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I’ve been wanting to make a follow forever for a while now and since we’re just starting the year I decided to finally make one. I wanted to say thank you to all the people I follow for making this website pretty with all of your posts. I love all of your blogs and I hope we keep on being mutuals. 

I wish every single one of you happiness, love and success for the whole year.

Favorite blogs are in bold 😊


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So, @destieldrabblesdaily convinced me to post it and was kind enough to even beta read it. It’s just one of the many ways i want destiel to become canon ;)

“I’m gonna go grab some coffee.” Sam said on his way out of motel room. It was so obvious, Dean wanted to roll his eyes. His brother was never good at subtlety.

They all came back to their motel room not long ago, after another successful hunt, but the atmosphere was still tense. Castiel was sitting in the chair, reading a book and refusing to look at Dean. He was embarrassed, Dean could tell. What couldn’t they tell about each other after all these years? Well, apparently, there was one thing.

During the hunt, Dean was taken hostage by a shapeshifter, who had taken his form and was holding him at gunpoint, when Castiel stormed into the warehouse, looking fierce, and Dean swore he could see the remains of grace in his blue eyes. At first, Castiel tried to negotiate with the shifter, then he tried to threaten him, after which the shapeshifter snapped and shouted, obviously channeling some of Dean’s inner emotions.

“Why would you wanna save him? He ruined you!” 

To which Cas answered quietly. “Because I love him.” 

Both Dean and his doppelgänger were too shocked to notice Sam getting out of his cover, taking aim at the shapeshifter’s heart and shooting. The dead body hit the floor, but Dean couldn’t look away from the fallen angel.

The ride back to the motel was filled with tense silence. Sam was driving, and sending Castiel, who was sleeping in the backseat, worried glances, while Dean was trying to convince himself that Cas didn’t mean it, that he’d said it to catch the shifter by surprise. Because it couldn’t possibly be true, could it? The shapeshifter was right, Dean ruined Castiel. He was the reason for every bad thing that had ever happened to the fallen angel. Hell, the fact that he was no longer an angel was proof enough that he couldn’t feel that way about Dean.

Castiel was still reading his book, while Dean fidgeted nervously on the bed, trying hard to think of what to say, how to make things alright again. He cleared his throat, which made Cas still, eyes stopping in their movement, and then finally the fallen angel spoke in that gravelly voice of his that sent shivers down Dean’s back more often than it was allowed.

“You don’t have to say anything, Dean. I couldn’t possibly hope for my feelings to be reciprocated, and I assure you that nothing will or should change between us, now that you know.” Castiel didn’t even look at him once. But Dean didn’t pay attention to any of that. His mind went black the second Cas said ‘reciprocated’. What was he talking about? Did he mean…

“Wait, what?” Dean asked a minute later with his heart in his heels. The question forced the fallen angel to finally look at him. Cas sighed tiredly, the obvious pain in his eyes made Dean’s heart clench.

“I said, nothing will change between us, now that you know of my feelings for you. I promise I will keep myself in check in the future as to not embarrass you anymore.” Hope prickled inside Dean’s heart. In that moment he thought he knew what happiness felt like. The thought that Cas might… no, felt the same way as Dean made the hunter laugh with relief, joy and many other emotions. His laugh, though, made Castiel very irritated and angry.

“I’m glad that my misery brings you joy, Dean, but…”

“No, no, no, Cas! That’s not… Do you really think I’d laugh at something like this? Am I that much of an asshole? Don’t answer it.” Dean stood up and took a few steps closer to where Castiel was sitting. This is it, he thought. He was finally going to admit something he had never even admitted to himself.

“Cas, I…” Dean closed his mouth, at a loss for words. Shit, it was harder than he thought. His palms were sweating, heart beating so fast, it felt like a heart attack. Castiel huffed and also stood up, placing the book on the table.

“Spare me your pity, Dean. I said, it’s okay. You really don’t have to say anything.” Now the pain was in his voice too. Castiel moved quickly to the door, but Dean dashed in front of him with his hands in the air.

“Wait, Cas, please, just… Just hear me out!” Deep breath. “Please.”

Cas slowly nodded and tilted his head, as if trying to figure Dean out. The gesture made Dean’s chest swell with affection. How could someone look so fierce and terrifying in one moment, and so cute and adorable in another? Focus, Winchester. Now’s not the time for heart eyes. Dean cleared his throat, nervous again with Cas’s eyes that were slightly narrowed, piercing right through him. 

“Cas, um, your feelings are, you know, reciprocated.” A pause. Cas’s eyes were wide open this time. Dean felt himself blush and started muttering.

“Yeah, they’ve been, um, for quite some time now, and, you know…” But the sentence was cut off abruptly as Cas’s lips covered his own. Dean shivered. Hard. Castiel’s lips were everything and nothing he’d ever imagined. Chapped, dry, but so very soft at the same time, moving against his with such ferocity that it made Dean’s head spin and open his lips with a moan. Castiel didn’t waste a second and immediately slipped his tongue past Dean’s lips, inside his mouth, and gently, and maybe even a little bit scared, touched Dean’s tongue with his own. Dean almost passed out. He’d never felt like this before. Castiel’s hands cradled his face, making it impossible for the hunter to move away even if he wanted to. Which he didn’t. Ever. Again.

Cas was nipping at his lower lip, when Dean finally regained control of his limbs and put his hands around Castiel’s waist. That made the angel stumble a little, and Dean felt a shudder run through his body. Dean smiled against his mouth, and Cas bit his lip in return, then deepened the kiss, putting his hands around the hunter.

Dean honestly felt like he was in heaven, was starting to consider moving the party to the bed, when he heard the mix of a chuckle and a cough. He immediately pulled away, though Cas tried to follow him with glazed eyes, but Sam’s now proper laugh brought him down to earth too.

“Glad, you guys, finally… talked.” Dean wanted to hit that smug face, but Castiel’s arms tightened around him.

“Yes, me too.” Dean heard the angel say. He looked back at Cas and saw him smiling with swollen lips and a blush on his cheeks, looking just perfect. Dean smiled back and pecked Cas on the lips one more time, just because he could, and then whispered. 

“Me too.”

In the background Sam rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless.

I hope everyone’s New Year was a blast! Who knows what’ll be in store for 2017 - for some it may be a year of joy or sadness, or success and failure. Just remember to stay on your feet and continue your march to your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem to be!

I also want to thank everyone for being really nice and supportive:

I can’t imagine why I’d deserve all of this since I still don’t really know what I’m doing with this blog. All I provide is posts of one of my favorite characters and some are fond of this stuff, so that’s cool! For the past few months I’ve been receiving nice messages and it baffles me to see that I’ve even made a few laugh, but it makes me glad I can put a smile on at least one person’s face.

Once again, thanks to everyone and let’s look forward to a great year!


So, a few days ago I reached my big, dreamy goal of 1,000 followers and I couldn’t be happier! But what does that mean for you? Yes, an annoying follow forever post! 

Not just that though, I’m planning on posting way more stuff (way more goalies) and I want my blog to lowkey turn into a special one, which keeping best success is based on interesting facts about players (like the 3 posts). Please tell me if you like the idea or not. 

Anyway, I have never done a follow forever, so I’m going to do something like that, more specifically mention my favorite blogs (people I consider my friends) and other mutuals :)

  • @habbygleek I still love you the most though we’re currently having a war
  • @megsforbreakfast (is it time for my trip to Venice yet?)
  • @blackwoodmackenzie (the AHL players deserve more love)
  • @johnnyhckey (JVR’s green mouthguard slut squad)
  • @capmcdavo I’m never gonna forget how we talked about Chychrun’s cheekbones till 2am
  • @benbitchops I’m still listening to Sweet Dreams when I think how hockey players have killed me
  • @savesavepeksibae we don’t talk much now, but don’t worry, I still remember some Finnish words and our Snapchat maratons
  • @crazymarner (there are a lot of gems in our chat but I still use the quote “I don’t know Panarin much, Russians are complicated”)

So I believe there are listed all my other not-sideblog mutuals down here. Why I’m tagging them? Because if you’re my mutual, I automatically consider you my fella :))

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I have quite an interesting Success class.  Today our teacher left for a few minutes, so naturally, a few people started talking.  Another classmate of mine, though, who sits next to me said, “Guys, just because the teacher left doesn’t mean you can start talking.  Jesus fucking Christ, shut up….”

So the one who was talking had a witty response, if you even want to call it that.  "Oh, you mean like how I fucked your mom?“

This was the other guy’s response: "Oh, you fucked my mom?  Sorry, but my mom doesn’t do pebbles.  Your dick’s too short for her.  What is it, like half an inch?  Yeah, it’s half an inch.”

So, of course, we all started laughing until the teacher came back in.  True story.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious what you think about the situation with Balotelli and what he said about Cavani?

honestly idgaf what balo said about edi, he’s completely entitled to his opinion and from what i read i don’t think he said anything rude or offensive? like he literally said he thinks cavani is a great player but he values di maria and falcao more which is absolutely a valid opinion (one that i don’t share, but it’s still valid). what makes me fucking SICK is that the media chose to ignore everything ELSE he said in the interview about racism and his career and his relationship to ghana and italy. they chose to pull out the one slightly controversial statement and blast it all over the news like they’ve been doing to him his entire career. i am just so TIRED for this man and i want him to have peace and continue to be successful, so hopefully by refusing to do interviews anymore he’ll get the media to lay off him a bit

(for anyone who hasn’t read his instagram post about this i recommend it)

 On November 21st, 2015, theheirofillea was born (well not me but my blog ahaha) and I just really appreciate how good this year has been and I wanted to tag some people who I have interacted with and some of you probably dont even know that I exist but your contributions to my success and my daily adventure mean alot to me! Thank you for all of the constant love, guys, I love you all so much! Thank you for 1 year! I’m looking forward to all the years that come! *so i meant to post this a really long time ago but i was really busy so this is going to be a 2016 follow forever too lol* (if I forgot you, I’m really sorry, because I dont have enough time to tag all 600+ of you guys ahahah but I love you all!) 

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Hey, I’m a singer-songwriter and just released my first ‘single’ on iTunes and Spotify and that!

This post is specifically about Spotify, because it’s a streaming service that most people use and is currently my best friend with my song.

I released “He Wishes He Never Grew Up,” (Kelvin Parker (me)) and would really like to get to 1000 streams on Spotify.

Obviously it’s free and nothing extra if you already use Spotify, just one listen helps me get there! You’ll be helping me get towards my goal of being a successful musician and if you like it you found new music! That’s cool!

I just really want to do well, I guess. Sorry for the #BegPost but I’m not sure how else to do this (I’m not very good at promo or advertising or anything…)

It’s also my birthday on Dec 21st so think of it as a present to me for being born and that.

He Wishes He Never Grew Up - Kelvin Parker

1 stream = 1 prayer

potatoes-tomatoes  asked:

Although I am enthusiastic about the gameplay, I am not about the story so much. I want to be optimistic, but in seeing how Saturday Morning Cartoon-ish lost world was written as (I can't forgive tails' mischaracterization either), I can't help but feel worried that Forces might not be successful as a serious story. :/ I'll acknowledge generations was a bit more serious, but it was lighter, and I don't think it counts. I just hope whoever writes the story knows how to do it right, yknow?

This is exactly what crossed my mind as a concern. Which is why one of my posts back on the day it was revealed espoused my opinion that Pontaff really ought to be kept away from the writing of this game with a 300ft barge pole simply because they have no real grasp of how to handle tone well, frequently resulting in glaring mood whiplash in the games that they handled and derailing and flanderizing characters to exhibit “humor” which isn’t even clever and/or funny most of the time.

Forces really would do well without that.

mapletreegirl  asked:

Hello ^^ I just started a study blog myself (studyonthestairs) and I wanted to ask you, if it'd be okay that I tag you in my posts? And since you have such a successful blog, I also wanted to know if you can give me any advise? Thank you!

Hellooo! That’s awesome, welcome to this crazy amazing community 💕
yeah, sure! but i actually dont track any tag at the moment.. but i might in the future? but idk your choice, i guess xD
aaaa thank you sm! thats so sweet of you! ☺️ 

here are some awesome posts which might help you out:

hope this helps! have a great day! ✨

He messaged me first, commenting on my boobs in a Moment I posted. I brushed him off, and he didn’t try talking to me again for almost a year. But when he actually spoke to me, we clicked. Really well. Our personalities were so compatible I just wanted to be his best friend.
He’s like the nerdy, awkward, emo boy that grew up. I was into it. Girls never really paid attention to him so he was always eager to please and be the goofy one to make them laugh. I really needed a good guy.

Our first date, I invited him to meet me at a biergarten. I thought that we’d talk for maybe an hour or two while I’d get drunk on free drinks, but he just impressed me so much. I could tell I was out of his league, and honestly, the way he looked at me that first night has never made me feel so special. We hooked up in the parking lot. Twice. He was so good (and so eager to please) we ended up going back to his place and fucking at least 6 more times until the sun was coming up and he had to drive me home before my parents would wake up and find me not back yet.

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anonymous asked:

hi i saw your post about coco and i just wanted to make sure you were aware that disney tried to copyright dia de los muertos... like i love representation and stuff but it feels like disney is just trying to make money off of a day of the dead movie following the success of the book of life and i'm really not a fan

Yeah I know all about that stuff and I have talked about it. Even if they are just trying to make money off of it I for one don’t really care because well it’s a company and companies do that. I mean so many milk the shit out of Christmas and Easter and those are celebrated by Christians. Plus a Mexican comic already tried to copyright that once and, like Disney, failed.

Now a funny thing is that while the head director is white the co director, many of the writers, and storyboarders are not. In fact many of the people who worked on Book of Life are working on Coco.

Plus while Disney seems to want money Pixar (who did not turn Jorge down that was DreamWorks) seems to want to tell a story which has always seemed to be their thing.

I’m excited that a big company is actually going to represent my culture (especially during this time with racists and a certain orange man in charge) and from the trailer alone I can see they did their homework.

If Coco does well then who knows maybe we’ll see a movie with an Indian girl taking the lead or an Egyptian boy or more diversity in children’s media.

We already had a great stuff last year with Kubo and the Two Strings and Moana and I want that trend to continue.

I saw a post saying that when you bash Frozen in favor of another princess movie you’re really just pitting women against other women and like? No one is pitting Moana aganist Elsa or Anna? People just want Moana to be successful because they are tried of Disney beating an already dead horse for the last three years. I don’t want Moana to be thrown under the bus like how Disney did to the live action Cinderella, Big Hero 6 and Inside Out. So, no, it’s not pitting women against women and the reason Frozen get’s bashed is because it’s a hot mess.

anonymous asked:

Once again, you and that other thirsty ho please step away from my 1900s bae. Totally post more gifs tho, love you! Ugh, I can't wait for the full ep to actually show up online. Can Natasha and Elise book more tv shows and films? I love them and just want them to be successful as fuck

It is online… in Canada d:  They put the ep up online before it even aired XD

I hope to see them in more roles!! 😩

How long until my American ass can see kinky Mildred

idek man LMAO.  She was one sassy bitch.

so i have 1300 followers on this website. ive had about 1300 followers for about 2 years now. my following on this website has reached homeostasis. thats fine, im fine with that. However, if a post of mine gets one (1) note, it’s considered a success in my book. something isnt adding up here. im in ap statistics; i know what im about. i have the facts. with these facts ive crafted a conclusion.  either my posts are so bad that no one out of all 1300 of you will even give my posts a pity like, or all of my followers are bots and im truly alone. i dont know which one is worse but i feel like either way this is a hint and i just want you all to know.. i will never stop in my desperate plight for validation so nice try