i just want quality screencaps to work with

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waaaaaah i love your gifs! can you make a tutorial on how to make gifs? do you sharpen or add action to them?

asdghsjs this is too sweet thank you so much!! oh boiii kk i posted an old tutorial here but if you want an updated version (bc i changed how i do them since then) then continue reading !!

****gif quality is heavily attributed to video quality so pls pls don’t expect this to work wonders for all videos unless you got yourself some super hd ass vids ay

kk so firstly what i used to do was take screencaps using kmplayer (that method works just fine as shown in my old tutorial so pls refer to that one if you prefer using that method) but now i’ve changed styles a bit and i now use avisynth to do most of the video stuff for me (im not going to go through the entire avisynth process but you can go to @brandinator‘s gif help tag and you’ll basically pick up on a few things;; however if you need help brandinator is super friendly and is always very willing to help (like deadass he spent a good chunk of his time teaching me some really basic stuff so honestly he’s amazing) so yea if you want to get started just follow the instructions on his post here and you can get all the downloads to start with!! however you are also free to ask me and i’ll be happy to help! so in addition to his plugins packs i added a few extra plugins myself and u can download them here and just stick them into the plugins folder u already have.

alright so this tutorial requires prior knowledge on how to make basic gifs in photoshop so if you don’t know how yet just refer to my old tutorial and i sort of explained it (it’s not great tho so feel free to look around tumblr for tutorials) so after the avisynth processing and you’ve imported the video into photoshop the gif looks a lil somthing like this

(no sharpening or psd):

then you can change the speed (i usually do around 0.04 or 0.05). After converting the layers to smart filter i’ll add a sharpening action (two common ones i use you can download here and here). then i’ll slap on a handy dandy psd (again you can download the one i usually use here) and voilaa!!! you got yourself a spiffy gif !!! yayayayayya!!!

(with sharpening and psd):