and didn’t know how to respond. 
Before he went completely crazy with his thoughts, his phone lit up with an accompanying sound. He read the message on his screen, sighing in relief. You had messaged him, asking to come over. His worry skyrocketed, and he immediately send a car to pick you up. The message was from the driver, saying he got her over safely and was in the hands of his guards now, and should be at his door at any moment. As his eyes scanned over the final word, he heard a firm knock at his door. He set his phone down and walked over, feeling relieved as he saw you on the other side. He guested for you to come in, and then for the security to stay out. The door closed behind you, and you two were now alone.
“I’m glad to see you got here safely. “Come,” he said, leading you into the living room. “Can I get you a drink, or anything to eat?” 
“Just some water would be great…” The glass was already filling in his hand before you could even finish your sentence. “Thank you, Jumin,” you said softly as he handed you the glass.
“It’s nothing. You know I can get you anything you need”.
You laughed, but he could tell there was no humor behind it. In fact, it made you think about how V left you. “I know… I know. That’s why I called you. You’re here. You didn’t just leave!” Your grip on your glass tightened as you tried to stop tears from flowing down your face. “I mean, I understand it when someone wants space. But I’m hurting too! Someone I thought I cared about tricked and manipulated me, and I just had to be there for someone else. And I’m not angry that I had to be supportive of him, I know how much he went through, but why couldn’t he be here for me?” You were sobbing now, unable to stop talking. “Why did he have to leave? I didn’t expect him to do anything grand. All I wanted was for him to be here for me. Why can’t anyone be here for me?” 
Before he could stop himself, Jumin leaned in and embraced you in his arms. You quickly clung to him, your glass of water dropping to the floor and spilling in the carpet. But neither of you noticed as you buried your head into his shoulder, your tears staining his shirt. Jumin didn’t know what he was doing, but he knew he hated seeing you hurting, and in that moment hated Jihyun for doing this to you. He wasn’t sure of what he could say to help you, so he just held you while you cried. On top of his anger, he felt confused. He didn’t know anymore how he felt about you, and he was feeling things he hadn’t ever experienced before. 
He snapped out of his thoughts as soon as you pulled away, and you looked at the tears on his shirt and the water you spilled on the floor. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I’ve made such a mess,” you mumbled as you wiped your face dry. “I-I should go”.
You went to push yourself up, and Jumin placed a hand on your arm.
“Don’t go”.
You looked at him, confused. “What?”
“Don’t go. I want you to stay here”. Jumin didn’t know what he was saying, but he couldn’t stop himself. “I know you felt like no one was there for you. But I’m here for you. Right now, and always. I want to prove to you that I care about you”.
Stop it.
Jumin felt his heart beating faster and faster, even more so when he saw your eyes flicker down to his lips and back up to his eyes.
She’s in love with Jihyun, as he is with her.
You were the one who leaned in and pressed your lips against his, and despite wanting it Jumin was to astonished to do anything. After noticing how stiff he was, you pulled away, feeling dread in your heart. “Oh my god, I-I’m so sorry,” you stuttered out, quickly standing up and composing yourself before going for the door. “I shouldn’t have- I thought you- I’m so sorry-” 
Let her leave. Don’t do this to them or yourself.
Jumin took half a second before standing up and walking after you. You had your hand on the door, and the handle was barely turned before he was behind you. He raised his hand up to press it firmly against the door, keeping you from opening it. You were so focused on leaving you didn’t even realize he was behind you, and spun around with eyes wide from shock. “Jumin?”
This isn’t right.
Jumin used his other hand to gently lift your face, his thumb stroking your cheek. “I meant what I said. I always do,” Jumin whispered before he leaned down and kissed you.
Stop it.
You embraced him, almost too eagerly. He liked it, almost too much.
You know better than this.
His hand left the door, finding purchase on your waist against where your shirt had lifted slightly from facing up. The feeling of your bare skin against his hand sent what felt like electricity through his body.
This isn’t you.
Your hands were starting to unbutton his shirt, and in response his hands were pulling you closer. As he felt his hands against his now bare skin, the voice inside his head telling him to stop disappeared. He couldn’t think about if this was right or wrong, what this would to to you and Jihyun, or even to him and Jihyun. All he had on his mind was you, and you were right in front of him. He wasn’t going to waste a single of second of time with you.


final batch of apprentice requests! whoo!! as with the other two sets, they’re all transparent and have a white outline (that i can remove if you want). you can do whatever you want with these, just please link it back to me!  💖

game here!

1. omarisha - @solunacrystal
2. cerys - @rimarza
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4. shafa - @logicalapprentice
5. zoharah - @zaro-zairel


Facebook post that I wanted to share here two 😊😞🥐🥖🍗🥟🥔🍂🍁I am grateful for who I am today; of what I have and who I have in my life. There’s lots of history behind thanksgiving and it’s viewed in many ways, for me it truly is a day I just give thanks for where I am today and how far I’ve come and thank all the people that made me who I am today. I’ve had one hell of a life but on days like today it’s been filled with long lasting memories that I will never forget. I have to give thanks because no matter what has happened in my life each year has been better it’s had it’s ups and downs and life definitely tests us in that way but I’ve always followed my favorite motto “ always keep moving forward “. I’m saddened that I can’t be around my friends and family back home grubbing and eating like i madman haha ; while appreciating the ones that have helped me grow as an individual. I’m glad I’ve had you all in my life that are reading this and especially the ones tagged, in some way please know I appreciate you all for just being in my life past or present even if for many of you it’s been years since we’ve talked 🤝. Family is beautiful. I hope you are all stuffing your faces as I sit here with jealousy. And I hope you guys are having a great day with your own families. Thinking about it I have a couple friends that I’ve considered family for many years so i give thanks to you guys two and hope that you aren’t alone you aren’t sad and you know that I appreciate all the time you guys spent being my friend. “I’m thankful for every moment” Happy thanksgiving, to the ones that are lucky enough to have their families together still today. I wish you all a wonderful day. And to the ones that aren’t so lucky I send you guys hugs and hope you can at least find someone to spend today with; sadly not everyone is so lucky. If you have any loved ones in your life today whether it’s family or friends and more appreciate them you never know what can happen tomorrow.
“ Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it “

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Hello, friends. I promised to get better at letting you know when I’m good - not just bad. So I’m here to let you know that the last three days have been really good. Two days ago, I felt so good I caught myself thinking this can’t possibly be how people without depression feel every day; no way, because it was so good, I’d be dizzy with joy if I was that happy every day! I thought “no wonder people want to live of this is what life feels like”. I tend to be overwhelmed like that whenever I have good periods because life really can feel that good.

Maybe I’ll get back to you on what is causing my better mood. It’s nothing big, just small things here and there - but I know finding the joy and excitement from snk again has helped a lot. ❤


brutus: you should probably use two hands, don’t you think?

jewel: i can do it with one hand.

brutus: well yeah, you can, but it’s more accurate with two hands.

jewel: are you doubting me?

brutus: of course not. i’m just suggesting. the first time i shot a gun i needed to use both hands.. i don’t want you to hurt yourself is all.

jewel: what makes you think this is the first time i’ve shot a gun, huh?

brutus: it isn’t?

jewel: :)

brutus: hey i’m the one with the dark secret background story here

jewel: ;))

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🌟 - who’s a character that you relate a lot to? why?

If you ever visited my “Favorite characters” page you would notice that my comfort/relatable characters have villain tendencies/are anti-heroes/are going through some huge psychological problems. They tend to be stubborn, courageous, rebellious, witty, charismatic and not in good terms with society. Some also have anger issues and scream at people/fight everyone. Some have a weird “hero complex” and want to make the world a better place. Some may also have a tragic past because of my love for angst. Basically, I’m looking for traits I have myself/would love to have. I can’t pick just one character, so here’s a small list (if you’re on mobile and can’t see custom pages on blogs):

  1. Tord and Tori (Eddsworld)
  2. Ren Hoek (The Ren and Stimpy Show) 
  3. Rango (Rango)
  4. Ellen (The Witch’s House)
  5. Alice Liddell (AMR and AMA)
  6. Harvey Dent/“Two-Face” (Batman) 
  7. Rodion R. Raskolnikov (Crime and Punishment) 
  8. Grigory A. Pechorin (A Hero of Our Time)

💗  - if you could choose, which time period would you live in? why?

I often feel like I belong in late XIX-early XX centuries. Simply love the aesthetic, love the art of that time, and I share the views of people who lived in that time period. On the other hand, I can hardly find something aesthetically pleasing to me in modern culture and fashion. It lacks the charm I adore. 

Ehy people, I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to disappear for a couple of days.

I need to isolate myself from all the noise and all the words for a while so I’ll have my phone turned off for two days.

I had a bit of a breakdown a few minutes ago, like an overload. I’m not fine. But I’ll be good again. I just need to empty my mind for a bit.

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Thank you, dear! This warms my heart so much and I’m happy you’re enjoying it. I’ve been working on the next chapter some here and there, but I should be back to heavy writing for it over the holidays.

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It was a good few minutes before Yandere came back. He had his pjs on now. He frowned when he found the door locked before plucking two pins out of his hair, and picking it. Good thing you were done when he came in, “Skylar-pai locked the door! No need to do that when I’m around.” He picked you up again, carrying you to the bed. He slipped the two of you under the covers & positioned you to cuddle him again, kissing your forehead, “Now sleep, don’t worry, I’ll be right here when you wake up.”-🥀

I let out a paniced yep as he picked the lock, honestly looking quite nervous when he walked closer “i-i just um… i didnt want people walking in while i was changin- !” I was cut off when he picked me up, relaxing once he put us under the blankets. Though his words were still a but worrying in a way i just smiled up to him, snuggling close to him “thank you yandere… sleep well…”

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30 Day Ron Weasley Challenge

Day 16: Favorite Ron jumper.

I mean of course his letter jumper is classic and I really want one of my own.

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

But I like this one the best from OOTP.

For one it’s tight lol. And for two, it just looks like it suits him. He wears it so well.

Rupert looks so gorgeous here…..

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Headcanons for how kougyoku would get along with morgiana, like if they were best friends? or maybe kougyoku getting along with yamraiha? whichever is fine if you want to, i love your work a lot, thank you so much for everything you do here!

Thank you for requesting and the support!


> There’s not much that actually ties the two girls together and in the early stages of their friendship, they often feel very uncomfortable and awkward around each other. It just happens on some point, that Mor asks her to show her how to make flower crowns, the two girls often hanging out afterwards to drink new kinds of teas or weaving the colorful flowers into crowns next to each other. Alibaba is also a big factor in welding them together, Morgiana finally having someone to talk about her fears or insecurities and Kougyoku being able to support both of her friends, bringing happiness to all of them


> Having quite the distance between them, it was not easy for the two girls to find to each other. At first it was just admiration for the other, but it became more when the two of them got to talk with the other for the first time. Established on maybe just the simple pointing out of how similar the shades of blue on the two of them are - Kougyoku in her djinn-equip and Yamraiha’s hair respectively -, they would engage in a conversation, sharing interests and important topics with each other. Their might be invitations to each others countries, eagerly waiting for the chance to talk again, as both found a person, interested as well as easy to talk to


aaaaaaaaaand to finish off the art for the day, here’s two versions of Allegro with B1!

the first version is using the palate Pastel and Dangerous, and the second version is just cuz i was really happy with how she turned out and wanted to color her properly XD


s1 vs s6