i just want season two for more of them

Does the second half of S4 parallel S1?

it’s strange because the first half of season 4 had A LOT of parallels of season 3 but now this second half? 

The more I think about it, the more it parallels season 1, so here we go.

Losing Friends 


Just like Eva Sana is feeling alone and out of touch with the people she loves the most. She doesn’t know how to fix the rift…so she doesn’t, but still she wants to so bad. she misses them and watching them from afar because she no longer can belong with them…is tearing her apart. Just like Eva in season 1.

Social media rubbing their new friends in their faces


we then get a true sense of the isolation between the two when they both sit at home alone and watch their friends…literally replace them. That’s what it feels like for both Eva and Sana. and after they both see these social media posts and drives them to get up and do something about it. “don’t let yourself be a victim” as doctor phil says to Eva and “don’t live in fear” as Nas tells Sana…it’s too similar and I love it 

Benchy Buddies


Not only are they both sitting on the same bench, with the same person, on THE SAME SIDE, but it is insane that Isak has served as a focal point in both of their painful dramas of secrets. in Eva’s season Isak revealed her lies to Iben, in Sana’s….Isak still revealed Sara’s lies by Sana getting access of them from Isak’s account. so essentially the truth came out and disaster happened because of Isak in both seasons…w i l d 

Trying to muster up the courage to make things better


I talked about this shot earlier today but oh my god I can’t believe how similar they are. The only difference is the change in time and the main character. This shows how 3 seasons later we are still in the same place. but this time with Sana. How we all feel isolation, misunderstanding and shame and how it never goes away. It is forever and it comes with being human. no matter who you are we all feel this pain, fear, and sadness. Both Eva and Sana felt like outsiders in their school. 

Confiding in someone about their mistake right before it hits them in the face


Just like Eva, Sana could not hold it in anymore and chose to confide in someone about the saranors2 account. Just like Isak (but with purer intentions) Chris advised Sana to not tell. I actually find this parallel really cool because in season 1 Eva was scared of losing Jonas and Jonas not forgiving her but in this scene Sana is actually afraid of Eva never forgiving her. It is like we have gone full circle in skam world. Eva has gone from the girl begging for forgiveness from her mistakes to…being the one who needs to do the forgiving… hmm



wow, so we have literally gone from season 1 where Eva is calling Isak after the reveal and getting voicemail, to Sana calling EVA after the reveal and getting voicemail. I think this was very intentional. 



Eva and Sana both get told that the people they love are incredibly heartbroken with them right now in a very similar way. Both with other people involved (Isak and Chris) and both with a phone…and then they break knowing that forgiveness is not going to be easy and they are both alone. They both fucked up and now they are alone and it is heartbreaking. 

what does this s1 parallel mean? 

Season 1 was the beginning, Season 4 is the end. The parallels are evident and I think it is because Julie wants to remind us why she made skam. Reminding us what it’s really about. I know with the girl squads current behaviour it doesn’t make sense just yet, but it will. and I wonder if this is also reflecting on Eva’s character now? She has gone from the character who we are crying with and hoping to god she can make friends and be happy to….being the girl we are screaming at to listen to Sana and FORGIVE HER. 

which is amazing because Julie is doing what skam has always meant to do. 

she is showing us every single side, corner, and edge of every character on this show. By doing this to Eva though is even more powerful because she was our first main. she is our firstborn who’s pov we all witnessed and now Julie is showing how we all make mistakes, we all get mad, we all are the person who needs to forgive, or the person who needs to talk. and each of these characters have had a turn to be each other if you think about it. 

Because now it’s Eva’s turn to be season 1 Ingrid…who needs to stop, and listen to what Sana has to say as they cry and forgive each other <3 

Boxed In (Cole Sprouse x Reader)

Imagine: You were always able to keep your fear of large crowds a well-kept secret from your co-workers, the cast of Riverdale. When your fame grows and you become recognized by fans on the street, your secret comes out and you worry about what your crush, Cole, will think.

“That’s a wrap! Great job, everyone!” Lee, the director of the current episode, boomed into the megaphone, clapping his hand together.

You wiped the tears away you had shed during your monologue to Cole, the both of you laughing. Your cast members, Lili, KJ, Casey, and Camilia came out onto the set–Pop’s parking lot–to give you both a big hug. That was the end of Season 2 of Riverdale, and the end of your first time acting in a mainstream television show. You were exhilarated, proud, and excited to see the finished product.

Everyone returned to their dressing rooms to change out of their costumes.

“I’m gonna miss wearing this,” you said with a sly grin, gesturing to your South Side Serpents jacket as you hung it on the rack.

“Don’t worry, once a Serpent, always a Serpent,” Cole said, chuckling.

“Great job, (Y/N),” Lili said with a kind smile. “That was awesome for someone’s first time acting on-screen.”

You smiled back, shyly. “Thank you, Lili. That means a lot. I’m so glad to have become friends with all of you, you’re all family to me, now!” You raised your voice so everyone could hear.

“Incoming!” KJ yelled, wrapping his arms around you. Everyone joined into a group hug, and one of the marketing interns snapped a picture for the Instagram. What a great way to end the season.

Your hair whipped around in the wind as you cruised down a busy Hollywood street, seated on the passenger’s side of Cole’s convertible. His radio blasted some local indie rock, mixing with the whooshing noise of the hot air. The two of you bopped your heads to the music, and his hand rested on your knee. Your heart raced.

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t crushing on your co-star, Cole, hardcore. When he’d suggested grabbing lunch after wrapping the last episode (he was booked with photography sessions and interviews the whole season), you excitedly said yes, and counted down the days until you’d finally get to go on what you called “your first date”, even if it was just lunch.

He pulled into the roundabout, handing his keys to the valet before rounding around the front to grab your door. You blushed, taking his arm to enter what was probably the nicest restaurant you’ve ever seen.

Lunch was everything you’d hoped it would be. The food was amazing, and Cole was genuine, charming, and just a bit flirtatious. You reminisced over funny moments during filming and filled each other in on your side hobbies, yours being music and his being photography.

The meal was over as fast as it started, and you were disappointed to know that it may be the last time you hang out with Cole for a while.

“Want to take a walk?” Cole said with a smile.

You grinned. “I wouldn’t want anything more.”

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Waltzing (s1/s3)

I know this has probably been done many times before, but honestly, I just couldn’t resist. Just look at the difference in the way they act towards each other. In first season. Carmilla is trying to impress Laura, because she’s already head over heels for her. And Laura is trying not to show just how big her crush on Carmilla actually is. They’re both skirting around each other, testing the waters. Then there’s third season. They think one or both of them might die tomorrow. And all they have for each other is love. They just want to be close to each other.

TTVJ: Oh, that’s exciting because they had some really great scenes in this episode. I know people were huge fans of their scene in Season 1 as well. Was that partially why you wanted to be sure and build that relationship this season?

Emily Andras discusses Wynonna and Nicole

EA: It’s funny, and I’ve been kind of chuckling to myself, because I see people asking for more Wynonna and Nicole, and that’s always something I really loved, these two women that are very different, but quite respectful of each other. I really just think that relationship is extremely interesting. I love the scene in the first season where they are drinking together, but the thing that has changed between them since then is that Nicole is now dating Waverly. So it also makes sense to me that Wynonna is instantly protective of her younger sister, and the person that could break her heart. Along with that, Wynonna and Nicole are very different people. Nicole is a police officer, and Wynonna doesn’t do well with authority or the law. Likewise, Wynonna is still kind of a fuck up and drinks too much, and Nicole is very warm, but kind of straight-laced. They are just different. That being said, I think they respect each other a lot and I think there’s so much joy to be had in watching that relationship grow this year, maybe different from Waverly, but also in so far as they both love Waverly. There isn’t a relationship on the show that I don’t want to get back to, and certainly Wynaught is one of them.


Graves: We are not moving to Chicago for like a million reasons
Credence: But Percy, pizza.
Graves: There’s pizza in New York
Credence: Right. Thanks, Percy, you’re so good at reminding me where pizza is

(Parks and Recreation; season 6, episode 21: Moving Up) 

Interview with Shoma in Chunichi Sports Newspaper, 6.20.2017

(Source. Translated by @cantilovertranslations)

– You announced that you will be skating to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the Olympic season. Unlike last season, you will be including two jumps in the second half.
S: Yes. I will do a 4F in the first half, and a 4T-3T and a 3A in the second.

– You always say ‘I want to attack’. Is putting jumps in the second half one of the ways you will ‘attack’?
S: I don’t really feel like that’s me attacking. There are only three jumps in the SP, and since I don’t want to miss them, I chose the jumps that I don’t often mess up on. It’s more that I’m like, well, since the percentage of jumps I’ve landed in the first half and the second half are pretty much the same, might as well just put them in the second half.

– What about your free skate, with Turandot which you used two seasons ago?
S: We haven’t really decided [the layout] yet. I would like to do the 4F in the second half. I want to do the 4Lo as my second jump. We still don’t know what the first jump will be.

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I think The Flash was the first show I watched that got me hooked on a characters chemistry with another. It would have been Scrubs but I saw scrubs after season 1 of The Flash because I needed something else to watch, but my god do Grant and Candice have such good chemistry. Especially in season 1. They had to interact as both long time friends as well as a reporter and a superhero working to benefit each other, and it’s not stale. You can really see that these two really get along. Even in season 2 to present when Iris started developing feelings for Barry, this also accounts for good writing, but that played it self out really nice. It wasn’t a “force these emotions” type of plot device but more of a “Cards are laid out on the table, choose how you want to order them” type of device. 

I know I’m expressing this shit to tumblr and it’s like telling a snotty 4 year old they can’t have cake because it’s unclear just what kind of response I’d get from this, but I have to say, I didn’t believe in shipping before The Flash. I didn’t ship olicity on Arrow, I still don’t. Not because I don’t like the characters, I love Felicity, I just… don’t. But with The Flash, it’s odd, but it seems more natural. Like these two have known each other for a long time, they grew up together, went to the same school, and Barry has had to keep those feelings toward her inside. The first episode gave me the vibe (pun) that he’s been friendzoned and I feel that. I felt that coming from the dynamic. And I think it was because of the shit Barry had to wait through in season 1 and the stuff Iris had to wake up to in season 2 that made me so interested these two. Probably why I started following westallen stuff on here.

Right as Iris started to have feelings for Barry (the second time), I was rooting for this relationship to work through. Because they all did a great job pulling me into this relationship of theirs. So much that it actually made me scared for a while that Iris was going to die. From shows standpoint, I’m fairly certain they won’t kill her, but that thought of her actually getting killed off makes me a bit uneasy… AND I LOVE THAT. I love it that it kept me emotionally invested enough to give a shit about her dying. If I saw her die, and I wasn’t emotionally invested, I just figured someway they’ll save her and that’s that. But I’m not and I actually feel worried.

Good writing and alright chemistry is what I see on the Walking Dead

Good chemistry and clever writing is why I like Scrubs

Great chemistry and great writing is why I love The Flash.

P.S. This website has some weird and crazy people, but I’m glad to see some level headed people out here giving honest theories and opinions. It gives me a little hope for The Flash fandom.


These writers truly believe that we should be satisfied with Spoby’s ending. That just because Toby was able to choose the real Spencer from Alex and that Spencer recited poetry to him in French, that completely makes up for the fact that we didn’t get to see Spoby as a couple on screen. We didn’t get a kiss or hug, we got the girls talking about it for 30 seconds at the end. 

At first I wanted Marlene to acknowledge Spoby fans after she screwed us and Spoby over but now? I just feel even more aggravated. How can she seriously think that their ending is fair compared to what she gave the other couples? And to say it would have been rushed? YOU are the one who controls when they reunite!!!! They didn’t HAVE to use Spencer’s twin to trick Spencer. They could’ve done this reveal and twin theory if they so badly wanted to WITHOUT ruining Spoby and getting Toby involved. He could’ve caught on that there was a twin around that wasn’t the real Spencer without him getting fucking raped by deception twice first. 

We didn’t get one damn scene of them as a couple in the time jump but we had to sit through 10 episodes of Spaleb when I can count the people who wanted that on one hand. And not only that, we had to deal with Spencer and Marco afterwards which was literally useless and took up screentime that could’ve been used for Toby and to progress Spoby. The fact that Spaleb and Sparco both had more screentime in season 7 than Spoby is just sad. That Marco, a useless as hell character was in more episodes than Toby, a character that has been there since the start, in season seven. And also, as much as I liked Yvonne and found her death completely unnecessary, why bother with that relationship? Why did they feel the need to give Toby a love interest when they couldn’t even give us anything they gave them for Spoby, a ship that’s been developed since season one? They put him in four fucking episodes per half season and THATS when they decide to give him a love interest instead of building up to romantic Spoby again?

And the sad part is, all of Spoby’s scenes in the finale WERE cute. They were them. We got that nostalgia feel of how they were in the earlier seasons, we could see they still loved each other and wanted to be together. But why couldn’t that happen ten episodes ago? They deserved to be in the same position as the rest of the couples, ready for an engagement or a wedding or a child by the end of the series. The fact that these writers don’t see that is beyond frustrating and I feel more angry than I was two weeks ago. 

So for sure there will be BTS clips of Supergirl with Katie McGrath in them. Most of Katie’s scenes are between her character, Lena, and Melissa’s character, Kara / Supergirl so most likely, there will be one or two (or three) BTS clips of Melissa and Katie.

And I’m screaming just thinking about this. I want to see them interact behind the scenes. Cos if their on screen chemistry as Supercorp is thru the roof.. How about off screen? Are they awkward? Cos there are lot of flirting (intentional or not) going on with their characters? That might be awkward to film right? What are they like as Katie and Melissa? (Am I the only one thinking about this?)

And she will be a regular for Season 3… that means high chance of more BTS clips with Katie McGrath.

athenahyena7  asked:

It's finals week for me and I'm stressing big time. Can I get some fluff/cuddle imagines for poly roadrat, and poly mchanzo if it's not too much?

For you, to clear your stress (I wish you the best of luck on your finals!!), and for me, to cure my cold, and for everyone else, to feel amused at our problems but also to feel fluffy and warm inside because poly cuddles are great.

Tbh, I just want a big boyfriend, a small boyfriend, and a girlfriend. Is that too much for a polyamorous person to ask?

I’ll tell ya. Yes. Yes it is. Apparently.

Moving on. I love your username. (I also said so in the tags.)



  • You both cuddle up on Roadhog’s belly
  • But y’all share a bath or a shower first, as to not get your cuddle supplies all dirty
  • Jamison probably encourages onesie-wearing but there’s not a onesie big enough for Mako, so Jamie either tries to make one or the large piggy wears sweats
  • Movie/TV binging (usually provided by you) and loads of junk food (provided by them)
  • No food-shaming here
  • Eat to your heart’s content
  • Usually cartoons or animated movies unless you can convince Jamison to agree to watch something else
  • Roadhog will cut you both off if either of you start complaining about stomachaches though
  • If this happens, he’ll probably rub and kiss your belly/bellies (if the same happens to Jamie) to make you feel better
  • Roadhog always has one hand on you and the other on Jamison
  • Usually on your butts, if the reach is possible (ex. y’all are curled up on your sides against this big beautiful man)
  • Furniture forts
  • Pillow Pets
  • Plushy piles
  • Being wrapped up in sleeping bag burritos
  • Roadhog nose boops
  • Jamison smooches
  • Whenever he gets the chance to tbh
  • Lots of Jamison smooches and squeezes and touching for both you and Roadhog
  • Jamie’s a very touchy, squeezy person
  • And he’s just excited about the experience in general
  • Pecious man-boy bean
  • Roadhog’s smooches are less frequent and usually only happen during breaks but he always gives plenty of nuzzles to make up for it
  • He always wears his hair down when you guys are just chilling out at home
  • Also that hand is always holding you or squishing you or rubbing its way along your body, so he’s definitely not lacking affection at any point in time
  • At times he’ll nuzzle your head or ear and make little snorty piggy noises at you
  • Or he’ll nuzzle a pig plushie against your cheek and snort
  • Jamison might copy him just to make you giggle
  • Mako laughs and gets so happy if you do it back
  • Y’all will probably end up falling asleep after like twelve movies/seasons and then sleep for like six more hours
  • Or the boys will, at least
  • Roadhog sleep-snorts
  • Jamie mumbles and drools a bit


  • Lord, fucking help me please I want to be sandwiched between these two men; not even sexually just let me be snuggled between the two of them please and thanks
  • One’s on either side of you at all times
  • Bigger couches need to exist/be bought for times like these
  • Y’all will just lay somewhere like that for hours
  • Bed, floor, couch, patio, porch swing, backyard, wherever the fuck you feel like
  • Hanzo’s hands usually end up roaming your body and playing with your clothes while Jesse’s constantly playing with your hair
  • Competitive kissing
  • Hanzo kisses your neck, Jesse kisses your jaw, cheek, and nose
  • Jesse kisses your hairline, Hanzo kisses all the way down the side of your face
  • Hanzo kisses you, Jesse kisses harder
  • Simultaneous neck kisses on either side of your neck
  • It’s a dizzying experience, really
  • Could this lead to you three doin’ the fukk, who knows?
  • They’re both competitive boys
  • You three will usually just cuddle someplace in silence but every once in a while you and Jesse can convince Hanzo to join for a cuddle pile while watching musicals
  • Hanzo’s critical about just about everything you and Jesse pick out to watch though
  • He’ll end up picking the movies instead
  • He doesn’t pick too bad of movies
  • He’s actually one hell of an oldies/classics nerd
  • Jesse, stay away from the fU C K iNg Westerns goddammit
  • You get your choice of wearing Jesse’s hat or serape
  • Hanzo usually gets the other
  • Sometimes all three of you will share the serape
  • Sometimes Jesse’s in the middle because A) He’s the biggest B) He’s a natural heater and C) Just don’t give a fuck however you lay on top of, next to, or wrapped around him
  • Hanzo’s kind of picky and a bit claustrophobic, so he doesn’t do the middle often; he likes having a free side
  • Unless he’s in a bad mood; then smother the grumpy ninja boy
  • The noodle dragons usually join in on these cuddles
  • They each pick either you or McCree to cling to or they wrap around both of you
  • Dragon pillows
  • Dragon scarves
  • Hanzo usually ends up with dragon tails in his face
  • He gets a bit jealous of his dragons and depending on his mood he’ll shoo them away
  • Again, smother him if this happens
  • Jesse will probably be the one to suggest forts, pillow fights, and onesies
  • Hanzo will engage in only the fort building
  • And the pillow fights
  • But if those to really start, you usually end up watching from the sidelines and eating popcorn while they wrestle around for a while
  • They’ll stop eventually, after falling off or hitting their head on some piece of furniture
  • If this goes on too long, they’ll apologize and make it up to you by smothering you is scratchy facial hair kisses and getting you your favorite treats
  • Literally hotheaded teenagers in scruffy men’s bodies
PLL 7x15 In The Eye Abides The Heart - Thoughts (long, as per usual, sorry!)

- Not one answer, like I expected. But you know what’s weird… I still really liked the episode. That goes to show that PLL can still be entertaining 7 years later… if they pace the episode fast. Every scene was relevant. No wonder they did the 2 week break last week, after 714. If we had to wait 2 weeks now for the next episode… we’d go crazy. The plethora of answers from 714 lasted us, but this would never last us 2 weeks. Good planning Freeform. Not calling the episode bad! Because again, it was very entertaining. That was 42 minutes of fun! Genuinely, I appreciated every scene to be honest.

- I don’t understand the title. I was expecting Mona to sing the song again, or something like that!?

- Troain did an amazing job directing! Actually, even if I didn’t know that Troian directed this, I still would’ve left the episode thinking that it was a new director. It did feel very fresh; different to the usual. Troain clearly experimented with meaningful camera shots and my gosh did she play to the girls’ strengths. This was some of the best acting we’ve seen in a while. Shay, who I personally think is the weakest of the group, gave some of her best performances to date. 

- I haven’t seen anyone’s thoughts yet but I’m expecting that almost everyone is saying that that was Paige talking to Aria on FaceTime. We could clearly hear Lindsey’s voice coming through. The demeanour, expressions, intonation, voice… everything was Lindsey. Paige is probably in on AD’s game, which will make sense because we saw Paige’s exact hair (length and colour) coming off the person who gave Jenna the book at the end of 711. I’ll be quite mad if the producers got lazy by using Lindsey to film the FaceTime scenes, but it actually isn’t Paige. If Lindsey acted in the FaceTime scenes, which I’m 95% sure she did, it should be her character, Paige, on the other end too. Lindsey shouldn’t be playing AD if she isn’t AD/a helper.

- Paige and Ali’s scene brought a tear to my eye. All I could think about, the whole way through, was “Pig Skin”, “I own you now” and Ali threatening to expose Paige’s sexuality before Paige was ready to talk. Yet, Paige had completely forgiven Ali, which I thought was beautiful. It was an emotional nod to season 3A and I absolutely adored this character development on behalf of both of them.

- Marlene said that Ali verbalises her sexuality in 715. She started to, which was great, but I wanted a bit more. Just another line or two. 

- I’m loving how they’re handling the situation with Emison. I did find it odd however that Emily kept saying the decision was Ali’s. I don’t know why Emily felt she had a smaller say. I’m glad she eventually realised her say is important too.

- Again, like I said above, I haven’t seen anyone’s comments yet, but I’m assuming most of us are theorising that Spencer’s twin was talking to Wren? Why would Spencer be arguing with Wren? She had a good cover up though - that Wren authorised Charlotte passes to visit Mona! But, the fact she told Ezra to keep it a secret that he saw her… it came across as exactly that; a cover up. The AD reveal may not be AD voluntarily revealing themselves like Charlotte did. Ezra may piece it together! “When I saw you with Wren at the airport” … “I was never at the airport with Wren?” says Spencer. Bam, AD is revealed!

- We actually don’t see Wren again until the finale, where we see him in a very surprising interaction with someone as part of the ultimate final twist (writer confirmed that). We’ll see him again with Spencer’s twin??

- That was a bit too short though. Wren should’ve had a few more lines, and one more scene. But I guess it was supposed to be short because he was talking (supposedly) with Spencer’s twin… if that scene went on any longer and we heard any of the conversation, we’d know too much too soon.

- Marco made a good point, that someone was trying to make it look like Archer is alive (by using his credit cards) yet now they’re making it look like he’s dead. He made a good point that maybe there’s more than one person pulling the strings here. 

- Spencer using Archer’s credit card… ahhhh we were right. 

- Marco will end his relationship with Spencer because he’ll feel like Spencer only got close to him so that she can destroy any evidence and also eavesdrop on the case. Which, isn’t true. But it definitely looks that way. Spencer = sad, Toby = sad, Spoby comes back.

- I loved the absence of Toby and Caleb. Not a hater of them, but it was a breath of fresh air from the romance.

- “Can I go?” … “I can’t stop you”. I dunno why, but I loved that. Marco is obeying the law and remaining professional whilst also showing his love for Spencer by letting her go prepare a defence so to speak.

- I didn’t like the ending! They were building up to a big dramatic Riverdale cliffhanger! (Literally, a Cliff Hanger… if you know what I mean.) I thought the note was hinting that Mary committed suicide, and the camera would pan over to a dramatic reveal. The directing was amazing… the feels!!! But, I was expecting one more scene before it faded out.

- Ezria scenes were great! I liked the argument about going vs staying. I could see Troain’s directing in that. She told them to crank up the heat. I saw sparks in Ezra and Aria’s eyes that we haven’t seen in both of them in a while. There was genuine frustration at the situation from both of them.

- Aria betraying the girls was so cool. But, I wish they took it a step further like Aria actually doing something to physically hurt the girls rather than just give AD info. Writers, you have permission to break my heart. Test the friendship as much as possible. But, it’s not over. Maybe they’ll go there next week.

- Mona, Mona, Mona. Please, don’t disappear on us like that again. 5 left… please be in all 5! And omg, her admiration of the game had me smiling. That was the best reaction. Whoever wrote the ep, good choice. Her loving the evilness in the game (”it’s brilliant, I wish I did it” etc) makes me question her current loyalties however…

- I wanted Spencer to find Mary. I didn’t like the constant teasing through the bottles (cool concept!) only to end up that she won’t find her this episode. 

- The Lucas and Charles story was cool. And it seems the girls are all suspecting what we fans are… that Lucas’ apartment is bugged with cameras and microphones everywhere. Cant wait to see where this story goes, particularly with the dollhouse reference in the comic.

- NEXT WEEK’S PROMO!! Episode looks amazing! Of course, promos always look better than the actual episode but… “that’s why you were tortured” says Lucas (or something like that). Watch that be extremely anticlimactic, we won’t find out AD’s motive or anything!

- Overall, 8/10! I did enjoy it. A few tiny tiny things I disagreed with, and an overall lack of answers. But, the fast pace of it did make it feel like a love-letter to the fans. It just doesn’t compare to the shit-storm that was season 6! This is good.

Advice/info from my vegan doctor

🌿vegans are overall more sound of health than non vegans and are less prone to all sorts of health issues like high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc

🌿the only way to get (bad) cholesterol is from animal products OR when your own body produces it (your body produces both good and bad cholesterol!)

🌿VEGANS DO NOT NEED TO TAKE VITAMINS! vitamins are extremely unregulated, and it’s so much more likely that you will take a vitamin that has too much of something and will poison you or cause other health problems rather than it helping you. Unless you have an extremely limited diet or a precondition, you are almost certainly getting everything you need! Vegans usually have a MORE balanced and nutrient rich diet than non vegans. The average person, vegan or not, doesnt need to worry about vitamins. But if you feel off - see your doctor first before taking any sort of vitamin supplement.

🌿studies have shown that if you could have one food to survive off of for the rest of your life, it would be SWEET POTATOES. Why? They are one of the most nutritionally sound foods in the world. The Okinawan people have a history of living 100+ years on average and a huge staple in their diet was sweet potato! Also, aside from all the other vitamins and nutrients found in sweet potatoes, they are packed with beta-carotene which can help prevent cancer. A study showed that people who ate enough beta-carotene per day (found in 1/3 of a sweet potato) were almost 70% less likely to develop breast cancer than people who didn’t consume as much beta-carotene. Additionally, you should NOT just go out and buy a beta-carotene supplement! Vitamins and nutrients you get from supplements are not the same as when you absorb the nutrients from food. Beta-carotene supplements have actually shown to make it more likely for people who smoke to develop lung cancer… Summary? Throw out the supplements and vitamins and start stocking up on sweet potatoes! They are versatile and can be made sweet or savory (you can seriously season them any way you want and it’s delicious, last night I had curry seasoned sweet potatoes), can be used in a huge variety of recipes -like vegan Mac n cheese- and can also just be microwaved for a quick meal! (Pro tip: a cheap, fast, filling and nutritional meal is a microwaved sweet potato with a side of seasoned beans (always rinse beans first before cooking))

I will add more to this as I continue to see my doctor!

5 Favorite Ships from 5 Fandoms

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These are presented in no particular order. To begin…

SuperCat! We all know Cat wants those powerful biceps to lift her against a wall, we aaaaallll knowwwww

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Doccubus! Not yet done with the final season, but I will never find another couple more precious than these two. Polyamory is a necessity for these two because of Bo’s needs, and Bo has show great love for Lauren by attempting to remain monogamous despite it nearly killing her. 

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Harley and Ivy! Look at these precious gaybies! LOOK AT THEM

…..Harley deserves better than the Joker

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Malora!  There just isn’t enough of this ship anymore….

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GENERAL FUCKING DANVERS! LOOK AT THEM! Look at Alex lean towards Astra!!!! look at Astra just like “how did i get captured by these morons?” Alex probably being like “It’s okay, baby, i’ll let you tie me up later if it’ll make you feel better.” 

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Things I want to see in Skam soon
  • The Isak and Sana study session
  • Yousef walking in and getting lowkey (but highkey) jealous
  • Sana sensing Yousef’s jealousy bc she’s observant af and she just kinda smirks
  • Isak would notice the tension but he’s lowkey distracted by how hot Yousef is (bonus points if Sana catches him checking him out and smacks him on the arm or something)
  • Cute giggles and smiles between these two cuties being the bestest of friends
  • Sana getting advice from Isak on how to be straight up with her friends
  • Isak changing his fucking facebook/icon to something else (if he refuses to make it a pic of himself it should at least be one of Even’s drawings of him if he wants to keep the cartoon look)
  • idk just more of everyone i love them all 

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Do you think victor and yurio will become close in season 2, was kinda disappointed that there wasnt that much scenes between them and the scenes we did get yurio was so mean lol, I just want to see them become close/friends

I’d personally love to see these two developing more of a mentor/mentee relationship. Even if Victor doesn’t end up as Yurio’s coach, I at least want to see these two acting like big brother/little brother. (Or father and son. I’m not picky.)

Victor has a kindness and slowness-to-anger quality that Yurio sometimes lacks, and Yurio has a seriousness and practicality that Victor sometimes lacks.

Yurio needs Victor’s kindness. Not to say that Victor deserves the kind of abuse you see in the picture above, but Yurio needs someone who’s going to gently correct him and stick around in spite of it. That’s the kind of thing that’s going to make him settle down and become a kinder person himself. (I also have hopes that Yurio’s friendship with Otabek will give him this.)

And Victor needs the wake-up call of a fifteen-year-old coming for his legacy. I don’t think that’s going to make Victor feel insecure. It’s going to excite him and make him want to set the bar higher. Having Yurio (and Yuuri!) challenge his world records will hopefully give Victor the motivation he’s been lacking.

So excited to see these two (and Yuuri! and Mila! and Georgi!) skating on the same rink everyday. Season Two (if and when we get it) is going to be amazing.

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How would you write Season 4 of Girl Meets World?

Hmm… If there was a season four of GMW, here’s what I would do:

1. I would re-establish Riley/Lucas just to get them to realize that their relationship wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be (Perception v. Reality).

2. I would also have Farkle and Smackle start to question their relationship. While I like Farkle and Smackle, I think that there are some things in their relationship that need to be “properly” addressed such as Smackle’s insecurities about Farkle’s feelings, etc etc.

3. After all the relationship stuff is done, I would spend a few episodes giving these characters some much needed development. I would focus on them as individuals and really tackle some pressing issues while developing them as their own characters. I don’t mind the fact that the show has focused on them as a group so much, but I want to see these characters gain more depth, especially Lucas and Zay.

4. I would also address the Riley and Maya dynamic consistently throughout the season. (i.e. Light/Dark, Good/Bad). I would spend a good chunk of time developing these two to function independently of one another. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t be together so much as I would just like them to grow away from one another to find out what they really like/want out of life. These two operate the best when they are in a balance - too much push from either “side” throws them off and I think it would be really good to explore that.

5. I would also give some much needed attention to developing friendships outside of the group. While I know they are a tight-knit group, I think it would be good (and realistic) to show these characters interacting with people outside of their group.

6. And finally, I would also go back and deal with Lucas/Maya and Farkle/Riley properly (i.e. Girl Meets Love).

So I guess this is more of a “what A.I. wants” rather than a “how A.I. would write season four” lol. Anyways, thanks for the ask!

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“im hoping for more hicctooth in the next two seasons, far more than hiccstrid since im worried they could exagerate and turn it into all about hiccstrid since they mentioned it was going to become important but im okay with one epoisode about them, i just want more hicctooth or even other dragon-rider relationship episode”