i just want them to have babies and be cute and domestic

I feel like Dave would have had a much more harmonious childhood if Bro had had a big buff gentle giant of a boyfriend like Jake. Like I mean just imagine all the things:

  • Jake would never let Dirk try to throw a baby off the roof
  • Jake calling little Dave ‘pumpkin’
  • Cute little family vacations to Jake’s island where Dirk always gets sunburned but they still have a good time
  • Family Halloween costumes (Jake as the Scarecrow, Dirk as the Tinman and baby Dave in a lion onesie and they talk Roxy into being their Dorothy? Idk)
  • Dirk and Jake out walking with lil Dave and holding one of his hands each and swinging him between them.
  • Dave not wanting to share Jake with Dirk when they’re playing and Dirk getting so impatient
  • Jake always convincing Dirk not to ground Dave when he fails a class or comes home way after curfew
  • Jake making his grandma’s special soup when Dave is sick
  • Dave having an awkward crush on Jake when he’s thirteen, but Jake never notices because he’s oblivious like that
  • Jake always forcing Dirk and Dave to hug and make up after a fight

Q: how to instantly improve Dave’s childhood
A: add Jake

anonymous asked:

What do you think the guys reaction would be to coming home and finding their OL baking cookies for them? Sorry if this is stupid, just thought they would have cute reactions.

Not stupid at all baby 💕

I think they would all probably try to watch her secretly for a little bit before she noticed them. I think they would like to see her in that carefree domestic light. After o think they’d be very grateful for her and the little things she does to take care of them. Then get popped on the back of the hand for trying to steal some 😂

Kozik, Chibs and Opie I can see just wanting to watch her do her thing. Happy would maybe jump in and start helping her, telling stories of when he used to help his mami make cookies when he was young. Tig just stealing pieces of the dough, Jax asking question so he can try to make them with the boys one day.