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Once Upon a Time

Bucky x Reader Oneshot

Summary – You and Bucky bond over a shared love for fairy tale endings.

Warnings – Pure fluff…be warned…it could rot your teeth out!

Word Count – 2,381

Notes – This is a birthday fic to the beautifully sweet Mariana @buckysberrie.  Happy Birthday my dear!!  If any of you have ever read one of her fic reviews, you’ll know how much she loves her inner dialogue.  I’ve written her a Bucky fic in this style before and it turned out really cute!  I hope this one is just as adorable.  For those of you who watch OUAT, I didn’t start with this season…you’ll see why when you read it!   As always, feel free to leave me any comments or feedback!


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Words in italics are the Reader’s internal dialogue

When the Quinjet touched down on the roof of the Avengers Compound in Upstate New York, all you could think about was a hot shower, something to eat, and a Netflix binge of your newest favorite TV show.  You and Wanda had been undercover for the past month and you had just made it the end of Season One of Once Upon a Time.  You were desperate to get caught up so you could watch the newest season live this fall.

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Hello :) If its possible do you think you could write something for Lucy, Levy, Erza, and Juvia (and possibly Mira) comparing baby bumps and talking about their babies?

All five of them being pregnant at the same time was a wild, hilarious concept to me. Hahahaha. Like, wow, all of them have been busy, I guess. I didn’t write Mira as pregnant but I did use her as my point of view and involve her in the antics. 

;The Size Of The Matter

‘It’s twins,’ Mira said, placing a tray laden with soft drinks on the table.

Levy gasped and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. ‘Don’t even say that.’

‘It is,’ she insisted. ‘You’re going to have twins.’

Levy rubbed a hand over her swollen belly and searched Mira’s gaze with large, fearful eyes. They’d recently had a conversation about how large Gajeel was and how big his babies might be. The thought of giving birth to something the size of a watermelon had resulted in Levy closing herself in the guild library and researching pain-free methods of childbirth. And then she’d cried. And laughed. And panicked until Gajeel wrestled the door open and promised her she’d be okay.

‘Twins would be cute,’ Lucy said. ‘I mean, you could have a boy and a girl. Either way, they’d be siblings. Wouldn’t that be nice?’

‘What do you want, Lucy?’ Mira asked.

Lucy smiled. ‘A girl, I think.’ Then her expression turned serious. ‘Natsu wants a boy, though. I think he wants to replicate what he had with Igneel. I don’t really mind, though.’

Mira’s heart fluttered at the memories of Natsu’s stories. He and Igneel had had a wonderful relationship. No matter the gender, she knew he’d be a wonderful, sweet father, though perhaps a little overenthusiastic at times. 

‘It’s hard to believe Juvia and Lucy are both five months along,’ Juvia said, easing her feet up onto the empty chair beside her.

‘I’m quite envious, too,’ Erza said, leaning across the table to stare at Lucy’s stomach. ‘Lucy’s stomach has barely grown at all.’

‘She doesn’t eat as much cake as you,’ Mira teased.

Erza shot Mira a warning glance, but Mira happily ignored it. 

‘It’s the baby,’ Erza said. ‘He or she has quite the sweet tooth.’

‘Erza,’ Lucy started, taking a sip from her glass, ‘didn’t you just find out you’re pregnant?’

All eyes slid to Erza. 

‘Yeah,’ Levy said. ‘How can you be jealous of Lucy’s stomach when you’re the smallest of us all?’

Erza offered a thin smile. ‘I just wanted to participate.’

‘Jellal is spoiling her already,’ Juvia swooned. ‘He brings sweets to the guild often.’

‘What about you?’ Lucy asked. ‘Gray brings you sweets too. Didn’t he carry you home yesterday?’

Juvia’s cheeks flushed. ‘That’s because Juvia’s feet keep swelling up.’

Mira glanced between the four of them. ‘Our guild is going to become rowdy, huh?’

Erza laughed at that. ‘What do you mean by that? Our guild is already rowdy.’

‘Agreed,’ Lucy said. ‘There have been more fights this past week than I can recall happening in the past.’

‘That’s because the boys are fighting over you ladies,’ Mira said, giving them a playful wink.

‘Fighting over us?’ Levy asked.

‘Yes.’ Mira brushed her hands on her apron. ‘Over whose belly will be the fattest.’

Lucy paled. ‘They what?’

‘Then Juvia will eat as much as she can to ensure Gray wins the fight!’ Juvia announced.

Levy grimaced. ‘I don’t want to get any bigger. I can barely stand up as it is.’

‘Lucy definitely won’t win,’ Erza noted. ‘I’m beginning to think there isn’t a baby in there at all.’

‘There is,’ Lucy insisted. ‘I was there for the making of said baby. Believe me, I know it’s in there.’

Mira laughed at Lucy’s honesty. 

‘I don’t want to give birth to a watermelon,’ Levy cried.

‘Aren’t you due in less than a week?’ Lucy asked her.

Levy burst into a fit of tears. 

As the girls dissolved into their nonsensical bickering, Mira shuffled away from the table, proud of her little antics, and happily resumed her place behind the bar. Peering out into the guild, she glanced at the faces of her loved ones, of her family, and smiled at the fond memories they brought.

‘Say, Master,’ she whispered, thoughts of Makarov seizing her heart in a tight and painful grip. ‘Please watch over Fairy Tail’s newest members when they arrive, as you watched over us before them.’


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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Request: “40 – Montgomery de la Cruz”


40. “Your girlfriend hates me too.”

Word count: 1.890

Posted: 22nd of May 2017

A/N: Here’s another imagine from Aja’s long list. I am happy to say that I’ve almost made through her list and I might post two imagines tomorrow. Who knows? I am hoping.
Anyways, I hope that you like this imagine. I hate myself, because I keep on coming up with sad endings. Sorry. HAHAHA. A massive thank you for your support guys and I love you so much. I am happy to receive some positive feedbacks from you and your nice comments really make my day complete. Thank you so so so much, really! Enjoy this imagine!

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

Link: Prompt list

Warning: contains swearing

“(Y/N), I need a muse for my Arts project, please.” Tyler, your best friend, insisted for the millionth time as he wanted you to model for him. He was the professional photographer of your school and he took pictures of everyone, but he has always wanted to have his own personal muse.

“Ty, I know that I’ve always been your muse, but I am busy this week. C'mon!” You answered, miffed. You explained him for more than thirty minutes why you were turning him down that time, but it didn’t seem that he understood your point.

“Damn!” He unleashed a heavy sigh as he watched you getting the things you needed for your Science class in your locker. “Who’s going to be my muse now?”

“I don’t know, Ty.” You shoved your books in your backpack and you carelessly shut your locker’s door. “Sorry.” You’ve never declined his offer, because you always had fun during your photoshoots with him, but you were really busy and you really felt sorry for him.

“Can’t you think of anyone who might accept my offer?” He desperately asked and followed you along the hallway as you started to walk towards your class.

You didn’t want to disappoint your best friend and you knew how paranoid he became when it came to searching for his muse. He never had this problem, since you’ve always accepted his offer, and he didn’t know what to do, panic was surely occupying his emotions.

You knew Tyler and he would always stick to only one subject for his school projects. You surely disappointed him, but he couldn’t blame you, because he knew that you had your own life too.

“Ty, why don’t you ask Jessica or Sheri?” You suggested as you stopped yourself from walking, which caused you and Tyler to bump into each other, fortunately not hurting yourselves.

“Alright, but you owe me one.” He was offended, but Tyler was a sweetheart and he understood serious things quickly. He was your best friend because he knew how to cope with you and how to respect your own decisions.

“No, I don’t!” You playfully replied, giggling as you saw him flashing his sweetest smile.

“Of course, you do.” He winked at you as he fidgeted with the cameras dangling on his neck. You both laughed, nevertheless it wasn’t really a big deal.

“I need to go, Ty.” You flashed him a smile as you thrusted your head to your classroom’s direction. He nodded with a big and wide smile on his face.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you and you just nodded as you started to walk again, increasing the distance between the two of you. “You owe me something, remember that!”

“She doesn’t!” You heard a deep voice along the hallway and you perfectly knew to whom it belonged: Montgomery, your boyfriend.

“What do you want, Montgomery?” Tyler’s shaky voice demanded for you to turn around and to check what was going on between them. The hallway was almost empty and some students were already in their respective classrooms. “(Y/N) is my best friend, I have the right to talk to her.”

“No, you leave her alone.” Your eyes widen and you quickly ran back to Tyler and Montgomery as you heard a sudden loud and sharp bang against the cold metal locker doors. “Freak!”

“Monty!” You stopped your boyfriend, but he just grabbed Tyler’s midnight blue button up shirt and tightened his grip as much as he could.

“Fucking leave her alone.” Montgomery threatened your best friend with his angry voice and eyes widened, showing that the sight of Tyler talking to you displeased and vexed him.

“These are thousand dollar cameras.” Your best friend tried to defend himself, protecting his beloved cameras. He really loved them, because photography was his life and favourite hobby too. You stood in front of them and you thought that your presence would have stopped Montgomery from pushing Tyler against the lockers behind him.

“Oh, yeah.” Montgomery nodded as he looked straight into Tyler’s eyes. He was struggling a little bit as Tyler was little taller than him. “I’ll break them on your face.”

“Montgomery, stop!” You pushed your boyfriend away, pulling his fist off Tyler’s clothes.

Montgomery was acting up, because he was jealous of your relationship with Tyler. You surely knew Tyler longer than you and Montgomery did, so he was afraid that you would leave him for your best friend.

“Threatening Tyler with your useless shit wouldn’t help you to ruin my relationship with him, okay?” You fiercely looked at your boyfriend’s eyes as you let him understand that he was doing the wrong thing.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler blurted out as he fixed his crumpled shirt. “your girlfriend hates me too.” He pointed out as he was referring to your action before, declining his proposal to be his muse. He shrugged his shoulders off, trying to assure Montgomery.

“Cut it off, Tyler!” You rolled your eyes. “I can do this on my own, go to your next class and I will see you later.”

“Alright, fine!” Tyler guiltily responded as he walked quickly through the empty corridors of your school. You watched his silhouette disappearing slowly from afar and you turned yourself to your still-miffed-boyfriend.

“Let’s go, de la Cruz!” You grabbed his forearm and you dragged him to the main entrance of your school. “We’re talking about your behaviour, because I am starting to be fed up. Okay?”

You heard him unleashing a long sigh and he foresaw the trouble that he was into. He was just afraid to lose you and you couldn’t blame him, but he was overreacting and he was menacing someone who meant a lot to you.

You both sat down on a bench, putting your school materials aside, and you inhaled some fresh air first, before you let the happening sink in your mind once again. The rage wrapped your body one more time and you looked at Montgomery, trying to catch his gaze.

“Fuck this silence!” Montgomery threw a fit and he stood up from the bench. He seriously considered your eyes and he saw your dull gaze. “I’m sorry, okay? I was just jealous.”

“I know, Montgomery,” You unleashed a deep and heavy sigh. You couldn’t believe that he was still jealous of Tyler and you were already dating for almost five months, five long months. “but you couldn’t keep on threatening my best friend whenever your jealousy takes control of your good and kind heart.”

“Of course, I can.” He bravely objected your statement. “I’m your boyfriend, he’s just your best friend.”

You knew Montgomery and he was a tough guy. He would do anything to protect you and your relationship. He would fight against people to maintain the bond between the two of you.

You loved him even though he was like that and you were trying to let him understand that he should stop worrying about your relationship, because your heart beat only for him. In fact, he was the perfect boyfriend that you could ever wish for, but all of us had our own imperfections. Montgomery’s imperfection was this: his inability to control his anger and his jealousy.

“It doesn’t work that way. Do you know that?” You remained calm as you fidgeted with your long dark sleeves. Finally shaking off the thought that you were skipping your class for a pointless chaos. You tried to not to cry, because you had to be strong. He had to listen to you and you knew that he wouldn’t if you just broke down.

“He is obstructing our relationship, (Y/N). I would be worried if I didn’t care about what he was doing, you know?” He debated, not getting the real point of your opinion. He was a hard-headed guy and you sometimes despised him for being one.

“No, Montgomery!” You protested, standing up from the bench. “You know what is obstructing our relationship?”

“Tyler!” He stated as he raised his voice, still convinced that the real cause was Tyler. You shook your head continuously to let him know that his answer was wrong. He wasn’t stupid, but he was blinded by his jealousy. Of course.

“Wrong!” You whispered as you leant towards him, diminishing the distances of your faces. “Your trust, Montgomery.” You poked his chest with your index finger as you ferociously pointed out. “Trust.”

“Okay, I had my doubts, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t trust you.” Montgomery lowered his voice as he calmly explained his thoughts, but you thought that they were just some sort of excuses.

“Your doubts?” You questioned him. “You had your doubts again?”

“Yes!” He bravely answered, almost shouting against you.

“And you want us to be together, nevertheless your doubts?” You asked him, being sure of what he had in his mind. Tears were about to escape, but you stopped them. You needed to be strong, remember? You couldn’t believe that he doubted on you once again, even though you never missed any chance to make him feel that you loved him. He doubted on you and it seriously hurt you.

“Yes!” He repeated with a sure and convinced voice timbre. He didn’t notice that you were hurt and he still kept his pride, shielding himself against your opinion.

“You know what those doubts are doing in our relationship?” You mumbled, the words were almost couldn’t be heard.

“No.” His feet suddenly became more interesting than seeing your face. His voice died as he honestly responded to your question.

“They are wrecking us.” You weakly blurted out. You couldn’t imagine your life without Montgomery and it broke you, everything broke you. “So, if you don’t want to lose me, start shaking off those doubts, because I love you. You, only you, and no one else, Montgomery!”

You grabbed your backpack and your books from the bench as you slowly walked away from Montgomery, leaving him with his mouth ajar. You decided to head to your Science class, although you were already late. It was always better to be late, than never. Right?

The journey was hard and heavy for you. The love that you were feeling for Montgomery was pulling you to bring you back next to him. You wanted to let him know that he would never lose you, no matter what happened between the two of you. He would never lose you, because you didn’t want to lose him either.

You loved Montgomery so much, but he doubted on you. It was heart-breaking, because you didn’t expect that he would doubt on you again, the first time was when he didn’t know that Tyler was your best friend and he thought that you were cheating on him. Sad, right? But he was excused that time.

You walked away from him and you let your tears to run down your face, letting your resentments out. Tears were slowly burning your crimson red cheeks.

He had his point on being jealous of your relationship with Tyler, but doubting on you? That was wrong, because, after all, doubts were the one who ruined relationships the most.

Montgomery hurt you and you would always forgive him, he just needed to realize his mistake after you opened his eyes.

It was better to be safe than to be sorry, right? Right.

Thank You For Loving Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean finally tells the Reader the three letter word.

Word Count: 928

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! So this was supposed to be for my own Music Shuffle Game, but then I realized that @d-s-winchester had a challenge that I volunteered for and I got the same song. So this is for her challenge too…although…I don’t remember the tag for it. So this probably doesn’t count *hides face* I hope you enjoy it!!

Song used: “Thank You For Loving Me” by Bon Jovi

Thank You For Loving Me

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have you ever seen any of the actors? or even see them filming? since you live in oslo I thought I'd ask :D

I have met some of the actors:

Thomas Hayes I met at a party of a friend to a friend. I said hey to him in an introduction sorry of way. I don’t think anyone took pictures with him or talked to him about Skam. Everyone just knew who he was and didn’t want to make it awkward.

I met Marlon, this is the coolest one because I actually talked to him. I was at Elvebakken with some friends and we were supposed to get convinced to start there (all of us had already decided on other schools) and then they tell us they have some students that are going to convince us. And suddenly Marlon sits down at our table and all of us have like a brief shock moment before we start talking about the school. And I remember so well the girls that would rather die then start at Elvebakken just sitting there with heart eyes fixing their hair and smiling while asking questions.

The actress who plays Sara goes to my school so I have seen her in the hallway and she was the star of our revy. She played a old racist fish, a refugee, a mean old lady, a jellyfish and her biggest role was as Blekkulf who was this singing octopus who just to be on children tv and in the show Blekkulf was planning a comeback. She was very good in the revy.

I just passed the actor who plays Mahdi on the street last Friday. I didn’t even notice before my friend said it.

A friend of mine was also featured on Noora’s instagram  which I’m still not over because I was just scrolling my feed and then I see Noora has published something and I recognize the guy in the photo and I’m like what??? so I texted him and it turned out they had just met them sort of in the street and then asked them for a photo for Skam. 

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ughhhh i would love for you to do a realistic keith coming home, declining all of the other paladins' offers, then him going to some orphanage/cemetery or old foster home that he remembers fondly and just wow i love angsty keith okay...*whispers* let him be alone

I don’t know what im doing with angst master™ keith yet, im gonna think more about it after I start Pidge

I can definitely see him wanting to be alone, but at the same time I think he might want the support of the team after the war is over… he already built all that trust with them,, even if he’s a recluse I don’t think he’d want to be all that far away from them?? Maybe they can be neighbors or somthn idk  ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

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Did I miss something with Kash/Will? Everyone seems to be regretting shipping him and Kiki or liking him?

jlksjglsjgsdjo its just kind of? how kash acted in his last episode i guess? ie how shitty he was to keyleth even after she started crying (although i could definitely understand his annoyance because keyleth didn’t really apologize for sending him on that mission to vasselheim and just cried instead which is. shitty even as a person with anxiety.) but it was just :/ when he didn’t take a step back after a while

and how he completely backtracked on his “i saved vex because you wanted me to” and claimed “i saved vex because vax would kick my ass” and that was kinda the point where a lot of us were just like :( about it in canon like the ship was already dead and we knew that but kash stomped on the friendly rapport they established during 43/44 and it was just. sad.

for the most part i’m just bitter about the lost potential in kash and keyleth’s friendship since i knew the ship was long past sailing in canon and like. i still ship them but it’s just kind of a looping soundclip of WE COULD’VE HAD IT ALLLLLLLLL

this is rambley idk if anyone else has anything else to add but @tarydarry has A Lot Of Angry Kash Feelings

Past the clouds we found the stars

Notes: I wanted to write something but i didn’t have such ideas. So I opened a new document, and I simply started to tap.


It’s just that I miss them so much already.


(Always sorry for any mistake, remember I’m not English /American/etc…)


A happy beginning means that you’re ready to begin something. It means you’re ready to smile, ready to welcome life with open arms with pros and cons. No matter what she will put on your way, you’ll be there. You won’t give up.

Emma wished for a happy ending for so long, during her life. For the most of it, actually, she was alone. Then Henry found her, but she didn’t believe at first.
But even than, even after the all magic curse thing, she still didn’t believe she would have found what she needed. She knew even Neal wasn’t her happy ending, her own fairy-tale, outside the book.

Then Hook came to be in her life. He showed up on her way, grin on his face and a shiny silver hook. A pirate.
If someone told her she would fell in love and marry such a character she would have probably laugh to death, like it was the most ridiculous story to tell. But it’s until you believe, that something is actually possible. And Emma started to believe. Started to smile. Slowly, step by step, she tried, she failed, she never gave up, and, at the end, she won. She won something far more valuable than an happy ending. She earned her happy beginning. She earned a promise, a big smile to encourage her and Killian to always see the best in the worst.
They were husband and wife, now, she found her true love and she was finally feeling at home.

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If you got to add one feature (a la cutscene skip) to an idealized hybrid of SA + SADX, what would it be?

I’d love to see a new English localisation job for the game!

SA1′s English version suffers from voice acting issues and a poor translation (though not as bad as SA2) of the original Japanese script. My girlfriend already wrote a more accurate translation a while back, so it would just be a case of adapting that.

I could do it myself but you can’t edit text to be longer than the original line in event files or it starts looking funny. Editing the voice AFS is much easier (and I’ve done it before with E3 Knuckles) but I don’t know anyone decent at voicing Sonic.

If you want something simpler though, bring back the Japanese version’s running blur!

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11, 15 and 19 (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

hi bb ilu

11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?

Weirdest thing…hmm…I’m not very creative when it comes to things that are outside of the realm of reality, aside from the soulmate AU. I’m coming up blank. T____T

15. Answered!

19. Why did you start writing?

I started writing when I was a kid because it was just a lot of fun. I wrote stories all the time, multiple stories at once, and even thought about writing a book once about sisterly friendships and other coming of age stories. I got into writing fanfics because it was fun to take a concept that someone had already created and see if I could bend it and shape it to include what I wanted to say in a way that felt like it could exist in the same universe. And then I just kept doing it because it was so much fun :3

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Hi Cari! I just watched your Non-teaching Job video and you mentioned about majors in college. I just like to ask (because im really confused with my life now) how you figure out what you really want to do? I mean, honestly I don't know what I want and I'm already in my 4th year in college. I'm starting to panic because in a few years, I should be applying for a job that I genuinely like. I plan to have a 2nd degree or a Masters degree right after I graduate to just figure out what i love :(

Oyy that’s super hard :/ Even now I’m finding things I wished I studied or things I want to go back to school to study so I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask. It might be easier to think about things you dread. For me I knew I didn’t want anything to do with math and money, so I stayed faaaar away from business school or marketing even though I adore (am terrified of) the psychology behind marketing - which led me to communications.

I’d suggest writing down ever minute thing that makes you happy. Even if its as simple as having old people tell you their life stories or giving people directions or watching ghost shows on TV. You might find some pattern in what you love and it could help you choose your next step!

Sorry I’m horrible at advice but I wish you luck! A lot of my friends studied random things in undergrad and just became lawyers this weekend (graduation week wuhwuhht) so you have time to test the water and figure it out :) 

just for the future, if i start actively engaging in drama feel free to send me shit about it but in general pls don’t message me asking about anything negative that i haven’t been blogging, i’m not talking about it on purpose. no hard feelings if u’ve done this. if u want my opinion on those things i’ll answer if ur off anon

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Anyone caught your eye that you would like to meet but haven't yet?

Who I haven’t met already? Oh there is far too many to count. But if you’re looking for a list…

Well there’s a sexy little number in my class I would love to get to know.

I saw this lovely creature walking the halls and would love a bite of her. And there was this one innocent smile I wouldn’t mind kissing. Oh, and don’t get me started on the man candy I couldn’t help but check out. Or the sexy ass that, sadly, walked away from me.

There was a beauty in the staff area I saw once, sitting across from a sexy slice of heaven. Actually, the staff have provided quite a bit of eye candy. From blonde beauties to tall, dark and handsome.

This school is packed with sexy women, adorable men, sweet facesgorgeous bodies, and every other kind of attractive a girl could ask for.

And the list just keeps growing every day.

@jamesdonovanxlust @southernxwolf @maebhxemerson @jaceconflagratio @levixmatthews @professor-butler @morganxcallahan @professor-shaw @heyxxjude @xanderstjohn @ksenia-malikov @snugglycervidae @slave-aislynn @ryland-matthews-slave

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So are you planning on writting a Chrason fic (like oBaS) at some point? I really like your fics and apart from wanting a sequel of oBaS, I love your Chrason fics. You were also the reason I started shipping it in the first place so.. Anyway i love your blog so much! Keep up the amazing work!

I am gonna write a longer Chrason fic, but probably not a multichapter one like oBaS. Like, it’ll still be a decent length but unfortunately I just don’t really have enough of an investment in the ship that I could write you guys the super long fic that you’d deserve without it getting stuff and boring after awhile.

But! I will tell you, I am already working on that Chrason fic for y'all and even if it isn’t 10 chapters like oBaS, it’s gonna be hella cute and -whisper- good old fashion coffee shop au.

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Oh almighty napkin arm with googly eyes, I humble peregrin dare come forth with a request... could you make some character design breakdowns for some more realistic characters? Like your power ranger fanart? I tried to break them down on my own, but I'm not sure I did it that well... it's incredibly useful and interesting... Keep being awesome, and thanks for how you already helped me anyway!

Thanks for the patience, had to mull this one over. The more complex a design gets, the more difficult it is to break down. Basic character design tips may not be enough…so let’s delve into:

Character Design Tips Part 2!

Before we start, it’ll help to read my last character design post, where I laid out four concepts: shapes, silhouettes, colors, and inspiration. In this post, I aim to build on and rephrase these in a way that hopefully makes it easier to apply them. I’ll be drawing examples from my Power Rangers (2017) fanart to illustrate my points.


  • (Ideally, you should already be comfortable with drawing people. If not, look into figure drawing, gesture drawing, etc.)
  • (Whereas my previous tips were more tried and true, the tips here are more my own thoughts, so they may be half-formed.)
  • (Again, these are not rules. They’re just tips to add to your toolbox; the more tools you have, the more versatile you’ll become.)

Without further ado, let’s start!

Based off what we know about shapes, silhouettes, colors and inspiration, I want to cover: lines and angles, external and internal silhouettes, values, and references.

1. Shapes => Lines and Angles

Last time, I laid out three basic shapes:round, box, and triangle.

Problem: limiting yourself to these 3 shapes can be useful and fun for simpler designs, but they may be too simple or look out of place on more complex designs.

Solution: let’s go to the next level! Instead of shapes, shift your thinking to lines and angles!

Lines can be curved, straight, or diagonal.
Angles can range from obtuse to acute angles.
Follow your intuition: what feeling do you get from each line or angle?
If I follow my own intuition, I see that:

  • curved lines = natural, soft
  • straight lines = balanced, grounded
  • diagonal lines = off-balance, in motion
  • obtuse angles = broad, relaxed
  • right angles = rigid, unnatural
  • acute angles = slim, dynamic

If this sounds familiar, you’re right! It’s just the shapes all over again: 

  • curved lines make round shapes
  • straight lines with obtuse/right angles make boxy shapes
  • diagonal lines with acute angles make triangular shapes

But lo! Since we broke the shapes into their smaller components, it’s much more flexible! Now we can use lines and angles for more complex designs:

2. Silhouette => External and Internal Silhouettes

Last time, I explained the silhouette test: if you black out the figure, it should still be readable.

Problem: blacking out the figure only tests the outline of the design, i.e. the external silhouette. But what about the inside of the design?

Solution: block in the figure and test for the internal silhouette! 

If you want not just an interesting outline, but an interesting costume, block in the major components of your design to see if it has a readable internal silhouette. This test can help you avoid boring or cluttered costumes and makes your design stand out. If your internal silhouette is too empty, try adding props or designs. If it’s too busy, simplify it.

3. Colors => Values

Last time, I talked about the 60-30-10 and 70-30 rules for color.

Problem: those rules work on the assumption that you’re only using 2 to 3 colors. But what if I want to use more colors?

Solution: good news! The same idea applies if you split your palette into 3 major values: shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Balance your palette by converting your colors to grayscale and applying the 60-30-10 rule to the values. This is related to the idea of silhouettes; if you get a nice internal silhouette, you’ll probably end up with a nicely balanced set of palette values, and vice versa.

(Fun fact! You can split your palette in different ways. In a watercolor tutorial, Miyazaki splits the palette into bright, dark, black, green 1, green 2, blue 1, and blue 2.)

4. Inspiration => References

“Good artists copy, great artists steal!” -Picasso

Problem: Coming up with something 100% original is tedious and doesn’t always give great results. It saps the inspiration right out of you!

Solution: It’s a lot easier to steal ideas from references!

Note: don’t just copy, steal! Cherry-pick/massage the aspects of the reference you find the most appealing and work them into your design. Ditch anything that you don’t care about. Make it your own! Make it something you can put your own name on! Below is the reference image I used for my designs:

And below is my fanart:

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading! If you guys want to see any other topics, feel free to ask and I can try my hand at it.

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Me, writing a philosophical literature essay at 3am: 

A long time ago, actually never, and also (now). Nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right? Like I said, it didn’t happen. Nothing was never anywhere. That’s why it’s been everywhere. It’s been so everywhere you don’t even need a where. You don’t even need a when. That’s how every it gets. Forget this. I wanna be something. Go somewhere. Do something. I want things to change. I want to invent time and space. And I know it’s possible because everything is here and it probably already happened. I just don’t know when to start. 


A couple of days ago one of my cats got outside and was hit by a car, she’s stable but most likely has a long long way to go… i honestly hate to do this but, with all the meds, tests, samples to send to the lab, special food because she can’t even chew rn and the fact she has to stay at the hospital for days if not weeks, vet bills are piling up incredibly fast, not to mention she’ll probably get surgery later and who knows how much that’ll be… so… i need help and here i am.

i’ll draw virtually anything (if you want something but aren’t sure if i can do it, please feel free to ask) and i don’t mind if all you have to spare is $1, you can pay what you want, i just really want my cat healthy, happy and back home as soon as possible. 

The only conditions for this are: i’ll just draw single character pieces (i may do 2 characters if they’re not full-body, but please ask), and they are just for personal use.

Payment would be to my paypal account, it is: esperanza.mendozabo@gmail.com and i would need you to pay before i start working (sorry, but i just don’t want someone to back off and go away once i already finished a piece)

If you have at least a little bit to spare please consider, and if you can’t, that’s fine too, but please help me spread this

my art blog is @prancing-pixie btw