i just want them to have babies

The crows by my house have a new baby crow and it keeps making that horrible baby crow begging sound because it wants them to feed it. Kid needs to learn how to open its own damn peanut. It just stares at the peanut in the shell and screams “feed me!” to its parents. Then tosses around empty shells like a clueless baby. I love these goofy crows.

Will... You ate my chocolate?
William T. Spears x Grell Sutcliff
Will... You ate my chocolate?

It’s the cutest Grelliam thing I’ve ever heard. I love this to DEATH! ♡

Grell cooked Valentine chocolate and William tasted them. Sutcliff was extremely happy because of that and embraced Will with all love~ ♡

Grell: Will… You ate my chocolate?

William: I just wanted to know how an idiot has lost his mind to commit crimes.

Grell: WILL!~ ♡

William: Get off!

Grell: Will, Will, Will! ♡

William: You’ll have to write an apology letter when we get back.

Grell: Okay, Will~ ♡

William: Let go of me!!

Grell: Touchy touchy! Touchy touchy! Touchy! ♡  

William: Where do you think you’re touching?!

Grell: Touchy! ♡ 

  • Jun Fukuyama as Grell Sutcliff
  • Noriaki Sugiyama as William T. Spears
  • Kuroshitsuji Red Valentine Seiyuu Event
  • Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso
  • English translation was made by Reina Rei

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I'm worried about reylo... I truly want them to be canonly romantic but I don't think they'll go that route and it makes me sad...

Don’t worry about it! It’s either happening or it isn’t, and none of our fan activity (for or against Reylo) will change the outcome either way. Just sit back and enjoy the ride - there’s still good reason to believe Reylo will happen in some form by Episode IX, and I think we have reason to be optimistic as long as we don’t pin our hopes on a white picket fence ending complete with marriage and babies.

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Yall how do you deal with getting famous? Well not famous but kinda popular? Also how?????? How????

I’m really not that famous/popular lol. I’m just starting out! I’m a real baby! I’ve got one comic that got a whole bunch of notes, but honestly it doesn’t feel too great because it’s the one that has about 8 bajilion spelling mistakes in it!

If you’re looking for tips on getting attention on things you make the only tip I really have is….. don’t try. It’s perfectly fine to want to be popular or even famous, but generally I find that if you make things that you like because you like them, people will be more attracted to that than if you’re just making things you think other people will like, if that makes sense.

Turning 26 on July 9th

As always around my birthday (because I share my birthday with my mom) I think about what my mom was doing when she was my age. At this point, she’s already had my brother. He’s around 3 years old. She’s been married for 6 or 7 years now. They moved from Puerto Rico to New York and now they live in Virginia. My dad is in the Air Force. She’s going to have another baby (me) in 2 years. I don’t know what her relationship is like at this point, and if I asked her I’m sure it would just hurt her. I’m guessing they weren’t very happy with each other but they loved my brother. (Maybe they were different back then. But then what made them who they are today?)

Of course we want to think our parents loved each other at some point, or else why would they get married? I guess there’s no way to know for sure. My parents are just foolish enough that I would believe they got married for no reason at all.

I can’t stress how much this pisses me off because if you dislike literally any other animal you just learn to deal with it and get over it but if it’s snakes then suddenly you get to make a big fucking public scene and act like a baby and act like you’ve been personally victimized because you went into a public space where animals are encouraged to be brought in and, surprise, there were animals!

I literally had one woman start sobbing because she was 10+ feet away from me and I was letting someone else hold a (baby) snake. I’ve had customers who start YELLING whenever someone has a snake just minding their own business while the owner of the snake just looks embarrassed and has to feel guilty for bringing their pet with them and tries to shield it from view. I’ve had people look at our snakes behind glass and tell me to my face how much they want to kill them. Nearly every customer I tell that I have pet snakes makes faces at me or vocally expressed their disgust.

With any other animal this would be seen as ridiculous and overreacting and unnecessary and RUDE but if it’s snakes it’s suddenly fine…

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like dogs. I’ve had bad experience with dogs. I think they’re overwhelming, barking can give me sensory overload, I can’t stand being around untrained dogs, I’m scared dogs will bite or attack me. And every single day I go to work in a pet store and I acknowledge and accept that people bring in their dogs that they LOVE and I have to accept that these are LOVED and cherished pets to these people and I respect them and their boundaries and their love for their pets and I mind my own business like an adult.

I don’t tell every customer with a dog how much I hate dogs. I don’t act scared and make faces every time one walks by me. I don’t refuse to go near anyone who has a dog. I don’t scream when people’s dogs get excited and jump at me. I don’t start crying when a dog touches its nose to my hand when I walk by. Because I’m a fucking adult and just because a certain animal isn’t my ideal pet doesn’t mean I’m disrespectful and hateful to people who DO choose to have these pets and to bring them to pet friendly spaces like they’re allowed to.

And if someone DOES have these reactions to dogs, because of traumatic events in their life, or for any reason, they’re treated like they’re overreacting even if their fear and reactions come from a valid place. And it’s fine to react that way to dogs (but you shouldn’t work in a pet store and should most likely avoid going to pet stores at all like a logical person instead of being like these people and going anyway and then reacting). But if it’s snakes then people can just hate them for literally no reason at all other than ignorance and you still have to baby them and act like that’s an acceptable reaction to have to an animal that’s minding its own business.

You don’t have to like snakes (or any animal) but I literally cannot fathom being so self absorbed that you think other people should not be allowed to have their pets with them just because you don’t like them. It’s un fucking believable to me that adults act this way.

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I've always wanted kids, I've been practically raising my sisters since I was twelve, but the idea of treating another human the way i have been treated is terrifying. It doesn't help that I'm a lesbian and my parents think straight parents are the only kind there should be. (i know it's not true. I've done research papers on the subject, but it sucks to hear all the time). it just feels like there's a lot against abuse survivors out there and it sucks. we can't help what happened to us.

:/ i feel that. i love babies and little kids but i’m so goddamn scared around them because i don’t want to hurt anyone. deep down i know i won’t but everyone says victims turn into abusers and i don’t wanna take that chance

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12, 13, 14, 31, 32, 37, 39 & 40... And just to be extra annoying - All for both the Sarkozi's & Hawley's 😋😘

So you want me to answer those first questions, and then answer them again with all the rest of the questions? :p What?? Okay I will do it. HAHA! LOVE YOU! Thanks baby. ♥

1. When have you started your legacy? What inspired you to do it?

I was inspired to start the Sárközi legacy AFTER I named Tyler. So of course I have this complicated name for the entire legacy. :p I was inspired to use Tyler though because he was gorgeous. ♥ I just had to!! For the Hawleys, My younger cousin and I made a faerie and a witch together in sims 3 one time while she had stayed over. I later tweaked them a bit and made them a family I played just for pictures. I wasn’t even worried about babies at the time. But then Ciano happened and I thought it was lame at the time to play supernaturals so I put them on the back burner. But then it was brought to my attention that the Hawleys were loved. :p So I brought them back and what inspired me to make them a legacy is when @dstarsims gave me Thorne for Ciano. They were so pretty!! I kinda sorta wanted to make a perfect genetics challenge out of it, but idk. Either way, they are a legacy now and I love them. ♥

2. Are you following any strict rules there or just play how you want?


3. Post the oldest picture you have from your legacy save.

All my screenshots are gone. -____- I was always a neat freak that deleted everything once it was posted to my blog. Well then my blog was deleted and its all gone. The oldest screenshot I have is the first thing on this blog I suppose. Which is this one of Tyler and Vince in Tyler’s first hair ever. :p

4. What’s so special about your founder that you wanted to start a legacy with them?

Tyler was HOT and Ciano was just adorable and gorgeous and they needed to be shown more. ;)

5. Favourite generation(s)

Probably the first since its all I have gotten to on either of them??? :P LMAO

6. Favourite heir.

I have no idea about personalities because I am still on gen one with a bunch of babies. But with the looks, my favorite Sárközi heir is Sterling and my favorite Hawley heir so far is Onyx.

7. Favourite spare.

I just haven’t gotten this far yet!!!! UGH! Judah is pretty. :p lol

8. Favourite spouse.

Vince and Thorne ♥

9. TOP 5 favourite legacy sims.

I dont even have 5 legacy sims!!

10. TOP 5 favourite couples.

answered ♥

11. If you ever did any storylines, what is the one you’re most proud of?

With just my legacies… Tyler’s story honestly. It was very developed and Tyler has so much life. 

12. Any memorable moments?

Literally have no idea lol

13. Any funny moments?

I still don’t know lol

14. The most unexpected twist in your legacy?

answered ♥ And the Hawley’s have had no twists honestly. And because you asked it first I assume you mean in general, and that would be when Shane got shot!! :o

15. Favourite name used on your sims?

Luciano and Nikolai were actually people that I knew irl. :) Their names are fucking gorgeous and so I have to say Ciano and Niko are my favorite names so far. ♥ (which is funny since irl they are brothers and in my game Niko is Ciano’s son. lmao)

16. Who of your legacy sims you can relate the most to?

TYLER! I have bad anxiety, bad communication skills, just everything except I dont have a dick and I wish I were that pretty dammnit! lol

17. Do you usually get attached to them or just play without deep thinking?

Omg, my sims are my BABIES! ;—; Every single fucking one I end up getting attached to and it’s a PROBLEM okay… *sigh*

18. Any surprise babies? What was the story?

No lol! They are all planned. It’s the sims. They can’t surprise me. :p 

19. Who of your sims has the best style?

All my sims have the same style I think because it’s my favorite style. :p So idk honestly. 

20. Who is the best genetic mix of their parents?

Sterling // Niko

21. Is your legacy berry, vanilla, banilla, or a mix of those?

Vanilla, always.

22. Have you ever done another legacies apart from this one?

I had a Clavell legacy going a while ago which I merged with the Sárközi legacy by making Kat Tyler’s sisters. 

23. How many generations are you aiming for? When you reach a certain milestone, are you going to continue playing or just wrap up the whole thing?

I am not aiming for anything. Just having fun and writing. Doing what I want because I can. lol

24. Have you ever done any other challenges with your sims from the legacy?

The sims in my legacies have only been in my legacies. 

25. What do you do when you feel uninspired playing the legacy?

I play random couples or play sims 4

26. Have you had your sims die? Which death was the hardest to take?

NO!! My sims don’t die. Ever >.>

27. Do you have this one OTP that stands out among the other legacy couples? Tell us about them!

TYLER AND VINCE! ;—-; It’s self explanatory!! ♥ ♥ ♥ And Ciano & Thorne ♥ 

28. Have you had a sim who you grew to like?

Like? LMFAO sure… we’ll call it like… 

29. Have you had a sim that you fell in love with right away?

Sterling and Ciano ♥

30. Do you choose your heirs yourself or make heir polls?

I choose my sims myself. I may be selfish but I can’t bring myself to think it’s selfish but almost everything about my blog is what I have done myself. I rarely share sims and I choose my own stuff. It makes me happy. :p 

31. The first legacy memory that pops up in your head?

Vince keeping his pregnancy a secret! And Thorne taking Ciano to his grandmother’s cabin for Christmas. ♥

32. The hottest sim?

Tyler & Ciano & Eden

33. The prettiest sim?

Sterling & Seirra

34. The most unique sim?

Tyler is the only one of my own sims with a unique personality yet lmao… And in the Hawley’s: Baela

35. Have you had any sims that remind you of someone?

Yeah, Tyler sorta reminds me of my cousin. No one reminds me of anyone in the Hawley’s though lol

36. Do you use other people’s sims in your legacy?

@dstarsims I hog ALL her gorgeous sims. ;)

37. Imagine if you had a chance to meet one of your sims. Who would it be?

I’d be to fucking nervous honestly. :/ I guess I could go with Kai and Baela. But as for all my sims in general, I’d say Rush. :) He reminds me a LOT of my younger cousin, Josh. :p 

38. Do you have that one generation you wish you’d done differently?

I only have one generation lmao. And I like them how they are. 

39. Your favourite non-romantic relationship in the legacy?

Tyler and Eli and Jonah! With the Hawley’s, I like Ciano’s relationship with his mom. :) Idk in general though lol. 

40. Random fun fact about your legacy you want to share! 

Yeah idk… lol

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"Mrs.Hailey" She inhales hugely"MAY YOU PLEASE DUB BENDY BABIES THEY ARE THE MOST CUTEST CINNAMON ROLLS ON THE PLANET" She coughs " except for Yuri" "BUT I CAN HEAR YOUR AMAZING VOICE DUBBING IT NOW!!!" "PLEASE OH PLEASE DUBB THEM" "you don't have to if you don't want to tho!!" "Just say so~"

Uhhh…. m-maybe sure?

thumbelina becoming human-sized though:

- she’d stare at people. like, not intentionally, but because there are so many who are all her size and she’s just so unaccustomed to it.

- that guy who was so scary and mean to her and seemed like such a giant? yeah he’s half a head shorter than she is to scale, and she probably only stands at like 5′0″ at normal human height.

- and noticing how the people who babied her and treated her like a child don’t seem to think of her that way anymore - no, now she’s a “young woman” and she should already be able to do things for herself that normal ladies her age do, even though so little has changed about her.

- not having to navigate her way around everything; oh, look, there’s a room, the path leads to another room, and that’s all you have to do to get there (if she doesn’t trip over all the furniture)

- conversely, not being able to fit into smaller spaces: picking up things she used and examining how bitty they are in her hand, and wondering if she really looks this small.


Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥

The first time Damian gets kidnapped as Bruce Wayne's son

Thugs over video feed: “Okay man, just remember you have 24 hours to deliver the money or else the kid dies 

Bruce: "All right, but first I just want to talk to him please I need to know my little baby is okay *wipes away very convincing Fake Tear™* 

*camera pans to Damian, who’s tied to a chair but seems totally chill with the situation and even gives an evil grin when he sees Bruce* 

Bruce (yelling dramatically): "OH NO MY DARLING CHILD ARE YOU OKAY??”

Bruce (furiously whispering): “Don’t you dare hurt them do you hear me young man" 


"If you try to fight back at all I swear to god you’re grounded for a month when you get back" 


"Please don’t kill them" 


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

BTS Reaction to Your Cat Watching Him During Sex

Incognito;Hello~ if you still do request could you please do a reaction to BTS? How would they react when their s/o’s cat comes in during sexy time and just intensely stares into his eyes and the cat doesn’t want to go away?

Note: RATED M to those baby armies! Nonetheless, requests are open! I will be closing them soon, and only accepting the first 20 that interest me, so go request!! *pls have manners when you ask, or else it will be deleted ((-:*

Jin ➳ He was kissing your torso, making his way up to your chest, up your neck as goosebumps began to rise from the wet trail and finally, to your lips. He was humming, slowly positioning himself to your entrance and when he glanced to the cat bed just to find the once sleeping cat now glaring at him, the man couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “What’s so funny?” You asked, wondering why he was suddenly tittering and not making any further move.

“Oh, nothing.” He said, staring back to the cat and giving him a cute expression.

Originally posted by yoongiski

Suga ➳ He was filled with ecstasy, fingers digging into yours hips with your chest pressed onto the bed as he slammed into you from behind. His eyes were closed, and as he could feel his climax coming — he was even more turned on by your mewling that resonated around the room and boiled his insides to the core. Opening his eyes, he witnesses your cat staring right at him, meowing loudly and he immediately stops while flushing red.

Looking up, you ask him why he stopped and he could only feel stupid from mistaking your cats moans for yours. “Please,” he says, slipping out of you, “get your cat out of here.”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

J-Hope ➳ Your legs were wrapped around his torso, and he held you perfectly as he thrusted into you against the wall. It felt soo good, you were really amazing and he couldn’t be any happier. Biting your shoulder as he began to quicken his pace and move more powerfully, he felt something very furry purr against his leg before he..screamed.

He dropped you, you falling straight on your bottom before you would scream at him for interrupting something intimate — until he would begin to sputter and point to your kitty in defense. “Your cat scared the shit out of me!”

Originally posted by ineedakpopgif

RapMonster ➳ His hands were working around your body, focusing on pleasuring you and slipping your clothes off as he kissed you passionately. And while he slid his boxers down his ankles, leaving your lips to leave kisses to your cheek to your chin and down your neck while positioning himself — his eyes fluttered open just to find your cat’s eyes boring into his. He froze, giving the cat a look as you smacked him for stopping.

“Your cat keeps staring, I’m not just going to give it a live porno here.” Namjoon mumbled, and when you told him it was okay, he could only give you a ‘are you serious?’ look.

Originally posted by earlyconf-i-moved

Jimin ➳ He laid on the bed lazily as you sat on top of him, moving painfully slow as he tried to beg you to go faster and when you wouldn’t comply — he grabbed your hips to thrust deep into you himself. With one eye closed and a smile gracing his lips to hear you cry out, his attention averted towards the door and back to you, only to snap back towards the door to find you cat laying provocatively as it stared at him intently.

He stopped, earning a cry of disapproval from you before he bursted into a fit of laughter. “Tell your cat to leave!”

Originally posted by sunglow1004

V ➳ He was sitting down with you bouncing on top of him, his arms wounded around your waist as your lips stayed attached to each other’s, kissing fervently and impatiently before he laid you down and intertwined your fingers together. Smiling towards you, he began to move slowly and when your fingers tightened around his, he began to pound into you — that is, until your cat jumped on the bed and began to drill it’s eyes into his.

“Why is..” He was flustered, quickly picking you up off the bed and walking out the door. “We need to go somewhere..better.”

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Jungkook ➳ Jungkook noticed your cat sitting in the corner and watching his every move like a lion, making sure the boy did nothing to harm you but; he just didn’t care. His mouth was latched onto your neck, sucking as he moved into you and when your cat graciously jumped onto the bed, Jungkook moved away from your neck with a plop! only to slow his pace just to pet the furry animal.

“He’s so cute,” Jungkook would comment  before moving his hands back onto you, “but not cuter than my kitty.”

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I wanted to show you the new baby that is just arrived, little Solas is now in da fa my ly!! XD

If you want to see them, and the Sailor Moon charms that I have on my Etsy, you can find them here: ★   ★  www.etsy.com/shop/MortinfamiART   ★   ★

Also, I was thinking on making some Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academy) Charms, would someone be interested in having them?


Redemption // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: Jungkook scenario when your pregnant unplan baby he finds the test when you get home he starts yelling, blaming you throwing things,tells you to gtfo of his life with the baby saying fucked up things. So you leave Korea 3 year later you come back with your daughter and you guys see each other again he tries to win you back angst beginning but fluff ending?

words: 8942

category: heavy angst + fluff ending

author note: it’s time to see how good destinee’s character development skills are. also y/n didn’t leave, jungkook did. hope that’s okay. im so proud of myself for writing this?? I didn’t give up and I’m glad i didn’t. anyway, this took forever to write you can literally see my writing improve as you keep reading its kind of funny anyway let’s go!

- destinee

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Okay so I have this headcanon that the paladins are only able to communicate with their own lions, but all the lions can communicate with one another. This is totally normal because the only way to be able to communicate with the lions is if you’ve bonded with them and gained their trust (if you’ve read my non-food Hunk HCs you know where this is going).
Some of the paladins complain to Allura about having to explain what their lions have said to them because the ideas can be too complex for words, but Allura just says that Paladins have only ever been able to talk with their own lion, it’s impossible to communicate with another one.
It all starts with Hunk (my precious Hawaiian hunk). He earns Yellow’s complete trust by helping her with mechanical repairs. After seeing how much yellow trusts hunk and how good he is at mechanical repairs, the other lions start coming to Hunk for mechanical repairs and telling Yellow whats wrong with them. It starts out with minor things, like a loose screw or a dented panel, but slowly they all begin to trust him with bigger things. It isn’t odd for a lion to report to Yellow their damages so Yellow can tell Hunk. However there is still a layer of distrust. Only Yellow trusts Hunk enough to turn her off to do major repairs. Until one day in a really bad battle Red gets seriously damaged. Everyone is surprised when Red limps over to Hunk afterwards because she has always held back. But this time it is necessary. Hunk makes sure to ask Yellow to tell Red that he’ll have to turn her off to fix the damages. Red consents and all the lions watch as Hunk repairs her and powers her back up. When Red tells Yellow to give Hunk her thanks Hunk gasps in shock. He just heard her say thank you! All of a sudden he can hear all the lions talking to him! Allura is frozen in shock because it’s supposed to be impossible! Lance just says, it’s Hunk. If Hunk could defeat Zarkon with just his love and compassion he would. Hunk is totally blushing in the corner and slightly overwhelmed by all the lions thoughts spinning around his head because they feel so alien.
This leads to the other paladins making efforts to bond with the other lions.
Pidge is the next one to achieve it. I always wondered why pidge didn’t just invisibility to all the other lions but then I realized, the lions wouldn’t have trusted pidge to mess with their programming. Only Green would because 1. She can read pidge’s mind and 2. She’s curious by nature and loves experiments. The other lions are always very wary whenever they see pidge plus a piece of technology, and this wariness only grows every time they see an experiment gone wrong that results in pidge covered with soot and Green smoking. Finally after a while of seeing Pidge get better and better with the lions technology Blue finally caves and goes over to Green asking for some of the upgrades too. (Blue really likes showing off some of those upgrades are really cool) Pidge is ecstatic of course, but starts out with small things they know work so they don’t end up losing all of the lions trust. Next is Red, feeding off of the ‘rivalry’, aka Red/Keith is jealous and wants some cool gadgets too! Oddly enough, Yellow is the last one to go to Pidge because she feels as if she is betraying Hunk by having someone else work on her. After a conversation between Yellow, Green, and Hunk, they convince her that programming is very different from mechanics and while Hunk could probably do some coding upgrades, Pidge is the expert. Soon pidge starts doing more experimental things with the lions programming that are custom to each lion. Once again, it’s after a rough battle where one of pidge’s upgrades is the only reason they all got out of there alive that all the lions bond with Pidge. Pidge gasps at all the thoughts entering their head and because of this ability to communicate directly with lions Pidge is able to understand the base code of how Voltron works (something which was previously unknown). Also, now whenever pidge falls asleep in the hangar the lions will gather around them to protect them while they sleep (pidge definitely freaked out the first time they woke up to five gigantic lions staring at them, but now it’s where they prefer to sleep).
After Keith and Lance get together they can hear each other’s lions and it actually gives them the ability to mentally communicate with each other (Lance totally takes advantage of this and will think of dirty things just to see Keith blush).
Lance ends up bonding with all the lions first, something he will hold over Keith’s head forever. Once he learned that he could communicate with the other lions through blue he went and talked to them everyday. He asked them questions about themselves (something no one had thought to do, most people only thought of them as machines). He tells them about his family and earth, they tell him about how they were made and all the things they’ve seen. It’s a pretty smooth transition to Lance being able to hear all of them. He was just hanging out with the lions in the hangar one day asking them about some of the past paladins when all of a sudden they just respond directly to him. He almost doesn’t realize because he’s already so used to having Blue, Red, and Keith in his head. But then his mind is also filled with Hunk and Pidge trying to figure something out and he realizes that Yellow just spoke directly to him. He decides to gloat to Keith during a sparring match to try catch him off guard, Keith just punches him in the side saying, “I can hear all your thoughts you idiot, now stop leaving your side open.”
Keith feels awkward because he can’t befriend the lions like Lance can, he can’t fix any mechanic stuff like Hunk can, and he certainly can’t program like Pidge can. So he kinda just ignores it and trains. One day when talking with Shiro about it, because he hasn’t had any success either, Shiro suggest that keith try to train with the lions since he likes doing that so much. Keith decides to give it a shot and asks all the lions through Red if any of them want to train to prove their reaction time. He explains that with Red being the fastest it would be good practice to try work on speed and stuff. The lions are all hesitant at first, so Blue (who can already talk to Keith) volunteers to go first so the others can watch. Basically it starts out as a serious exercise but ends up devolving into a giant game of tag between Red and Blue. The other lions, realizing they won’t get hurt join in. Soon these giant games of tag become a fairly regular bonding exercise, with the paladins sitting inside their lions, but not steering, just focusing on seeing through their lions eyes. Keith and Red always start as it, but they are usually able to tag someone pretty quickly. One day they decide to switch it up and play a game of hide and seek. Keith finds Red and Blue first thanks to their bond, Yellow and Green hiding in the same spot, and finally manages to sneak up on Black, scaring her into a flashback of Shiros. Keith quickly uses his calming methods for Shiro on Black and is surprised when he hears her say thank you. All of a sudden every lions’ thoughts are flodding his head making sure Black is okay and “can you teach us that? Black has some of Shiro’s PTSD and knowing what to do when the paladins aren’t around would be helpful.” Keith teaches all the lions, and the connected paladins, different ways to calm people down and what do for a flashback vs sleepwalking vs a panic attack etc. This really helps because up until then none of the paladins had realized that parts of them were bleeding over into their Lions. Shiro is the last to bond. He’s trying so hard but he just can’t get them to trust him and Black won’t tell him why. The other paladins are getting concerned with how dejected Shiro looks after leaving the hangar and it only gets worse with each person who manages to bond with the Lions. The other paladins have to remember to speak out loud because shiro can’t hear their thoughts yet and it really impacts him. Finally they gather all the Lions up and talk with them. ‘what’s going on? Is it because he has a galra arm?’ The Lions are like, ‘umm no? Keith is half galra and we trust him’ (everyone’s kinda like oh yeah forgot about that, Keith may turn a bit purple at that) ‘so what is it??’ they ask, but for some reason the Lions seem to be really hesitant to answer? Like they’ve never seen their Lions like this? Finally Black answers, 'it’s because he doesn’t trust himself. I act on logic, not emotions, and logically Shiro is a good leader and worthy, however we can’t wholly trust someone who doesn’t trust himself and that makes our emotional bond weak.’ The paladins are all in shock because they knew shiro had some issues but they didn’t realize it was that bad. Initiate Operation: Make Space Dad Realize His Worth™ (yes Lance and pidge came up with it). At first shiro doesn’t get why the paladins keep complimenting him and telling him how much they appreciate him, but each night he goes to bed feeling a bit lighter. Lance comes up with the idea of having a space family therapy night because coming from a huge family he knows that it was always easier to deal with personal issues once you acknowledged them and told others so they could help/encourage you. Allura and Coran agree to join. They have it in the common room, Lance organizes everything and just asks that people come in their PJs (yes actual PJs Keith, don’t you dare come in you’re regular clothes, oh my quiznak just use some of mine!) When everyone walks in the room is transformed. There are mattresses and blankets and pillows on the ground. There’s tissues and comfort food within arm’s reach. Everyone sits down and the paladins leave their minds open so the Lions can hear and participate in the conversation. Lance goes first talking about how he’s homesick and how he fears he isn’t good enough and that will result in the others dying because he was just a cargo pilot after all. (Keith sends him a mental kiss and then hugs him) Pidge talks about their fear if never seeing their family again and how they feel like they’re wasting their time doing voltron stuff and then feels guilty about that because they know how important voltron is. Allura talks about how she misses her father and how she’s repeatedly woken up in a cold sweat thinking she killed everyone by flying them into the sun. Coran talks about how he is filled with regret for not trying harder to save more Alteans. He feels like he could have at least saved one more person but he was so focused on getting allura and the black Lion out of there he didn’t even try. He tells the story of landing the castle know everyone he loved was dead. Keith talks about how he’s scared about how he feels so much love for everyone in this room because he’s lost everyone he loves and he doesn’t want to lose them. Finally everyone turns to shiro. He hesitates to unload his worries on then because they all have their own problems, but thankfully with a bit of nudging from Black he opens up. About the flashbacks, the nightmares, the amnesia, the insomnia, and the PTSD. How he’s barely holding it together for the team because he knows they need him to be strong and fearless and how he just feels like he isn’t good enough. -Hunk goes last (so shiro doesn’t dwell on his own confession.) He talks about how he’s scared he’s never gonna go home, that the universe will always need voltron, and that the only way he’s gonna leave is by dying. They have a big groups hug and talk about how they can help each other and what works best for themselves. After they make a cuddle puddle with shiro in the middle and all it takes is him thinking, I can do right by these people, and all of a sudden all the paladins gasp. They can Feel and See and Hear everything. Their lions, each other, the castle, the universe around them. It takes almost 20 minutes for it to stop being painful and reach a bearable level but all of them realize we can do this. We can defeat Zarkon because we managed to take the most powerful weapon in the universe and make it even stronger. (Eventually allura and Coran bond with the Lions because they are sick and tired of the paladins thinking they told allura/Coran something but all they did was think it. )