i just want everyone to watch this show so they can see how perfect and otp these two are

Let’s analyze the Sterek shit in 6b trailer

Right after I watched the trailer, I immediately started analyzing and searching elements about Derek and Stiles. First thing, obviously, Derek is BACK YES and Stiles appears in the season. 

But now here are things I noticed, and I’m pretty sure it’s just my hardcore shipper side taking control of my mind so please don’t take it seriously ok ?  It’s really far fetched and I don’t want to start a fight with anyone. If you’re not agreeing with me just keep scrolling :) (and if you keep reading excuse my not so perfect english, there may be a lot of mistakes !)

1. They’re back together 

As you probably noticed, Stiles and Derek came back to Beacon Hills and met Scott at the same time and together, right ? And it can’t be a coincidence because neither of them looks surprised to see the other and the “without us ?” looks way too prepared for them to meet at this moment. Except if Stiles’ eyes rolling back in his head is him about to faint from surprise. Guess it’s not.

So I can surely assume that they met before, and came back together.How did they meet, I have no idea : maybe one was looking for the other (and it makes my heart swell to think about it), or maybe they ran into each other, like drawn by fate. Hem. They probably both drove together in the jeep too. Knowing them and their friendly relation, I can guess they talked and bantered with one another during the trip. So they obviously spent time together and that makes my heart happy.

2. Stiles helps Derek

Again, that’s obvious if you watched the trailer, but Stiles helps carrying an injured Derek out of a fight (we’ll also notice that Stiles is wearing a FBI shirt and I  wonder how that happened since you can’t become a FBI agent in so little time but that’s not the point).This short scene immediately reminded me of season 2 in the pool before they went in the water and Stiles had to carry Derek in the exact same position and they had this nice little talk about how they don’t really trust each other and that Stiles is helping Derek just because he needs him to survive. Well, that obviously changed, and we’ve known that for a while now, but I like the maybe involuntary parallel between the season 2 scene and this one where Stiles saves Derek without hesitation. Awesome relationship and characters evolution !

3. No Stydia ?

I’m not trying to throw shade on Stydia, I totally respect this ship, but I couldn’t keep myself from noticing that Lydia doesn’t have a scene with Stiles alone, when Scalia (yay !) has this shower scene and a lot of other one-to-one moments, as Melissa and Chris do. Lydia is mostly alone. Like really alone. She discovers this weird spiderweb thing alone, is in a bed alone, is in the school alone, screams alone (and right after a sterek scene !), is alone. The only moment Stiles and Lydia have together is in the last scene, where everyone is in or around the jeep, listening to the radio. They’re sitting side by side, I can give you that. But we’ll talk again about this scene later. This is surprising, absolutely no Stydia in the trailer, when 6a was all about this ship.

4. Stiles and Derek are a real duo

I’m not talking about romantic (or sexual if you want to see it that way) couple, but these two dorks are a recurrent and good working duo since season 1. It was mostly comic at the beginning, but they learned to trust and appreciate each other. I’m talking about Derek shoving Stiles in walls, banging his neck in a steering wheel and dying on him in season 1. I’m talking about the pool scene and breaking in the police station, Alpha Derek saving Stiles from Isaac, both being paralyzed in the police station (and Matt shipping it) in season 2. I’m talking about them being friendly when Scott gets his tattoo, eye contact, Derek punching Stiles hand, Derek trusting Stiles over his girlfriend, Stiles putting is hand on Derek’s shoulder at Boyd’s death, Stiles hitting him when he’s unconscious, Derek helping to save Stiles when he’s possessed, Derek trying to protect him when Chris points a gun at the Nogitsune, Derek dreaming about Stiles, in season 3. I’m talking about Stiles helping and taking care of teenager Derek, Stiles and Derek together helping Liam, Derek almost dying and Stiles hesitating to leave, fearing he won’t see him again, in season 4. I’m talking about Stiles noticing his initials on the bookshelf at school, Scott and Stiles mentioning Derek in season 5, when nobody else talked about him. 

Even if you don’t ship Sterek you have to see their relation. Trust, care, attachment. If I put to the side the romantic aspect of Sterek and only focus on what is canon, I’d say they are more than friends. Friends for Stiles is Scott. Derek is more, and it frustrates me that I can’t find the right word. They are like supernatural adventures partners. They’d do anything to help the other and trust them without questioning it. They earned that trust, and once obtained it’s even more solid than the one between Scott and Stiles (season 5 shows it). Derek would have believed Stiles in season 5 and supported him against Theo without a second thought. And they sometimes joke and banter together, so it works even more. The trailer shows that they’re not Derek and Stiles anymore. They’re Derek&Stiles, partners in crime. It’s even more emphasized by the “us” that Derek corrects. 

Despite my love for this otp, I see the canon Derek&Stiles more like a platonic relationship. Platonic soulmates. After the end of that war, I just imagine them going back to Washington or New York or wherever and move in together. Hell, they’ll even get platonically married and platonically raise children together, because they can’t imagine someone else to spend their life with. But if romantic Sterek goes canon I’ll be even more happy :D

5. Eye contact in the jeep

This one is the most far fetched and I totally over analyzed it.

In the last scene of the trailer, where Scott, Stiles and Lydia are in the jeep with Peter, Malia and Derek at the windows, I noticed a few things.

First, the Hales are all outside the car, which doesn’t mean anything but maybe it’s important to say it.

And, after a few observations, we can know that this is how they’re placed

(This picture is really awful but anyway)

And now is the interesting stuff.

I can’t really be sure what he is looking at, could be the radio, but I want to believe this very intense look is directed at Stiles. And while we’re talking about him…

Is this Stiles looking back at Derek ? Seems like it. It wouldn’t be the first time these two exchange glances and eye contact when nobody else is looking.

 (You can read this amazing meta theory where the author talks about Stiles and Derek relation and the importance of eye contact among other things : https://cupidsbower.tumblr.com/post/86202796600/dereks-anchor)

Peter and Lydia seem rather focused on the radio Scott is holding, we can’t see Malia, and Scott is looking through the window, but then he looks up, maybe at Derek, maybe just for the emphasis of his concentration and questions. No idea.

Also, if you squint really really hard during this scene, you may notice that Peter seems to be looking at Lydia, while she’s turning her eyes towards Stiles who’s looking at Derek. Derek stares back, Scott glances at Malia and we can’t see her face again so she could be looking anywhere. But it’s like everyone is staring at the person they have a connection with. Peter because he played with Lydia’s mind, Scott because he’s dating Malia. Lydia because she’s dating Stiles. And Stiles and Derek ? Because they have this incredible chemistry. Maybe we’re even talking about romantic connections and the show will end with canon Pydia, Scalia and Sterek, who knows ? But after a few slow-mo rewatchs I realized that except Derek and Stiles, they’re more likely to be watching the radio. So take this as you want it, nobody’s holding you back of believing it. 

The dorks look at each other exactly when Gerard (wasn’t he dead by the way ??) says “Welcome back. You must all be feeling rather nostalgic.”

The “welcome back” must be directed at Derek and Stiles, since they were the only ones among the people in the car who left Beacon Hills. So again, they’re addressed as a whole. (Or it’s a general “welcome back”, like “welcome back together, all gathered in the jeep like the good ol’time !”, or a “welcome back in a new nightmare where I’m magically alive !”. )

The “you must all be feeling rather nostalgic” is directed at everyone, and I guess the old man says that because a lot of people are back (Jackson ! The twin ! Kate ????), so I don’t give it much attention, but what I do give attention to is how a shot of Derek and his intense look is followed by a fade to black and then the shot of Stiles looking back at him. That must be the cinematographer inside me talking, but this kind of editing doesn’t come from nowhere. I see this sequence as a special importance giving deeper meaning to Gerard’s words. I see it as Derek and Stiles having felt nostalgic far away from the town and its inhabitants (pack and family included), but also far away from each other when Derek left. In other words, they missed each other. We’ve only seen Stiles’ point of view, when he signed the bookshelf or when Scott mentioned his name and he obviously had feelings (as friend or not) towards the werewolf. I can assume Derek felt the same way, especially after Braeden left him and came back to Beacon Hills without him.

Some people say that Stiles is Derek’s anchor, and I’m pretty convinced of that too. It makes even more sense that they found each other again when they’d lost contact for months, even maybe years. It’s like they gravitate toward each other. Platonic soulmates as I said before. And I can totally see them evolve in this platonic way. Stydia could keep happening, Derek could find a partner (Braeden ?), and they’ll still stay around each other no matter what.

I can totally see them evolve in a romantic relation too, but oh so different than what they both had had before. More serious than any of their previous relations, but they’ll still stay these two adorable dorks who can’t keep themselves from teasing the other and pretending they’re not funny, and always keeping this unbreakable trust and fidelity they already have. I’m totally on board with this. Yup. 

… And this post is way much longer than it was supposed to be so I’m gonna stop ! Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion and thoughts as long as you don’t insult me or anything, be kind please ! :) Have an awesome day !!

Bonus : 6. Something for the viewers

I just realized I forgot to mention something :

 “You didn’t think you were doing this without me, did you ?”

“Without us ?”

This, except being the cause of my cardiac arrest, can also be interpreted. Stiles and Derek obviously said these lines to Scott, but what if the production of Teen Wolf was saying this to us at the same time? A lot of people believed that Derek and Stiles wouldn’t appear in the last part of the show, but here they are ! And that’s a nice message, if it was voluntary :D 

I can still hope that, as a lot of people believe that romantic sterek won’t become canon, boom they’ll throw the love at us with a “You didn’t think this would happen, did you ?” and I can totally see something like this happen. In my head. But who knows ?

Now I’m really finished ! Thanks for reading :)

Sinclairs-Demians Theory

Most of the theories now are focused on Demian by Hermann Hesse…

Hence the book suddenly being sold out everywhere…

If you are asked for three words that would explain HYYH what would they be?

  • In my opinion… it would be… Youth… Struggle… Dreams
  • My three words for Demian? Youth… Struggle… Will

Overarching summary of the book:

Demian is the coming of age story of Sinclair. Hesse's Demian dealt with the problem and experience of change. It was written during the First World War which is often seen as a time during which the world was robbed of its innocence. In the story, Sinclair meets this older boy named Demian who comes in different points of his life to usher him into maturity. Demian opens Sinclair’s eyes to see the world in a new perspective.  One of his main perspectives was that there is no pure evil and no pure good. That if one is not limited by what society deems as good and evil then one can attain his will or want better.

Another important character is Eva, she is Demian’s mom. She is beautiful in both masculine and feminine sense. She is, for Sinclair, what Demian cannot be. Demian is Sinclair’s friend and mentor; Eva acts as Sinclair’s mother and the object of his romantic love. Like Demian, Eva’s primary role is to help Sinclair develop appropriately.

Sinclair does meet more people along the way, all helping him figure out more about himself. But Every so often his path crosses with Demian. Eva taught Sinclair a trick to find her, he said that Sinclair just needs to will all his energy and she will send someone like her to be with him. (take note of this, I’ll explain it later) He tried it once and was surprised when it worked and Demian stood beside him. During the war, Sinclair did the same thing and Demian was suddenly beside him.  Demian tells Sinclair that if he ever feels like he needs help, he no longer needs to call Demian. He simply needs to look inside himself and he will see that Demian is within him. With that, Demian gives him a light kiss on the lips—a kiss that he says is from Frau Eva—and vanishes into the night.

Sooo… who is who… and what is what… in my opinion:

I think… Each pairing are each other’s Demians and Sinclairs helping each other reach the enlightenment that maturity supposedly brings.

Yes they each have their individual roads of struggle towards self discovery and they did some things that society would deem bad/evil while they were together. 

Messing up restos… 

Causing traffic…

but none of them were bad enough to cause themselves true harm. They had more difficulty traversing through their lives alone though, Damien without Sinclair… Sinclair without Damien… meant a road of self discovery alone and that’s when things got messier.

Remember, you can smile as long as we’re together? 

All symbolisms in the short films point towards this. Kookie being first, showed the connection of HYYH story to Demian. It shows the importance of the pair ups and how relevant they are to each other. Shout out to Namjoon for the narrations that finally led us to interpret the stories this way, with their deeper meaning…

In terms of story lines, each pair has one and the short films gave us a peek on what happened to the pair. The short films I think are their mid-points where they have to come into terms with losing their Demians.

Sugakookie: Sparrow Hawk

In my opinion, SugaKookie shows that they are each other’s Damien and Sinclair the most. The way they were both struggling but were supporting each other and watching over the other was very evident. To Suga, he is Sinclair and Kookie is his Demian, his companion to self discovery. And Kookie is the same way with Suga. Story wise? Either they both died or just Yoongi. You probably read other theories, birds are omens of death. Yoongi legit caught fire so many times in so many ways. 

I do think something happened to Kookie that led to Yoongi’s decision to have a need for this hot gif.

Their fight in Run was the turning point in their relationship. Suga, the raged-alcoholic fighting the run-away angst-y teenage Kookie led to Kookie leaving and the accident. Suga felt the guilt, which is why in Run Jap MV you could see him with all the broken shards of glass. The fight was his biggest regret. (BTW: I think that was what Run Jap MV showed, each HYYH character’s biggest regret. I never wrote this down, I just shared this to anyone who will listen.)

All other symbolisms in #Begin were proof of their pairing and Yoongi’s fire bending. You’d think Kookie died too due to the crash but the sparrow hawk in the end of #Begin makes me hope that death is not the only possible ending. 

What is the sparrow hawk? The bird represents a desire to break free, to be independent. We’ve seen birds all throughout this era. Symbolically, this shows that this yearning has been present from the very beginning, as with the book. The big sparrow in the end indicates that Kookie has reached within himself to activate the part of him that longs to be set free.

Suicides see death as a form of freedom. Another possibility? Kookie didn’t die and #Begin is not the afterlife but a state of limbo one enters during coma. While in the subconscious he found out and came to terms with losing Yoongi and will learn how to live independently (If you are the optimist). So this could be the case or not… 

JiHope: Apple 

Well, Safe to say, in #Lie Jimin was in the loony bin. Probably trying to cope with his loss of his Demian, Jhope. 

If Sugakookie had the sparrow hawk, Jihope had the apple. The apple, which like in the Bible, was what Sinclair would point out as the cause of his first misdeed. To relate with the village boys, Sinclair lied that he stole apples from the orchard. A character named Kromer blackmails Sinclair to pay for Kromer’s silence. This led Sinclair to do another misdeed. He stole to pay Kromer. The apples started his loop of misdeeds and him being under the control of blackmailing bullies who threatened to turn him in. Who saved Sinclair from this loop? Damien. 

This only leads me to believe that Jimin is also Sinclair, lost without his Damien to stop the loop he is trapped in. How many times did Jimin try to kill himself in I Need U? Showcasing depression and addiction as the misdeed that loops is very fitting, in my opinion.

Speaking of addiction, Jhope. Jhope could be dead or just not with Jimin inside the loony bin anymore. We did see them both in the hospital in Run. Jhope may have had drug dependency issues due to his Narcolepsy and wanted to cure himself of this. Hence the throwing of pills and the hospital, or in my opinion, rehab scene with Jimin (the kid with depression/suicidal tendencies).

People think that Jhope died on the bridge. He admitted to being a narcoleptic though and the fall could have been an episode. So this could be the case or not…

VMon: Abraxas

VMon’s struggles portrays the idea of no pure good and no pure evil concept the best in all the story lines which is why #Stigma showed a significant name from the Demian story, Abraxas

Demian was the one who told Sinclair about Abraxas. He explained that the God Christians worshipped was pure good and for us to understand the world, we should understand not only what is good but also what is evil. That is Abraxas. He is a mystical deity? entity? who is both God and Satan, good and evil rolled into one. Hesse wanted to further show the blurry line between all good and all evil. This pair shows that not everything is just black and white. They were the only pair who legit committed a felony together. YOLO much?

We have always seen Namjoon going about his life as if dis-attached from everyone (aside from their ot7 and paired up flash backs). He had work and lived alone, just normal day to day. 

Two significant clues that link Namjoon to #Stigma are the spray paint and phone booth. In the end of #Stigma, V requested his one call. Remember Jap Run MV with Namjoon in the telephone booth? He was never able to answer that call, I think. Does this make him bad? Is he purely bad for living his own life?

V, Sinclair has been left behind by his Demian, Namjoon. The puppy in #Stigma? The puppy was V’s innocence. It was trusting and innocent and it left him when the walls came down. He lost his innocence along the way, due to everything he had to go through. 

V jumping towards the water in prologue and re-emerging after much struggle doesn’t necessarily mean that he died. In most cultures, water is a symbol for cleansing and renewal. It could be a symbolism of his road from wanting freedom to finally attaining it in himself. His freedom was attained through murder. He willed for his freedom and did an act that society would deem immoral. Was that act pure evil though?


Jin, I think is Eva, the compassionate character watching over the Sinclairs and Demians. In te book, she loves and coddles Sinclair, commiserating with him about the hard times he had during his adolescence. At the same time, however, she is strong and commanding, exhorting him to become more in touch with and confident of his desires. Eva is a symbol of perfection and completion; she encompasses everything.

Jin oversees everything, he is part of each one’s journey but at the same time has little control over it. I am seriously looking forward to how they will cap off Jin’s story.

Summoning Trick:

So Eva told Sinclair that if he willed all his energy she will send someone like her to be with Sinclair, right? Can you list down how many times these happened in HYYH Series? Where one person just opens a door or closes their eyes and suddenly another person (or more would suddenly) be beside them?

I didn’t want to go through every little detail and assume a different meaning for each little hint and symbolism. So there. 

 (This next question might bring me hell… but… ) What do you think guys? 

“Youth has no age. It just stays there, beautifully. And it is everyone who id chasing their dream. Rapmon, Jin, Suga, J-Hope,Jimin, V, and Jungkook. We are also part of the youth who are chasing the stars. So you can call us young, and we will never get old.” ~ RM, Youth Intro

I will be updating this post as more stuff unfold so make sure to check the original post to see the updates! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Thanks, guys!

Scandal 6x11 -’Consequences’

This is my second review of this episode, the first one I wrote was partly deleted  so I’m sad but I will take this as a good thing so lets begin. This episode doesn’t let up from the 100 but is a continuance of its brilliance. Bravo Shonda and the Writer and the Cast and Crew, this is Scandal we know and love. I never doubted this show and the story but it’s so refreshing to see it play out before our eyes.

I wrote an entire recap of this episode, scene after scene but as I looked at it I felt that I was just typing what we all can see. Something I do not wish to do.

Scandal’s protagonist and main character is Olivia Pope. We are introduced to her by Quinn Perkins but it was always Olivia’s story interacting with these other characters that made us feel a connection with her. Loving a person who you are not supposed to love is something most can relate to on some level, being a advocate and fighter for the unjust, these were all godly and beautiful traits that made us view Olivia as perfect and in many ways she was at one time, but nobody is perfect even someone as perfect as Olivia Pope. For the past 6 seasons we have seen the rise and fall of not just Olivia Pope, but almost every character, like Cyrus said those who stay in Washington tend to become corrupted as the leeches come out and absorb the last drop of humanity you have. We have witnessed acrimonious crimes from everyone but the beauty of scandal is not to showcase the disembodiment of human values but the will to overcome them and live.


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Olivia has been on quite a self journey this season, she has endured more than what we truly see and there have been times where I wondered if and when she will come back to us and fight to live and not fear the unknown, the fear of failing and not being able to clean up the mess. A women that once prided herself on being a ‘fixer’, a person that honored wearing ‘the white hat’ had been deduced to a criminal, a whore, and a liar. Olivia has lied, cheated and killed for the White House, killed for the power she believed it would bring her. Olivia thought that love would heal and fix her but her issues run deeper than love but requires self love, something we know she has yet to accomplish. But throughout this ordeal Olivia has watched love and time pass her by while she remained stagnant like a record, something had to change. Olivia has to change. The dream Olivia had where saying ‘no’ actually meant saying ‘yes’, changed her perspective about life and love. In her dream, Olivia said  ‘Yes’ to love, yes to being a person, yes to living a authentic life, and finally yes to having hope. The dream that Olivia is holding onto in her mind, that it is possible has brought a resurgence of life and light back into her. But as we already know; it’s hard. It’s not easy picking the pieces of up after you worked endlessly to destroy them. This is where we find Olivia.


Olivia is trying to clean up the mess she has made, the mess she has allowed to spread. But every sweep of the hand leads to a further mess.  We see Olivia telling Mellie that she needs to concede and let Cyrus take his place at the oval. Mellie cannot win this election, she is now tainted. No good can come from Mellie winning and that they (Olivia and Mellie) must put on the ‘White Hat’ and do what is right once and for all.  While Olivia is ready to change, some our not. To which Mellie remarks that Olivia needs “to get off your cross.” Reminding Olivia that she is not a good person after all she has stole a few elections and murdered someone. Olivia and Mellie have grown close to one another in the absences of Fitz, both looked at the other and saw themselves, neither required the other to be good or apologize for their ruthless behavior but Olivia is just now getting a taste of this pseudo friendship forged by personal gain and greed. Already Olivia has begun to incur disappointment and pain as she works cleaning up her mess.

Olivia has found herself back at the white house, telling Fitz that Mellie is understandably upset and that this is a trying time for her having to give up on her dream but she believes she will get through this. But Fitz sees through Olivia’s transparency and commands Olivia to ‘come here’ the same sentiment Olivia said after Big Jerry’s funeral. Olivia takes solace and comfort in the one person who can give it to her. Olivia no longer shields herself from his open invitation but walks into the embrace and after a moment of silence she admits “I wanted this. I needed this.” Fitz then responds that Olivia “deserves this” which causes her to quickly remove herself from the hug for two reasons. 1) Olivia doesn’t deserve this office, she doesn’t deserve the oval after what she has done, it is hard to come back after such darkness and Olivia is not worthy of this oval, yet. 2) she doesn’t deserve this right here. There is a obvious change in Olivia and FItz’s dynamic since he came to her and told her that he forgave her, there is a tangible spark flying between them but Olivia can’t allow herself to think to deeply into this moment with him, so she leaves bidding Fitz goodnight.


With each step Olivia makes towards working on herself, she is faced with a deeper and harder obstacle. Cyrus newly free from prison is trying to adjust to the world he is reentering and the world he just left. Olivia finds herself at Cyrus’s hotel door with suits intact, and demand that he become a gladiator in a suit and fight for his dream and become President. 

Cyrus got his ass beat in jail, not to mention his reputation is ruined but he also appears to be suffering from some PTSD.  And you expect him to forgive you Olivia after you told him to pay his dues. There was a choice, Olivia had the information needed to exonerate Cyrus and to free him from the the charges he did not commit but Olivia opted not to, instead she choice to watch him burn for a crime he is not guilty of, but that is not to say that Cyrus is not guilty of sins and crimes, but prison while was horrendous does feel like a satisfying restitution. Olivia has conjured in her mind that because she has seen the light that everyone else must too, but not everyone is wanting or willing to change. Cyrus reminds Olivia that she had an opportunity to save him but she decided to turn the other way.  Good for Cyrus, Olivia feels guilty of course but just because she is Olivia Pope does not mean she warrants forgiveness automatically.

While Olivia is able to conjure through her issues and forge through the shame and regret, there is one obstacle that has proven more difficult to surpass. Rowan. Olivia floats into Rowan’s prison and he quickly reminds Olivia that ‘it has been far too long since they last talked’ and it has. Rowan’s influence over Olivia is thawing and he is aware of his borrowed time if he doesn’t act now, like Olivia said ‘survival of the fittest’. As Rowan talks about a fossil, the fossil he and Sandra were working, Rowan chokes back emotions with the mention of Sandra, but why was Rowan welcoming of love yet he denies his daughter the very same feeling? As Rowan talks he brings his last piece that he will fix (Olivia) and request that Olivia joins him in the box a subtle reminder that Olivia is imprisioned just like him and that if she continues the crusade of justice then she will have to watch Rowan die because the only reason they have kept him alive is because of the influence he has over Olivia. Instead of being smart prey, Rowan will be extinct something he does not approve or desire. But Rowan is right this isn’t about ‘winning’ Olivia, while she has made progress  she is still one track minded, winning is not the goal but living. Olivia is desperately trying to turn back the hands of time and reset her dreams that have failed to be met yet, but as she is doing this she is failing to miss the life she had let go in the process. Decisions are easy to make but it is the consequences that are hard to embrace, some much time has been spent focusing on these frivolous things that she is missing the gift that life could bring. But to my surprise Olivia comes out of the box (temporarily) and tells Rowan he will see her soon, because after all it is ‘survival of the fittest’


With her faith tested once again, Olivia looks to Fitz as inspiration, her unbeknownst muse guiding her through these obstacles. Olivia once again comes to Fitz and tells him about Mellie and how this isn’t her acting this way but it is. This is Mellie, selfish, entitled, opportunist looking for the easy way instead of the right way. Olivia moves closer to Fitz invading his personal space as she is telling him gently that she went to see her father, but Fitz doesn’t wish to hear it and rightfully so. Olivia reminds Fitz that she forgave Abby and that people do terrible things and while this is true Olivia should never expect or ask Fitz to forgive the man who has purposely attempted to destroy his life by not only killing his son, but ruining his relationship with Olivia. 

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I’m annoyed with Olivia at this moment, somehow Olivia has deduced Rowan to something he is not and now she expects Fitz to turn the other cheek and save a man who has made it his mission to ruin his life just because he fell in love with his daughter. 


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Fitz is showing up for Cyrus and fixing his life. That’s my boo. Fitz is not just talking but practicing what he preaches, ‘they don’t have to be these people anymore’ Fitz can be the man he was always destined to be, honorable, compassionate, integrity these virtues that Olivia responded to in such a profound way. For the Fitz  and olitz haterz, have you not seen the light cascading on those perfect curls, or how Fitz is surrounded by light and even bringing life and light back into people. *cough cyrus* *cough Olivia * this is done for purpose, you see Fitz has wrestled with his demons and has been in the eye of the storm for 8 years that even with the destruction around him he can still see the light at the in end of the tunnel. So him opening the blinds and letting light into Cyrus’s room is on purpose. Fitz is the source of light in this depleted and dejected group, he is the unsung hero.

I don’t deserve to be president. You don’t spend a decade in Washington without committing a few sins. I have committed more than a few. I was thrown in prison and it made sense. When my friends abandoned me and my husband left me. That made sense. It all made sense. So what if I hadn’t killed Frankie? I lied. I pursued my own agenda. I let my daughter down. Prison then a treason charge. It was a relief because I knew I was unworthy except three days ago, I was released. Cleared. Told go out there Cy tell them you deserve  to be president but I know  I don’t. Because nobody deserves to be president certainly not the people that often try to be president. Except for Frankie. He was different. The people saw it. It’s why he won and maybe it’s why we lost him. In his absence I offer you something far more meager. My flaws and my service. Frankie Vargas loved this country he embodied the best of our values: humility, kindness. Unworthy as I am. His hopes has become my compass.

This monologue is perfectly symbolic of the people watching: Fitz, Abby, and Olivia and can easily describe all of them and the struggle to be worthy. Yes. This is scandal. As Cyrus talks you can see the proud look on Fitz, Abby and Olivia’s face as they watch Cyrus  admit the truth about his sins. No, he didn’t kill Frankie but he has killed other people and that itself is not something to forget.  It’s when you are down and out that you gain a deeper appreciation of what life has to offer. This is the same music Fitz had for his state of the union speech. The mood is infectious and our spirits are high and suddenly the light has returned and everything appears clearer now. Cyrus appears strong and ignited but the test has truly yet to come. 

@scandaledit pic 

Cyrus speech is beautiful and speaks to everyone watching, most importantly Olivia and Abby who have reunited and are sitting across from one another. The alternate reality while was a dream does put life and family into perspective for Olivia. Like her alternate reality Olivia is now surrounding herself with people with a positive influence on her( Fitz and Abby) and removing those who chose to stay in the darkness and refuse to change(Mellie and Jake )  this is growth and I’m happy to see Olivia on this path of redemption. Yes, many of these characters are looking to redeem themselves for the sins of their past. But seeing the error of there ways is why some will prosper as the others will perish. But interestingly though Olivia wasn’t off with her alternate reality dream, Mellie is forever consumed with her own personal greed and gain that she fails to see the moves being played in front of her and also is accepting of the ploys just as long as she wins. In the dream Mellie sold her soul to Cyrus and Rowan to become president but now it has come into fruition but this time the stakes are far more terrifying.

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Mellie calls Olivia in shock at seeing lizzy bear dead by Peus and Real Bitch and she tries to apologize but Mellie this is on you. You got in bed with the devil, so get your ass a pillow and blanket and lay in the damn bed! I hate it when people come to Olivia after the destruction to be like “you were right”  of course she was right, you have blood in your eye because your team Me. Everyone in this group places Olivia on this ridiculously high pedestal where they see her as their savior but who saves Olivia if she is saving them?


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Here comes Angela in the residence telling Fitz that she is going to be arresting Olivia and taking her in for questioning since she found her name linked to Tom with the swiss bank account. Fitz tells her that she is looking at Olivia for personal reasons and this girl has the nerve to call my baby a ’boy’. Yeah Fitz was diverging but come on girl. Angela needs to show some respect, that is the president and you are going to call him a boy and act as if your job as the FBI director is superior than the president. Take yo ass out of here, With that baloney! But this moment serves meaning to something far greater than the two of them but what Olivia means to Fitz, he has been dating Angela yet his heart still lies with Olivia. Fitz tried to remove Olivia from the ring of fire but he wasn’t successful and the idea of Olivia going to jail for others causes Fitz to go into a tail spin.


Fitz brings Olivia to the oval to tell her about Angela looking into her as being a suspect for Vargas murder and that she will be placing Olivia under arrest since they found the money. Fitz is trying to calm down the situation but Olivia is happy because then it will cause the FBI to look into this scandal and with Mellie’s campaign manger arrested for framing Tom then Mellie won’t be able to become president. 

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Olivia, what are you doing? Did Jake choke you again and cut off your oxygen supply, are you having a heat stroke from always wearing those hot ass coats? This isn’t logical thinking. Fitz can’t stand the fact that Olivia is placing herself on the cross for her father who shot Frankie, but what Fitz doesn’t know is that Olivia is not just sacrificing herself for Rowan but for everyone, Mellie, Abby, Huck, Cyrus and finally herself. This is Olivia’s way of paying her dues and bringing equilibrium back into this world. It’s a symbolic gesture for Olivia looking to seek redemption for her horrible sins and guilt. Olivia owning and taking responsibility for her actions is the best thing but this isn’t the way to do it and Fitz is able to see that. Fitz notes that Olivia is always the smartest person in the room until now. To which Oliva says she’s sorry. This is the second sorry I have heard from Olivia in this episode. She said it to Cyrus and now she is saying it to Fitz. For a person who never truly apologized before she seems to finally see the devastation and her part in it all but this isn’t just Olivia’s problem or burden to bear. 


I really want to dive into Olivia and Fitz’s dynamics during this moment. Something has changed between them where they are in each other’s orbit once again but there is this ease to them that makes me nostalgic.  Olivia walks to the window and as Fitz is talking about her soon to be warrant she appears to be taking this all in, and seems happy at settling the score but there is no good deed without punishment. Fitz is adamant that Rowan is the one whose head they need on a spike not Olivia’s. Olivia counters that Rowan is old and weak, but was Rowan weak when he killed Fitz’s son? Was Rowan weak when he told you that you were dead to him? Was Rowan old when he gave Abby your personal information regarding your abortion? Was Rowan weak then? Because he most certainly was not when he killed the President-Elect, you see Rowan was going to kill Vargas regardless of Olivia because the last thing he wants is to be extinct. But Olivia saw this as an act of kindness, a sacrifice her father did to save her but is that really so? Olivia is changing and she wants her father to change with her for the better because if he can change after all these years of being despicable and cruel then maybe just maybe there is hope for her too.

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But none of this right or just. Olivia will be in prison for the rest of her young life while the people she knows will continue to move on with theres. Olivia will pay the ultimate sacrifice by giving up her life and her freedom, her chance at happiness for a chance at redemption which would not be redeeming considering Vargas would still be dead and nothing will be resolved, this wouldn’t stop Peus but just be a minor bump in the road.

If Olivia is in jail, then Fitz would lose her forever and the hope he still has for the two of them. Fitz isn’t just referring to losing Olivia as a lover, but he values her life, her existence is important and the idea of squandering it for nothing is absurd. Again the question comes back to who will save Olivia? Does anyone care about her existence? Fitz’s outburst causes Olivia to stop and look at Fitz and see that her feelings for him aren’t one sided. This moment parallels to 3x17 when Maya was plotting to kill Fitz and Olivia needed him safe otherwise how would she survive ? How can she live knowing that the man she loves is dead when she could have saved him, she pleaded with Fitz and he went ahead with campaign causing Olivia to show up for him and save him. This is Fitz’s turn saving Olivia from herself. Just like Mellie told Olivia “get off your cross”, Olivia does need to get off her cross. Now isn’t the time to play martyr.  Now is not the time to give up. It’s time to fight.

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Did someone say Omaha?!? Fitz done got Broad fired and is taking over the investigation. So Broad, whose the


 now! I’m gonna pack her some moisturizer and leave in conditioner cause she gonna need it in Omaha! I just want to applaud Fitz for doing the right thing and taking charge, not only did Fitz handle Angela but he also handled Olivia. Yes. 


The alternate reality showed how circumstances plays a role in how we present ourselves to the world but also shows that some things are simply inevitable. Mellie is being voted in and just as she appears somewhat happy at becoming the president she sees the blood under her chin and is brought back to reality that she  is now trapped as she was in the dream. Mellie didn’t win this election and she doesn’t deserve it but it’s like the old saying goes “be careful what you wish for”.  Destiny has also seemed to have come full circle for Olivia as she runs to her dad only to find him handcuffed with orders from the White House. Angry and outraged Olivia swarms to the residence yelling at Fitz for arresting her father when she asked him not to and as a finale dig she tells Fitz that choosing between her dad and him he will lose, but Fitz ignores her rant and tells her “are you gonna stop yelling at me” as he turns on the screen to show Olivia her dad safely tucked in the oval. Rowan looks up at the camera and you can see his displeasure and his knowing glare but Fitz turns the tv off and turns to Olivia who has her head down in relief, regret, and this unexplainable love with tears in her eyes at what Fitz has just done for her.  She’s obviously overcome with emotion as she lets out a audibly sigh of relief and remorse. Fitz hates Rowan no doubt about it but he loves Olivia more than he hates him and so he saved him to save Olivia.  That’s love people.

You see. Olivia was still under this preconceived notion that she can’t have it all. That she must always chose between one or the other. She doesn’t have to chose and the beauty of it all is that Fitz never asked her too because he knows and respects that for whatever reason Olivia loves her father and he wouldn’t force her to pick aside but simply stand by her side through it all. But the problem with this is all stems from Olivia. Olivia is a hypocrite she told Fitz that he doesn’t tell her what to do yet she expected him to follow her orders and then finally she brings up having to chose between the two most important men in her life, that Fitz is the one making her chose between Rowan and him, yet it is actually Olivia that is making Fitz chose.  And Olivia sees it now just how much he loves her. As Diana Ross ‘ain’t no mountain high enough" plays through the background it does correlate to the actual setting.  Olivia stares at Fitz tenderly as she tries to control her feelings but she looks at his lips and you feel every bit of yearning she has to be with him. The wheels are turning in Olivia’s head as she looks at Fitz, all of these missed opportunities to seize life, regretful choices that she made in the heat of the moment, all those moments when she could have done something but she didn’t.


Olivia jumped to conclusions, voicing her contempt to the man that has always loved her despite her not loving herself. Fitz has never tried to steer Olivia in the wrong direction but subtly guide her through this journey we call life. Held back by this forceful magnitude called opposition.Focused on proving herself right by ‘winning’ Olivia has lost sight of the person she always wanted to be. Decisions are quick to make but it’s the  Consequences Olivia. In this process of ‘winning’ Olivia has yet to see how much life has passed her by. After all this time, Fitz is still the one. She is at his mercy. She feels vulnerable because of him, like he carved her open and placed the light inside her so he could find her even when life becomes dark and she can’t see the way. How can she not be moved by this man sitting beside her. This intrinsic feeling burning inside her that now is the time to seize the moment. Looking into his benevolent eyes it has drastically altered her state of mind. Throwing caution to the wind Olivia grabs Fitz’s face in her’s and kisses him passionately, breathlessly. 

What sweet torture their union always brings. Her lips dance along his soft petals slowly erasing all others with only her lips as his solitary token. The unshed tears threatening to come down at the taste of his lips merging with hers. This sudden moment of realization that this is finally happening after being parted for so long. None of this could have been predicted, Fitz wasn’t expecting anything from Olivia he most certainly wasn’t expecting her to kiss him, overwhelmed by Fitz’s act of love and general concern for her wellbeing, Olivia seizes the moment. You see in her dream that felt like reality, Olivia tried to give Fitz freedom and happiness, a choice to let him make his own decisions. We all know Fitz’s monologue was everything Olivia wishes to say but can’t find it within herself to speak. Fitz tried to give Olivia freedom, a choice, happiness and she squander it because she wasn’t ready to face the obstacles that life would take. Fitz has saved Olivia from making the biggest mistake of her life. Life has given her a second chance. The familiar curve of his lips morphing with hers is a painful reminder of what she was just willing to give up. Olivia has sacrificed for others isn’t it time she does something for herself. I mean how many second chances can one person get?

Like in the dream where Olivia is guiding Fitz into the room, that no one is privileged to see inside, she is now doing the same but this time it’s not a dream. For once Olivia is doing something for herself.

 Finally a little piece of happiness has found Olivia once again. The test has yet to come.

All-Time Favourite Ships!

From books, movies, Broadway, and TV shows!

(list not in any particular order and may contain spoilers).

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffen from The 100 (TV)

Okay, I know I said that the list is in no particular order, but this ship is my all time OTP since I started watching The 100. And I can’t sleep at night knowing that they are not officially canon yet, even if it was pretty clear in Praimfiya that it will be endgame! So exited for their reunion in Season 5. I spend hours on end reading Bellarke fan fiction all day, every day. And Bellamy is my baby and I love his so much. And I can’t wait to see how he is after the six-year time jump on the show. Sometimes, I think that I watch the show just for these two.

2. Haleb: Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers from Pretty Little Liars (TV)

Again, like I said that this list is in no particular order, this ship would defiantly be in my top 5. Anyway, I still have to properly sit down and watch Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars so don’t spoil anything for me. Haleb in my opinion, is the best ship on this show, but I think towards the early seasons I used to ship Ezria more but when Caleb showed up with his long hair, I died. And therefore, they became my favourite ship. I remember, I put watching the show on break after Caleb left to do his own show is either season 3 or 4, I don’t remember exactly. But yeah, these two are pretty cute together and I hope it stays that way.

3. Stydia: Stiles Stilinksi and Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, again, probably in my top 7. So, the thing with Stydia is that they dragged it out for so long that the anticipation killed me. But I love them still so much. And Dylan O’Brian is just on a different level of awesomeness (and cuteness). And Lydia, even though she used to annoy me at first, and Teen Wolf is probably not my favourite TV show, but it’s still good, and Lydia’s character started to grow on me and I need to catch up on Season 6, (don’t judge me guys, the past few moths for me have been really busy) and I just recently started to watch this show, like maybe two years ago, but still, love love love.

4. Linctavia: Lincoln and Octavia Blake from The 100 (TV)

Okay, so another The 100 ship, but oh my lord I scream every time someone mentions them! They are so adorably cute and the flyest of power couples who don’t give a damn about what people think. And every time I think of Lincoln, I just might well cry because he didn’t deserve what he got. Fucking Pike. I’m glad Octavia killed him. And the song to which Lincoln dies to, and the one where Octavia’s scream and cries are kinda muffled, it’s called Cloud by Elias, and it’s in my playlist and then I have a mini breakdown when it comes on and think of Lincoln falling on his knees in the tiny puddle and Octavia and I just cry a little more on the inside. Anyway, probably the best couple to ever exist on the show and maybe even ever in this whole damn world. They were so fucking badass together, I loved every minute of it.

5. Sciles: Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, so this is like my favourite BROTP of all eternity. I just think that their relationship is so cute and how much they care about each other, and the hug in season 3 is my everything, ahhh, I just love them so much it hurts. And throughout the show we can see their friendship grow even though they have been friends since they were little. Damn, I wish I had a friendship like that. 

6. Chair: Charles “Chuck” Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (TV)

Ahhh, Blair and Chuck, Chuck and Blair! I don’t think anyone will ever know how happy I was when the endgame for their endgame actually happened. Honestly, I was rooting for them since Blair’s birthday episode in the first season, even when everyone was after Nate and Blair, but no, not gonna happen. I just thought that Nate was very innocent and nice for Blair. Blair needed someone like Chuck and I don’t think anyone ever loved anyone else as much as Chuck loves Blair. I love them, they are so perfect for each other, with their games. I wish I had a Chuck. Blair’s lucky. Haha.

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pxiao  asked:

Top five Fruitshipping moments. Cause I want to see a good show don't tell relationship and we have plenty of moments to fill a large variety of these lists.

Oh god just 5??? Okay I got this be still my heart

5. Episode 2, Yuzu and Yuya’s action duel

Okay I know this is pretty early in the series and it can be seen as platonic, but you get so much character from this scene and grounds of a solid friendship between them. Like:

Yuzu’s getting shit because she was rude to Yuya like some of the fandom does to her lol but instead she just goes with it.

Like at this point of the story we now know both Yuya and Yuzu are entertainers, and now we get to see them doing what they love together and how they work off each other.

Not to mention this scene is funny as hell. Like wow it’s just showing us two cuties performing together (granted it’s not perfect because Yuya’s in funk atm) and I already fell for their dynamic at this point and its only ep 2. 

ALSO they fucking used Plain Plain (where this duel took place) in episode 141 to rip my god damn heart out and to show this duel had meaning and we should realize that we’re missing Yuzu.

4. Yuya is PISSED/cry baby (eps 50 + 51)

At this point in the show we’ve gotten a good basis on their relationship. Yuya and Yuzu are childhood friends with the same goal and they inspire each other to become stronger. Pretty standard and honestly nothing new.

And then they get separated.

Like I did NOT expected them to act the way they did when this happened (at least Yuya because when has a main protag ever cared that much for the female protag minus Anzu from season 0)

I am 98% sure that this is the first time Yuya has cried openly to people without his goggles AND ITS CAUSE OF YUZU. This boy has hidden his emotions about his dad, his bullying, and pendulum summoning but Yuzu’s apparent capture is what got Yuya to finally show his sadness and not cover them with jokes and his goggles.

Yuya as we know, when he’s not berserker, is a pacifist but he’s going out of character because he’s so mentally distraught and sad. Like the only person I would get like that for is my twin so to me this speaks volumes since Yuya values Yuzu’s well being over his own values.  

And then in Yugioh it’s a known thing that the female protags most times stay on the side line and cheer on the main protag AND THEYRE ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGING IT AND IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO YUYA. Like apparently Yuma’s says something similar to Kotori near the end of Zexal but I’m not there yet but like this is ep 50 compared to 140-something.

Looking back this is super important. Like when Zarc got revived he stated he was surprised/thrilled that there was more to Pendulum Summoning than he first thought (combining all the three methods w/ it) and the reason Yuya was able to do it was because of Yuzu. He was able to go beyond Zarc’s expectations and plans BECAUSE OF YUZU.

God when has a main protag screamed out a female protags name like that before in yugioh??? 

Yuzu is also a cry baby three episodes down the line.

3. Yuzu saves Yuya from Zarc

It speaks volumes when nearly all your friends (including your bff THE MAN Gonzengaka) can’t save from Satan, but the moment you say one sentence to you, you regain some control.

Like god, I love their relationship. Zarc and Ray are literally trying to destroy the other but these two can break through their previous lives soul’s to communicate with one another cause of how god damn much they mean to each other.

Listen if you go across DIMENSIONS to get save someone in Yugioh YOU KNOW your ship is real (Spiritshipping and Keyshipping being the other prime examples). But like in my fruitshipping video (which ya’ll should watch) this moment is when I used the lyrics ‘no distance can ever keep us apart’ because WOW dimensions AND demonic/angelic possessions isn’t enough sever the bond between these two.

Also my otp tag.

2. Yuya summons Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

Lowkey this moment is up so high because Yuya’s just fucking amazing in this scene. Like Zarc’s influence is getting stronger but like LIST OF THINGS THAT HAVE CAUSED YUYA SO GO BERSERKER 

-Ep 39 with Zarc’s trigger words and Yuya didn’t even remember it

-Yuto’s memories of being attacked the Academia 

-Being electrocuted in the god damn brain

-Being in the same area as all four boys that causes a hole to open in the sky

-Creepy old guys touching Yuzu

Like one of these things is not like the other lol

Seriously though, the others are near close to psychological torture and PTSD but someone touching Yuzu inappropriately invokes the same amount of rage from Yuya. THATS A HUGE ASS COMPARISON. Also the scene was gorgeous god damn.

1. Yuzu inspires Yuya during Friendship Cup

Okay this moment…THIS is when Fruitshipping went from a casual ship to god damn otp for me.

So for the past couple eps, Yuya has been feeling like shit (ground facility, losing Jack, missing Yuzu), of course Yuzu doesn’t know some of bad shit that’s going on, but goddamit the citrus is going to show the tomato that she’s okay.

Like dueling for other people is nothing new to yugioh but holy SHIT

Of course Yuzu doesn’t know the cost of losing, but all she wants to do is make Yuya feel at ease (which the poor boy hasn’t felt in so long fuck)

Yuzu hasn’t spoken to Yuya this entire arc but she knows how he’s feeling right now. She knows Yuya. This just furthers the belief that they’ve known each other for so god damn long and are ‘irreplaceable’ to one another.

Look at how goddamn surprised he is. Like instead of worrying about herself, she’s worried about him?? Granted this might have to do with Yuya’s self worth issues And as the duel goes on, it’s not just her feelings she trying to convey to Yuya (hot-blooded and shivers). Instead of ‘oh look it’s your love-interest’s feelings’ she shows that everyone from back in Standard are also with Yuya.



Just…fuck me. 

Arrow 5x20 “Underneath” - After thoughts

Main thought

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Olicity (all around Olicity)

It was a heart wrenching episode. 

For a while Flashbacks gave pause to the tightness in my heart but as soon as the sex was over and we jump to the serious talk the wrench pulled so hard I almost crumbled.

We knew it was going to be hard. Olicity is in a hard spot and it won’t miraculously rise in a pain free way.

I was ready. Must say I was not very surprised when it came to the why Olicity broke up in Season 4; trust was the issue, the motive. Not William, I dare say Felicity is happy William has a dad and a mom that care about him, it was the way Oliver didn’t trust her. She loves Oliver so much that settling for less than a relationship where full trust exists is not an option.

(GIFs credit @felicitys )

The Flasback’s were what I expected and much of what I didn’t want to watch. Drunken sex, my bad reaction to it was somewhat “erased” by the love I felt existed for real. The Flashbacks end with Felicity giving hope to Oliver that maybe someday she could be ready for them to talk about their break up and Oliver getting his hopes up about coming back together.

(GIFs credit @amanitacaplan )

This scene broke me to pieces. I knew it was going to happen. I knew it had to be something like this happening in 4.5 for us to get Oliver and Felicity behaving like they did in 5x01 but I admit that, sex scene aside (that was… WOW), Flashbacks were as painful to watch as present time with the smiles ending up on an even deeper Olicity break up.

I find a bit of solice in knowing that both me and the characters know things are bad (maybe it’s just me…) and if that wasn’t the case in the Flashbacks (with Oliver all hopeful) it was the case on present time.

Felicity’s chip isn’t working. I was a bit emotional about Felicity down playing it to Oliver while the imeadiate threat was Chase, just as much as I was emotional about Oliver’s concern when Felicity told him.

Oliver understanding of Prometheus game play is growing and Chase isn’t ten steps ahead anymore. Granted he’s still ahead but not 10 steps, Oliver knew exactly what Chase was planning to do outside and why he had trapped Oliver and Felicity inside the bunker… he was getting William.

Originally posted by chess-soul

The urgency of getting out sends Oliver on another Lone Ranger like mission. Not even considering what Felicity is proposing he tries to get out trough the elevator shaft.

He falls and gets badly hurt. How badly we only get to see later on, but right from the start we could tell it’s bad.

I personaly don’t like to hear “I told you so” after something goes wrong. Felicity telling it to Oliver once I would have deal with but she kept repeating it. I can only read this as a tell tale sign of how upset she is, how frustrated that her words to Oliver seem to be crushing into a brick wall. This is as bad as Olicity could get.

Oliver is in pain in more ways than one. He sees Felicity’s poin,t if  there’s another way he will follow. It’s said this is the first time he follows Felicity’s advice (and needs), that is simply not true.

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Maybe I’m being harsh on the show but Oliver did listened to Felicity before; he did follow her advice and wishes before, somewhere along the line the Show “forgot” that. Oliver is no saint, he’s anything but, but he’s no devil neither. I know I’m probably stating something unpopular but I love Oliver and I didn’t like that Felicity accepted Oliver statement that it was the first time he followed her advice because it’s not true.

Felicity’s plan is brilliant but it backfires and they are in a worse situation than before with poisoness gas filling the bunker. Not only is air already scarce now it’s turning into poison.

Felicity manages to balance the explosive arrow enough to blast the access to the vapor drain (not sure that was the name…) without blowing the bunker up and Oliver manages to get the arrow exactly where it was needed, an act we appreciate even more when we consider that he’s seriously injured and just inhaled alot of gas while trying to stop the leak. Further more he carries Felicity down a two floors heigth before he colapses. The man is a hero and amazes me week after week.

Desperation hits Felicity like the all world just colapsed on her. Oliver is her rock he always has been, the rock is crumbling and she’s unable to stop it just as much as she’s unable to accept it the possibility that he’s dying.

Originally posted by beemichelle7

The talk time is finaly arriving, at least the first part of it. More than sex scenes from the past that’s what I was waiting for.

Oliver confides in Felicity and she finaly understands how bad things, how broken Oliver is. 

(GIFs credit to  gothsmoak )

Oliver trusts her, he always did he just doesn’t trust himself because he’s a Monster in his mind, he always was. He’s no hero he’s a killer that kills for pleasure, Chase made him face that truth about himself. He not only doesn’t trust himself he lost himself, he doesn’t know what kind of man he is.

Originally posted by softlysaygoodbye

Felicity knows what kind of man Oliver is. He’s the man that she loves, the man she wanted to marry, she knows exactly what kind of men he is. Personal Translation: He’s no monster; he’s a killer because 5 years in Hell made him be out of necessity; she’s light, she’s Felicity, she would never feel about Oliver the love she does if he was what he thinks he is.

(GIFs credit to  gothsmoak )

ANd then the Sphere blasts trough the wall…

Originally posted by etudiant-en-ph2

The rescueing mission is on the way but Oliver and Felicity are not out of the woods yet something about the generator coming back on and the electricity igniting the gas in the bunker. That is definitly life threatning.

Oliver is getting incresingly worse. He tries to get to safety, carrying Felicity, but Felicity makes him stop, he can’t go further he’s bleeding, he has been losing blood for a while now. And Oliver just colapses.

Originally posted by ilovegreys101

But they are both dead if they stay. There’s no one coming for them, they have to get out and without the use of her legs Felicity is powerless to move and take Oliver (I do think she would try if she was walking)

It pained me to watch the adrenaline shot to his heart. I get why they need to do it but… this is a man that takes just about all physical pain or an injury without so much as a complain and now he colapsed, not once but twice, so this is a seriously live threating injury, making him go beyond his limit (and his limit is high) was so painful to watch. 

But he does it. With Diggle’s help he does it. And he refuses to let go of Felicity even when his life is on the line and letting her go, like she’s asking, will save him.

(GIFs credit @felicitys )

The willing to sacrifice themselves for the other to survive never ceases to amaze me.

The Hospital scene was the outcome that fitted with all the hints we have been getting.

Felicity understands Oliver better now. I don’t care what the writers wrote and Felicity said IMO she understands Oliver better because he finaly openned up to her, yes her involvement with Helix and the fact she set a criminal free to get Chase Oliver’s style also gives her another level of understanding of Oliver. But to me the talk was key. Felicity finaly knows what has been lurking inside Oliver since forever, what has made him keep everyone at bay, he doesn’t trust himself.

(GIFs credit @felicitys ) Note: amazing work.

Oliver is in pain, the pain of a man that stands bare, stripped down of all barriers, all secrets, in front of the woman he loves. There’s nothing more Felicity doesn’t know, and she’s still there, with him, by his side.

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This is my OTP. This is an real unshinkable ship.

The most simple gesture and I knew Olicity was back

Originally posted by sharingmyworld

The hand holding. It’s impressive that with all the wonderful sex scene this is the scene that makes me most happy, but it is because it shows me the future.

Random thoughts:

- Dyla paralleled Olicity perfectly this episode. Word for word…Note: a lot of Ctrl-C Ctrl-V use on the Writers room.

Lyla is Oliver in Dyla but this time she was in Felicity position. Pointing out to Diggle that Team Arrow and ARGUS are not perfect they both have sins, they both cross the line.Diggle aknowledges this and I do think Dyla is going to be fine.

- ARGUS has Curtis T-spheres and even managed to make them better

- The “kids” are getting funnier by the minute

- Olicity Sex was a good scene. But it was the past not much relevant going forward hence I didn’t foccused much on it but, for science,so I’ll leave you with it

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Let’s talk about BangHim for a minute.

I’m having a lot of BangHim feels these days because of how much I miss Yongguk. I just wanted to let everyone know how MUCH I love these two. 

First of all, the name. BangHim is probably the most iconic ship name out there <3. But other than that is the immense amount of love and respect Yongguk and Himchan hold for each other. They’re the two hyungs of BAP and very close in age so its obvious they’re very comfortable with each other. They’re the mom and dad of BAP and will fight anyone who comes for their kids. 

Himchan knows how hard Yongguk works. How he doesn’t sleep without writing lyrics or composing new music. He knows the kind of shit Yongguk probably goes through when he has to deal with TS. Himchan knows. And I think that’s one of the very main reasons Yongguk is different around Himchan. Yongguk talks to him and lets him know. We all know Yongguk is big softie at heart but he puts up this facade or wall when he faces the world/industry to show hes strong, and he is very strong. But we all get to see that softness and HUGE gummy smile when he’s with Himchan. When Himchan makes a stupid comment or just simply exists tbh Yongguk just stares on and smiles. It’s really amazing. 

Then, we have Yongguk who truly appreciates Himchan for the person he is. When Yongguk is tired or unwell, like now that he’s taking a break for his anxiety, Himchan steps in. He becomes a temporary leader and manages the members well, and gives Yongguk the assurance that everything will be okay even if he’s not there. It’s a lot of responsibility to be the leader of a group, they probably get separate training for it in the beginning, but the fact that Himchan can so easily step into the position for the time being is mind blowing. It’s very subtle but we see it when they get an award, when there are mistakes in stages (Himchan apologized personally, for something that was out of their control), and making sure the boys are in line, so to speak. Of course, Himchan will always be the clown of BAP and it doesn’t seem obvious but he’s always watching out and encouraging and supporting the boys. 

Another reason I love this pair is because of the mutual acknowledgements of both their talents. Yongguk is an amazing rapper, song writer, composer, you name it. Everyone knows that, Himchan obviously knows that. Himchan’s talents aren’t as well known by the public but Yongguk sure as hell knows. Himchan’s basically a musical genius, he can play almost every instrument out there, and has perfect pitch (said by Daehyun), and has a such a beautiful and raw sound. Yongguk does his best to incorporate Himchan’s knowledge in their songs as much as possible, for example in No Mercy, they incorporated Korean Classical Music, an area Himchan excels in. And now in their recent albums, the increase in Himchan’s lines. 

Alright, this went from a minute to a few minutes, but it’s okay because BangHim is love. They’re amazing members, they’re amazing friends, and the’re brothers tbh. They’ll always support one another and have each other’s backs. 

I finally watched the Starmyu episode… and I’m just??? very emotional right now??? I love them so much, guys. I love them THE MOST. I have not been this attached to a series for so long, that this anime definitely earns a special place in my heart.

boy, can we please suspend the guy who bumped on the thing that fell and blame him for everything??? Ageha did not do anything wrong!!! He’s a good boy!!!

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Put yourself in Asgore’s role for a second. Your kids have just died. Wouldn’t you be angry too? Not only that but the kingdom was losing hope and fast. Now I’m supportive of the theory that hope = HOPE and that HOPE = HP. A book in the librarby even says that souls are made of compassion, hope, and love. What happens when you lose hope? You fall down. Then you die. Asgore didn’t want that. Not only that but he was in an enraged state. He reacted like anyone else would. Can we fault him for that? Maybe. Should we? No.

Toriel isn’t innocent either. She left Asgore and her people when they needed each other most. Skip forward to 201X. (Yes, I support the theory that the game takes place in 201X.) Toriel rushes in and stops the fighting. She mentions you would have the choice to kill Asgore. She was afraid that one, you would lose your innocence, and two, that you would kill her former love. She is then properly introduced to everyone and vice versa. Yet she is still cold to Asgore. Let me say something here. These two monsters have been together for centuries and were only apart for about 30 years seeing as Asriel used VHS tapes. Asgore is not the only one hurting. Here is Toriel, seeing Asgore again after all this time. Yes, many bad memories will come up. Most of them will be good though. She doesn’t sigh at him in disgust. She is sighing because she is stubborn and refusing to get back with him. She probably felt terrible leaving him. When she is explaining that monsters will capture and kill Frisk, she doesn’t look at them when she mentions Asgore by name. She doesn’t want to believe he is responsible for the deaths of her children. Toriel deep down knows he did what he had to do for their people. During the “lost soul” portion of Asriel’s fight you can get Asgore to remember you. When he does she immediately remembers you as well showing she was watching the interaction and still cares. She may hate what he did, but I highly doubt she hates him personally as much… After all, they did give up immortality to have a kid.

Their homes even show how much they need each other. HOME is filled with low-maintenance or dying plants. NEW HOME is without color, no one to use the reading chair, and more. One makes desserts with no drinks. The other makes tea but can’t properly cook. They are perfect each other.

As for whether Asgore killed the 6 children? He might have not. He is not that kind of guy. If he’s not going to go to the surface with 1 soul to get 6, he is definitely not going to want to kill anyone. Most of the children were either killed by other monsters or were killed by accidental or natural causes. This is shown by where you find their items. The yellow soul is the best example. The cowboy died in the dump as their items were found by Bratty and Catty. How did they die in the dump if there are no monsters there? They didn’t. I believe they fell from the top of waterfall like Frisk did. They died on impact knocking their gun and hat away. Asgore probably planted golden flowers there as both a memorial and to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. Not only that, but in one of Papyrus’s phone calls, he mentions that Asgore wanted to have the spikes in the puzzles near Snowdin removed to protect children.

Why he attacked Frisk? He HAD to. Frisk was the last soul required. The monsters probably would have been fine letting the other humans live with Asgore while waiting for the seventh. The seventh gets the death sentence though. They are tired of waiting and want freedom.

Asgore even gives Frisk multiple chances to run away while talking to them. He tells them it will be like the dentist to get Frisk not to struggle and to reassure himself. As for his fight? He has 80s across the board. He is incredibly tough. He is holding back. He destroys the mercy button not so Frisk can’t flee or mercy him but because he feels he doesn’t deserve to be spared. He even outright states that he just wants to see his son. If it’s your second neutral run, he kills himself to give Frisk a chance to escape.

Asgore is a martyr.

There is more than one reason Asgore didn’t just go through the barrier either. He saw Asriel die… Think about it. If Asriel turned into a more powerful and scarier form, what about Asgore? Not only that but Asgore is the same as Asriel. He doesn’t want to kill. If he went outside that way he would just die like Asriel did. Especially since Asriel’s visit to the surface made the rumors about horrible monsters skyrocket. Another reason Asgore didn’t is war. If humans saw a horrible creature taking human souls they would retaliate instantly! Asgore wanted the least amount of bloodshed possible. 7 possibly suicidal humans vs an entire race you know is innocent…

Also, what if Asriel was revived somehow? We have already seen multiple ways it could happen through tumblr, comics, and fanfiction. He would want his parents together.

Finally… Soriel… This ship is so idiotic and is based off of nothing. It basically goes from Toriel and Sans sharing knock knock jokes to them kissing. No. That does not happen. There would be zero single people with that logic. Heck, Toriel has more in common with PAPYRUS! They love cooking and puzzles. Do people ship them? No, they don’t. Toby Fox has even confirmed that along with Sans by himself being his personal OTP, that Sans is too lazy for sex. I’m reaching a bit but basically, Sans is asexual and probably aromantic. Anything you do to flirt with him he would shrug off. He would not care in the slightest. Not only that, but Sans is around 20 like Papyrus. Pap’s username is CoolSkeleton95. (Don’t think that’s his birth year? Undyne’s is StrongFish91.) Toriel is way too old for him. He even calls her an old lady during Genocide twice and at least once in Pacifist. (This is Sans we are talking about so he probably has at least one memory of her from other timelines.)


Asgore had no choice in what he did. Toriel knows this deep down. It will take a long time but I believe he can win her back.

Also, Toby LITERALLY made them for eachother. They are soulmates.

Asgoriel OTP Soriel Brotp.

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Prompts: Quotes (Part 1)

Send in a number with a character and who you would want to say the quote and (optional) what you would like to happen. You can send as many prompts as you want! Have Fun!

  1. “Are you having any fun yet?”
  2. “I’ve seen more places than I can name and over time they all start to look the same.”
  3. “Now is not the time for modesty!”
  4. “You broke your promise.”
  5. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”
  6. “I just need some time.”
  7. “You were wrong about me.“
  8. "You sure like the color black, don’t you?”
  9. “I have excellent posture and good hair. Why wouldn’t you want to marry me?”
  10. “Why are you making such a big deal about this?”
  11. “Say you miss me. Even if it’s a lie. Just say it, please.”
  12. “ Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist.”
  13. “I came here to kick your ass, but I have to admit, You have a really nice ass.”
  14. “There’s a pistol in the locker on the other side of the room. Hurry!”
  15. “Everything you’re running from is in your head.”
  16. “Nah, I’m not freaking out, I’m Chill.”
  17. “So you taught your parrot to bark?”
  18. “You grabbed the wrong one.”
  19. “I see you’ve made yourself comfortable.”
  20. “You have no idea how lucky you are.”
  21. “I’m here… . Where are you?”
  22. “This was supposed to be my day!”
  23. “All I wanted to do was to was to save the universe!”
  24. “Was it your brilliant idea to give him all that sugar?”
  25. “That’s positively gelatinous!”
  26. “Your freckles are a genetically engineered code.”
  27. “I just lost a month’s worth of progress.”
  28. “No more of this! No more!”
  29. “Unfortunately, It is rocket science.”
  30. “I’m going to nope right out of here.”
  31. “If you leave, I will freak.”
  32. “That story sucked.”
  33. “Well, It’s the thought that counts.”
  34. “Call it. Heads or tails?”
  35. “I carried the picture with me everywhere. It was a reminder not to get too close to anyone.”
  36. “I think I’d love you if I didn’t hate you so much.”
  37. “Good luck out there. You’ll need it.”
  38. “Sometimes, you just have to laugh.”
  39. “I hate you least.”
  40. “I miss you. God, I do. And I can’t help but wonder if you miss me too.”
  41. “Stop.”
  42. “A little heads up next time.”
  43. “Pleasant and tired are not words I would use to describe her at the same time.”
  44. “Deep meditation doesn’t solve everything you know.”
  45. “No. Not you.”
  46. “Let them do their weird thing!”
  47. “Can we just … pretend that never happened? Please?”
  48. “Have you ever been homesick for a place you know you hate?”
  49. “I … think … I’m sorry.”
  50. “What did you want me to take away from this again?”
  51. “Yes, this is a competition! It’s always a competition!”
  52.  “I don’t expect you to believe me when I say this, but thank you.”
  53. “You were supposed to stay in the past. I left you there for a reason.”
  54. “You ever just miss something with everything you have?”
  55. “I don’t want to leave. This place feels more like home than home ever did.”
  56. “Now is a good time to shut up, yes.”
  57. “Is there an actual reason you have to disagree with everything I say or do you just take pleasure from having me cringe?”
  58. “I wish I could say I didn’t see that coming.”
  59. “Yes sitting on the floor is comfortable. No, I don’t need a chair. Thanks for you concern, though.”
  60. “Are you having any fun yet?”
  61. “Why do you come here, when you know I get troubled enough?”
  62. “Sometimes … You make a mistake. You’ve got two choices: you live with it, or you fix it.”
  63. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
  64. “Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed, right?”
  65. “I got kidnapped. By this guy. He wasn’t good at it.”
  66. “Maybe I am a monster. I don’t think I’d know if I were one.”
  67. “I don’t want you to have to stay loyal to someone that you probably don’t have a future with.”
  68. “I like my coffee as black and as bitter as my soul.”
  69. “You never think of anyone but yourself!”
  70. “I needed someone, and you were a safe choice, and that wasn’t fair to you, I’m sorry.”
  71. “On a scale of one to ten, how likely is it that this gets us arrested?”
  72. “I call you at two o’clock in the morning just to hear you voice and you answer ‘who’s this?’?!”
  73. “I’ve been hurt before, but not like this. Never like this. You’re the only one who’s ever been able to hurt me like this.”
  74. “It doesn’t matter. You’ve moved on. And I have to be okay with.”
  75. “You’re as bad at flirting as Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2.”
  76.  “We make the perfect couple. We’re both rude, we both piss people off, and we’re both hated by basically everyone.”
  77. “I wish you loved me as much as you loved that dog.”
  78. “Man, I wish my life was as easy as you make yours seem.”
  79. “I don’t know why you’re surprised. Betrayal never comes from an enemy.”
  80. “Wow. That’s attractive.”
  81. “Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”
  82. “Are you sure Pottermore sorted you into Ravenclaw? You’re kinda stupid.”
  83. “Did you know it’s illegal to put everyone in Central Park under mind control?”
  84. “Wow … hmmm … fake boyfriend … I’ll have to ponder that one …”
  85. “You’re lucky I’m tired because if I was fully awake  I would have already shoved you off this roof .”
  86. “You’re pretty happy for a dead man.”
  87. “If end up strangling you to death one day and show a jury every pun you’ve ever told me, they wouldn’t convict me.”
  88. “Stop laughing and help me out of the trash can. I think my foot is stuck in a coffee cup.”
  89. “Look, I love you and all, but I’m not getting arrested for you.”
  90. “Give me one good reason why I should let you buy a cart full of fireworks.”
  91. “The whole town does not need to see you falling off my balcony, leave
  92. “What are you doing in my house, you dork? How did you even get in here?”
  93. “If you don’t let me in that room he’s going to die, and then me and you are going to have a problem. Understand?”
  94. “You know, maybe running two miles with a sprained ankle wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.”
  95. “That can literally be used as a Frisbee. You’re not allowed to make pancakes anymore.”
  96. “I don’t care if you panic, just panic quietly.”
  97. “It’s 2am and you’re deciding you want to go on an adventure now?”
  98. “You know, looking back now. I realized that could have gone a whole lot better.”
  99. “You don’t look half bad for a dead man.”
  100. “It’s amazing watching your ego. If it gets any bigger we won’t need a car, we’ll just hang on to you and float wherever we need to go.”


I will also like to credit these amazing blogs for the prompts:

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Thank you!

Also, I have a couple of requests that I have to do, so sorry if it takes a bit. I am working on another part of this, but don’t expect it to come so quickly.

6. Haunted House

The loading bar moved almost too slow for Raven’s patience. She sat quietly sipping on apple spice tea, and munching a pumpkin bread. “Come on.” She order at the T.V. As of recent the dark one had a bit of secret, that she happened upon when Netflix was left on one night. The title and icon picture of the show is what sparked her curiosity. American Horror Story. Letting her interest peak she looked over her shoulder as she gently pressed play episode one, and that’s how it all began. She instantly found herself glued the screen. She was only on the fifth episode because she was worried that the others would make fun of her for actually watching and enjoying a television program.

The red loading bar finally reached 100% and her show began to play softly in the back ground. A smirk formed on her lips as she felt strangely satisfied. There she was finally able to take sometime for herself with out, Stars constant need to ‘talk the boys’, Cyborg’s sudden need for girl advice, Robin’s always need for a training partner, and of course Beast Boy. Currently she had no idea where the green one was but she was glad that the others were “in town” for the night. Resting on the side of the couch she pulled her knees up in order to get comfortable. Oh yes she deserved a little down time.

The common door made it squeaky noise as it opened, causing Raven to jump into panic mode. She scrambled for the remote, unfortunately she was only able to hit the stop button before a pair for green eyes spied her.  

With a bright toothy grin he looked at her then back and giant screen. “HA! I knew it!” He exclaimed pointing straight at her. She felt utterly embarrassed and her cheeks were bound to show it.

“It’s not-” She stuttered

“Stop.” He ordered holding his right hand up. “I know Netflix like that back of my hand, I even have the comedy list memorized. Don’t you think I would have seen that someone was watching AHS?” He asked Raven narrowed her eyes at his punctuation of her show.  "Come on Rae, it shows a recently watched list!“ He moved across the room and then dropped down next to her. She avoided his stare and clambbed her mouth shut. They stay like this for a moment before Beast Boy spoke up again.

"Well what are you waiting for?”

Her gaze moved up as she stared at him in confused like state. What did he mean? HE didn’t expect her to actually continue watching now that he was sitting there, rather too close to her matter a fact. Casting her eyes down she shook her head. “I should go mediate.”

“What? Why? Don’t leave just because I’m here.” He gave her his reassuring smile. Trying to convince her that it was more than normal to watch something with a green person in the room with her.

Once again she shook her head. “No it’s fine, you don’t even know what going on.” She raised her brow looking at the character on the screen.

“So tell me.” He suggested leaning back and resting his hands behind his head. She sat quietly thinking about how she had promised Robin that she would be better at being Beast Boy’s friend. It was no surprised that the two didn’t really see eye to eye. 'Maybe this could be our thing?’ A pink emotion sounded off in her head. She frowned as was quiet shocked that her emotion-clone had suggested something useful. She did have something with each member of her team, everyone except him. 'American Horror Story it is then.’ She decided. She picked up her tea and nursed it before returning on the table.

“Well, this is episode six, so to go back…” She mused surprising the Changeling by actually choosing his idea. “The story is about a family that moves into a new house to escape their trouble past. Of course the beautiful antique home, turns out to be haunted. The characters so far is Ben the father he’s a therapist, his wife Vivian, and their daughter Violet. Tate is the guy who seems to attach himself to Violet. Constance is the crazy neighbor who keeps telling stories that suggest that the house is haunted.” The plum haired girl explained. Beast Boy remained quiet the whole time listening to every detail she gave. After a few minutes of recapping episodes she finished and drained the rest of her tea. “If you have any questions we can pause it, and discuss.” She added. Picking up the remote.

“Perfect. I’m excited.” He grinned folding his arms, making sure to get comfy. Raven gave him a lingering look before sighing, pressing the play button. The show fired up and the pair found themselves engulfed in the slightly disturbing show. After hours of binge watching episode after episode Raven looked at the clock on the wall and decided it was time to call it a night. Robin always made sure they were up bright and early no matter how late they stayed up the previous night.

“Well we should go to bed.” Raven announced powering off the T.V. Beast Boy nodded and smiled brightly up her.

“Thanks for staying and letting me watch your show with you.” He responded standing up. He looked down and offered a green hand to her to help her up. She queerly looked at his hand for a moment before she took it. It one quick motion he pulled her up with such force it sent her right into his chest. Chuckling he wrapped his arms around her back steadying himself, then he pulled away. Her cheeks blushed as she stared down at the floor. “Sorry I under estimate my own strength. You’re so light.” He remarked before poke her in the stomach.

Giving him a soft glare, she moved passed him and pick up her empty tea cup. She didn’t say anything as she rinsed it out before putting into the sink. “You know Rae, I really can see why Tate, likes Violet so much.” He spoke carefully almost as if he was trying approach the subject carefully.

Catching her attention she twisted her head back over her shoulder, “because she’s pretty?” Her voice quiet but actually full of interest.

“Well, there that, but she quiet reserved, but she not afraid of standing up for herself. She smart and funny when she wants to be.” He explained smiling. Then his expression change as he began pondering something. Raven continued to watch him, wondering what he possibly could be thinking about. His hand rose to his neck as he rubbed it like it was sore or something.  It was his nervous tick that she had come to recognize over the years.

“So you like Violet then?” She asked breaking the awkward ice.

“Well, yeah but if I’m being honest I think I like her so much because she reminds me of you.” He muttered his face flushing. Raven felt her power zap a dish in causing it to shatter into pieces. For the first time Raven was completely hushed not having even an inkling as to what to say. Her cheeks flushed for the third time that night and she bit her cheek. She wasn’t quiet sure how to take his complement. Finally he broke the quite spell, “Well, I can’t wait for the next episode, good night Raven.”

“Good night Beast Boy.” She responded in an almost whisper. She pulled up her hood so she could hide the small smirk that was on her mouth.

ATL imagine where your best friend Jack falls asleep on your boobs after his show while you're reading and then the boys make fun of you and he wakes up and you kiss him and he asks you to be his gf and fluff?

Your POV

“Thank you, and goodnight!” Alex called out into the sea of screaming fangirls. I was lucky to be backstage. Not only had I been able to be backstage, but he had invited me to go on tour with him. The rest of the band hadn’t objected to it. Alex brought Lisa, Rian brought Cassadee, and Zack was off doing Zack things. One never really knew with him. I sensed he had a girlfriend with the way he always smiling at his phone. I guessed she couldn’t come along.

The guys had always teased me and Jack about getting together. We were always hanging out, doing whatever. Each time one of us would look at the other and make some weird face along with a gagging noise.

I knew Jack didn’t have feelings for me. He couldn’t, he was physically incapable. We have been best friends since high school and each chick that he had hooked up with was more of a wreck than the last. He didn’t really date. That wasn’t what he did. He had moments. Moments of women in his life. They would come and go, and to keep himself from getting hurt, he wouldn’t get attached to them.He never told me any of this of course, it’s just what I had picked up through the years.

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Valentine’s OTP Prompts

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! Now, I had a lot of ideas for Valentine’s OTP drabbles… about two days too late. Instead of trying to rush to write them, I figured I’d throw them out there as prompt suggestions. I sincerely hope you enjoy! (Note: Please use them however you’d like, if you want! I did create these with specific pairings in mind, so if you’re really curious as to what could have been written, hit me up and I’ll fill you in.) 

On Valentine’s Day, Imagine Your OTP:

  1. Getting all dressed up and going out to eat. They make a big occasion of it, having as much fun as possible putting on suits/dresses, doing their hair all nice, busting out the heels, etc. etc. They also get super dramatic about it, not letting the other person see them until they’re completely dressed. 
  2. Dancing around the living room. They start off with a stiff waltz, both very nervous, tripping over their own two feet more often than not. But that slowly becomes more natural as they start to loosen up and fall into step, until they’re like a couple straight out of a Disney movie. Bonus if Person A has two left feet, but tries really hard, and Person B takes every stepped on toe because A’s commitment is too cute not to. 
  3. Spending the day in the kitchen, baking every culinary confection they can think of: cupcakes, cookies, pies, cakes, brownie, etc. They steal about as many kisses as they do bites of the batter; cheek kisses, nose kisses, forehead kisses, real kisses that only end when the oven goes off. At one point, Character A gets some frosting on their face, and Character B, being a nerd, licks it off, and inadvertently begins a war to see who can get the other to lick more frosting off of them. 
  4. Getting drunk while stuck in an elevator and confessing their love to each other. Bonus if they were on their way to a party and were in charge of bringing the alcohol. But instead, they show up totally smashed and tell everyone they’re getting married, and don’t remember any of it the next day. 
  5. Going ice skating. Character A is a natural, but Character B can’t seem to get the hang of it, which is especially embarrassing because B was the one who wanted to do this for a date. A has to administer many forehead kisses to make up for the falls, and a lot of cuddles after the fact to get B to stop pouting. 
  6. Having a “Carpet Picnic,” in which they make some sandwiches, spread a blanket on the living room floor, and have a picnic indoors. 
  7. Having a nerd movie marathon where they binge watch all the movies in their fandom of choice, in their pajamas, with an unhealthy amount of junk food. 
  8. Character A waking up sick on Valentine’s Day and feeling even more awful for ruining the holiday. But Character B insists that they don’t mind, and takes perfect care of A all day, relishing in the fact that they get to cuddle with their sweetie all day. That night, B sings A to sleep, wrapped up in their arms. 
  9. Making breakfast together in the morning. Character A flipping pancakes with Character B’s arms wrapped around their abdomen, head pressed into their shoulder. Character B slicing oranges and putting a whole slice in their mouth, making silly faces at A. Taking a second to just hold each other in a tight hug in the soft morning light. 
  10. Getting stuck in an airport due to maintenance/weather delays. Imagine them being complete strangers, and slowly falling in love as they move from gate to gate, struggling through the annoyance of flight delays together. They get dinner together, browse through the little convenience stores, and have their own mini adventure while stranded miles away from home. 
  11. Skyping long distance on Valentine’s Day. Work or school or something is keeping them apart, but that’s no reason not to make the time to see their sweetheart’s face and chat a bit… even if the reception isn’t cooperating! 
  12. Character A is giving out candy hearts, making sure each person gets words that really describe how A feels about them. Character B is super nervous the whole time, but of course A has to save them until the end. And instead of giving B just one, A gives them a whole handful of hearts that say all the romantic things (whether they were dating before or not is up to you.)
  13. Meeting at a party. Both are tragically single, and were dragged out to a Valentine’s Day party by their friends. But everything changes when two wallflowers end up standing next to one another, and suddenly, this holiday doesn’t seem so stupid anymore. 
Cursed AU trivia, part 2

Well, we reached 1500 followers of this AU, so time for a trivia post. Seeing that there are some of you interested in the blog’s origins, I decided to share how all of this story came to be. What a roller coaster, I swear!



It will be long, so press ‘keep reading’ for more!

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This is a (so insanely, terribly) late birthday fic for @rainteaanddragons! I’m seriously so sorry. I told you I would write this weeks ago, but I hope you enjoy it all the same lovely!

The prompt was something along the lines of: we’re the only ones who showed up for this underground show, and there’s no one here so dance with me?

*band isn’t real, I made it up. Blue Buck is a real beer, it’s brewed in the city I live in and it is delicious*

— — — — —

Natsu was beyond excited. His favourite tribute band, DCAC, would be performing in half an hour. He all but skipped his way to the bar, humming out tunes as he went along.

The bouncer at the door eyed him incredulously. “There’s no way you’re of age.”

“I promise I am.” Natsu flashed him a brilliant smile before handing over his I.D.

The bartender looked it over and Natsu couldn’t help but feel a little smug as his eyes found his date of birth and nearly bugged out of his head. “Shit, you have a harsh case of baby face syndrome.” He handed his cards back and put a stamp on the back of his hand.

Natsu gave him another smile as he announced his thanks before entering the small bar.

The pinket looked around and he was floored by how few people had showed up. A quick head count gave him a total of 7 people, including himself, the bartender, the waitress, and another bouncer standing by the stage.

What the hell? This group was amazing! Where were all the people? They started in 15 minutes.

Letting a shrug roll through his shoulders, Natsu walked to the bar.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” A happy, charming, white haired woman inquired.

“A pint of Blue Buck, please.”

She gave her angelic head of hair a nod and set off to get his order ready.

“Good choice in beer.” A man with enticing, dark blue eyes commented from a few seats over.

Natsu turned his head his way, a smirk tugging on his lips. “Yeah. I’m not much for amber beer, but Blue Buck is delicious.”

“Cheers to that.” The man lifted a mug of the same just as Natsu’s pint was set down.

They clinked glasses, Natsu felt as though his eyes lingered a moment longer than one stares at a stranger. Maybe that was just wishful thinking. The guy was gorgeous.

“You here to see the show?” Natsu asked, trying not to let hope slip into his tone.

“You like DCAC?”

Natsu nodded, “Of course! Why else would I be here?”

“I suppose you have a point. You just didn’t strike me as someone who’d be into a small time rock cover band.” He shrugged one of his broad shoulders, muscles rolling under the tight T-shit he was wearing. Natsu’s eyes quickly roamed down the length of his body. Damn, he was… was that his button up shirt on the ground?

That snapped Natsu out of his trance. “And why not?”

“I don’t really know, to be honest. Probably the pink hair.”

“Is that so, Droopy Eyes?” Natsu snorted.

“It is, Slanty Eyes.” He shot back.

A toothy grin pulled on Natsu’s lips. “Slanty Eyes, huh? You’re funny.” Okay, maybe he wasn’t funny so much as hot, but whatever. “What’s your name?”

“Gray.” He returned the smirk before a long swig of his beer. “Yours?”


“Summer.” Gray said softly.

“Hmm?” Piercing green eyes locked with stormy blue.

“Your name. It means summer, right?”

Heat pricked at the younger man’s face, threatening to make the surface pink. “Yeah. Not many people around here know that.”

“My mother was Japanese.” Gray explained.

“Was?” Natsu tilted his head to the side.

‘Shit, that was adorable.’ Gray bit his lip to suppress the idiotic smirk that wanted to split across his face. “She passed away when I was young.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that.”

His eyes showed he genuinely did feel sorry, that his words weren’t the polite knee-jerk reaction he usually got.

“Don’t be. It was years ago. I miss her all the time, but it doesn’t hurt like it used to.”

Where the hell did that come from? Gray never said shit like that to someone he just met. What was it about this man that made him so easy to talk to? Was it his smile and the way it seemed to spread warmth through Gray’s chest? Was it his eyes and the way the curiosity in them begged to be satisfied?

He had no idea, but whatever it was, it made Gray feel like he could talk to him like he’d known him all his life.

“Positive attitude. I like it.” Natsu shot him a wink before turning to see how set up was going on stage.

‘Did he just wink at me? Lame.’ Gray thought despite the small increase in the speed of his pulse.

“Oh, they’re almost ready!” Natsu rushed out excitedly, eyes flashing back toward Gray, gleaming with anticipation.

“You excite easily, don’t you?” Gray chuckled.

Natsu’s brows furrowed together. “Shut up! I’ve never seen them perform before.”

Gray opened his mouth to retort when the sound of chair legs screeching across the floor startle. “What the –”

Two young women walked by, all but glaring at the men warming up on stage. “All I wanted was a quiet place to have a drink,” one whined.

“But no, apparently there’s some stupid rock show going on.” The other finished for her.

“You’re stupid!” Natsu bit out, arms crossed over his chest.

“Excuse you?”

“You heard him. Move along.” Gray waved them off as politely as he could.

“Rude!” The women chorused as they stomped off.

“You need to chill out,” Gray shook his head as he took a sip of his fresh beer, “can’t have you getting into an argument with strangers and getting kicked out.”

“And why not?” Natsu questioned incredulously.

'Because I don’t want you to leave yet.’ Wait, what? Where did that come from? What was this Natsu guy’s deal?

“Because then I’d be the only person here.”

“Oh.” Natsu mumbled, a hint of disappointment in his voice. “Why are you here alone, anyway?”

Gray sighed, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. “My brother got a date with a girl he’s been chasing forever and ditched.” Natsu simply nodded as he continued watching the band make their final adjustments in awe. “What about you?”

“Couldn’t find a friend who wasn’t working. It is Tuesday after all.”

“Hello, everyone!” The lead singer gripped the mic, looking around the bar. “Thanks for coming out! …All two of you.” He laughed.

“Woo!” Natsu called out, raising his beer mug.

“There may only be a couple of you, but we’re still gonna do our best to put on a great show for ya!”

* * * * *

The lead singer didn’t lie. These men all played their hearts out as if they were playing for thousands of screaming fans as opposed to two young men.

Between songs, Natsu would talk Gray’s ear off about which songs were his favourites, why he loved ACDC, and how he planned to save enough money one day to watch them perform in their home country.

He bought Gray a few drinks and coaxed some more answers about his life out of him (with as little effort as before).

Half way through their set, Natsu leaned in close. Gray could feel his body heat through his clothes and it sent a shiver down his spine.

“Dance with me?”

Gray felt a blush dust across his entire face. “I-I don’t dance.” He answered into his ear.

“Oh come on, there’s no one around.” Natsu argued.

“I really don’t dance!” Gray pressed.

“Are you not a good dancer? I swear I won’t laugh.”

“Sh-shut up! I just don’t, okay?”

“Don’t be so shy, it’s not like we’ll ever see each other again.”

Gray’s heart sank at that, and he shook his head. “No!” He reiterated vehemently.

Natsu pulled back with that adorable, toothy smile Gray had seen a dozen times in the last hour spread across his face.

“Suit yourself!”

The next song began to play, and Natsu’s body started to move in perfect sync with the beat.

He was absolutely mesmerizing. His feet kept his rhythm, he span in circles in a way that was somehow both cool and dorky. And his hips, oh Lord, Gray never knew a man could dance so seductively.

He silently mouthed the words as he made his way all around the dance floor. His eyes were closed, which Gray was thankful for because he did not want to be caught staring.

Oh, fuck, he was biting his lip and his canines looked so sharp… 'Calm yourself, Gray!’

“You want love
Dirty dirty love
You want lust
Just a little lust
You wan’ a bad reputation
You wanna better your score
I got the qualifications
I can open any door (ooh yeah)
Send for the man, yeah!”

'I want that. I want all of that, with him.’

Fuck. Gray really needed to get his shit together he barely knew this guy and–

“Change your mind?” Natsu questioned hopefully.

Gray was… right beside him now? When did he even walk over here? He was on the other side of the dance floor a moment ago. “Eh?”

“About dancing with me.”

Gray felt his heart begin to race. He desperately wanted an excuse to pull Natsu close, to have those warm hands roaming over his back, to breathe in his ear, to feel those muscles under his palms as they moved as one.

“O-on one condition.” Gray called back.

“That being?”

“That this isn’t the last time we see each other.”

Natsu blinked, expression shocked.

'Oh, God I fucked that up.’

A face splitting grin adorned his face and Gray let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Arrow and Olicity in 5x09

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about last night’s episode, and long story short, I thought it was fantastic. This episode was a huge stepping stone and it set up 5B and it blew the doors on Olicity wide open.

Please keep in mind I process as I write things out. I’ve only watched the episode once, so I’m going off memory at the moment, and most of my thoughts are Olicity-geared. 

I’m also jazzed as absolute hell because what we’re seeing right now, in my eyes, is everything I want this season.

Did you read my “An Arrow & Olicity Daydream” and the follow-up “Felicity Smoak Addendum”? I’m absolutely tooting my own horn with these. I’m super excited because I feel like we’re getting pretty close to what I ultimately want from this season, for Oliver and Felicity individually, and for Olicity. This is a continuation of the theme I’ve outlined in my mind in the above meta posts for Olicity this season.

Anyway, back to my thoughts… and in case you were wondering:

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Examples Of Hinata Always Being By Naruto's Side

Because I’m sick of Hinata bashing and crap in the NaruHina tag.  This was actually a response to an anti-NaruHina/pro-NaruSaku post (how Hinata fails and Sakura is always perfect in regards to Naruto). I normally don’t do this, but it can’t be helped. There’s anti-NaruSaku in this post; just a warning.

Hinata HAS helped Naruto… both mentally and physically. And also SUCCEEDED.

1. Hinata offers Naruto her answers on the written exam

While Naruto did not take her offer because he didn’t want to risk it/had an ego, her talking to him woke him up.  Naruto was having an internal panic attack before Hinata spoke up. After that, Naruto became again. What did Sakura do? Oh, that’s right. She wanted him to give up. That would surely protect his dream. (sarcasm) More like it wouldn’t get him anywhere (by giving up). Naruto himself goes against giving up, and his nindou is recited.

2. Hinata gives Naruto medical cream

This is an example of Hinata helping Naruto physically.  And it did make him smile.  That’s a plus for sure.

3. Proud failure speech

One of Naruto’s hardest battles is with Neji. Who was there to cheer him up? Hinata. Naruto lets his happy facade down for the first time in front of her. And, who was he looking for in the crowd after he won? Hinata. Sakura is no where in his thoughts.

4. Smile

Naruto’s pissed off. Hinata comes along, says something nice, and an insant smile appears on his face. She spins things around into positivity.

5. Confession

Naruto would have been either killed, or captured had Hinata not interfered. Hinata did get stabbed, but what did that cause? Naruto to go KN6, talk to his father, and defeat Pein. Hinata saved Naruto and there is no way to get around it.  Later on in chapter 490, Naruto himself admits that Hinata was the trigger for his KN6 transformation. “When I saw Pein attack Hinata, I was so mad, so full of rage, my heart instantly connected with the Kyuubi’s will.” This scene certainly helped us. Where was Sakura when Naruto was being attacked? Screaming for Naruto to help just like the rest of the village. Hinata actually did something about it.

6. It’s all in your eyes

This is an example of protection and how deep their connection is. Hinata defends Naruto against her team. Oh yeah, Naruto himself also confirms she has saved him before (with an added flashback).  He says it would be lame if she saved him twice, but in this case they really did save each other. Where did Hinata fail again?

7. Chapter 615: Connected

Gotta admit, it’s nice pretty much posting this entire chapter again. ;) The poster I replied to only presented a panel of Neji sacrificing himself for Hinata and Naruto. If he hadn’t done that, Hinata would have been the one.  Neji then goes on to say how Hinata is willing to die for Naruto, and Naruto himself remembers that. How is this Hinata failing again? Especially with the following scenes to come? Hinata is the one pulling Naruto out from the depths of depression.  She is reminding him of what it means to be a shinobi. She reminds him of their nindou. If Hinata didn’t knock sense into Naruto, he may have given into to Obito. This was a very crucial moment in the manga. Where was Sakura you ask? Watching from the side lines again.  So really, think before people speak about Sakura doing everything and anything for Naruto and Hinata doing nothing. The most important thing NaruSaku and anti-NaruHina fans tends to ignore is.

Naruto himself says that it’s Hinata who has always been by his side.  In the raw, the “YOU” (specifically referring to Hinata) is stressed. I own the original and have read many translators say this fact. Combine all the above examples I gave and you can see why Naruto now sees its Hinata that has always been there for him; cheering for him, aiding him whenever she can.  Back in the day, Hinata was too shy to help him. But NO ONE helped Naruto back then. He was alone. Just the fact that Hinata always held Naruto in her heart put her ahead in the “always there” category. Naruto knows this. Naruto has never thought of Sakura in such a way (of always being there for him).

8. Fixed shoulder

Just another example of how Hinata has physically helped Naruto. Sakura isn’t the only one. Ironically Hinata isn’t even a medical ninja.

And now for the examples provided by the user (Sakura).


How does this help Naruto? Hinata has thought of Naruto countless times, but does that directly help him? If so, okay that’s fine with me. Hinata has a shit ton more than Sakura does in this respect.

Try again.


All three of these don’t help their case at all. They all share something in common: Sakura fails to cheer Naruto up. Actually in the first example, Naruto walks away from her sparing no thoughts. The next two Naruto is still depressed even after Sakura talks to him. This has never been an issue with Hinata.

3. Sakura’s confession aka lie

I’m actually surprised the user posted this, seeing as it’s one of the biggest fails for the NaruSaku pairing. Sakura underestimated Naruto, was guilt tripped by Sai, and it’s confirmed that Sakura still loves Sasuke. Also, Naruto himself trashes that promise of a lifetime NaruSaku fans tend to cling onto for dear life. Too bad it’s no more. Even if they want to argue that Sakura was thinking of Naruto’s feelings, she was willing to risk him hating her forever. Besides, Sakura was supposed to tell Naruto the truth about Sasuke. She failed in doing so.


Not going to waste time pasting all the other panels, but this speech has nothing to with Sakura directly helping Naruto through words. And if it does, Hinata has done this ten fold already.

I’ll give them all the panels that show Sakura healing Naruto because yes, healing someone physically definitely shows support. Cool beans, Hinata has done this in her own way without being a medical ninja.

To end this, may I remind everyone of one very big fail that was conveniently left out?

So before people get onto Hinata about tripping, how about they get onto Sakura about failing to reach Naruto and getting bitch slapped by him? Don’t say “he wasn’t in his right mind”. That’s as much as an excuse we give that Hinata was exhausted so she tripped. Sorry, Sakura isn’t perfect and neither is Hinata for that matter. But many anti-NaruHina fans make it seem like Sakura is flawless (regarding Naruto) and Hinata has failed every time when that truly is not the case in reality.

Both Hinata and Sakura help Naruto, but in different context. Hinata is in romantic context and that is a fact. Sakura? You cannot prove it’s romantic especially because it’s again, a confirmed and canon fact that she still loves Sasuke. Chapter 540 was less than 24 hours ago in manga time.

50 Things I love about The Monkees - Part One

I’m joining in with the #50forMonkees50th thing, and this is a completely random list of songs, moments, episodes, stories - generally anything related to/involving the Monkees. This will be broken down to 5 “things” per post, and they will all be in a totally random order!!

1. Dolenzmith

my original post here

Let’s kick it off with the Ultimate. These two mega babes have chemistry that is second to none. The ULTIMATE BROMANCE. I could go on for approximately 7 and a half years about why I love these two together, but I’ll try to keep it brief because I’ve said so much of it before. These two together are SPECIAL. The way they’re so different and bounce off each other and just get in each other’s faces is just……I can’t. I can’t put it into words. This also makes it soooo easy to ship them together too, if you’re into that kind of thing. I wrote a literal essay about why they’re perfect together (you can read it here). You can also just look at my #dolenzmith tag on my blog for more Micky/Mike greatness :D They’re both gorgeous and funny, and the fact that they have always been pals makes my heart happy. There has never been any beef between these two because they’re SOUL MATES. There I said it. SOUL MATES. Bros4Life. BFFs. BAEs. My OTP. They also have so much respect for each other which is awesome. DOLENZMITH > everything else, sorry.

2. Davy’s Screen Test

I mean can we just stop for a second and appreciate how absolutely precious this boy was??? I’m not sure how it’s legal for anyone to be as adorable as Davy Jones was in his audition for The Monkees?????? He was only 19 here but looks even younger and he is so charming and precious and I’m feeling emotional today anyway but I just watched his screen test again and almost cried LOL, he is just too cute for this cold ugly world I can’t stand it. His laugh at the end makes my soul happy and he has the cutest face I have ever seen OMG. Everyone should just take a moment to watch this again because he was soooo special and he seems so pure in that clip. I can’t say anything coherent about this actually apart from, as someone who has always loved (and still loves) boybands, Davy is the Ultimate. There have been some massive cuties in boybands since the Monkees, but none compare to Davy Jones. Not your Nick Carters or Mark Owens or Justin Timberlakes or Harry Styles’ of this world. SOZ. You were all cute AF but you’re no Davy Jones. Sorry.

Originally posted by littlehorrorshop

I mean stab me with a pitchfork look at this precious angel. I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight thinking about how the world wasn’t pure enough for someone as adorable as him BYEEEEE

3. Headquarters and the Monkees taking control

I mean I know this has been spoken about 9248928 times, but to me it’s one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - story in pop history. Four boys in a manufactured band, not allowed to have any real control over the music they put out, not allowed to play their own instruments on their records even though they were more than capable, finally saying “FUCK YOU” to the Powers That Be and doing it themselves and releasing HEADQUARTERS which is basically a punk album in it’s DIY/FUCK YOU/REBEL mentality (lmao watch music snobs cry themselves to sleep over comments like that.) I know it was only for one album that they really did own it and do it all themselves, but what a great album it was too! I mean you all know the story. Here’s my review of the album itself if you want a gander - CLICK! :D

4. Monkees on Tour

This is one of my favourite episodes and I seriously wish they had’ve done more like this, or at least an extended episode showing more live/behind the scenes tour stuff. There isn’t enough footage of the Monkees playing live in their heyday…hardly anything at all, actually. I know it was a different era but I’d KILL to have uninterupted footage of them playing live, seeing that they were actually pretty damn good at what they did and capturing the energy of the audience. Honestly it’s a travesty that they didn’t release footage of an entire concert (I know we have the audio which is great, but I want to see it too.) HOWEVER, this episode is still awesome, if not a little cheesy in places (like when the boys are having their “alone time”…that’s slightly cringey but blesss). We also have gems like Davy playing with that swan (that is bigger than him, LOL), and Micky saying he wanted to ride a horse bareback while also in bare feet (what a twat). ALSO Peter getting angry at Micky for sleeping in (and Micky’s gorgeous little sleeping face omg). LOVE IT.

5. Daily Nightly

This song is so weird and amazing. It was definitely a grower for me; when I first heard it I was pretty indifferent about it, I didn’t dislike it but compared to how catchy and upbeat so many other Monkees tunes are, Daily Nightly wasn’t one that immediately grabbed me. Over time though, I realised it was one of their best ever songs. Micky sounds lovely (lol duh), and Mike’s lyrics are just…Mike. Odd. Brilliant. But I also love the video to this (I can’t really call it a romp as it’s just them sitting there!). The black and white looks awesome and they all look so pretty. Micky owns the camera, and I love that Davy and Peter are just being a little bit silly without taking anything away from the “performance” (Peter’s arm-ography though, lmaooo), and Mike…LOL. Mike does absolutely nothing but sit there in those shades looking at Micky like “Yes babe. Sing my song. WORK IT. I’ll just sit here being the silent genius that I am.” Amazing. Also Micky and the moog!!!! PSYCHEDELIC.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the 50 Things I Love about The Monkees :D

Final thoughts on Reply 1988

FACT: this drama has made me laugh and cry more than anything I’ve ever watched and trust me, I’ve watched a lottt of things

Lots of feelings ahead… (and spoilers). I spent a suuuper long time on this so I’d LOVEE it so much if you can give it a read or if you can talk about the drama with me ehehe (sorry it’s such a long post)!!

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anonymous asked:

Please talk about your problems with the SG-1 finale?

Sure! I’ll collate some of the rants in my Unending tag here for you. :-)

I have a lot of problems with Unending. So I’ll start with the things I don’t mind about it.

I love that Sam learned to play the cello. It’s random, sure, but I’ve always wanted to learn to play drums and I assure you if I suddenly started taking drum lessons and playing drums an hour a day everyone watching the show of my life would be like, “LOL, drums!? How random!” And it seems like one of those things she might have always wished she’d done but never made time for, because she was focused on school or her career. So I like the idea that she had one beautiful thing that had nothing to do with space or science or the SGC to turn to while they were stuck up there.

I loved the little scenes we got of the team celebrating holidays together, just enjoying each other’s company.

I thought Cam sort of losing it from boredom and frustration was entirely realistic. 

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