i just want the whole show to be about him because he is so pretty

Thoughts on Supergirl 2x13

I watched last night’s episode and I must that I was quite disappointed and was wondering what happened to the show I love.
I’m only going to focus on one scene which is the one where kara and Mon-el argue at the DEO, because right now I don’t have time to rant about the whole episode.
[I must worn you tho if you’re karamel shipper or a fan Mon-el you shouldn’t read this, I try to only spread positivity and try to no send any hate to any character or ship, you can like whatever you want. I worte this when I was watching the episode and got pretty pissed and also curse a lot lol.]

Kara told mon-el to back off but he didn’t because he knows better ? What the actual fuck Monell invalidated Kara’s feelings and opinions, because he has to know what’s right not her just after she told him that she could handle it and wasn’t some damsel in distress. She should have turned around and punish him but what happens ? They switch to a lighter music to show that this is a “fun scene”, that we’re not supposed to be hella pissed at Monel for what he said, this is “a cute couple bickering” NO IT’S NOT WHAT THE FUCK.

Then Monel calls her full of herself ? Wtf ??? And we’re supposed to think this is “cute” cause ohhh he was just jealous ??? What’s happening to this show ???

“I’m the one who supposed to be mad ” ??? Fuck off with your man pain ? Kara has so much to deal with, that crazy mister whatever the fuck and you ?? You have some man pain cause a psycho offered your crush flowers ??? Yeah you’re definitely the one who gets to be mad right now

Kara finally actually calls him out on his bullshit because he’s such a fucking macho and what does he say ? Dexamit ! He brings all to something kara apologized for and felt truly sorry about. so what does any of his macho behavior has to do with being daxamit ? Nothing ! Absolutely nothing but he has to make himself look like the victim here when he’s actually the asshole. Again i hate the fact that this scene is supposed to be “comic” cause it’s not.

“Not all of them” oh Right Monel you need every girl to throw yourself at you huh ? You’re not used to a woman standing up to you right ? You need them to shut up and be good trophies right ? Oh wait he literally said that ! Thanks for helping me proving my point buddy. I hate that this reenforces, not only the objectification of women, but also the idea that when a girl says no she’s just playing “hard to get”, this is disgusting (and sends such a fucked up message). It’s even worse when you realise this line was not only litteraly used on the episode but as trope used on kara during the season when she kept repeating she didn’t like Monel and Alex telled her if she’s sure cause why won’t she like him right ? Fuck this shit

Thoughts on Viktor and “Stay Close to Me”

This suddenly clicked on my mind and I needed to get it out.

The “Stay Close to Me” program was a cry for help.

I’ve seen posts showing the translations of the lyrics, and it’s basically about someone afraid of love and full of anger toward it, finally falling for someone and wanting this person to “stay close to them”.

What if Viktor seems so lonely (no significant other, no family mentioned, no friends shown ?) because he actually is. What if his relationships turned short because his partners only wanted to see the skater Viktor, the pretty playboy ? What if they never managed to do what Yuuri does, seeing him as human, wanting him to “be Viktor” ? And they didn’t want to see him as a whole human being, they didn’t want to see the part that aren’t that pretty. They didn’t want him to be awkward or messing up, or not knowing perfectly what to do in every situations. They didn’t want to see him not smiling or being happy and charming all the time. And it hurt Viktor, because he felt even less alone. Being with someone who don’t understand you and don’t really want you.

So he shut down and refused to let anyone close to him. Like Yuuri, he didn’t open up anymore. He kept skating, kept showing people what whey wanted to see, kept surprising them and surpassing himself.

But he felt he was reaching his limit. And mostly, the loneliness started to eat him alive. He was 27-years-old, and he felt like he always been lonely. Watched by thousands of people, but desperately lonely.

So he decided to give it a try. A last try. 

“Stay Close to Me” was a cry for help. It was his love story (maybe why he thought that Yuuri’s theme, “love”, was perfect ?), and the expression of his desire to find someone. He knew he couldn’t skate it perfectly because he didn’t have a significant other. yet. He skated it in the hope of someone seeing it and understanding. He skated it in the hope one day, he could skate it meaningfully (maybe in the duet version that’s put at the end of the official Yuri on Ice tracks list ?)

And it happened.

Yuuri understood. What was supposed to lie behind the program. What it meant. He skated it perfectly on the technical side, but also on the interpretation side. Yuuri had this emotional intelligence, this sensitivity, that made Viktor go “Him. He can understand. He might be the person I was looking for.” 

If you see it that way, it would only make sense Viktor would suddenly be ready to give up everything he knew (”I never thought I would leave this town”), to take a year off of the sport that meant his life, and to go toward the unknown so suddenly. Imagine how it would feel if you got so lonely for years, maybe for most of your life, when you gave up on love and being understood, gave a last try, and found someone, someone who understand. Imagine him seeing the glimpse of connection with Yuuri, hoping that it wouldn’t be a mistake, an other disappointment. Hoping that he’s not looking too much through it, that he’s right. Hoping that this time he really found someone.

Re-think of this scene of the episode 4, where he’s asking to Yuuri what he wants him to be for him. Imagine it being a test, and Viktor deep down thinking “please let me not be wrong. Please.”. Imagine his joy when Yuuri refuses all his offers to finally tell him he wants him to “be Viktor”. At this moment he knows he was right and that Yuuri can be the person who will understand him.

I might be wrong. But to me, “Stay Close to Me” was a cry for help. And Yuuri answered it.

I might be completly wrong in this and yall have free pass to come scrub it in my face when YOI ends, but like…. I don’t think the whole point of the show is having an antagonist?

Yes, compared to what we know of almost every character (and the writers put some effort in telling why they skate, what are their motivations and a little bit of everyone’s past), Viktor can seem a little… Off? Because the writers don’t dwell as much on his thoughts, and there’s very little we know about him (except he likes surprising people and he’s bored of winning at this point).

(I mean, look at this smile. It looks really fucking fake, even for someone thats 24/7 cheery af like Viktor.)

And while this might seem a bit iffy, considering we’re already halfway to the end of the show, I kind of just want to point out that Yuri on Ice is, mainly, about Yuuri (duh, Heloisa, you say, but hold on a second). And Yuuri’s development is really tightly walking together with Viktor’s. Through those episodes, it’s clear that Yuuri has a lot of talent and skill. He is perfectly capable of suceeding (as shown by the perfect copy of Viktor’s routine that won him another gold), except for the fact that he’s insecure and a very anxious person. He still pretty much anxious, even by episode 6, when he is able to perform Eros perfectly, as shown by the fact that he is freaking out about being first place. But I think that this is where Viktor comes through: Yuuri is dealing with his feelings way better this time. He is opening up to someone, which we all know he’s very wary of doing. He doesn’t like showing weakness, don’t like people thinking less of him. But he feels safe when Viktor is listening (the beach scene anyone?). And that’s really important! This is a really nice example of a healthy relationship.

(This is actually the most pure scene is the story of media, fight me on this.)

So, back to my point. Until now, he have been following closely Yuuri’s story, since his failure at the Grand Prix (that wrecked him) and his decision to get back up, to try ice skating, to go “well, I really love this thing, and so I’m going to keep trying, even if my body hurts and I’m tired and upset still”. When Viktor shows up, this resolve strenghtens, and Viktor puts him back on intensive training. Not only that, but Viktor urges him to be more confident and sure of himself. Viktor makes himself available to Yuuri, pushing ever so slightly until Yuuri is able to come to him and talk about what he’s feeling. But! There’s one more thing. It’s not only Yuuri that’s benefiting from it.

(Compare this man’s joy in this pic to the first one. I mean… Yuuri isn’t even close to winning the Grand Prix yet, but Viktor is more happy at his routine – this is before the scores came out – than when he won the gold medal for the 500th time.)

Some speculations have surfaced about Viktor being a very lonely person, which might or might not be true. But well. He was a child prodigy, reached fame at a very young age, and has been in the spotlight ever since, grew under it, every move hyperanalysed to exhaustion. As charming and extroverted as the guy is, that must be tiring. Which probably had a huge impact on his decision to just drop his career and go “well, look at this kid performing my routine better than I did. It would be a shame if I didn’t fly to Japan to coach him”. While we aren’t 100% sure of his full motivations (except Viktor does say that Yuuri creates music when he performs, and that sounds pretty much enough of a motivation, considering that Viktor wants to surprise and be surprised and wants passion, most of all) and past and wishes, etc, etc. What we have of Viktor right now is his development very strongly intertwined with Yuuri’s.

And, I mean… Viktor looks absolutely thrilled with Yuuri. Even more than Yuuri himself because, even when he’s building his confidence, Yuuri is still aware that a) people aren’t taking him that seriously just yet, b) everyone wants Viktor back to performing and c) most think Viktor is wasting his time. So, honestly, tha fact that Yuuri basically raises the middle finger (although, yes, metaphorically) with his performance to every single one of these people, because he doesn’t care how much they cry out, he did fucking stole Viktor. Deal with it, he says. So it’s safe to assume Viktor is more than slightly encouraging Yuuri to think like that.

Would all of this be necessary if Viktor was only doing this because he wants to create a new competitor worth of his time (when, I don’t know, Yurio seems strong enough to steal Viktor of his first place without so much extra care)? Would all this endless flirting and touching and intimacy be necessary to build up Yuuri’s confidence? Would Viktor actually say Yuuri to seduce him just to, you know, build His Straight Friend confidence? Would Viktor do all of this just to get more attention, when the reactions of everyone of their closeness isn’t even of shock at this point? Like, Phichit posts a picture of Viktor half naked all over Yuuri on the internet and the worries are “will people think I’m fooling around before competition?” and not that he’s fooling around with Viktor instead? Besides some embarassed reactions like Minami watching them hug, the whole affectionate thingy isn’t really a surprise anymore. Sure, photographers took a lot of pictures of Viktor and Yuuri hugging during the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship but, as showed on episode 6, Viktor is all over Yuuri any chance he’s got.

On live television, also… Just like Yuuri’s love confession (also, I super recommend reading this post on Yuuri’s speech. Just read all of OP’s posts because great analysis! And great translations!).

So, anyway, my point is that, if Viktor is doing this for pure and only his personal gain, he takes his objectives really fucking overboard and should get some sort of acting prize.

And my other point is that, if the show ends up making Viktor some sort of evil-only self-absorbed selfish douchebag, it won’t be a plot twist, it will be bad writing and very misleading (and I’m not only saying this because of the past episodes: both the open and ending of the anime are very upbeating; the tone of the anime and its writing are overall light, even when dealing with hard issues; etc).

Also can we just drop the whole narrative of same sex/gender relationships always having heavy drama, because it’s really getting tiring at this point. The drama is the Grand Prix, it’s all these fucking skaters trying their best and falling and getting up again, it’s the literal depression Yuuri went through and is trying to get out of with the help of Viktor and everyone else. That’s enough drama, don’t yall think?

Other vaguely backstory-esque things abt the Klance superhero/supervillain au:

  • Lance has ice powers and Keith has super speed this is partially because those powers fit but mostly because ive been watching the flash lately
  • Keith naturally has a huge distrust of authority and a big whole deal about looking out for himself, has a pretty tragic backstory but it mainly boils down to “fuck the rules what have they done for me lately”
  • He generally avoids hurting people and his targets tend to be douches but thats as close to vigilantism as it gets (in the early days at least) he’s mainly a thief
  • Until he starts going head to head with Lance at which point he is an “Any crime that will get this guy’s attention so he shows up and I can punch him” kind of guy
  • Lance is a wonderful person who genuinely wants to help people and is always putting others before himself, he just truly and purely thinks that having these powers means helping people. It’s not even a question of responsibility it’s cause and effect to him.
  • THAT BEING SAID he’s also very snarky and kind of projects smug arrogance and he immediately rubs Keith the wrong way.
  • It isn’t even a “This hero is in my way I need to take him out” type of situation it’s just. Entirely about the fact that Keith dislikes him. Mostly bc he’s got some deep seated issues w the law and views Lance as kind of the ultimate representation of everything wrong with it, someone who is only in it for the glory and only protects the people he considers worthy while condemning everyone else.
  • This is 100% inaccurate but there is a small possibility that Keith has some issues so that’s what he thinks
  • (are u maybe getting the sense ppl werent there to help keith when he needed it i am getting that sense i dont know about you)
  • That is how their relationship starts out but it eventually gets to the point where Keith crashes on Lance’s couch when he needs a place to stay so you can tell there is development
  • Lance also hates Keith like… this fucking guy. Could do So Much Good with his powers. But no he steals and makes chaos bc he’s an IRREDEEMABLE DICK. 
  • The main turning point for Keith’s view of Lance is when Lance has the obligatory temporary loss of powers plotline while some supervillain/monster attacks the city
  • In his view this just confirms his ideas about Lance because he’s a no-show when people seriously need him and it just proves that he’s only looking out for himself just like everyone else and Keith is not disappointed okay because if he was disappointed it would mean he thought the idiot was different and that would have been incredibly naive of him. People look out for themselves first thats just how it works
  • (he tells himself while risking his life to evacuate civilians bc he has no self-awareness whatsoever)
  • And then Lance does show up to confront the villain right when things are getting really bad and makes his arrogant speech about “you might as well just surrender” and Keith is Not happy about it he’s not he’s annoyed actually because why isn’t this stupid ass making with the blasting instead of just awkwardly flapping his jaw-
  • Lance definitely does Not have his powers back
  • He might be a bit of an idiot
  • He definitely almost gets killed but Keith rescues him (bc again no self-awareness whatsoever) and is like what the ever loving fuck was that just shoot ice in his face dummy
  • “I can’t”
  • “What so I steal a car and you go all out but this guy wrecks a city block and you decide he gets twelve warnings? What kind of-”
  • “No I mean I can’t! I don’t have my powers!”
  • “Then what the fuck are you doing here?!
  • “Look, I don’t expect you to understand but it is my job to protect this city and I am going to do whatever I can to do that! This guy is here because of me and powers or no powers I’m not going to stand by and let him hurt people.”
  • Why does Keith’s heart skip a beat who knows certainly not him it’s probably unrelated
  • Keith drops Lance off way outside the danger zone and tells him to stay put until he can make with the frost again and goes to fight the villain because someone’s got to.
  • Oh shit time for some begrudging mutual respect
  • Subsequently they end up having to team up a handful of times. They have their differences but neither of them want the city destroyed.
  • (Villain of the week: “Why do you fight, alongside your enemy no less? Surely you know it is futile.”
    Lance: “I’m not just going to stand by while you put innocent lives in danger, no matter where you go I will stop you-”
    Keith: “I live here.”
    Lance: “Keith-”
    Keith: “I’m not saying I don’t think what you’re doing is fucked up but I am saying that if you did it like the next city over that’s not really my problem anymore”
    Lance: “…dude.”)
  • Also I heard y’all like pining Keith
  • He gets it bad.
  • It really sneaks up on him and then suddenly his stupid arch-rival is laughing at his own joke and it’s just “Oh…”
  • He keeps doing a bunch of genuinely selfless things for him and then being like “What the fuck?? What the FUCK??? WhAT the Fuck???” @himself bc he does not do that.
  • Lance makes a crack about how he’s got a date tonight and it better not get interrupted by any villains and before Keith knows it he is foiling a bunch of crimes bc listen okay this has nothing to do with Lance and wanting him to be happy it’s just that these guys are in his territory and he doesn’t appreciate the competition okay??? thats definitely it and also his heart definitely does not hurt whatsoever bc it has no reason to HE CAN PUNCH BADGUYS IF HE WANTS THATS THE WHOLE POINT HE HAS SUPERPOWERS SO HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS AND MAYBE HE WANTS TO PUNCH BADGUYS SOMETIMES WHATEVER
  • The Paramedic he yells this at does not look convinced she mostly looks scared and confused actually
  • Lance is completely baffled when he checks the news the next morning and finds a bunch of articles about his nemesis potentially turning to the good side, suddenly recalls mentioning his date and realizes what Keith was doing and proceeds to be the smuggest motherfucker about it forever
  • this exchange probably:
  • “Careful Keith, or I’m gonna start thinking you care about me.~”
  • “I do.”
  • “What?”
  • “I do. Care about you.”
  • Cue confused and flustered Lance noises
  • I have not given any thought to Lance’s superhero name but he has one and a mask meanwhile Keith wears a the same jacket everywhere and his villain name is “Keith” so he’s clearly not putting in a lot of effort
  • Eventually they go beyond “grudging respect” stage to “weird friends stage”
  • Other supers have a hell of a time figuring them out.
  • I have like a thousand more things but thats p much good for now
  • I have devoted very little thought to what everyone else is doing in this AU do I play favourites? Yes absolutely am I ashamed? Kinda will I stop? No

Makeup Artist/ Model AU after Taehyung and Yoongi decide to “retire” because they get tired of always being away from each other. They decide to open their own personal YouTube channels with Taehyung as a someone who plays games and reacts to videos while occasionally posting vlogs of any stray jobs he may take.  Yoongi’s channel is him posting music and makeup tutorials as well as taking fan questions and giving any help he can give. 

(i just really want a YouTube Au tbh) 

People love how funny Taehyung is. His whole careers he always heard how he was a pretty face and now he has people seeing how HILARIOUS he is while having fun it literally makes him so happy. 

People love Yoongi because of how blunt but caring he is. One time he got a fan question in a live show he did about a fans cheating boyfriend and he just sighed. 

“Look Debra, you need to dump his ass and realize you’re worth it okay. You deserve it. What is it? It’s respect.” 

They always invade each other’s channels too but in the cutest way like Taehyung will be playing a new game or reacting to a new video and Yoongi will peek his head around the door and show up on the video smiling at his cute boyfriend screaming at whatever game. 

Taehyung shows up when Yoongi does new makeup looks and doesn’t want to use his own face. It’s literally full of flirting and greasy comments and kisses. 

“Now this eyeshadow is perfect because it’s last all night-”

“Like me?” 

Yoongi nearly smacks Taehyung. 

They post joint blogs of them with their dogs Holly and Soonshim and Taehyung will take sneaky vlogs of Yoongi cooking while Yoongi will post vlogs of Taehyung rapping in the shower.

From time to time Yoongi is asked to do makeup for a certain show or Taehyung will be asked to model in something and they of course will fill their Youtubes with videos of what their doing plus cute little messages like. 

“Yeah Taehyung is loud but i miss him.” 

“Yoongi hyung isn’t here to yell at me for wearing purple eyeliner i miss it :c” 

Yoongi will even post tattoo vlogs and talk about each tattoo he has *because it’s a lot). When he finally gets to the kiss mark tattoo on his hip he blushes. 

“There are Taehyung’s lips… he’s uh… kinky” 

The fans literally go crazy and that’s one of his most popular videos after his boyfriend tag video. 

They are just cute and domestic after their hectic life of runways and the media.

some interesting sam parallels in uncharted 4

so i’ve been thinking a lot about Sam’s motivations both before and during the events of A Thief’s End, and there’s a few parallels in the game that I find really interesting from a character standpoint. probably the most obvious parallel is Sam shielding Nate from Evelyn, and then doing so again from Rafe twenty odd years later. but I’m sure many people more eloquent than me have discussed these scenes so I won’t dwell on them.

what I do want to dwell on are these two scenes: 

in the first scene Sam gifts Nate the motorbike, and Nate pretty quickly reads between the lines. “the only time you pull a stunt like this is when you’re trying to make up for something”. YIKES drag him Nate. apart from showing us that Nathan is an astute motherfuckin kid who is close enough with his big brother to recognise the signs of an imminent let down, this kinda hints at the fact that Sam is not great at the whole Communication™ thing. because he’s afraid or maybe just not equipped for an emotional conversation with his baby brother, he tries to apologise in advance with a grand gesture - something he’s obviously done before, according to Nate. 

the second scene is just after they’ve climbed up to Avery’s statue and looked through the spyglass. Nate says something kind of pessimistic, Sam seems frustrated and tells him “you know you’re allowed to feel excited about this”, and when Nate continues in the same vein Sam tries to end the conversation with a pretty passive aggressive “okay”. just like the previous scene we see Nate call Sam on his bullshit. “your ‘okays’ are never just okay. it usually means the opposite of okay”. again, there’s that familiarity with his brother’s mannerisms, and Sam’s obvious attempt to evade an emotional confrontation. he actually uses that little “okay” at several other points in the game as well. use your words, Samuel.

basically I found these scenes interesting because they gave us tiny clues about why Sam felt the need to tell that awful lie. in Sam’s mind, at least, the hunt for Avery’s treasure was the best thing for both him and Nate, and I think Sam (Mr Terrible Communication Skills) was so terrified about the concept of his brother potentially refusing to help that instead of trying to communicate, instead of trying to explain, he crafted the Alcazar story and basically guaranteed Nate’s assistance. ahhh, those Drake brothers and their lacklustre communication skills. 

as a side note, I think it’s indicative of Sam’s development as a character that in the epilogue scene we see him try, in his own stumbling way, to actually explain to Nate, using words, what he’s feeling. it took like twenty years but he’s getting there. (although he’s still got a long way to go lmfao. in lieu of a big emotional apology, Sam tries to make amends with another gesture - a small fortune slipped into Elena’s coat pocket)

MOVING ON. the second parallel I wanna talk about is this:

tbh this is not so much a parallel as complementary scenes but HEY whatever… in the first scene Nate is upset that Sam is leaving, saying not unreasonably that “it’s not fair”. Sam’s response is a sad sort of smile and one of my favourite lines in the game: “nothing about our lives has been fair, but we’ve made it work”. twenty something years later Rafe seems to be winning the race for Avery’s treasure, and Sam tells him “you don’t deserve it”.  

HOOO BOY👌👌👌 I think these lines tell us a shit load about Sam’s motivation in the game. because that’s the crux of his character, isn’t it? as far as he’s concerned Avery’s treasure belongs to him and his brother, and to their mother before them. for a very large part of his childhood Sam had to play (or attempt to play) the part of the protective older sibling during a really tumultuous and unhappy period in both his and Nate’s lives. Nate at least could look to Sam for (probably dubious but well-intentioned) guidance. Sam didn’t have anyone. and I think that is the reason he latched onto the idea of Avery’s treasure so desperately. even as a teenager we can see the effect it’s had on him - we go from the despondently practical “nothing about our lives has been fair” to “I always felt we were destined for something great” in the space of a couple of hours. suddenly here is something incredible to work towards, an opportunity to be more than some punk kid with a deadbeat dad and no mother, an opportunity to be so much greater than his beginnings. I think it’s a form of escapism that Sam hadn’t been allowed or hadn’t allowed himself before. the obsession might have spiralled out of control during Sam’s thirteen-year stint in jail, but I think it took root as soon as he laid eyes on Cassandra’s journal.

and so it’s no wonder Sam is offended at the idea of Rafe discovering the treasure. Rafe hasn’t earned it, hasn’t spent twenty odd years scouring the world for clues, and sure as hell doesn’t have the same emotional connection to it as the Drakes. for Sam, this is an issue of attachment, as well as worth. 

HONESTLY I COULD KEEP GOING BUT THIS GOT REALLY LONG I still don’t fully understand Sam and obviously this is just my interpretation of these scenes but he’s an interesting character regardless so thanks Naughty Dog

I just realized I never shared on Tumblr the details of what downstairs guy was doing that got him in The Last Straw of trouble with the strata. Basically he was trying to fix his baseboard heater and took a pipe wrench to it and busted it, so it was leaking everywhere. All the building’s baseboard heaters are connected to each other and the boiler, so we had to have our boiler maintenance company go to his unit for repairs. It was gonna be pretty expensive as they were gonna have to drain the whole system, but downstairs would have to pay for it because he was the dumbass with the pipe wrench. 

So when the boiler company showed up for the scheduled time, downstairs dude and his terrible mother wouldn’t let them in and screamed at them. Then terrible mother called our strata president about it in the middle of the night, screaming and yelling at her for like 40 minutes. They wanted to call their own plumber to fix it, but everyone they brought in said that sorry, the boiler company would have to be the ones to deal with it.

Downstairs finally relented and were going to let the boiler company in to fix the baseboard heater at last, but apparently lmao. The mother had called them so much to harass their receptionist and harassed their site workers so much that the boiler company flat-out refused to do work for them ever again. So if they want it fixed, they can’t be on the property when the company is here to fix it. Plus they have to pay all the chargebacks for the company’s time spent dealing with their bullshit. Up until he got arrested today, they had no heat and it’s been a pretty cold winter. This is one of the most karma things I have ever watched unfold

htgawm s2 finale thoughts
  • First of all i’m so fucking tired of Connor I use to love him but now I need him to leave because all he does is whine and blame Annalise for his shitty life choices when all she does is help him
  • like wtf dude I thought you were a cool guy?? You can’t just mess with people’s lives like that I can’t even sympathize with the whole “my bf won’t let me do what I want” because you want to do really stupid and dangerous things??? Like even without knowing about about the whole murder thing it’s pretty obvious that working for Annalise ISN’T a good idea which is why your bf doesn’t want to have you be their hacker anymore
  • I think I like Michaela now. Not by a whole lot, but maybe she’ll grow on me?? I mean I just feel so bad about how she keeps sleeping with scum :/ 
  • except Asher he’s pretty decent by this shows standard
  • which btw i’m totally on team MichaelaxAsher it was so cute how asher asked Michaela if she was ok when Caleb came on the tv :)
  • i’m also totally down for WesxLaurel pls let it happen in season 3 Laurel deserves better than Frank and now that I know Wes didn’t kill his momma i’m certain they would be good together!
  • Also can we please keep Laurel informed?? my bby was fucking shit up because she thought Annalise was behind everything like Frank wtf dude you had like how many episodes to clear things up??
  • Annalise’s mom helping her get some kind of closure about the baby had me bawling protect this beautiful women please
  • I know you didn’t intend for that to happen but wtf were you doing being a shithead in the first place??
  • Bonnie didn’t do much but she was there for Annalise which was nice
  • The whole thing with the Hapstall siblings was predictable tbh it was the least interesting part of the episode
  • Wes is just destined to be traumatized forever isn’t he!?

First of all, let me warn you that the following post contains lots of spoiler, if you haven’t read the manga yet, you really should scroll down!!

maraasmilee asked why did Ren commit suicide. Well, I guess that the reason why he did such a thing is the same as for all those who commit suicide : because he was deeply & utterly unhappy.

I guess that Ren was one of those characters who has had to struggle his whole life. He’s been abandoned by his mother when he was a baby, has been raised in an orphanage. He never, ever, had the chance to get a parenting model. I’m not a psychanalist but I assume that it might be pretty hard to grow up healthily when you haven’t received any love during your childhood. Ren appears strong towards it thou, if this affects him, he doesn’t show it. So, this may not be the main reason but it has to be taken in consideration.

Actually, the moment that has been fatal, the moment that triggered everything, is the appearance of Trapnest in Ren’s life. When he decided to leave Blast for Trapnest, he’s done a pretty good choice for his career but not for his personal life. He’s lost the love of his life, he sacrificed her and she has never been able to forgive him. Plus, he wasn’t ready to become famous, to stand the pressure he’s submitted to.

here’s a conversation between hachi and her sister in vol.10. It concerned takumi : “The entertainment industry may seem to be dazzling on the outisde, actually takes a lot of work and dedication. Your responsability is to create a home he can relax, in a family for him to return to.”

The fact is, Ren had no family to return to, no shelter for when he was under pressure and Nana made it clear : she didn’t want to found a family. 

And there it comes : his relationship with his girlfriend, which slowly slips through his fingers. Everytime he was with Nana, he felt how she was unable to forgive him. He already had this persistent feeling of being guilty, of being a traitor and Nana made him feel like one. He felt that even if they tried harder, him and Nana would never be the same as before he left Blast. He lived with the constant idea on his mind that she’s in love with Yasu. And that she may leave him. Whatever he did, he could never keep Nana for himself and he blamed himself for having such thoughts. 

He was so stressed out that he started to do drugs, but drugs are artificial paradises that bring you artificial happiness, which leave you sadder than when you weren’t addicted.

To conclude, I’d say that Ren considered himself like a burden. A burden for Takumi and Trapnest, because of his addiction and a burden for Nana, because he avoided her to be happy with Yasu. 

If he commited suicide, that’s because he wanted pain to stop, quickly. And I know he’s peaceful now, wherever he is. 

I’ll give the last word of this to ren

Just ride out the storm

So, I recently watched the video @therealjacksepticeye made on the whole thing with Felix and he wanted a discussion on this. However, I had too much to say about it to put this shit in the Youtube comment section sooo, here I am: I understood Jack’s approach to making the video serious since it was a pretty serious topic. To be honest, I was actually surprised that he made a video about it as well as Mark because at least from my standpoint you shouldn’t have to be obligated to make a video in defense of something that you weren’t involved with but your friend was, but I can respect the reasons why.

As far as what Felix did, well….while I’m not an avid fan of his, I actually did grow to like him, so hearing about all of this made me angry, but more disappointed than anything. I was angry about him doing something that stupid and that it lead to the 2nd season of his show getting cancelled (Ngl, but I was REALLY excited for that shit). I don’t wanna say that I expected better from him (not because I put him on a pedestal or because “we’re all human”), but rather I didn’t expect him to get caught up in a mess like this. But after watching his video explaining everything, knowing he’s one of the few honest Youtubers, and checking some stuff, I forgave him.

That isn’t to say I agree with what he did though. I’m very much with Jack on this in that while Felix isn’t a Nazi/Anti-semite, what he did was fucking stupid, but he realized what he did, apologized, and he’s trying to make things better. Also, in a time where “fake news” has been an issue all over the world (not to mention an orange puppet of a toddler who seemingly suffers from NPD and lashes out at media outlets), I think the last thing the WSJ should be doing is taking things out of context to fit their articles.

While yeah, it sucks that Youtubers like Jack, Mark, Ken, and potentially Ross and Holly are being attacked for supporting Felix or still associating themselves as friends of his, I’m not surprised. Would you be? What did you think was gonna happen? By no means do I think it’s right for these people to attack others for still sticking with Felix or siding with him. It’s actually pretty shitty considering his friends and fans weren’t involved and Felix wasn’t an asshole about the result of this scenario. It also doesn’t mean that if they do, they’re Anti-Semites. Jack, Mark, Ken, etc. may be friends, but they’re not a fucking hive mind or some shit. They’re not all involved with everything one of them does so don’t go and pester them about things when shit goes down.

But unfortunately, there’s always gonna be people out there who don’t do their research, who don’t consider facts, who don’t look at the scenario as a whole, who try to make correlations out of shit that isn’t related, who jump to conclusions; going off of mere hearsay and internal bias. These people attacking them are never gonna be happy, even with the way Felix handled it so, it makes no sense being overly worried. All they believe is how supposedly horrible Felix is, and he really isn’t. If anything, I’d like to think he’s actually been keeping true to his resolution of sorts to be more honest this year.

While I believe the statement “We’re only human” shouldn’t be used as freely and should be taken into consideration of the context it’s being used in (though that’s a whole ‘nother discussion there), Felix does have flaws. As Jack said, he took pushing the limits of something a little too far and there was a price for it. But as long as we’re willing to learn from our mistakes, admit when we fucked up, apologize and move on, that’s the important thing. I really don’t care if others disagree, but I’m with Jack on this and Felix shouldn’t be getting NEARLY as much shit as he has been over what happened.

theholylight  asked:

How would Yu react to the Phantom Thieves Of Heart?

Complete and utter rejection.

He’d be absolutely terrified of them, though he’d never show it.

For one, he’d concider himself to be a potential target of theirs. He knows he’s not exactly what you’d call a ‘good’ person, so them wanting to change his ‘corrupt’ heart would make a whole lot of sense to him. In reality, however, I don’t think they’d be all that much interested in him. He doesn’t hold any particular power, political or otherwise, and doesn’t have any sway over people since he’s the absolute loner. In his later years, when he’s more of a public figure, being in the Shadow Ops and all, maybe. But not as he is right now. None of it matters to him, though. He’s Important, and these people are absolutely targeting him, because Of Course they are, it’s Him after all.

And just the thought of someone literally getting into his head and changing him is nightmare-fuel levels of horrifying to him. He may not like himself very much, but he’s got a very solid grip on his self and is very attached to it. And he’s seen these things happen before, read about them. The antagonist or an anti-hero in a story is shown the error of his ways and is made a better person with The Power Of Friendship. He detests this stuff, and knowing that it may happen in real life, and without his consent at that, doesn’t exactly thrill him.

He doesn’t have much of an opinion on their justice, but can certainly appreciate all the drama arising from it. It’s entertaining, at least.

I dug around spiderman/deadpool team up comic issues a bit (at least what I can find online) because I wanted to know why this whole spideypool (b)romance/ship started at all, and I quickly noticed why:

1. Deadpool’s interest in Spiderman isn’t exactly….subtle. His interest in Spiderman is pretty consistent throughout the series.

  • Deadpool thinks about Spiderman A LOT. I mean, the spider-dude even shows up in Wade’s hallucinations/daydreams one way or another. 
  • Deadpool makes a lot of Spiderman references. More often compared to the other pop-culture/media/4th-wall references he makes.

2.Spiderman actually treats Deadpool more nicely/humanely compared to other heroes. Sure, he doesn’t agree/like how Deadpool handles things since it goes against his morals, but he doesn’t seem to hate the guy. Extremely annoyed/weirded out and ready to smack the guy for bloody things he does? yes. hate? hmmm… I dunno…..ooo…..mmm I’m not getting that feel from him.

3. Deadpool and Spiderman, the two mouthiest wisecrackers in the whole hero universe, banter and have conversations: the two words these two hear the most from other heroes/villains are probably “Shut Up”. But when these two meet, the conversation is not one-sided. They ‘click’ together well, and get each other’s jokes and references (unless it’s a 4th wall joke).

4. They show up in each others’ comics a lot. They partner up quite often too. They also make homoerotic jabs (idk why. writers, explain.). Now their relationship is deemed in and outside of America as a ‘weird friendship that’s also kind of gay.’ 

5. It’s quite funny/hilarious when they pair up. 

It’s kinda hard to NOT ship them tbh. 

Exo Reaction to Watching the Walking Dead

So, I will confess that I hate zombies and have never watched the Walking Dead for my own sanity…but I can imagine I have? I thought about declining, but then I said…’nah, I got this.’. So, naturally some of the scenarios might be a bit off. 


Baek really doesn’t want to watch the show because horror isn’t his thing, but he sticks it out and watches the show because his girlfriend asked him. Naturally, every little thing startles him and the night ends with him holding a pillow and just barely peeking above it. 


Chanyeol is totally not scared, at least that is what he wants his girl to think. The whole time he watches he is unflinching and stone faced. When he gets home later though, he sleeps with the light on for good measure. 


Chen sits down on the couch and proceeds to be a sassy critic. 


As he is watching with her he is pretty chill and then he watches as someone violently turns into a zombie. She’s grabbing his arm tightly, he is strangely fascinated by what’s on the screen and can’t stop watching. 


*why do I keep finding reasons to use this.*


As he is watching, he is blank-faced but every bit of guts and gore is making him feel sick. 


*Confused Lay is confused*

“Why do people even like watching this, Baobei?” 


Luhan is so manly and can’t stop laughing at ridiculous gore. When his girlfriend is a little peeved at him for making it so she constantly can’t hear, he tries to be quiet, but in the end he just can’t. 



“Jagi, I bought you all the seasons. As if this is going to scare me.” 


As he watches he is really calm, until the gore starts flying. He doesn’t know where to look, all he knows is there is so much and he cannot keep up. 


When she asks him to watch, he shrugs and just sits down. He is super chill about it. He even holds her when she gets scared. 

anonymous asked:

how do you think fushimi would act and do at Misaki's funeral?

I feel like Fushimi would probably be pretty numb at Yata’s funeral, like I think in the immediate aftermath of hearing Yata was dead Fushimi would have had a whole wave of emotions that he couldn’t really handle so by the funeral he’s just buried every feeling deep inside because it hurts too much. So everyone expects him to be just this total mess at the funeral but instead he’s just like not even there, he stares at everything blankly and maybe mumbles about not wanting to be there but he doesn’t really cry or anything. I could see Munakata and Awashima accompanying him as like moral support and Anna and Kusanagi come over to check on him too, Fushimi acknowledges their presence but doesn’t show much emotion. Anna looks at him really worried and takes his hand, asking if he’s okay, and Fushimi’s eyes shake for a moment as he quietly whispers a ‘no’ before getting a hold of himself. I don’t think he’d want to speak at the funeral (especially if this was some kind of pre-reconciliation thing which would probably make the whole thing worse, I think Kusanagi and Anna would want to invite him to the funeral but a lot of the Homra guys would be glaring at him like he has no right to be there after all he put Yata through), he’d probably prefer to skulk in the back away from everyone’s eyes. Then at some point as all the mourners are walking away Awashima realizes that Fushimi’s not with them anymore, Munakata tells her it’s fine and Fushimi will catch up to him. All by himself Fushimi walks over to Yata’s grave and stands there for a long time before finally dropping to his hands and knees with tears running down his face as he repeats Misaki’s name over and over.

Girl Meets Bear Spoilers

as requested

• maya wants to go to this 25 cent taco event but when they wake up riley’s bear is gone and riley makes her stay to look

• the reason the bear is so important to her is because cory and topanga left it with her while she was sick

• zay thanks maya for sitting with him during the car wash (i don’t remember what ep that is)

• farkle and topanga talk about their pasts and how it made them the person they are today

• rucas have a conversation about childhood possessions and it’s cute

• josh shows up with laundry and pretty much just complains about college the whole time

• he also convinces riley to keep looking for the bear even though she accepted that it was gone 👀

• riley and lucas sneak off to get everyone tacos and riley fake cried to get maya a bobble head

• lucas asks riley to movies

• zay asks maya to the movies

• and auggie asks farkle to the movies and he just says “what” and I’m pretty sure they all broke character

Major Life is Strange spoilers for the Ending of the Game

Okay so you can yell at me if you want I guess but I have a question? Why is everyone just assuming that Nathan goes to forever prison never to be heard from or see the light of day again after he’s arrested in the Sacrifice Chloe ending? There’s not really a lot of evidence to support that? I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know a whole lot about the arrest and trial process but you do not just go to forever prison because you’ve been arrested. 

They show him getting arrested here: 

And here: 

Like okay yes Nathan was clearly arrested. But of course he was? Chloe is dead and it’s pretty obvious that Nathan did it, they’re not just going to let him go. As for the second picture he’s obviously handcuffed (he was arrested for murder and they are going to keep him handcuffed), and obviously has an orange prison suit next to him, but considering that this picture replaced the picture of him and Warren fighting I’m guessing it occurs around the same time on the timeline, and this is not Nathan being sent to forever prison. (he wouldn’t have been sentenced even in the week of time Max skipped let alone in the few hours since he shot Chloe.) Most likely he’s being processed and interviewed, and will then be held until bail is posted and payed. This all means that there are plenty of possibilities for Nathan’s future. Is one of them prison? Possibly yes. Is prison the most likely option, given that Nathan has clearly been manipulated and abused his whole life, and all the dirt he has on Jefferson? No. They could try and bully him into a plea deal, but any good lawyer isn’t gonna let him do that when he clearly has so many other options, and if for no other reason Mr. Prescott (The asshole) will probably shell out for a good lawyer to try and stop the embarrassment of Nathan going to prison from happening. It’s not the best situation to be in and it’s shitty that he’s going through this after everything that’s happened to him, but it’s not the end of his life and it could possibly lead to him getting some help. 

tl;dr: The Bea probably isn’t going to go to forever prison just because he was arrested guys pls calm down. 

Edit: Ey so I just got an ask from spookychu correcting me on part of the above! The thing laying next to Nathan might not actually be an orange jump suit but his jacket, considering he still has his regular blue and white shirts on and his Jacket seems to be missing for some reason. It looks orange to me but that just could be because i have crappy eye sight, my computer color resolution is pretty shitty and the screen cap isn’t great either. Either way that is mostly probably just an image of Nathan being booked.