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Dating Youngjae Would Include

Can I request a Dating Youngjae Would Include, pleasseeee? (:

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

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  • Prepare yourself 
  • Because handling Youngjae is way harder than you may expect. in a good way, of course.
  • From the way he asked you on your first date, to the date you’re at now, he’s still sweet as ever and treats you in the way that every person dreams in a potential partner. 
  • Skin ship
  • And if there is a part of your body that you don’t like then expect Youngjae to be shocked and will do everything in his power to make you change your mind. 
  • “I don’t really like my hair like this.” 
  • “{y/n}, how many times do I have to tell you that your hair is beautiful?” 
  • He’ll be all for doing couple things with you 
  • Wearing matching styles clothes and shoes
  • Holding hand in public and secret kisses every now and again
  • Looking at you as though the whole entire world has been placed before him. 
  • He’d give you nicknames that are unique to him and make your heart flutter against your rib cage
  • When he’s away from tour, he’ll be the loneliest because he’s without you
  • It’ll seem like he sends you a lot of pictures and messages in the day, but it’s because he just wants to see your face even though it is through the pixels of his phone screen. 
  • Calling you at night before you go to bed 
  • “I’m tucking you in on the phone” 
  • But when he comes back it’s all smiles and cuddles. 
  • Not that he doesn’t love that anyway
  • Hugs all of the time
  • There is never an inappropriate time for a hug in Youngjae’s eyes. 
  • Him being affectionate and the other members teasing him for it
  • But nothing will compare if the other members find love marks or scratches on your bodies
  • Hell will break loose  
  • Youngjae lves his members, but sometimes he likes to spend some time with you alone. Do you know what that means? Road trips.
  • Traveling in a car in various different countries
  • Lots of selcas 
  • Falling in love with new cultures and places
  • All at the same time of falling more and more in love with each other
  • You taking a photo of a landmark and suddenly a pari of arms wrap around you from behind and soft kisses are placed on the crook of your neck
  • So much PDA it’s too cute for anyone to be grossed out. 
  • Him loving to travel but also loves staying at home too
  • Nothing can beat a night in where he can lean his head in your lap and allow you to run your fingers through his hair

At Nighttime

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  • Youngjae loves spending evening with you especially because there are just so many possibilities 
  • If the two of you want, you can spend time with the other members of the group, you can stay in or go out
  • You can stay alone in the comfort of one of your room’s and be reassured with each others company 
  • One of the things that he enjoys doing the most is playing video games with you, because it allows the two of you to be free of stress and any anxieties
  • He also likes to watch movies with you in bed
  • Sometimes he will work late into the night at the studio
  • And it won’t be until you turn up at 3AM that he looks at the time and realises how stupid the time is
  • He’ll apologise and feel bad for making you stay up waiting for him for so long 
  • Intimacy is something else that Youngjae loves with you
  • He loves to see you vulnerable, and for him the same
  • You’re both trusting each other, and there’s something about that which makes him feel warm inside
  • He will be the master of loving, passionate intercourse
  • Leaving breathy kisses on your neck
  • trailing his lips down your body like he owns it
  • The way you moan his name will really make it feel that way too
  • But that’s one of the sounds that he loves the most
  • Then he will love to fall asleep in your arms, or you in his
  • He will press kisses on your face, run his fingers through your hair or sing softly until you fall asleep

Cheyenne is a true slut, and she loves to show off those big tanned tits! I think I’m in love… Though that could just be the hypnotic effect of Cheyenne’s famous cleavage! Comment below if you want to see more of this Goddess, because she has some truly slutty pictures I’d love to show the world.
DM me if you want to do a cum tribute for me.

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Ok I read this rumor that Archie will pick Betty, but he will still have feelings for Veronica. I don't like that because Betty doesn't deserve that, and that's another reason why I like Bughead. Jughead doesn't need to pick which one he wants, like I believe if every girl in Riverdale liked him, he would end up picking Betty everytime. Plus I really hope they don't break up, because I truly believe they was made for each other.

i haven’t seen kj’s interview, but i read that he said archie may have a crush on one of the girls by the finale. there is a big difference between having a crush and “picking” them. plus, lili said that she didn’t think there was much of a love triangle. picking one girl while having feelings for another is like the definition of a love triangle 

and then there’s jughead. we can’t know for sure, but it LOOKS like betty and jughead are still together in episode 13. i don’t see how they could break up and betty and archie get together in the span of 40 minutes without them looking like assholes. you don’t want two of your main characters to come across as unlikable, especially in the first season when you’re trying to get renewed. plus, as somebody pointed out, betty looks pretty infatuated with jughead in those jubilee pictures. even if she still had lingering feelings for archie, i can’t see her just dropping jughead and getting together with archie 

and would lili describe them as “a great pair” and cole a “beautiful, honest union” if they ended so harshly? 

betty deserves to be the first, and only, choice of somebody who thinks she’s the greatest thing in the world; just as jughead deserves someone who stands by his side no matter what and believes in him 

Name: Ginny

Age: 18

Location: USA

Occupation: Student

Website: http://athenus.tumblr.com

Let’s start with my ukulele. My cousin gave it to me before we went to the US. I always borrowed her sister’s ukulele, and I would record a lot of covers with it. She told me that I should keep recording and playing when I got here. Until one day, days before our flight, she came to our house and gave me a big box. This lil’ ukulele was inside it! I kept saying “Are you for real?!” cause I just couldn’t believe it!

On the top middle is my travel journal. This is a really good find. My aunt bought it for me at Goodwill for $2! I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided to make it a travel journal when I went to California and New York last summer. That little drawing in there shows what I see when I wake up in the morning at my aunt’s apartment in Daly City. Still not finished with the whole journal though. I’m still working on it!

Below that is my Brandy Melville denim jacket! It’s my absolute favorite. As soon as I saw it I told myself that I’m definitely going to get it. Even after I saw how much it was.

On the right are my laptop, phone charger and eyeglasses. My laptop is basically where all the magic happens. I do all my photo and video editing in there. My dad bought it for me, but I paid like less than half of it with the money I earned from selling phone cases. Then there’s my glasses. I just want to say it’s really pretty and it helps me see this beautiful world, lol, but look at my phone charger! It’s so cute! I wrapped my bee washi tape around it!

Lastly, there’s my white embroidered cap. I got it from Ross. I swear to God when I saw it there was light coming down from heaven and I could hear the angels singing. It is such a good find, and it’s cheap! I decided to put it in this picture because I know I’m gonna have a hell lot of adventures with this lil’ guy.


I have zero words to describe how WONDERFUL that was. I mean.. wow. I wrote user by user on that flag. There are 500 hunters who couldn’t be there to meet him. He’s taking 500 brazilian hunters with him to U.S.
I’ve faced my fear of planes just to see him. I’ve traveled across the country, from south-east to North.
And holy shit. That guy. He is amazing. He’s beautiful. In every way. In every meaning of the world.
Look at our picture. He’s wearing my wings. MY WINGS. The one that took me three months to cosplay Castiel.
“That’s fancy. I like it!”

And that’s not all.

I’ve finally get the chance to give to him my most personal and precious gift: My grandpa’s shirt. He died in 2014, and I didn’t want that to stay in the closet.. Not there, all alone. So I gave it to him. So he could travel with it everywhere, so my grandpa could see the world with him.

I’ve explained everything on the letter. I really hope he reads it.

And that was the day my dream came true.

EDIT: The first name on the tweet? That’s my name.
  • Sehun: Suho just doesn't get it. Nudity isn't offensive. It's awesome.
  • Baekhyun: Yeah, Sehun. You are so right. Art and stuff. You can be nude right now if you'd be more comfortable.
  • Sehun: Art yes! My body is art and everyone deserves to see it. Tao even asks for pictures of it daily because he can appreciate good, natural art.
  • Baekhyun: So can I get in on the mailing list or
  • Sehun: I'm sure Xiumin agrees with me. He's just too shy to admit he wants to show off how sexy he is. But the whole world should see his body.
  • Baekhyun: Well, maybe not the whole world. I mean, Xiumin's kind of special. I feel like only people that deserve to see his body should -
  • Sehun: No Baekhyun, if we limit who can see Xiumin's body we're withholding beauty from the world!
  • Xiumin: Okay, 1) I can hear you guys, and 2) it's my body.
The Signs as Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Aries: “Do I know you? Because you look a lot like my next girlfriend.”
Taurus: “Did it hurt? When you fell out of heaven?”
Gemini: “Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”
Cancer: “You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall… is in love with me.”
Leo: “Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes!”
Virgo: “If you stood in front of a mirror and held up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.”
Libra: “Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?”
Scorpio: “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
Sagittarius: “Even if there wasn’t any gravity on earth, I would still fall for you!”
Capricorn: “Was your Dad a baker? Because you’ve got a nice set of buns.”
Aquarius: “Are you Google? Because I’ve just found what I’ve been searching for.”
Pisces: “Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you.”

I realized today (correct me if I’m wrong)

Solange is the only celebrity I can think of who “shared” her natural hair journey with us. We saw her from her big chop to what her hair has grown out to be and probably will continue to become. We’ve seen the braids and wigs and other protective styles in between and I think it such a beautiful thing to want to share with fans and the world where most people, especially celebrities, only want to show their natural hair once it’s grown out to shoulder/ back length. I think that being able to grow out your hair to those lengths is beautiful in itself. I just see a more relatable beauty with Solange. Where those who are struggling with accepting their natural hair especially when their curls are really tight and 75% of the naturals around them have really loose curls. 

But yeah.

Hi my name is Aidan, and I just wanted to submit this picture of my boyfriend Ethan (the one on the right) and I. He is gorgeous and amazing and the world needs to see his beautiful face 🙈💘

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RFA + V & Saeran FINDING OUT THEIR MC (would it be cool if they're a guy in this verse?) IS MORE THAN WHEN THEY FIRST MET THEM & IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE YOU'VE BEEN TOGETHER. Like, at first they thought you were just another person visiting Korea with your friends and then they somehow find out you're actually the future CEO to some big (like C&R BIG but bigger) company back in Europe and you didn't tell them this because you wanted to be loved for who you are without involving that part of you

I don’t do male MC, i’m sorry, i said it here
This is a request with a lot of thought in it
I love it man lol, i just hope that i’ve done this right
Any mistakes, report to me.
If this is NOT what you wanted, i will do it again.

(C/N > Company name)

I hope you liked it!And thank you for the request!


  • Yoosung loves you
  • You made his life perfect
  • And he was so happy that he finally has a girlfriend
  • a beautiful girlfriend,his friends don’t understand how this was possible
  • Yoosung loves to take some pictures with you, and share for the world see the beautiful girlfriend he have
  • Zeeen~ i got a girlfriend, and you don’t
  • But when he was playing LOLOL
  • One of his friends, said something like
  • “Yoosung loves successful woman”
  • Yoosung was like
  • ????
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • When the friend said that he recognizes your girlfriend, she already sees her in a list of youngest and successful people
  • He was confused
  • You hided this from him?
  • He just logged off from LOLOL
  • He’ll ask you,and he want the truth
  • Now you have to tell him the truth
  • When you’re finished, Yoosung just keeps looking at you
  • Surprised
  • With his jaw on the floor
  • “Yoosung, are you alright?”
  • He’s sad that you lied to him..But when you explain why you lied, he understands
  • He’ll not love you more or less because of it
  • But OMG 
  • You’re more successful than Jumin
  • He’ll want to be a intern in your company
  • Sorry Jumin
  • In the outside he’s like “Oh this is so cool!”
  • You’re even more perfect
  • And this is so exciting!


  • She was reading some articles
  • News, those things.
  • She likes to be informed
  • In the beginning she was searching some news about Zen, but she decided to be a little more informed about the world
  • And then she see one article “C/N will have a new CEO,MC” ,she looks your photo in that article 
  • Her eyes widened
  • What the hell?!
  • Are you another Jumin Han?
  • She gets up and run towards you,who was seeing the cafe paychecks
  • Now she knows why you’re so good at managing the cafe..
  • She asked you about that, explaining herself and how she finded out
  • You don’t have a choice, you’ll have to tell
  • You tell all the truth, and tell why you wanted to hided it
  • She just sighed, saying that was no need for lies
  • After that she kiss your cheek
  • “I’m more relieve that our cafe will be in good hands”
  • She is just so perfect


  • One day, you goes with Zen to the rehearsal
  • Because was really close to one store that you wanted to go. When you arrived at the rehearsal, you kiss him goodbye, and go to that store.
  • One of Zen’s coworkers,said that he already taked some photos for your company.
  • Zen’s confused, so he began to search about you
  • Then he discovers that you’re a future CEO of a company that was bigger then C&R
  • Please, don’t tell me that his babe is some Jumin Han?
  • He hate those kind of people
  • And you’re (maybe) this kind of person?
  • He’s in shock, he said to the director that he has a urgent matter that needs to be settle.
  • And then, he runs, he remember the store that you said you was going
  • After searching for that store for some minutes, he found it
  • “MC!”
  • He scream your name in the store door, he is so dramatic..
  • You run to him,asking what’s wrong
  • And he shows to you his cellphone
  • He finded out
  • SHIT
  • You two go to the park,sit in a bench, and you begin to explain everything
  • When you’re finished, he put his hands on your cheeks
  • “Mc, please , don’t tell me you’re not some kind of female Jumin Han”
  • -_-
  • After some time, he accepts it
  • He loves that your company is bigger than Jumin’s C&R
  • It’s so funny
  • That loser
  • He would deny your work job offers
  • If you say that you are offering him this job because you want to see him more
  • He will accept


  • People keep saying this to him
  • But he always ignores people, so he didn’t listen to them
  • He was reading things about other companies
  • Got to have an eye in the enemies
  • News,news,news
  • bla,bla,bla
  • Wait, this is MC?
  • WHAT?
  • “Jaehee, cancel all the meetings for today, i’ll go to home,this is a emergency”
  • Jaehee don’t even has time to ask anything
  • He is gone
  • What a surprise
  • When Jumin arrived, he’s screaming your name
  • And you’re surprised
  • Isn’t it early?
  • Too early for him to come home?
  • When you walk towards him,he filled you with questions
  • Calm down man!
  • Ok, you’ll have to explain
  • He listen to you, he can see why you wouldn’t tell him
  • Oh god, this is difficult
  • But this will not end your relationship
  • You were thinking you can get rid of him that easily?
  • Cute.
  • He’ll start to think about future projects
  • That will have the two companies working together
  • But he want to expand his company, because he doesn’t like the fact that your company is bigger
  • Stubborn child


  • Seven already know
  • Party Pooper
  • But you didn’t know that he knows
  • This sounded confusing?
  • Sorry
  • But one day you were commenting with him how successful Jumin’s company are
  • and he just reply with a :
  • “But your company is even bigger!”
  • You just looked at him, with a face that said:
  • You knew it?
  • And he was with a smile on his face that said:
  • Hell yeah
  • I’m fucking awesome
  • He will not tell this to anyone
  • You can trust him
  • He will buy a suit to you
  • Because this suits you
  • I want to die


  • V wouldn’t care
  • I’m sorry but this precious man is just so calm
  • He knows that from the beginning
  • He just don’t think this is a big deal
  • His best friend have a job in a big company
  • His girlfriend have a job in a bigger company
  • It’s not a big deal man
  • He’ll just be very sad that you’re hiding this from him
  • Why?
  • “Mc, congratulations , you’ll be the future CEO!”
  • You just look at him, wanting to explain to him everything
  • He just smiles as you talk
  • He understand it, this is fine
  • He want you to be his future wife soon
  • “Hey Mc, would you let me photograph you in your work clothes?
  • Aesthetic


  • Yeah yeah he knows
  • -_-
  • MC still didn’t tell me about her company
  • I will eat all the ice cream because of this MC
  • just WAIT
  • He will be grumpy
  • Like a grumpy baby
  • He thought that you’ll need some time to tell
  • He doesn’t care about that stupid company you have 
  • He care about those secrets
  • A person that hides a secret, hides ice cream
  • He just can’t trust someone like that!
  • “Saeran why you’re eating so much ice cream?”
  • “I don’t know , why you don’t tell me about your company?”
  • This makes sense.
  • So you tell him why you didn’t said earlier
  • This doesn’t stops him from eating ice cream
  • But now he is eating with you ;)
  • Is this a happy end?

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Hey I was wondering, what would be Infinite reaction of there girlfriends sending them nudes? (or even just her in a bra just showing of cleavage). Idk why but I started thinking about it if I would ever get the confidence to send one(to someone I know and like of course) ~Unloyal Anon

This is perfect to do a gif reaction for (and it’s been a while since I did one!)


He would probably quickly hide his phone if he was around anyone else, and then sneak a couple more looks at it, unable to believe how lucky he is. He’d try to control his face, but would be unable to suppress a smile. Would be surprised, but definitely in a good way. 


Even though I think Dongwoo is pretty open sexually, I think he might still get a little shy with this. It might make him blush a little, and if he was away from home, he’d definitely be wanting to hurry back as soon as possible once you’d given him a glimpse of what he’s missing.


Of course, he already thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, and this would just reaffirm it for him. He’s pretty likely to respond in kind, maybe with a topless photo. But his initial reaction would be surprise and curiosity. He’d definitely save the picture for lonely days ;)


Taken aback at first, but then instantly he’d be wanting to see more. Sending him a nude could definitely set off some sexy messaging, and would be the perfect way to let him know you’re thinking of him when he’s away. 


He would try to stop himself grinning too much after he saw it, but there’s no way he could keep a totally straight face. If he was in public, he might hide his phone away and wait until he was alone to look again. It would definitely be an effective form of flirting with Yeol.


He’d definitely be taken aback by how hot it was and would love how daring you were being. He might take a while to respond, purely because he’d be speechless. You’d have him rushing home to you as fast as he could. 


Might feel a bit awkward if he got the message in public, but would try to act casual about it. He’d message you back trying to make a joke, “You miss me that much, huh?” but inside he’d be in turmoil, wanting to get home to you right away. 

Thanks for the question! This was fun!

crash - ashton irwin

so this is just a quick thing based on one of my fav breakup songs by you me at six for @pretendtobepunkrock and @felicityash ‘s breakup!5sos blurb night!! 

‘Wait.’ you said suddenly, the word gasped out as your lungs seemed to be caving in. 'I need to get out of this dress.’ Everything about this felt wrong. This was not the euphoric moment you were meant to experience when you tried on your wedding dress for the first time.  

'Ma'am are you alright?’ the concerned shop assistant asked.

'No, I can’t breathe. It’s too tight, please just get it off. I can’t breathe!’ you said, your voice rising as panic washed over you.

'Of course let me just-’ the shop assistant fumbled with the tiny pearl buttons on the back of the dress in her haste.

'No, it’s taking too long. I just need to get some air.’ you said, pushing her away as you ran through the curtain that separated you from the rest of the shop. As you did you crashed into a tall figure who was being fitted for a suit in the changing room next to you.

'Ashton?’ you said in confusion as you caught sight of the mans face.

'Y/N?’ he said, and hearing him say your name transported you back instantly to being 18 years old. And wildly in love.

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I created my own little Safe Haven for everyone who needs to rest for a while and wants to forget all the stressful things in the world. It’s a magical and peaceful village. There are no such things like hate, anger, any conflicts, etc. Just the beauty of nature and cute animals. Take a break and go visit! If you upload any pictures of this town, please tag them with #acnl safe haven or #edencrossingofficial so I can see and reblog them! I hope you enjoy this little paradise ♥
Dream Address: 7500-6599-1864

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Can I get our lovely captains dealing with daily life with a male s/o who is really pretty? Like he attracts a lot of attention from girls, modeling agencies, etc.

|| Yes!!!! Man this request made me smile because oh man the possibilities for this one here are endless and I love thinking of how the volleybaes deal with a lot of things. I am luckily in a fluffy mood so enjoy cute scenarios! ||

Now honestly the issue of girls or modeling agencies wouldn’t bother Daichi all too much. However, it does tend to be an issue when out on a date with his boyfriend. Not only were they both a little conscious of their actions, but after being another business card by a modeling agent, they both just wanted to go home. “So,” his companion started, “how about a movie marathon at home?” Daichi found himself grinning at the suggestion, “I’ll make the popcorn.”

“I can’t believe you’re getting all these modeling offers.” Oikawa said, glancing at the card his boyfriend held. “I can’t believe you have an organized fan club.” The other countered with a teasing tone. The setter scoffed. “You’re just pretty jealous that girls tend to flock around me. …Then again that’s common thing for the two of us.” His companion laughed. “Well we’re either surprisingly blessed, or people have bad taste.” Oikawa stuck his tongue out in response.

While Kuroo was asleep, his boyfriend took this as a chance to touch his hair. Such caused him to stir a little, grumbling as he eventually woke. “Just cuz you have perfect hair doesn’t mean you get to make fun of mine.” He then pulled his lover into his arms. Not that the other minded. “I wasn’t making fun of your hair,” he said. “I was admiring it.” Kuroo found himself chuckling a little, running a hand through his bedhead. “Well that’s a first to hear.”

It’s one thing to have eyes on Moniwa when he’s on court, but having eyes on him and on his boyfriend was different story. He found himself rather flushed especially during moments his companion would end up having a photo taken with a few people. What he hadn’t expected was for his boyfriend to grab hold of his hand after returning to his side. “Everything okay?” he asked the captain. Moniwa’s cheeks reddened as he nodded quickly, rather flustered.

When Terushima went out of the gym, he found it no surprise for his boyfriend to be speaking with a few girls. The captain waited for a moment, before clearing his throat to get his attention. Immediately the other bid farewell to the crowd as he ran to Terushima. “Pictures again?” He asked. His beloved shook his head. “Surprisingly no, just some friendly talk.” He then took hold of the spiker’s hand. “That, and they want a picture with you next time.”

Though not the center of attention, Bokuto enjoyed seeing how people looked at his sweetheart. It added to his pride that he found himself someone dashing both in the inside and outside. “You must really love walking, huh?” His boyfriend asked, looking at the ace. He simply grinned sheepishly. “You could say that,” he replied. “That, and I don’t want the world to miss your beauty.” The line got the other to snort a little in amusement.

What Ushijima didn’t seem to comprehend was the number of people who approached his boyfriend numerous of times. Did they need something? He just wasn’t sure and simply watched as his companion began to exchange words with another. But the moment he turned his head to face him, the ace seemed to find bricks hit him. It just seemed to occur to him that his boyfriend was too beautiful. “Something wrong, Wakatoshi?” He shook his head albeit reluctantly.

#kconparis2016 - let me tell about the perfection that is leeteuk

okay so i never really made a post about it on here but two weeks ago i dragged my ass to paris and attended kcon!!! i’m still not over it tbh because let me tell you LEETEUK WAS AMAZING!!!

he was just absolutely perfect ;______; honestly he never stopped bowing, not that it would matter if he didn’t bow but i could feel how humble and grateful he was. what really impressed me too was how much french he spoke and i didn’t understand much but the crowd got so excited each time he said “merci!”, or “c’est cool!” or the other phrases he kept shouting. he just kept everyone excited and his energy was on fireeee

during the ending when all groups were on stage, he just went to every single section and bowed and waved and said “merci!” HE’S SO WONDERFUL I’M SO HAPPY I GOT THE CHANCE TO SEE THIS MAN

he was the last one to leave the stage and i gotta say i didn’t know about his throat problems until some days later when he mentioned it on sukira but during kcon he just shouted a lot and kept the energy and flow going fghjasmh gosh what a great mc ;___;

so i didn’t manage to get many good pictures because i was too busy screaming and internally crying but here are some fancams in case you want to see his amazingness ;___________; <33

park jungsoo aka leeteuk aka angel walking on earth is just so amazing and fun and kind and professional! please love him he deserves everything good in this world OK THAT’S IT THANKS FOR READING now look at this beauty right here

Make it Up To You *Sammy Wilk Imagine*

Requested by doyougotawilk; I hope you like it! & So Sorry for the wait I know I suck lol

y/f/r = Your Favorite Restaurant 

Requests are: CLOSED


You were finishing up your last bit of homework when you got a text from your boyfriend; Sammy

You tossed your phone to the side and closed your textbook. Right now you were too excited to even think straight. 

You can’t really remember the last time you actually saw your boyfriend in person, both of your schedules were insane so whenever you had made plans to meet up to just never seemed to work out.

You got off your bed and walked over to your mirror, you didn’t have to change or anything you just wanted to make sure your face wasn’t a mess and luckily you just needed to touch up your eyeliner other than that you still looked good.

When your doorbell rang you practically ran down the stairs, you were surprised you didn’t fall.

You opened the door, smiling spreading across your face the minute you made eye contact with Sammy.

“Ah come to daddy baby” he said when you practically jumped on him.

“I missed you so much” you mumbled into his shoulder “I missed you too y/n, I’m sorry its been so crazy” he said and then out you down.

You kissed him “Don’t be sorry, its been both sides I’m just glad we finally got time together” “Me too, and I wanna spend as much time with you while I can so come on we’re going on a movie date” “To see what?” “Furious 7″ you shrugged “Okay, just let me get my phone and jacket” you turned and went back inside and he followed shutting the door behind him.

“Oh my god, stop it” you whispered while removing Sam’s hand off your leg for the fourth time.

Normally you were all for the whole touchy-feely thing in the movie theater but you were actually interested in this movie and there would plenty of time to do that stuff later.

“y/n do you know how long its been since I’ve touched you” he whined and you laughed “Yes I do but there’s plenty of time for that later for now shut up and watch the movie that you wanted to see” “You’re lucky I love you” “Likewise”

While walking out of the movie theater, you looked up at Sam “Oh my god, are you crying?” you asked him trying your best not to laugh.

“What no, Shut up” he turned away from you and it just made you laugh more “I don’t know why you get so embarrassed to cry, it is normal you know” “I dont cry” “Whatever Sam, it was a sad ending not like you were the only one” “I’m not crying y/n, now where do you wanna go eat?” he asked you changing the subject.

“Wherever is good, you know I’m not picky” “That isn’t what I asked you, if i wanted to pick the place I wouldn’t have asked you” “I dont know I hate making decisions” you complained.

“y/n come on you aren’t making this whole making it up to you think very  easy” “Ugh fine lets go to y/f/r” he put his arm around your shoulders “You couldn’t just say that in the first place” “Shh” you told him and he laughed.

“Y/n” you heard Sammy say so you looked up to see what he wanted, but as soon as you did you regretted it “Wha…oh my god can you not” you covered your face.

Hes been snapchatting pictures and videos of you for the last 10 minutes.

“You’re so beautiful I just need to tell the world and show them that you’re all mine” “I think they already know that” “Someones a little conceited there huh?” he said laughing and you rolled your eyes “I meant about me being yours idiot” “You’re admitting I own you?” “Um no, no one owns me”

“So tell me everything I missed while we were apart” you laughed “Apart? So dramatic” “Whatever just tell me everything” you shrugged “There isn’t much to tell, I’ve been to school and home for the last few weeks” “Failing anything? Maybe we can do some..private tutoring” “Thankfully I am not failing anything, you slut” “Like you haven’t the dream where I’m your teacher and we have some private detention together” “I do not remember telling you about that!” you said feeling embarrassed now.

Sammy laughed “You didn’t, I was kidding but hey my goal in life is to make all your dreams come true” you rolled your eyes “Aren’t you the sweetest”

Later that you night you both laid in your bed, you hadn’t realized how much you had missed Sam till today. 

Today was amazing, you had spend most of your dinner catching up and he seemed more concerned about what had been going on in your life then in telling you what had been going on in his.

“Did you have fun today?” he asked you breaking the silence between you two.

“Yeah, of course I always have fun with you babe” “Well good, I tried to make up for three weeks in one night” you smiled “I love you” “Love you” you kissed him.

“You know what we should do?” you said “What?” “We should make a date night, like no matter what we have going on we can’t cancel so we don’t have to wait long periods of time like this again” you suggested and he smiled at you “Sounds like a plan baby” “You’re too good to me” “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, you deserve nothing but the best and more” you blushed and looked away.

“You’re so cute” he said laughing then kissed your cheek “Are you staying?” you asked “Do you want me too?” you nodded “Yeah” “Then yeah I will” “Good” “I hope we never have to be apart that long every again” “Me too” you agreed.

“I am glad I found someone like you that can handle my life, you know?” “Its not like you’re choosing it over me, i get it studio time is unpredictable events turn up out of nowhere, I’d love nothing more than to go with you but I really wanna finish school” “I know, this summer I wanna travel the world with you beautiful” “Sounds amazing” Sam smiled “Yeah amazing, just like you”

Although it was only a few hours, it all made up for the time lost because of your insane lives.

Okay it’s about fucking time I wrote about this

Before I begin, if you even think of commenting “You must be white” after this, don’t bother reading.

Everyone on this flippin’ website is trying to be so just about racism and feminism and what not, but then you go and say “White people ruin everything” so how the fuck does that make you any better than the “White people” who ‘ruin everything’?
Your head is stuck so deep up your ass you don’t even realize that being called ‘white’ is annoying people as much as being called ‘black’. You write long, meaningful posts that lecture everyone on here about how not all Asians are the same and how not all Black people are the same and that we should all tell the differences by now but then you go ahead and categorize the rest as ‘white’. 
My friend honestly just saw a post saying “Can White people put ‘White’ in their description???? Maybe someone feels uncomfortable with following a white person??? Please do”. Another post said “When will the whites die?”.
If you don’t see the problem with these posts I am sorry to inform you, YOU ARE BEING RACIST.
This is like the beginning of a new age of Fascism. PEOPLE ARE TELLING MY FRIENDS THEY CANT WEAR KIMONOS AND CANT LISTEN TO KPOP BECAUSE ITS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. But isn’t it just so beautiful when cultures spread around the world and everyone is exposed to many colors, clothes, sounds, smells and flavors? Isn’t it amazing when everyone just shares their views and cultures instead of making it a competition and setting up boundaries to people. Experiencing the world is more than hearing it or seeing it, it’s also living it. Trying it. And if you tell me I can’t try a Kimono on and take a picture in it calling it beautiful because I’m ‘white’, then you can’t do it either because you’re ‘black’, get it?
Everyone on here is such a hypocrite. You want to be right, not just. I understand that with this age of internet controlled society everyone feels smart and like they’re better than everyone, I really do, but it’s not within your rights [No matter who you are] to tell me to delete my blog because I’m ‘white’.
If comparing someone from Korea to someone from Japan is terrible, then I believe comparing someone from Armenia to someone from Turkey is just as bad. Same goes for Americans and Russians. You don’t want people to compare you to another ethnicity yet you do the same when you say ‘White people need to stfu”. 
It sometimes feels as if Tumblr users are saying “You all like Tulips you need to delete your blogs and die” because Tulips “steal the color of other flowers, destroying everything unique about them”. But when you think about it differently, we can look at a beautiful garden of colorful flowers growing together.

How great could that be?

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Stormpilot prompt 8. One of them is mute/deaf/blind

I had to do this one immediately tbh I love it

“Oh, excuse me,” Finn said, stepping to the side. The man trying to walk around him stepped the same way. Finn moved in the opposite direction, and the man mimicked his movement once again. The little orange and white dog at his feet yipped, trying to skitter around his legs as well, but was unable to as a result of the leash he had on. Finn tried one last time and realized it was useless when the person in front of him once again moved into his path.

Finn sighed, finally looking away from the dog and into the eyes of the other, and he froze; they were soothing, calm, mystical, and… white?

“Uh,” he muttered, a furrow in his brow creasing his image. “Are you okay?”

“Hm?” Poe asked, tilting his head. He had one hand pressed firmly against the wall, feeling the ridges under his hand. “Who are you?”

“Finn. I think we’ve met before…?”

“I don’t remember if we have or not. My name is Poe. Poe Dameron. I live in apartment 2199,” he pointed to what he must have thought was his apartment door, but in reality, it was just a bush. “You have a nice voice, Finn.”

The darker one felt his cheeks flush for a reason he could not tell. The compliment alone wouldn’t usually make his face burn like he was under a sunlamp. “Thanks,” he murmured, looking anywhere but at Poe’s face. Not that it bothered him. Just that he was inhumanely beautiful, like a famous sculpture had taken all the time in the world to shape his face into the greatest creation known to man. It was, to say the least, rather distracting.

“This is going to sound weird, and you can say no, I just… Can I see you?”


“See you, like… I know it sounds weird, cause I’m blind and all, but can I touch your face? Just to maybe get a picture? It would be a big help, but I understand if you don’t want me to, not many people do-”

“You can.”

When he said that, Poe seemed to relax, his hands finding their way up to his face. He couldn’t help but laugh a little when Poe’s thumb went into his mouth and he recoiled, apologizing profusely. His fingers were light, delicate, like fairies were kissing his skin. The blind man took extra care in not hurting him near the eyes or the nose, but his mouth was a different story. He ran his fingers across his lips, the tug and pull of skin under them letting him get a feel for the other, his cheeks oddly warm, his jawline strong and secure. He breathed, a quick sigh, his touch moving up to Finn’s hair (or what he had of it), running down to the end of his neck and across his collarbones.

“You’re beautiful.”

Finn froze under Poe’s hands, his heart racing a mile a minute. Had a man that had obviously fallen from his place in the sky as a divine being just call him… beautiful?

“You think so? You should look in a mirror.

“I can’t.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“It’s okay,” Poe laughed, a tinkle, like angels were ringing bells. “You are, though. From what I can tell. Would you like to get coffee with me? If you aren’t busy?”

Finn looked down at the dog who was sitting quietly at Poe’s feet, his head and ears perked up to catch everything they were saying. He let out a bark, but it sounded more like a beep than anything else.

“Bee says he wants you to come with us, if you’d like.”

“You speak dog?” Finn asked, mostly sarcastic. He patted Bee on the head, soothing the testy animal.

“You don’t?” Poe returned, with enough confused inflection that Finn couldn’t tell if he was serious or not. The smile that was stretching across his face told him he was kidding, which was good; he wasn’t sure what he would have said if Poe had said he was honestly concerned.

“I don’t, unfortunately. Only English, please,” he replied, chuckling. He shifted his weight, feeling a little awkward. “I’d love to get something to drink with you.”

“Wonderful, because I need a ride,” Poe laughed, patting him on the back. “I would’ve hated to have walked there.”

“You’re paying for gas money, you crook,” Finn joked.

“You’re paying for stealing my heart. It’s a federal crime, you know, so you will have to cough up the fines,” Poe retorted, barely realizing what he had said as Finn fumbled with his keys. They had gotten oddly hard to get out of his pocket, and he was pretty sure it was because of his shaking hands.

Poe smacked around the side of the door with his hand until he found the latch, then opened it and climbed in. The interior smelled like anti-freeze and lemon. “Thanks,” he said as he buckled his seat belt, taking him a few moments to find the hole the metal went into. “I appreciate it, you not freaking out and gushing over my eyes, trying to coax a sob story out of me. I do that too often, believe me. It’s a nice change for me.”

“You’re a nice change for me, Poe. It’s good to meet you.”

“Good to meet you too, Finn.”

Poe couldn’t see it, but the minute Poe’s hands had left his face, Finn had been gently crying, tears streaming down his face in torrents of silent agony. He whisked them away as quickly as he could, focusing on the driving aspect of their trip.

He knew who Poe was. He knew that Poe had gotten into an accident while saving his best friend Jessika from a fire 2 years ago. He knew that his eyes had been damaged beyond repair, and that his memory was weak at best. He knew all of this because he had been Poe’s husband before hand, and that he still had the ring on his finger to prove it. He knew who Poe was because every morning he would repeat the same sequence, the same cycle over and over again, the quick joke, the seeing with his hands, all of it, like it was scripted.

He knew who Poe was because he was in love with him.

Poe didn’t know who Finn was because he didn’t have the sight to kickstart his memory and remind him of the one he was supposed to love back.

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1. So here's my story: I'm from Australia and when 1D were here for the logies, I was at the very end of the carpet just where they get out of the cars. I didn't have anyone with me because I don't really have any friends so I was standing alone. When I saw them, 3 of them walked past me up to meet fans further along while Zayn and Louis started at the end. I wasn't screaming or anything, but Louis looked at me and I asked nicely "Could I please get a picture of you, but not with me in it."

2. He was kind of in a rush and was walking away from me but he stopped and turned back and said “Why don’t you want to be in it?” I told him I would ruin the photo because I was too fat and ugly and it wasn’t how I wanted to remember that moment. His face just fell and he asked for my phone which I handed over. He flipped it to front facing screen and got really close to me and whispered “farts” and I burst out laughing. He must have snapped a picture because he handed me back my phone and 3. walked away down the line without another word. My heart sunk for a second because I thought it was really rude. But when I looked at my phone our picture was amazing. He were both laughing, I had ugly crinkly eyes but I looked so happy. And I got a REAL picture with Lou. Not his opened mouth, pointing at a fan one. A real laughing one, where he looks happy. He didn’t have to tell me that I was beautiful or pretty or anything. I don’t care that he didn’t have time to talk and he just walked 4. away. He didn’t have TIME and I get that. But he made time for me, even just the 1minute it took to do that. Just doing that for me shows me that he is an amazing person, who people do NOT give enough credit to. I’ve never shown the picture to anyone, it’s my little secret. But I think I’m almost ready to share it and show people. And you’ll be the person I come to when I want to show the world what a beautiful person Louis William is. Thanks for letting me share!

OH MY GOSH BABE! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I had the biggest smile on my face reading this! This is like sweetest thing ever. it sucks that you only got a few seconds with him but at least you got a genuine moment with Louis. And you’re so right, he doesn’t get enough credit. And not a lot of people can see what an amazing, caring, and just all around wonderful person he is. I would absolutely LOVE to see the picture you two got together!! (: