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Could I mayyybe get a TreyCo x reader soulmate au where you touch your soulmate and see colour? And reader wears gloves a lot for no particular reason, so they have no idea but find out somehow and maybe making out in the office? <3 your writing btw

Word Count: 916

“How are you ever going to find your soulmate if you’re always wearing gloves?” Ryan asked as you sat at the Off Topic table.

“That’s the point,” you laughed. “I know it’s sort of unconventional but I’m not ready to meet my soulmate. One day but not today. I sort of just want to be the best me before I going running into their arms.”

“What if you’ve already met them and they’ve come and gone now?” Gavin questioned.

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Royalty Prompts

I like seeing what you all create! Tag me please!

  • -My parents are hosting a royal ball with neighboring monarchs and you noticed me, heir to the throne, shoving food into a bag to steal 
  • -I’m the royal adviser but I might as well be a royal babysitter because holy shit you are such a handful… Wake up ALREADY!
  • -I’m supposed to inherent the throne but really I’d rather own this tiny bakery with you
  • -I was tasked with rescuing this royal family member but I found them waiting for me to pick them up
  • - This royal peace meeting sucks want to just… leave?
  • -You’re a royal guard and I’m always pestering you because you’re hella cute and getting you to smile makes my day
  • - Tripped down a large staircase, broke like everything, and now you’re suck taking care of me and I’m a royal pain in the ass.
  • -Explain to me how if you’re my guard why I’m the one always saving your life?
  • -You sneak me out of the castle sometimes to do fun things like play on the beach or ride horses.
  • -When I took up the job as Royal Pet Caretaker I didn’t expect to be taking care of literally 10 cats. Why do you have so many?!
Have you ever felt that?” she said. “It’s like half running and half jumping just to catch a balloon that’s already flying to the sky. It’s like trying to hold the waves with your hands. I don’t know if you ever felt that way. Chasing someone who’s just right there in front of you. Yet no matter how hard you try to hold them, you just can’t. No matter how fast you are, you just can’t meet them on the finish line. Yes, it’s like about someone you can’t have. Yet what I mean is about someone losing interest in you. Someone you once had, but don’t want to be a part of your life anymore.
—  ma.c.a // I can’t say goodbye
⊳Calling A Familiar Spell⊲

Originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty

    Familiars are one of the witches greatest companions. If youre knowledgeable about familiars you might want one yourself. There comes the problem of finding one. Sometimes you may already have a pet or spirit in mind, but others you may be totally lost. I do not recommend under any circumstance buying a pet just for the sake of them being your familiar. You cannot tell at first glance whether you two will be a good pair and its not fair to the animal if you end up giving it away because it isn’t able to be your familiar. The best option is for you to do some magic so you and a potential familiar can meet and bond.

    Now, onto the spell, but before you do this make sure you genuinely want a familiar and think they would be a big part of your craft. Here is what you’ll need;

◆ A jar(or container of some sort)
◆ A piece of paper and something to write with
◆ A tag lock from you(a piece of hair, a nail clipping, spit, etc)
◆ Dandelion fluff or bay leaf
◆Rosebud(if you don’t have this, you can substitute it with pink sea salt or rose petals)
◆Catnip or cinnamon

    First take your paper and writing utensil. Write down the ideal traits of your familiar(you can add a sigil on it if you’d like). Now fold it up however you want and put it to the side, you’ll come back to it later.
    Next take your jar and put in half your ingredients, then add your tag lock. Now you can add the other half of the ingredients.
    Now you can put your paper in the jar. After that, screw on the lid and place you hands on the sides. Envision you and your future familiar working together and being friends, put all your intent and hope into the jar. Now shake it up, letting the energy buzz around in the jar. Stop when it feels right. Leave it somewhere you go often(like beside your bed or next to your altar). Whenever you feel super witchy and passionate about getting a familiar you can shake it again. Now a familiar will find you, or you will find them. Good luck!

- Mod Faye

Secret Relationship AUs

Imagine your OTP…

  • Kissing behind the bleachers at school, trying to keep their relationship hidden. 
  • Are forced to be partners for a project but they use it as an excuse to go on dates. 
  • Is being set up on a date together, even though they’re already in a relationship with each other. 
  • Are hotel roommates for a class trip because everyone wants them to become better friends instead of fighting each other all the time, but they’re actually in a secret relationship. 
  • Pretending to date other people while dating each other, to keep the media off their backs. 
  • Gets nervous every time someone figures out that they’re dating. 
  • Has a secret way to tell each other ‘I love you’. 
  • Are thought to be “just friends” but behind closed doors, they’re not. 
  • Sneaking out of their homes to meet up with each other for a date. 
  • Pretends to hate each other but secretly they kiss and have dates in closets.
Viktuuri Fic Rec List

(might add more as time goes by…who knows)
(Update: added 2 more)
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The Completed Works

Unwritten (by kaizuka) Teen and Up Audiences

(34k words)

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.

I just wanted to hit them and talk about it already BUT THEY SIMPLY DIDN’T so the suspense was real and the angst knocking on the door.

like your french girls  (by ebenroot) Teen and Up Audiences

(102k words)

in which Victor is an artist, Yuuri is his figure skating muse, and Yuri is so done hearing about their stupid love story through Instagram

It was funny and lovely and it had it’s angsty bits…I JUST LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIS SO MUCH???!!! Yurio was just precious, Mila was super funny, Phichit was his usual glorious self, CHRISTOPHE WAS ON POINT just…READ IT

The WIPs

Expomise (by thankyouforexisting) Teen and Up Audiences

(4 chapters, 48k words so far)

Yuuri is at Hogwarts. So is everyone else.

THE HOGWARTS AU WE ALL NEEDED! (i definitely need more though) 
starts in Yuuri’s 1st year. Each chapter is either a new school year or about the summer in between. Yuuri does ballet, Viktor is really famous, Leo pays Phichit’s smart phone bill, Yurio is Yurio. THERE’S MAGICAL FIGURE SKATING. 

Comfort Food (by youaremarvelous) Mature

(5 chapters, 20k words so far)

Viktor is a wildly popular male model who is in crisis over aging out of the industry. He runs into Yuuri, an international university student struggling to make friends in the big city, and decides to make him his pet project. Unfortunately, matchmaking isn’t as easy as he thought it would be—especially when he starts developing complicated feelings for his client.

IT’S MY COMFORT FIC. There hasn’t been much progress yet but I love it already. I’m excited to see where the author’s gonna take us with this.
(hasn’t been updated in a while…not sure what’s up with that. just as a warning)

Switched (by GhostsOnSaturn) Teen and Up Audiences

(6 chapters, 19k words so far)

Soulmates AU where your consciousness occasionally swaps places with that of your soulmate for varying amounts of time.

REALLY CUTE SO FAR. Viktor is a hopeless romantic and Yuuri just wants to impress people.

solo and pair (by calciseptine) Teen and Up Audiences

(6 chapters, 14k so far)

Yuuri keeps his mark hidden.

Another Soulmate AU…there’s soulmate identifying marks and YUURI JUST ACCEPT THAT YOURS AND VIKTOR’S MATCH DAMN IT…also describes his childhood and how he got to where we met him in episode 1.

Pacing Ourselves (by vermillion_crown) Teen and Up Audiences

(5 chapters, 29k words so far)

Introspection on intimacy from the perspective of a demisexual, flavored with friends who are social media menaces and some dirty touching later on.
(Yuuri’s trying to figure out his life after Viktor Nikiforov smashes into it like a meteor, and Phichit can’t decide whether to help or laugh.)

NICE NICE NICE. Yuuri is very confused, Phichit is hilarious, Viktor doesn’t really know what’s going on. Yuuri getting to know and coming to terms with his sexuality AND a bit of him growing up, very nice. READ IT.
(also hasn’t been updated in a while…i still have hope tho, it’s just been a month)

Excelsior (by powerandpathos) Explicit

(12/19 chapters, 67k words so far)

Yuuri has won the Grand Prix, which was everything he thought he wanted. But for Yuuri, an end to skating could mean an end with Viktor, and when two female skaters approach them with an offer that could make them or break them, they are put to the test more than ever. Can they rise higher than they already have?

It’s VERY different from all the other fics…I guess it is cause it’s a bit darker? I just really love the plot so far. I’m SO EXCITED for the remaining chapters. Seriously, read it!!!

What is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me) (by ScreamHoney) Teen and Up Audiences

(4/15 chapters, 20k words so far)

Viktor Nikiforov started blatantly showing off his soulmark when he was 16, wanting his soulmate with him more than anything in the entire world. Surely being seen on TV and winning skating competition after skating competition should pull his soulmate to him rather easily. Right?
Katsuki Yuuri has ignored the pain in his back since the first time he caught sight of his soulmate’s mark when he was 12. The Great Viktor Nikiforov deserved someone a little more special than a nobody like Yuuri, and until he proved himself, Yuuri was going to keep ignoring the pain, no matter how long it affects his life.
Soulmark AU, when someone sees their soulmark on someone else (aka their soulmate) their mark starts to cause them pain until the two connect romantically, normally a simple kiss is fine

oh boy. OH BOY. it’s very angsty??? and the ‘real’ plot only just started with the last chapter…but it’s SO GOOD already?! I have a lot of feelings about this fic okay
give it a chance!!! DO IT!

Constellations (Things You Left Unsaid) (by DasWarSchonKaputt) Teen and Up Audiences

(5 chapters, 17k words so far)

a role reversal au, wherein Yuuri is a figure skating legend in the making - mostly made, or so they say - who decides to take a season off at the peak of his career, and Victor is the runaway-cum-international student from Russia who joins his university and cons Yuuri into becoming his coach. Featuring Phichit Chulanont as the worst (best) friend ever, and Yuri Plisetsky as Yuuri’s self-proclaimed Arch Rival.

alright. so. this AU idea is amazing??? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BITS OF MEDIA ??!! like the articles and stuff…also the chat logs? it makes a fic seem so much more real, always have been a sucker for that. I’m really excited to see where the author’s gonna head with this!! this fic has a lot of potential so far so we’ll just have to wait and read I guess.

Gone Like Smoke (by InkHallucination) General Audiences 

(4 chapters, 13k words so far)

About three things everyone knew about Yuuri Katsuki.
One, at the age of fourteen he had broke the Junior’s world record with one of the most beautiful performances to ever grace the ice.
Two, he had vanished under the eyes of thousands of people right after the end of his free  skate, never to be seen again.
Tree, today in the tenth anniversary of his disappearance, he was found in the same ice he was last seen into, bloody, shaken and with only two words to pronounce, Viktor Nikiforov.
Viktor is conscious that he may be a little bit obsessed with the infamous Katsuki case, even trough that same obsession was the reason behind the success of his now best selling book Yuri on Ice, which was said to be the best investigation to the date about it. That’s why, when he’s called to become a consultant in the reopening of the case, he’s more than eager to participate. But why does the world seem to bend at Yuuri’s whim? And how is that he seems to know him when he’s been gone for a decade?

that’s one long summary but LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS FIC. I just started reading it two days ago and as soon as I read the new chapter today I thought: this has to be in my rec list. THIS FIC. IS SO FULL OF SUSPENSE. WITH ONLY 13k WORDS SO FAR??!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???!! no but seriously this fic is sO suspenseful and thrilling and I just want more chapters already. this is NOT a fluffy relationship-focused fic, so if that’s what you’re looking for ignore my shouting. If you liked stranger things you’re gonna like this. Trust me on that.

[Owari no Seraph] Guren Light Novel Volume 7 Summary

I know that there are people that are going to start translating it soon. But this was VERY difficult to read this volume in terms of emotions, so I just want to at least write it down here. Once again, some stuff I might have already forgotten or somehow misinterpreted so, please, take everything with a grain of sault.

1) Guren and co. tell Mahiru over the phone that they’ve decided to betray the Hiiragi so could she tell them her whereabouts. She laughs and says later. Of course, the Hiiragi listen in and immediately cars start chasing them, the ‘traitors’.

Basically the storyline of this volume is Guren and co constantly running away and fighting the Hiiragi. Somewhere in the middle of the story Shinoa’s dreaming and she meets her demon Shi-chan, they have a funny conversation, and Shi-chan says that they were originally together (apparently born together?) and he came back to her of his own will just because they had always been together, and not because Mahiru asked him. Shi-chan’s appearance is described through Shinoa’s eyes as a 25-year old man, or maybe a woman? Difficult to say. Shinoa leaves the squad when she comes to her senses saying she has no business running away with Guren since it has nothing to do with her. Mahiru texts Guren to leave her be. What happened to Shinoa afterwards is unknown.

Then there’s a separate chapter on Kureto. Mahiru creates an illusion of coup d’etat while in fact there’s no one, and she fights Kureto. But she doesn’t kill him even though he asks her to in the end. The thing that bugs Kureto is Mahiru’s last words, something like “Nii-san, do you know why Hiiragi are so strong?” He remembers that there was once a man who alone bore the Hiiragi name for 200 years but Kureto never bothered with digging deeper and he barely knew anything about the past of his family.

When Mahiru leaves, Kureto realizes that Mahiru is a double spy, always on the side of Hiiragi, the one to bring about the world end. She knew from the day she was born that she would die on Christmas. She was born only for that experiment. He realized that Hiiragi want to destroy the world. He calls his father, and asks him politely about the end of the world. The only thing Tenri says is “So what?”. Kureto realizes that the he and Mahiru are the same. Even the beautifully strong Mahiru couldn’t escape from this hell that is Hiiragi. Meaning there was something that even that invincible Mahiru afraid of, or someone. So he realizes there must be someone behind Hiiragi Tenri. He also asks his father what they used to keep Mahiru, and Tenri says Shinoa. With the promise that they won’t touch Shinoa they made Mahiru do all these things.

Before that phone conversation Kureto talks to Aoi and asks why she follows him, because he’s a Hiiragi or…? I don’t remember exactly what Aoi says but she says because it’s Kureto, not because he’s a Hiiragi. Since there are ears everywhere, the Hiiragi heard that, and as Tenri’s asking what Kureto’s choice is, someone shoots Aoi’s leg off. Kureto says something with the meaning he’ll stay with Hiiragi, and if Tenri doesn’t believe that, then he can kill Aoi. Tenri tells Kureto he will survive the end of the world. Kureto then takes Aoi’s leg and attaches it back, and her demon begins the treatment and it makes her blush as she says it’s embarassing how he’s touching her but Kureto doesn’t understand her. (Kureto really doesn’t know a thing about love xD). He then realizes that only those with demons inside will stay alive, and asks Aoi to try to save as many subordinates of his as possible.

Kureto also remembers Mahiru’s words to treasure Guren since there not many allies in this world. Kureto thinks so too. He orders Aoi to kill Guren. But obviously it’s only words.

2) Guren and co. keep on fighting and finally get a call from Mahiru who says she’s in Ginza, while Guren realizes she’s in Ikebukuro. Here we also see the first time Shinya says “Zudon” as he shoots down a helicopter.

Mahiru seems to be crying and talks to Guren as if it’s their last conversation while Guren assures her he’ll come.

3) Meanwhile, Saitou takes Yuuichirou to the Hyakuya Orphanageg away from all the fighting. There are some pages dedicated to Saitou’s thoughts, I think it’s better to leave them to the translators but all I can say is that I don’t think he’s a bad guy anymore, really… And it seems that Christmas Eve is the day that Mikaela met Yuu in the orphanage. Saitou’s phone starts ringing non-stop, and he thinks that it’s reports from all over Tokyo that the end is coming. He looks at the falling snow and thinks that he didn’t make it in time, he couldn’t save the world today. So he needs to make preparations for the future. Saitou part ends here.

4) It takes them (Guren and co.) 20 hours just to get to Shinjuku from Shibuya and it’s already 25th of December evening. Shinya and Goshi offer to become decoys so that Guren could go to Mahiru. Everyone realizes they will die here. They almost agree to the plan when Guren suddenly says that he doesn’t want to lose anyone here. Shinya is on the verge of tears and punches Guren in the face. They have a long conversation but then they decide that if they are gonna die then they are gonna die together.

Then they think and realizes that the enemy could have easily killed or taken them hostage if they wanted by they’re not. Meaning this whole fighting is a decoy too. Meaning that Hiiragi have a huge enemy and they need that enemy’s attention to be taken from Mahiru, their double spy, to this fight. As Guren propose giving in, he looks for the commander of the enemy forces and sees Kureto. They start fighting at 100% while Kureto tells him that Mahiru is here in Shinjuku, not in Ikebukuro, and since Kureto can’t save the world this time, he’ll leave it to Guren. But they are being watched so he should fight him. Guren thinks Kureto is the type of man that would never attempt to do something he can’t succeed at, so this act is small act of rebellion against Hiiragi. They do as told and then, Guren kinda wins (?) and they all run to the Hyakuya Kyou underground research facility only to find Mahiru feending on blood of Hiiragi soldiers and some dudes in white robes (researchers?).

They fight and Mahiru throws Shigure at all of them, and Shigure’s broken bones pierce her heart. Guren takes out the bone so that she could heal herself. She does. Then Mahiru talks about Guren choosing between her and his friends, because he has to make a choice anyway. To which Shinya laughs at her and says that she should be choosing here, or she should have done so long ago, and the reason she likes Guren is because he’s “not right”. And she chose the “right path”, and she envies Guren because he chose the “not right path”. This angers Mahiru and sticks her hand in Shinya’s chest and throws him away. Then in a mere second she breaks necks of everyone else, and the last thing Guren sees is her holding Goshi as he says “Gure-” and she breaks his neck too. Guren is devastated to say the least (well, his emotions are the hardest thing here), he hears Shinya coughing and is happy that he’s alive. Guren thinks he wants to lose his conscience to give in to the demon, to escape from reality. But Shinya says (Mahiru asked Guren what’s the meaning of his life to which Guren didn’t answer anything) that there’s a meaning to life. That he’s happy that he met Guren, and Guren should not give in to the demon, not ending these last words Shinya dies.

Mahiru asks Guren if he despises her, he says yes. She asks if he wants to kill her. He thinks for a while and says no. He asks her what her real wish is. She says to be a normal girl, to be with a loved person, to give birth to kids. She stabs herself with Noya. Guren asks her what did she want to accomplish. She says that God wants to punish sinful people and there are some people that want to take control of it. She says that Owari no Seraph is an experiment that can revive humans. But they can live for only ten years with the current technology. I’m sorry I don’t remember the details here but Guren remembers Saitou’s words here.

Mahiru says that it was all the plan but Guren is an outsider an irregular, a miscalculation, she had her own plan here (to stop the end of the world) and she didn’t want him to come.

There are coffins with dead people in it, and a place in the middle to put her katana into. Mahiru says that in order to revive people a blood of a lot of nobles, humans and demons is needed. Apparently, if you put your katana there you can revive people? I don’t quite remember, I’m sorry.

Mahiru says she wants to be reborn as a normal girl now, free of everything as the curse is spreading throughout her body. But Guren suddenly notices that her bod is being sucked into Noya’s blade. He asks Noya to stop it but Noya says he can’t, because it’s a curse that’s been put inside Mahiru. Guren hugs and kisses her and she disappears from his arms.

Last thing Mahiru told him was to make a choice to - accept his weakness or to choose the right path.

Guren decided that since the end of the world didn’t happen, then Hiiragi soldiers will be here soon.

Guren puts his friends’ bodies one by one carefully into the coffins instead of the people that were originally there. Then Ferid comes there. Guren looks at him and asks him to kill him. Ferid says, no way, don’t be spoiled. Decide your path yourself, human. This way it’s more interesting. And Guren puts Noya katana in between the coffins, and the end of the world begins. He thinks he doesn’t care if he’s being selfish, if it’s his ego, if his friends will live only for ten years, but he still wants to see them again. The story ends with the words “And the destruction of the world begins”. My guess is that the end of the world wasn’t supposed to happen since Mahiru died but instead of dying here together with his friends, Guren chose to live and revive his friends which brought about the end of the world.

In the author’s commentary he narrates that it was a very difficult volume to write. All in all, Owari no Seraph has a very big meaning in his life as it constantly bring up questions like “what are we living for?”. He says to look forward to the continuation in the next volume or in manga.

Honestly speaking, I can’t even cry here, more like I want some tranquilizer because the whole description of what was going on in the book and constantly crying Guren, and people dying dying dying dying dying like flies, even without being too descriptive, it was quite shocking. Now lemme go drink some sake to forget about what I’ve just read for a moment. Questions welcome.

Tonight on Aunty Fishy abuses the Ewan McGregor Google Search algorithm, here is a WIP of the three Obi-Wans in my fic Where Shall We Three Meet Again? They’re not done by any stretch of the imagination but you know, how could I not give Arulas his proper eye color? HOW CAN I RESIST SITH EYES? I AM NOT MADE OF STONE.

They are from left to right…

Canon! Obi-Wan Kenobi otherwise known as The Old Man or occasionally Ben Kenobi.
Fem! Obi-Wan otherwise known as Little Sister.
Sith! Obi-Wan otherwise known as Darth Arulas.

Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Picture-But-In-This-Fic is Anakin Skywalker, otherwise known as The Podracer and you can find a lovely portrait done by @writegowrite right HERE.

Also, please click to make it bigger so you can actually see details, if you want to? You don’t have to but I think it looks better that way. Also, I think Arulas has raided Count Dooku’s wardrobe. I may need to talk to him about that.


“In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless, heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood like a hundred golden urns pouring out of the sun” (x)

Company - Part 2

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 1020

A/N: Here’s the second part to Company! I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that liked and reblogged the story, as well as everyone that asked me for part 2, it makes me extremely happy and I hope you enjoy this as well!

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11


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Ok, according to “”“"reliable sources”“”“

Certain dead character will come back to life (I never thought we’d see zombies but yes!! crossover episode The 100/TWD)

Octavia, Raven and Bellamy (who is played by Bob Marley and good with a bow and arrow) are going to die.

Bellamy will make out with Luna (before dying or when he’s a zombie, I’m not sure)

Luna will make out with Murphy too (Emori who?), and with Clarke (maybe they will have a threesome)

Anyway Clarke doesn’t want to fight anymore, she just wants to have fun so…. she will hook up with Ilian, but she will find another love too, someone who she already knew (I bet is Jasper)

and then they will meet a talking unicorn and he will tell them there’s a portal to a magical world where they can be happy (This is absolutely true ok? I’m not making it up, I swear I’ve read this in an article)

Meet up today with the classmates I’m doing my group project with, and since I already talked about having some trouble with them in this post here, I knew that today wouldn’t be a very good meeting.

I was right. The moment I stepped into the room, one girl asked me if we could talk – outside. The other two girls pretended not to hear and wouldn’t meet my gaze when I said good morning. I shrugged and followed the girl outside.

As soon as we were out of the door, she whirled around and said, “You’re selfish and egocentric.”

I didn’t react, just looking at her. She wanted to say more, and I didn’t think of myself as selfish for going to the doctor instead of writing a group project.

“You only think of yourself,” she continued, “And not of us, your group. You pretend to work with us but never do a good work in what you do-…”

“You never said,” I interrupted her, feeling that this was getting out of hand. “You always said that my part is good work.”

“Well, that was a lie. It’s terrible,” now that hurt a bit, but she wasn’t finished yet, “And you always pretend to be tired and stressed out…”

“I am tired and stressed out. This school is not easy, and you know it.”

“Well, then perhaps you should think about giving up! It’s clear that you’re not good enough to finish this school!”

Now I was gaping at her, unbelieving. I had thought that she would be angry because of me not meeting them because of my appointment. But this – this was entirely unfair. It had nothing to do with our project at all.

“You act like you want to become better at what you’re doing, but you’re too lazy to change anything,” she accused me. “That’s why, we want you to go to the teacher and tell her that you did less than we did and that you should get a lesser grade than us. That’s only fair.”

Too lazy? Even though I was working way beyond my limits to finish this school? To change a bit?

Now, normally, that would have been the point where I would have started crying. Only one or two years ago, I would have done just that. Because it was unfair, and hurtful and I didn’t know how to handle it.

But she was wrong. Very much so.

Because I had changed. I wouldn’t cry now.

“No.” I said, very calmly, even though I was angry. “No, I won’t.”

Instantly, she bristled and started screaming. “Well, that was so obvious! You being selfish again, it was so clear that you would do that…!”

“You don’t know me.”

She frowned at me, clearly annoyed that I had interrupted her, but I wouldn’t let her complain. I had listened to her, and now she would listen to me, too.

I wasn’t loud when I talked, only spoke louder when she tried to interrupt me, “You have no idea who I am. You don’t know who or how I was before I started this school. So you have no right to tell me that I’m too lazy to change or that I didn’t change at all.

You think I’m not doing what I should be doing? Then tell me right on the spot, because it is likely that I didn’t understand what you all really wanted me to do. As it is, I thought I was working my part, and doing a good job at it. Apparently I was wrong. Fine. I will work on that from now on.

And me being selfish? There is not much I can do to prove you wrong you in this point. If you think it selfish when I say that I can’t accompany you guys because of an important doctor’s appointment that will help me stay healthy – well, then I suppose I’m selfish. I wonder if you wouldn’t do the same were you in my stead, though.

And one last thing,” I told her before turning and making to walk away, because there was nothing more to be said, “Never try to tell me what I’m capable of and what not. The only person who really knows that is me.”

This may sound like whining to you guys, but honestly, it’s not. I’m not hurt by what happened – if anything, it is as if I had learned something very important today. As if I’m seeing clearer now.

Nobody really gets to tell you “You didn’t change at all” or “You cannot do that, you’re not capable”. Neither does anybody get to tell you who you are.

While there may be people who know you well, know your quirks and likes and dislikes, are aware of your abilities and their limits and do realize that something about you changed or didn’t change – in the end, not even they will 100 % know you and what’s inside you. The only one who will ever know 100 % about yourself is you.

Don’t let other people set you limits or define you. They cannot do that, and they are not allowed to.

The only one setting and surpassing your limits is you, and you alone. Nobody else.

If one day, you will go beyond your limits – no matter how those limits looked like before and just how slight the step beyond may be – you will be the one to notice it first.

And I hope you will be proud of yourself when you do it.

I, for one, will be proud of you.

Please tell that it’s not just me.

I want them to meet and Ogura would share his FK with this weird, grumpy kid, when it will came out that they get along surprisingly well. And they would create Chaotic neutral squad that don’t give a shit, smoke all the time and drop sarcastic comments.

It’s a dream.

hopes for hands of time

Pixal gets her own body back - i mean i love that they are together all the time but i still feel it would be healthy for them to have actual physical contact

Zane gets his original and/or a more human like body again (but this is the least likely to happen as we have already seen some sets)- i feel like the creators just dropped the whole ‘human’ thing. yes Zane accepted that he was a robot, but his personality and power source made him more then that, and he was the closets thing a robot could be to human. the creators have forgotten that there was a WHOLE DANG COMIC created with the plot of Zane wanting to be truly human, and experience true emotions

Zane meets Echo in the main timeline- i feel like it would be very interesting, and that they would have a lot to talk about, maybe dr. Julien left a recorded message for the explaining things

Skylor gets her powers of amber back- i cant imagine having an amazing ability, only to have it permanently taken by her own father. i feel like we should at least have her talk about it a bit, maybe with nya, who for the longest time didnt even have powers.

Nya stays Samurai X- ok so i feel like Nya loses some of her independence when she becomes a ninja, i know she would be pushing herself harder as a ninja, but i still would like her to be a samurai, and inspire other girls to be independent, maybe even have an apprentice to be the next Samurai X

GARMADON COMES BACK- this one needs no explanation

Seliel makes an appearance maybe?- she is from one of the official comics


Jay confronts his parents about being adopted in this timeline- and meets his alive biological father

maybe some Kai and Nya sibling bonding- this one will for sure happen because some of the sets have some …. people in them

Kai failing horribly with his flirtation skills

we find out exactly how much Zane remembers from before becoming the titanium ninja - and why he is so sassy all the time

Cole interacting with his father more like seriously did his dad even know he was a ghost

Cole being afraid of water and other things like forgetting he’s not a ghost anymore- like walking through walls, like he tries to and gets confused when he doesn’t go through them for a it before he remembers, really appreciating hugs and physical things. gets really clingy but in a literal sense and wants to FEEL EVERYTHING LIKE GRASS AND CATS AND PLAY WITH THE OTHERS’ HAIR AND JUNK. avoids water completely for the first few days, no showers, really stinks.

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since you write for pairings i wondered if you could do a yoonmin soulmate au? thank you!

thank you for requesting!! hope you like it!

Title: I Just Want To See The Light ( & I Do When I’m With You)

No. of words: 2k+

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Soulmate AU where when you first meet your soulmate, you can see colours + their first words will be imprinted on your skin. but like, an edited version of it (will explain in story).

Jimin’s salty.

He’s like saltier than McDonald’s french fries, and saltier than Jungkook when he loses in a game.

All his friends around him had already met their soulmate, and were forever going on about the beauty of colours. Jimin was happy for them, of course he was, they were, after all, his friends. But he also couldn’t deny he was just a teeny bit jealous. And curious. Well, really curious actually.

Most of his friends had met their soulmates slightly before or right at the age of 17, but here Jimin was, at 19, with still nothing. Or, the correct word would be, nobody. Taehyung, one of his closest friends, had recently met Jungkook (his soulmate). And although Taehyung did meet Jungkook at 19 (Jimin’s age), it was understandable since Jungkook had just hit 17 when they met.

It was like a thing, where when you reach a certain age, you just seem to gravitate more towards where your soulmate would be, and you just find them.

Like… like magic.

But Jimin was sure his soulmate was older. He could feel it. It was another one of those soulmate things, and the fact that his soulmate was most possibly older, meant that it wasn’t quite understandable that Jimin hadn’t met him yet. He knew of some cases where people never met their soulmates at all, and Jimin would never want that to happen to him. He was too much of a romantic, after all.

It was a strange concept, the whole soulmate thing. You could know the person your whole life, but would never know whether he or she is your soulmate until you reach 17. You don’t just see colours when you meet your soulmate. It’s when they speak their first words, and just as those words ink themselves onto your skin, you start to see colour.

If your soulmate was older than you, and you haven’t reached The Age yet, your first words to them would appear on their skin, and they’d be able to see colours. But for you, their first words won’t appear until you turn 17, and only then will everything come to light. Literally. This very much happened in Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s case.

“C'mon Jimin!” Taehyung passes him a grin as he pulls out what he calls a ‘red’ tshirt. Jimin wouldn’t know, all he saw was black and white. “It’ll be fine! It’s like… being a late bloomer, ya know?”. As Taehyung slides the shirt smoothly off the hanger, Jimin’s eyes instinctively snaps to the small black words written across his pale skin. It said ’You’re an idiot, but I love you, Kim Taehyung,’. It was possibly one of the things Jimin would have never expected to come out of Jungkook’s mouth. (That kid was hard as rock but seemed to turn into jelly with Taehyung.)

Since Taehyung and Jungkook had been best friends before either of them turned 17, they were already affectionate to each other, hence, Taehyung’s tattoo. Jimin hoped to have something as sweet as that on his wrist… he thinks.

“Last time I recalled, being a late bloomer isn’t exactly a good thing,” Jimin sniffles bitterly, pulling on the red shirt before reaching for a pair of pants. “Don’t. Take that,” Taehyung warned, “That’s orange. It clashes horribly with red,”.

Jimin retracts his hand quickly, before making a face. “Thanks,” He mutters before taking the ‘black’ – Taehyung said – pants from his best friend. “By the way, I’m going over to Jungkook’s later for a party. Wanna come?”.

Shrugging on a leather jacket, Jimin ruffles his hair. “Nah, I’ve got a shift as pizza delivery boy later,”. Taehyung gives a simple nod, before holding out his fist. Jimin grins when he sees it, then bumps his own against the blonde’s. They pull away, mimicking an explosion with their fingers.

“Nice,” Taehyung chuckles, finger – gunning Jimin as he does so. “See you later, amigo,” He shuts the door behind him and Jimin gives a dismissive wave.

He checks the watch on his wrist. 3:00. He had a few hours before work, might as well hang out with Hoseok. Fishing his phone out of his pocket, Jimin dials the number.

Jimin met up with Hoseok at the nearby coffee shop. It was going fine really, Hoseok was still as bright as the sun as he rambled on about the new gig he had (he was a performer, dancer to be exact) while Jimin listened. Jimin was always known for being a good listener anyways. Sometimes he thinks that’s why all his friends stuck around.

But then there’s the familiar chime of the bells hanging on the door handles and Jimin turns to look. Which is ridiculous because normally, he wouldn’t have cared. But it was on instinct, like how you automatically turn to look at someone who just walked in late to class. Not that you were judging, but their movement was sudden, and it attracted you.

Except this wasn’t sudden. It was normal. And yet, Jimin turned to look. He found himself enraptured as a black (well of course) haired walked through those doors, hands shoved deep inside his matching black skinny jeans. The guy seemed to have a permernant pout stuck on his face but for some reason, Jimin found it cute.

His eyes ran up and down the guy shamelessly, and he found his heartbeat start to pick up. But… why? Could it be…

“Jimin!” Hoseok snapped his fingers in front of Jimin’s face, and the younger jolts in his seat. He looks up to see Hoseok’s eyebrows knitted tightly together in concern as he stares Jimin straight in the eyes. “Are you okay? You were really spaced out there,”.

Jimin lets out an incoherent 'yeah, i’m good,’ before pushing his chair back and standing up. “Look, I gotta go for awhile,” Jimin barely spares a glance at Hoseok as he says this. It’s like he had to be near that guy. Something in his gut was telling him that, screaming at him to 'move closer’.

Tapping on the man’s shoulder, Jimin was about to part his lips to speak when the man turned around abruptly, several cups of coffee in hand. Unfortunately, Jimin was standing a little too close, and the cups knocked onto his chest before promptly spilling down onto the floor and staining both their shirts.

Jimin’s eyes widened at the sight (and he was glad that the coffee was lukewarm instead of scorching hot) and he felt himself turn red. The man’s eyes pierced straight to his, and Jimin’s breath hitched. He couldn’t even speak, not with that gaze on him. He wanted to apologize, wanted to buy the man another drink, but he couldn’t. He was frozen to his spot.

The man’s eyes softened for just a second as he looked at Jimin, but hardened soon enough. He didn’t even talk. Not even to tell Jimin off. Instead, a low growl tumbled past his lips and he shoved past the younger with a dirty look.

It’s only when Jimin hears the 'tink!’ of the bells start to fade does he move. The cashier is staring at him, and not in a nice way. He gives a smile that he hopes is apologetic before bending down to collect the fallen cups. Hoseok is beside him in record time, helping Jimin and passing him multiple tissues before the cleaner comes and shooes the both of them away.

“What was that?” Hoseok exclaims as Jimin washes his hands in the sink. The smell of coffee is strong, and everywhere. “I don’t know,” Jimin swallows. All he can remember is sharp orbs as they stared right into his.

You!” Jimin screeches into the phone, and one of his co workers halts to give him a look. He sends her a charming smile, and she blinks, almost confused before walking away. It works everytime. “That’s not how you speak to a customer,” The voice on the other line says.

“You’re no customer,” Jimin sniffles. He looks left and right, making sure his manager was nowhere near before continuing, “Fine. Whaddya want?”.

“The ones we usually buy, but like 5 boxes of those. All large,” Taehyung replies. Jimin doesn’t have to jot it down to remember. “Yeah? For the party?”. “That’s right,” Jimin can almost see Taehyung nodding on the other end, “By the way, there’s this cute rapper here to perform for it. I think you might like him, like as a friend or whatever,”.

Jimin thinks back of the man he saw at the coffee shop. Definitely looked like a rapper now that he thought about it. He shook his head, no, too vague.

“Pizzas are on the way,” Jimin says, ignoring Taehyung’s earlier statement.

“Thanks bro,” Taehyung hangs up the call. Jimin quickly relays the message to the kitchen, before going about answering more calls. It’s when the multiple pizza orders have been made does Jimin put on his helmet, and climb onto his motorcycle. Well… more like the shop’s one, so that he could make the deliveries.

He decides to go to Taehyung’s first. Anyways, Taehyung was their first order. Jimin gets there quickly, loving the feeling of wind against his skin and the thrill of exhilaration as he zooms and maneuvering between crowds. He reaches there in about ten minutes. Taking off his helmet, Jimin ruffles his hair before running fingers through it in an attempt to try and tame it.

He knocks twice. Something in his heart sinks when he hears whoops of joy and music blasting from behind that door, and he wishes he could have spent some time with his best friend too. Jimin doesn’t get long to lament when the front door clicks open, and the first thing Jimin sees is a tuft of hair.

Very, familiar hairstyle actually.

It was the same guy from the coffee shop. Instantly, Jimin can feel a warm blush spread across his cheeks.

“Are you the pizza guy?” He asks, eyebrows arches, eyes flashing as he recognizes Jimin’s face.

In a fluster and slight captivation, Jimin blurts, “I’m your pizza guy,”.

As the last words leave his lips, Jimin feels a sudden sting on his wrist and his head spins as colour seems to slowly sink and melt into his world. The only thing he can seem to see is the man in front of him. The man’s eyes widened too, and he’s blinking rapidly at Jimin. “Oh god,” Jimin hears himself stutter, “You’re my soulmate?”.

It takes a while for the man to reply, but before he does, he snatches the boxes out of Jimin’s hands and places them on a table somewhere in the house. He rushes back to Jimin right after. “You?” The man’s lips are softly parted, “The guy who spilled coffee all over me this morning?”.

Jimin’s face flares. “Th – that’s me,”. He could feel his heart pounding hard and fast in his chest as he gazed at the man in front of him. Black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. Pale skin and pink, pretty lips. Like sure, the other colours around him were vibrant and so alive and yet Jimin could only focus on his soulmate. Oh god, Jimin felt the sudden urge to kiss him. “I never got the chance to say sorry,” Jimin clears his throat, before passing a small smile.

“It’s fine,” The man says, “I’m Min Yoongi,”. He holds out his hand, and Jimin takes in a staggering breath. “Park Jimin,” He takes his hand. Something like an electric tingle travels up his hand, and Jimin can’t seem to let go. Instead, he interlaces his fingers with Yoongi. “Nice name,” Yoongi takes this in his stride, and when Jimin looks closely, there’s a soft tinge of pink on Yoongi’s cheeks. Cute.

“I – ah,” Damn, why did he make Jimin so breathless? He wasn’t even doing anything except standing there, “I have work,” He swallows.

“I can see that,” Yoongi murmurs. Beautiful, is the one word that runs through and through Jimin’s head, and he doesn’t know if it’s because he can see colours now or whether it was because of the man standing in front of him. “I’ll see you?” Jimin asks, unsure, hesitant…

That’s when Yoongi breaks out in a smile, and Jimin’s heart almost beats it’s way out of his chest. He’d give anything to see that smile again. Yoongi after all, did seem like the type who rarely smiled. “Not staying?” Yoongi’s voice is whisper – like, eyes coy. Jimin has work, he knows this, but he also knows they make exceptions when you first meet your soulmate.

“Ah, fuck it,” Jimin finds himself grinning, and then Yoongi pulls him forward with surprising strength. “C'mon then,” Yoongi’s hand leaves his, but Jimin quickly catches it. There’s this thing about your soulmate, where you feel like you have this strong, undescribable bond between each other even though you may have never met. Words couldn’t describe such an emotion.

“My performance is up soon. I’ll be uh, rapping.” Yoongi’s eyes dart to the stage.  By the way, there’s this cute rapper here to perform for it. I think you might like him. “Oh yeah, sure,” Jimin nods.

Yoongi gives him a smile again, but this time, a more gentle one, and Jimin’s heart flutters at the softness of it all.

He’d have to deal with his boss’s scolding later, right now… well, Jimin wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Except here. With… Min Yoongi.

Yoongi still sometimes blames Jimin for their cheesy but matching wrist tattoos, like two halves of a heart only whole when put together, but Jimin isn’t complaining. He knows Yoongi sort of, kind of likes it too.


I just want to say that Tom and Matt (and the others I met that I didn’t get a picture of/with) are so very lovely !! They are so friendly and funny and meeting them honestly made my day so much better! Not that is wasn’t already good. This has been the best day in a long LONG time for me. I really did enjoy it and I look forward to the next time. (I may or may not have bought too much stuff)

I’m considering writing an andreil au where Neil’s mom is alive (they had gotten separated when Nathan found them, and Neil assumed she had died and kept running without her)

and she catches up with him at Palmetto after seeing his face on Kathy Ferdinand’s show. 

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Weiss Headcanon: Weiss secretly worries about the possibility of her team mates ever meeting her father, especially Ruby. She's worries because she's afraid that her father will show them just how cold she could be, and it terrifies her to imagine them seeing her as anything resembling her father.

I could see it. She doesn’t want them to see where she came from and see the hate that she grew up in because she doesn’t want them to associate that with her in any way. 

The person who would probably understand this the most is Blake, because Blake already knows about the history of the Schnee Dust Company and knows what kind of business it is and what kind of person Weiss’ father is. 

I imagine as they go through life together as partners, one of the constant things Ruby finds herself willingly doing, is reminding Weiss over and over again that she’s not her father - that she’s so much better than he is and that she is the definition of a true Schnee. 

Anyway, some people already asked me about this so… Would anyone be interested in Monwinn Network, which would work more of as a place to chat about Monwinn, share work and fanfics about them, meet new people who love Monwinn and Supergirl too, etc… Before posting anything official, I just want to see if people are interested, so please if you are, just reply to this post by saying Yes or something, so I know you would apply. If this post gets satisfying amount of replies I will make the official post.

Love is stupid | Drabble

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The Winchesters looked at you shocked, it was Sam who recovered first. “What do you mean you’re not meant to fall in love?” 

You snorted, looking at the bottle of beer between your hands, not meeting their eyes. You already regretted what you said. The topic only brought back memories you’d rather forget. “Well, let’s just say, if you want to know who’s the biggest douche in town, ask me to get a date. I’ll find him. This whole relationship and love thing never worked out for me. Love is stupid and I don’t need it.” 

You brought the bottle to your lips and drunk the last sip before getting up. “I’m gonna hit the hay, it’s getting late. Night guys,” you gave them one last smile and left the room. 

“Dude,” was everything Dean said, but Sam immediately knew what his brother was thinking, just by the smug grin on his face. 

The younger brother shook his head in disapproval. “Dude, no.” 

“Dude, yes! I’m gonna-” 


“-show her how she deserves to be treated. I’m gonna show her that she-” 

“Really, Dean-”

“-deserves to be loved. Don’t fight me on this Sammy.” 

Sam sighed. “You know I won’t. Just wait until tomorrow and don’t do anything stupid and rush now, ok?” He really hoped this time Dean would not lose his bravery once he’s sober again and that he could make you see how perfect you two were for each other.