i just want people to acknowledge this gig

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He even said he does not really like to talk about politics. But that everyone is equal, that human rights are important, that God loves all. And he tries every night with his limited abilities to create a loving environment at his shows. Now people want to force him with hate to acknowledge a highly explosive political topic at his gigs. Also where does it end? Next gig, maybe different project and it starts again. Rainbows are part of his identity/community. It's different. So much hate :/

i know. i have so much to say but you said it all, for now. i just hope he finds a way to reiterate how much he loves every single one of his fans and placate everything, but i can’t see how it can happen now without looking forced and fake or anyway, without some people claiming it is. :/

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Part of me hopes he doesn’t acknowledge it. It would only open people to demand of him an aknowledgement of every single thing. And he doesn’t owe people anything!! He’s a musician, not a political activist! All he owes people is a good concert which he always provides! And just because he acknowledges rainbow flags doesn’t mean he has to acknowledge anything else!! And also, if people are bringing the flags and signs with the goal to get him to acknowledge it, that’s missing the point by a lot!

Agreed. Also like you said, if he acknowledges it…then people will never stop until he says something - which just misses the point in some ways entirely. Do people also bring rainbows and BLM etc signs to Niall’s gigs and then are disappointed cause he doesn’t acknowledge these things? I have not seen one post about it.

I just want everyone attending feeling good and safe and loved. That also is Harry’s goal. And I hope the fans are kind to and support each other 💛. I went to so many gigs in my time and the artists barley notice any signs, sometimes one or two. But I’ve never felt so much unity and love - even through a screen - and people saying how safe and special they felt, than at one of Harry’s shows. It’s not given or the norm. It’s pretty damn special. It’s thanks to Harry and the fans attending. There already is so much (more) love in these rooms. And I feel people always want more or expect more or take that for granted idk x

this was going to be something else..

I thought that being 26 years old that I had moved on from highschool teen drama.. tonight I was proven wrong.

this whole post was going to be something else but since some things were JUST brought to my attention im going to go a head and address this on the off chance someone reads this and cares whats on my mind. 

Onision.. you know him I don’t have to tell you whats wrong with him. Out of no where made a video calling me A) unpresentable (because im no longer dressing and acting like im 16) B) was leading a sad existence and C) not funny and unwatchable

As someone who used to look up to onision and watch his videos im not surprised he has nothing better to do than call out people who do nothing but ignore him. I had to have someone link me to this new video of his he made 2 weeks ago as I have him muted on twitter so I didn’t have to see what he was saying. 
I did at one point look up to onision and really enjoy the content he made but as time went on it became loud garbage where food was wasted all over, he would scream nonsense, dress up in costume and prance about his living room being different characters who had different personas and some how all seemed to be loud and obnoxious. Its a little funny that he finds me unwatchable now that im not doing the whole “loud colourful garbage” thing as it was right about the time I stopped giving a fuck about what he was up to. 
In the last two to three years he has made videos with me, praising me and then now hating me. I haven’t spoken to him at all since we made that video where he had me throw beans at my wall.. beans that then left a greasy stain that was there till I moved. 
If you’re only gimmick on youtube is screaming at photos of other youtubers who seem to be having fun when you can’t muster a real smile on your malnourished face.. maybe you should take a leave of absence from the internet and re evaluate what your doing and see that your content is worthless.

So he did that, then I had another youtuber today dig super deep to find a reason to make a video mentioning me and a reason he doesn’t like me. 

A YOUTUBER WHO I WONT MENTION made a video submentioning (submentioning being the act of making reference to someone with out actually directly mentioning them) me and a mix up we had two years ago. 

I was invited to be on a panel by someone who was working at a local “comicon” that another local youtuber was running. I agreed because it seemed like at the time it was just him on it so I thought it might benefit to have more than one voice on the panel.
After asking multiple people for a time and date I finally got one and it ended up being on a day where I had much bigger priorities (showing up to my own screening at a film festival in toronto that people have paid money to come see me and my videos). I explained this to him and he seemed nice about the whole thing so I didn’t think there was a problem.. apparently he has been stewing over this whole thing for years as he finally let it surface in a video about why other youtubers are hard to work with. Along side me he submentioned another youtuber that he had trouble with because they had less subscribers than him and had asked him to edit his footage before he sent it to him. (which is a standard practice as to avoid sending many gigs worth of footage over the internet).
In my opinion this guy should really be honoured people wanted to bother acknowledging him as a creator and wanted to work with him at all in any form. It seems like he has had two bad experiences maybe even just one as the other situation he mentioned seemed pretty generic and just wanted something to gripe about in this collaboration video he made about why collaborating is hard. 
I have never had trouble collaborating with people. If theres a collaboration im working on I talk to the other half of the video and we discuss everything and make sure the situation is good for both sides and not worrying about “whats in it for me”.. you know.. like how working together to create something people will enjoy normally works. 


anyway.. im typing this all here because i feel horrible subjecting my twitter followers to drama.. any of the above mentioned people see this.. suck it.

im mad now because I had a lot of things I actually wanted to tell you.. so.. here.