i just want matty happy

Found another description of the Doctor flapping his hands, this time it’s Eleventh in Una McCormack’s short story “In Search of Lost Time”:
‘A coffee!’ He looks around, enchanted, and his hands flap about, like a dodo’s wings might have done when failing to fly. 'Me! Going for a coffee! In a cafe! Me!’

And there are more short descriptions of him stimming (but it’s called 'fidgeting’ in the story).

Question: why do Doctor Who book writers know that the Doctor stims, including flapping his hands, but we don’t really see it on screen? Or we do and it’s just I didn’t notice? Cause I’d give so much money to see the Doctor flap his hands on screen. There doesn’t need to be an explanation even, just show him doing that, I’d be so happy.

Show the Doctor flapping hands on screen 2k17!!!

i just want to wish a happy birthday to my soulmate. you inspire me everyday, with your music and with your words. i want you to remember that you’re a wonderful person who has a magnificent soul and an incredible voice. i will never forget what you did for me and how you changed my perception of life. you’re such a big influence for me, in the choices i take and the way i think. thank you for everything, you’re a beautiful human being. love you forever and always in my heart matty xx J.