i just want lots of stories of these guys set after the finale

Now that it’s on BuzzFeed, I can finally show you guys the full illustration!

Also, holy moly, the @onethousandandoneknights  Kickstarter is now over 200% funded!! If you want to get yourself a copy of these books, there’s still some time left before the Kickstarter is over.
After this though, they are going to become way harder to get, likely at a higher price and without the cool add-ons like the sticker set, the awesome art prints, and the newly unlocked patch that come when you get a full set!

They might just end up being the most beautiful books in your collection, thanks to the design by @anniestoll and @kevinjaystanton that will be gilded and foil embellished, and housed in a beautiful slipcase. And that’s just the outside!! Lots of amazing art and stories inside- just look at the previews on the kickstarter!