i just want them to have babies


Alex suffers through so much that she blames herself for other people’s pain

“I knew this would happen”

-Everytime she is happy something goes to shit.
People around her for her entire life have gotten hurt. Alex doesn’t want Maggie to be one of them.
-Maggie has also been to hell and back to find solice in Alex danvers.
-My baby gay just needs her girlfriend to stay with her through her problems.

Maggie and Alex are perfect for each other. They have been through pain and suffering to find one another. They will find a way, together.


rebecca in every episode:

“I was having triplets and, on a whim actually, we just decided to name them Kevin, Kate and Kyle. I lost one of the babies during delivery, but your baby showed up at the hospital the very same morning. It felt like destiny. ..I appreciate this, I wanted to know his story, and that there was good here. ..I also need to know that you’re not going to come back for him. I need to know that I can move forward. Because he will have your blood and the blanket you wrapped him up in, but that’s it. That’s the deal.“

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Hello! I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I loved your Baby Chad fics and was wondering if him and Whiskey ever made up in their senior year?? I just love the way you do outsider POV and I love your OCs in all these fics, they always make me want to read more of them!!

omg first of all, you are literally never bothering me– I have to apologize that i haven’t been on tumblr as much (taking 6 English classes at once bc why not) so i may be a bit slower in responding but NEVER a bother! 

as for baby chad and whiskey… honestly, i did not have them making up their senior year. they are both captains and busy with their respective teams and just… idk, sometimes you have those friendships that dont survive for whatever reason and when i wrote it, i set out to capture that brand of longing/nostalgia. unfortunately, that means that if i had them have a happy ending, i would lose my main point in writing the fic! so… no friendship for baby chad and whiskey. fear not too much for them– it worked out, in the end. maybe not for the best in terms of what could have been, but it still worked out.

thank you for liking the fic though– the baby chad sequel is lowkey one of my favorite things that ive written even though its small and sad and not as popular as some of my other stuff. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Sorry i couldnt give it a happier ending!

i find it difficult to get enthusiastic about feminism because feminists assume that girlhood is the same for everyone, that all girls grew up in pink nurseries and danced and had tea parties with other girls and had that elusive female friend group of ever-changing alliances and were dismissed by teachers for being too giggly or not naturally good at science and had boyfriends dump them and wore make up and dresses and wondered if they were too fat or too thin or too anything and were under pressure to have babies or not get pregnant.

and i just. i have had none of these things. i don’t want to dismiss them because they are Real Problems, but they didn’t happen to me (maybe because i’m not Gender). It’s all about those things and i am forced to relate, but they don’t give a shit about experiences that do not fit within those narrow boundaries (i don’t even know if my childhood was Girlhood per se, thinking of it as Girlhood tastes like spoiled milk).  and i don’t know what my gender is but i want to care about women’s issues but it’s so difficult because they’re positive and i’m positive and it just tears apart.

The worst part about being with someone who everyone wants is that you’ll always have competition. Other girls are always going to flirt and try and god damn what happens when those girls are prettier and funnier and just more? You know that you have them, but baby for how long?
—  4am

For every single gift daddy, splenda or free vacay I’ve gone on (I’ve been on 3 this yr and was suppose to have one this weekend 😧😟🙁) this is the trap I use.

1) I casually throw out lingerie shopping for myself out there which of course will entice them. Note: I initially didn’t ask him for anything, just stated it would inevitably happen.

2) He bites…he wants to see. That’s when I ask if he’s buying it. Usually its a “yes” to which I’ll flirt back. In the rare occasion that it’s a “no”, I let him no that he shouldn’t even ask to see me in anything sexy if he’s not willing to buy me something sexy to wear. This usually turns a “no” into a “yes”.

3) I include him in the shopping. I send him photos of things I’m thinking about buying. If he starts to fantasize, I’ll slightly indulge him like “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that…”

4) I up sale him. For example “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that… Can’t you imagine me in lingerie and pearls/at dinner in nude heels and a form fitting dress with my lingerie peeking from underneath/ red lipstick and chanel?”

I’m creating an image for him that he thinks is based for his pleasure but already I’ve gone from just lingerie to pearls, dinner, shopping for shoes and dresses, makeup and perfume. And he doesn’t feel forced because he’s trying to bring to life the image I created for him.

Another trick could be to double up. Once you agree on a set or whatever tell him that you want to pick out another as a complete surprise for him and that he can’t see it until you wear it. Now you have two sets! (Assuming you have his card or he paypal you the money).

It starts small then you just add on a bit more every time. It helps if he believes You’re already accustomed to this treatment. If he thinks every man does this for you and that if he doesn’t do it, another will, And that he won’t get your time of day without it then he’ll more than likely get on board if he truly wants your attention. Btw of all the men I’ve used this on…. young vanillas are the easiest. Truly. Honestly.

Gilmore Girls - AU: Rory/Jess and the prom date that never happened.


A week in the life: Couple Edition - Victoria Sugden & Adam Barton
November 7, 2016 to November 11, 2016


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Request:  Can you do an imagine where Newt is allergic to on of his creatures but he’s being ridiculously stubborn about it as he doesn’t want to admit that he could possibly be allergic to one of his babies.

Can you please do one where the reader and Newt are just cuddling and Newt’s being cute and teasing the reader about the blush they have and CUTENESS EVERYWHERE? I’M SORRY

You heard Newt sneeze while handling one of his creatures, you and him brushed it off and you continued feeding Frank and giving him some love. You went in to the kitchen and started making dinner and when it was ready you called Newt in and he had a little red nose and his eyes were watering a little bit. “You alright?” You asked walking over to him.

“Perfectly fine, yes.” He said with a shy smile. You raised your eyebrows but left it alone. You served dinner and he smiled at you when you were pouring him a glass of water, he’d never drink unless it was a special occasion.

“Why are you smiling at me like that?” You asked, blushing slightly. Even though you’d been dating for years, you’d still blush at the littlest things. Newt would too.

“You’re beautiful.” Newt said simply. You shook your head laughing at him.

“You’re an idiot.” You replied, making him laugh.

“I love you.” He said, smiling.

“And I love you.” You replied, sitting down. As you were eating and chatting, Newt’s face seemed normal again. You thought it was quite odd. He couldn’t be allergic to one of his beasts, could he? When you had finished dinner, you went back out to finish feeding the creatures. As Newt went back to the ones he was feeding previously, you heard another sneeze come from him. You looked over at him and he was furiously rubbing at his eyes. You walked over to him, “Newt, darling?” You asked.

“Yes, love?” He replied, sneezing again.

“I think, I think you’re allergic to Jeffrey.” You said quietly.

“No! No it’s simply a cold.” He tried to reason, he didn’t really know why because he knew you would see right through him.

“No it’s not and you know it.” You said sternly.

“But he’s my baby! I’m his mummy, what am I going to do? I have to keep him and look after him.” Newt said, getting upset.

“Hey, hey, darling it’ll be okay. I’ll tell you what, we keep him, and I’ll look after him okay? You can admire from afar. He will understand. I promise you, I’ll be the best new mummy he could have okay?” You said, holding his hands. A few tears fell down his cheeks but you quickly wiped them away.

“Okay. Okay, you can do that.” He said quietly, giving you a watery smile. You wrapped your arms around him, and let him cry in to your shoulder.

“I know, I know it’s hard. He loves you though, and I love you my dear.” You said quietly in Newt’s ear. You gave him a quick kiss. “Okay you go and lie down and I’ll be there in a second okay?” You said kissing his cheek, he nodded and went to lie down in your bed. “Hello Jeffrey. I’m going to be your new mum. Newt is a tad allergic to you but that’s not your fault at all. No it’s not. But I’m going to look after you and you are going to be so loved.” You said, before leaving Jeffrey be. You wandered in to yours and Newt’s room and collapsed on the bed with him. He pulled you in close and started whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You began to blush and tried to hide your face in Newt’s shirt.

“Awe look! My baby’s blushing! You’re adorable love.” He teased smugly.

“Oh sod off Newt that’s not fair.” You said, kissing him.

What I've learned so far from sugaring

I’ve been sugaring for a couple months and here’s what I’ve learned

*use a fake number and email address

*write everything down, make a list of POTs with a description to keep them apart. When your talking to 5-10 different men at a time it’s very difficult to tell them apart after awhile, write down their job, little facts they tell you, where they live ect. It’ll make your life so much easier

*be clear about your goals, i truly believe the most successful babies are the ones who’s goal are more than just getting material items. Like wanting to have $xxx In your savings account, pay off debt, start business ect.

*when buying clothes/ accessories to update your wardrobe, buy things that are timeless and with stand trends. You’ll get more longevity out of them. Trends come and go but that little black blazer is timeless. Obviously buy things that are trendy but don’t blow all your sugar money on something that won’t be in style within 6 months.

*95% of people that contact you from a different state than your in are scammers. If anyone messages you and says they will need you to run errands when their away is a scammer.

*never ever ever ever ever wire money to someone, it’s a scam. A true Sd would never send money then ask for some of it back. They’ll say they need your help sending money to someone blah blah blah, a successful business man wouldn’t ask their SB to handle business for them, they have people for that.

*never give your bank account information unless you absolutely trust them, even then be careful! Scammers don’t always send fake checks via mail, they can also transfer fake checks into your account. When the bank finds out they will penalize you and can shut your account down and you won’t be able to open a account with any national bank for 2 years.

*Google your POT, reverse search their number. Type their name into Facebook or Google. If their a prominent person they will have a Google presence. It’ll help weed out fakes and scammers. I had a fake tell me he ran a charity for George w bush that had something to do with orphanages. A quick Google search of charities george Bush was affiliated with showed me he had nothing to do with orphanages

*do your research before starting. I was on Tumblr and advice blogs for a week before starting and learned as much as possible which helped immensely.

*take some of the Tumblr blogs with a grain of salt, there are alot of fake tumblrs, and also alot of amazing ones with wonderful advice. Don’t believe the hype some blogs show that you’ll make 5k a month allowance right away. It’s not impossible but not everyone gets that.

*bouncing off the last tip, don’t feel bad about taking a lower amount from a POT or Sd. If the amount your getting helps you then work it. I have guys who give me more and I have some that give me less than what i truly want, but it helps when rents due and I’m not ashamed of it because at the end of the day whether your getting $100-1000 It’s more money than you walked in with. And i set boundaries with ones who give me a lower amount, i wont spend all day with them unless their willing to give more. Normally i stick to getting food and keeping it to 1-2 hours. But don’t sell yourself short. If someone low balls you to where you feel like it’s not worth it, don’t go for it.

*take care of yourself, give yourself a day once a week to relax, take a bath give yourself a face mask or deep conditioning treatment. Give yourself time to recharge and self love

*understand it’s not easy. It’s like a job, especially before you find your Sd. Talking to so many people, having to respond to messages in a timely manner, making profiles, having to be your best you and going on POT dates can be exhausting.

*take breaks when you become overwhelmed. I’m taking a little break to recharge, don’t wear yourself thin. You need to take care of yourself!

*have a backup vanilla job so you are still making money. You’ll have times where your slow in your sugar life and won’t be making As much money, so always have a back up plan

*save save save.

I hope this helps someone, happy sugaring!! 😘😘

“Alright kiddo,” Percy started, adjusting his sister’s weight in his free arm as he pulled riptide from his pocket. His eyes never leaving the ominous moving shadows that started to form around them. “I need you to hang on tight. We’re going to be ok, but if you promise not to tell Mom or Annabeth whats about to happen, I’ll buy you the best ice cream in all of New Rome.”

“Strawberry,” the three year old responded immediately, eyes darting around warily. “And I want triple scoop, like the, like the kind that you get.”


I had a dream the other night, and it involved Percy babysitting his sister and on their walk to central park, some baddies pop out of no where. Percy could take them out, no problem. But after a certain talk and a promise that he wouldn’t get his sister involved in any dangerous demigod shenanigans, Percy is more worried about the kid tattling on him to both his mom and his girlfriend. And if being an older sister has taught me anything, bribing with sweets works 9000% of the time.

Okay but Imagine the Byers family dressing up for Halloween and somehow convincing Hopper to join in on the fun and dress up as a bunny rabbit because rabbits “Hop” and your name is Hopper

Parenting and Domestic Masterlist

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  • NCT DREAM: prepare for a comeback. practice this new routine and-
  • NCT U: practice-
  • NCT 127: you have a schedule today-
  • Show: we have a taping today make sure you know-
  • SM: record new episodes and we'll drop them everyday-
  • NCT 127: don't forget the promotion for limitless
  • NCT DREAM: comeback-
  • NCT 127: limitless-
  • Mark: ...
  • SM: Ma-
  • Mark: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

3x20 / 6x09

That scene in 3x20 was maybe the most sad scene inside of a happy one I ever seen. It was after they defeated Zelena, and Snowing, Emma, and Henry were in the room excited to be with baby Neal safe and sound. But you just can’t help it but getting sad when you watch Hook looking at them from the outside, wanting so badly to be included, to be an integral part of this family and joy.

And then you have 6x09. Not only he’s included, he’s entering aside Emma, one of the first (and sadly only, at least in that point), to meet the new baby. He’s totally in the “inner circle” this time around. 

I just love seeing Hook getting all these little closures along the way. Because in 3x20 he deserved to be included, yet he felt an outsider, and people let him feel this way (or at least didn’t care enough to include him, and actually invite him in to meet the baby). But now he’s not only there, he’s actually Belle’s best friend. 

This is too beautiful.