i just want these two here

so my mother, of her own volition, decided to download and read the entirety of Call Me By Your Name. here are some of her quality reax (verbatim): 

  • “Haven’t read a love story so moving in years. Totally bereft. Xxxx”
  • “oh I’m so sad I’m crying.”
  • “I want to read it again and I just finished it..” 

[two hours later]

  • “Lottie I can’t stop thinking about the book” 
  • “When is the film showing in the U.K. And will it be mainstream?” (her response to “24th of November at the earliest but tbh we’ve no idea” was “I’ll have to reread it in the meantime.” me: haha yeah, I reread it once a year. her: just once a year!) 
  • “So glad it’s on my iPad I feel very attached.” 
  • me: I own three copies so feel free to peruse the hardback.
    mum: Yes might just want to hold it. xxx 

ahhhh excuse this really awful 5 sec edit but i’m so!!! excited about this first milestone bc i can barely believe it?? it’s not even been two weeks that i’ve been welcomed into the star wars community & i do mean welcomed because i’ve not met people more generous or kind or excited to help someone like me who’s been out of the fandom for a while get back in, you all have made a significant impact on the way i view this fandom. i’m so grateful to everyone who’s taken an interest in my writing & enjoys my portrayal of luke, i’ve just had a blast being here so far and i definitely want to share my happiness with some of the people who’ve shaped my experience along the way ♥♥♥

                             mutuals whom i’ve enjoyed plotting & screaming at during 3am IM / skype chats: @anakcn@highnis@oncejedi@ofdagobah  ★ @jediscariot@libertinedeath@demandpeace@ofdeathandfear@lastorgana@jedibetrayer@crdered@queenmiko

                            mutuals whom i’ve had so much fun writing with & can’t thank enough for indulging me & luke: @imthxpilot@crossingstars@elysiumiism@oflightrey@rebelstrategy@hiddensteel@artoooie@fulcrumm@stillsolo

                            & to everyone who’s been a great delight on my dash & an inspiration the more i read of your writing: @gelidveined@techniiciian@astramessiah@kybercore@artisticallydcne@clownzilla@chaied@ironfistedwill@rookierebel@dualknown@jedichosen ★ @pilotcorellian@kybersung@rinnlaochra@tyranusss@kaminosfinest@rebelsacrifice@wrathruined@masterofcraft@imperialvalor@soughtdawn@xyuuken@hopeandrhetoric@koyousetsus


>>>plz link to my tumblr in case you want to reupload it somewhere<<

Sudden random Jumin V idea~ (my main OTP)

idk I just love the fact that V is Jumin’s childhood bestfriend and that V really understands Jumin inside out~!

Like how V helps Jumin to choose his new assistant after the previous one quit(Jaehee route) and how he is the only one who can nag Jumin when he make any mistake..

These two so precioussss aaaaa

Any JuminV shipper here ? Www we could be friends ! (I kinda sad this ship didnt sail much in the fandom)

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nct dream reaction to their gf / crush becoming depressed because her parents are going through a divorce? (i'm sorry to ask something so deep but this is happening to me rn and I was just curious)

Hey I hope everything works out and I love you. (I wrote this as like… you’re their gf although it’s pretty gender neutral.)

Mark: The most supportive bf in the world!!! He would listen to you talk about everything, nodding in understanding and holding you close to him as you told him all of your worries.

“I’m always here for you Y/N.”

Originally posted by taeilsgirlfriend

Haechan: He’s actually serious for once. He can tell that you’re unhappy and all he wants to do is make you feel better so that the two of you can start joking around again. Plus, he hates seeing you sad.

“I’m here if you… want to talk.”

Originally posted by haechannie

Jeno: He’d be incredibly nervous. What was he supposed to say? What if you started crying? What if, what if, what if… Still, he let you vent to him and went out of his way to do little things to make you feel better, whether it was buying food or simply getting you out of your house.

“You know I’m always here for you, right Y/N?”

Originally posted by 10795

Jaemin: He’d be unsure of how to comfort you. He’d listen to you talk, your head on his chest, his hands playing with yours. He would try to make you feel better through bad jokes.

“Hey, this one’s good, I promise Y/N.”

Originally posted by nakamotens

Renjun: Super supportive bf #2!!!!! He would be awkward, offering to let you vent to him about what was happening and he’d offer little words of encouragement to you. He would hate to see you so unhappy.

“You can tell me anything, okay Y/N.”

Originally posted by pink-ramen-hair

(alskdjfls i lob renjun)

Chenle: Super awkward. He wouldn’t be sure how to comfort you, but he’d let you tell him what was happening and why you were unhappy. He’d nod thoughtfully and try to come up with ideas to keep your mind off of the divorce. 

“Let’s do something after school Y/N!”

Originally posted by neotechs

Jisung: He literally had no idea what to do when you started telling him about the divorce and how it was making you unhappy. Of course he wanted to make you feel better… he just wasn’t sure how to do that. He would probably go to Mark for help. Afterwards, he’d spend time with you watching movies or letting you vent, whichever you felt like doing that day.

I just really want Y/N to be happy…

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hi, I'm wanting a boho/indie styled room & I was just wondering if you could maybe suggest some ideas & put up a photo or two maybe please. My room is pretty small only being about 16ft long & 10ft wide. Thankyou :)

Some suggestions:

  • Warm, earthy tones - greens, tans, oranges. Lighter shades are better for smaller rooms
  • Wall tapestries! You can find cheap ones on Amazon
  • House plants, if you can keep them alive
  • Decor inspired by nature
  • Wooden furniture

Here are some ideas:

Take a Sad Song and Make it Better

I’m finally done! My Music Meister AU where Tommy dies is up on Ao3 :) I’m gonna post the link here now and put the text into a Tumblr post later for those that want to read it here.

Let me know what you think and if you want more or if you have any other prompts you want me to write! Thanks for all the encouragement to get back into writing, everyone!!! xoxoxxo


(I warn you… THERE IS ANGST)

(Just tagging everyone who encouraged me to write this and expressed interest in reading it! I might be missing some, I’m sorry!)

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Ok sorry if I pissed u off but are u serious rn. Nothing u just said is true. Will is not his pretend bf I know that for a fact and the spotlight has not been on cc for years no one cares about them anymore glee is over. Ashley isn't always with them either if u did listen to recent videos u would know they just came back from Germany and went on a road trip to New Mexico JUST THE TWO OF THEM. I understand that u have your own opinion and that is completely fine but ur making stuff up here .

Dear CHLOEF8899- I appreciate that you created a blog just to spam me. However, I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT CHILL IS A PR RELATIONSHIP CREATED FOR THE PURPOSE OF DIVERTING PEOPLE’S ATTENTION FROM THE ACTUAL COUPLE. But believe what you want, just stay out of my inbox. Last night I was amused. Your subsequent 5 messages just pissed me off.

And for the record Mia is a vile person. Not one to be admired and she has treated Darren horribly. Someday you will all be enlightened and realize how your refusal to see the truth has done nothing but hurt these two wonderful gentlemen.

I just want to take the time to give y'all an update on my adopted bunny, Navi! When she first came home with us towards the end of January, she was very scared and skittish. She wouldn’t even drink water for the first couple of weeks. She was skeptical of everything and would hide wherever she could to lay down away from us. She hated being pet, especially on her head or back, and would jump and get scared at the littlest sound. Here we are, a little over two months later, and she’s made huge progress. She knows her name and comes to us [my boyfriend and I] when we call her, she flops next to us in front of the couch when we are watching TV, and even jumps on the couch to cuddle between us. She boops us for pets, and actually lets us touch the side of her face and back with no problems. It truly warms my heart to see her binky and zoom around the living room like she is happy and comfortable in her new home. I’m so proud of her for coming so far, especially since she was adopted and returned to the shelter at least once. I am so happy that we are able to give her a loving and permanent home. :’)

Dragus:  “So, you ready to have another kid?”

Evi:  “Maybe you’ll be the one pregnant this time?”

Sim Goddess: “Oh my god, you two.  I wanted to wait a little before giving you another child.”

Dragus:  “I want my son.”

Evi:  “And I want you to suffer for ignoring us.”

Sim Goddess sighs……..

Evi just laughs at her Sim Goddess.

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

I feel like throwing in my two cents on all this Karamel discourse so here we be

I ship Karamel, why? Because I’m a sucker for fictional drama. Not because Karamel’s relationship is what I want to pursue for myself, not because I think their relationship is particularly healthy, not because I think Chris Wood is a total babe (I don’t btw, except, arms. Have you seen his arms?)

Karamel shippers get a lot of hate as well as the antis. Which fucking sucks, because you see negativity spewing from both sides and it’s like, can we just enjoy (or not enjoy, lol) the show without sending mean messages towards one another? By all means VOICE YOUR OPINION. But you don’t have to take five minutes to send an anon hate message to someone who likes your notp. It’s asinine and immature and quite frankly a waste of time. Because in sending that hate, your goal was to likely 1. Ruin their day (which, unless the recipient in question is particularly thin-skinned, I promise this was not the result) or 2. Convert them to your side (which NEVER EVER HAPPENS. Shippers and antis, for the most part, will never hear out the other side because they’re too busy screaming their POV until their blue in the god damn face??? Like…hmmm…not exactly the makings of a great argumentative conversation).

As for me personally, I’m a little conflicted on the ship (or even admitting that I ship it) because Mon-El, while having some funny lines here and there and YES I believe there has been some legitimate character development, he is far from an ideal character to be paired with our leading lady. I supported Karolsen 150% because he cared for Kara, listened to her, and respected her. Mon-El has been very VERY inconsistent in showing the latter two points. He cares for her but, at times, has a real shit way of showing it. Does that make for 150% good ol’ fictional storytelling, though? You bet. I’m hooked. After an angst-filled or anger-filled Karamel scene, my brain is all, time to keep watching and see how this unfolds. But I won’t defend that Mon-El is a perfect, loving soul, amazing bf, because he’s a far cry from it. He’s problematic but I can excuse that because it’s tv, I watch tv to be entertained, and bitch, I’m entertained. Not trying to convince anyone else to be, just sharing my angle here.

And I know you’re thinking “but girls will be watching this and romanticizing their relationship!!!” And you’re right. They probably are. It’s shitty. I agree with that and I KNOW I’m going to get so much hate for this but speaking from my own experience, I romanticized a TON of relationships as a kid/teen that were blatantly unhealthy by real life standards. Ross and Rachel: they WOULD SUCK IRL. Inuyasha and Kagome (I was an anime freak back in 2004 ya know) totttessss unhealthy but I loved the fuck out of it anyway. And at the time I didn’t realize they were bad for each other because it was so young. I just thought it was, aw, so cute that they were fighting all the time. Love/hate relationships were my jam. Still are. But I can recognize that the shit can’t fly IRL and if a man disrespects or dismisses you, time to leave. I think for a large amount of young girls who watch, they may not be so affected by Karamel in the real world as you think. It’s the same logic that says “people who play video games will become increasingly more violent,” you know? However; I still think it’s a shame that we don’t have the example provided for girls on a show friggen called SUPERGIRL that the title character is with someone that obviously respects her. Just having that representation and example in s1 was a big yay for feminism. I can see how now that is seriously soured.

The writers obviously replacing a POC by a boring white dude is obvious, yes, and it makes me angry, yes, but do I have control over the show? Hellllll no. All the tweets and hashtags in the world couldn’t get them to change their view of the Karamel storyline, so mama’s going with the flow. Hopefully Mehcad will get cast in a role that really allows him to shine because his talents and screen time are certainly encumbered by a network who won’t let the boy shine.

TLDR; I like Karamel as a ship but can understand the POV of antis just don’t be a dick about it on either side


I don’t like to talk much about my personal life here you know?…

But I’ll try and make an exception today, because I feel like I really messed up last night…

Here’s a tentative schedule of the first two movie nights. This is subject to change, although this should be pretty solid.

April 1st-

-My Neighbor Totoro (6 pm eastern standard time)

-Kiki’s Delivery Service (8 pm eastern standard time)

April 8th-

-Anastasia (6 pm eastern standard time)

-The Emperor’s New Groove (8 pm eastern standard time)

My only rule for this is to please be kind to one another in the chat feature. Also, if anybody ever wants to take a short break during the movies, just ask and I can pause the film for a few minutes.

Don’t worry if you’re movie didn’t get picked, if this goes well, I would be happy to have more movie nights in the future. I would love to do this about every other weekend and as long as there’s at least a few people who participate. If you want to watch something pg-13 or above that isn’t too graphic, we can have a night set aside for that. Also, your title has to be on netflix, hulu, funimation, youtube, amazon, or crunchyroll for me to be able to play it on rabb.it so please check and see if the movie you want is on any of those before you suggest it. I’ll post a link to the room on the night of each movie night at 5:45 eastern standard time.

Podcast Topics!

So as some of you might have seen last night, Baseball and I are considering doing a fun podcast type thing for shits and giggles. I’m pretty surprised at how many were interested! But to actually have some concrete things to talk about, we want to get questions from you!

What are some questions you have that you would like two goofs on the internet talk about? Can be asking for advice or just our opinion on something in general!

Here’s a list of things that Baseball and I tend to talk about a lot:

  • Character Creation
  • World-Building/Writing Process
  • LGBTQA+ (Asexuality/Aromaticism in particular)
  • Not Everything Being Black & White
  • Fandoms (Undertale, Steven Universe, etc.)
  • Pet Care & Behavior
  • Gender Roles
  • Scary Stories
  • Movies (and dumb opinions about people doing dumb shit in them)
  • Dumb Opinions About Dumb Shit In General

And much more!

Feel free to reply to this post or send in an ask if you want to remain anonymous about anything at all! Otherwise we’ll have no idea what to talk about. lol

hey guys!

i just wanted to let you know that writer sign-ups and artist claims are officially closed! 

sadly not all artists were claimed, which means the second round of claiming will not happen. i understand this is disappointing, but it was equally disappointing knowing we had thirty extra writers signed up who didnt claim ;__;  but no worries, all artists are covered!

so what does this mean? it means those extra writers now have two choices: 1. you can drop out by filling out the dropout form (here, required), or 2. you can hang tight while i drum up a first-choice pinch-hitter claim doc! if there is one thing i can guarantee with events like these, its that people will drop out due to some kind of emergency and that we will need pinch-hitters. this will give you an advantage over other pinch-hitters in that you get to claim which artists you want to write for and you will be the first person i turn to if/when the time comes. the details on this are outlined in this post here if you wanna read more abt this!

ive been slowly working on the official announcement post but pls do allow me a little more time to finish it out. you will know your partner and be able to start working together no later than march 27! for any writers sticking around to help pinch-hit, another claims doc will be posted in the next few days.

if you have questions pls feel free to send them in, they will probably be answered tomorrow!

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Just in your personal opinion, (totally don't have to answer) could you see one of CS and not the other in a season 7? From everything I saw and heard today, I can't.

I don’t think I’m going to give you the answer that you want here.

Yes, I could definitely see a scenario where one stays and the other leaves. Because what I saw on stage in front of me was a really lovely friendship between two people that support each other and want the best for each other.

If one of them has an opportunity to further their career outside of the show then they are going to take it and I would bet that the other would be thrilled for them.

It’s business and jobs for them. Don’t get me wrong, they both love working together and really enjoy the story they get to tell but they aren’t going to give up a great opportunity just because the other person makes a different decision.

That being said, I do feel like the Captain Swan story would never be ruined by a departure of one of them.

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can you tell us an omo story about yourself mommy 😋

sure!! i don’t really mind. this can be a treat for my omo followers aaaaaa :3c

so picture me, your dear owl mom, in a car with her friends. we’d all just came home from the movies (it was the latest pu//rge movie we saw) and i drank two huuuuuge drinks, enough to fill me up. my two friends teased me about it the entire time, asking if i was full yet.

fast forward to us driving home. we live in a small town, so the drive to the next town for the movie theaters is a 45 minute drive. my friends were tired and i didn’t want bother them so i kept my need to pee a secret. but here’s where i have trouble. anyone who has skyped me or knows me knows i have a TINY bladder, like, i need to pee 10+ a day. it’s embarrassing lmao.

during the drive out of the parking lot and first 10 minutes im okay. 20 minutes, and im squirming and whining. 35 minutes and im squirming more and more, trying to hide my moans in the backseat, my two friends in the front. it felt SUPER good, rubbing my thighs together and biting my lip. i didn’t want to have them stop on the side of the desert road either, since it was hella dark and i have an absolutely intense fear of the dark.

“hey, how far from town?” I ask, my friend explaining only a few more minutes.

by the time we reach the outskirts of town, i already felt myself leak, secretly using my jacket over my lap so i can use my hand to hold myself. trying not to cause attention or receive more teasing.

“owly? holy shit, still don’t need to pee after all those drinks?” my friend asks, me squirming.

“nah, i’m good. can i get dropped off first? my phones about to die and I won’t be able to call anyone to let me in” i replied, my friends turning down the road leading to my apartment.

i carefully get out, accidentally groaning as i get down from their truck as i feel pressure on my bladder. i lie and say i hit my knee against the door. we all laugh it off and agree to see each other monday for dinner.

they drive off as i finally lean against a wall and hold myself, moaning and jumping foot to foot. i look up at my stairs to the apartment i live in with my mom, wondering how I’ll make it.

i make it up 7 steps before i gasp, a huge leak coming out. my skinny jeans growing darker. i cry, rushing up the steps with my keys and jacket in my hands, trying to juggle the key to unlock the apartment.

sadly, I only make it to the front of the door, key in the keyhole and sobbing. i can feel it going down my legs and crying. soaking into my jeans and the ground. i stand there sniffling when i realize i couldn’t hold it. shaking when i finish up and feel the puddle under me, my legs warm compared to the cold weather that night.

i calm down and open up the door, secretly cleaning up the puddle and taking a long and hot shower. ((which maaaaay or maaaaay not have involved getting off oops sorry))

Ode to Tumblr

I want to start this post by offering the sincerest “Thank You” I could muster to those that reached out to me concerned, wondering what happened to my blog, asking me if I am OK.  I can safely say there are about 20 out of 66 that followed me that extended me this gesture.

For the record, I am fine.  Everything is good.  This blog is here but it will just take up space and have absolutely no meaning to anyone.  I have moved my blog back to Ello (ello.co).  I feel compelled to give you the reasons why as so many of you have asked for an explanation.

  • Ello allows me to comment on posts, with pictures, video or anything I want and not have to reblog to do it.
  • You can reblog if you wish but are not obligated to in order to put your two cents in so that everyone can read your comment.
  • Ello has no advertising….
  • I am not constantly blocking porn bots on Ello.
  • Ello is not high school, which it seems Tumblr has turned out to be.  We discuss relevant topics.  We share ideas.  We don’t bicker over politics, sexuality or constantly beat the dead horse over topics like sexuality, depression, that fact that you can’t get a date, the “what’s wrong with me” posts, etc.  Now, I know that these are all important issues.  I get it.  But you have to admit that something is wrong when 9 out of 10 posts are about the same thing.  Fix the problem and move on.
  • Ello has no cliques.  I make new friends every day on a variety of different levels.
  • Ello has no selective algorithm.  Ello shows you everything, not just the things that “It Thinks” you will like.  As I sit here I wonder how many of you will see this post immediately versus a few days from now, versus a week, month or year from now simply because Tumblr thinks that is what you want to see.

There are only two drawbacks to Ello that I can see right now.  First, the Art community has taken it over.  Lots of photography, lots of Artwork, lots of graphic design work.  Secondly, Ello has no formal messenger app like Tumblr does.  But I feel that is a good thing.  I sometimes wonder how many backstabbing messages Tumblr has in it’s archives. (So, high school…)

I am keeping this blog because I know that there are a few people that will never leave here and these people are important to me.  As many of you have seen, I do respond to asks still…and I do respond to messages sent to me.

Some of you have accounts on Ello….all you need do is reactivate them and get active there again to follow me if you wish.  I would love to have all my followers come and join me on Ello.  We would make a great community.  You would make a whole bunch of new friends there.  Tumblr was a great place to post, but I have graduated from High School many years ago………

……….I’m on Ello now, and as you can see, I’m a lot happier……..

yinyangswings  asked:

I'll just say it here, and you don't have to respond or anything if you don't want to. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings. It wasn't my intention to do so, more just me being worried because you sounded really stress and that you seemed to be taking on A LOT of different anti-Newtina posts at once, and it was frustrating that you seemed to be...overworking yourself over it. But I realize my last ask sounded mean, so I apologize for it.

Don’t worry about it, honestly. I’m sure it was one or two (maybe three) posts but I was reblogging and responding to stuff other people were saying I think?

I wasn’t overworking myself at all, honestly. I’ve overworked myself this past week with a) uni assessment and b) finishing a smut thing, so this was kinda nothing.

I feel that writing out my defence stuff is strangely therapeutic? Because if I read something and then stew on it for hours I’ll feel awful, so getting it out helps. Not sure if that makes sense, but…