i just want fluff everywhere

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Could I request some cute headcannons involving the boyfriends or any subset of them? I really want to read some random fluff and I'm just finding angst everywhere lately :(

Of course!! I’m just about to head to bed myself, so let’s have some sleepy headcanons for the boys. uwu

Cloud sleeps to conserve heat, a habit born of long, cold winter nights in Nibelheim. He curls himself into a little ball, tugging the blankets around him and clutching onto them for dear life. This can cause some issues with stealing the covers from other boyfriends in the bed, but that’s okay, because there’s an easy solution. As long as sleepy Cloud is clinging to something, he’s happy. Instead of clutching at the blankets, the boyfriends can snuggle up so Cloud clings to them instead, and then everyone is happy. Please picture: sleepy, clingy, snuggly Cloud. uwu

Zack has the opposite problem. He sprawls. He will sprawl right over the top of the other boyfriends. It is not at all unusual for him to end up with an arm draped over Sephiroth, his head on Angeal’s chest, and his legs tangled up with Genesis’. This causes quite a disturbance to the covers, but SOLDIERs tend to have pretty high body temperatures anyway, so a sprawled Zack provides a sufficient amount of warmth. Just as long as he doesn’t accidentally kick Genesis in the stomach.

Sephiroth is getting better at sleeping with the boyfriends. For the longest time, he could only sleep on his back, arms straight at his side, rigid and unmoving, like he was in some military position even when asleep. (There was never much room in the bunks he was provided with. It was a necessity - rolling over would often lead to falling right out.) It was a bit unnerving, at first. He still prefers to sleep on his back, but is open to the physical contact of a boyfriend’s head resting on his shoulder or an arm draped over him.

Angeal spoons, and it is splendid because who could possibly resist having the handsomest boyfriend all pressed up behind them, those big hands curled around their waist? Not that Angeal is always the big spoon. In fact, he’s not fussy. As long as there is some kind of spooning happening, he is happy. It is equally as adorable when Cloud in spooned behind Angeal, clinging to his back. Sometimes when he’s only half awake, Cloud will nuzzle against the back of Angeal’s neck and sleepily play with the strands of his hair.

Genesis throws the covers off in his sleep, but blames the boyfriends for stealing them because he doesn’t realise he’s the one doing it. Out of all the boyfriends, Genesis is the one who likes a bit of personal space the most. He only really enjoys being wrapped up together completely with a boyfriend post-sexytimes. His form of intimacy is more in his hands. A hand reached out to rest on a boyfriend’s shoulder, or their chest, or their waist. Just a small gesture, but important. You’d never get him to admit it, but while he’s drifting off his fingers tend to curl and twitch. He has jazz hands. The best is when he has a hand tangled gently into Sephiroth’s hair and ends up slowly running his fingers through, like a little scritching motion. He still claims he has no knowledge of doing this.

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I was wondering if their would be any creatures that only come out at certain times in the US like how this time of year there are those little fluff balls flying everywhere, I just wanted to know and if so what would they be?

I have exactly zero idea what you’re talking about. If you mean “are there seasonal animals that only emerge at certain times” then yeah there probably would be. But I’ve not done any yet.

I just really want the last episode of Miraculous Ladybug to be a future/epilogue episode, I hope we see 

  • Marinette, Adrien, Alya and Nino all grown up
  • Mari and Adrien married and so are Alya and Nino, both couples have children (and Thomas would obviously make the Adrienette children be called Emma, Hugo and Louis) 
  • them in their jobs, Marinette takes over as head of Gabriel’s fashion brand after Gabriel decides he wants to retire, Adrien is a model/something involved in science (like a physicist or maybe a science teacher), Nino is a DJ with hits all around the world and Alya is a reporter at French 24
  • what happened to the side characters as well (for example Juleka and Rose are married and have children and Kim and Alix are living together, Nathanael is a famous comic book artist, Chloé becomes a powerful politician or CEO (picture Cat Grant) etc etc)
  • and there’s maybe even a new villain who works all around the globe and Earth has two new superheroes ____ and ____ (fill in the gaps as you please), leaving the possibility of a spin off tv show ;)

and it’s just lots and lots of fluff everywhere with closure and ahhhhhhhh I just want this