i just want them to have a chance to say goodbye properly

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Hi~! Could I request for HC or scenario where MC asks RFA + V and Saeran to pretend to be their SO for Valentines day (Meet the friends/parents etc.) and how they would react and act during their fake date? lololol

This got pretty long. Happy Valentine’s Day!!


  • you call him up desperately, telling him your friends have invited you to go out with them on Valentine’s day
  • at first he doesn’t see the problem, but then you explain that they’re all couples
  • you ask him if he’d be okay with pretending to be your boyfriend just for a few hours because you don’t want to feel alone or to get made fun of
  • he’s extremely flustered but agrees to it
  • oh boy is he nervous
  • he really wants to impress your friends and have a good day with you, because he hopes that perhaps if it goes well enough, he can admit his feelings for you….
  • he spends hours preparing, but tries to make it look like he hasn’t
  • he opts for not wearing his hairclips and tries smoothing his hair down as best as he can it doesn’t really work
  • he comes to your doorstep with a bouquet of roses
  • “I-I figured if we’re gonna do this, we should do it properly…?”
  • poor boy is red as a tomato, but you giggle and take the roses
  • when you head to the meeting spot with your friends, they’re already there
  • without thinking, you reach out and grab his hand, lacing your fingers together
  • he is begging himself to just c h i l l
  • he doesn’t remember any of your friends’ names because he’s too caught up in the fact you’re actually holding his hand holy shit
  • you guys go see a movie, and throughout the entire thing he’s trying to work up the courage to reach out and hold your hand again
  • but it’s a romance movie… would that be weird…?
  • oh god he’s overthinking everything
  • eventually the movie ends and he hasn’t worked up the nerve
  • he’s kind of mad at himself
  • your friends all want to go off and do their own thing as couples now, so one of your friends asks you guys what you’re planning on doing for the rest of the day
  • “oh… uh…” Yoosung stammers and blushes like crazy
  • your friends wiggle their eyebrows at you both like oh I see
  • which makes Yoosung blush even harder and get even more flustered
  • he walks you back home because he’s a goddamn gentleman, fake date or not
  • and when you’re standing on the doorstep, he’s not quite sure what to do
  • “I had a really good day” he blurts out
  • “Me too, I think you were pretty believable in your feelings for me! I almost believed it” hahahahahaha Yoosung please get the hint
  • he really wants to kiss you right now, but he’s not sure if the flirty vibes he’s picking up from you are actually just him being hopeful
  • he decides to take a risk
  • “I know this was a fake date and everything, but… I was just wondering if it would be okay if I… kiss you?” he’s stammering and blushing and speaking really fast, and part of him hopes you didn’t understand what he said
  • so when you agree, he’s over the moon
  • “it’s Valentine’s day, after all”
  • he leans in and kisses you softly, trying not to show how much he doesn’t want to stop
  • you say your goodbyes and he heads home
  • as soon as he’s out of sight he fist-pumps and does a little victory dance, which earns him a lot of weird looks from passers by
  • but he couldn’t care less


  • when you call him up and tell him your friends are all going on group outing on Valentine’s, and were making fun of you for being alone on Valentine’s Day, he wouldn’t even wait for you to ask, he’d just straight up volunteer
  • this is his chance he’s not gonna miss it
  • he takes it right in his stride and doesn’t appear flustered at all, even if he’s screaming a little on the inside
  • he’s an absolute gentleman, and as soon as he gets to your door he takes your hand and kisses it
  • he claims that because he’s an actor, he’s just immersing himself in the role but he actually just really likes you
  • he’s bought you some chocolates in a heart-shaped box which make you blush like crazy
  • he reaches out to hold your hand as you head to see your friends
  • he absolutely loves this pretense, because it gives him an excuse to do everything he’s wanted to do for such a long time but without it seeming weird
  • as soon as he meets your friends, they’re instantly charmed
  • wow shit is that guy even real ??
  • turns out you guys are going out for a joint romantic meal
  • and Zen is gentleman to the extreme, holding open doors and pulling out your chair for you to the point where it’s like jeez Zen tone it down a little
  • you draw the line when he offers to feed you your food
  • you’re starting to feel like he’s taking the piss, but honestly it’s kind of funny, so you’re giggling a lot which makes his heart leap
  • he loves making you laugh
  • and he wants to make a good impression to your friends, even if he’s pretty confident they like him already
  • he walks you back home afterwards, still holding your hand because “the act hasn’t finished yet”
  • you reach your door and just as your about to open it, he clears his throat
  • you turn around to look at him, and suddenly that confident air has gone and his cheeks are slightly pink and he’s refusing to make eye contact
  • you ask him what’s wrong
  • “I really liked spending Valentine’s day with you” he murmurs, looking at his feet in embarrassment
  • you’ve never seen him so flustered
  • “Oh…” you don’t really know what else to say
  • he eventually looks back up at you “I was wondering if we’d be able to… keep up the act for a few more seconds so I can… kiss you…?”
  • you nod, barely able to believe it
  • he leans in and gently presses his lips against yours, cupping your face in his hands
  • it’s so soft and sweet at totally takes you by surprise
  • eventually he pulls back and is even more flustered than before
  • “Sorry… I, uh, I just… I’ll see you around” he hurries away
  • “Zen!” you call after him, and he turns around nervously, not knowing what you’re going to say. “Call me.”
  • that’s all the confirmation he needs to rush back to you and kiss you again


  • you call her up one day, a little hysterical, and so she has to help you calm down before she can figure out what’s wrong
  • you tell her that your family have arranged a get-together on Valentine’s day and you can’t bear to sit around while they repeatedly ask why you’re single
  • so, you ask her if she’ll pretend to be your girlfriend, just for a little while to get them off your back
  • she’s impossibly flustered
  • she’s never been in a situation like this before, so she’s not quite sure how to react
  • she thought things like this only happened in movies?
  • but she agrees anyway
  • she’s so nervous, and even though she knows it’s not real, she spends hours getting ready
  • she drinks roughly 8 cups of coffee, which does not help with her nerves
  • big mistake
  • as soon as it’s time, she heads over to your place to pick you up
  • for a moment, she’s blown away by how beautiful you look
  • she knows you always looks beautiful, but today it hits her more than usual because she has to pretend to be your girlfriend oh god
  • she’s brought you a homemade cake that she won’t admit took her four attempts to get perfect
  • you put the cake away and head to your parents’ house
  • she’s so nervous
  • your entire family seems to be here
  • she had no idea families did this kind of thing
  • your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… the house is full
  • you never leave her side, and she grips hold of your hand the entire time
  • partly for the act, partly for comfort, mostly just because now she has an excuse
  • naturally, she gets bombarded by nosy family members about her career and intentions towards you
  • she tries her best to keep calm and give the right kinds of answers, but she constantly feels like she’s messing up
  • eventually you can tell she’s starting to get really stressed out as your great aunt drills her about exactly what she’s planning on doing with her life, so you quickly tell everyone it’s time for the two of you to leave because you have plans
  • as soon as you get out the house, you hug her
  • she’s nervous - what if your family sees you?? but then she remembers you’re supposed to be pretending to date anyway
  • she apologises for messing up so badly and you just pull back like
  • what ???
  • she was amazing in there? she put up with all your family’s shit and barely tripped up at all
  • you tell her how amazing she was, and she blushes and shakes her head nervously
  • you smile at her, “walk me home?”
  • you head back to your house and once you’re standing outside the door she’s ready to say goodbye
  • “You know, that cake isn’t going to eat itself” you say casually
  • “Oh, but I… I couldn’t eat it! it’s for you!”
  • you insist on it until she finally agrees to come inside and have a small piece
  • you’re sitting on your sofa eating the cake and she murmurs
  • “I had a really lovely day today, even if it was a little overwhelming”
  • “I did too” you agree
  • she looks up at you for a moment, and barely knows what she’s doing before she’s leaned in to kiss you
  • just as she’s about to pull away and apologise, she feels your arms wrap around her to pull her closer
  • so she allows herself to get lost in the kiss
  • Jaehee has never really been interested in Valentine’s day, but it’s quickly become her favourite day of the year


  • you’re nervous to ask Jumin, because you highly expect he’ll just say Valentine’s day is a meaningless day which symbolises nothing but capitalist consumerism
  • but you have a huge crush on him so you do it anyway
  • when you call him up and mention Valentine’s day, the other end of the line goes quiet
  • you tell him your family are all coming over on Valentine’s day, and you really can’t stand these yearly gatherings that they use as an excuse to harass you about being single
  • after he’s over the initial shock, he agrees surprisingly quickly and you’re just like…oh okay?!
  • when the day arrives he’s nervous, which in itself is strange because he’s never felt quite like this before
  • he knows he gets butterflies around you, but he’s never felt like this
  • he desperately wants to impress your family
  • he shows up at your house earlier than expected, because he wants to arrive before your family do
  • he holds out a small box for you
  • “I thought that, considering I’m technically your date, I should get you something in case your family ask about it”
  • you open the box and inside is a silver heart shaped locket with a…
  • wait Jumin is that a real diamond??
  • you turn around and he puts it on you, trying to stop his fingers shaking while simultaneously trying to touch the skin of your neck as much as possible, enjoying how you shiver at the touch
  • when your family arrive, he turns on his charm
  • they love him
  • you can barely even tell he’s nervous from the way he’s so smooth and confident, answering every question fired his way with surprising ease
  • he takes everything in his stride even when your grandmother asks him whether you guys have ‘made love’ yet oh boy
  • eventually, your family leave
  • almost everyone individually tells you how lovely Jumin is, and how good you guys look together and what a good couple you make
  • you’re just like h a h a I wish
  • when you head back to see him, he looks exhausted
  • “I’m so sorry about all that” you immediately feel the need to apologise. there’s no way he needed to do this at all. you sit next to him, “They really liked you, though”
  • “Really?” he asks, seeming strangely surprised. you nod, and he lets out a breath “I’m glad”
  • you’re not quite sure how to respond, so you sit there in silence for a moment
  • “You look beautiful” he says suddenly, and you look over at him, shocked
  • “Oh… uh, thank you”
  • he reaches out with his hand and strokes your jaw gently
  • “I hope you wouldn’t mind if I…” he trails off and starts leaning towards you
  • oh
  • you respond by leaning in and your lips meet in the middle
  • he’s so soft and tender, which is a side of him you’ve never seen before
  • when he pulls back he says “I would very much like to do that more often, if you would agree to it?”
  • you nod a little breathlessly and he leans in to kiss you again
  • he now understands why people like Valentine’s day so much


  • one day you call him while you’re kind of freaking out
  • once you manage to calm down, you explain to him that your family are having this ‘Valentine’s get-together’ and your grandma kept asking you if you had anyone to bring and you had blurted out ‘yes’ without really thinking about it
  • when you ask him if he’s willing to pretend to be your boyfriend, he’s not quite sure how to react
  • his brain just kind of goes !!!!!!!
  • “It’s only for one day! please, Seven…”
  • okay wow he wouldn’t have expected you to ask him, so he agrees to it
  • “God 707, swooping in to save the day!!!”
  • he’s actually super nervous beforehand
  • even though he knows it isn’t real, his brain is treating it as though it is
  • he desperately tries to prepare his ‘707′ persona so he can hopefully be a little more carefree, but it’s surprisingly difficult today
  • he drives to your house in his favourite babe to pick you up he’s highkey hoping to impress your family with his car
  • when you open the door he bows ridiculously low, holding out a…
  • “Seven, is that a teddy bear?”
  • he hands it to you while grinning and screaming inside oh god why am I such an idiot 
  • it’s a small, brown bear holding a red heart in its paws which has “I love you” written on it
  • he treats it like a joke, telling you to squeeze it
  • you squeeze the heart, and Seven’s voice comes out saying, “Honey, I love you~”
  • he tries to hide how embarrassed he is
  • it’s just a joke it’s just a joke it’s just a joke it’s not a joke
  • he drives you to your grandparent’s house where this is being held
  • when you ask him how he knows where they live he just…
  • oops
  • anyway, you guys head inside, and naturally he instantly gets bombarded with questions and comments about his car, which he is more than happy to talk about
  • whenever someone asks him about how he can afford that at his age he just laughs and brushes it off, saying “If I told you, I’d have to kill you” and things like that
  • he’s really worried he’s coming across as stupid with his weird jokes, but he can’t seem to stop them once they’ve started
  • luckily, you overhear a few family members talking quietly in the kitchen about what a nice guy he is
  • he seems to charm all your female and male relatives to the point where you have to drag him away and tell him to behave because your grandma is 87 years old and married god dammit
  • eventually you both manage to escape the clutches of your family and leave
  • as soon as you’re in the car and out of sight of the house he lets out the biggest sigh ever
  • “Wow, that took a lot out of me.”
  • “Thank you so much for doing that for me. You really didn’t have to.”
  • “No… it’s okay, I actually kind of enjoyed it,” he grins at you, “Kind of sad I didn’t get your grandma’s number.”
  • “She doesn’t have a damn phone”
  • he drops you off at your house and insists on walking you to the door
  • “I really did have a good day. Your family are really nice” he tells you, smiling nervously
  • you decide to invite him inside for a little while, but he declines
  • “I have to pay you back for everything you’ve done!” you insist, “At least let me get you some food or something!”
  • he has a sudden bust of confidence “How about you pay me back… with a kiss? And a promise for a second date”
  • he’s staring at you to gauge your reaction and figure out whether to play this off as a joke
  • but when you blush and stammer, looking down at your feet and nodding, he feels his heart soar
  • he steps towards you, gently taking your hand in his, and you look up at him and he kisses you softly
  • when he pulls back both of you are pretty flustered, but he tries covering it up by smiling and saying “You still owe me a second date, though,” to which you nod enthusiastically and smile back
  • as soon as he gets into his car and is out of sight, he starts laughing almost hysterically and his body shakes with excitement at what just happened
  • he’s never felt as happy as he does right now


  • he’s surprised, to say the least, when he gets a call from you the day before Valentine’s day
  • you frantically tell him the story of how your friends have invited you over on Valentine’s day, he doesn’t see the problem
  • but then you tell him you may have accidentally told them you have a boyfriend, so would he be willing to pretend to be that boyfriend just for the day?
  • firstly, he’ll call you an idiot
  • but then he’ll face the internal conflict of “damn, I really like her and want to do this” and “large crowds of strangers h a h a no”
  • eventually he agrees and wow you’re pretty surprised because you weren’t really expecting him to
  • little do you know that as soon as you guys hang up the phone, he’s straight on his computer researching what people are supposed to even do on Valentine’s day
  • he doesn’t have much time to make a big romantic gesture, and quite frankly he doesn’t really want to because it seems way too much
  • his palms are sweating like crazy as he’s heading to your house, and he’s trying to tell himself to calm down
  • you open up the door and he doesn’t even look you in the eye, he just holds out a single, red rose for you to take
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day” he mumbles, and his cheeks are a little pink with embarrassment
  • you don’t call him out on it
  • you head over to your friend’s house, and find that everyone’s already there
  • he gets really anxious all of a sudden, and reaches out to grab your hand without really thinking about it
  • when you look at him in surprise he tries to play it off as ‘being in character’
  • you do most of the talking, and try directing the conversation away from Saeran as much as you possibly can because you can tell it’s making him uncomfortable
  • he doesn’t let go of your hand the entire time
  • he feels like he’s fucking up really badly, but he can’t bring himself to get involved in the conversation properly
  • little does he know, your friends actually really like him
  • he comes across a little cold, but they tell you in hushed tones as you’re about to leave that they can tell how much he genuinely cares about you
  • you’re kind of like ????
  • you don’t really expect him to walk you home, so you’re surprised when he keeps walking past his road to head to your house
  • you’re still holding hands, and you’re both too nervous to let go also neither of you actually want to
  • when you reach the doorstep he doesn’t make eye contact, he just quickly drops your hand and says goodbye before turning around and walking away
  • you call after him and he turns back around, confused
  • you walk over to him and gently wrap your arms around his shoulders
  • “Thank you.”
  • it takes him a moment to respond, but then he slowly wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer
  • after a little while, you pull back and look at each other for a moment
  • he blurts out “Will you go on another date with me?”
  • he blushes and looks down, before murmuring “A real one, I mean”
  • you can barely believe it
  • “Of course!”
  • you carefully kiss him on the cheek and he blushes even harder
  • he responds by kissing you quickly on the cheek too
  • as he’s walking back home, he can feel his cheek tingling where your lips touched it
  • and he feels a genuine smile cross his face for the first time in a long time


  • you call him up one day, and when you tell him you accidentally told your parents you have a boyfriend to bring to their Valentine’s celebration, he laughs
  • no V this is serious
  • he doesn’t need to think twice about agreeing to pretend to be your boyfriend
  • he’s a little nervous though… he doesn’t think he’s the best person for the job, but he’s honoured you asked him
  • he feels as though he should get you something, just to keep up the façade sure V
  • he reaches your door and bows his head, handing you his gift
  • you just stare at it for a moment
  • it’s a charm bracelet you’d commented was pretty once when you’d gone out into town together
  • and he’s even given you a small, camera charm
  • “To remind you of me” he jokes he’s not joking
  • it’s possibly the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever got you
  • this is a fake date…right?
  • not that you’d mind if it were real
  • he holds out his hand, pretending he needs help because of his sight, but he actually just really wants to hold your hand
  • you head to your parents’ house, and he’s trying desperately not to lose his cool
  • when you arrive, your family are instantly charmed
  • they adore him right from the start, and he just seems to fit in so easily
  • you barely even need to worry about leaving him alone in a room with them for a few moments while you go to the bathroom or talk to someone else
  • he’s just really good with people
  • eventually, you leave and your parents make both of you promise you’ll visit again soon
  • as you’re walking back, he holds your hand again
  • “Thank you so much for doing that,” you tell him, and he shakes his head
  • “It was my pleasure. Your family are lovely.”
  • you reach your house again, and your heart is racing
  • so is his
  • you turn to face him and he thanks the lord he wears his glasses, because there’s no way he would be able to maintain his composure and keep eye contact with you
  • “I had a really good day,” you tell him, and he nods.
  • “As did I.”
  • you’re still holding hands, and he squeezes it gently
  • “I don’t suppose…” he stammers for a moment, “Would you mind if I end this day with a kiss?”
  • you don’t reply for a second and he’s like shit did I cross the line?
  • that is, until he feels you shuffling closer to him
  • he leans into you, and your lips meet, taking your breath away
  • he gently cups your face in his free hand, and finally pulls back when he feels as though he wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer
  • “Thank you,” he whispers, “I’ll see you soon?”
  • “Yes,” you whisper
  • he heads back home with the biggest smile on his face
  • Valentine’s Day has never been something he’s enjoyed all that much, but now it has a whole new meaning

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely do you think is the possibility of Sheith being canon? - Sincerely, a very distraught Sheith shipper who doesn't know whether she should trust the overwhelming staff support for Sheith as something more or just bait.

oh i think theres a good chance actually! i wouldnt believe that if not for 1 korrasami and 2 the staff already voicing that lgbt representation is something important to them that they’d like to add. sheith has a lot of backing from staff, both the writers and vas. and its nice to see that, even with some fans demanding that staff stop “withholding information” and outright writing callout posts about even the showrunner and episode directors for supporting shieth, that they haven’t stopped. there seems to be this general sentiment that the staff owes those kinds of fans something when?? its the writers’ story not theirs? and im glad they’ve made it clear that they aren’t willing to compromise decisions they’ve already made in the writing to suit what’s popular (see: “space mom” allura). 

so anyway: what’s done is done. and from what we have, i think season 2 basically establishes two potential love interests for keith: Shiro and allura. both are kinda unpopular with a lot of the fandom, but based on character interactions so far theyre the two that make the most sense to me. so anyway, i think that sheith has just as good a shot as kallura, which fans are already recognizing as something possibly romantic. There’s a bunch of parallels in their interactions i really like: 

  • shiro and allura are both represented as opposite sides of the scale in reaction to keith’s galra reveal. or, on a scale of allura to shiro, how well do you handle keith being galra after youve gotten close to him?
  • they both hug keith goodbye in this private moment to see him off before a dangerous mission. these scenes also both relate to keith being galra—shiro showing his support immediately after bom, and allura apologizing for her (quite understandable) reaction
  • both ships have an episode where they’re separated from the team and get a lot of one on one character development—see arc of traujeer  and across the universe/blade of marmora 
  • keith is the one who reassures both shiro and allura that the team needs them–who would open wormholes? and Nothing is gonna happen 

so anyway, in terms of which pairing i think is most likely, its either of those two, and id be happy with either ;;    but some other things shieth has going for it: 

  • its the ship i can most easily see being lgbt representation 
  • they already have an established backstory, one that we havent even explored yet, and we know whatever happened it was monumental enough that keith says shiro literally changed his life 
  • shiro is the person keith most desperately wants to see. out of everyone, lying there dying on the floor, the person he wants is shiro. whether you see it as platonic or romantic, its obvious that 1 keith loves him and 2 shiro is the most important person in his life. he doesnt even stay for his dad, but he does chase after the fake shiro
  • seems like theyre fated to keep getting separated and then reuniting, i dunno that seems pretty fairytale to me 
  • keith’s intro scene being his rescue of shiro. right when we first meet keith, we automatically associate him with shiro 
  • shiro wants keith to pilot black, and they already both share a mental link with her 
  • keith’s first and last lines right now are both “Shiro”
  • shiro seeing keith’s hallucinations in bom is, to me, the most deeply interpersonal, intimate scene in the entire series. its one thing to talk to another character about your feelings, but its another to be right there with them in their head. shiro saw a part of him that i dont think anyone else ever will 
  • i talked about this in my hug post a bit but while keith kinda represents this galra side of shiro (he’s the right arm of voltron and shiro’s right arm is also galra) it seems like shiro represents keith’s humanity. keith is humanized by his compassion and vulnerability with shiro. shiro is basically shown to be the one thing tying keith to earth–his family was gone, and he really had no other friends. he was lost without the garrison. after shiro was taken he had nothing left. he’s one of the only paladins who never expresses being homesick. Whatever good memories he had of earth, im guessing shiro was a big part of them. and shiro is the one there when keith finds out he’s galra, is the first one to reassure him. 
  • they mirror each other in a lot of their scenes 
  • seems to get a lot of staff support 

anyway i think it has a pretty fair shot, but that’s just my take on it. as for queer baiting in general, im already seeing people talk about that, but like…we’re 24 or so episodes into a 78 confirmed episode series. major ships aren’t gonna be cannon for a while now, so i think its best to wait a little and give some more time for relationships to develop. korrasami wasnt even a thing until the very end. and while i dont think that will be the case here, i think we just need to give it a little more time. id like to believe theyre sincere about lgbt representation, and would rather them take their time to develop it properly than get something just thrown together and feel like my identity was just reduced to a stereotype 

Ten Years (Part 12)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,065 (I AM OUT OF MY MIND)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: Tags are closed. This is the second to last part. I came THISCLOSE to having another cliffhanger, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t want to drag it out just to torture you. PS - IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

Originally posted by adamisstillinhellthankstoyou

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#31- Against the Wall (Dean x Jo)

Requested anonymously for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1300

Warning: smut, dirty talk

A/N: Hope you enjoy! XOXO

He’s hard and uncomfortable.

It’s been too long since he’s had a good fuck, too long since he’s felt a soft body grinding into his, too long since he’s had an orgasm he didn’t cause himself.

It’s not often that Dean gets this way. It’s just a fluke, a few weeks of too many hunts too close together and no time to hit a local bar. Normally, he makes it a point to look around after a hunt, to find someone nice and fun to spend a night with and take the edge off.

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About Natsu's (lack of) character arc

So, there are a lot of posts criticizing Fairy Tail thanks to this recent arc. I’m sure there’s someone out there talking about this exact same issue, but I admit I haven’t found that person yet… And in any case, I want to say my own piece about this subject. It’s been awhile since I wrote some sort of analysis here, but this is probably going to be long anyway.

I want to clarify something: I’m trying to be objective here. While my opinions and tastes will show up, what I’m going to focus here is on writing and structure. I want to talk about why Mashima’s writing is so ineffective lately, and why so many people call Natsu a Mary Sue or plainly dislike him. I’m not here to defend Natsu; I love him, sure, but he’s been a victim of terrible, awful writing. I 100% understand why people dislike him or even hate him. They have VERY good reasons to do so. What I want to do is explain why this happens.

Alright, now let’s start.

→ Inability to change.

At the start of the latest time skip I saw the first sign that I should drop any tiny bit of hope that I had for Natsu’s character. I was stupid and I kept that hope alive, sadly, but I really should’ve seen it coming.

Remember when he came back of the one-year-trip he took after Igneel’s death? How he had his long hair, and many people wanted him to keep it that way, but in the next chapter he came back to his usual look? 

It may seem silly, but to me this was a sign of a bigger problem. Usually, when there’s a time skip it’s expected that character designs change. Not only because it keeps things interesting, but also because people change with time. A change in design tends to reflect this. And I know it sounds stupid to worry about something so “insignificant”, but remember: manga is a visual medium just as much as it is a written one. Visual elements are as important here to tell the story as any other. For example: Lucy, the character who’s allowed to change the most throughout the story, gets a slight change in her design after this time skip. By contrast, Natsu doesn’t.

Following that small sign, we discover that Natsu’s personality hasn’t changed. Like, at all. A year has passed, and he hasn’t changed. Worse than that: He lost Igneel. And. He. Hasn’t. Changed. At. All.

Natsu’s motivation was established in the beginning of the manga: He wanted to find his adoptive father, Igneel, after he disappeared 7 years prior to the start of the story. That motivation was fulfilled in the Tartaros’ arc, followed by Igneel’s death. In one day, Natsu fulfilled a dream he spent seven years (or fourteen, I guess) pursuing… and then he had to see one of his worst fears come true. This is a pretty big thing for any person, but it’s also the culmination for a character arc. The character is at his lowest point, so he’s forced to grow in some way (whether it’s positive or negative).

But… we don’t see Natsu grow. Sure, we see him grieve for… a couple of panels, but that’s all. The chapter before the time skip, we see Natsu smiling and barely reacting to what happened, besides deciding that he has to become stronger. 

We don’t get much insight into him. And after that? A year passes and we don’t get to see Natsu’s struggles or his process of growth. What’s worse: when he comes back, he’s acting like he always acted. And there’s no insight that shows us that no, he changed, he’s just ACTING. We have nothing like that, he just… got better. And we don’t get to see it.

Look, this isn’t about his coping mechanisms or anything. It’s not about whether a person, in real life, can go through a situation like that and appear unchanged by all that happened. No, this is about the writing choices made for a character being utterly ineffective and incompetent. It’s not like we need much, honestly. We don’t need to have Natsu ranting in his thoughts about all the suffering he went through and how he changed. Small changes would’ve been enough. Maybe having Natsu smiling less, or showing sad smiles. Or maybe have him lose some of his will for fighting, at least when it comes to the reckless fights he does for fun. Those things are small, but they are effective.

But, what is Natsu’s character arc anyway? What did Mashima intend for him at the beginning of the story (or what he seemed to intend)? In my opinion, there are two major themes to what should’ve been Natsu’s character arc: Choosing between Igneel and Fairy Tail, and learning to deal with loss. Both of these themes should’ve culminated at the end of the Tartaros arc, but Mashima accidentally destroyed all the moments that lead to this.

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tell me you love me just one (more) time

ao3 link

aaron had wished for robert to die once, as he’d knelt outside the woolpack, trying to stem the blood flowing from the bullet hole in his chest. now he was doing it all over again, robert’s life in his hands as his husband bled out in the dirt at the side of the road.

an entirely inaccurate fic about robert being the one who gets stabbed next week.

Aaron doesn’t really remember how it happened.

One minute, they were riding high on their win over Ross, and the next they were face to face with drug dealers. They should have left, there and then, they should have gotten into the car and drove, as far away from Ross, and Finn, and the dealers, but they didn’t.

No, they didn’t.

It was some sort of twisted loyalty to the brothers, maybe, a sense of obligation to their neighbours. Or maybe it was just something innately good, in the two of them, that they’d stayed, tried to calm the situation.

It’s cliche, Aaron knows, but it was all a blur. One second, they were fighting, yelling, Aaron’s heart in his mouth as he held tightly to Robert’s elbow, torn between getting back into the car and running, and wanting to stop it before it got out of hand, and the next he was on his knees in a country lane, trying to stop his husband from bleeding out in the dirt.

He’d been here before.

Aaron would never forget the night Robert was shot. The terror of it all, the sickening fear he’d felt in his stomach as he’d knelt, pressing a cardigan to an open wound on Robert’s chest.

He’d hated him then. God, Aaron had hated him then. Every breath Robert took, every word that had fallen from Robert’s smarmy mouth, he’d hated it all, hated every inch of Robert fucking Sugden, the one person that had always found a way to worm his way back into Aaron’s life.

He’d almost wanted him to die, that night by the Woolpack.

Maybe - maybe it made Aaron a terrible person, to admit it, but at least he was honest. He’d hated Robert then, for hurting him, for making him feel as though he wasn’t worth it, that he wasn’t worth being someone first choice.

Aaron had carried that hatred, the pain, every day since the reveal.

Every second of every day, he hated Robert.

Robert dying that night, well - Aaron had thought it would be the end of his pain. It would have been a way out, a way of moving on, a way of falling out of love with Robert, something Aaron knew, even then, he’d never be able to do.

But if he’d died that night, Aaron would never have been able to love Robert the way he did now, wholeheartedly, absolutely, he’d never have gotten to be married to him, to build a life with Robert.

Aaron couldn’t imagine, losing Robert now.

And yet here he was, pressing a hoodie to an open wound on Robert’s stomach, desperately trying to stem the oozing blood flow.

It felt too familiar.

It felt like the end.

“Robert, t-talk to me,” Aaron said desperately, his voice shaking as he spoke. “Hey, Robert, talk to me.”

Robert’s face was screwed up in pain as Aaron pressed against the wound, his skin deathly pale. “Hurts,” he mumbled, his breath coming in ragged gasps. “Aaron, it hurts.”

“I know, I know,” Aaron desperately wanted to run a hand through Robert’s hair, to comfort him the way he knew how, his husband the more tactile one of the two of them, the one who needed forehead kisses and lingering hugs.

But he couldn’t move his hands.

If he moved his hands, Robert would die.

Aaron wanted to be sick, as he looked down at Robert’s stomach. Blood was soaking through Aaron’s hoodie, staining the grey material a horrific red colour. It was too thin, it wasn’t enough -

“Give me your jacket,” Aaron demanded, looking over his shoulder at Ross. “Now, Ross.”

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Harry Styles is a model and the currently most in-demand face in the fashion industry who might be just a little bit too full of himself and Janey Darling is the photographer that knocks him off his high horse… and subsequently off his feet.

this is the rewrite of my 2016 autumn exchange fic with added scenes. about 8.5k words. slightly nsfw towards the end and if you read this far you might as well…

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Rose x Ten, post GitF-au/fixit; angst, fluff, romance, more angst, and possibly some smut later, but this part (and all parts on ff.net) is sfw (minor exception for brief language).

(see the end of this part for notes and special thanks)

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Minuet, Part II

Part I | Part II | Part III

Twisting in his grasp, Rose cranes her neck to look at him, finally, and there he is, all furrowed brow and tight mouth and eyes glittering with anger, and god, if she wasn’t so irritated with him right now, she just might kiss him.

“That’s what you were going to do, isn’t it?” she asks instead.


Eyes widening, the Doctor only has a moment to let his mouth drop open in surprise before another gentleman steps in—time to change dance partners. Rose slips into position with the newcomer without so much as a blink or even a glance in the Doctor’s direction, never faltering in her rhythm; a quick peek at the Doctor moments later tells her that he has allowed himself to be swept up in the tide of dancers, sidling up to his new partner across the room.

Rose turns away, swirling in her partner’s arms, but she can feel the eyes of the Doctor boring into her. She shivers despite the summer heat.

“That’s beside the point,” he whispers when they meet again, touching palm-to-palm first with one hand, then the other. “I’m a Time Lord.”

“Really? First I’ve heard of it,” Rose replies drily.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, Rose. A very long time. I understand the risks.”

Rose rolls her eyes. “And stupid apes don’t.”

At least the Doctor has the decency to flinch at those words. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“Of course it is,” Rose sighs, and they both step back, granting a berth for other dancers to flit gracefully between them. “After all,” Rose continues when they reconnect, hands clasped, “I’m hardly one of the most accomplished women who ever lived, am I?”

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Just A Friend

This is a total new thing I’m trying to do. Although I have done preferences before, I’ve never actually written completely from a character’s perspectives. I hope you guys like it and please don’t hesitate to tell me if you guys want a part two with Derek, Isaac, and Peter. P.S.

Reader X Teen Wolf Guys
Song inspo:
Just A Friend by Mario
Oh baby you (oh baby you)
Got what I need (got what I need)
But you say I’m just a friend (say I’m just a friend)
But you say I’m just a friend
Cos I can be your (cos I can be your)
But you say I’m just a friend (say I’m just a friend)
But you say I’m just a friend


Originally posted by atruealpha

Ever since that pretty girl came to school, my mind has gone haywire. It’s like I can’t focus because I’m subconsciously looking for her in the hallways, at lunch, and in the library. I can’t help it, her scent is intoxicating. Whenever I’m around her, the alpha can’t control itself. I can feel it trying to claw out of my stomach and pounce on her. Derek says it’s probably a hormonal imbalance but I know better. God, not even Allison made me feel the way I do now. Stiles, of course, already figured out that I was crushing on her hard.

“Dude, your eyes are glowing!” I shifted my attention to Stiles.
“Your eyes! Make them go away!”
Her scent grew stronger as she walked in our direction. My breath heaved and my canines began to grow. What is happening to me? Stiles panicked and before she could get close, he shoved my head down and pushed me into an empty classroom. I dropped my bag onto the floor and tried to regain control. The wolf showed resistance. He wanted to do more than just ask Y/N on a date, it wanted to mate with her and make as many babies as possible and then some. A minute later and I was fine. Stiles stared at me with wide eyes. “What the hell was that?!” I came up with the only answer that seemed logical, “it’s a full moon tonight.” Stiles shook his head, I know he’s going to say something as-a-matter-of-fact like.
“Of all the full moons, you never glowed your eyes, grew fangs, and claws in the middle of the freaking day! What is going on, Scott? Is it Y/N?”
“It’s her scent. The alpha in me is apparently attracted to it.”
“Well tell your alpha to cool it”

The pack sat at lunch but this time it wasn’t about the supernatural. We had real conversations and a lot of memory reminisces. A familiar smell tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Y/N walking towards our table. I gave her a smile. Stiles slid closer to Lydia so that Y/N and I were practically alone.
“Are you okay, Scott? You’re not sick, are you?”
“No, I, uh, I had a bad, reaction”
“You suck at lying but I’ll let it pass”
My lips instantly curled up into a smile. This girl just might be how I die. I think I would be okay with that. After lunch, we walked in the hallway just talking about what’s on our mind. You can do this Scott. I took a deep breath and took her hands in mine. “There’s a dance tonight, and I would love it if you went with me.” Y/N smiled and hugged me tightly. “I would love to go with my cute best friend!” My heart sank at the word friend. Y/N pulled away to kiss my cheek, “I’ll see you tonight.” Just like that Y/N was gone and the wolf inside me howled in discontent. I don’t want to be cute or a friend.


Originally posted by omglanafsog

Y/N ran around upstairs toward my room. She was a little faster than I expected her to be. I nearly fell off the couch trying to jump over it and give her chase. Y/N has been hanging out at my place very often lately. She swiped my key and fashioned herself a one since she’s always around. She snatched my phone and was reading my messages. Scott and I were recently talking about her and if she knows, I’ll die of embarrassment.
Y/N stood in the middle of my room, smiling as she read my texts. I had to wheeze once I got in my doorway. “Y/N (gasp) give me (gasp) my phone.” Y/N tapped her cheek with a finger, obviously thinking about it. “I think I’ll pass, maybe I should read Scott’s texts.” Forget about my barely breathing, I lunged for her, knocking her onto the bed. Y/N tried to crawl for the phone but I grabbed her legs and plopped my body on top of hers. She grabbed my arms, pushing it down so I wouldn’t reach; I was stronger. I pinned her arms above her head and pushed her into the mattress, “Stop.” Just as I got control, my dad walked in and took in the scene before him. It looked bad, I held her hands above her head, our legs were intimately entwined, and I was out of breath. “Uh, Stiles, can I talk to you? If you’re not… Busy.” I hopped away from Y/N and we both straightened ourselves.
My dad and I headed downstairs so he could talk to me properly.

“Is she…Are you…That’s a girl”
“Yes, she’s is that of the female species within the human race”
“Wow, are you using protection?”
“Whoa, Dad! No, that’s not, Jesus…”
“So it’s not that kind of relationship?”
“Not at all”
“So you’re in the friend zone?”
“Why would you say that?”
“The two of you are all touchy feely, I assume that’s the girl who comes over religiously but you haven’t done the dirty Harry and I bet you haven’t kissed either, you’re in the friend zone.”
“I’m not in the–”
Y/N came downstairs, interrupting the conversation.
“I have to go, goodbye Sheriff, bye BESTIE!”
The door closed leaving a silence in the room.
Stilinski looked at Stiles and crossed his arms.
“I am so in the friend zone”
He patted Stiles and shoulder as he passed him to go to the kitchen, “yep”


Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Stiles went on and on about a movie he’d recently seen when I saw her.
It was like one of those epic movie moments where the hot girl walks into a room and music starts playing in the background.
Behind the camera is someone holds a fan to make it seem like her hair is flying in an angelic way.
Y/N was that hot girl.
She was so gorgeous in anything and everything she did.
If I could just get a chance with her. Never mind, I’d probably screw it up. Besides, she was so out of my league.

“Liam, do you have any Idea what polycarbonate bonds do?”
I slammed my head on the table and shook my head no.
“I’m going to fail this test”
“You need a tutor”
“Great, Mason. Do you happen to have one on speed dial? No? That’s what I thought. Look, I’m gonna head on home. Catch you later”

I ran down the stairs to open the door.
When I did, I closed the door shut in a hurry and began breathing ecstatically.
I opened the door to reveal the truth, I had thought my mind was playing tricks on me because there she was; Y/N in all her glory.
“Do you do that to all the girls?”
I gave her an awkward chuckle and invited her in.

After working for a while, I had to ask.
“How is this possible?”
“How is what possible?”
Y/N laughed and I thought my heart exploded and flatlined.
“You see, when a mommy and daddy love each other…”
“I mean, why are you here tutoring me”
“Oh, your friend Mason said you needed help”
“Can I marry you?”
I facepalmed myself for thinking out loud. Y/N, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying herself. She kissed me on the corner of my mouth and gave me one of the sweetest smiles on the planet.
“I’m sorry. You seem more like someone I would be friends with but if it gets to that point, why not?”
I silently cheered at my success.
I wasn’t the guy who just knew Y/N, I’m her friend.

anonymous asked:

Hello! May I ask for how would the RFA+V+Unknown (if you're okay with writing about those two) about being in love with MC but she's engaged to her hot, childhood bestfriend. But MC is engaged not due to being in love but rather it's like to protect the bestfriend from gold diggers, naturally the friend said no but MC insisted since the poor friend is always being chased by gold diggers. How would they react before and after finding out the truth. Feel free to make it fluffy or funny. Thanks!

I’ll give it a try! I really hope you like it. ^^’

Ø  ~~~YOOSUNG~~~

  • Kicked puppy.
  • He loves you so freaking much, and he tries to let you know through disconcerting yet sweet messages about you being his “princess in shining armor.”
  • My man Yoosung got the spirit. He a little confused, but he got the spirit.
  • You had to politely decline, and you don’t think you’ve ever seen something so adorable and saddening in your life.
  • He called you straightaway, and… was he crying?
  • Oh my god please no
  • You tried to console him, and listened as his voice slowly stopped trembling. There were a few sniffles here and there, but he seemed okay enough to talk.
  • This is when you explained why you were engaged in the first place.
  • He laughed. You were joking, right? One big joke on Yoosung! Ha ha ha!
  • “Yoosung, I’m serious.”
  • “…”
  • “That’s the reason? So you don’t really want to be with them, right?”
  • Well… Honestly, you had taken a liking to Yoosung. He was always there when you needed him.
  • So, maybe it would be better to end the engagement? After all, you should be with someone that you have feelings for in the long run, right?
  • You hang up after saying your goodbyes and immediately call your friend to explain what is going on.
  • Friend is 100% okay with you choosing your own way. They want to be with someone they love too, and while you were a good friend, they did not want to spend the rest of their lives with you as an intimate partner.
  • You were better off friends.
  • When you tell Yoosung about calling off the engagement because of your feelings for him, his soul exits his body.
  • He is so happy!!!!!!!!!! And so are you~.

Ø  ~~~ZEN~~~

  • eNGAGED??? Wtf wtf wha t th e h e l l
  • You knew he had feelings for you, so you had to finally come clean about your engagement.
  • He was spamming the chat with incoherent phrases and shocked Zen emojis, completely baffled and fuming.
  • You found it hysterical, you horrible person.
  • You calmed him down, saying the engagement was more of an arrangement so that your friend wouldn’t have to deal with people tryna pinch their pennies.
  • “What!? So you aren’t even in love?! You should marry someone you love!”
  • like me
  • You found Zen completely charming, but your friend’s happiness was on the line.
  • But so was yours. And so was Zen’s. And your friend didn’t even really want to go through with it. So, what do you do in a situation like this?
  • You make your damn self happy. That’s what.
  • You never thought you would actually love someone. But here Zen was in all his majestic glory.
  • You’ll explain it to your friend, and they will understand. (And secretly be grateful that you gave up the act. They will be fine without such extreme measures, and they want you to be happy as well.)
  • Call off that engagement, girl! Tell the world your feelings! Get you some ZEN!

Ø  ~~~JAEHEE~~~

  • Your engagement came up in conversation one day.
  • Jaehee was shocked. She tried to hide the disappointment on her face as you talked about it over a cup of coffee.
  • You explained the terms of the engagement, then made mention of having feelings for someone else and not knowing what to do about it. She perked up.
  • “You should tell your fiancée how you feel. I’m sure they will understand.”
  • “But what if the one I love doesn’t feel the same…? Wouldn’t it be a mistake to call it off when I have no idea how you feel abo—–”
  • Shit what
  • Jaehee nearly spits out her coffee. She covers her mouth and looks at you.
  • “M-me?”
  • Well, you have to come clean now. With a flushed face, you confess your feelings. Crazily enough, she reciprocates.
  • You choke. Baehee has feelings for me too?!
  • Sorry friend, looks like the engagement is going to have to stop!
  • The friend is relieved, and very happy you found someone you truly love~
  • Next time you and Jaehee go out for coffee, you can officially call it a date!

Ø  ~~~JUMIN~~~

  • He will never admit it, but he is thoroughly upset.
  • You two had met up after the party, and he invited you to have some wine at his place for celebration!
  • You really liked him, and you got the vibe he was interested in you, though you could never properly gauge his feelings. He was always so stoic, yet very gentle and kind towards you in particular.
  • When he placed a hand on yours, you flinched back. This wasn’t right… You had to tell him.
  • Hearing your confession, Jumin froze.
  • His eyes narrowed and locked on you, like a predator staring down its prey.
  • “No, I mean, I like you! You’re the one I want! But it’s just… I’m only doing this to make these women stop prying for his money! I just can’t—“
  • You are silenced.
  • Jumin had pressed his lips onto yours, and he was not letting up.
  • He wrapped his arms around you, wanting you, needing you, claiming you.
  • You melted into the kiss; damn it just felt so right.
  • When he finally pulled away, you stared at him in a daze.
  • “Jumin…”
  • “MC, I want you to tell your fiancée that you cannot go through with the engagement.”
  • You couldn’t help but feel extremely hot at the way he looked at you, the way he spoke, desiring to possess you. You’d never had anyone want you like this.
  • In a spellbound stupor, you wrap your arms around his neck.
  • “I’ll tell him, Jumin… I want to be yours…”

Ø  ~~~SEVEN~~~

  • It was no secret to Seven that you were engaged. His “background checks” were more than enough to give him this information.
  • But it sure didn’t stop him from falling for you.
  • Everyone in RFA could tell that Seven had a thing for you, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it firsthand because of your engagement.
  • And he never thought he could compete with someone like that.
  • Your fiancée was effin’ gorgeous. His insecurities were set on fire every time he thought of it! And of course, Seven just loves to suffer, so he occasionally constantly snooped through your fiancée’s records, photographs, and social media.
  • He even considered hacking into your fiancée’s bank account out of spite, but of course he would never stoop that low. Especially since it would affect you.
  • He knew your current fiancée would be better for you than he would be. It was a sad truth.
  • After so many urges by RFA members for you and Seven to be together, you admitted to everyone that you were engaged and explained the situation.
  • Seven was shocked. So you didn’t love your fiancée…?
  • Was there still a chance, then…?
  • He couldn’t bring himself to ask.
  • He was torn. He loved you and wanted you desperately. But it was better this way, if you were never put in danger because of his feelings. If you never knew the truth…
  • He encouraged the engagement, through clenched teeth and sleepless nights.
  • But it was okay, because you were safe…And that was the best thing he could ever do for someone he loves.
  • I’m so sorry I just couldn’t see how this one would end well sdkjfsdl

Ø  ~~~V~~~

  • “Oh…”
  • Poor gentle cornflower.
  • You could see the agony on his face. He was crazy in love with you, and everyone knew it.
  • He was not subtle. He gifted you with fresh flowers, photographs, and other “beautiful things that reminded him of you.”
  • He was so sweet, and you felt horrible for putting him in this situation.
  • “V… I wish things were different…”
  • But, couldn’t they be different? All you had to do was call off the engagement, and run into V’s arms.
  • You knew he would be the best husband, completely and utterly devoted without a shred of doubt.
  • You would be happy with V. But what about your friend?
  • “It’s okay… I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be.” He smiled halfheartedly, digging deeper into the hole in your heart.
  • Don’t you deserve to be happy? Doesn’t V deserve to be happy? Is marrying out of sheer concern the right thing to do?
  • You pondered your options for a few days, and then finally decided what you needed.
  • “V. I’ll be with you. I’ll always want to be with you.”
  • He is silent for a moment before speaking.
  • “Aren’t you to marry your fiancée?”
  • “V…” You smile and take his hands in yours.
  • “I choose you.”


  • “No.”
  • “Saeran! Just let me explain!”
  • NO.”
  • He looked like he was ready to explode, fists and teeth clenched tightly, face red.
  • Boi was pissed.
  • “I’ve loved you since the day we met! He could never love you like I do! Why him?!
  • He backed you into a corner, eyes usually the color of the sky are now darkened, menacing.
  • “L-Listen to me, Saeran. He and I aren’t… We don’t feel that way about each other.”
  • “THEN WHY?!”
  • You’re nearly trembling, and he notices. He backs away, regret all over his face. He realizes he has a problem with his anger, he’s really trying to fix it.
  • He is in love with you, wants you more than anything in this filthy world.
  • “I’m sorry, I’m sorry… You just make everything so bright… You make the world worth living in, and I—I can’t accept that this light belongs to someone else.”
  • He desperately wants to console you, caress your cheek, hold you, but he is afraid of himself. He is afraid to touch something so fragile and beautiful. He can’t let himself corrupt you.
  • He looks like he’s about to break down, no no no please no.
  • You forget yourself and throw your arms around him, nuzzling your face into his neck.
  • He freezes, his breathing stops, as if a single gust of air would shatter you into pieces.
  • “Saeran… I did it to protect him. I don’t love him, not like I love you.”
  • His heart nearly stops. A confession?
  • Gently, he brings his arms up to curl around you, pulling you in closely.
  • “Would you give him up for me? Would you be with me, MC?”
  • You tighten your hold on him. You’ve known the answer to this question for a long time.
  • “Yes. A thousand times, yes.”

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Hey, could I please request a Sirius x reader imagine where it’s the very last day of seventh year and Sirius panics because it’s his last chance to confess to the reader and he doesn’t want to stuff it up? Thank you!

A/N: I barely proofread this I’m sorry but I hope you enjoy!

Y/N/N: your nickname

Originally posted by nellaey

Y/N glances down the table loaded with food, a smile playing on her lips as she takes in the familiar sight of the Great Hall for one last time. She begins loading her plate with food, not wanting to miss out on a single morsel on her last day in Hogwarts. “Hungry, are you?” The deep chuckle from behind her makes her whirl around.

“You’d be hungry too if you were gonna be an auror,” James pipes up, sinking into his usual place next to Lily. Y/N grins at him before returning to her loaded plate, the happiness evident on her face when she’s reminded of the prestigious program she’s worked so hard to get into.

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Love Triangle pt2

Originally posted by miewmiew

part 1  part 3

REQUESTED: a love triangle scenario with Jaebum and Jinyoung

Jinyoung x Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1616

Warnings: suggestive

note: uh… so… i’m getting to carried away with this… no worries… there will be a part three… LMAO think of this as a mini series. happy reading everyone and take care -admin

You pushed Jaebum away from you with your cheeks flushed bright red. No matter how hard you tried to resist him, he always came back to make you weak to your knees. It was torturous. He left you standing alone months ago, saying that you weren’t the type of girl he would date. And now he was here, claiming that he wanted you. Why couldn’t he leave you alone so you could live your life peacefully? If he left you months ago, why would he come back at a time where you started to develop feelings for Jinyoung?

“Wallet, please.” You managed to breath out, after a hot makeout with Jaebum. But Jaebum just stood there, scanning your face and admiring how cute you were when you are flustered. You, on the other hand, didn’t want to make eye contact with him because you were afraid you would fall for him again.

“Are you free tonight?” Jaebum asked, avoiding your attempts to collect your wallet.

You looked up at him and let out a breathy sigh, “Why?”

“I’m not giving your wallet to you now,” He chuckled under his breath, “Go out with me and I’ll give it back to you.”

“This is bribery.” You argued, getting slightly annoyed that he was using your wallet to ask you out. “I’m not going out with you.”

“Your loss, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked as he flashed you his famous wink. “There’s a lot of money you’re about to lose and I’m sure you want nice clothing to look good everyday.”

You gave him a mean stare and thought about your answer. What if you showed up on the date, just to grab your wallet, and ditched him like he did to you a few months ago. Giving him a taste of his own medicine. But a part of you wanted to go out with him, just so you could build the relationship that was lost months ago.

Sighing to yourself, you looked up at Jaebum and huffed out, “Fine.”

“Really?” Jaebum beamed brightly at you. You’ve known Jaebum for awhile now and you never seen him this excited before. Was your one answer to his question really make him that happy?

“Yes, just text me when you’re going to pick me up and I’ll be ready.” You stated as you observed the boy in front of you get all excited as he started to lose his bad boy look. To be honest, you liked this side of Jaebum. When he was cute and fluffy over small things, it made your heart lurch. And oddly, you wanted this feeling to last.

“Great, I’ll text you,” Jaebum smiled before waving you off, “Wear something nice!”

You waved him goodbye and watched the boy, in the leather jacket, walk down the street and into the car. Letting out a heavy sigh, you finally entered your small house and plopped on the couch, waiting for your food to arrive. You let your thought wander for awhile about the situation between Jinyoung and Jaebum. The difference between them was huge. Jinyoung can treat a girl properly and make her feel like she was on top the world anytime. As for Jaebum, he needs a lesson on how to treat a girl. But he knows how to make your heart race and it was something you wanted a man to do to you. Between the two, your ideal type of man was smack dab in the middle. Hence why it was hard for you to sort out your feelings when both men made you feel great and were both strikingly handsome.

“Food delivery for Miss. (Y/N)!” You heard Jinyoung yell as he entered your house. You hopped off the couch and ran towards him immediately, helping him carry the food to the kitchen.

“Looks good!” You beamed at him as you opened up the bags to meet the nice smell of food.

“I might actually have to put the meat on the pan again just to heat it up.” Jinyoung stated as he took off his jacket to reveal his tight, black t-shirt. You nodded your head as you leaned against the fridge to watch him make his way around your kitchen.

Jinyoung brushed his hair back, his muscles shown prominently as he focused on heating up the food. You never noticed how extremely good looking Jinyoung was when he was focused. The way he bit his lip and his eyebrows furrowed when he focused on his task. To his beautiful pale face, the jawline he had, and a great body - no wonder all the girls went crazy for him. And to think that he rejected every single girl that confessed to him was insane. You wondered if a girl like you would ever get a chance with him.

“(Y/N)?” Jinyoung said, grabbing your attention away from your thoughts about him. He looked into your eyes and gave you his eye smile once he caught you staring at him. You quickly looked away, your cheeks starting to flush red and your heart beating fast.

“Sorry, what did you say?” You asked, getting embarrassed over the fact that Jinyoung caught you staring.

“Nevermind, I think you already answered my question.” Jinyoung laughed as he continued to heat up on food on the stove.

“What is it, Jinyoung?” You whined as your grabbed his arm and begged him to tell you. You even pouted, acted all cute, and hugged him from behind just to get him to talk.

But Jinyoung just laughed and shook his head, “You’re cute, you know that?”

“Fine, be that way.” You stated, acting like your were angry at him for not telling you information. You stomped away and plopped yourself on the couch as Jinyoung in the background got the food ready. Jinyoung knew you weren’t mad at him but he always pushed and pull with you, just to tease you. But then afterwards, he would usually confess his thoughts, making the time you two spent together meaningful. That was what you liked about Jinyoung. Every time you visited him or he visited you, he would always make you feel happy no matter what. And you always wanted a man who made you feel happy, not matter what.

“Are you just sitting here without the TV on?” Jinyoung asked as he stepped into your vision.

“Maybe.” You mumbled, avoiding his eye contact.

“Not looking at me, huh? What can I do to grab your attention?” Jinyoung contemplated to himself. You crossed your arms and looked in the other direction forcing yourself to not look at him. But when a black t-shirt came flying down next to you, you knew that he was tempting you.

Jinyoung sat down next to you, letting out a heavy sigh as he reached over you to grab the TV remote and turn on the TV. You were tempted to look at him, knowing that he was shirtless right beside you. It made your heart race and your cheeks starting to blush again. You bit your lips and thought of different ways to avoid looking at him.

“Food is on the counter, by the way.” Jinyoung spoke up, breaking the silence in the air. “I’m not hungry yet so you can eat first.”

You shifted your body away from him, just to get rid of this feeling. He knew you badly wanted to look at him. Seeing him shirtless this morning wasn’t enough for your eyes since his body was eye candy. Letting out a heavy sigh, you finally stood up from the couch and started to walk over to the kitchen. But hands grabbed your arms and pull you down as you found yourself straddling on top of Jinyoung’s lap.

“Gotchu.” Jinyoung smiled as he sent you a wink. You felt your heart race as you stared at the handsome boy in front of you. You couldn’t help but rest your hands on his chest and look at his amazing body. Jinyoung’s hands grabbed your waist to pull you closer as you looked down at his face.

“Fine, you win.” You breathed out, suddenly getting hot.

Jinyoung flashed a smirk and smiled, “Winners do get a prize, don’t they?”

You stared at the boy in front of you and wondered how could a soft guy turn into a flirty one. But you didn’t care. You were getting sucked into his trance as you leaned down to grab his face and place your lips inches away from his. You could see a smile form on his face as you pressed your lips against his, moving along with the flow of lust. Jinyoung’s hands gripped your waist harder as his lips moved in sync with yours. His tongue slightly nudged the bottom of your lips, asking for enterance. You gasped for air as Jinyoung slipped his tongue into your wet cavern.

For awhile, you remained on Jinyoung’s lap, running your fingers through his soft hair as he kissed your bruised lips. Soon, Jinyoung pushed down on the couch and played with the hem on your shirt as he kissed your exposed neck. You let out a soft moan as Jinyoung started to kiss the sweet spot on your neck, making you go weak under his body. He pulled away from your neck as he looked at your face.

At that moment, you wondered if you wanted to confess your feelings for Jinyoung. The way he was making you feel was beyond than what any man could do. But at the same time, he wasn’t Jaebum. And for a moment, you laid there staring at his face, wondering what to do.

Should you stop this or confess?

Just Another Breakdown

SPN FanFic

~Y/N leaves a note for Dean, explaining her reasons for leaving~

Dean, Sam x Reader

2,232 Words

Warnings: Angst


I wanted to say, Dear Dean, but that sounded odd. What I should have said was, To my best friend, but here we are.

I’m leaving. Please don’t look for me for a while. I’ll call when I’m ready, but I can’t say right now when that will be. I need some time away, need to clear my head I guess; need to be alone. I thought I could handle all this, thought I could be strong like you and Sam, but let’s face facts: I’m not. I’m not as strong or brave, I’m just not. That’s OK, I tried, right?

Please don’t take this on yourself. It’s not your fault, nothing you could have done. It’s me. It’s always been me. You’ve been my rock for so long, that’s not fair to you. You have enough on your shoulders already. My crap- that’s not something you need to deal with.

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All I Wanted; C.H. 24

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23

Harry offered to come inside with me – but I reluctantly declined. I knew what would have happened if he had come inside, and I would’ve regretted it first thing in the morning. We did spend more than an hour in the car, talking about what I’ve gotten myself into, about Calum, about Meredith. It has become quite clear what was next on my to-do list. Talk with Meredith.

It was something I had been avoiding ever since this had started, so I wasn’t too keen on doing it right now either. The morning after left even a worse aftertaste and I didn’t think it were possible. I had spent the entire night mauling over everything Calum had ever said or done leading up to this moment. Searching for an indication somewhere that I had misread any signal Calum had sent me, anything that could imply that it was all in my head and I thought that he was interested in me like that, but came up empty-handed.

When I decided it was time to be part of reality again, and I checked my phone, messages of Harry, Luke and Calum had littered my lock screen. I decide to thank Harry and apologize for not answering his ‘I’m home’ message. After everything he has done for me in such a short period, which mainly means listening to me whine, drive me home and be there when I’m a sobbing mess, even if we were only mere friends with benefits when this special friendship begun, I owed him a lot.

I make a mental note of thinking of a way to thank him properly, rather than a lame-ass text at noon. Next up is Luke, and I think after my rather panic text messages I do owe him some sort of explanation. My eyes skim over the three messages I had received within the course of half an hour, sent at nine A.M.

As soon as my pointer finger presses send, and I drop myself back down on my soft pillow, contemplating even glancing at Calum’s text messages, my phone loudly rings through the otherwise empty bedroom. I groan, rolling onto my side again to see who it is needed me. Luke

“You are fucking with me; please tell me you’re fucking with me?” Luke almost growls into the receiver and I let a short, boisterous chuckle slip past my lips as I snuggle back underneath my warm, thick duvet. “I wish I could tell you I’m just mind fucking you, but I think Calum was doing that all along.” My laughter dies out. I’m staring at the ceiling. I don’t know what it is I’m feeling – yesterday I was angry, sad and depressed all the same. But today, it sort of feels as if I felt nothing.

“Are you… Well, are you okay?” Luke mumbles and I can just picture him rubbing his hand over his face in utter desperation. That’s where I was last night too, buddy.

“I think I am. At least I will be. Who is Dennis anyway?” I just couldn’t grasp the fact that after all these years walking in and out of de Hood residence, never once in my life had I heard about this Dennis character. “Dennis? Was that the guy Calum picked up?”

I hum in response, picking up the nervous habit of chewing my fingernails once more as I wait for Luke to clarify this mess for me. “I haven’t heard from him in years. He’s a bit of a weirdo, to be honest. Was into drugs and what not before he met his girlfriend. Then he sort of disappeared.”

“So he resurfaced because his girlfriend left him? And Calum just jumps to his help although he hadn’t heard from him in years?” I scoff. I scramble out of my bed as I wait for Luke’s response, throwing a nearby sweat shirt over my head.

“You know how Calum is. He just wants to be there for… Well, apparently anybody.” Luke sighs loudly and I just know he’ll give Calum hell for what he has done last night, even if Luke and Calum had been mates practically since birth and I had just waltzed in mere months ago. “Apparently so.”
“I’ll talk to him.”

“Do whatever floats your boat. Right now there’s nothing he can do to make this up to me. You can try and convince me that it was just Calum being a great friend – but he could’ve fucking told me. I have never felt more humiliated in my life. And yes, before you even try to say anything – I was privileged.” I laugh, shaking my head as I try to see at least a bit of the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like such a whiny bastard lately.

“You’re something, Y/n. If you need a chat, ring me up.” With another thank you directed towards Luke, we end or rather revealing phone call. I open my message app and start up a new chat.
Hi, wanna go for a drink?


“It sounded like you were breaking up with me or something.” Meredith chuckles as she sees me approaching the table she had picked out. A laugh slips past my lips as I bend down to press them against Meredith’s cheek.

“You’re too dramatic. I just missed my best friend, that’s all. But I do have something to tell you.” I drop down in front of her, starting to undress as I fling my scarf on a nearby chair.
“And you’re saying I’m dramatic? The only thing missing is thunder in the distance and some ominous melody playing.” Meredith chuckles as she waves one of the waiters over for my order.

“So tell me. What’s up?” Meredith starts as a cup of coffee is placed in front of me and I sigh out. I’ve decided to start with the less obvious news. “Harry and I are speaking again.”
Meredith’s eyebrows shoot sky high as she tries to suppress her smirk. Meredith, when Harry and I were seeing each other, had tried to do everything and anything to get us together romantically. Harry and I, on the other hand, had agreed in the beginning of it all that when one of us wanted this to become more, we’d quit whatever we were doing. I am certain neither of us where in it for the cuddles afterwards.

“Don’t even go there, Mer. It’s different.” I roll my eyes as I take a sip of my cup, my eyes following an old lady a she passes us by before refocusing back on my friend in front of me. “Ah, that’s what they all say.”

I open up to her and told her about our kiss, about that he was interested in picking up where we left off, and me not knowing what to do. I wanted her opinion, her advice. That would’ve been a lot easier if I could just tell her ’oh, but I’ve been shagging your brother as well and he fucked up a date and now I’m avoiding him like the pest.’. Since I can’t, I’ll have to deal with her advice to a partial story. Who knows, maybe it’ll help anyhow.

“And… What’s stopping you?” Yeah, I didn’t think this through, did I?

“I don’t know. Harry has been someone to fall back on and to be honest I might be in a place where I do develop feelings towards him if he keeps catching me whenever I fall.” I shrug my shoulders, leaning back as I let my eyes slowly drop closed, hearing Meredith sigh. I’m hyperaware of all that’s happening around me, listening in to the conversations of people surrounding us.

“If I were you, maybe I should just ask him to go on a date and see how it goes. I’m sure Harry would be interested in that as well. He’s been nuts about you for years now.” I take a deep breath, because that isn’t really something I consider myself ready for. If Calum wasn’t anywhere near the picture, Harry would’ve definitely gotten his chance now. Although I am not quite sure if I would’ve seen and spoken to Harry again if it weren’t for Calum.

“I’ll see. I really don’t fancy that idea right now.” I laugh heartily. My heart stops and I feel a lump in my throat as Meredith suddenly discards our conversation.
“Calum, Mike, hey!”

I stay frozen in my spot as Michael comes into view to press his lips to his awaiting girlfriend. I almost squeal when I feel a hand land on my shoulder and squeezing it gently. As I let my gaze wander upwards I notice Luke looming over me with a sympathetic smile etched on his lips.
“HI Y/n, how are you?”

“Oh hey Luke, I’ll live, yourself?” Luke hums in response and he leans against my seat as I turn my body a bit so I could converse a bit more properly with the blonde, but Meredith beats me to it.
“Oh my god, Mikey, Y/n is going on a date with Harry!” My eyes widen dramatically and when I look away from Luke to throw a glare in Meredith’s direction, I see Calum with a widened glare staring in my direction. His lips are tightly pressed together and just seeing him here brings another wave of anger and sadness to the surface.

“Mer, I –“

“Harry Styles? That guy that hangs out with Hardy and Jacobs?” Michael asks and Luke raises an eyebrow at me as his smirk seeps through. I shrug my shoulders as a small, awkward smile etches onto my lips. Luke knew what was up and I think he knew I wasn’t going on a date with Harry anytime soon with Calum still cluttering my mind.

“Harry Styles eh? How did that happen?” Luke grins as he lets both of his hands fall on my shoulders and he squeezes them repeatedly. “Luke – stop.” I laugh, trying to push him off and he immediately takes a step back when Calum’s low voice chimes through the area.

“Luke, you don’t want to keep the girls waiting, do you?” Calum cocks an eyebrow and for just a split second, his gaze meets mine and I can see hurt. But it disappears as quickly as it appeared. I think I actually felt my heart breaking when I heard Calum utter those words. Michael has already kissed Meredith goodbye and leisurely walks over to Calum as I turn to Luke for an explanation, anything.

“Y/n I – “ Luke starts of rambling, as if there’s something he desperately wants to tell me, but Calum is quick to shut him up.
“Luke. Now.” With a tight lipped grin Luke steps away from me and towards Calum and Michael who have already started heading in the direction of the pub. He looks back once more and mouths ‘later’, before he turns back around and jogs off behind Calum and Michael.

“I just knew Calum couldn’t stick to one girl.” Meredith sighs as she drops her spoon into her coffee cup, little droplets splattering the table. I knew it too, I just hoped I was wrong.

anonymous asked:

Hey hey hey hon, I luv everything tou write, you're so creative! Can I request a scenario when RFA + Saeran and MC really like each other, but are embarassed to confess, but they get drunk/high together and the truth comes out and maybe things get a little heated, and next day they aren't sure if It was real?

Thx thx! I decided to do this one as mini-fics. Hope you enjoy it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and MC getting drunk and heated (NSFW -ish?)


He saw your name on his screen phone and picked up without even thinking. “Hey, Zenny! What are you up to?” if you only knew the way his heart and his imagination race everytime you call him Zenny, maybe you would be more careful of your words. “Nothing much, MC…What about you?” “I’m just bored, do you wanna hang out?” “Yeah, sure!” he tried to keep it cool, but inside he was screaming “yes, yes, yes!” “Cool, your place, I’ll bring the booze. Just wait for me!” he would wait for you forever if you asked him… no, focus! Now he needed to clean up his house a little and make himself presentable for you.

He knew he would look gorgeous wearing anything, but knowing you were coming made him feel like nothing was good enough to impress you. “What if I just open the door shirtless?” he laughed at himself only imagining your face, no, he would never do that, what if he scared you or made you get the wrong idea? He could never live with himself if something so silly and vulgar like that made you run away from him… he didn’t imagine his life without you anymore, even if it was just friendship.“Here, I bought that grapefruit beer we talked about, I also got vodka.” He was shocked at how much booze you brought, you shrugged and told him it was 25% off, so why not?

He was a little nervous, you’ve never been at his place that late and with booze, especially that much! What if…? No, he was a gentleman! Taking advantage of you like this would be wrong in so many ways! “What’s wrong, Zenny? Cat got your tongue?” “Ugh, don’t even joke about things like this, MC! Just imagining one of these fur balls that close to my precious face…” “Oh, I would be so jealous, you have no idea!” Oh… what? His heart just skipped a beat, he looked at you flustered, you weren’t even looking at him and just chugged the rest of the beer. Were you a flirty drunk? What a grateful surprise! Grateful or… too much tempting? “Uhh, I’m hot!” Yes, you were… wait ! Oh, you’re feeling hot! He got that when you threw your jacket at the corner of the sofa… Dangerous thoughts, Zenny, dangerous thoughts! He wasn’t used mixing drinks like this, the effects were showing pretty fast on both of you.

“Hey, since you’re here, would you mind helping me practice some lines?” he needed to make those ideas go away from his filthy mind. “Sure! Can we go to your rooftop? It’s really hot in here…” “Yes, of course.” Yes, this was better, knowing some sneaky neighbor could be looking would be a good inhibition.

“So, uh… here, let’s start from page 4. On this scene, the guy confesses his feelings to a girl he’s in love with for a very long time.” “Oh, what made him decide to confess?” “You mean, the character’s motivation? Hum… he’s afraid of losing her to another man, and would be such a tragedy, right? Losing the woman of his life because he’s a coward?” “Yes, I could only imagine… so, I’m the girl?” WHAT? “On the scene…” you explained, as he looked puzzled. “Oh, yes! Yes! I’m gonna start now, ok?” you nodded and he cleared his throat. As he talked, you felt like the sky was getting darker, the stars shining were nothing compared to his scarlet eyes peering at you, waiting for your line… “You make my heart race so much, Zenny…” “Huh, that’s not… the line, MC. Are you improvising?” he fidgeted through the script pages, and stopped when he felt your hand holding his. “Would you like to feel it? My heart…?” “W-What?” MC, what are you doin… oh god!” he let out a groan when you placed his hand on your chest. “MC, don’t do this to me, please…” “Shh, it’s okay… see how much it’s racing? I want you to make it race even more… if you just…” your face was getting closer and closer…

Zen woke up completely sweaty. What was that? Another wet dream with you? How many of those did he have that week? But this one felt a little more real…Part of him was hoping for this to be one of his premonitory dreams… who knows? One day he’d be brave enough to tell you how much he cherished you and wanted to hold you tight and never let it go… he was took aback by his phone, where a text of you could be read. “Hey, Zenny! Are you okay? Think I forgot my jacket there, can you bring it for me? See ya ;)”


You appeared at his apartment out of the blue. Well, you told him you were coming over, he didn’t take it seriously, but there you were, standing at his door with a bottle of vodka on your hands. “What’s that, MC?” “I heard you killed your mid terms, so I thought I could stop by to celebrate. But I understand if you’re too busy…” “N-no! Not at all! I was going to play LOLOL, but this looks like more of a celebration for a college student, I guess… Come in, MC!”

You would always look perfect at his eyes, but there was something about you that night that made you look hypnotizing. Your eyes, your smile, the way you tucked your hair behind your ear and chugged the vodka. “Ugh, my hair is a mess today! Would you mind borrowing me one of your hairpins?” he would gladly do so, even though he couldn’t really see the mess, your hair was flawless as usual… but he took the one that was on his hair and handed to you “Can you tie it for me?” you grinned, he blushed as his fingers slightly touched your forehead. “Come on! I can’t be the only one being drunk here! I won’t look like a fool by myself! Drink it just a little? For me?” he drank staring at you, he would do anything you wanted asking like this.

He felt loosening up pretty fast after he drank. His face was burning and he was feeling tipsy, maybe he was a little stronger than he thought? That was cool… “So, I told you on the messenger, but I’m gonna say it again, congratulations on your mid terms! I’m so happy for you, you have no idea!”

“Thanks, MC, I… I was only able to do it thanks to your encouragement, you know that? I feel like I’m going back to my high school days, when I felt so motivated… you’re a great motivation for me… I mean, for my studies and… you know.” You giggled. “I’m glad to know that! So… Yoosung in high school… I gotta say, you looked cute, I would totally have a crush on you if we studied at the same school…” “Y-You would?” he felt his throat get dry. “Yep! I mean… I definitely prefer you blonde now… but back then I would still fall for you, and… wait to see you at parties, so we could play spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven…” What were you saying? You were talking so naturally, like it was nothing, couldn’t you see how thrilled he was getting? “I… I was… a big nerd back then, I didn’t go to parties… so I… I… never played any of these… games…” “Oh, what a shame, isn’t it?” “I guess…”

You looked at him, his cheeks were so pink, his wide eyes were half closed, his hair looked messy… he looked so sexy right now, his hands were so pretty… how would it feel having these skillful gamer fingers tangling to your hair? Touching your body?

“So… do you want to make it up for lost time?” “What?” “Do you want to play right now?” “P-Play what, MC?” “It’s your choice, but if you ask me, I would prefer 7 minutes on heaven, so I guess I’m a little biased here…” he gasped, what was happening right now? You were so close to him on the couch, he could feel his arm rubbing in your shoulder, you looked so soft, so smooth… and you smelled amazing! So he took the empty bottle of vodka, placed in the table and spun… it pointed to him and… the lamp? Oh crap!

You laughed , took the bottle and placed it to point to you and him. You leaned to him, he could feel your breath on his face…

Yoosung woke up feeling like he got hit by a truck, his head was about to explode! His eyes were close, he was afraid to open them up and get hurt by the daylight… but then he remembered, and he opened his eyes in surprise… you weren’t there… oh no! Did he have one of those naughty dreams? This was so embarrassing, how could he look at you again if the only thing he had in mind was that dream? He would act even weirder around you… yeah, like he had a chance with you before! Wake up, Yoosung! A girl like you would never even look at him, on high school, college or in the RFA… you were too much for him! All he had was these filthy dreams…

He runned his fingers through his hair and noticed he didn’t have the hairpin on, he didn’t remember taking it off… it must be on his nightstand… oh! He found the hairpin, along with a note: “Tnx for the hairpin and for last night. Call you later ;)”


You invited her to go to a bar with you, you were feeling stressed because of work and could really use a girl’s night. She gladly agreed to, she loved the idea of a girl’s night because she never had many girls as friends, this made her feel so… normal. And it was you, so she knew she was in for a very fun night.

You looked stunning, she felt like she wasn’t properly dressed for that bar, you told her she looked amazing and she couldn’t help but blush, a goddess like you telling she looked amazing? She never felt this flattered.

A few guys approached you two at the bar, you politely refused , telling you were just in for some fun with your friend. Her heart was racing everytime you waved a goodbye to a guy and came back to her smiling.

“So, have I told you about my boss? My god, Jaehee, what a prick!” and she listened to everything you had to say, you were adorable when you were mad, the way you moved your hands to accentuate your words and the way your voice got into a high pitch, ah… it was just… so charming.

“Seriously, what’s wrong with him? He’s the worst boss ever!” “Hmmm, I’ll have to disagree on that one, MC.” “Oh my God, yeah, Jumin! I totally forgot how much… handful he is…” “Handful? We’re talking about the man that made me cut my hair and use glasses just so I didn’t look attractive to his father.” “Well, if it makes you feel any better, you looked totally attractive to me…” and you took another sip of your drink. “I… looked?” “I mean, you look gorgeous right now too, but I liked your androgynous appeal very much, it was… sexy…”

She could not believe what she was listening, gorgeous, appeal, sexy? She never heard things like this referring to her, she didn’t know how to respond, so she just mumbled a shy “thanks” and you winked at her!!! Oh my god! What’s gotten into you? And why was she feeling so hot? Maybe it was because of these fancy crazy drinks?

You knew what you were doing, those drinks really boost your confidence to finally make a move on her, you’ve been gathering courage to do this for months, it was now or never… “You look so cute when you’re shy, Jaehee…” “M-Me? Cute? MC,what’s going with you today? You’ve been complementing my… looks too much…” “I would do everyday if you let me, Jaehee. Will you let me?” “Oh, I… yes, thank you, MC.” “No, thank you…” and you leaned to her to tuck a locket of her hair behind her ear, her heart was racing like crazy! “So… my place or yours?” you asked playfully. Your lips were so close… she closed her eyes in anticipation…

Jaehee woke up still a little dizzy, she sighed knowing she was still a little drunk, and the hangover would be a torture! She could use a cup of coffee right now! So she went to the kitchen, and then she remembered… oh my, drunk dreams can be so… real. She blushed remembering the things in her dream, your soothing voice complimenting her beauty over and over… if only it was real…

She grabbed her favorite mug, poured the coffee… weird, she didn’t remember making any coffee… and she gagged when she saw a post-it on the coffee machine. “Thought you might need some after last night. Call me :)”


He invited you over for some wine, he didn’t think you were actually gonna say yes, but you did, and now he was nervous about what would be the perfect tie for the occasion. “What about this one, Elizabeth the 3rd?” the cat meowed loudly, so yep, it would be that one, he just hoped you would like too.

Buy why was he so worried about this? What was about you that made him get worried about the silliest things made him feel afraid it wasn’t enough? He wasn’t enough? To be your friend or… oh, what was he thinking?

“Thanks for having me tonight, Mr. Han.” You smiled cheerfully. “No need to be so formal, MC.” “I know, I was just messing with you, where’s Elizabeth? I brought her a little treat…” and you handed him a tiny bottle of wine for cats, you messing with him and now this? He couldn’t help but smile softly. “Oh, that’s a nice tie!” and now he was almost grinning.

As soon as you started drinking, he felt loosening up as his weird jokes started coming out and he even laughed! Truth is he couldn’t stop smiling everytime he glanced at you. That night was all about you, he asked you a million questions about your family, friends, work, and he was living for the stories of you in college. “You were very eccentric, I suppose.” “Nah, I was just trying to have fun, studying, going to frat parties, playing Truth or Dare, you know, things all college students do…” “I… never played Truth or Dare… on college or…” “Really? Not even with V?” “No, I wouldn’t be comfortable with him either.”

There was something adorable about him looking so vulnerable… you admired Jumin’s confidence, but seeing him open up a little stirred something inside of you. “Are you comfortable right now?” “I suppose.” “Okay… ask me!” “Pardon?” “Truth or Dare! Ask me if I want Truth or Dare!” your voice sounded very enthusiastic, the wine was getting to you.

“Truth or Dare, MC?” he smirked. “Hmmm… Truth.” He looked at you, confused. “Oh, I didn’t explain the rules, right? You just have to ask me a question, and I have to tell the truth, usually you ask something I can only answer yes or no, but I’ll make an exception since it’s your first time. Ask me anything!” This was definitely interesting…

“Why did you accept my invitation to come here tonight?” “That’s easy! I enjoy your company, Jumin, very much!” “Oh… I… enjoy your company as well, MC.” Your eyes were locked, you looked dazzling, he was fascinated by your honesty, spontaneity and uniqueness… “Truth or Dare, Jumin?” Oh… now it was your turn… the wine made him curious and adventurous “Dare.” “Okay… I dare you to show me how much you enjoy my company, Jumin…” you made your way to him and sat on his lap, Jumin was shook, this was so bold and… exciting! You felt his hand move to the back of your neck and pull you closer…

Jumin woke up when Elizabeth climbed up to the bed, next to his head, her whiskers tickled his forehead and he opened his eyes, longing to find you beside him in the bed… you weren’t there. It was all a drunk delirium? You were being the death of him that much that he was dreaming about you again? He felt a little disgusted at himself for covering an adorable sweet lady like you of impure thoughts! Impure and delicious thoughts…

His phone buzzed and that smile from last night was back on his face again when he read your text: “I hope Elizabeth enjoyed the wine and you enjoyed the night. See you at my house tonight!”


He usually wouldn’t drink, but you were so adamant about it, pouting and begging him to join you it was impossible to say no. And he knew it was the right decision as soon as you turn your pouting into the brightest smile he had ever seen. If you only knew how much he loves your smile… especially when he was the reason for you to be smiling…

“But… I have one condition. It has to be on my terms!” he said on a very teasing tone. “You name it!” he wasn’t expecting you would agree so quickly, that got him excited. “So… I propose a drinking game featuring the RFA chatroom!”

Yoosung makes a typo? Shot! Jaehee scolds Yoosung for wasting his life over LOLOL? Shot! Jumin posts a blurry picture? Shot! (Bonus shot if it is a picture of Elizabeth)  Zen uses the words: “handsome”, “jerk” or “furball’? Shot! Anybody ask you if you have eaten? 3 shots!

Two hours and 16 shots later, you two were turnt! Laughing of everything and you unconsciously started being a  little handsy, resting your head on his shoulder, touching his arm without apparent reason… he noticed and got nervous. You two chose some light drink knowing it would be a lot of shots, and he knew he was losing control of his good judging, and you leaning over him like this… lord help him, he was shivering!

“Are you cold? I can warm you up!” you told him smiling. “I’m fine, MC.  Hey! We didn’t… we didn’t finish our game! We should do an edition featuring… us!” “Us?”

“Yeah! You know, everytime I do a crazy joke, I take a shot, and… everytime you… do that thing with your… no,forget it!” “I do what?” “Nevermind, I don’t know what I’m saying!” “Saeyoung…” oh! He melted everytime you said his real name… “Yep, that thing with your… breasts?” “What about my boobs, Saeyoung?” he didn’t sense any hint of teasing, you genuinely didn’t know what he was talking about. “It’s just… you… use your arms to… push them together and… MC, I’m really drunk!” he was so embarrassed.

“Yeah, no shit!” you laughed. He was blushing so much, it looked so sweet! You loved how he was always trying to play cool and be the memelord, but whenever you were able to get him like this, it was just… too much satisfying!

“So… were you looking at my boobs?” “Well, it’s hard not to look when you… you do that… but it’s nothing dirty, it’s just… cute.” “Cute?” “Yeah…” “I see… do you want to feel  how cute I am?” “What? MC,I…” “Because I think you’re pretty cute too, and I can see your… cuteness showing up right now…” you moved your hand to under his shirt, he was gasping… “Come on, Saeyoung, show me your cuteness…”

He woke up with Saeran throwing a pillow at his face. He dozed off on the couch and his head was spinning around a little… but most important, where were you? You were here last night, weren’t you? Drinking with him, laughing at and with him, and touching him… oh hohoho! What a nasty dream! You would tease him forever if you heard about this. But what other reactions you could have? Could you enjoy this as much as he did?

“Get off, you fool! It’s my turn now! Don’t try to play funny and break our deal!” Saeyoung looked puzzled from what his brother was saying. “Seriously, you and MC had the house for yourselves last night, now it’s my turn! Go to her place or something, she said you could go when you wake up, so move” and boy did he move


You just wanted to run away for a few hours, work was stressing your mind off and  your family was bothering you with nonsense. Seeing your struggle, Saeran kidnapped you, sorta.

He just took you to this motel out of town and explained he would go there once in a while to run away from his brother a little and just enjoy some alone time. He was sharing his secret place with you, how cool was that?

You brought some whisky along with you. Usually he didn’t drink, but he decided to join you, it’s been a while since he haven’t drink anything but Dr. Pepper, since it was the only drink available at his house.

“To our problems” you proposed a toast. He laughed softly, “To being fucked up” and you both chugged. You loved how comfortable he would be around you, it made you feel special, and he looked so handsome under the moonlight coming inside the bedroom by the window. And a chug quickly became a few chugs, and then a lot…

“Hey, is this one of those motels with pools?” you asked. “Yeah, I guess…” “Cool! Come on!” you dragged him out of bed, which was a relief, because he was starting to feel weirdly aroused with you beside him in the bed.

“Wanna go for a swim?” you asked him. “What? No! You’re drunk and you don’t even have a swimsuit!” he was sitting on the board of the pool, looking at the water. “Says who?” he just saw you jumping in the water and your dress thrown at his face.

He wouldn’t dare to look, were you… in the buff? He sighed in relief when he saw you were wearing underwear, a lacy black bra and dark pink panties… you looked… beautiful… “Won’t you join me? The water is great!” “I… I don’t know how to swim.” “Oh, it’s not even that deep. See?” you stood up and now he could see your whole body, he looked away, blushing.

“It’s okay, I can teach you to float, at least.” You went to him on the board, he felt his whole body tensing up. “N-No! I don’ want to! Get away from me!” “Are you afraid?” you teased him, he glared at you. “I’ll show you afraid!”

He took his shirt off and jumped in the water, the – thank god – cold water. You made your way to him and  put your hands on his shoulders. “Do you trust me, Saeran?” “Unfortunately, I do…” you giggled and rested your head on his chest, when you looked up, your eyes were locked to his, his hands slipped to your waist…

Saeran woke up screaming out your name. He looked everywhere in the house for you, but you weren’t there? A dream? Really? Well, this was better than all his terrible nightmares, so much better! But still… why couldn’t it be real? He wanted to take you to his special place and make you feel special… would he ever be able to or should he just settle with his dreams?

“Hey, bro! Are you okay? You got home all soaked last night! Oh, and MC left a message, you should call her” he never thought something Saeyoung said would make him so happy.

Distress//Kunpimook Bhuwakul

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Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary: You had a stressful day; and your boyfriend helps you unwind.

Author’s Note: I got carried away. I got REALLY carried away. I got so carried away that this short scenario ended up being 4.1k words. And you know what? I regret nothing. I am to even mad about it. But now I am both hard and soft for Bambam and I want to die sO ENJOY THE READ

xoxo Sara

You let a low sigh escape past your lips as you walked down the street towards your apartment complex, your new heels clicking against the pavement of the sidewalk while killing your feet and making you almost positive that you had bled through them whilst trying to break them in. You carried your bag close to your chest, the important documents inside of it enough to make or break you in terms of your career. The rain poured down on you harder and harder with each step, and you wanted to shield yourself. You seriously considered putting your bag over your head to shield yourself for the next couple of minutes of your walk, but you decided against it. You knew that if you did, the documents would be ruined and you would probably lose your job.

Your day had been very stressful, to say the least. You had to wake up earlier than you usually did, which was hard because of your clingy, but cute boyfriend. As soon as you began to stir, he pulled you in closer and mumbled that you couldn’t leave the warmth of your bed. He began whining as you left his arms a few minutes later so you could do your makeup. You hadn’t had any time for breakfast since you somehow were still running late although you got up early, and you also weren’t able to give Bambam a kiss goodbye like you normally did when you left, since he was still in bed by the time you were finished getting ready and were heading towards the door.

The work day began earlier than most days for you; you had to attend meeting after meeting, the meetings usually discussing the important issues that the company faced with the new scandals of whether the cover of your magazine copied the front of another known magazine brand. You sighed as you sat around the round table with your coworkers, silently wishing that you had just stayed working at the coffee shop that you had worked in during college instead of taking up this job. Though this job offered you more money and benefits, the work was strenuous and long and time consuming, usually meaning that you would go into work early and almost always come home late, limiting your time with your well-known boyfriend to almost none.

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anonymous asked:

What happens when tinytony meets Pepper and Rhodey?

“Tony?” asks Peter, when he looks at the big watch in their living room.

“Yes.” answers Tony immediately and Peter sees him on the ground. Eddy sits besides Tony and Tony has his coloring book in front of him.

“I have a surprise for you.” says Peter and Tony looks up at that.

“Why?” asks Tony and puts his pencils back in the case. Peter can’t believe that he is a toddler sometimes. Tony just tries so hard.

And isn’t that even more sad? Because no child in the world should have to try that hard. And you know whats even sadder? Normally Tony is 47 years old and he still tries so hard… and nobody sees it.

“Because you were such a good boy!” says Peter and he sounds extra happy. Tony smiles a bit at that. Its not his big smile, its a really shy one and its Peters favorite.

“Really?” asks Tony and then holds his hands out. Peter grins and helps him up.

“Really. You are the best kid in the whole world.” says Peter and Tony shakes his head at that.

“ ’m not.” mumbles Tony and takes a few steps forward. It goes a lot better now with his walking but sometimes he still wobbles.

“You are. So do you wanna see your surprise?” asks Peter and Tony nods. He bends down again and takes Eddy in his hand. Then he smiles brightly.

“With Eddy?” asks Tony just to be sure and Peter nods.

“We wouldn’t want to leave without Eddy. So we are going down to the living room and we will meet somebody there.” says Peter and then looks at Tony.

He doesn’t wear a onesie this time, because Peter thinks he should look especially good today. So Tony wears a cute little dungarees and a striped shirt. He also has a pacifier with him.

Because Peter had noticed that Tony needed that when he was nervous or he would suck on his thumb. Which was also really cute… but not very hygienic.

“Bucky?” asks Tony when he takes Peters hand. Peter sighs. Yes they wanted to play with Bucky today. He nearly forgot about that.

“No but we will see him later, hm? We are going to meet your aunt Pepper and Uncle Rhodey.” says Peter and Tony looks a bit afraid.

“Why?” he asks and nearly stumbles. Peter catches him and then picks him up.

“Because they want to meet my sweet little boy,” explains Peter and goes over to the elevator.

“Yours?” asks Tony and his eyes are wide and full of hope. Peter swallows at that. He knows that he could break Tony easily now.

“Yeah of course.” Peter says and his voice cracks at that. Tony smiles that cute smile again and Peter can even see his dimple. Its a smile that is only reserved for Peter.

“Love you lots.” says Tony and he is still in Peters arms but he hugs Peter anyway as best as he can. He even kisses Peters cheek.

“Love you to the moon and back.” whispers Peter and Tony giggles.

“Thats a lot.” he whispers surprised and cuddles into Peter. Peter nods because he can’t speak anymore or he would start crying for real.

The elevator opens again and Peter wipes a few tears away. This wasn’t how he pictured the day. But even if Tony would stay little, he would always be there for him.

“Ms. Potts?” asks Peter then and Pepper turns around at that. She looks perfect like always and smiles at them.

“Peter. I told you to call me Pepper.”

Peter nods at that and smiles sheepishly at her. He knows her for a certain time but he is still a bit afraid of her.

“Tony.” she says then and looks at the little boy, who still hides his face against Peters neck.

Peter kisses his dark curls and then sets Tony down. Tony hides behind Peters legs and looks up at Pepper.

“Hey Tony.” says Pepper and Tony draws a deep breath. Then he steps in front of Peter and holds his hand out.

Pepper seems confused for a moment, but with a very delicate move, she kneels down in her heels and takes Tonys hand.

“My name is Anthony. It’s nice to meet you Ms. Potts. The pleasure is all mine.” squeaks Tony and smiles shyly.

“Oh god. What a gentleman.” says Pepper and Tony kisses her knuckles.

Peter is sure he died from the cuteness.

“But you don’t have to be so formal, hm? I’m your Auntie Pepper.” says Pepper then and Tony seems to think about that.

“Auntie Peppa?” he asks and tries to say her name right. Pepper smiles.

“Yes. So if you ever want some new toys, ask me.” smiles Pepper than and Tony giggles.

“Thank you. But i have many toys. I don’t need more.” says Tony and looks at Peter.

Peter strokes his hair and shrugs. Well it is true. Tony has a lot already. But Peter would buy him anything if Tony just said the word.

“Aw aren’t you cute.” says Pepper and Tony nods at that.

“But i… uhm can i have some toys for my friends?” asks Tony then and promptly his thumb goes into his mouth. So he is nervous.

“For your friends?” asks Pepper because the last time she had seen Tony he hadn’t said anything nice about the other avengers.

“Yes. I… i saw that they didn’t have any toys and.. and thats why Clint took Eddy. Cause he hasn’t a Eddy for himself. And… and i don’t want them to be sad.” says Tony and mumbles the words around his thumb.

Peter can’t believe him. Although Clint hurt Eddy, Tony still wants to do something for him and forgives him that easily. He is so precious.

“Of course.” says Pepper and smiles. Peter kneels down and takes Tonys thumb out of his mouth. He gives him the pacifier instead. Tony sucks a bit and smiles behind the red pacifier.

“Thank you.” he says to Pepper again and then cuddles Eddy a bit more.

Peter and Pepper go over to table and sit down at that.  Tony sits down in front of the couch and looks at the tv. A children show is on and Tony giggles every few minutes. But he can’t hear them. Which is good for their conversation.

“I have never seen him that happy.” says Pepper and looks down at the little one. Peter nods.

“But aren’t all kids happy?” Peter asks back and Pepper shakes her head.

“No. Tony wasn’t a happy child. Well i guess he was at first. But Howard and Maria weren’t always there. He doesn’t talk about it, but i saw pictures of him where he was that little and already working in the lab. He loved that of course…but he wasn’t that happy.” says Pepper and Peter feels bad for Tony.

Maybe this is his second chance. Even if its only for a while.

“I’m glad you are watching out for him.” says Pepper and she smiles.

“I’m glad i can be there for him.” says Peter and then the door opens again. Its Rhodey. Peter smiles, he likes him a lot.

“Hey.” says Rhodey and he still goes a bit unsteady. Tony looks up at that.

Pepper greets Rhodey with a kiss on the cheek and Peter gets a warm handshake.

“Hey Rhodey.” says Peter and then looks back to Tony.

“Bambino. Your uncle is here.” says Peter and laughs at Rhodeys facial expression. Tony takes Eddy and then comes over. He holds his hand out again.

“I’m Anthony.” he says again and Rhodey laughs.

“Believe me i know. Come here and greet your uncle properly.” say Rhodey and sits on a chair. He picks Tony up and sets him down on his lap.

“What a handsome little man.” says Rhodey and Tony giggles.

“Thank you.” says Tony shyly around his pacifier.

“And your favorite uncle has a surprise for you!” says Rhodey and shows Tony a packet. Tony gasps and the pacifier falls to the ground.

Peter picks it up and then goes over to the sink and washes the dust off.

Tony opens the packet and squeals. Its a little car, that he can control with a tele control. Tony wiggles and Rhodey sets him back down. Tony opens the packet immediately.

Then he stops.

“Thank you Uncle Rhodey!” he says and hugs Rhodey real tight. Then he goes back to the car. Rhodey sits down next to him on the ground and helps him.

Peter makes tea for him and Pepper and also a coffee for Rhodey. The next hours are full of Tonys laughter. Eddy sits in the little car and Tony drives him around.

Its two hours later that Tony yawns a lot. He can’t keep his eyes open and Peter laughs.

“Hey bambino. Time for your nap.” says Peter and goes over. Tony pouts but he doesn’t object.

“Say goodbye to your aunt and uncle.” says Peter and Tony waves at them.

“Bye bye.” he says and blows them a kiss. Pepper laughs at that and Rhodey comes over and pinches his cheek.

“You cute little boy.” says Pepper and Tony nods proudly.

Peter says his goodbyes, too and then takes them back to their own apartment. He goes over to Tonys room and lays him in his crib.

Tony yawns again and cuddles Eddy.

“Goodnight my sweet boy.” whispers Peter and kisses Tonys cheek. Tony is already out like a light.

Peter smiles down at him. He is glad that Tony can finally enjoy himself.

nursey the tech disaster and dex the apple support guy: an au

a conversation between me & @brandnewfashion

(interspersed with random hockey commentary)


au where nursey keeps having IT trouble and every time he goes online to use that quick chat help service (bc he doesn’t want to call. that’s awkward af) he gets dex as the service guy





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Adoration part two - Draco x Reader


Part one 

Warnings - Be prepared for it to suck. Let me know if there’s anything I need to put up here please!

Y/N sighed as she pulled a pink sweater over her head. Draco Malfoy would be looking for her in a few minutes and she wasn’t even close to being ready. She walked to her dresser and opened the top drawer.

“Skirt or jeans?” she asked her best friend, Pansy Parkinson.

“You know, I still can’t believe you’re going on a date with Draco Malfoy.” she answered.

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Skirt. It makes for easy access.” Pansy winked and laughed loudly as she exited the room. Y/N shook her head.

“Jeans it is then.”

She’d been standing at the bottom of the dormitory stairs for ten minutes and Draco still had not shown up. A million thoughts ran through her head, but the one that stuck out the most was the thought that this had all been a joke. It wasn’t unlike a Malfoy to pull this cruel of a prank.

“Did I not say,” a voice drawled from in front of her and her snapped up. “to wear black?”

“You did and that’s exactly why I didn’t.”

Draco gave her a once over. He smirked and offered his hand. Y/N looked at it and then walked out of the Slytherin common room. He followed close behind.

“So where are we going and what are we doing? This also better not be a prank Draco Malfoy or so help me-“

“It’s not, Y/N, relax.”

Draco led Y/N down a few flights of stairs and through some hallways - straight into the Great Hall. The sky outside was dark and slowly filling with stars - which was reflected in the ceiling above them. All of the house tables had been cleared. In the middle of the big room, sat a small table with a few candles placed on top. Besides those and the small amount of light outside, the room was dark. On the table sat two plates and rose petals were scattered around the table.

“I hope it’s not, um, too much. Forgive me if it is, but I-“

“It’s perfect, Draco.”

Draco led her to the table. He pulled out the chair for her and made his way around to his. They talked about what their interests were and what their families were like. The pair compared what exactly it was like to grow up in a house full of Slytherins. They talked of the pressures their family put on them to marry pureblood. Y/N quickly found out that while Draco did in fact believe in the pureblood line when he was younger, he’d changed his mind recently and didn’t so whole heartedly believe it. He did keep up the act though so no one would report back to his father.

Draco learned of Y/N’s favorite color. He learned that while most of her family had in fact been Slytherin, she had a distant aunt or two that were sorted into Ravenclaw. Her father wanted her to marry a pureblood Slytherin while her mother didn’t really care who she married - if she married at all.

“So, Draco, about last night…” Y/N trailed off, looking anywhere but at the boy in front of her.

“What about it?” Draco asked, confused as to why she would bring it up again.

“You didn’t have to be so nice to me you know. I could have handled the situation by myself.”

“I know. I wanted to help though. See, Y/N, the truth is, I’ve had my eye on you for awhile and I feel like I’ve never had the chance to introduce myself to you properly. You’re always surrounded by people.” he explained, avoiding eye contact with the beautiful girl in front of him.

“Draco, you and I both know that isn’t true. We have several classes together and you choose to ignore me in every single one of them.” Y/N looked down at her hands, remembering the several times she tried to talk to the boy now sitting in front of her.

“You’ve never tried to speak to me, Y/N.”

“I have! You chose to ignore me every single time, Draco. It’s embarrassing so trust me, I remember it.”

“I’m sorry.” the blonde boy mumbled.

The two sat in silence for a few minutes. Y/N didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to accept his apology because in no way was it okay that he ignored her. Maybe Draco was right though. Maybe he just didn’t hear her. Maybe he simply whole heartedly believed that she never tried to speak to him.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Draco asked, finally meeting her eyes.

Y/N nodded and followed the boy out into the grounds. They walked in a comfortable silence, neither one of them forcing conversation. In the back of Y/N’s head she wondered why exactly they weren’t being stopped by any teachers, but she didn’t question him - just followed. Draco sat down at a big tree by the Black Lake and Y/N took a seat next to him. She followed his gaze towards the stars above them.

“Do you ever wish you could go back and change certain things?” Y/N asked, keeping her eyes on the stars. Draco’s eyes slid to look at the profile of her face illuminated by the moonlight.

“Doesn’t everyone?” he replied and returned his gaze to the sky.

“I guess so. But I mean important life moments… like when I saw you for the first time. It was our first year. I remember seeing you with your parents before the train took off and I remember thinking how lucky you were. I thought you were so lucky that both of your parents were there to send you off for your first day. My mother was the only one who was able to make it because my father got called into work. She had to get back to work as soon as possible so I made it a short and sweet goodbye. As I got to the train doors, I turned around and saw her heading over to talk to your parents. You were still with them and Draco, I just wish I could have made my feet move. I wish I had known you sooner. I wish that I didn’t have to really meet you while I was super drunk at a party that I didn’t exactly want to be at in the first place.”

Draco was silent for a few moments before he mustered up the courage to finally speak.

“It’s funny because I saw you for the first time when we were sorted. I remember watching you and hoping and wishing that someone was on my side and you were sorted into Slytherin. I was so hopeful in that moment. I don’t think I’d ever been that hopeful in my entire life. I was going to introduce myself to you that night. I ended up losing you in the crowd. I’ve been infatuated with you ever since. This might sound bizarre, but I know how the sunlight reflects off your hair. I know that when you don’t know the answer to a question your eyebrows knit together. I’m aware of how your nose is slanted perfectly, but also at an angle. Your eyes are Y/E/C. And I also know that you dated that guy to make me jealous.”

Y/N’s attention snapped to Draco’s face. He was smirking. Y/N was aware of the fact that she had dated this guy to make him jealous, yes, but where had he gotten that information from? It had to have been Pansy- she was the only one Y/N had told.

“Pansy?” she asked and he nodded his confirmation with a laugh.

“You might want to stop staring at my handsome face and instead at the sky. We’re on a stargazing date, not a Draco-gazing date. Though I can’t say that I wouldn’t mind one of those.”

Y/N snorted and brought her face back up to stare at the vast night sky. She glanced at Draco only once as the minutes passed.

Suddenly, a bright light streaked across the night sky. Y/N’s breath caught in her throat and she closed her eyes, wishing on the shooting star. She opened her eyes and stole another look at Draco. He opened his blue eyes and met hers.

“What’d you wish for?” he whispered.

“I wished we could start over.” she breathed. He smiled and stood up. Draco offered the girl his hand and pulled her up as well. He let go of her and then stuck his hand out again, but in between them.

“What are you doing?”

“Hi, I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.”  Y/N laughed and shook Draco’s out stretched hand.

“Hi, I’m Y/L/N. Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

(dis)enchanting (chapter 1)

fandom: girl meets world 
ship: riley x lucas 
word count: 2,941
summary: in which lucas friar is invisible and spills all his secrets to an online anonymous best friend, jexica. and riley matthews is the most popular girl in school who feels most comfortable talking to an online cowboy. one night, the homecoming masquerade dance is about to change everything .// or the rucas cinderella story au that no one asked for.
notes: so….i’m starting a multi chaptered fic….let’s see how this goes. i’ve had this idea for a while, so here it is. please enjoy and let me know what you think!!! 

read on ao3 


“Lucas! Lucas! Were you listening to a word I was saying?” Isadora Smackle’s voice is loud and disruptive and it effectively snaps Lucas from his daze, and he focuses his attention back on his best friend, who’s staring at him with a cocked eyebrow and an annoyed look on her face. He grins sheepishly, knowing that he’d been caught.

“No, sorry, Smackle. You were talking about your chemistry class though, right?” Lucas takes a sip of his water, desperately trying to keep his eyes on his friend, and now the brunette girl three tables down from them. He watches Smackle roll her eyes, seemingly knowing exactly where Lucas’ attention was, but she didn’t comment.

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