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I’m so shocked that I don’t even know what to say. I started this blog 6 months ago and in 6 months, 10k+ ppl thought “WELL THEIR DRAWINGS ARE KINDA COOL I SHOULD FOLLOW THEM” like???

It’s still so weird for me tbh, like I will never get used to this. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sending me cute asks that I read everyday and night, thank you for always supporting me, thank you for being the best people ever and thank you for making me happier everyday. I’m really happy to have you all like I’m so emo right now ;<;

I really want to say a lot of things but I’m not good with words, so again thank you a lot and I will improve even more!

@myotisx2 replied to your post “More comparing the straight female fetishization of mlm through…”

Errr the problem is that these things really aren’t the same, straight men who fetishize lesbians have the additional factor of misogyny

fetishization is fetishization 

slash fic has been important to the growth of fandom, but if a straight girl can’t respect the validity of real life mlm for who they are, she shouldn’t be able to write about them

misogyny is fucked up, but it doesn’t excuse the problematic behavior of straight girls?

being a woman isn’t the be all end all of excuses. straight women have their own type of privilege, and they need to check it or face the consequences.

I’m not saying mslash fic is inherently wrong. I’m saying that slash fic that fetishizes mlm written by a woman without the author and story supporting them is fucking bullshit and mlm deserve better

Like honestly even as a queer girl I’m not in the moral right to create a portrayal of mlm that might be harmful to them? If I was going to, I should check with an actual mlm to make sure that it isn’t like… the fucking worst? 

if you are genuinely willing to spend as much time supporting the rights of mlm as you are writing about them, then go ahead because I assume you’re educated

but don’t pull misogyny on me, because oppression isn’t a damn contest

anyway lemme just remind that fic isn’t wrong, it’s the portrayal of mlm for the pleasure of (primarily) straight girls through fic 

Jieun’s Death

Look, I know you guys hate Jieun, because she was rude to Bum and acted like a bitch, but that’s not a reason for her to deserve to die!!! I was just looking for some KS chapter 19 spoilers and translations (on instagram, but also here) and every other post was like “She deserved to die” or “Yes, Bum finally killed her”.

Wtf is wrong with you?! I don’T have anything agains ppl who hate her for being mean, but wanting someone to die?! That’s just sick! I get it, she was mean, made fun of him and said some bad things about him, but that’s not a reason!! Don’t tell me, you never made fun or were jealous because of somone. We all do bad things sometimes, but does anyone of us deserves to die? Especially by the hands of someone like Sangwoo? (If it weren’t for Bum I’m sure he would made her suffer first).

The answer is NO!!!

And lets not forget that Bum will never be like he was before. It’s his first real kill and he will be mentally scarred for the rest of his life. It seems like he’s losing his mind.

I just hope officer Seungbae will find him before it’s really too late for him and get him to therapy.


  • “so i really like this girl/guy but they’re really experienced both sexually and romantically and i’m just an innocent little flower so can you like, idk, teach me some stuff??” au 
  • “you’re a deaf kid who goes to my school and you’re definitely not blind but you have no idea how adorable you are” au 
  • “we’re both trainees at some entertainment company competing to get a spot in the group that’s debuting later this year so we kind of hate each other” au
  • “i’m just a trainee, you’re a super talented singer/dancer/actor/celebrity. you’re way out of my league, why the heck do you like me??” au
  • “i’m in love with a ghost” au
  • “sorry grocery store stranger, i’m tiny af and you’re gigantic so can you get that box of cereal for me??” au
  • “i’m studying abroad and your family is hosting me, but holy crap you’re super attractive” au
  • “i may be your intern and you may be my boss, but we’re the same age so shut the fuck up” au
  • “my girl/boyfriend and i just broke up and i’m crying on a park bench in the pouring rain but chivalry is not dead apparently because there is a kind stranger holding an umbrella over my head” au
  • “i used to have a huge crush on you in high school and my heart is still beating really fast seeing you now at a reunion years later” au
  • “i accidentally put my love letter to your friend in your bag and now you know i like them shit” au
  • “hey i found your lost pet and ━ oh my, i can’t say you’re cuter than this animal but you’re pretty close” au
work in progress

the file for this went missing for like 3 weeks so i couldn’t work on it but i finally found it so i’m working on it again but i’m finally doing a taako outfit timeline? i wasn’t planning on doing one bc my taako wears like the same pants and same 4 accessories, just changes his hair and colour scheme and moves his accessories around, but  couple ppl said they wanted me to give it a shot

here’s the sketches for htbg, motrl, and pttm. what i mean abt the accessories is like, the scarf taako wears in the first pic is the sash he wears on his waist in the 2nd and 3rd pics n such… always moving parts of his outfit around but keeping them consistent

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Imo Zuko joining the Gaang or being good at the end of Book 2 would've been so predictable, which is why I think so many ppl like him going bad again at the end of Book 2, in most media villains turn good too quick & I'm glad they didn't do this with Zuko, him going bad & going back to the FN was very important for his character development,this established him as a more realistic,many dimensional type of character, I think after his awakening he had time to think & going back was what he wanted

This is just my 2 cents, and not everyone will agree with me and that’s fine. The thing with Zuko is, I actually never saw him as “bad” or a real villain…until after his metamorphosis, ironically. Even in Book 1, he was always shown to be a good person that was put into a bad role. The fact that he was NOT a bad person was what made him so interesting, not to mention popular. He was a Fire Nation soldier, but his conscience drove him to slowly break out of that role. He was confused but he was searching for the truth and questioning his upbringing. He had an innate sense of integrity that he tried to suppress, but it was always there. But he just wanted to be loved and accepted.

He was very complex and interesting, and he felt like a real person to me. He was honorable and compassionate, even though he was made to be ashamed of his natural sensitivity for his whole life. He never could stop being empathetic, even though he thought he needed to be cold and ruthless because of his culture. His family tried to abuse his natural empathy out of him, but they couldn’t. He was raised to be bad, but he wasn’t bad. He was always a good person, who was made to suppress his kindness. That is what made him so fascinating to me. He was the opposite of the cliché “ bad boy”. 

In Book 3, they simply made him…bad. They totally changed his whole character and cheapened it. He went from a rich and complex character into a stereotypical bad boy. In Book 1, he was engaged in a sincere moral struggle. In Book 3 they made him into an insensitive, selfish jerk. He did things in Book 3 that he never would have had the heart to do in Book 1, long before his awakening. He cared more about his uncle and showed way more empathy and honor in Book 1. I find it sad that he seemed to have more empathy as an antagonist in Book 1 than in Book 3, when he actually became one of the good guys. If they were trying to make him more complex, they failed miserably. He was more complex and realistic in Book 1. All they accomplished was making him boring and unlikable. I thought his “evil” period in Book 3 was very cringeworthy, implausible and it made me want to turn off the TV because I did not find it entertaining.

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"If we do something like that they would shred every coincidence apart and tell us how wrong we are." The toxics already do that, so I don't see why it would be any worse/different. And if they could shred everything apart that easily, then it wouldn't be worth believing in the first place. I'm starting to think no one wants to list all the coincidences bc it'll make us look like crazy Kaylors or ppl aren't as confident in the coincidences as they say they are. It makes me want to jump ship tbh.

So why are you not jumping? No one tells you to stay. I am the last one that tells someone what he should do. 

And maybe I am just to lazy to write down all the coincidences. Because if you would have stayed on this ship for such a long time. Maybe you already would know them or the most of them. 

And I say it again. I for sure don’t give the toxic more to talk about. If you want you can do that on your blog. Have fun!

P.S. I forget to ad as a shipper I am crazy. Sorry to tell you that. 

truth be told I’m very picky when it comes to my gay media like I want the perfect combination of regular ppl being gay but also like including all of the in jokes that gay people have. like straight people writing us have no idea how to balance that out so it’s either big stereotypes or boring side character that’s like “oh yeah I’m gay” and then never really mentions it again. like I can think of very few examples where they balance is found. captain holt is one of the few gay characters out there with that kind of balance. like idk if this is just me being super picky but it’s like idk it feels like bad writing when that aspect of acknowledging and playing with that balance isn’t used when writing gay characters bc it’s very much just an aspect that I have to acknowledge in my day to day life of whether I’m not gay enough or a walking stereotype. idk these are just #thoughts but yeah hey tv??? when r u gonna do this

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tbh im considering making a (new) tumblr so I can be a part of the phandom and maybe make some stuff and actually post it and to be able to follow and talk to awesome ppl like you... but thinking that i have to start from 0 again is just so ugh... pls convince me, I rly want friends especially friends who like dan and phil! -LonelyAnon

do it!!! you may be starting from 0 but gaining a following in this fandom isn’t that difficult if you make your own content tbh

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It seems like a lot of people pick Stan or Ford and vehemently think that you can't like both? I think that's weird, honestly, because by the end it really seems to me that their estrangement was terrible for both of them, and they felt the lack. And I'm pretty sure that despite moments of happiness and contentment, neither of them were really HAPPY until they forgive each other. And it's beautiful? It's the whole point of both their arcs, how can ppl divide them AGAIN by picking just one?

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It’s absolutely BIZARRE how some people want to choose which one of them is at fault. They both made mistakes along the way and they both forgave each other. I don’t get why this isn’t good enough for some people.

im home. sorry for vanishing sm today, it was wild,,, like i got woken up after a nightmare so my morning started off terrible n work was literally the busiest me n my mother ( who’s worked there for 15 years ) has ever seen. me: *has worked there like 8 times* ok this is fine ig,,,, like i couldnt breathe it was so fjkhkdugjkhj the queue was halfway down the restaurant i was screaming w/ my mouth shut. but i got a lot of praise n i felt rlly cute so i got on w/ my work n it was ok in the end : )
n then when i got back i just,,, i still felt cute n i rlly wanted ppl to see me while i felt cute so i went out n visited a friend @ work n then we went out for a bit again n it was all just,,, hhh exhausting
but im in a rlly rlly good mood. like i still feel so Pretty n thats such a big deal for me. ive never felt so comfortable w/ myself n im so so so happy

BECAUSE IDK HOW BUT I HAVE LIKE 40 FRIENDS ON HERE IT IS DEATH idk who anyone is like I know who like 3 of you are that’s it please help me

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hey I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your art? it's so beautiful and the diversity is amazing. you really inspire me to try harder and improve, so thank you again!! I hope something really great happens to you soon, u deserve it (ps I'm really gay for all of ur versions of the lalondes and like all the other girls theyre so amazing) but really u always seem super cool and im sorry u get so much hate??? like wtf @those ppl lol

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I know that a couple of ppl who follow me are playing Stardew Valley and I need you to tell me all about it.

tbh I’ve actually been craving The Forest for a bit, but I can’t play first person games (which rules out minecraft as well), and then I thought Banished would scratch that itch, but from all the reviews I can find this one looks like abandonware with so little content that you’re gonna have unlocked all building types within two hours. So then I briefly thought about playing the original Sims again, but I can’t get them to run on win 10 and I don’t currently want to sacrifice the disk space to run a virtual machine (plus I doubt all the player modded stuff I downloaded as a kid are still around), and the newer versions of that game are just too much of a monetary investment.

So that’s when ppls posts on my dash made me believe Stardew Valley might be the thing that I need, so now I need you to tell me how rewarding the planting/gathering/raising animal section of the game is (like, is there a sense of progression?), since right now I don’t care about NPCs or quests, I just want to raise stuff and take care of my base (or farm in this base) and see it grow and go hunting for improvements.

Are there options to expand your farm and unlock stuff for hours and hours and are there maybe even some survival elements and failure states? Can go explore and gather resources?

I need to know.

Or do you maybe know a game that would fit my beed to gather-build-defend-expand-repeat better (again, first-person games are not an option)?

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it irks me when ppl set up kin nets then don't ever update after the intro post is made. like at least regularly queue that post so i know the net's not inactive/no longer accepting /and/ it'll go in tags so more ppl can see it. also keep the members page updated in case a double's already there and is uncomfy with another, plus some shy folk want to wait for others to join first-- just. pls take proper maintenance of net blogs, it's not just a few pages+a theme and never bother with it again.

Honestly I want to be one of those cool popular artists that always get asks and actually get noticed by other cool ppl
But alas.. i am an egg

heyoo! thanks to those who’ve followed me (i know my promo graphic is basic but i spent too much time on this theme, i just wanted to get it over with, y’feel?)! anyways, thanks again, and i’m just a lil nervous bc i’ve never done indie before, and it’s a_whole_new_world.mp3, but i’m excited because stefan is a character i love and feel deeply, so i cannot wait to write him with lots of different folks!

also this is the reason i wrote this post in the first place, i’m laughing i talk too much anyways i’m super tired, so i won’t be writing tonight bc those replies would be mESSES, but i’m very much looking forward to getting started tomorrow! (if you’re interested in plotting, or chatting, or anything, i’ll be around for a bit on IM while i wind down for the evening)

“genderfluid zelda/sheik being datemates with (insert character) and everytime he has to introduce them to ppl hes like “and this is my partner zelda!!” if they’re having a fem day and like later that fucking week the same person sees (insert character) holding hands with a guy and they come up to (insert character) and is like “oh? who is this now??” and just like “oh this is my partner sheik!” and ….. it happens again and again and again and everyone is confused”

{{ My friend Skye is talking with me about genderfluid Sheik/Zelda and dating scenarios and I’m in love with this and I want to explore this so much??  It’s so cute and I adore it and I want it.  Fuckin s a v e me. }}

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about you're "don't say sin" post: im almost 20 and stopped saying sin in regards to anything lgbtqa+ a LONG time ago but your post really struck a cord with me. i agree completely, as a kid i was messed up over being queer and it being a "sin" then to get on tumblr and see it referred to as such hurt. idk where im going w/ this.. sorry im clogging your inbox but thank you. that post needed to be made. i hope ppl stop so others don't get hurt. hope u have a good day. thanks again

thank you so much for sending this!!!! Like that’s really what I was trying to get at I just don’t want young LGBT kids to exposed to that kind of shit because a lot of them are already struggling enough and they don’t need even further negativity from their peers??? like I know people don’t mean for it to hurt but it does and idk I just really don’t think them just like….. Not saying it is that hard????!