i just want them to win everything

Things I really loved about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in earnest


1. Yondu’s “I’m Mary Poppins y'all!” after Peter says he’s cool. Because yes, it’s a hilarious line, but it’s also such a DAD thing. Like, who can’t say that their dad wouldn’t be so proud to be considered cool by their son and it’s so unexpectedly sweet because of it.

2. The fact that Baby Groot cries like an actual baby once. Because it’s like it’s stabbing you in the heart, but it’s so effective because you really forget that he really is a baby with all the things he can do until then, and that brings you right back.

3. The symmetry in Yondu’s redemption. Yondu is damned because he brings Ego’s children to Ego and his planet to be sacrificed, and he’s redeemed by sacrificing himself to save Ego’s child (who really is HIS child) and bring him away from Ego’s planet.

4. Drax’s interaction with Mantis, especially him holding her while he drowns in Ego’s planet. Because Drax is like this big murderous comic relief character, but his screen time with Mantis was this lovely way to remind the audience that Drax has this soft side and this tragic past without shoving it in your face. Drax might laugh at your pain, but he’d also try to save you even as he was drowning, and it’s a perfect way to frame his character.

5. Ego’s “For the first time, I am truly not ALONE!” and his alieness in general. Because don’t get me wrong, Ego is absolutely a non redeemable wonky bonkers genocidal jerk off, but he’s got this great alien quality to him that I feel this series really needed. It’s not in how he looks, but his motives and how he acts. Ego is a millennia old being; a god in a world of mortals. His view point of the world and his actions are so very true to that idea that we almost can’t relate because no one can imagine what it must be like to be that old or that powerful. But when he yells that one line out, we really get it. Ego, for all his power, is just like us; he just doesn’t want to be alone. Coupled with his god like alien superiority, his ego - get it? ;) - he sees the expansion as the way to answer that feeling. If everything is him, after all, then he can’t be alone, see? What makes him a great villain is that he actually had the real answer all along - love, family - but he chose to destroy it because he felt it was beneath him; because of his subconscious disgust at his own desire to be “just like the rest of them.”

6. Nebula’s “You wanted to win and I just wanted a sister!” And how it turns the tables on how we view her relationship with Gamora. Because Nebula is clearly set up to be the ‘bad sister’ to Gamora’s ‘good sister’ and that one line really throws that on its head and shows that neither one of them are good or bad. I also love how it’s Gamora that ends up apologizing to Nebula, after everything, and Gamora who finally returns Nebula’s offer of sisterhood after all of those years.

7. “You shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my Walkman!” Like, this line right here; the essence of Peter Quill in 10 words. Perfection.

8. The batteries as they relate to the parallel of Yondu’s and Rocket. Because them as a parallel is basically smashed over our heads, but I liked the subtle batteries parallel in that Rocket steals batteries he doesn’t need and Yondu steals Peter, who is used as a battery by Ego. It’s just a little thing but I found it really neat.

9. Rocket’s “I can only afford to lose one friend today,” line and how although it’s clearly framed to be about Peter, it’s also possibly about Yondu. Because no matter what, Rocket is losing a friend and it’s a great line to add to his character development from a guy who started trying to push his friends away to a guy who can’t lose them.

10. The contrast between how Peter reacts to the death of Ego and Yondu. He holds both as they die but he’s just silent and unaffected by Ego and he’s distraught and trying desperately to save Yondu, trying to pull off the suit to give to Yondu and save him instead. Can you say tears?

11. Don’t even talk to me about the Ravager funeral.

12. That the movie really was truly about family. Drax and his family and Mantis, Gamora and Nebula, Rocket and the Guardians, everyone parenting Groot and Peter realizing that the dad he’d wanted all along was actually the one he’d had. Often these superhero movies pull the “we’re family” card and it doesn’t feel earned, but man it does in this one. This movie is like Marvel’s “The Fast and The Furious IN SPACE” and it’s just great.

Official Graveyard Shift Lyrics

Well Mrs. Pharmacist / I insist / fix me up with something quick
I’ve been a bad little boy and I think i’m getting sick
Sick to the bone / slave to the flesh
Better put on my Sunday’s best      
I’ve been bad little boy… little boy

I’ve got a dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty little secret
And I’m not not not sure that I wanna keep it
So we feed ourselves lies to submit to the shadows
Cause we just wanna dance under our pretty perfect halos

Everyone’s got a secret
Whats yours? whats yours?
Don’t be shy, i’ll never repeat it  

Oh Mrs. Pharmacist / if I resist / lock me up and bind my wrists
You’ve been a bad little girl…. little girl.    
Close your eyes and listen close
I know just how much you love it
If you speak you lose your turn
So shut your mouth before I fuck it

Everyone’s got a secret
Tell me all about yours

Love. Hate.
Oh how we play the game
Cold soul
No sense of self control
Love. Hate.
Unsure to pass or play
Cold soul / now  we’re out of control

Roses are red, and my heart is black
We creep about the floor to indulge like Rats
Enraptured, we walk to nurse our obsession
Cause the roles that we play are paved with cruel intentions

Well  Mrs. Pharmacist… If you insist

I’ve got a dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty little secret
And I’m not not not sure that I wanna keep it
So we feed ourselves lies to submit to the shadows
And I just wanna shake you by your little perfect fucking halo

Everyone’s got a secret
Whats yours? whats yours?
Don’t be shy, i’ll never repeat it.

Queen For Queen
If you wanna soar with vultures, you’ll have to swallow bone
The saint charade is over / plastic royalty exposed
You wanna play the victim, to preach upon your throne                                  
No semblance of virtue as your relevance erodes

We go queen for queen  and move just like this

When you fall down
Will you back out
As you crawl through life with no crown?
Though you preach love, you package lies
Just a pawn in a kings disguise

I never said I’m perfect, there’s a guilt behind these eyes
So check me If it helps you fall asleep at night

Your skeletons are building / your closet’s getting tight
Are you the prey or spider in the web of all your lies?

When you fall down
Will you back out
As you crawl through life with no crown?
Though you preach love, you package lies
Just a pawn in a kings disguise

Don’t stop breathing in the chemicals
You don’t know humble… though you play the role
Pockets of evergreen are your amphetamine
Please stop feeding what you can’t control

You’ll bend, you’ll break, (you’ll) trip over your “fame”
Be careful, or you’ll run your mouth off your face

Necessary Evil (Feat. Jonathan Davis)
Strip off the weight of morality, and check it at the door
I’ll show you the worst in me
…what i’ve become
Blow out the candles I need not a wish
For I am everything
Now crawl to my boots and lick
Kneel before me

Imma have my cake and fucking eat you too.

It’s my party and i’ll die when I want to, die when I want to, die when I want to
The monster you’ve made is wearing the crown
I’ll be the king and you be clown
I’ll take the blame (and) parade it around.
You’ve made me the villain you can’t live without.

Reciting violence like poetry
No you can’t sit with us
Too fashionably plain  
Now say my name
Forget everything you think you knew of who I used to be
I look much better as… as the enemy

Imma have my fucking cake and eat yours too.

I want you low
I won’t let you die
(I’ll) keep you alive
Just to remind you of what you are not

It’s my party and i’ll die when I want to
you wanna see me fail, but I won’t die for you.

You’re mine motherfucker

Let me begin with envy’s a sin
You’ll have to find new words to invent
Cause I’ve heard your broken record, and i’m not impressed

I love when you talk, I just use it to drive me
I won’t let your judgement define me
I’m not broken, so don’t fix me
I want you to hate me

Tell me what you’ve lost
Hang me on your cross
If you’re so wise, then why are you so Soft?
Do you leave your “throne” as you cast your stones?              
I’m above living under your microscope

I’m insane, I’m “insane in the membrane”
I wanna fuck your face with a switchblade
I’m not broken, so don’t fix me
I’ll leave you behind me

Internet killed the video star

Cry baby cry baby, did I just hear you whimper?
Cry baby cry…
Suck my middle fucking finger

Cry baby / Cry baby
What have you done lately?
Cry baby / Cry baby  
What have you done?

Tell me what you’ve lost.
Demonize my flaws
Do they call you when dumb needs a mascot?
Do you leave your “throne” as you cast your stones?              
I’m above living under your microscope

You dilate / god of your existence
Begging me to listen while you “pray”
Swallow in vain / sliver spoon religion
Closer from a distance

You’re mine motherfucker

They try to bend / they try to break me by design
But I am the nightmare that will haunt you in the light

If it’s war that you want… then I’m ready to play
And the world’s gonna know my name

Through everywhere that I go
Every failure I’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I explode
I’m Untouchable.

Born of the ground I dug myself out from the dirt
With every scar I will avow to shake the earth

Unless it’s blood that you want.. then get the fuck out my way
Cause the world’s gonna scream my name

I will never be silenced
I will eclipse the pain

You can’t let it go      
(It’s) the price that we pay
But I own the grave from which I came
You reap what you sow
We don’t bleed the same  
Cause I own the rights to my own fate
And i’ll sleep a king on my deathbed

Through everywhere that I go
Every failure i’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I Explode
I’m Untouchable.

Every mile from home
Every failure I’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I Explode
I’m Untouchable.

Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2
She’s got no soul / heart black as coal
She’s from Hollywood Forever / dug her out of a hole
And here we go again / spinnin me in her web
She said “there’s just no rest for the queen of the dead”

Another trick to treat with candy apple dreams
Gonna rot her teeth cause i’m so sweet
One lick to rule them all
They crumble as they crawl

She loves me cause I like to give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat till her insides are on me
She loves me cause I give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat and nobody’s gonna stop me
And in the glow of the pale moonlight
She goes for a spin on my haunted hayride
Tried out the living but I don’t believe the hype  
Cause if she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

She’s got a temper in stock / made of hemlock
Uses absinthe as a lip gloss
Death hawk / fresh New Rock’s                              
She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk

She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk
Plays truth or dare in the mirror
Uses absinthe as a lip gloss
Undead, but won’t shed a tear

She’s my graveyard baby
She’s my……

She loves me cause I like to give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat till her insides are on me
She loves me cause I give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat and nobody’s gonna stop me
And in the glow of the pale moonlight
She goes for a spin on my haunted hayride
Tried out the living but I don’t believe the hype  
Cause if she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

D- E - A - D  
If she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

The Ladder
Tragedy / a poisonous lover
You infiltrate to destroy
Vanity / a cancer unforgiving
A charlatan with poise  

Fool me once / enough is enough
Was I more than a step on your way up?
Hollowed out /  I’ve no semblance of love
Now you’re just somebody that I used to fuck.

Lest we learn / the tables turn / so i’m betting out / I’m betting out.
You can be the prey in your masquerade, but i’m getting out / i’m getting out
There’s nothing left to repair

Ravenous / self righteous and lurid
But how much more till you break?
Scavenger / so fucking undeserving
You slither in just to take what you can take

Counterfeit / I’m calling your bluff
Was I more than just a step on your way up?
Now you’ll burn and you’re flesh out of luck
Now you’re just somebody that I used to fuck

Lest we learn / the tables turn / so i’m betting out / I’m betting out.
You can be the prey in your masquerade, but i’m getting out / i’m getting out
Against insight I fed your source of revenue
But now, it means nothing to me to mean anything to you

Open grave /  I was too blind to see
That “love”, spelled to you, is “F A M E”

You fuck your way up the ladder
Going down on your way to the top
Do your arms ever tire?
Or do they heal while you climb with your mouth?  

Delete Everything
Sever the yearning / you can keep the fucking ring
Delete Everything
You can keep the fucking ring

Nothing left to repair.

Voices in my head again
Trapped in a war inside my own skin
They’re pulling me under.

I’ve swallowed myself but the fever remains
I’m numb to the pleasure but still feel the pain      
If I showed you my soul, would you cover your eyes?
If I told you the truth, would you dare me to lie?  

I keep it all inside because I know that man is every thing but kind

Voices in my head again
Beating me in a war I can’t win  
I can hear them now
Trapped in a game inside my own skin
And I don’t know myself anymore
They’re pulling me under

As I walk through this valley of shadows and death
I curse not the “wicked”, I praise not the “blessed”
If I told you the truth, you’d beg me to change
If fear were a currency, you’d own the bank

I don’t want to live so calloused and frozen / ugly and hopeless
I don’t want to live forever, I just want to live right now
You can’t take me from me

I keep it all inside because I know that man is everything but kind

LOUD (Fuck It)
You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now

Another day, a double shot of hate
Drink it up like gasoline
Underpaid, you graduate, to build somebody else’s dream

With a noose as a tie… do you fantasize of a much different life?  
The fix for who they want you to be / directly streamed to your TV

And when they turn their backs on you…

You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now
Loud / Rude / When nobody hears you
You gotta stand up / You gotta commit
Say “Fuck It”, make the best of it

A broken home you’re trying to mend
You’ve got one day left to pay the rent
We’re not sure, but we believe in the lie… that it’ll all be fine, when we die

It’s so easy to grant the mirror power to control what you want to erase                      
Don’t become another victim / “Put a smile on that face”

You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now
Loud / Rude / When nobody hears you
You gotta stand up / You gotta commit
Say “Fuck It”, make the best of it

The money’s in the treatment, baby, not in the cure
So they fuel your pain with fear and shame and then hand you a brochure
The money’s in the treatment, baby, not in the cure
So they build you up to watch you fall and then beg for an encore

What are you waiting for?

Burn it down / brick by brick / Made in 2006
Lost and found / losing grip /  I needed this
Question me not, for I gave up everything
Forget me not, cause I’ve not forgotten what this means

Strip me down, tear me apart, you’ll find one theme left
No sign of stopping till my veins rust
Strip me down, tear me apart, you’ll find one thing left
I fucking know where I came from

..And nothing can replace those lessons learned
as I stood with my brothers on the side of the road
No longer haunted by the skeletons
No longer haunted by the past

For so long, it’s all i’ve known
I’m crossing over the undertow
For so long, no one was listening
Determined to make their deaf ears ring

Miles repeat / my worst enemy… is me.
But then four soon became six… to shatter the canvas
Handed nothing / loss pulling the strings
Outlived the dead trends / united by distance

I’ve been to hell and back, with no promise of return
So I made friends with fire, to keep from getting burned
No money, no sleep. dedication
10 years on the road this is sacred
And when i’m facing a wall, I do not quit
…Cause if you mean it, you will make it.

Pulled apart in a world so demanding
I’m still here, still standing
I’ve sweat blood from Stockholm to Scranton
Still here, still standing.

You can always rinse the surface, but the stain will remain

For so long, it’s all i’ve known
I’m crossing over the undertow
For so long no one was listening
I did my time

You live / you learn / you defy the terms, but this house will be my home
Beguiled / betrayed / it’s the price we pay, as trust will be our tomb

If you mean it, you’ll make it.

I’ve watched the whole world drowning in chemicals
Dissociative / but it takes it’s toll
Can I surpass time, or would I start to rust?
Depreciating / collecting dust

And I fear myself as I fall away  
In a cold deluded sense of fate
When the nightmares come, and the doubt sets in
Will the fever break, or will I burn from within?  

It’s too late to feel, I’ve lost my breath
With the hands of time around my neck
Am I more than the pen that wrote the past?
Or am I just the sand enslaved by the Hourglass?

Will I live again, or will I fade to black?    
Dehumanizing / when the heart attacks      
Will I expire before my dreams unfold?
But if the futures so bright, the path should glow

As the walls melt
and the light fades
I’m letting quicksand take me

If you look beyond the blindfold
You’ll find the hole in my soul
One fear, one mind, no hope, no time
If you look beyond the blindfold
You’ll find the hole in my soul

I’m on the edge of my seat
Holding out for a sign
Trying to rewrite the storyline

It’s too late to feel, I’ve lost my breath
With the hands of time around my neck
Am I more than the pen that wrote the past
Or am I just the sand encased in the Hourglass?

Fear is not my fate

Eternally Yours
Blow the bridge to the past / wipe the fingerprints
Melt your heart encased in wax / steal it with a kiss
Our fate engraved / scar enslaved / as we mutually destruct
Repose, my love, i’ve sinned enough for the both of us

In the name of love…..

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I feed like you taught me and selflessly swallow
We coalesce in darkness, so selfishly hollow
Examine the wreckage / writhing in tempo
Invisible anguish casting a shadow  

and in the name of love…

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

As we rest in pieces, though I know not your name
I would suffer forever to absolve all your pain

And in the name of love

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I’m ready to bleed to make amends
And sleep in this dirt we call our bed
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To fall and rewrite the bitter end
Eternally yours

I’m more than willing to rot in hell with you.

why bobs burgers is possibly the purest show in the universe

- a good, loving family that does not despise each other, that sticks together, that bands together in the face of adversity 

- in cliche tv shows families only tell each other they love each other in the face of danger/at the climax. not here. they regularly tell each other that they care even if it’s not an outright “i love you” it’s just acts of compassion and love and its not made a huge deal. It’s a regular occurrence for them.

- however when they do show their love in climactic moving parts its so great its so so great

- honestly? no matter how much they act dont like it they’d drop everything for another family member. all of the belchers are ride or die. not just linda. all of them. 

- sometimes, things don’t work out how you want it to. Bob doesn’t get a good review, Gene doesn’t win the contest, Tina doesn’t get on the team, but it’s all okay. Bad things happen but there are good people around you and you’ll get through this it’s ok

- no matter what, they try their best. They’ll keep trying until the end even if the outcome isn’t what the want. And they accept their fate, but that’s not the same thing as giving up. 

- I think im crying? this family is so good and pure and they deserve everything? i cant

- im going to quit life and become a bobs burgers account

- anyway im not in a great place in life rn and this show has saved me a lot i think and i just want to give them the world

person: what’re you thinking so deeply about?

what i say: nothing

what i’m thinking: but the fact that this is highlight’s first comeback as the CEOs of their own agency after everything cube put them through and they managed not only to get another win but also an all kill is truly symbolic of a new era for these boys because they finally have the autonomy they wanted and now they are free and are doing so well and they’re just so hAPPY AND

i don’t understand how some of you can sit here and try to force this mind set on people to believe that harry is doing this whole big solo thing when actually hes been doing nothing extra so far & doing a normal single release (just a little more dramatic and artsy) and that hes trying to erase himself from the band or trying to move on and forget the past / the boys and trying to convince everyone that hes the one ending the band when

1.) the band has been on hiatus since the end of 2015
2.) harry could’ve been a solo artist since like 2013 but never left the band
3.) its been over a year since the band went on break and hes just now releasing music, if he wanted to be the next jt he would’ve did it like a month after the break
4.) he explained in his magazine how they are on break and doing their own things
5.) he also explained in his magazine how this band was the best thing that ever happened to him
6.) just because hes being over hyped by his friends and the media doesnt mean harry asked / wanted them too, they have been over hyping everything he does for attention since xfactor tbh why is everyone acting surprised now ???
7.) he supported niall on his single, he supported louis at the xfactor with his new single
8.) the team (jeff & co) you are saying are encouraging the harry + ot3 hate were also the ones tweeting for 1d to win a brit rmbr ??? like ???

also did everyone forget that the boys all just wished him happy birthday publicly, even louis, louis !!! who hasnt tweeted harry publicly since like what 2013 or 14 i think like ??? if harry was this hot shot who wanted nothing to do with them they would’ve ignored him and not posted anything like they do on zayns birthday :) sooo i think that until harry says himself that hes over 1D (like zayn did when he went solo) im going to ignore this negativity around him because he doesnt deserve it, its not his fault that they put this image on him, he deserves a chance like niall and louis to be listened to and supported like we havent even heard him fucking speak yet and everyone is already turning on him relax, breathe, jesus christ.

5000k follower special!!!

So I am SO shocked and honored that 5000 people have decided that you liked my blog enough to follow me, and I wanted to do something to show how much I love you!!

What I decided I would do is a fic giveaway!  So here’s everything you need to know:

How to enter

  • You must be following this blog.  Idrc if you just start following me for the give away, but if you win and you’re not following, I’ll pick someone else
  • Every reblog counts as one entry.  You can reblog this post as many times that you want, but try not to spam your followers too much lol
  • Likes count too!!


  • It will take me a little while to finish the fics, so don’t pressure me too much.  I promise I’ll get them all done
  • There will be three winners
  • I’ll be using a random selection generator to pick the winner so it’ll be as fair as possible ^^

Rules for the fic

  • I will not do smut of any sort
  • I also won’t do anything related to cheating/abuse/rape/anything potentially triggering
  • I’ll write for any genre, but I don’t have a lot of experience in angst or hurt/comfort
  • I’m willing to write for all the characters, but just know that outside of the RFA + V they might not be super in character, but I’ll try my best
  • It can be for a ship from the game (polyships highly encouraged) or x reader/x OC!
  • AU’s are also highly encouraged
  • No matter what, if your request makes me uncomfortable in any way, or even if I feel like I wouldn’t be able to write it, then I can tell you to think of something different.

Winner #1

  1. A fic somewhere between 5k-10k words, multi chapter if you want

Winner #2

  • A 2.5k-5k fic, again, multi chapter if you want

Winner #3

  • 1k-2k fic, probably a single chapter, but I guess multi chapter if you want really short chapters lol

(The length of your fic will depend on how much I can get out of your prompt)

And that’s all!! Again, thank you so much for following, and may the odds be ever in your favor :D

Fucking rant time

Not ONLY does he have an amazing sweet beautiful voice that I want to lull me to sleep at night then PUNCH me in the face in the morning and fucking CRUISY CHISELED GOD ARMS
he also is an amazing actor who went from many comedic roles to a very VERY heavy show. He plays Marvin fantastically, as Marvin is a really hard character to play considering how much he changes throughout the musical but Christian Borle does everything so fantastically that you end the show feeling like Marvin is being played by a completely different actor. He changes his resting facial expression his body language the way he interacts with other actors on stage and the way he sings and it’s all DYNAMITE. Marvin is an emotional character to play he fucking sLAMS it though you feel Marvin’s emotions as he makes all his stupid choices and even when he’s being AWFUL you’re still rooting for him? DONT GET ME STARTED ON HIS ON STAGE CHEMISTRY WITH THE CAST TOO SMH?? Like he and Andrew are AMAZING together and they’re SO comfortable with each other and he and Stephanie like YOU PHYSICALLY FEEL THEM RECONCILING AND ITS BEAUTIFUL. Christian Borle knocks Marvin out of the freaking park. A hard character to play and he does it so well he’s so humble and so kind and so good and pure and AMAZING I just want him to succeed in everything.
So yeah if he doesn’t win his tony for this amazing role you’re gonna have to pry a stolen tony from my hands🤷🏽‍♂️ bc he fucking deserves it ?? Like I’m so,, done,,, you cannot tell me he doesn’t do fucking amazing as Marvin you CANT

Should you fight them: Russian leaders from 1855 onwards edition

Tsar Alexander II: leave alexander II alone. he just wants to free serfs and liberalize the legal system without having his authority threatened by the nobility. If you fight him you will definitely win, but, you’d be a bad person.

Tsar Alexander III: PLS FITE HIM. I mean, he’s big and burly and stoic and conservative and everything a Russian tsar is “supposed” to be so you will probably get all your limbs broken, but he is a dick, so fight him anyway.

Tsar Nicholas II: Fight him. You will undoubtedly win. He will run all the way to your duel by foot, by means of an extremely dumb and unnecessarily long route, (accidentally fighting the wrong person along the way) and be already totally wiped by the time he arrives. Even when it’s clear it’s a losing battle, and everyone he knows is telling him to just back out of the fight already, he will refuse, consequently pissing off everyone on his side and driving them to beat him up FOR you.

Vladimir Lenin: Don’t fight Lenin. He’s probably been planning his fight strategy for a decade. Bad idea.

Joseph Stalin: Um. Yeah. Don’t fight him. I dont think i need to explain myself, y’all already know the gory deets. Just, yikes, as much as fighting him would be amazing, pls stay far far away. 

~~fast forward~~

Nikita Khrushchev: If you fought him you would winbut he’d probably just read you an angry speech, throw a shoe at you, and then run away to watch star trek.

Leonid Brezhnev: Don’t fight him. He’s got a whole squad of underlings forced to come to his defense and fight you against their will, so, yeah. Don’t.

~~fast forward~~

Mikhail Gorbachev: You could definitely fight him, but you should probably just leave him be. He’ll probably just end up accidentally beating himself up, you wont even have to lift a finger. Anyway, he has a grammy and you don’t, so he’s won in the game of life. 

~~fast forward~~

Putin: i would say fight him but if he caught wind of your plans you would disappear off the face of the earth before you even got a chance.

i just want larry back and i want louis free from his mess and i want harry to be as flamboyant as he wants without needing 9 different woman linked to his name and i just want them to be successful and make lots of money and win lots of awards and have a team / label who care about them and wants the best for them like thats it ?? why is it so hard for them to understand ???

The one where you know what you want.

Finally, the fifth addition to the Divorce Series AU. I was inspired by two books written by Colleen Hoover, ‘November 9 and Hopeless’, I highly recommend giving it a read. They are amazing.  Let me know in my ask box if you guys are enjoyed this part. ENJOY! :)

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Things Antoine has said in his radio interview tonight:

- He’s happy at Atleti and he loves Cholo and his teammates. He feels happy in his personal life and in his professional life and that’s why he’s continuing at Atleti. [Journos literally asked him why he was still at Atleti if everybody wanted him -_-]

- Next season’s goals will be determined by which players Atleti gets to sign. He mentioned Atleti’s directives as those who must work on that.

- He likes Cavani and Lacazette.

- He wants Juventus to win the UCL final so Buffon can win the Ballon D'Or.

- Cholo has made of him “the player I always dreamt to become”

- “I would only leave Atleti to play with Derrick Rose.”

- “I want to win titles at Atleti, that’s why I give my everything in every match.”

- “When there’s 10 players running a lot, you can’t just stay in the forward area. You have to run like them. I love the team-spirit at Atleti.”

- “I love to listen to Gabi and Godin talking. They make you feel a lot of things. They’re not afraid of hurting you if they have to tell you the truth.”

- He sings Atleti’s Anthem to Mia to calm her down.

- “We had a fantastic year. Everybody thought that "Cholo’s era” was gone and we proved them wrong, we’re still here.“

Louis Tomlinson thanks One Direction fans for BRIT in heartfelt message
HE wasn’t there to collect the award in person but Louis Tomlinson used his Instagram account to thank fans for their support after One Direction won Best Video at the Brits. The 25-year-old …

HE wasn’t there to collect the award in person but Louis Tomlinson used his Instagram account to thank fans for their support after One Direction won Best Video at the Brits.

The 25-year-old recorded a heartfelt message accompanied by the caption: “THANK YOU SOOOOO F*****G MUCH !!”

Wearing a hoodie at his family home in Doncaster, Louis was clearly full of emotion as he delivered the personal message.

He said: “I just saw that we won the award for British Music Video, absolutely incredible. I’ve said it so many times but you guys continue to surprise us with your how incredible you are, over and over and over and over again.

“This means a hell of lot to all of us. Sorry I can’t be there, I just wanted to spend the night at home with the family and do something special for them. But guys you are incredible, thanks for all the support through everything, loads and loads of love.”

The singer’s mother passed away in December last year, so no doubt the band’s win will have been doubly emotional.

At the awards ceremony, which took place last night at the O2 arena in London, it was left to fellow 1D star Liam Payne to collect the award in person.

The singer appeared to gave One Direction fans a glimmer of hope that the pop group will eventually reunite during his speech.

While collecting the audience-voted British Artist Video award, which went to the group’s hit ‘History’, Liam said that he and his bandmates will ‘always be’ One Direction.

He said: “This is amazing, thank you so much. I know I speak on behalf of the rest of the boys when I say we cannot believe we’re still winning these, and the sheer devotion that our fans have shown online for this is absolutely amazing, so thank you very much.

“We’ve been taking a bit of time out, working on our solo material, but One Direction is who we are and it’s who we always will be. This one’s for you, thank you very much.”

The prize marked One Direction’s seventh BRIT Award, and their fourth year in a row receiving British Artist Video.

Meanwhile Liam’s other half, Cheryl, has unveiled her baby bump for the first time in a stunning new campaign.

The singer, 33, posed for the shoot when she was eight months’ pregnant and is just days away from giving birth with her and One Direction star Liam Payne’s first child.

It is the first time she has shown her bump in an official capacity after choosing not to publicly confirm her pregnancy.

A source said: “Cheryl is confident, proud and very ready to become a mum.”

The shoot – filmed in January – is part of a re-branding exercise for beauty brand L’Oreal, who have teamed up with the Prince’s Trust for a new drive focused on confidence.


This has been one phenomenally crappy week. TGIF!!!! 

Sometimes, an outfit just feels too quick and easy for me. This is one of them. I like how it turned out, but it only took me about 10 minutes to get dressed. I’ll take that as a win?

Also, I mentioned that I’m standing up a real website. That is for real going to be coming! I’ve registered a domain and everything :) Now to hope I have interesting things to say… lol!

If anyone knows anything about Weebly website design, and wants to pitch in to help me design my site (it would be for free, because I can’t pay) let me know! I could use the help as I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

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Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Okay everyone I actually wrote something with @hardrock-lafayette (THANK YOU FOR EDITING)
Tags: @intoleranttoast @elizabethschxyler @psychedemigod @casual-hamiltrash
@its-the-hamfam (I’m part of that beautiful group)
“Move out of the way!”

Another day, another person pushing me, and another day of my flower crown falling off.

"Leave her alone!” Someone, who I saw to be Lafayette, said. Wait, when the heck did Lafayette get here?
“Laf it’s okay.” I said, grabbing his arm.
“But he hurt you.” Lafayette pouted, shooting the puppy dog eyes at me. Oh gosh, not the puppy dog eyes.
“I’m okay sweetheart.” I smiled at him. Sometimes Lafayette just needs to be told that I’m okay, but he treats me so well.
“Here you go bébé.” He smiled, handing me my flower crown.
“Thank you, babe.” I say with a shy smile. His smile is soft, and I’m so thankful for people like him. He’s caring, nice, and not too loud at the all of the right times.
“I’ll see you at home mon amour.” He said, and he’s gone as soon as he was here.
I put my flower crown back on my head, dashing away holding my book on Daveed Diggs close to my chest in a hurry to get to debate. This debate will hopefully open people’s eyes to everything that is happening around them.


“You have no power around here, Jefferson, once you learn the right way to treat people we’ll treat you with kindness, but as of right now you deserve no respect from women if you believe they shouldn’t get an education.” I wanted to win this, I needed to win this! Jefferson is just a jerk who gets his way because he’s rich!

“And why should you get respect?” He smirks. I’m gonna strangle him, I swear.

“Why do you think I don’t deserve respect? I am trying to defend the people who have been put through terrible things through history!” I said, trying not to yell. I’m actually gonna strangle him if he brings up my boys.

“It is wrong to have more than one partner, you should not get respect nor should those four men you are dating!” He snarled, and my blood began to boil. If that bitch is gonna talk shit he’s gonna get hit.

“My personal life shouldn’t have to intervene with this debate Jefferson! This is about women’s education not whether you think I deserve respect or not based on my relationship! So please get back on the topic at hand.” I shouted, my anger surging through me. I’m actually gonna kill him if he doesn’t shut his mouth.

“That’s enough for today you two, tomorrow Hamilton and Jefferson will be debating. Now, class is over.”

“THANK YOU, MR. WASHINGTON.” I mentally screamed, relief flooding through me.

“Y/N YOU DID BEAUTIFULLY!” Alexander Hamilton, one of my four lovers, said cheerfully. He’s always been right by my side since I moved up here to New York five years ago. He’s always been the..loudest out of all my boys. He never shuts up about anything, and honestly, sometimes we have to force him to sleep.

“Alex, baby, please can you shut up? Jefferson’s annoying voice gave me a headache and all I want to do is go home and cuddle up with the three of you ‘till Hercules gets home from work.” I groaned, holding my head. My head, my feet, my everything hurts, and it’s not helpful that I was sick last week.

“As long as Lafayette doesn’t push me off the bed again, we’ll be fine.” Alex chuckled. I giggle and kiss him.

“I love you.” I smiled.

“Oh, I know.” He said with a goofy grin. He’s a dork and I love him, and that’s just how it goes.


“I’M HOME!” I sighed happily. The sooner I got to lay down in my bed, the better.

“We’re in the bedroom sweetheart.” One of the boys said. I had one more class before I came home today and Alex got home about one in the afternoon every day. Lafayette didn’t have class today because his teacher is out at a meeting. John’s an art student, an amazing art student at that. Herc, that’s another story altogether, I met him when he was still in college then he dropped out to start up his business. He refuses to let me buy clothes from other places when I need a dress though.

“I’ll be in there soon, I’m gonna get some food.” I said, my stomach rumbling. Let me give you some advice. Don’t not eat all day.

“Petite lion, did you not eat today?” Lafayette asked worriedly. Lafayette always knows when I don’t eat. He knows when none of us eat, but he just wants his lovers to stay healthy.
“I’ll be fine after I eat baby.” I smile. He kisses my head before mumbling something in French, that beautiful language of his.
“Je t'aime.” I smile, leaning against him because he radiates heat.
“Mmmm, your warm” I say happily, hugging him tightly. He and Hercules are human heaters so in the winter we stay warm when we’re sleeping.
“Mon amour you’re…how you say…falling asleep. Let’s get you to bed.” He said, picking me up bridal style. He’s right I’m half asleep, but I’m still hungry.
“But food.” I mumble tiredly.
“No Y/N you’re tired and Hercules will be home soon. He’ll make dinner okay? Just wait and hour or so.” Lafayette said. He’s so warm…

“Jack?” I heard someone say. John’s hugs are just as warm as Laf’s hugs.

“Yes Y/N?” He said. These boys are my life, they’re everything I need right now.

“I love you so much, thank you.”


Laying in bed, snuggled up with the four men I’ve given my heart to, telling stories about when I first met them. That’s what I enjoy the most. Laf’s story is my favorite of all of them though. We met at a coffee shop he spilt his coffee on me and just walked out of the coffee shop, he didn’t say sorry or anything. It was so stupid and great at the same time, but the next day, he came to class with a new shirt for me.
I already knew Alex from debate class, and he was Laf’s translator because he was still struggling with English. He still does,but it’s getting better. He told Alex to tell me that he was “very sorry, that was super embarrassing and you’re really beautiful.” They all treat me with kindness​ since they all realized that they were in love with me. Who I was, who I am, and who I will be, and I know that  they will be there for me. My four boys are everything to me.

“I love you.” I mumbled before I fell asleep, resting happily in the arms of my four lovers.

Monsta X is only promoting the beautiful album for 4 weeks you know what this means? THERES LESS TIME FOR THEM TO GET A WIN MEANING MONBEBES HAVE TO PUT IN EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING IN GETTING THEM A WIN.

Bad Romance Prompts

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:

At the risk of crowding an already full bandwagon, I have to say that I’m LOVING these Hero/Villain and Villain x Villain prompts. They’re gorgeous! I’d love to see more along those lines. (Maybe even a Villain/Villain/Hero triangle?) <3

 Anonymous said:

I loved that extra prompt at the end of the two villains ask! Maybe some more of two villains trying to seduce a hero? Thanks so much!

1) The next time someone suggested ‘distraction’ for the sake of the mission, they were going to read it less like ‘heroically creating a diversion’ and more like ‘bloody bait’. Their heart skittered in their chest to find themselves sitting not even between one of their enemies, but two of them. Nowhere to go. Fucking wine and dine instead of a decent fight. Laughter in their ear, a hand on their thigh and another brushing their hair back from their face with a really quite dizzying fondness that brought back far too many memories. It couldn’t get worse. Their mouth had gone dry, stomach bottomed out.
“You want to talk peace, go on then,” the villain murmured. “Give us your spiel.”
“But you’re going to have to be very convincing,” said the other. “What with your friends currently poking through my belongings. Trespassing is so rude, don’t you think? It would be terrible if the security mistook them as a threat.”
It could get worse. 

2)    “Will you stop commenting on how adorable I am when I’m trying to fight you?” the hero snapped, cheeks flushed through between being furious and being flustered.  “This is serious.”
The two villains exchanged a glance, seeming entirely too amused by the comment.
“Easy, tiger,” the villain said. “You’re currently outnumbered with none of your little team in sight or hearing distance. Let’s not pretend this is a fight.”
“We can both go at you if you like,” said the other. “But I didn’t think you were into that kind of thing.”
Flustered took precedence as the hero gaped, spluttered. And really, gaping and spluttering in front of a person’s enemies wasn’t an acceptable response by any means, so of course they had to square their shoulders and give a cocky smirk. “Oh please, I can handle anything either of you throw at me.”

3) “Tell me.” The villain took a slow, menacing step forward. “What’s so special about you? What do they see in you? You’re nothing.”
“You’re getting awfully twitchy over nothing.”
The villain caught hold of their throat in an instant. “I wonder how much they’d like you with that pretty face cut up.”
The hero laughed. “I don’t think that would stop them finding your personality ugly.” They turned abruptly serious, fingers tightening around the villain’s wrist. “If you love them, let them be happy. You have to know I’m not looking to hurt them.”

4)  “They’d want you anyway they could possess you,” said the villain. “Mind, body, soul. Everything you have to offer, and then just a little more until you’re completely spent They don’t care about you, all they care about is winning.”
The hero stared at them, going perfectly still.
“I could protect you,” the villain said. “We were friends once…but I can’t help you if you don’t work with me a little bit here.
“Funny. They said you’re obsessed with me so what the hell are you doing? Do you think this is some of game?” Despite themselves, the thought of being a game stung.



  • 10/20 Favorite friendships.

Luffy and Usopp: BEST FRIENDS. This one it’s my favorite of all. They are all friends and they all have different relationship as friends, but this one honestly I love this. Like it might be because both are the same age and enjoy the same things, but they are always having fun and being excited for the same things, they understand their stupidness. And like, it works since Luffy is a reckless guy and Usopp is coward so the scenes between these two are really funny. The fight they had because of Merry in water 7 broke my heart because Luffy didn’t want to do it, he had to as a captain. Like I cried a lot with them but I was really happy how they fixed everything. And even if they make joke and stuff, Usopp respects him a lot too. And protects his dream as well. HE DOESN’T ALLOW ANYONE TO LAUGH OF LUFFY’S DREAM.

Zoro and Luffy: this friendship it’s loyalty more than anything. They are all loyal to Luffy as captain and friend but Zoro definitely wins this award. I love this one just like I love the first one. Luffy’s personality works well with every member I have to say. Zoro is a lazy guy and a really serious man as well. And he respects Luffy more than anything, even if he acts like a kid, he recognizes him as his captain more than anything. And he protects his dream more than his own and that’s honestly beautiful. He was wiling to give up about his dream if he can protects his like like COME ON THIS FRIENDSHIP ITS GOALS. And Luffy as well, he trusts Zoro so much. Like I really love when Luffy is like: if Zoro says he will, then he will. I’ll leave it to him. He loves his vice-captain so much.

Zoro and Sanji: it’s actually a rivalry for not a real reason actually. Since little garden they established this rivalry because they couldn’t decide which of them brought the biggest animal to cook. This one it’s specially for comedy and I love it too. Like they fight for the tiniest thing but when it comes to help and works as teammates, they can relay on each other to accomplish that goal. Even if they fight a lot, I’d say it’s a good friendship between these two. I really loved how back in Foxy’s arc, Sanji asked him to be friends for 10 minutes and unite so they can win the game and Zoro was agree. When it comes to seriousness they have pretty much the same thoughts as well. And their nicknames are actually funny as well; ero-cook and marimo~ // Even if they can’t admit it they actually care for each other, they wouldn’t be the same with their partner of fights.

Nami and Luffy: Well, even if I secretly ship them as a couple, even if I don’t make a big deal for it since One piece it’s pretty awesome without romance and I would hate to see ships wars because of this, I’m going to focus on them like that; Luffy treats all his friends the same, of course he takes care of girls in his crew, I’m not saying they are weak but I bet he understands sometimes they need to be protected I guess. Nami’s personality it’s of the girl that doesn’t understand Luffy’s stupidness and it’s always hitting him for the ideas he jumps with. Even if she doesn’t posses haki lol. But never mind, this friendship/relationship have been developing through the series just like the others. At the beginning Nami didn’t trust any of them, but Luffy did since he met her. Luffy was the first one Nami asked for help after 8 years. I believe he became someone in her life with who she feels safe and protected from that moment. She’s the navigator and he’s the captain, she’s a part of as I call it, the coward group and it’s always arguing with a Luffy about the islands they should go, so at first she was always trying to persuade Luffy and avoid danger and the and Luffy would always win. But I feel like she doesn’t feel scare at all anymore. She respects him as captain even if she acts/looks like the actual captain sometimes and Luffy doesn’t seem mad at all about this, and what about him? Well, he decided she was going to be his navigator even after she betrayed them… even if Johnny told then she killed Usopp. He didn’t believe so..

Chopper and Usopp: as I mentioned with Luffy, they are around the same age and enjoy the same things like Franky’s creations. Chopper cares a lot for all his friends, but he spends most of his time with Usopp and is always believing what he says. I really like this friendship. Back in Water 7 when Luffy won against Usopp, he went down to take care of Usopp in tears even if he didn’t have to, that was honestly really touching for me because chopper really cares about his being. And well, they are really funny together!

Robin - Franky - Brook: I haven’t related them in special relationship YET. If you read above, I have focused in the firsts arcs and I was used to see all of them together. At least Robin, I really like her relationship with Usopp. He’s always scaring the shit of him and that’s really funny and she’s like the crew mom and chopper’s moma, she’s really cute with him. Brook and Franky joined the crew and fit perfectly with them. They create a really good friendship atmosphere. Franky Is really funny as well with Usopp and Chopper. And Brook can have a good time with all of them too, specially with Sanji from my perspective, pervs.

Nami - Usopp and Chopper: this is a really funny group. The coward group. Whenever they are together you know it will be fun. Just remember thriller back arc. I laughed a lot with them. Like they are cowards but when they have to fight, they fight. Normally it’s really funny when they are together so I really like them!

Sanji - Zoro - Luffy: The monster trio. Do I have to write much reasons about this one? They are the strongest of straw hats crew and I really love how Sanji and Zoro are always taking away the enemies when the boss is coming. I really love the way they act around each other too, they are really funny too because Luffy is the one who jumps with stupid ideas and he would get hurt in s comic way from both rivals. This team works really well when it comes to fight. I really love seeing them together. And the fact that they can beat anyone but the three of them lose against Nami by herself lol.

Warm Me Up ch. 24

Songs: The Reason- Hoobastank, Hero- Enrique Iglesias, and a few Spanish Nortenas. 

Also, yes, I am aware this is shorter than most sorry.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

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There was an evident path of flattened grass in front of the dorm hall where Will lived. But Nico wasn’t there for Will. He was there to get answers so he could let his mind rest. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear what would be said to him, and he wasn’t sure what he would do with the information if he didn’t like it.

But he had to know.

Bracing himself, he walked into the dorm and went to the floor under Will’s. He walked basing himself by the name on the doors until he saw Peter on one. Then, taking a deep breath, he knocked and waited.

A few seconds later a guy with wavy hair and hazel green eyes opened the door, raising his eyebrows when he saw Nico. “Hey. Good to see you’re okay.”

Nico shoved away the shame and embarrassment. “Thanks. Um. I was wondering if you could tell me what happened… that day?”

Peter furrowed his eyebrows and opened the door a little wider. “Sure. Come in.” Nico followed him in. He sat at the desk chair and Peter leaned against the wall, facing him. “What… what do you remember?”

He bit his lip and sighed, running his hand through his hair. “I remember… kissing you here. Then going to my dorm. And drinking. Then I woke up in a hospital.”

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Fake date - Larcana Oneshot

As promised, my special present for @keiid . I don’t need to explain what it is, right?

I shipped them even more while I was writing this. Hope you like it.


- You can see the future with your cards? - asked Larcade, surprised.

- Not only the future - answered Cana -. I can see the present too. But I can’t see specific names or people in it.

- What they say about me?

- Let’s see - Cana shuffled the cards and put them on the table -. There are three important men in your life. Those are your father, your uncle and your brother, right?

- Right.

- And two women. One is your mother, that’s for sure. You have a girlfriend?

- No. It’s Llum.

- Your pegasus?

- She was my only friend before joining Fairy Tail. She’s with me since I was very little.

- You made more friends here?

- It’s funnier than I thought, to have friends. What else they say?

- Eh? Oh, yes. You still have insecurities about yourself, but you are a great friend. And you are a romantic guy.

- You know this from the cards?

- It’s not true?

- It is. But I never fell in love or had a girlfriend, so I don’t know if the last one is true.

- You want to check it?

- What is your proposal?

- My hometown makes a festival. I go every year, and every year weird dudes try to seduce me.

- You weren’t born in Magnolia?

- I’m from a little town near here. I go every year to remember my mother. She died when I was very little.

- I’m sorry about that.

- Don’t worry. It happened a long time ago. So, my proposal is a fake date.

- A fake date?

- You come with me to the festival in my hometown, and I can enjoy it.

- And why you said “Fake date”? We can go as friends.

- Everyone will think you are my boyfriend, because I never went with a friend before.

- When?

- Tomorrow. I’ll wait for you in the station at 7am.

- I’ll be there.

Larcade explained that to one person, his mother.

- So… You have a date with Cana tomorrow? - asked Mavis.

- It’s a fake date, but yes. I can say that.

- Do you know something about dates?

- I’ve never been in one before.

- Me neither. I can’t help you with that.

- Don’t tell dad a thing about it. Don’t tell anyone.

- Promised.

- Cover me, mama.

- Don’t worry, Larcade. No one will know.

- Thank you, mama.

- Sleep well, my child. Tomorrow is an special day.

- Don’t say that, mama. Goodnight.

- Goodnight, Larcade.

When Larcade woke up the next morning, Mavis was awake, preparing some breakfast for him. When he left, Mavis hugged him, and kissed his cheek.

- Have a good day, my child.

- I will, mama.

Larcade went to the station and waited for Cana. She appeared 30 minutes later.

- Sorry, I’m late - said Cana.

- Yes, you are.

- You’re not supposed to say that.

- Sorry for being honest. It’s my nature.

- Well, it’s not really a date. I forgive you, but don’t do that in the first date.

- Why?

- Most of the girls don’t like honest boys. They get mad at them.

- Girls are strange.

- Well, let’s go.

Larcade fell asleep all the travel in train. Cana woke up him an hour later.

- We arrived, sleeping beauty - said Cana when he opened his eyes.

- Sorry, I fell asleep.

- Don’t worry about that. Let’s go.

Cana’s hometown was very small. But that day, it’s population multiplies.

- Normally, 4000 people live here - explained Cana to Larcade -. During the festival, we receive near 16000 visitors.

- That’s a lot of people. What do you celebrate?

- A long time ago, there was an ogre who ate people in this town. He was slayed by two children he tried to eat. This festival is in memory of that event.

- How did two children slay an ogre?

- Brain games. The youngest child distracted the ogre with them, while the oldest one searched something to cut the ogre’s throat. You’re not believing me, right?

- Not too much.

- That’s what the legend says.

- Not even their ages?

- No. Nothing else.

- And what do you do in this festival?

- Games.

- Why I asked?

- Not all games are mental games. There are also strenght games, and shoot games. And, at night, drink games.

- You come for the drink games, right?

- Not only for them.

Cana guided Larcade to one of the shooting games. She failed the three shoots she had, but Larcade…

- Choose one of the prizes - said Larcade after the first shoot.

- How did you do that?

- In Alvarez, they prohibited me this kind of games because of this.

- You still have two shoots.

- One for my mother, and the other for me.

Larcade didn’t fail the two shoots he still had. As prizes, Cana choose a big snake plushie, and Larcade a dragon and a fairy plushies.

- What’s next? - asked Larcade.

- Fishing ducks.

- Fishing ducks?

- Yes. I want to know what else you can do, besides of shooting.

- Fishing ducks?

- Fishing ducks.

Fishing bath ducks with a plastic fishing rod was really easy. Find the duck with the big prize, not that easy.

- I got a fourth prize. What about you, Larcade?

- I told you I was banned from this games in Alvarez.

Larcade showed her the duck with the first prize. Then he showed it to the manager of the game, who gave him his prize.

Games and more games. And, for every game, Larcade won the first prize. He even let people seal his magic, and won anyway.

- What are you searching in your cards? - asked Larcade while they were eating.

- An explanation for all your wins - answered Cana -. There are no patterns for those games.

- I’m good at shooting, and a good observant.

- I don’t think you are prepared for the last game.

- The drinking one?

- It’s a competition. I’ve been winner every year, except those years where I was gone in Tenroujima.

- I listened that story from uncle Natsu. A competition, you say? It will be fun.

- No one wins me at drinking.

- We will see that.

After eating, they continued playing all the games. And Larcade won in every single one.

And when the night fell, the cold weather came with it. Cana wasn’t prepared for it, and she was freezing. But, suddenly, someone put a jacket in her shoulders.

- I wanted to buy it for me, but you need it more. Take it, it’s yours now.

- You didn’t need to do that, Larcade. If you want-

- I don’t accept devolutions for this one. Just take it.

Larcade didn’t look at Cana during the rest of the day, until both got drunk enough in the drink competition. They were the last ones inside the competition. Larcade was winning but, suddenly, he took all the beer on the table, like 15 jars, and drank everything. He collapsed before finishing all, making Cana win the competition.

- And the winner is… Cana Alberona! - announced the judge, approaching to them -. Congratulations, dear.

- I’m recovering my old glory! - yelled Cana, totally drunk.

- Your boyfriend doesn’t seem to share your strenght.

- He’s not my boyfriend! He’s… The son of my guildmaster… And a gentleman…

- Oh… Of course.

- Can you make me a favor and take us home? I don’t think we will arrive to Magnolia awake.

- If the champion wants, I can’t reject that offer.

The judge take them home. Cana was right. She fell asleep in the train, and Larcade woke up a moment just to look at him and fell asleep.

Both wake up in their beds the next afternoon, with the worst hangover they ever had. They couldn’t get out of bed. Every sound was really loud in their heads. But there was a thing they couldn’t get out of their heads.

- Larcade, do you need something? - asked Mavis, entering at Larcade’s room.

- I need silence, mama. Just silence - answered Larcade, with his face covered with his pillow.

- Are you okay?

- No, my head hurts like it’s going to explode.

- I tell the boys to be silent.

- Thank you, mama.

Mavis left the room. Larcade put the pillow behind his head an covered his ears with it.

- Why I can’t take her out of my head?

Cana was in a similar situation. She couldn’t take Larcade off his head. She was sitting in her bed with the jacket on and hugging the snake.

- What’s the matter with me? I’m turning crazy.

The next day, Cana went to the guild with the jacket on. The girls asked her how the festival was.

- Good, I think.

- Did you won the drinking contest? - asked Mirajane.

- Uh… Yes…

- What’s happening, Cana? - asked Lucy.

- I don’t know. I’ve been strange recently.

- When did you buy that jacket? - asked Erza -. You didn’t have anything like this before.

- I didn’t. Larcade bought it to me.

- Larcade!? - yelled the girls -. You were in a date with Larcade!?

- It wasn’t exactly a date. I just didn’t want to be bothered by any of those weird guys, like every year.

- But if he bought it to you, it wasn’t a date? - asked Juvia.

- It was a fake date. I needed someone to scare those weird guys, and he wanted to check a thing my cards told him. I didn’t shuffle them since that day.

- And what they say about him?

- Well, they say…

- No, Cana. We want to know what you didn’t tell him.

Cana put the cards on the table, showing every single one of them to the girls.

- He will find love soon…

- I think he already found it - said Mirajane.

- I hope Gildarts doesn’t find this.

It was late. Gildarts was in Natsu’s house. Zeref was the one who opened the door.

- Which are your son’s issues with my daughter? - asked Gildarts.

- My son’s issues? I don’t have any information about that - answered Zeref -. In any case, what are your daughter’s issues with my son?

- Are you trying to insult my daughter?

- I should ask the same.

At the moment Gildarts appeared, Natsu dragged Mavis into Larcade’s room and closed the door.

- Tell me what happened - requested Natsu.

- Larcade and Cana went on a fake date - explained Mavis.

- A fake date?

- Yes, it was fake - added Larcade -. Why?

- Gildarts is at the door arguing with Zeref.

- Gildarts?

- Cana’s father.

- Her father!?

- And not only that. Do you remember who took you home?

- I don’t know who was. I only remember a pair of green eyes.

- It was Acnologia. He was disguised, and hiding his magic very well, but I could recognize him. His green emerald eyes are not a thing you forget easily.

- But Acnologia’s hair is blue, and he has those marks in his body. That guy’s hair was black.

- He can hide his demon blood. And he’s your grandfather. And enjoys to see happy endings with two people in love. He’s probably watching you and Cana right now.

- But we… We…

- You what?

- We are not a couple, uncle Natsu. It was a fake date. It doesn’t count.

- Larcade, do you love her?

- I don’t know. How do you know that?

- All starts when you discover yourself staring at her with an smile in your face, and you hide when you two make eye contact. Your heart beats faster when you saw her, and when you think about her. She’s in your head all day and all night. You smile when you see something which reminds you of her. That feeling that there are butterflies in you stomach. Larcade, are you feeling one of those?

- What about wanting to hug her every time you see her sad face? Or do something for her when she’s down? Or wanting to wake up every morning at her side?

- Larcade, that’s love. And you only needed one day to fell in love with Cana.

- But… I can’t… I’m too old for her.

- No, you’re not. Zeref is 300 years older than Mavis. My father is 30 years younger than my mother. My uncle and my aunt have an age gap of 100 years. I’m 400 years older than Lucy… And it’s better if I don’t continue telling you about my grandparents and the dragon queen. We are immortals. If we look at those things, we will be alone forever.

- How big is the difference between my great-grandparents?

- Enough to not tell you. Go for her. She’s waiting for you, I’m sure.

- I can’t do that! I can’t…

Larcade walked around the room with his hands in his head, thinking in a way to forget all of that.

- Larcade… - said Mavis suddenly.

- Yes, mama?

- You need to tell her.

- I can’t do it. I need to forget all of this. It’s the only way.

- She will suffer, and you too.

- How do you know?

- I tried to do it, with your father. I tried to forget I love him, and he tried too, a long time ago. The more we tried, the more painful it turned. I couldn’t look at black things without remembering him. It turns easier when you stop trying to forget and tell the truth.

- I was a year far away from Lucy - explained Natsu -. How do you think it was for me? I couldn’t let Happy know how I was feeling. I had to hide my feelings for Lucy, and that was the worst thing I could do.

- But… I can’t tell her in front of everyone - said Larcade.

- Who said you have to do it in front of everyone? Take her away from everyone, and tell her the truth. Create the moment, Larcade.

- You did it, uncle Natsu?

- I didn’t. The moment came alone.

- Wish me luck, then.

Larcade jumped through the window and ran to the guild, trying to not be seen by Gildarts and Zeref. His heart beated faster when he saw Cana was wearing the jacket he bought for her, but got nervous when he saw all the girls with her.

- Okay, Larcade… Calm down. You can do it - said Larcade to himself.

Larcade approached to them. None of the girls saw him, and he could see the cards on the table. He recognized them.

- Are those my cards? - asked Larcade, scaring Cana -. The ones from two days ago?

- How long have you been here? - asked Cana, trying to hide her feelings -. They are, why?

- What do the other cards say?

- Nothing important!

- They say you will find love soon - answered Mirajane.

- Mira!

- Can you shuffle them again? - asked Larcade.

- Not now. I have things to do.

Cana took her cards and tried to leave, but Larcade took the cards from her purse and shuffled them himself. Then, he extended the cards at the table, in front of the girls.

- What do they say? - asked Larcade.

- Let’s see… - said Levy, taking a book about tarot -. Um…

- You found love, and that person loves you back - answered Cana -. Now, give me my cards.

- You do? - asked Larcade, looking at the cards to try to hide his face.

- I didn’t say that!

- That’s what you said.

- No! I didn’t!

- You did - said the girls.

- Absolutely not!

Cana took her cards and tried to leave, but Larcade hugged her from the back.

- Your father is at my house arguing with mine, because of our fake date - said Larcade.

- I can’t do anything with that. He won’t listen.

- Do you want to avoid them a little and go to a true date?

- I don’t think it’s a good idea.

- Cana, please. Let me do it.

- It’s the worst idea you ever had.

- Maybe, but your worst idea was coming here with this jacket on.

- And where you will take me?

- I don’t know Ishgar or Fiore. Choose you.

- Okay, but we go on your pegasus.

Larcade only had to whistle to take Llum at the door of the guild. He helped Cana to get on the pegasus, and then jumped behind her. Then, the three flew away. At that moment, Natsu and Mavis entered at the guild singing “Accidentally in love” by Counting Crows. Immediately, all the guild knew what was happening because of an uncle and a mother who builded a really good friendship.