i just want season two for more of them

So for sure there will be BTS clips of Supergirl with Katie McGrath in them. Most of Katie’s scenes are between her character, Lena, and Melissa’s character, Kara / Supergirl so most likely, there will be one or two (or three) BTS clips of Melissa and Katie.

And I’m screaming just thinking about this. I want to see them interact behind the scenes. Cos if their on screen chemistry as Supercorp is thru the roof.. How about off screen? Are they awkward? Cos there are lot of flirting (intentional or not) going on with their characters? That might be awkward to film right? What are they like as Katie and Melissa? (Am I the only one thinking about this?)

And she will be a regular for Season 3… that means high chance of more BTS clips with Katie McGrath.

The more I think about it, the more I want a season of Dirk Gently (or even just a single episode) where the mystery squad meet themselves from an alternate universe, just so we can see

  • CIA!Dirk (a.k.a Agent Icarus) trying to teach canon!Dirk how to fire a sniper rifle before
  • Bonding over milkshakes and swapping stories about the most inconvenient times to get an intuition (they both agree that “when you’re trying to make a good first impression” is very high on the list, though canon!Dirk maintains that “in this one specific cafe just before your assis-friend contracts a painful disease and you get kidnapped by the government” is a clear winner)

now that we’ve received our lovely canon hiccstrid and they’re all fluffy and cute and in the honeymoon phase right now…. in the next two seasons I want so many other aspects that take place in a relationship b/c they are work!
for example:
- full on yelling fights
-finding out they may disagree with things
-angst (gimme the angst)
-tears??? I’m not a sadist but hey! the water works happen in relationships sometimes
-harsh sarcasm. let’s be real these two are super sarcastic there’s gotta be a moment when they go into a legit sarcasm battle
-lying to each other to avoid hurting ones feelings (but just comes up and bites them right back)
and many more! I hope the writers really take advantage with this real relationship but alas! cute/coupley stuff would be great too
for example:
-giving each other compliments on things
-more romantic flights (ugh cue the john powell music <3__<3 )
-other kisses (forehead, cheek,etc)
-laughing uncontrollably with each other
-stoick finding out about them!!!!!!!! lmao
-sneaking off to be with other and many more. I’m so stoked to see them grow together !!

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I actually want Keith and Allura to end up hating each other. Since you pointed out that they have nothing in common. I think that it would add much needed tension in the team since Shiro's gone.

I’m actually really down for Keith and Allura being friends and having a sibling like relationship! I think it would take awhile for them to be close/comfortable with each other, and they’d get in a ton of shit together bc they’re both pretty impulsive (shiro sighing in the distance - why must his girlfriend and little brother be like this?). And given the fact we’ve already had the plotline of angst with them in season two I…really don’t want to see it repeated?? Unless it’s going to be handled MUCH better than it was and actually does more for the narrative/other characters on the team as well.

But that’s just my two cents.

Honestly, tho, give me Keith and Allura mourning Shiro together. Give me Allura hearing stories about him from Keith. Give me Allura watching Keith and Lance together and seeing them slowly fall for each other, and seeing her and Shiro in them, which makes the loss of him sting all the more.

Give me Keith trying and struggling to be leader and having Allura as a mentor. Give me Keith eventually taking off the Black Paladin helmet, and pushing it into your hands. “It was always meant to be yours.” Because Shiro’s heart was always hers, too, and Keith knows this - and wants, if there’s any chance in the universe, to give them a happy ending.

I don’t want to harp too much, but I just have to point out that you’re pushing too hard to make a relationship canon if you have to shove two strong relationships to the side to do it.  The fact that the canon relationship works fine on its own without drastic measures makes the sidelining even more unnecessary.

The glaring lack of Marrish and Stalia, even platonically, in season 6 is so jarring. Considering how strong they were in previous seasons, it makes no sense for them to suddenly not interact at all.




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As I’m rereading and working on the next chapter of my James and Sharna all star fic, I’m reminding myself that this is fiction but also realizing I need two things to happen in the real world:

1) I need Bonner and Sharna to be super cute and flirty all season to appease my desperate and lonely heart, but for there to be nothing more than that. I also might kinda sorta want them to not win, but only if I could be promised a “James and Sharna win the season 25 all star season” scenario. But that’s just me being selfish and bitter is all so ignore that.

2) I need James to not do anything rash or dramatic or life-altering like propose to the girlfriend some time in the next six months because I need James and Sharna to come back together and fall in love. Or better yet, realize they always have been in love. So if he decides that girlfriend is not right for him and that someone else may hold the key to his heart, it is then perfectly acceptable for him to do something life-altering, but like by mid-August if at all possible. I’ve got plans for him. 

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I mean, this is the second time a pap person has claimed that Josh and Ginny directly old them they were leaving. So it's probably true. But I'm wondering how they're allowed to tell people this stuff when you have JMo at the convention saying she can't say anything until the show gets officially renewed - which may be in May.

Yeah, it’s probably true. But we will see. And it’s probably just their personal decision imo. They have two babies now and want to be home with them more I’m sure.  So if it was a personal decision, I don’t see why they couldn’t say this is our last full season as regulars. Regardless of the shows fate, we won’t be back full time. You know what I mean?

Okay but how much more feelsy would that scene of “Your friend desperately wants to see you” had been if it was Lance instead of Shiro. I mean, it was good with Shiro there and we learned a lot about their relationship and how Keith fears losing him (I see them as brothers), all that good stuff.



If Lance was there, too.

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I feel like the entire Shannara fandom is just really under-rated. Not just the Princess Rover part, because if I’m being honest, the Princess Rover part of the fandom is probably the most vocal and active on social media. But the fandom as a whole is just super lovely and there’s no drama or ship-hate. Like no matter if you ship Princess Rover, Wiletria, or Wilberle, we all just want our trio together and happy. Hell, the majority of us actually want an OT3 (WILBERLETRIA FTW!) because come on, it’s obvious they all love each other. (Plus poly rep is so important and it’s lacking!) This is probably the least problematic fandom I’ve ever been a part of and I really wish more people would watch the show. I just hope that if/when that happens, they won’t bring problematic people with them hahaha. But yeah, WATCH SHANNARA GUYS, WE’RE GETTING A SEASON TWO!

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It would be cruel to mislead an audience with the possibility of Adam and Hannah reuniting but it's definitely something theyd do for ratings. Ive already accepted the likelihood that they won't be endgame, while they may have an intimate, emotional, and cathartic reunion. I see it more as a final goodbye. What I really don't want, is for AxJ to remain together, this season has shown how these two are ultimately toxic for each other and for it to be ignored with a romantic phone call is lame tbh

I will be bummed for both characters if Jessa and Adam are each other’s endgames. And not just because I ship Adam with Hannah. Last season– as much as I personally hated it– I could see why people liked them together. They kinda made sense, we saw how they were friends first, the actors had chemistry, etc. But then this season happened. Watching them now reminds me of when Jessa was on her drug binge with the Richard E. Grant character. They seem manic. That scene where they came up with the idea for the movie for example. They’re also isolated. Jessa’s so lonely that she’s inviting herself to Shoshanna’s networking parties. Adam has to invent Hannah’s feelings and put words in her mouth, because he has no access to her actual thoughts or feelings anymore. No one wants either of them around. I think Adam was at his personal best when he was taking care of Hannah. For better or worse, he’s a caretaker. Look at the shift in his character between S1 and S3. Taking care of Hannah made him better. More responsible, more focused. Having that purpose probably made him feel better about himself. Some people definitely disagree with me, but I think they were good for each other. Jessa and Adam seem toxic. Their big blow-out fight in last season’s finale was horrifying. Their behavior this season unpleasant. Again, there was potential last season when Adam was encouraging Jessa in her professional pursuit and she was supporting him, etc. But the writers didn’t choose to continue in that vein, so I dunno. Unless everyone suddenly ups and puts themselves into therapy and has about a dozen come to Jesus moments in the next three episodes, I don’t see how they’re gonna fix this pairing for a palatable ending.  

Keith is gay?

I’m not sure if this has been done before, but if so please direct me to them.

“I didn’t just turn Galra!”

This line (said by Keith) really struck me. And the more I thought about it, the more similarities kept popping into my head.

Keith being Galra is a lot like he’s gay.

I’m not talking about how a lot of shippers want him to be the Emo Gay™. I mean his struggle with coming out and the reactions to it.

Allura, despite being his friend for a good season and a half, won’t look at him without feeling betrayed and angry. She can’t look at him the same until around three episodes later (and in a 13 episode season I’m imagining that’s a fairly long amount of time).

Hunk, the most accepting of the group, doesn’t look at him differently but makes lots of ignorant comments/jokes. “So you all know each other?” “Galra Keith is more fun than Human Keith.” (And more but I don’t remember the wording).

Shiro doesn’t really have a reaction (that we see on screen, besides being a good hugger and generally a good Space Dad).

The others (Lance, Pidge, and Coran) have no reaction on screen, so I can’t really say about them.

But how Keith hid his first suspicions (for again, 3-4 episodes which is probably a while), has to deal with people treating him differently and disregarding all previous good things he’s done, and how he deals with ignorant comments/jokes were exactly like experiences I (and other, fellow LGBT+ people I know) have had to deal with.

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I love your clois/supercorp parallels. Thanks for making them! I thought I'd ask since Ive only seen the first few seasons of Smallville. Do you see more parallels between Clois and Supercorp, or Lex/Clark and Lena/Kara? I see them both, but wanted to get your opinion. Thanks.

thank you, i enjoy making them! oooooh, this is an interesting question. i’ve actually made this clark/lex parallel awhile back. and like you, i see A LOT of parallels there too. i think that my clark/lex, clark/lois parallels just goes to show that SG can really go either way with the way they’re writing supercorp rn. they can so easily take either of the two clichéd paths: the clark/lex path, “best-friend-turned-arch-nemesis” or they can go the clark/lois path, “best-friend-turned-lover” (which would be absolutely groundbreaking but i doubt it)  

idk if this made sense but yea…….

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I'm so on board with what you said about Trickster! The final episode was so good, the Hanayashi was real and beautiful *-* I really wish they'd do a second season, even if I don't think they will, I just want to see more of them, especially since Kobayashi seems to be able to control his power now! At least we still have one or two OVAs ahead of us, so there's still some more for us to see ^-^

Same here!! I think the relationship between Hanasaki and Kobayashi was the best thing about the series, so I’d really like to see more of them haha,,, I’ve heard that the OVAs will focus on the Boy’s Detective Club before Kobayashi joined though, so I’m not sure if we’ll get more Hanayashi content ;a;; I think there’s also a manga though, maybe we’re lucky and it will get translated someday!

I know everyone is excited over the idea of a redemption arc but I want Siren to stay the villain for a while. We haven’t had a female big bad and I would love for them to lead her down that road, which I think the last two episodes will, and then have them team up because there is something bigger that threatens them. So Season 6 she’s the big bad and then Season 7 they give her the redemption arc. Or with Oliver’s secret about enjoying the killing out, they portray the bad sides to both of them. I just hope we don’t get a full redemption. Black Siren deserves more then being a copy of Laurel Lance. I want to see a darker version of Black Canary.

Sadness is when...

I realized that the more scripts I write, the closer I’m getting to the end of Serena and Rebecca’s tale.

I fell in love with this tale, so much so that I wanted to further expand on it. I’m actually proud of what I’ve written for seasons 2 and 3. I feel like the story has been better paced, better planned. I’m no longer just trying to scramble to make everything make sense.

It’s gonna be tough saying goodbye, but I’ll always remember fondly what these two have taught me during my time writing them.

(Though….I think they might just stay around for one more season, what do you all think?)


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I want to make this city a better place