i just want them to have babies

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Lol I love how the solo harries assume we just hate harry for all of this. Harry's my fave. But I absolutely hate how the media (wherever it's coming from) acts like he's the ONLY talented member of 1D. Liam has the best voice imo, louis wrote over 30+ songs, niall actually plays an instrument, & ALL OF THEM CAN SING. There is no real reason for harry to have this much hype besides the ot3 vs harry over the years. It's annoying & frustrating. My baby is talented but so are the rest of my sons.


i want and expect harry to do well with his solo stuff and i’ve been saying that forever (those nasties can check my solo harry tag if they want it’s all there).

that doesn’t mean i’m not upset about the double standards and the giant juxtaposition between his solo career launch and louis’ current garbage situation.

What she says: I’m fine

What she really means: most ships that sail early on in a show mean they aren’t endgame which is really upsetting bc bughead have just got together like 5 eps in and I know my little babies are now going to have a bumpy ride at some point cos they can’t just be ‘boring’ and unproblematic or nobody would pay attention to them but I just want my babies to have an easy ride bc they deserve all the happiness in the world and I love them so much but on the other hand if they break up then Beronica can rise so I’m kinda torn between what I’d rather happen and my brains kinda fried right now my cinnamon bun Betty Cooper just deserves happiness

Pascal found Nervous on the rooftop one night, whilst the rest of the family were downstairs. Nervous had a habit of entering the building almost entirely unnoticed. He supposed the two of them were a ‘couple’, although despite his relentless quest to categorize everything he’d never been able to puzzle out quite what they were to each other. 

“I didn’t know you were interested in astronomy, Nervous.”

“I’m not, n-not really. I just wondered…”

Pascal gave him an expectant look.

“Well, you were looking at the stars. Then you had Tycho.” 

“You want to be a father?”

Nervous nodded earnestly. “I’ve always, um, always wanted to! To have a baby.”

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Fav Batfam ships for the boys and why?

Eh, not a huge shipper but there are ships I like

Dick/Babs, love me some DickBabs. I know a lot of people don’t like it and that’s fine. I respect DickKory but I just never could see it working longterm. I guess same with DickBabs because they’re both so alike and similar and have different goals. I see them more as star crossed, always loving each other very much and wanting to have that intimacy, but too many things (family, jobs, their goals) get in the way.

Jason/mental stability

Tim/Kon (betcha didn’t see that one coming) just because it’s very well developed and wow that’s some good chemistry and, beyond all that, Tim and Conner are very easily compatible. Love shouldn’t be a circus, a wild rollarcoaster, it should feel like home.

Damian is a baby, not even pretending to think in that regards (but besties with Jon, Maya and Colin with Maps and other GA kids as “normal” friends)

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I'm a transguy and I'm planning to freeze my eggs before starting T in a few years just in case my partner (most likely ciswoman) and I want to have a baby and she'd get pregnant (not me because of dysphoria). Anyways I was wondering if there's any programs or scientific researchers you've heard of that would do genetic testing/experiments on eggs after someone, who was afab, starts T to study the effects it has on them?

I sent in an ask last night about freezing my eggs and all that jazz sorry that I put it ad transguy instead of trans guy

I’m honestly just really glad that freezing your eggs is an option for you - just up until a few years ago here in Sweden, trans people weren’t allowed to transition to change their legal gender marker not only if we weren’t sterilized, but if we had eggs or semen stored anywhere within Europe. And requiring trans people to be sterilized before we are granted access to the health care we need is not exaclty uncommon in other places either. So I’m very happy that you are able to plan for a future with biological children of your own. That is such a wonderful thing. (Sorry for the ramble.)

To answer your question though, no, I’m afraid I don’t know of anything like that. I tried looking it up to possibly find some, but basically all I found were discussions about freezing eggs.

If any of my followers know of anything like that, or have any other relevant information to share, please do add to this post and tell us!

(Small side note, as you already pretty much pointed out iny our second message: it’s trans guy and cis woman, not transguy and ciswoman. Trans and cis are adjectives!)

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So my best friend just told me she's a sugar baby— apparently my roommate and about 2 girls in my chem class are as well. She's said it's sad because he works so much that he has to pay a girl to cuddle him. Like??? He can't have a full on committed relationship because of his job so women don't stay with him. Here I am thinking all these rich men want is sex, but they're literally paying for a relationship

ahhh honestly this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this. a lot of these rich men are dedicated to work and don’t have time for relationships/their partner can’t take them being always busy etc etc so a lot of them get sugar babies so they feel like that connection of spoiling a girl and just ‘having someone’ it’s an interesting dynamic tbh no shame in it

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In regards to the Mikan thing, we don't know how the others would have reacted if they had regained their memories. Each of them can stand there and claim that they wouldn't have fallen back into despair if they were in her shoes. But we don't know that. I'm not saying that Mikan deserves a "poor baby did nothing wrong" treatment. But I don't think she should be completely villainized either.

(Yes and I 100% agree with you ! But I never said that she should be villainized, just that Hiyoko doesn’t want to forgive her and that it’s her right :)

I said that because I know a lot of people prefer Mikan over Hiyoko and so they are adopting the “poor baby did nothing wrong” treatment toward Mikan while being angry at Hiyoko because she refuses to forgive her.

And yes, Hiyoko’s past actions towards Mikan were really bad. But that doesn’t mean that she has the obligation to accept the fact that she was killed with a smile. A lot of people see it as a punishment she deserved but I don’t agree with that ^^’

But I totally agree with the fact that we can’t really judge Mikan’s actions as we can’t compare it with other people :)

-mod lili)

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I mean, this is the second time a pap person has claimed that Josh and Ginny directly old them they were leaving. So it's probably true. But I'm wondering how they're allowed to tell people this stuff when you have JMo at the convention saying she can't say anything until the show gets officially renewed - which may be in May.

Yeah, it’s probably true. But we will see. And it’s probably just their personal decision imo. They have two babies now and want to be home with them more I’m sure.  So if it was a personal decision, I don’t see why they couldn’t say this is our last full season as regulars. Regardless of the shows fate, we won’t be back full time. You know what I mean?

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Ok, but, like...who owned the Potters’ house after they died? Why didn’t it go to Harry? James and his family were wealthy, and the Potters had been well-established in Godric’s Hollow for a long time, so presumably their modest little house was not bank owned or under mortgage. I feel pretty confident that they owned it outright. And there was a war going on, they knew they were targets...there’s no way they didn’t have a will. Why didn’t their house go to Harry? Did the Ministry just, like...take it? Because they wanted it to be held in stasis as a memorial? That's creepy af. But what gave them the legal right? Is it because baby Harry didn’t pay property taxes for a few years, so the Ministry used that as an excuse to claim it? Who was the executor of the Potters’ will? Why didn’t someone take care of that and ensure the house was held in trust for Harry until he came of age? Was it Dumbledore who screwed this up? I bet it was Dumbledore. It's always Dumbledore... And what about all of their belongings??? Harry might not have wanted the house, but you can be pretty damn certain that he would have wanted some of his parents’ things...James’s old quidditch gear, Lily’s jewelry, family recipes, old photo albums...where the hell did everything go?? Is it...is it all still there....? In the house....? Oh god, that's a terrible creepy thought! Is it all just sitting there, in Ministry-owned suspension, while Hagrid has to beg James and Lily’s old school friends to send pictures because 11 year old Harry doesn’t know what his parents looked like??? What the hell is wrong with Wizarding society, and why did everyone treat literal angel child Harry James Potter this way???!!

Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥


☾ pt1 | (1/?)

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: fluff, slight angst, eventual smut + expecting parents au

word Count: 4,724

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin 

↠ description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


“I want to have your baby,” is a particular string of words that is only considered acceptable in a certain number of situations.

Maybe between two lovers getting lost in the moment of their heightened feelings, and somehow the words just slip — that’s probably the most common occurrence of the phrase. Or maybe it’s a night out, alcohol in your system, and the words just sort of spill past your lips to the most ridiculously attractive stranger you’ve ever seen before you can even think to stop them. Even that, can still be considered at least borderline passable usage of the phrase. Hell, even the instance of a teenage girl proclaiming her love for her favorite celebrity with the heavy proclamation is still considered normal for the most part.

These, along with a few far-fetched others, were the only situations you could think of that allowed for the usage of those six words to be passable, yet, here you were, uttering that exact phrase, when you were in absolutely none of them. You weren’t getting caught up in the moment with lust-glazed eyes, you weren’t drunk and spewing nonsense at a bar to some guy, and you most certainly weren’t some star struck teenage girl staring up at her celebrity crush’s poster.

No, you were none of those things.

Instead, you were sitting across from your ex-boyfriend telling him that you wanted to have his baby… Yeah, totally passable usage of the phrase, right?

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For every single gift daddy, splenda or free vacay I’ve gone on (I’ve been on 3 this yr and was suppose to have one this weekend 😧😟🙁) this is the trap I use.

1) I casually throw out lingerie shopping for myself out there which of course will entice them. Note: I initially didn’t ask him for anything, just stated it would inevitably happen.

2) He bites…he wants to see. That’s when I ask if he’s buying it. Usually its a “yes” to which I’ll flirt back. In the rare occasion that it’s a “no”, I let him no that he shouldn’t even ask to see me in anything sexy if he’s not willing to buy me something sexy to wear. This usually turns a “no” into a “yes”.

3) I include him in the shopping. I send him photos of things I’m thinking about buying. If he starts to fantasize, I’ll slightly indulge him like “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that…”

4) I up sale him. For example “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that… Can’t you imagine me in lingerie and pearls/at dinner in nude heels and a form fitting dress with my lingerie peeking from underneath/ red lipstick and chanel?”

I’m creating an image for him that he thinks is based for his pleasure but already I’ve gone from just lingerie to pearls, dinner, shopping for shoes and dresses, makeup and perfume. And he doesn’t feel forced because he’s trying to bring to life the image I created for him.

Another trick could be to double up. Once you agree on a set or whatever tell him that you want to pick out another as a complete surprise for him and that he can’t see it until you wear it. Now you have two sets! (Assuming you have his card or he paypal you the money).

It starts small then you just add on a bit more every time. It helps if he believes You’re already accustomed to this treatment. If he thinks every man does this for you and that if he doesn’t do it, another will, And that he won’t get your time of day without it then he’ll more than likely get on board if he truly wants your attention. Btw of all the men I’ve used this on…. young vanillas are the easiest. Truly. Honestly.

The worst part about being with someone who everyone wants is that you’ll always have competition. Other girls are always going to flirt and try and god damn what happens when those girls are prettier and funnier and just more? You know that you have them, but baby for how long?
—  4am

Gilmore Girls - AU: Rory/Jess and the prom date that never happened.

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Hi Cassie! I really love your books and I can't wait for LOS to come out. I was wondering if we are ever gonna know/see more about Tessa and Jem's married life. Are we going to see them interact more with Emma? Are they able to have babies? If so, will they be warlocks or shadowhunters? Or both? Or maybe Tessa doesn't want children because she can't bear watching her children dying again?

If Jem and Tessa had babies they would be, just like Will and Tessa’s babies, Shadowhunters (with maybe something a little extra in the power department.)

I know Jem and Tess are very loved and we do see them in glimpses in TDA but the story isn’t about them (and I’m very wary of them swooping in and fixing everything, especially when Magnus is around off and on, that’s a lot of warlock firepower!) 

I don’t think Tessa would hesitate to have children again if the time was right. She’s enjoying just being with Jem – it’s only been five years since the Dark War – but she loved being a mom. Imagine if we chose never to love anyone because we feared they might one day die? Tessa isn’t bitter, or angry, about the mortals she has known who have died after long and happy lives. She is grateful she knew them and looks forward to seeing them again one day.