i just want froyo

tgre 55 spoilers (100% true not fake)
  • kaneki prefaces his battle with eto with a witty knock-knock joke; eto laughs so hard she falls off the side of the building and every1 stays alive
  • eto, after waking up on the pavement, renounces her destructive behavior of the past and decides to undergo a genre change in her writing, focusing on steamy romance novels and joke books instead
  • kanae wakes up and suddenly knows the true meaning of friendship; kaneki and kanae hug it out
  • tsukiyama decides he needs to treat himself and go on vacation to get away from everyone and their drama
  • hide appears on the rooftop and carries kaneki out bridal-style
  • fuck i don’t know they all get froyo or something
  • i just want hide to come back