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Finding Home- Excerpt

Rex stopped in front of a tent, which Cody assumed belonged to the ex-captain. From inside, the sound of talking and quiet singing could be heard and Cody was suddenly anxious, excited, and even a little nervous to go in. Maybe there were brothers inside! Or… or maybe Rex had a family. Maybe he…had children and…a wife. At that thought, Cody became less excited and more nervous.

Rex turned to him and said, “Listen, uh, Cody. Things have changed and uh, well, I just don’t want you to be too surprised by… anything that you see…”

So, he did have a family. Cody tried to look neutral about it, or at least not upset, but couldn’t stop the wave of emotion that overcame him. All these years, Rex had been here, with his brothers, with a family, while Cody had been so, so alone.

After a moment, Cody put a hand on Rex’s shoulder and nodded. Rex pulled aside the flap and gestured that Cody should enter.  

Standing up, the first thing he saw were the children. There were five of them, three boys and two girls. As soon as they saw that he wasn’t their father, two of the boys, the eldests he guessed, stood up with hard looks on their faces, almost exactly the same look, he realized, that Rex had made when intimidating shinies during the War. But a moment later, when Rex entered and secured the flap behind him, the boys became relaxed and their scowls turned into smiles. The youngest girl, who appeared to be about a year or so old, was laying next to her older sister wrapped in blankets, most likely to keep out the chill, with only her face showing. She made an excited sound, that didn’t quite sound human, and reached for her father. Rex took her into his arms and kissed her, and then proceeded to tickle her sides, making her squeal in joy. Cody stared at his brother and the baby.

She was obviously a hybrid. Her skin was dark, but whether it was red or brown, he could not tell, not in the low lighting, and her lekku and montrals explained the high pitch of her cry. Looking at the other children, he saw that two of the boys, although they looked human enough, had splotches of…. was it orange? He couldn’t see it very well, but it was obvious that they took after their father, with dark curly hair and tan skin, the older with Rex’s brown eyes, but the younger of the two had blue eyes…

But the last two children did not have the dark skin with patches of color. The boy had blue eyes, a lighter blue than that of the younger boy. His hair was a light color, like Rex’s. He was sitting across from the flap, next to the older girl. She had nut brown hair, with big brown eyes that watched him curiously. Her skin was flawlessly white. She was quite pretty.

Rex cleared his throat, and said, “Ade, this is ner vod, Cody.”

The younglings looked at him shyly.

Rex looked to his brother and said, “Luke is the blonde, and that’s his twin sister Leia, with the brown hair.”

She gave him a smile, while her brother nodded in greeting. Rex continued introducing his other children, starting with the little girl in his arms, “This is Maisha, our, ah, newest addition.”

The child looked at him, then was overcome with shyness and hid her face in her father’s neck. Cody couldn’t help the small twitch of his lips that looked suspiciously like a smile.

“That’s Kebiin there next to Luke,  and the little one with the blue eyes is Izaak.”

Kebiin looked to be Luke and Leia’s age, about ten, while Izaak looked to be about five.

Rex looked around the cozy tent, then turned to his children and asked, “Where’s your Ma?”

Luke replied, sitting back on his haunches. “She went to see Ba’vodu Catanni. And don’t worry, we made sure she took Kip with her.”

“Good. She shouldn’t be walking all alone at night. She say when she’d be back?”

“Should be anytime now, Buir.”

Rex nodded his understanding and made his way over to his eldest daughter. He shifted the little girl to his other arm, while Izaak jumped on his father’s leg. Rex lifted him up with one arm, and Cody figured that his brother was still fighting fit, according to the old GAR standards. The ex-captain was busy bouncing his two little ones, which made them errupt in shrieks and giggles.

Rex chuckled along with them, then put Izaak down and sat down next to Leia. She was stirring a pot of what appeared to be stew. Rex motioned for Cody to sit down. Cody took a seat across the fire from his brother, but not too close to Kebiin or Izaak. Rex started to stroke the little girl’s lekku, making her snuggle further into her father’s arms.

So, what do you think? Anybody interested in hearing the rest? 

So I just wanted to make sure that people know That I have posted the first four chapters of Finding Home. I’m not sure everybody has, since this excerpt literally has three times as many notes. I just want to make sure everybody can get a chance to see the rest of the story. So, yeah, that’s all. Have a good day!

Wonderful World

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluffier than normal, like it’s cringe worthy cute

Word Count: 2004


“I see skies of blue and

Clouds of white

The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night

And I think to myself

What a wonderful world”

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“Jin Oppa?!” I call out into the open. I was confused at the silence that followed my call.

Kim Seokjin, my boyfriend of nearly three years was supposed to be here waiting for me, or so he said in all the notes he had left for me back at our shared apartment.


It was strange. He was nowhere to be found when I had arrived home. All that was there was a simple sticky note tacked onto the stem of a pink rose.

‘Hi Jagi~ I bet you’re confused as to why I’m not here waiting for you, but there’s a reason! I promise! Turn around~’ The note read.

I tilted my head in confusion and follow the order on the little note. When I turn, I notice another note tacked onto the back of the door.

How did I not see that earlier?

'Hey again! If you haven’t noticed already, this is gonna turn into a little game. Kind of like scavenger hunt! The rose behind you is your first “prize”, so keep it with you. If you find all of the “prizes”, you’ll get an even better one at the end. Good luck, Jagiya!

  P.S. Your next prize is at our favorite hang out spot. Ask around if needed~


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Monkey King Q&A

I’ve been meaning to do a compilation of Tian Xiaopeng’s weibo posts for some time, and here it is. He’s the director of Monkey King: Hero is Back (2015) and this is his weibo. He updates sporadically, but apparently did a Q&A session with fans back in summer of 2015. I put together and translated some of the best responses below (the rest can be found on his blog).

@earl-of-221b @sebastrashkun Tagging you guys because this might bring you a good laugh.

Q: What’s up with the White Dragon, at the end [he] went to battle Hun Dun with the Great Sage? The White Dragon was tamed by the Great Sage?

A: They [Wukong/White Dragon] had a 2-hour discussion, but it was edited out.

Q: Director,  how come Wukong, Tang monk, Zhu Bajie, and even Xiao Bailong, showed up in the movie, but Friar Sand (Wujing) didn’t?

A: [He was] holding the camera.

Q: In the sequel, can you not change Friar Sand into a girl, I can’t accept changes that are too absurd

A: [If] everyone becomes a girl, [only] Friar Sand will not, I promise

Q: The Great Sage is just 1 pilgrim, but he ends up with a son and daughter, and does a good job taking care of the silly girl, where’d he get the experience?

A: In the past, he took care of monkeys in Flower Fruit Mountain

Q: Now that so many girls want to have the Great Sage’s babies, how do you feel? hahaha

A: I hate that my face isn’t longer (Note: Director thinks Wukong’s defining design trait is his long horse-face and didn’t think it’d be considered attractive- now he must face the irony LMAO)

Q: I think about how other people’s boyfriends spend money taking their girlfriends to the movies… but I have to spend my own money at the movies in order to see my boyfriend, have you thought about the hearts of us fangirls?

A: I have to spend my own money to see my own movie in theaters, I’m worse off than you.

(Note: I thought the asker was complaining about her love life to the director, before I realized her “boyfriend” is actually Wukong LOL)

Q: Look at me look at me! Not counting Hun Dun and the pig, how did everyone else know about the Great Sage causing havoc in heaven! They even made a shadow puppet show! Who in the three realms let this event get to the mortal realm?

A: How do you know about Havoc in Heaven?

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His wife/girlfriend is/was pregnant (BLOCK B)

Zico: -no one knew you were pregnant and no one knew why he seemingly dropped off the Earth for a few months until you were ok to take care of your daughter without him there the whole time. So when it came to interview time he had to talk about what happened all together- “my girlfriend was pregnant, we kinda have a child now. Little girl actually. I wanted to take care of my girls before I came back into the music industry. First day I left Y/N alone this long and I kinda want to go back home”

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Jaehyo: -he talk to the hairdressers who had children. Asking them for advice on how to be a good parent. He had 3 months to take as many notes as he could about infants and the final stages of pregnancy before your baby would be born. Or simply just talking about how you were doing- “she’s getting so big and she’s getting restless wanting the baby out. But I don’t know if it’s for wanting to hold our baby or it’s she just doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore. It’s cute to listen to her complain”

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P.O: -He saw your baby as the perfect little thing which was the first step in your new marriage. Amazingly it wasn’t your first child together it’s number 2 and you two were barely in your early 20′s. His goal was to embarrass you but at the same time be cute- “you know babies are the best part of sex. I mean you know the chance grow the little Pyo family even more makes it all seem more exciting, yes?”

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B-Bomb: -your son was nearly a year and a half which was a lot of trouble for you two because he started crawling and walking everywhere. And recently you said you were pregnant once more. He took your son with him to an interview and sat him down on the floor which was a mistake seeing as how he was breaking things on set- “I have a lot on my plate music and family are hard to juggle but- child what are you doing over there? Behave yourself. Wait til we get home and destroy stuff”

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Taeil: -there was a joke that he didn’t know what a condom was. 3 kids and you were pregnant again not even out of your 20′s yet. You two were compared to rabbits because how often you two were going at it. He hung his head in shame when the boys started teasing him about it once more- “I know what a condom is. I just don’t like them and neither does Y/N. We’re going to have yet another beautiful niece or nephew for you guys why are you complaining”

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U-Kwon: -new parenting was hard on every parent and since you were new parents it was very confusing to have any idea what you were doing. After months of preparation for your bundle of joy, you two finally sat down and talked about your new life ahead of you in a month or so.- “I mean yeah. I am very excited for this babe but at the same time I’m terrified I won’t be a good daddy to our baby. You know what I mean?”

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Kyung: -he recently posted the first picture of your child you wanted the world to see. She was a preemie so she was much smaller than normal babies but she was a strong little thing. You got to take her home last month and only posted the photo yesterday so the question was if there was a reason there was only just one of her photos out there- “we have many of her but we want to keep them personal as much as we can. Plus what’s better than a little teasing? Once she’s bigger I promise I’ll be showing her off”

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25 Days Of Christmas

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words: 3390
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I request a Jensen imagine? Jensen and the reader have customized advent calendars for each other. Jensen chose the items for the readers advent calendar and vice versa, and on the last day either Jensen or the reader have a surprise. Hope that makes sense :)

           It was your first Christmas as a married couple and you had wanted to do something special. Something that would become a meaningful tradition for the two of you. And you couldn’t have been happier with what the two of you had chosen.

           You and Jensen had both made an advent calendar for each other. They were simple, but great in your opinion. A large piece of felt with smaller felt pieced attached to make little pockets. Each pocket held a note or a small trinket or gift. Each day, you would each take out one of the items to count down until Christmas. You were so excited for this tradition to continue, even when you had children.

           You each had decided on days that would be for notes and what ones would be for gifts. You loved the idea and hadn’t been able to wait until the first of December to start the new tradition.

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Territorial with BTS | Reactions

when a bandmate gets a little too close to you.

Rap Monster: “bro, you put your hands on my girl. you and me got business now.”

Jin: “keep your hands to yourself. wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

Suga: “sweetheart, maybe we should just stay in my room. too many thirsty guys over here.”

J-Hope: “yeah, flirt all you want. she’s still coming home with me.”

Jimin: “i’m gonna kill him!”

V: “nope, so much no. she’s mine. mine. mine.”

Jungkook: “i will only say this once. if any of you get a little too friendly with baby, BTS just might become a one member group.”

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