i just want people to use it k

Hey guys so basically I’m no longer using this blog.

It’s been a fun ride, but I’m moving onto a new one.

The main reason being is that I want to stop using Tumblr so much. I’ve been on here since I was 16 years old and my ass turns 24 in June. Y I K E S.

Also over the years I just know there’s a lot of inactive accounts and bots that follow me now, so it might say 47k but I know that’s not real.

I just want to try and have a space of the internet again where I’m surrounded by friends and people I know more than anything.

But I do know a lot of people really enjoy my presence and content so I’m not gonna make it a secret (although I’ve been posting this a lot this past week but y’know not everyone sees it)

Feel free to give me a follow at @baristaboy if you like, it’d be glad to have ya.

Gonna put this post in my queue and have it post like. 5 times a day or so for like a week just in case, then delete them all. 

Thanks for everything and here’s to a “new beginning” 

  • Paul Ryan: now child would you rather this delicious piece of cake or your dignity a thing I just made up and decided poor people don't have if they want food
  • 5-year-old: uhm what i want cake please
  • Paul Ryan: But think of your dignity I strive to preserve, again a thing I made up on the spot to justify hating poor people.
  • 5-year-old: why did u offer me cake if youre just going to talk nonsense

I’m proud of Ravi for debuting as a solo rapper and showing people his vision.

I’m proud of Ravi for taking action for the sake of K-Starlights not wanting him to be seen in a bad light.

However, I’m upset that his worries were only intensified.

I’m angry at some fans for complaining about women in underwear but not him sexualizing himself by being in his boxers in the video.

I’m frustrated at people who use that as an excuse to bash Ravi and Starlights for standing up for him.

I’m furious at people who think they have the right to smash years of training and dreams into pieces just because they’re too ignorant to see reasoning.

I’m sad that Ravi felt the need to apologize not only for the imagery of the video, but for his passion and hard work, saying he should have worked harder and been more careful.

I’m so proud that he tries to improve himself endlessly.

But I’m worried that he’ll overwork himself and hurt himself for it.

Pro Fandoms.

I always hear people mocking those who are in a fandom, using arguments such as “You’re wasting your time, what good will being in a fandom ever bring?” And I just want to point out why this statement is (in my opinion) completely false. Being in a fandom will actually help you in many aspects. Here’s how it can be very beneficial:

1. Learning English: A vast majority of big fandoms work (mostly) with the English language. That’s not to say there isn’t content in other languages, of course there is, but a very very big part of it is in English. I can honestly say that being so invested in the fandoms I’m in, constantly reading fan fiction and analyses, plus interacting with other fandom members from all over the world, has helped improve my English in a way schools never did. And I know for many other people, it’s the same way.

2. Learning a language other than English: For example, those who are very big anime fans could feel inspired to learn Japanese. Or even subconsciously learn a bit of it after watching so many subbed episodes. This applies to many other languages as well.

3. Expanding your cultural knowledge: Being a fan of anime, a fan of K-pop, a fan of literature, etc; can increase your knowledge of the culture that your object of interest is based around/comes from.

4. Meeting amazing people: I can honestly say I’ve met incredible people online. Some of them I consider my closest friends. The shared love for a mutual interest can bring people together, I think that’s beautiful.

5. Sparking your creativity: How many people have found out how incredibly passionate they are about editing, analyzing, drawing or writing thanks to their fandom? Fandoms push you to create and help you improve your skills. How many people have made a career that started out of posting a fanart online? It’s amazing. The support you get from people is incredible as well.

6. Providing a safe place: This is very self-explanatory. Many people feel safe and loved in their fandom. They know they won’t be judged the way they could be in real life. They feel like they can be their true self and will have a support system, even if it comes from strangers.

I’m not saying fandoms don’t have negative aspects, just debunking those who claim that there aren’t any positive results from being in fandoms. Feel free to add more and cheers to the beauty of fandoms!

Unity Days - Eliza Taylor

Hey, for all of you going to Unity Days, I just want to bring this up one more time before y’all listen to Eliza talk this weekend. 

Two central screeners–Tiffany and Selina–both reiterated that Clarke is still grieving for L/exa (which of course she is, she just said goodbye to her like an hour before 4x01 starts). This obviously means that there are scenes in the first three episodes that remind us that Clarke is still really heartbroken over L/exa, k? 

I know with all this Bellarke news and with many people’s expectations that some are expecting Clarke to move on quickly. 


I really REALLY don’t think that’ll be the case, and we need to expect that Eliza will talk about it during the Con because it’ll be a part of her character going forward into the season. Her grieving L/exa and learning to move on from L/exa is PART of her journey next season, and it would help if y’all don’t forget that. 

I’m saying this mainly because I don’t want to see ANY hate thrown at Eliza on here and on twitter, and I hope that we collectively do our best to squash anyone that attempts to badmouth Eliza. 

This story isn’t Eliza’s story. It’s the writers’ story. Don’t forget that. 

We’ve got Bellarke together again and we have them growing together again, getting stronger and stronger each day. It’s only a matter of time before I think Bellarke happens, BUT I’m still not expecting it to be a quick process by ANY MEANS. 

I’m personally happy about that though. I’m all here for a rebuild of a strong friendship which turns into a strong romance, and I’ll be patient about it because I want it to be perfect. And it will be, I’m sure. 

can we please all just agree to not speculate about their personal lives? Yes he deleted the picture, no we dont know why, and let’s k e e p it that way. No digging, no speculating, no worrying. He has his reasons, he’s not “playing some kind of game”, he’s not doing it to make us wonder so….just let it be. Please. Speculation leads to a lot of people not understanding boundaries and breaking the fourth wall and we don’t want them to hate us for being so intrusive. Ive seen it happen before and I definitely do NOT want to see it happen again. Just brush it off, we’re gonna get the trailer soon and that’s something we CAN discuss and make theories about :)

Killing Stalking

Annnyways 90% of the killing stalking fandom is disgustingly homophobic and ignorant i hate it
Yall love to consume our relationships but when it comes to acknowledging homophobia or at least listening to real mlm telling you what you should change yall are real quick to turn against us

Also fuck everyone who’s been spamming the y//oi tags without the needed disclaimers for what the manga is and resulting in damaging peoples mental stability who just googled it
The fandom is exposing minors, abuse victims and people who dont want to see it to this hot mess and then get offended when we call you out on it that so disgusting

I want a PG-13 Deadpool movie just to see Wade struggle with the regulations.

Like having him tell people “We can only use the f-bomb once in this movie, so I call it!” and have someone go, “What the f#%k are you talking about?” and him having to reel in the sexual innuendos, references and jokes to fit the PG-13 movie guidelines. Or having him substitute cuss words with food or something like “Mother churro, I forgot my ammo bag again!” that would just be so hilarious.

Hey guys, with Halloween comming up i wanted to remind everyone there is no need to partake in the clown trend. There are going to be kids out later than normal and there is no need to actually scare them, or anyone else for that matter. Halloween is ment to be fun and spooky, not traumatizing or horrify young children. If you know anyone who was planning to do this please please urge them not to

t h a n k f u l. Just so full of gratefulness right now. These blessings my Father has given me, I don’t deserve & I won’t ever deserve. But He graciously & lovingly blesses us. For me, He’s given me amazing people. Who love me & my flaw-filled self, accept me, & help point my focus to Jesus. // here’s a little excerpt from my She Read’s Truth devo: “He is in the wanting and the asking.
He is in the waiting and the receiving.
He is in the mourning and the dancing.
Our God is in and before and beyond it all.

May we turn to the Giver just as earnestly in joy as we do in our times of need. May we not be silent but may our lips actively offer praise to the One who is not just the means, but who Himself is the beginning and the end.”

@lightleftbehind replied to your post@lightleftbehind replied to your post: Bakura’s…

// That’s super helpful tho I can use it to write godling’s name properly! assuming it’s the plain k and h and not any of the fancy ones :3a thanks. And yep I can’t promise 100% but I’m 99% sure Akefia isn’t in the dub people just made it up for convenience bcus having 3 bakuras running around is a bit of maddness in fanfic. Bakushipping would be so confusing :O

((Oh that’d be awesome! Haha I wouldn’t know, I haven’t found anything else related since then, but I’ve always loved that his name is actually Bakura, and not something else. I wish I could get my hands on the Millennium Book, I bet that would tell me. And seeing as my brother is fluent in Japanese, he could translate things for me! At any rate, there was never enough revealed about the Bakuras in general, and that, I feel, is a true sadness.

Lol… bakushipping a nightmare indeed. XD I guess that’s why a lot of people just call them Ryou, Yami, and Bakura XD so confusing!))


Blast These Good Intentions

Tumultuous beats, trip-hop, unambiguous rock, trumpets and piano - Anders is intelligent frustration; studious, heartfelt and desperate for expression… burdened with clarity, and forced into battered, austere resolve.

Oh, Anders. You were a downright struggle from beginning to end. But I think I learned a thing or two and (I hope?) it was all worth it. If anyone cares to listen, tell me what you think! :3


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Just saying...


• you can think whatever you want, however that does not change the fact that she took something from a culture and turned it into a fashion choice, same as dressing up like an indian warrior or a maori warrior for halloween is fucking offensive… taking something from another culture and using it purely as a costume or for fashion, (having no respect for its meaning or origins) is wrong, and i’m damn sure the people of that culture don’t appreciate their ancestry being used as a fucking costume for white people to dress up in and laugh at ::- and if you can’t see that, get the fuck off my blog
I got tagged, uh-huhh

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Last song I listened to: Drip Drop by Taemin (SHINee)

Favorite TV Shows: I don’t really watch TV shows. Only K-dramas and Anime. I really liked DOTS, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Code geass… and Lucifer (US-Series)

First Fandom: One Direction was basically my first love. Together with Justin Bieber. I can’t believe myself

Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Scribbling, Writing, playing piano, SINGING, doing weird dance moves…does scrolling through Social Media count?

Books I’m currently reading: Currently reading Goethe for school ew

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describe yourself: Sick

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if you could go anywhere, where: AROUND THE WORLD

favorite form of transport: LOVE TRAIN

best friend is: She’s a Monster

you and your best friends are: GOOD

favorite time of the day: Before the full Moon rises

if your life was a TV show: LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH

what is life to you: Hard Carry

your relationship: Just Right

your fear: See the light (a lame joke again I am really sorry)

 I’m only tagging 2 people because I don’t have any more friends

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on the blu confusion

blurryface tweeted:


A bunch of people are saying that since tyler wore blue blurry is defeated. But blurry wouldn’t tell tyler how to defeat it, blurry wants to survive! This tweet is telling tyler to wear blue on stage as a sign of defeat, like raising a white flag. And that’s what tyler did! The blue was a sign of tyler sacrificing himself to blurry to stop blurry from tormenting the fleet a.k.a followers a.k.a the clique.

Blurryface will never be defeated, blurry is in us all. Blurryface isn’t just a twitter account (which who knows where it’s gone or if it will return), it’s a character that represents many bad things and insecurities. Tyler gave himself over to blurry so that it would stop bugging us all, he’s trying to give us peace of mind.

That’s that as far as the symbolism of the tweet goes for me. The jumpsuit from vessel era and all that other stuff just makes for interesting theories that hopefully we’ll determine if they’re true soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m psYCHED about theories and symbolism but I think the tweet was pretty clear. 

Peace will win, fear will lose |-/ good luck theorizing, frens!!