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This is the absolute silliest thing, but recently a bunch of MICA friends and I started playing Dungeons & Dragons! We just finished our starter quest, in which we learned the hard way that one cannot stop an impending alien invasion through the power of partying. 

Characters are, clockwise from top left: @connor-draws‘s human ranger Bobby Bryce, @mollystanard‘s thief bird-person Chuck, my human cleric Beorhtsige aka “Beebo,” @maxvelocity‘s half-elf bard Banjo Harmonica, and @sterlingsundries‘s gnome barbarian Elbo. Our DM is @sterlingsundries’s boyfriend, Colin. Attire is a modern AU, because I still don’t actually know what everyone’s go-to getup is, and I wanted to draw my character in an ironic t-shirt. Though he’s wearing it unironically.

Tooth Be Told | Hoseok

“Dude, you’re being like… super uncool right now.” Hoseok says, a glare marring his handsome face.

“My heart is breaking at the prospect of not being deemed cool by you, Jung Hoseok.” You roll your eyes at him and he yanks the phone from your hands so he can look at you properly.

“Did I or did I not cover your rent this month when you were short?” He seethes and you jump to your feet, jabbing a finger at his chest.

“I didn’t get paid until 2 o’clock and rent was due at 12 you ass hat I literally gave it right back to you!” You hiss.

“Yes, okay, good but it’s the principle of the matter. You needed me for something and I came through.” He retorts.

“Yeah because it’s my month to pay rent and we’d both be on our asses if I hadn’t.” You snort.

“Dude its a free dental exam what is there to protest? You don’t even have dental insurance so you can’t get routine cleanings, anyway, your teeth probably look like—“

“I refuse to let you anywhere near my mouth. You’re not a dentist and it’s very clean inside there thank you very much!” You say indignantly and it’s Hoseok’s turn to roll his eyes at you.

“I’m almost a dentist, one that’s offering to give you a free exam while my degree is pending.” He sniffs.

“What a nice way to phrase it—your degree is pending. You mean you’re not certified yet and if you think for one second that just because we’re friends or roommates or whatever that I’m going to—“

“If you don’t I’ll tell Jungkook it was you who accidentally washed your red shirt with his laundry.” Hoseok threatens and you gasp, a hand clutched to your chest.

“You wouldn’t.” You hiss.

“Try me.” He smirks.


“You know,” Hoseok begins, and you’re propped up on his bed, it’s all very unprofessional and half assed. His iPhone is macguivered onto a selfie stick he’s duct taped to the wall so he could have a light while he works and he’s wearing yellow dish washing gloves that you hope are new as he prods and pokes at your mouth, “you actually have really really clean teeth like there’s slight decalcification and some areas that are high risk for cavities but it’s nothing you couldn’t fix with some PreviDent—it’s like eight bucks at the store down the street. Pretty damn good for someone who hasn’t had dental insurance for like four years now.”

Hoseok pauses when he feels your tongue move against his gloved fingers and he frowns, ignoring the slight tingling sensation in crotch—very slight because any shot of arousal is quickly tamped down with the fact that your mouth was stretched open in an unflattering way and he had ample view of your double chin from this angle. He tugs his hands out with a, “sorry what were you saying?”

You inhale, making a gross slurping noise as you attempted to suck residual drool back in, because Hoseok was messy and your jaw fucking hurt.

“For the record you’re a terrible fucking dentist, just drop out now. Jesus,” you say, swiping at your face, and making Hoseok glare, “and also why dentist do that?”

“Do what?” Hoseok asks dryly.

“Ask you questions when their in the middle of fisting your goddamn mouth!” You snap, narrowing your eyes at him, and rubbing your face, “Are you trying to make my jaw come unhinged like y—oof!”

Hoseok shoves you back down with a glare, roughly opening your mouth as he shoves the mirror back in, letting it clank as he goes, “Like I was saying, slight decalcification but back here—“

Your eyes widen when the metal instrument treks back, far from any teeth and Hoseok’s eyebrows raise as he sends you an almost pleasantly surprised look.

“The most impressive part about this entire thing,” he murmurs and he’s long since shed the mirror as he ventured in your mouth, making you wonder just what exactly he was doing in there, “is that you have like literally no gag reflex like—look.”

The noise you make is somewhere between a squeal and a gasp as he presses his finger back, and you grip his wrist sending him a wild look. “Hoshrkdk fuduckek eurdj!”

“What?” He frowns and you yank his hand from your mouth.

“Hoseok, you fucking perv!” You spit, swiping the leftover drool from your mouth and he laughs, loudly, letting the gloves snap as he tugs them from his hands.

“I’m just saying I had my entire finger down your throat and wow just… wow. how is it that you can’t keep a boyfriend?” He snickers and you kick him til he’s tumbling off the bed.

“I hate you!” You sneer, sitting cross legged so you can chuck a pillow at him. “And for the record I would never in my entire life sleep with you, so you can wonder all you want.”

“Why? Because I could give you something to gag around?” He retorts and the words are off his tongue before his brain has time to catch up. Still, he plays it off as a joke, sending you a grin and hoping you don’t notice the way it falters.

He nearly deflates when throw another pillow.


Hoseok only laughs, perching himself on his elbows so he can see you better from the floor. It rubs you the wrong (or maybe right) way that he looks so good even like that—hair messy and pushed off his forehead and eyes red rimmed from lack of sleep. He’s wearing those stupid fake glasses he insists make him look smarter—more “denitisty”

“Well for the record, it wasn’t offered, you missed your window of opportunity in the pre roommate stage when we met at that party,” he nods.

“God, you still remember that?” You grumble, but your cheeks are heated and Hoseok sees.

He grins.

“It’s not everyday I almost drill my roommate through a goddamn wall,” he snickers, using one hand to push his hair back in thought, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a worst case of blue balls before or since.”

“Do you think if Jungkook,“ you bite your lip and shake your head, but he only raises his eyebrows for you to continue, “it’s dumb.”

“Do I think if Jungkook hadn’t interrupted that night,” he says, reading your mind, or really voicing his own thoughts, “do I think it would’ve been a mistake—is that what you were gonna ask?”

You nod.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” he murmurs in contemplation, “I mean… I wouldn’t have someone to split half of rent with so there’s that. We probably wouldn’t be friends either so that would’ve sucked.”

“Why do you say that?” You frown.

“Because you were a naive little freshman who I would’ve plowed and then never called back,” he says honestly and you wince at his honest words but you asked, “Not that you’re not hot or almost stupidly funny and cute. Because you’re all of that and I bet you’d even be a good lay, I’m into that real cute inexperienced type and from living with you I could tell you’re prime girlfriend material.”

“I don’t know where you’re going with this but I would like to know how you made all of that sound like an insult.” You say dryly, opting for a light tone despite the pang in your chest.

“Things happen for a reason and I’m a strong believer in—“

“Not this bullshit again,” you roll your eyes before dropping your voice an octave to mimic him, “Im a strong believer in the Universe and the stars and anything that’s not meant for you won’t find it’s way to you blah blah blah. Give it a rest alright?”

Hoseok is quiet for a beat before meeting your gaze, “Are you sad things didn’t work out between us? Or like just sad about how they are now?”

“And how is that?” You implore, wondering where the sudden turn of conversation came from.

“Platonic.” He says honestly.

“I don’t know.” You murmur, and as though there was a force pulling you towards him, you meet his gaze head on, unable to look away.

A silence fills the room before Hoseok asks a question—the question.

“Do you still want to have sex with me?” He asks and your gaze flutters back down to his comforter.

“I don’t know.” You say quietly.

God Loves Tattoos And Piercings

A/N: Okay I got the idea to write this from a post I saw on Facebook. It’s brilliant.

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,830

Characters: Chuck x Reader, Sam Dean and Castiel

Pairings: Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Err mostly fluff, some angst, kissing God (I guess this needs a warning.)

Your name: submit What is this?

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Accidental Kissing

Hi there! I’ve really wanted to start incorporating writing into my blog and this is my first real attempt. I wrote this on my own, and it’s just some phan fluff, but I’d love to write more if you guys want to send prompts or anything like that <3

Summary: Phil has a crush on Dan and during a gaming video Phil might accidentally kiss him.

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone or anything in this writing other than the writing itself

Please don't repost this anywhere or claim it as your own <3


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Act Normal (Jughead x Reader Request)

Request: ‘could you do a Jughead imagine where the reader(female) is at a party and chuck takes her upstairs and has sex with her, without her consent (kinda like what happened on 13reasonswhy) & it gets spread around school that she slept with Chuck and her boyfriend Jug finds out and he breaks up with her and the others turn their backs on her but then reggie tells them he knows Chuck didn’t get her consent bc he found out somehow and then they all feel really bad with a happy ending??’ - Anon.

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Reader, Archie x Veronica, Betty, Kevin, Chuck, Reggie.

Warnings: Underage drinking, rape, kissing.

Word Count: 2282

Notes: So to add to the plot a bit, I wrote Jughead as asexual and the reader as bisexual. This is a pretty dark piece, please don’t read if you think it will make you upset. If anyone is affected by these issues & wants to talk, I’m here for you 💕


Originally posted by tattooed-freckles

‘Are you sure I can’t persuade you to come?’

‘You know I don’t do parties.’

‘Not even when I do this?’ I placed my hands on Jughead’s cheeks and kissed him fervently. He kissed me back for a moment but quickly took my hands from his face and held them back my sides.

‘Nice try.’ He gave me a smirk. I gave him a fake frown before placing a quick peck on his cheek.

‘Ready to go y/n?’ I heard Archie call from downstairs. I grabbed my bag from the bed behind me, Jughead rubbed at my hand and gave me a final goodbye kiss on the lips. As I reached the doorway, I turned and blew him a kiss. He chuckled at me, already sat on the bed with the laptop open.

‘Don’t have too much fun without me.’ He called.

The party was already bustling by the time we arrived. Archie and I glanced around each room until we found the others in the kitchen. They quickly locked eyes with us, Betty gave us a wave. We paced up to them, Archie pulled in Veronica for a kiss immediately. I felt my heart tug a little, I wished Jughead could be by my side like Archie and Veronica were. Thankfully Kevin distracted me by passing me a drink.

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Meet Myers, our newest addition to the family 🖤 (named after Michael Myers of course)

My boyfriend works in a pet store and a few months ago they sold this little guy to a woman who has now decided that she no longer wants him because “he’s aggressive.” Really what she means is, he won’t act like a toy and let her children man handle him whenever they like so he’s lost his novelty and is no longer convenient.
It was either we take him or she would “just chuck him out.” I wish people would realise that these are living, breathing creatures. Not toys. Not trash. If you’re not going to give them the life they deserve then don’t get one at all.

Boyfriend! Jeon Jungkook

boyfriend hobi?? and bc i know you love jungkook bf kookie?? <3 <3 and Hello hello I love love love your GOT7 boyfriend series so much. It’s too cute! Can you please do one for Jeon Jungkook? Thank you love 💜

 thank you so much omg????? but also have y’all been reading my tags, bc i swear to god i cannot believe I’m being dragged by an anon about my hatred (read: thirst) for jeon jungkook. (bf!hobi is coming soon, I promise!!!)

- okay first of all this boy is competitive as hell

- will start random bets/games with you all the time (and gets upset when he loses)

- playing video games together

- getting upset when you win

- ‘babe I’ll be there in like 2 minutes’ – doesn’t come for another half hour because he got distracted

- Memes

- Like sending each other memes to get the other to laugh

- Including sneaky ones that you took of each other’s faces

- Texting is important to him

- Probably confessed over kkt or line or something

- He was too shy irl

- But after spending time with you, he finds it so easy to be with you

- Falling asleep on the phone

- Also falling asleep while lying on the couch watching movies

- (SPEAKING OF MOVIES) he is 100% the bf who would make you watch horror movies so that you cuddled up to him

- Him being sensitive to when you’re upset/angry/annoyed and doing whatever he can to make you feel better/fix it

- Singing together in the car like that one video of the couple singing the duet to each other while driving

- Singing together literally everywhere

- Him learning your favourite songs so he can sing them for you

- Sending each other playlists of songs that you like

- Handwritten notes

- wearing his shirts around (he LOVES it)

- also his shoes probably bc timbs are comfortable as hell

- laughing when the other one falls/hurts themselves

- but always kissing them better

- cuddling in bed with quiet music in the background

- ;) ;) ;) when it isn’t just cuddling though

- Probably dominant but wouldn’t mind you taking control every now and then

- He probably has a thing for u telling him how good u feel

- Accidental bruises

- Shower sex? Or like, in places u wouldn’t expect

- Sudden horniness (on both sides bc honestly who wouldn’t with this bitch around) 

requests are open, my loves! chuck us an ask if there’s something you want written!! or just like, chat to me or something I dont mind lol

Not so secret now

Anonymous asked: Hi!!! I love your blog so much btw. I was wondering if you could do something with either Justin or Montgomery, where they’re like keeping their relationship a secret and then some of the other jocks start noticing hickies and marks on them and the reader. Thanks, if you can’t that okay. Xxx

Ship: Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader

Words: 718

Trigger Warning(s): Swearing, degradation of females (*cough* bryce)

A/N: I chose Montgomery because I feel like Monty needs more love, am I right or am I right !! Thank you so much xxx

“Monty… What the fuck mate… did you get attacked by a bear or something? Holy shit.” Justin called from the other side of the changing room. “No… what do you mean?” Montgomery questioned, shouting back. “Your back man… Scratched as hell,” Zach inputted.

“Oh, nah, that’s nothing, don’t worry.” Monty said, hastily putting his shirt back on to stop all of the Jock’s stares.

“Fuck off is it nothing. Someone had a lot of fun on Sunday night if you know what I mean,” Bryce interjects, laughing looking around to the rest of the boys. “C’mon, tell us who was it? Anybody we can share?” He added. 

That comment set Monty off, “Just because you think women are pieces of meat to chuck around doesn’t mean everyone else does Walker!” He raged, shoving Bryce against the lockers, fists gripping the front of his shirt in anger. “Treat them with some respect and then maybe you’d get one, instead of them just being in your dreams.” With that statement, Monty released Bryce and stormed out of the changing room, not wanting to deal with anyone’s comments.

I was shocked when I was pulled into a store closet, and went to let out a squeal, until I saw it was Monty, my ‘secret’ boyfriend.

“What can I do for you today, nothing too long, I have class in 10 minutes,” I ask flirtatiously, Monty has a tendency to want to make out in our break time, and who would I be to deny him?

“The boys know, they’ve seen the marks,” He states, looking at me seriously. “Ohh… Um… So do the girls?” I reply cautiously, all I get in response is a curious stare. “Jess saw the hickey you left on my collarbone…” I say, pulling down my shirt slightly to show him the bruise. “I didn’t tell her it was you, but if everyone knows you’ve been hooking up with someone, and so have I, I’m sure it won’t take them long to figure it out.” I pointed out, I was surprised to see Monty not getting angry.

“Perfect, then we need a plan I guess,” He suggests, with a smirk. “A plan?” I question, confused by his actions. “Yeah, a big reveal or whatever, before they figure it out.” Now I was definitely shocked, Monty had always been the one for keeping our relationship a secret, and suddenly he wants to tell everyone?

“Okay…” I agree, “But I don’t understand, what’s changed? Why are you acting like this without any warning? You’ve never said anything about this before,” I query, I was certainly not complaining, but I was trying to comprehend the situation.

“Because I’ve realised something in these past couple of days…” He pauses, “I think I’m in love with you y/n.” Without a doubt, I was not expecting that, who could’ve known previously super-aggressive Monty could experience love?

I looked up into his brown eyes, which were full of admiration and said “I’m in love with you too,” The look on his face was priceless, nothing felt better than making the one you love so happy.

He peppered my face in excited kisses as I asked “So, what’s the plan?”

We had decided to expose our relationship at Jessica’s party that weekend. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.

It was about an hour into the party, everybody was a little buzzed, but nobody was off-their-face drunk yet. Monty and I were just chatting ‘as friends’ it would seem, outside where the majority of the people were.

I laughed quite loud at a fake joke he’d made and purred “You’re so funny!” staring into his eyes, to get some people’s attention. In response, his hands came up to frame the sides of my face, and I leant into his touch. “Just kiss me, enough people are watching now,” I whispered, “Are you sure?” He replied back, with a voice just as faint. “Mhmm,” I hum, wanting him. As my arms went around his neck, and our lips met, all we could hear were cheers in the background.

I tugged on the hair at the nape of Monty’s neck, and he opened his mouth slightly. All of a sudden, I couldn’t hear anyone else, Monty and I were in our own little world.

The Hunter and the Alpha Part 2

Prompt: You’re dating Dean and while on a case in beacon hills you two run into your ex-boyfriend Derek at a bar.

Supernatural/Teen Wolf Crossover

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Derek Hale x Reader


Reader’s POV

I was standing there as Derek stared straight at me trying to avoid the daggers Dean was sending me. I had never told him about Derek being my ex because I never thought I’d see him again given the fact that he left me without a word. I didn’t have much time before he started to walk towards us and I looked at Dean with a worried look, I didn’t want this to be bad I just wanted to have a few drinks, play some pool and leave but this just made it worse. “Just be nice, please.” I spoke to Dean knowing he’d try and make a big deal about everything.

“Be nice? You’re kidding right?” I sighed and I got my jacket from the barstool and grabbed his. “No, were not leaving.” Dean chucked his drink before Derek arrived in front of us.

“(Y/N), it’s nice to see you around here.” Derek smiled down at me. I forgot how fucking tall he was.

“I’m Dean, her boyfriend.” Dean interjected stepping in front of me. “I’m also a hunter.” I rolled my eyes and put my hand on Dean’s arm. I had also forgotten how possessive dean was over me and honestly it was pretty fucking hot but I didn’t need him being possessive right now, not in front of a fucking alpha.

“Derek.” He smiled and looked at me. “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. Scott said you moved out of town the second you graduated.” I nodded.

“Yeah, well there wasn’t really anything keeping me here anyways.” I gave him a fake smile and Dean chuckled.

“So you’re dating a hunter now. I could kill you, you know.” Derek stepped forward and I stepped in front of Dean.

“And so can he.” I smirked. “Don’t underestimate him Derek, he’s way more trained than the argents ever were.”

“Don’t brag now.” Dean smiled. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I relaxed a bit as he gave my neck a small kiss. “What are you doing here, you saw she was with me.”

“I just wanted to talk to her, you know, for old times sake. Maybe she’ll end up coming home with me.” Derek grinned at me. Truth was Derek was hot, but Dean was hotter. They were both equally buff so it was hard to tell who’d win in a fucking fight.

“Yeah, that’s never going to happen. She’s over you buddy. She’s with me now, a real man that won’t leave when shit gets hard.” I closed my eyes and focused on my breathes before opening my eyes once more. I was there in the middle of them and it was hard to speak.

“A man?” Derek laughed. “Please, you’re a boy. She’s just with you as a rebound.” As soon as Derek’s words left his mouth my hand flew up to slap him on his left cheek.

“You have no fucking right to speak to him that way, you’re nobody Derek, you left. You left and so did I, the only difference is that I found someone who’s so much better than you could ever be.” I turned around and looked at Dean who’s eyes were wide. “Can we go now, please?” He nodded putting his coat on.

“How long will you be in town?” Derek’s small voice spoke and I chuckled dryly.

“Does that fucking matter to you?” I shook my head and took Dean’s hand in mine. “Just stay the hell away from us, do us both a favor and leave like you did those years ago.” I could feel the eyes burning in the back of my head as I walked hand in hand out of the bar with Dean. “He’s fun.” Dean sighed as he leaned on the hood of his car. “Did you love him?” He crossed his arms and I couldn’t believe he was trying to have this conversation with me right now.

“No, I thought I did, but I was in love with the idea of him.” I opened up his arms and fell in them. “I however, do love you, even if you just tried to go face to face with an alpha.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist giving me a small kiss.

“Let’s get back to the hotel and I’ll show you who you belong to.” He nipped at my ear and I giggled, as I turned around I saw Derek standing there with his eyes red and when I looked back Dean was grinning.


Why did you do this to me?

Summary: #25: “Come here baby, let me take care of you” #26: “Honey, you’re sick. Go lay down, I’ll make you some soup.”

Characters: Reader, Chuck Shurley

Fandom: Supernatural

Word Count: 644

Requested: @winchestergirl-13 

AN: Italics are their thoughts.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

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I love you too Cas

12.12 “Stuck in the Middle with You” Coda

The blinding light that had surrounded Cas moments ago slowly dimmed down to a level that wouldn’t burn their damn eyes out, before disappearing as quickly as it had appeared, leaving a confused, but blessedly healed, Angel of the Lord sitting on the ratty ass couch. Cas turned to Dean, looking as shocked as he had felt, before turning to stare at something behind the hunter. That something turned out to be Crowley, as he was holding the Lance, or the top part of it anyway, running his fingers over the now relatively harmless spear head. Apparently he had broken the Lance while they had their backs turned when Cas started spazzing out, black goo that looked eerily similar to the crap that came out of him during the Leviathan fiasco, effectively breaking whatever spell that was killing Cas and allowed him to finally be able to heal himself.

They all turned to him, bewildered, but Crowley just looked at us, a look of indifference on his face. “You’re welcome” was all the King of Hell said before he dropped the spear head and left, ever the drama queen. He looked around and saw that mom and Sam looked just as confused and relieved as he did, though Sam was looking rather proud and mom looked like she was wondering how in the hell (no pun intended) a demon could do something so selfless, so human, and so out of character like saving an angel’s life.  

But none of that mattered, not when Cas was safe, healed, alive. Sure his clothes were still bloody, they’ll get him some clean ones as soon as they get to the bunker and burn the bloodied ones because he did NOT want to see the evidence of Cas’ closest and almost final brush with death for a second longer than necessary, and still weak from the amount of grace that had to have been used to heal himself, but he was alive. That didn’t stop the worry and fear that had taken hold of Dean when Crowley said that there was no cure for this one, Billie’s warning of ‘consequences of the cosmic scale’ still ringing in his ears and hammering about in his skull as he and Sammy reach out to haul Cas up to his feet. And if he held on a little longer to Cas’ hand and squeezed a little tighter than necessary, then who could blame him? He almost lost his best friend, he had a right to indulge in his need to be clingy, even if it was for like a second.  

But that fear and worry had abated, for just a moment, when Cas turned to him, blue eyes slightly widened in shock, but with an underlying sense of apprehension. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights and for a moment Dean couldn’t understand why, before what would have been his last words to them came crashing through like a frieght train

“I love you… I love all of you”

Cas might have tried to save himself by attempting to clarify that his love was equal for us all, but even Dean, the most emotionally constipated human ever, could tell that that first ‘I love you’ was directed at him. Cas loved him.


Cas loved him?

Why would he love him? Why would he, an Angel of the freakin LORD love him, a hairless ape that has caused him nothing but grief since the moment they met. The mud monkey that had gotten him killed Chuck knew how many times, had cost him his family upstairs, his wings, his grace, everything? It just didn’t make any sense. Cas should love someone who could take care of him, and he wasn’t exactly boyfriend material, people didn’t look at guys like him and think ‘that’s them, that’s the person i want to spend the rest of my life with. That’s the one.’  He never had had a good track record with long term relationships, Lisa had been his longest and even then it was rocky and wasn’t long before it all went to hell in a hand basket. He didn’t think he could be the kind of boyfriend Cas deserved, the kind he wanted to be for him, but if tonight, of all the other times they had lost or almost lost each other, had finally taught him anything, it was that life was too short for doubts and hesitation and you never knew when your time would come (for good). He was done burying his feelings.

He turned to Sammy, giving him a look that he hoped his brother understood, before addressing him and mom, “You two go on ahead in mom’s car, me and Cas will take Baby after we clean up here, don’t want the LEO’s to find the Lance, depowered or not.”

Thankfully his giant moose of a brother understood, grabbing ahold of mom while heading to the door, giving her a toned down Bitch Face #14 when she went to protest and pull away, “Sure man, you guys be careful though. I’ll get something for all of us to eat on the way to the bunker. And Cas, I’m glad you’re ok man.” Was all he said before he dragged mom out of there and to the car, not before discreetly throwing a eyebrow wiggle his older brothers way, the bitch.

Dean breathed out a sigh of relief as the door closed, he waited till he heard mom’s car start and leave before turning to look at the angel beside him. Cas looked confused, if a bit pleased. It was then that Dean realised that his hand had migrated to the angels back during his epiphany earlier, but he couldn’t bring himself to care all that much. It felt nice, the warmth of Cas’ back seeping into his hand, the surprising softness of that damn trench coat he always insisted on wearing. He was closer than Dean remember him being a few moment ago, staring at him with wonder, with no little bit of hope just shining through those beautiful blue eyes of his.

“Dean?” He asked, as if he was afraid that this was all a dream. And quite honestly Dean was having a hard time not thinking like that too.

Dean smiled slightly, eyes raking over his entire form, making sure that he was completely healed, reassuring himself that he was really alright, before moving his other hand to cup his angels cheek. Cas turned slightly into the touch, a soft smile blooming across his face.

It was then that Dean’s eyes started to burn slightly, the full gravity of what almost happened tonight, what he almost lost, finally register with him. He pulled Cas towards himself till he was flush against his body, holding him tightly. Cas looked at Dean, worried and but happy, before he brought his arms up, his left going around his waist and his right buried in the hair on the back of his head. Dean cleared his throat before looking him in the eye, thumb brushing away the stray tear that had escaped the angel’s eyes.

“Cas… I love you too.” Was all he got out as the rest of what he was going to say got stuck in his throat, but that didn’t matter, because Cas knew, he understood all that he was trying to convey, if the blinding, watery smile was anything to go by. And beside, words were no longer need, not as he finally pulled him even closer, closing the rest of the distance between them, pressing his lips to the angel’s surprisingly soft ones in a gentle, chaste kiss. It was the first of many, if he had anything to say about it, because now there was no way he was going to ever let this go, ever let Cas go.


The truth must be told || Jughead x reader (Riverdale)

Hi guys, so it’s been a while since I’ve written something and first time in English. I’m sorry for the lack of vocabulary or for any grammar mistakes!

Prompt: You’ve been dating Jughead for a while and no one knows about it, but your little secret is not funny anymore.

You’ve been dating Jughead since a few months now. You both wanted to be discreet about it, it was more a decision you’ve taken at the beginning of your relation. With the fact that Jughead was not the more popular kid in school and what happened to Jason, you considered telling the truth was not the right thing to do. But it was months ago. Now that everything was back in order, you were tired to hide your relation, to have to wait for a whole day to kiss him and not be able to take his hand in public. The only moment of peacefulness was at Pop’s, during the night hours… when you could sneak out of your room to see him. Of course, You know Jughead was not the type of guy to be into PDA, but there were a difference between those disgusting couples who couldn’t stop hook up in public places and some hugs sometimes.

You’ve tried to tell him that you wanted to reveal people about your relation, at least the gang. But then, he would tell you why it was a bad idea and how people would react.

For now, you were fed up to lie to Veronica or Betty about what you did the other night or using a fake uncle who’s in town as an alibi. So one night, you’ve decided to tell them during a girl’s night.

“I’ve to tell you something…”, you said while Veronica was doing a pedicure and Betty was reading some people’s magazine. “I’m dating Jughead.”
There’s been a moment of silence, but suddenly the blond one stood up for the bed and went to to her purse. She handed some bills to V.

“I told you! you owe me ten dollars!” Veronica exclaimed.
“Wait… did you really bet on Jughead and I?”
“Oh come on, we all already know the guy has a soft spot for you. It was just a matter of time”, They both laughed.
“Well we’ve been dating for nearly three months now”.
“And you’ve decided not to tell everyone?” Betty was surprised. “Why?”
“That’s the problem. At first, it was cool you know. To be the lovers that can’t be seen, a remake of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, it can be thrilling. But now, I’m just tired of playing, it’s not funny anymore. I want everyone to know his my boyfriend, I want him to hold my hand in public.“
"Did you tell him?”
“Are you insane? We’re talking about Jughead. For him, being in a relationship is the biggest thing he’s ever done. ”
“Maybe you should”, Betty suggested.
"Or maybe, he can be the one who tells everyone…. boys will be boys, even Jughead.” And then, Veronica popped an idea on your mind. That’s how you started to send messages to Chuck to tell your plan. It was at least something he owed you and couldn’t say no.

The weekend slowly passed and your answers to your boyfriend’s texts and calls were few. You didn’t come to Pop’s as you always did during your free time and to be honest with yourself, not seeing him for a week was killing you. However, you wanted changes. Right now. You wanted him to be wrapped around your fingers as you were, you wanted to make things official.

At school, Jughead was nowhere to be seen during your first classes. You hoped to bump into him in the corridors but seemed like he decided to stay discreet…. when you finally saw him, it was during lunch. He was with the Gang, surrounded by almost all the school. As usual, you decided to sit between V and B, in front of Jughead who had the head on his computer. When he saw you, he gave you a questioning look and said nothing.

Your phone rang a few minutes after, while everyone was talking about something and Jughead was still on his computer. It was a text, from him:

“what’s up with you?”
“Nothing?” You finally replied.
“Nothing? Really?”
“Well maybe, I’m tired of being all quiet about us.”

You weren’t sure if you were supposed to reply or not, but you couldn’t do anything as someone suddenly stopped by your side.

“Hey, Y/N! What are you doing after school, wanna hang out for a bit? Maybe we could go to…”

It was Chuck, of course. You weren’t surprised and in fact, you were quite happy by this intrusion.

“Oh…. hmmm”.

You looked at everyone around the table, Kevin was smiling, Veronica was making the an obvious look telling you to agree. You turned to Jughead to see his reaction, but of course, his head was still on his computer. He wasn’t typing something though. Maybe you should say yes to this invitation, maybe hanging out with Chuck was a good way to wake Jughead up.
“Well…” you continued, but you couldn’t go any further as someone spoke for you.
“Well, no she can’t.“
"And why’s that, Mercredi Adams?”
“Because we’re already going out tonight.”

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Fake It ‘Till You Make It (Dean x Reader)





SUMMARY: What’s the old saying? Fake it ‘till you make it. As you find out that saying can apply to anything. 

A/N: Hey, I hope ya’ll are enjoying WEDIM so far. I’m certainly enjoying posting again! I’d like to say tanks to everyone that liked and reblogged yesterday’s ppost. 60 notes in 24 hrs!! What the hell guys!!! Please let me know if there is anything you want me to write this month! I need ideas! Also let me know if you want to be tagged in any specific x readers or just in everything. LOVE YOU!

Dean had gotten himself into trouble. Again.

Once again, it was my job to get him out of the shit he was currently in as Sam was away on the other side of the country. I was so angry. This had happened too many times before and this was the second time this month he’d been chucked in a cell. I got a call from the local police station, saying that I was needed to pick up somebody claiming to be my boyfriend. I instantly knew who it was.

When I hung up the phone I swore loudly. He always said you were his girlfriend who just so happened to be the daughter of some very high up federal government officer.

I got into my car and drove quickly, my hands gripping the steering wheel tightly angrily, down to the station. I pulled up into a parking space and sighed. I walked into the station and up to the front desk.

“Hi, may I help you?” A perky young receptionist said as I stepped through the door.

“Yeah, I got a call to pick up my boyfriend, Dean Winchester?” I said with a smile, the receptionist nodded and typed something into her computer then stood up out of her chair.

“I’ll just go get Stephan, he’s the officer on duty tonight, he’ll come give you some paperwork to sign then you’ll be good to go!”

“Sure, take all the time you need,” I muttered and leant against the counter as I waited. A few seconds later the receptionist returned with a clipboard with a couple of sheets of paper on. I scanned through them, signed them and handed the paper back.

A few minutes later Dean was being led out and the officer took the handcuffs off. He grinned over at me, looking like a smug bitch. I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Dean said mockingly. It took all the self-control myself to stop from smacking him round the head. Dean got uncuffed and rubbed his wrists a little, just for good measure.

“Ready to go, hun?” I said, sickeningly sweet as Dean walked over to me. He pulled me to his side and I faked a big smile. “What are we gonna to with you, ey?” I asked with a laugh, looking over at the receptionist. She smiled and nodded. “Thanks for your help,”

I then pulled Dean out of the station and to the car. Once I made sure I was out of sight, I retched myself away from him and slapped him hard on the back of the head.

“Ow!” Dean exclaimed. “What the hell, Y/n?”

“Every fucking time Dean!” I snapped as I slammed the door of my car shut. Dean got in quickly as I started up the engine. “How many times is this gonna take before you learn that I won’t come and get you again?”

“But you do,” Dean said with a laugh.

“Yeah because no one else will!” I sighed, “You know I think I’ve spent more time pretending to be your girlfriend than I have been in an actual relationship,”

“Maybe we should just be in a relationship then?” Dean said nonchalantly. My head snapped round in surprise. I pulled over and stopped my car.

“What did you just say?” I asked him, not knowing if I had heard him correctly. He shrugged and pursed his lips a little before repeating what he had said.

“We should be together, everyone thinks we’re a couple anyway. I mean I like you and you like me, so why not?” I thought about it for a moment. Maybe it wasn’t so crazy. I did like him. A lot. But this was a big step, this would change everything. Hunting, priorities, living in general.

“So I guess this is your twisted way of asking me out, right?” I asked, a smirk settling onto my lips. Dean nodded and shrugged a little, now a little embarrassed. “But I don’t see a reason as to why I should say no,”

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” He asked, laughing now.


I started up the car again, a happy smile on my face as I turned back onto the road. Dean settled back into his seat turning the radio up to sing along. Maybe this wouldn’t be so different after all…


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Glitter! Michael

So I did a short imagine like this with spanking, I’m going to include the blurb in this imagine anyway..But if you want it, it’s here. but theres not a point really whoops. ALSO I WROTE THIS AGES AGO 


Pairing: Y/N and Michael

Words: 1.8K

Warning: Smut, Spanking and GIFS

Summary: Michael and Y/N go to a glitter party and bring home some glitter and things get interesting!

I’ve never seen anyone do this soooo here we go!


At first you really didn’t want to go. You’d only just had a shower and the idea completely sounded insane. A glitter party. Parties in itself were boring to me. I always thought they’d be better but the best you get nowadays is dancing to YMCA or cha cha slide not to mention watch me whip. 

But my boyfriend persuasion technique was the best. Getting ham and pineapple pizza with sweet potato fries and dough balls after the party got me going. I managed to find my creamy blue skirt and my small white crop top. I had done my make-up and leaving my hair down. I looked into the mirror and smiled. 

“Babe you look so good” I smirked to myself and turned towards my boyfriend. He was wearing a black buttoned up shirt and his signature black skinny jeans. He was drinking in my appearance and to say the least I was doing the same exact thing, god he was so fucking hot and I bit my lip at the sight of him.

“As do you” he raised his pierced eyebrow and made his way over to me. He placed his hands on my hip and brought my body closer to his. His forehead rested on mine as he pecked my lips. 

“C’mon lets get going” He pulled away and reached his hand out.

“Wait let me grab my heels” I walked to my closet and pulled out my cream basket filled with all my shoes, some that I’ve bought but most Michael bought me as he knows I love shoes. Although I tell him not to he always gets me them and loves treating me, especially designer shoes. I pulled out my leopard print heels, placed them on my feet. I grabbed hold of his hand whilst he was checking himself out in mirror. He paused and and turned to me, he gave me a sly look and edged his face towards mine. 

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SPN S12 Countdown Writing Challenge

Prompt: “Hey, I’m only human. I can’t be perfect all the time.”

Characters: Y/n, Chuck

Pairing: Chuck x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings:  Swearing, stressed reader, smutty mentions

Word count: 583

Summary: Y/n needs something to release the tension that’s been building up

A/N: Themes of humanity I guess. Sort of, but not much. Sorry. Hope it was good for y’all.

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“Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit”.

Y/n took the pan off the stove and threw it into the sink, pouring cold water onto the burning eggs. 

He was trying to make breakfast for his author/literal god boyfriend.

Chuck had been stressed the past few days. 

Although the mess with his damn bitch of a sister was sorted out, he had recently got back into his writing. 

But as Chuck would always say, writing is hard. 

He just couldn’t get his stories to translate to paper, so he had been slightly moody.

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The Devil’s Angel: Part One

Master List

“Lucifer! C’mon.” You heard Dean yell.

“Lucifer at some point you’re gonna have to come out and talk to… God.” Sam yells. You roll your eyes. If Lucifer wanted to come out he would nothing Sam or Dean said would make a difference. You walk into the kitchen to see Chuck making pancakes.

“Wow God makes pancakes. I could get used to this.” You say laughing as you sit down on a stool.

“I had to learn to make something. I loved pancakes so one of my boyfriends taught me when I was in Vermont.” He explains as he flips a pancake.

“Have you talked to Lucifer yet?” He asks you, handing you a plate of pancakes.

“No Sam and Dean are trying but I think it’s just a waste of time.” You explain shoving a piece in your mouth.

“I agree. But I think he’ll listen to you.” Chuck says taking a sip of coffee.

“Why would he listen to me?” You say in between bites.

“Ok now don’t get mad at me but… um well, ok so-” Chuck stutters.

“Chuck spit it out.” You shout before whipping your hand over your mouth. Holy shit you just yelled at God. You prepare to be smitted but Chuck just laughs.

“That’s what I mean I created you to be Lucifer’s mate. You have the ability to yell at anyone. Even me. Lucifer will listen to you. Better than anyone even me.” Chuck explains.

Your jaw drops at the news. “What do you mean mate?”

“You’re destined to love each other. Now that you’ve met you will live forever because Lucifer will need you always. Unless you’re killed you’ll be alive as long as me, Michael, Lucifer and so on. Why don’t you try talking to him Y/N.” Chuck suggests. You nod getting up and walking to Sam’s bedroom.

“Guys let me try. Go talk to Chuck or something give me some time with Lucifer.” You say shooing your brothers away. You knock on the door. “Lucifer it’s Y/N. I’m alone. Can you please let me in so we can talk?” You ask. You hear him shut the music off and open the door slowly before pulling you inside.

“He told you didn’t he?” Lucifer asks.

“That we’re soulmates? Yeah he told me. Why didn’t you?” You ask sitting down on the bed.

“I couldn’t tell if you liked me or not. To be honest I was scared you hated me.” He admits taking your hands in his large ones sitting next to you.

“I thought you hated me.” You admits giggling. “Wow good thing Chuck told me.”

“Yeah I guess.” He says turning away avoiding your gaze.

“He’s not all bad Luce. It’s ok to be mad but you two need to talk. If you want I’ll be there standing right next to you. Please Lucifer just let me help you.” You say cupping his cheek and turning his head so he’s looking at you.

“Ok I will for you as long a you’re there with me.” He agrees reluctantly.

“Thank you Lucifer.” You say throwing your arms around his neck.

You walk out of Sam’s bedroom, holding hands as you walk to the kitchen. Chuck glances up causing Sam and Dean to turn around. They notice your joined hands and while Chuck smiles Sam and Dean glare.

“Why is my baby sister holding hands with the devil like a couple of lovesick second graders?” Dean asks standing up and rolling up his sleeves.

“They are soulmates.” Chuck says grinning from ear to ear.

“Ok anyway Chuck, Lucifer has agreed to talk to you. So let’s go.” You say pulling Lucifer with you into the war room. The others trailing behind.

You pull two chairs across from each other and another right next to one of the chairs. You motion Chuck and Lucifer to sit down. You move to sit in the chair you pulled up for yourself but Lucifer grabs your wrist and pulls you across his lap. You rest your head against Lucifer or Cas’s shoulder.

“Ok I have one thing to ask first.” You say raising your hand. Chuck and Lucifer look towards you curiously. “Can Lucifer get put back in his old vessel it’s weird having him be in Cas? Please.” You ask. Chuck nods in amusement.

“Anything for you kid.” He snaps his fingers and you’re sitting on Nick’s lap instead of Castiel’s. Cas is standing awkwardly by your older brothers.

“Luce?” You ask, your eyes meeting his eyes. He nods crashing his lips against yours. You hear Sam and Dean cough and break apart avoiding eye contact with both of your brothers.

“Ok anyway…” Sam trails off trying to get Chuck and Lucifer to talk.

“I want an apology before I help.” Lucifer says keeping his arms tight around your waist holding you close to him.

“I feel bad for what I did but I’m not sorry. Son you had to be punished.” Chuck tries to explain stubbornly.

“You gave me the mark and abandon me when I changed.” You can hear the betrayal in Lucifer’s voice and your heart aches for him.

“I didn’t abandon you I just… The mark brings out what was already there you hated mankind from the beginning the mark just brought it out more. I couldn’t have you running a muck. I had no choice.” Chuck says trying to explain. Lucifer grip tightens on you as he stands up holding you in his arms bridal style.

“You had a choice you could’ve chose me.”

“I gave you her.” Chuck shouts standing up and pointing to you. “Lucifer you need to understand why I did what I did and I-I’m sorry I locked you away and you feel I abandon you. I apologize I just I couldn’t lose you but I wouldn’t give up on the humans. So I locked you away.” Chuck says.

“Luce, you need to forgive him. He feels bad. Please let this hatred out of your heart for me.” You say softly putting a hand on his cheek bringing his eyes to meet yours.

“For you I would do anything. I forgive you father now what shall we do about Amara?” He asks.


A few hours later, after the guys and you figured out a plan you were laying in your room with Lucifer stroking your hair.

“You ready for tomorrow?” You ask.

“Y/N there’s one thing we kept from you. You are to stay at the Bunker until either myself, Chuck, Dean, Sam or Cas comes for you. Do you understand?” Lucifer informs you hesitantly. You bolt up and start pacing at the end of the bed.

“What do you mean I’m not going?” Your voice is seething with anger.

“I can’t risk losing you. You’re too important. I won’t lose anything else. I will not be robbed of the best thing in my life.” he says standing up and cupping your face between his large hands.

“I’m not a child and I don’t belong to you. You can’t tell me what to do!” You shout ripping yourself out of his grasp and stomping down the hall to Chuck’s room.

You pound on the door almost hitting Chuck in the face.

“What’s wrong Y/N? Are you alright?” Chuck asks pulling you inside and looking you over for any injuries.

“Tell you dumbass son he doesn’t own me! I’m not his property! He cannot force me to stay back while the rest of you fight!” You feel hot, wet tears sliding down your face.

“Shh. Y/N it’s alright c’mere.” Chuck pulls you down on the bed and he sits right next to you putting an arm around your shoulder. You lean your head on his shoulder letting it all out.

“He just wants you safe. I’ll talk to him but he just wants you safe. Your his soulmate and I doubt I can convince him otherwise.” Chuck explains.

“I can’t not be there. I can’t just sit back while you all risk your lives. You’re God you can talk some sense into him.” You beg.

“Y/N when it comes to you no one can change his mind I’m afraid.” Chuck presses a fatherly kiss to your forehead. You hear something smash outside and Lucifer yelling before he bursts the ajar door.

“DO NOT TOUCH HER!” Lucifer yells pulling you into his arms away from Chuck. Luce looks like he’s about to kill Chuck for touching you.

“Luce he didn’t do anything. He was trying to fix what you did!” You shout at him running into Chuck’s arms burying your face in his neck.

“What?” Luce asks confused.

“She’s hurt that you won’t let her come. She thinks you don’t think she can do the job.” Chuck explains quietly.

“Y/N c’mere so we can talk.” You reluctantly leave the comforting embrace of Chuck to Lucifer.

Lucifer takes your hand and leads you to your bedroom. He shuts the door behind you. He sits down on the bed before pulling you onto his lap, you rest your head on his shoulder.

“Y/N I know you can help but I won’t allow you to come with. I need to know your safe. If you come I will be to worried about you and then we could all get hurt. Please just do me a favor and stay here.” He pleads stroking your hair softly.

“Fine.” You mutter into his neck. You know he has a point. If this is the one thing you can do to help Lucifer and your boys beat Amara you’ll do it.

“Really?” Lucifer asks sitting back to look you in the eyes. You nod reluctantly. “Thank you so much!”

“Just promise me you’ll stay safe and protect my brothers and Cas and Chuck of course. I need you all of you safe, especially you mister.” You smirk playing with his short hair. “I like Cas’s hair more. There’s more to play with.” You wine. Suddenly his hair grows as long as Cas’s.

“Better?” He asks holding onto you tightly.

“Yes but there’s still one problem.” Lucifer frowns in confusion. “I need you to make me hang on to it as you make me scream.” He groans at your suggestion.

Lucifer quickly shifts you so you’re laying in the middle of your bed underneath him. You hear the lock on your door click as he snaps his fingers. He smashes his lips against yours hard. He snaps his fingers and you feel his cool skin against your heated skin.

Lucifer positions himself at your entrance and thrusts into you hard and quick. You gasp at the feeling. He was larger than you had ever had. You also hadn’t had sex in at least a year. After that you lost track.

“Are you alright?” He asks looking at you with concern.

“Just please move. I want to feel you.” You beg. Lucifer smirks and happily complies. His thrust are hard and fast. He moves his mouth to your breast. He slowly runs his tongue over your pebbled nipples. You let out a loud moan making him smile. He nips the underside of your breast gently as he runs a hand down your stomach slowly before reaching your clit and slowly rubbing it in circles.

His thrusts continue as do his attacks on your sensitive breasts.

“Luce please.” You plead needing to cum.

“Cum for me baby girl.” He commands. You come undone around him as he thrusts you through your orgasm before his hits him. His skin begins to glow as he pumps his seed into you.

After you both finish he pulls out carefully. He pulls you on top of his muscular chest. You listen to his steady heartbeat as your breathing evens out you hear him whisper, “I love you Y/N. I never thought I would be lucky enough to get something like this but now that I have it I won’t let it slip away. I will keep you safe.” You fall asleep to his vow.


‘   You walked over to your long-term boyfriend, Chuck.

    Y/N: Alright, spit it out.

    Chuck: What?

    Y/N: I mean it is not normal for you to not let me read what you write. I just want to know why…

    Chuck: The latest book… it’s, uh, it’s kind of weird. It is going to be published in October. It’s- It’s about you… Not like your life story… I- You are my muse so I wanted to write something for you. I know you don’t like that kind of literature but it’s… basically a romance novel.

    You stayed silence and looked at him. He turned and grabbed a book from his desk drawer and handed to you.

    Chuck: It’s a rough copy. But I wanted you to see the last page.

   Your eyes trailed to the book that was held out for you. You grabbed it and slowly turned the pages. Just before the book starts it writes ‘ To Y/N. I love you.’ 

   Chuck: Turn to the last page Y/N…

   You flipped the pages quickly stopping at the end credits. Your eyes widened as they read the words, taking them one by one.

    ‘ Dear Y/N, I can’t believe that I ever get this lucky to have you by my side. You are my muse, my life source, my everything. So when I think of you there is only one question that lingers back in my mind. Will you marry me?’           ‘

Pleasurable presents- Luke Hemmings Imagine (smut)- part 6- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-  Final part of pp pls? The suspense is killing me!

Anon-  Pleasurable presents part 6. Please and thank you. (Can it include thigh riding?)

Pairing- Luke Hemmings & Y/N

Words- 2050+

Summary-  The end of your day doesn’t go to plan and, when an argument throws the game off, Luke has some grovelling to do

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

You pour yourself a drink and contemplate how best to make Luke come again and your eyes fall on the clock on the microwave. Your party starts at the club in just over an hour.  There is no chance you are catching up to Luke in that time.

You sighed. He had an unfair advantage. Girls were capable of multiple orgasms in a row. It was a lot harder to do with a boy. Luke had really won this game before it had even started but that shouldn’t stop you from having a little fun.

You down the drink and climb the stairs back to the room. Luke is still shouting on you and you smirk to yourself before you open the door.

“Really?” He growls, pulling against the restraints?

“oh shush,” you giggle as you climb on his lap.

He has parted his legs slightly so you are straddling one of his knees.

“Shush? You left me tied to a chair,” he whines.

“And I will make it up to you,” you smile, innocently.

You lean in to kiss him but he speaks before your lips connect.

“No i think i’m done for the day. You however deserve to be teased some more.”

He lifts his knee slightly and you gulp as his thick, muscular thigh gyrates against your naked core. Fuck he knows how much this turns you on. You try to stand up but, to your surprise Luke has pulled himself free from his restraints and he grips you in place.

“Remind me to teach you how to tie a proper knot,” he grins.

“Hmm,” is all you can reply with as he continues rubbing his thigh up to meet your bundle of sensation.

Your purring away now, completely lost in the bliss and you aren’t even aware that you have begun to grind down on Luke’s thigh, moaning as he angles it so that your clitoris is rubbed in the exact right spot. He lifts his face and brings his lips to yours and you moan into his mouth.

“Should I make you come this way baby?” He grins.

You can’t speak. You simple mewl desperately and Luke laughs.

“Nah you can wait,” he decides and you whine as he stops, “ untie my feet.”

“You are not in a position to make demands,” you remind him and he chuckles.

“You want me to finish you then i suggest you do as i ask,” he smirks.

You sigh and, reluctantly, climb off his knee. You bend and untie his feet from the chair.

“Good girl,” he smiles.

He stands and stretches and you admire his ass as he turns around.

“We should get ready for the party,” he points out and your heart drops.

You had hoped he would finish you. Riding his thigh had got you feeling so frustrated and now he wasn’t even going to see it through?

“Don’t worry baby. I’ll finish you at the club.”


He stalks away through to the en suite and shuts the door. It was silent for a minute then you heard the shower run. Finish you at the club? What did that mean? Was he really going to fulfill his promise to fuck you in the bathrooms? And why did that sound so inviting?

“You getting ready?” He called to you from behind the closed door.

You swallowed quickly.

“Yeah. I’m gonna use the downstairs shower.”

You traipsed downstairs to the bathroom and turned the shower on, letting the water heat up. How was it possible that an hour or so had seemed like no time at all just five minutes ago? Now it felt like an eternity.

You tried to empty your thoughts in the shower and focus on cleaning yourself and smelling nice for your party, but somehow you kept coming back to Luke’s promise. This boy was unbearable sometimes.

When you were clean and dry you headed back up to your room and you had to stifle a groan as you walked in to Luke with a towel hung low around his waist. You never tired of the glorious sight that was your boyfriend’s body. You’d had him all day in every way you could possibly want and yet you were still clambering for more.

“What are you wearing babe?” He asked, oblivious to your drooling.

You frowned for a second then a thought occurred to you. If Luke was going to play games then you could too and you knew exactly what to do.

“ I was thinking i’d wear the dress Michael bought me actually,” you admit with a smirk.

Luke stops dead in his tracks. Michael has long made it clear that he has a crush on you and it drives Luke mad. So when Michael had gifted you with a skimpy black dress as an early birthday present Luke had just about killed him.

“In public?” Luke frowns.

“Luke it’s not that bad,” you scoff as you cross the room and pull it out the wardrobe but it is. It has hardly any material on it.

It comprises of a tiny strip of black fabric that covers your chest and another bit that covers your ass (just) the bit across your stomach and shoulders is made up of flimsy black lace. You suddenly wonder if this is a good idea but it’s too late to back out now.

You pull it on and admire yourself in the mirror.

“No way!” Luke snaps and you ignore him.

“Y/N I’m not kidding,” Luke sighs.

“Neither am I,” you reply, “i’m wearing the dress Luke.”

“ You want to start our party with an argument?”

“No so stop telling me what i can and can’t do.”

“ Ugh damn it Y/N,” he snaps and he stalks away to get ready.

You dry and style your hair and apply some makeup.

When it is time to leave Luke calls a cab and you both climb in it in silence. Luke sits with his arms folded across his chest in an obvious huff and you wonder if you pushed it too far. This night was going to be awful if you didn’t talk and if you were arguing then there was no way Luke would carry through on his promise to finish you. You instantly regretted your decision but it was too late now and moments later the driver pulled up outside the club.

Luke didn’t hold your hand as you walked inside and your heart plummeted. He was really mad. The place was packed and people hugged you from all sides. For a while you forgot that your boyfriend was furious at you but then Michael approached.

“Wow Y/N you really suit my present,” he grinned, leaning in and hugging you. He held you just a little bit longer than was socially acceptable and Luke’s eyes narrowed.

You watched him as you were both guided over to a table and drinks were handed to you. You spent the next half hour opening presents and trying to seem cheerful but truth was you felt so guilty. You had completely ruined this night for both of you.

Of course it didn’t help that Michael wouldn’t leave your side and, when you had finished opening the presents, Luke got up and stalked away, eyes blazing.

You wanted to rush after him but Michael was making it impossible.

“So what did you get from Luke?” He asked and you were about to reply when you spotted them.

The room froze and your heart leaped into your throat. Luke was at the far side of the room dancing. But he wasn’t alone. Instead he was sandwiched between two girls who were making their intentions extremely clear as they ground against him. He had his hands on the waist of the girl in front of him and was swaying his hips and pelvis against her ass.

“Um,” you stuttered, your heart crackling.

Michael followed your gaze and his jaw dropped.

“Is that-?”

“My boyfriend,” you finished for him and he grimaced.

“Um i have to go the bathroom,” you managed to squeak out before racing away as quick as you could.

You locked yourself in a cubicle in the girls bathroom and tears spilled down your face. You knew he was angry but you didn’t think he would ever retaliate like that. You just wanted to wear the skimpy dress so he would be looking at you all night.

You wiped your eyes and nose on a bit of toilet paper and chucked it in the toilet and you were about to leave when the main door opened.


It was clearly Luke’s voice and you kept quiet and sat down on the toilet but you couldn’t help the sniffle that you gave as he walked further into the bathroom.

“Y/N please talk to me. I’m sorry. I just saw Michael all over you and I got jealous and I wanted to make you feel the same way.”

That did it. You flung the door open in a rage.

“Michael was not all over me and even if he had been i wore that dress for you. I wanted me to be the only person you looked at all night but you couldn’t get past your jealousy for five minutes to realise that!”

“Come on babe lets not ruin this day.”

“ I’m not the one who ruined it! I wore a nice dress to a nice party and you decided that warranted ignoring me for the night and dry humping two strangers?”

“ Y/N i’m sorry. Really I am. I was being a dick.”

“Damn right you were being a dick. A complete and utterly, fucking sexy looking asshole!”

“Sexy looking?”

“Well I can’t help it. You’re wearing a fucking suit. When did you even get a suit?!” You are aware that you are still screaming at him and you are aware that you sound ridiculous but you somehow can’t stop.

“ I got it for tonight cause you said you’d love to see me in one.”

“ I did! I do!”

“Why are you still yelling?”

“ I don’t know. God you frustrate me!”

“Well maybe I can help with that,” he smirks.

You don’t know how it happens but you are hoisted off your feet and Luke quickly stumbles into the bathroom stall and turns around, using your back to slam the door shut.

You are still furious at him but your fury is only just matched by your need.

“You are such a dick!” You snap as you roll his blazer off his shoulders.

“ I know, I know,” he replies as he crushed his lips against yours.

The feeling never went away. You’d been tingling down low all night but now it was spreading out across your body and your hairs were standing on end. Luke lowered his lips to your neck and places sloppy kisses just below your ear. You fumbled with the waistband of his trousers and tugged them down along with his boxers. His length hit up against your stomach as he pushed your dress up and tugged your panties to the side.

He teased your entrance, circling your clit with his tip until you’d had enough.

“ i swear to god Luke!” You growled and he pushed in with force enough to make your whole body jerk. Your head lolled backwards and your eyes found the back of their sockets. Luke gripped your thighs, re positioning himself so that his toned v-line was hitting against your sweet spot as he thrust.

You heard people coming in and out of the bathroom but you didn’t care any more.

“Why do you always have to test me?” Luke grunted as he found a quick rhythm that made your body feel like a furnace.

“ don’t pin this on me!” You snapped as you found his lips again.

The feeling tore through you with little warning and you became a rag doll in Luke’s strong hands. You could feel the sensation right down in the centre of your bones and your body shuddered with delight. Luke came a couple of moments after and your name left his lips in angry grunts.

“Happy birthday baby,” you giggled, your anger dispersing.

“Happy birthday princess,” he replied, his head against yours and he gave you that adorable, goofy grin that was reserved just for you.