i just want somebody to luv

hiya guys !!! 💖💛💖 i just wanted 2 say that i luv all of my mutuals soooo super duper much, and u guys mean the absolute world 2 me, and that i just !!! rlly rlly appreciate every single one of u, and i want 2 thank u 4 being here for me and !!!!!!!! yeah, hehe !!!! 💜💛💚💙💖 i also wanted 2 say that, if any of u need anything at all, i am here 4 u !!!! forever and always !!!! 💕💓💕 if u need somebody 2 talk/vent 2, or a friend, or even somebody 2 rb ur stuff or anything at all !!! i’m here 4 u, and i’ll try 2 help the bestest i possibly can !!!!!! 💝💙💝 u all deserve the absolute best and i never ever want 2 see any of u sad, and i luv 2 make ppl happy and 2 help ppl and all that kinda stuff and !!!! yeah !!!!! if u ever need somebody, i’m here 4 u !!!! even if we never interacted b4 !!!! i luv u all sooooo much and hope ur having a wonderful day, bc u all deserve it so so super duper much !!!!!! i wuv all of u sooooo much !!!!!! mwah mwah mwah ^w^ !!!!!! 💘💟💞💝💗💖💕💓

 it’s ya girl , britt,  BACK AT IT AGAIN !! okay so i love chantel like i really hope somebody comes and applies for her !! but my love for cindy has been going for soooo long . so well - here we are. if we had a plot for chantel and your muse , we can def bring it over to cindy cuz i’ll be plotting with y’all all over again. since i’m trash :)) let’s just get to know about cindy kimberly .

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are you still in a relationship

ahh no… i’m not rlly in a great mindset 2 be in an actual relationship w anybody atm bc !! i think i have 2 take some time 2 heal from some things but !! i am ok w being all lovey dovey w lyle and other ppl and all that kinda stuff !!!! 💖💛💖 i think it’s just… being in an actual committed relationship w somebody wouldn’t be the greatest 4 me bc i don’t think i could be a v good bf at the moment, unfortunately :( 💔 buuuut crushes r always good, and i luv giving ppl all my love !!! and i always want cuddles and kisses and all that kinda stuff, hehe  ^w^ !!!! 💜💛💚💙💖 i hope this makes sense !!! 💕💓💕

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Do you know any underrated bigbang's songs???


This is what I think as their underrated songs but do remember everyone will have different views! This is according to songs that most people don’t state as their faves when we talk.

1) Stay - It’s from one of their Japanese albums! And it’s my most fave because honestly Seungri’s voice sounds so good in it.

2) What Is Right - from their Tonight album - this is the song that made me stan them in the first place.

3) Come to my - from Seungri’s solo album - just listen to it jkasfd

4) A Good Man - from their Stand Up album IT IS SUCH A GOOD SONG HOLYSHIT

5) Tonight is boogie back - from Dae’s solo album in Japan. If this song doesn’t make you happy then I don’t know what will

6) Beautiful Hangover - LISTEN TO IT

7) Tell Me Goodbye - I’m sure this is a well known song but I just want everyone to love this song lmao

8) Feeling - Alive album - it’s well known BUT ONE OF MY FAVES

9) Ego - Alive album - KLSDJFSDLKFJ

10) Somebody To Luv - :-)

11) Top Of The World - I had this song on repeat for days