i just want chuck to be my boyfriend

This is the absolute silliest thing, but recently a bunch of MICA friends and I started playing Dungeons & Dragons! We just finished our starter quest, in which we learned the hard way that one cannot stop an impending alien invasion through the power of partying. 

Characters are, clockwise from top left: @connor-draws‘s human ranger Bobby Bryce, @mollystanard‘s thief bird-person Chuck, my human cleric Beorhtsige aka “Beebo,” @maxvelocity‘s half-elf bard Banjo Harmonica, and @sterlingsundries‘s gnome barbarian Elbo. Our DM is @sterlingsundries’s boyfriend, Colin. Attire is a modern AU, because I still don’t actually know what everyone’s go-to getup is, and I wanted to draw my character in an ironic t-shirt. Though he’s wearing it unironically.

God Loves Tattoos And Piercings

A/N: Okay I got the idea to write this from a post I saw on Facebook. It’s brilliant.

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,830

Characters: Chuck x Reader, Sam Dean and Castiel

Pairings: Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Err mostly fluff, some angst, kissing God (I guess this needs a warning.)

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I love you too Cas

12.12 “Stuck in the Middle with You” Coda

The blinding light that had surrounded Cas moments ago slowly dimmed down to a level that wouldn’t burn their damn eyes out, before disappearing as quickly as it had appeared, leaving a confused, but blessedly healed, Angel of the Lord sitting on the ratty ass couch. Cas turned to Dean, looking as shocked as he had felt, before turning to stare at something behind the hunter. That something turned out to be Crowley, as he was holding the Lance, or the top part of it anyway, running his fingers over the now relatively harmless spear head. Apparently he had broken the Lance while they had their backs turned when Cas started spazzing out, black goo that looked eerily similar to the crap that came out of him during the Leviathan fiasco, effectively breaking whatever spell that was killing Cas and allowed him to finally be able to heal himself.

They all turned to him, bewildered, but Crowley just looked at us, a look of indifference on his face. “You’re welcome” was all the King of Hell said before he dropped the spear head and left, ever the drama queen. He looked around and saw that mom and Sam looked just as confused and relieved as he did, though Sam was looking rather proud and mom looked like she was wondering how in the hell (no pun intended) a demon could do something so selfless, so human, and so out of character like saving an angel’s life.  

But none of that mattered, not when Cas was safe, healed, alive. Sure his clothes were still bloody, they’ll get him some clean ones as soon as they get to the bunker and burn the bloodied ones because he did NOT want to see the evidence of Cas’ closest and almost final brush with death for a second longer than necessary, and still weak from the amount of grace that had to have been used to heal himself, but he was alive. That didn’t stop the worry and fear that had taken hold of Dean when Crowley said that there was no cure for this one, Billie’s warning of ‘consequences of the cosmic scale’ still ringing in his ears and hammering about in his skull as he and Sammy reach out to haul Cas up to his feet. And if he held on a little longer to Cas’ hand and squeezed a little tighter than necessary, then who could blame him? He almost lost his best friend, he had a right to indulge in his need to be clingy, even if it was for like a second.  

But that fear and worry had abated, for just a moment, when Cas turned to him, blue eyes slightly widened in shock, but with an underlying sense of apprehension. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights and for a moment Dean couldn’t understand why, before what would have been his last words to them came crashing through like a frieght train

“I love you… I love all of you”

Cas might have tried to save himself by attempting to clarify that his love was equal for us all, but even Dean, the most emotionally constipated human ever, could tell that that first ‘I love you’ was directed at him. Cas loved him.


Cas loved him?

Why would he love him? Why would he, an Angel of the freakin LORD love him, a hairless ape that has caused him nothing but grief since the moment they met. The mud monkey that had gotten him killed Chuck knew how many times, had cost him his family upstairs, his wings, his grace, everything? It just didn’t make any sense. Cas should love someone who could take care of him, and he wasn’t exactly boyfriend material, people didn’t look at guys like him and think ‘that’s them, that’s the person i want to spend the rest of my life with. That’s the one.’  He never had had a good track record with long term relationships, Lisa had been his longest and even then it was rocky and wasn’t long before it all went to hell in a hand basket. He didn’t think he could be the kind of boyfriend Cas deserved, the kind he wanted to be for him, but if tonight, of all the other times they had lost or almost lost each other, had finally taught him anything, it was that life was too short for doubts and hesitation and you never knew when your time would come (for good). He was done burying his feelings.

He turned to Sammy, giving him a look that he hoped his brother understood, before addressing him and mom, “You two go on ahead in mom’s car, me and Cas will take Baby after we clean up here, don’t want the LEO’s to find the Lance, depowered or not.”

Thankfully his giant moose of a brother understood, grabbing ahold of mom while heading to the door, giving her a toned down Bitch Face #14 when she went to protest and pull away, “Sure man, you guys be careful though. I’ll get something for all of us to eat on the way to the bunker. And Cas, I’m glad you’re ok man.” Was all he said before he dragged mom out of there and to the car, not before discreetly throwing a eyebrow wiggle his older brothers way, the bitch.

Dean breathed out a sigh of relief as the door closed, he waited till he heard mom’s car start and leave before turning to look at the angel beside him. Cas looked confused, if a bit pleased. It was then that Dean realised that his hand had migrated to the angels back during his epiphany earlier, but he couldn’t bring himself to care all that much. It felt nice, the warmth of Cas’ back seeping into his hand, the surprising softness of that damn trench coat he always insisted on wearing. He was closer than Dean remember him being a few moment ago, staring at him with wonder, with no little bit of hope just shining through those beautiful blue eyes of his.

“Dean?” He asked, as if he was afraid that this was all a dream. And quite honestly Dean was having a hard time not thinking like that too.

Dean smiled slightly, eyes raking over his entire form, making sure that he was completely healed, reassuring himself that he was really alright, before moving his other hand to cup his angels cheek. Cas turned slightly into the touch, a soft smile blooming across his face.

It was then that Dean’s eyes started to burn slightly, the full gravity of what almost happened tonight, what he almost lost, finally register with him. He pulled Cas towards himself till he was flush against his body, holding him tightly. Cas looked at Dean, worried and but happy, before he brought his arms up, his left going around his waist and his right buried in the hair on the back of his head. Dean cleared his throat before looking him in the eye, thumb brushing away the stray tear that had escaped the angel’s eyes.

“Cas… I love you too.” Was all he got out as the rest of what he was going to say got stuck in his throat, but that didn’t matter, because Cas knew, he understood all that he was trying to convey, if the blinding, watery smile was anything to go by. And beside, words were no longer need, not as he finally pulled him even closer, closing the rest of the distance between them, pressing his lips to the angel’s surprisingly soft ones in a gentle, chaste kiss. It was the first of many, if he had anything to say about it, because now there was no way he was going to ever let this go, ever let Cas go.


The truth must be told || Jughead x reader (Riverdale)

Hi guys, so it’s been a while since I’ve written something and first time in English. I’m sorry for the lack of vocabulary or for any grammar mistakes!

Prompt: You’ve been dating Jughead for a while and no one knows about it, but your little secret is not funny anymore.

You’ve been dating Jughead since a few months now. You both wanted to be discreet about it, it was more a decision you’ve taken at the beginning of your relation. With the fact that Jughead was not the more popular kid in school and what happened to Jason, you considered telling the truth was not the right thing to do. But it was months ago. Now that everything was back in order, you were tired to hide your relation, to have to wait for a whole day to kiss him and not be able to take his hand in public. The only moment of peacefulness was at Pop’s, during the night hours… when you could sneak out of your room to see him. Of course, You know Jughead was not the type of guy to be into PDA, but there were a difference between those disgusting couples who couldn’t stop hook up in public places and some hugs sometimes.

You’ve tried to tell him that you wanted to reveal people about your relation, at least the gang. But then, he would tell you why it was a bad idea and how people would react.

For now, you were fed up to lie to Veronica or Betty about what you did the other night or using a fake uncle who’s in town as an alibi. So one night, you’ve decided to tell them during a girl’s night.

“I’ve to tell you something…”, you said while Veronica was doing a pedicure and Betty was reading some people’s magazine. “I’m dating Jughead.”
There’s been a moment of silence, but suddenly the blond one stood up for the bed and went to to her purse. She handed some bills to V.

“I told you! you owe me ten dollars!” Veronica exclaimed.
“Wait… did you really bet on Jughead and I?”
“Oh come on, we all already know the guy has a soft spot for you. It was just a matter of time”, They both laughed.
“Well we’ve been dating for nearly three months now”.
“And you’ve decided not to tell everyone?” Betty was surprised. “Why?”
“That’s the problem. At first, it was cool you know. To be the lovers that can’t be seen, a remake of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, it can be thrilling. But now, I’m just tired of playing, it’s not funny anymore. I want everyone to know his my boyfriend, I want him to hold my hand in public.“
"Did you tell him?”
“Are you insane? We’re talking about Jughead. For him, being in a relationship is the biggest thing he’s ever done. ”
“Maybe you should”, Betty suggested.
"Or maybe, he can be the one who tells everyone…. boys will be boys, even Jughead.” And then, Veronica popped an idea on your mind. That’s how you started to send messages to Chuck to tell your plan. It was at least something he owed you and couldn’t say no.

The weekend slowly passed and your answers to your boyfriend’s texts and calls were few. You didn’t come to Pop’s as you always did during your free time and to be honest with yourself, not seeing him for a week was killing you. However, you wanted changes. Right now. You wanted him to be wrapped around your fingers as you were, you wanted to make things official.

At school, Jughead was nowhere to be seen during your first classes. You hoped to bump into him in the corridors but seemed like he decided to stay discreet…. when you finally saw him, it was during lunch. He was with the Gang, surrounded by almost all the school. As usual, you decided to sit between V and B, in front of Jughead who had the head on his computer. When he saw you, he gave you a questioning look and said nothing.

Your phone rang a few minutes after, while everyone was talking about something and Jughead was still on his computer. It was a text, from him:

“what’s up with you?”
“Nothing?” You finally replied.
“Nothing? Really?”
“Well maybe, I’m tired of being all quiet about us.”

You weren’t sure if you were supposed to reply or not, but you couldn’t do anything as someone suddenly stopped by your side.

“Hey, Y/N! What are you doing after school, wanna hang out for a bit? Maybe we could go to…”

It was Chuck, of course. You weren’t surprised and in fact, you were quite happy by this intrusion.

“Oh…. hmmm”.

You looked at everyone around the table, Kevin was smiling, Veronica was making the an obvious look telling you to agree. You turned to Jughead to see his reaction, but of course, his head was still on his computer. He wasn’t typing something though. Maybe you should say yes to this invitation, maybe hanging out with Chuck was a good way to wake Jughead up.
“Well…” you continued, but you couldn’t go any further as someone spoke for you.
“Well, no she can’t.“
"And why’s that, Mercredi Adams?”
“Because we’re already going out tonight.”

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Why did you do this to me?

Summary: #25: “Come here baby, let me take care of you” #26: “Honey, you’re sick. Go lay down, I’ll make you some soup.”

Characters: Reader, Chuck Shurley

Fandom: Supernatural

Word Count: 644

Requested: @winchestergirl-13 

AN: Italics are their thoughts.

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Fake It ‘Till You Make It (Dean x Reader)





SUMMARY: What’s the old saying? Fake it ‘till you make it. As you find out that saying can apply to anything. 

A/N: Hey, I hope ya’ll are enjoying WEDIM so far. I’m certainly enjoying posting again! I’d like to say tanks to everyone that liked and reblogged yesterday’s ppost. 60 notes in 24 hrs!! What the hell guys!!! Please let me know if there is anything you want me to write this month! I need ideas! Also let me know if you want to be tagged in any specific x readers or just in everything. LOVE YOU!

Dean had gotten himself into trouble. Again.

Once again, it was my job to get him out of the shit he was currently in as Sam was away on the other side of the country. I was so angry. This had happened too many times before and this was the second time this month he’d been chucked in a cell. I got a call from the local police station, saying that I was needed to pick up somebody claiming to be my boyfriend. I instantly knew who it was.

When I hung up the phone I swore loudly. He always said you were his girlfriend who just so happened to be the daughter of some very high up federal government officer.

I got into my car and drove quickly, my hands gripping the steering wheel tightly angrily, down to the station. I pulled up into a parking space and sighed. I walked into the station and up to the front desk.

“Hi, may I help you?” A perky young receptionist said as I stepped through the door.

“Yeah, I got a call to pick up my boyfriend, Dean Winchester?” I said with a smile, the receptionist nodded and typed something into her computer then stood up out of her chair.

“I’ll just go get Stephan, he’s the officer on duty tonight, he’ll come give you some paperwork to sign then you’ll be good to go!”

“Sure, take all the time you need,” I muttered and leant against the counter as I waited. A few seconds later the receptionist returned with a clipboard with a couple of sheets of paper on. I scanned through them, signed them and handed the paper back.

A few minutes later Dean was being led out and the officer took the handcuffs off. He grinned over at me, looking like a smug bitch. I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Dean said mockingly. It took all the self-control myself to stop from smacking him round the head. Dean got uncuffed and rubbed his wrists a little, just for good measure.

“Ready to go, hun?” I said, sickeningly sweet as Dean walked over to me. He pulled me to his side and I faked a big smile. “What are we gonna to with you, ey?” I asked with a laugh, looking over at the receptionist. She smiled and nodded. “Thanks for your help,”

I then pulled Dean out of the station and to the car. Once I made sure I was out of sight, I retched myself away from him and slapped him hard on the back of the head.

“Ow!” Dean exclaimed. “What the hell, Y/n?”

“Every fucking time Dean!” I snapped as I slammed the door of my car shut. Dean got in quickly as I started up the engine. “How many times is this gonna take before you learn that I won’t come and get you again?”

“But you do,” Dean said with a laugh.

“Yeah because no one else will!” I sighed, “You know I think I’ve spent more time pretending to be your girlfriend than I have been in an actual relationship,”

“Maybe we should just be in a relationship then?” Dean said nonchalantly. My head snapped round in surprise. I pulled over and stopped my car.

“What did you just say?” I asked him, not knowing if I had heard him correctly. He shrugged and pursed his lips a little before repeating what he had said.

“We should be together, everyone thinks we’re a couple anyway. I mean I like you and you like me, so why not?” I thought about it for a moment. Maybe it wasn’t so crazy. I did like him. A lot. But this was a big step, this would change everything. Hunting, priorities, living in general.

“So I guess this is your twisted way of asking me out, right?” I asked, a smirk settling onto my lips. Dean nodded and shrugged a little, now a little embarrassed. “But I don’t see a reason as to why I should say no,”

“I’ll take that as a yes then?” He asked, laughing now.


I started up the car again, a happy smile on my face as I turned back onto the road. Dean settled back into his seat turning the radio up to sing along. Maybe this wouldn’t be so different after all…


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The Devil’s Angel: Part One

Master List

“Lucifer! C’mon.” You heard Dean yell.

“Lucifer at some point you’re gonna have to come out and talk to… God.” Sam yells. You roll your eyes. If Lucifer wanted to come out he would nothing Sam or Dean said would make a difference. You walk into the kitchen to see Chuck making pancakes.

“Wow God makes pancakes. I could get used to this.” You say laughing as you sit down on a stool.

“I had to learn to make something. I loved pancakes so one of my boyfriends taught me when I was in Vermont.” He explains as he flips a pancake.

“Have you talked to Lucifer yet?” He asks you, handing you a plate of pancakes.

“No Sam and Dean are trying but I think it’s just a waste of time.” You explain shoving a piece in your mouth.

“I agree. But I think he’ll listen to you.” Chuck says taking a sip of coffee.

“Why would he listen to me?” You say in between bites.

“Ok now don’t get mad at me but… um well, ok so-” Chuck stutters.

“Chuck spit it out.” You shout before whipping your hand over your mouth. Holy shit you just yelled at God. You prepare to be smitted but Chuck just laughs.

“That’s what I mean I created you to be Lucifer’s mate. You have the ability to yell at anyone. Even me. Lucifer will listen to you. Better than anyone even me.” Chuck explains.

Your jaw drops at the news. “What do you mean mate?”

“You’re destined to love each other. Now that you’ve met you will live forever because Lucifer will need you always. Unless you’re killed you’ll be alive as long as me, Michael, Lucifer and so on. Why don’t you try talking to him Y/N.” Chuck suggests. You nod getting up and walking to Sam’s bedroom.

“Guys let me try. Go talk to Chuck or something give me some time with Lucifer.” You say shooing your brothers away. You knock on the door. “Lucifer it’s Y/N. I’m alone. Can you please let me in so we can talk?” You ask. You hear him shut the music off and open the door slowly before pulling you inside.

“He told you didn’t he?” Lucifer asks.

“That we’re soulmates? Yeah he told me. Why didn’t you?” You ask sitting down on the bed.

“I couldn’t tell if you liked me or not. To be honest I was scared you hated me.” He admits taking your hands in his large ones sitting next to you.

“I thought you hated me.” You admits giggling. “Wow good thing Chuck told me.”

“Yeah I guess.” He says turning away avoiding your gaze.

“He’s not all bad Luce. It’s ok to be mad but you two need to talk. If you want I’ll be there standing right next to you. Please Lucifer just let me help you.” You say cupping his cheek and turning his head so he’s looking at you.

“Ok I will for you as long a you’re there with me.” He agrees reluctantly.

“Thank you Lucifer.” You say throwing your arms around his neck.

You walk out of Sam’s bedroom, holding hands as you walk to the kitchen. Chuck glances up causing Sam and Dean to turn around. They notice your joined hands and while Chuck smiles Sam and Dean glare.

“Why is my baby sister holding hands with the devil like a couple of lovesick second graders?” Dean asks standing up and rolling up his sleeves.

“They are soulmates.” Chuck says grinning from ear to ear.

“Ok anyway Chuck, Lucifer has agreed to talk to you. So let’s go.” You say pulling Lucifer with you into the war room. The others trailing behind.

You pull two chairs across from each other and another right next to one of the chairs. You motion Chuck and Lucifer to sit down. You move to sit in the chair you pulled up for yourself but Lucifer grabs your wrist and pulls you across his lap. You rest your head against Lucifer or Cas’s shoulder.

“Ok I have one thing to ask first.” You say raising your hand. Chuck and Lucifer look towards you curiously. “Can Lucifer get put back in his old vessel it’s weird having him be in Cas? Please.” You ask. Chuck nods in amusement.

“Anything for you kid.” He snaps his fingers and you’re sitting on Nick’s lap instead of Castiel’s. Cas is standing awkwardly by your older brothers.

“Luce?” You ask, your eyes meeting his eyes. He nods crashing his lips against yours. You hear Sam and Dean cough and break apart avoiding eye contact with both of your brothers.

“Ok anyway…” Sam trails off trying to get Chuck and Lucifer to talk.

“I want an apology before I help.” Lucifer says keeping his arms tight around your waist holding you close to him.

“I feel bad for what I did but I’m not sorry. Son you had to be punished.” Chuck tries to explain stubbornly.

“You gave me the mark and abandon me when I changed.” You can hear the betrayal in Lucifer’s voice and your heart aches for him.

“I didn’t abandon you I just… The mark brings out what was already there you hated mankind from the beginning the mark just brought it out more. I couldn’t have you running a muck. I had no choice.” Chuck says trying to explain. Lucifer grip tightens on you as he stands up holding you in his arms bridal style.

“You had a choice you could’ve chose me.”

“I gave you her.” Chuck shouts standing up and pointing to you. “Lucifer you need to understand why I did what I did and I-I’m sorry I locked you away and you feel I abandon you. I apologize I just I couldn’t lose you but I wouldn’t give up on the humans. So I locked you away.” Chuck says.

“Luce, you need to forgive him. He feels bad. Please let this hatred out of your heart for me.” You say softly putting a hand on his cheek bringing his eyes to meet yours.

“For you I would do anything. I forgive you father now what shall we do about Amara?” He asks.


A few hours later, after the guys and you figured out a plan you were laying in your room with Lucifer stroking your hair.

“You ready for tomorrow?” You ask.

“Y/N there’s one thing we kept from you. You are to stay at the Bunker until either myself, Chuck, Dean, Sam or Cas comes for you. Do you understand?” Lucifer informs you hesitantly. You bolt up and start pacing at the end of the bed.

“What do you mean I’m not going?” Your voice is seething with anger.

“I can’t risk losing you. You’re too important. I won’t lose anything else. I will not be robbed of the best thing in my life.” he says standing up and cupping your face between his large hands.

“I’m not a child and I don’t belong to you. You can’t tell me what to do!” You shout ripping yourself out of his grasp and stomping down the hall to Chuck’s room.

You pound on the door almost hitting Chuck in the face.

“What’s wrong Y/N? Are you alright?” Chuck asks pulling you inside and looking you over for any injuries.

“Tell you dumbass son he doesn’t own me! I’m not his property! He cannot force me to stay back while the rest of you fight!” You feel hot, wet tears sliding down your face.

“Shh. Y/N it’s alright c’mere.” Chuck pulls you down on the bed and he sits right next to you putting an arm around your shoulder. You lean your head on his shoulder letting it all out.

“He just wants you safe. I’ll talk to him but he just wants you safe. Your his soulmate and I doubt I can convince him otherwise.” Chuck explains.

“I can’t not be there. I can’t just sit back while you all risk your lives. You’re God you can talk some sense into him.” You beg.

“Y/N when it comes to you no one can change his mind I’m afraid.” Chuck presses a fatherly kiss to your forehead. You hear something smash outside and Lucifer yelling before he bursts the ajar door.

“DO NOT TOUCH HER!” Lucifer yells pulling you into his arms away from Chuck. Luce looks like he’s about to kill Chuck for touching you.

“Luce he didn’t do anything. He was trying to fix what you did!” You shout at him running into Chuck’s arms burying your face in his neck.

“What?” Luce asks confused.

“She’s hurt that you won’t let her come. She thinks you don’t think she can do the job.” Chuck explains quietly.

“Y/N c’mere so we can talk.” You reluctantly leave the comforting embrace of Chuck to Lucifer.

Lucifer takes your hand and leads you to your bedroom. He shuts the door behind you. He sits down on the bed before pulling you onto his lap, you rest your head on his shoulder.

“Y/N I know you can help but I won’t allow you to come with. I need to know your safe. If you come I will be to worried about you and then we could all get hurt. Please just do me a favor and stay here.” He pleads stroking your hair softly.

“Fine.” You mutter into his neck. You know he has a point. If this is the one thing you can do to help Lucifer and your boys beat Amara you’ll do it.

“Really?” Lucifer asks sitting back to look you in the eyes. You nod reluctantly. “Thank you so much!”

“Just promise me you’ll stay safe and protect my brothers and Cas and Chuck of course. I need you all of you safe, especially you mister.” You smirk playing with his short hair. “I like Cas’s hair more. There’s more to play with.” You wine. Suddenly his hair grows as long as Cas’s.

“Better?” He asks holding onto you tightly.

“Yes but there’s still one problem.” Lucifer frowns in confusion. “I need you to make me hang on to it as you make me scream.” He groans at your suggestion.

Lucifer quickly shifts you so you’re laying in the middle of your bed underneath him. You hear the lock on your door click as he snaps his fingers. He smashes his lips against yours hard. He snaps his fingers and you feel his cool skin against your heated skin.

Lucifer positions himself at your entrance and thrusts into you hard and quick. You gasp at the feeling. He was larger than you had ever had. You also hadn’t had sex in at least a year. After that you lost track.

“Are you alright?” He asks looking at you with concern.

“Just please move. I want to feel you.” You beg. Lucifer smirks and happily complies. His thrust are hard and fast. He moves his mouth to your breast. He slowly runs his tongue over your pebbled nipples. You let out a loud moan making him smile. He nips the underside of your breast gently as he runs a hand down your stomach slowly before reaching your clit and slowly rubbing it in circles.

His thrusts continue as do his attacks on your sensitive breasts.

“Luce please.” You plead needing to cum.

“Cum for me baby girl.” He commands. You come undone around him as he thrusts you through your orgasm before his hits him. His skin begins to glow as he pumps his seed into you.

After you both finish he pulls out carefully. He pulls you on top of his muscular chest. You listen to his steady heartbeat as your breathing evens out you hear him whisper, “I love you Y/N. I never thought I would be lucky enough to get something like this but now that I have it I won’t let it slip away. I will keep you safe.” You fall asleep to his vow.

Glitter! Michael

So I did a short imagine like this with spanking, I’m going to include the blurb in this imagine anyway..But if you want it, it’s here. but theres not a point really whoops. ALSO I WROTE THIS AGES AGO 


Pairing: Y/N and Michael

Words: 1.8K

Warning: Smut, Spanking and GIFS

Summary: Michael and Y/N go to a glitter party and bring home some glitter and things get interesting!

I’ve never seen anyone do this soooo here we go!


At first you really didn’t want to go. You’d only just had a shower and the idea completely sounded insane. A glitter party. Parties in itself were boring to me. I always thought they’d be better but the best you get nowadays is dancing to YMCA or cha cha slide not to mention watch me whip. 

But my boyfriend persuasion technique was the best. Getting ham and pineapple pizza with sweet potato fries and dough balls after the party got me going. I managed to find my creamy blue skirt and my small white crop top. I had done my make-up and leaving my hair down. I looked into the mirror and smiled. 

“Babe you look so good” I smirked to myself and turned towards my boyfriend. He was wearing a black buttoned up shirt and his signature black skinny jeans. He was drinking in my appearance and to say the least I was doing the same exact thing, god he was so fucking hot and I bit my lip at the sight of him.

“As do you” he raised his pierced eyebrow and made his way over to me. He placed his hands on my hip and brought my body closer to his. His forehead rested on mine as he pecked my lips. 

“C’mon lets get going” He pulled away and reached his hand out.

“Wait let me grab my heels” I walked to my closet and pulled out my cream basket filled with all my shoes, some that I’ve bought but most Michael bought me as he knows I love shoes. Although I tell him not to he always gets me them and loves treating me, especially designer shoes. I pulled out my leopard print heels, placed them on my feet. I grabbed hold of his hand whilst he was checking himself out in mirror. He paused and and turned to me, he gave me a sly look and edged his face towards mine. 

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SPN S12 Countdown Writing Challenge

Prompt: “Hey, I’m only human. I can’t be perfect all the time.”

Pairing: Chuck x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings:  Swearing, stressed reader, smutty mentions

Summary: Y/n needs something to release the tension that’s been building up

Word count: 584

A/N: Themes of humanity I guess. Sort of but not much. Sorry. Hope it was good for y’all.

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“Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit”

Y/n took the pan off the stove and threw it into the sink, pouring cold water onto the burning eggs. He was trying to make breakfast for his author/literal god boyfriend.

Chuck had been stressed the past few days. Although the mess with his damn bitch of a sister was sorted out, he had recently got back into his writing. But as Chuck would always say, writing is hard. He just couldn’t get his stories to translate to paper so he had been slightly moody.

“Urgh, seriously! Even the eggs have to burn. I have god as my boyfriend and shit still goes wrong” y/n complained to himself.

He began scrubbing at the pan furiously. It wasn’t only Chuck that was stressed. Y/n had tried to stop hunting. Chuck begged him to stop for weeks, not wanting him to get hurt. Plus he was god. He could give y/n anything he wanted. Y/n had agreed, wanting his boyfriend to stop going on and on about it.

Unfortunately, y/n realized hunting and killing things were apparently his way of blowing off steam. Although sex was a good method as well, Chuck being the best he ever had, this wasn’t in the books now. With the blue eyed man being so stressed, they hadn’t had time for sex in two weeks. A dildo wasn’t good enough for y/n anymore. Not after the way Chuck would take him. No one could ever compare now.

So his frustration built up. He didn’t lose it though. He just kept it bottled up, hoping he’d either be able to sneak out on a hunt soon or Chuck would finally fuck his brains out and make sure he couldn’t walk for weeks.

“You burnt the eggs. You burn everything” a slightly amused voice came from the doorway of the kitchen.

Looking towards the source, y/n saw his beauty of a boyfriend stood there in his untied robe, the vest clinging and showing off his toned body, only boxers underneath outlining the shape of his big cock. Fuck he looked so hot right now. The smirk he had making him look even hotter.

Hey, I’m only human. I can’t be perfect all the time. Unlike you god”

Chuck chuckled and walked forward, wrapping his arms around y/n from behind and pressed his bearded face into y/n’s neck, making him giggle slightly at the feeling.

“Well let me tell you. I made you. You are the most perfect human in all existence. I made sure of that” he said as he placed kisses along his neck and across his jaw. Y/n closed his eyes, already hard. He needed Chuck so much.

“Fuck me Chuck, I need you in me now” he groaned. A growl erupted from Chuck’s mouth who immediately picked up y/n and carried him to his desk, pushing away all his work, not caring about any of that. Now it was time to focus on y/n, his perfectly amazing boyfriend.

They spent the next few hours releasing all their tension, able to carry on over and over due to not having felt each other in two weeks. By the end y/n was completely sated and worn out. Chuck had done exactly what y/n needed. He fucked him good. Good enough he could barely make it up the stairs, the writer having to carry y/n up the stairs and into bed, falling asleep in each other’s arms, Chuck making sure this would happen for all eternity.

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‘   You walked over to your long-term boyfriend, Chuck.

    Y/N: Alright, spit it out.

    Chuck: What?

    Y/N: I mean it is not normal for you to not let me read what you write. I just want to know why…

    Chuck: The latest book… it’s, uh, it’s kind of weird. It is going to be published in October. It’s- It’s about you… Not like your life story… I- You are my muse so I wanted to write something for you. I know you don’t like that kind of literature but it’s… basically a romance novel.

    You stayed silence and looked at him. He turned and grabbed a book from his desk drawer and handed to you.

    Chuck: It’s a rough copy. But I wanted you to see the last page.

   Your eyes trailed to the book that was held out for you. You grabbed it and slowly turned the pages. Just before the book starts it writes ‘ To Y/N. I love you.’ 

   Chuck: Turn to the last page Y/N…

   You flipped the pages quickly stopping at the end credits. Your eyes widened as they read the words, taking them one by one.

    ‘ Dear Y/N, I can’t believe that I ever get this lucky to have you by my side. You are my muse, my life source, my everything. So when I think of you there is only one question that lingers back in my mind. Will you marry me?’           ‘

Pleasurable presents- Luke Hemmings Imagine (smut)- part 6- straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-  Final part of pp pls? The suspense is killing me!

Anon-  Pleasurable presents part 6. Please and thank you. (Can it include thigh riding?)

Pairing- Luke Hemmings & Y/N

Words- 2050+

Summary-  The end of your day doesn’t go to plan and, when an argument throws the game off, Luke has some grovelling to do

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

You pour yourself a drink and contemplate how best to make Luke come again and your eyes fall on the clock on the microwave. Your party starts at the club in just over an hour.  There is no chance you are catching up to Luke in that time.

You sighed. He had an unfair advantage. Girls were capable of multiple orgasms in a row. It was a lot harder to do with a boy. Luke had really won this game before it had even started but that shouldn’t stop you from having a little fun.

You down the drink and climb the stairs back to the room. Luke is still shouting on you and you smirk to yourself before you open the door.

“Really?” He growls, pulling against the restraints?

“oh shush,” you giggle as you climb on his lap.

He has parted his legs slightly so you are straddling one of his knees.

“Shush? You left me tied to a chair,” he whines.

“And I will make it up to you,” you smile, innocently.

You lean in to kiss him but he speaks before your lips connect.

“No i think i’m done for the day. You however deserve to be teased some more.”

He lifts his knee slightly and you gulp as his thick, muscular thigh gyrates against your naked core. Fuck he knows how much this turns you on. You try to stand up but, to your surprise Luke has pulled himself free from his restraints and he grips you in place.

“Remind me to teach you how to tie a proper knot,” he grins.

“Hmm,” is all you can reply with as he continues rubbing his thigh up to meet your bundle of sensation.

Your purring away now, completely lost in the bliss and you aren’t even aware that you have begun to grind down on Luke’s thigh, moaning as he angles it so that your clitoris is rubbed in the exact right spot. He lifts his face and brings his lips to yours and you moan into his mouth.

“Should I make you come this way baby?” He grins.

You can’t speak. You simple mewl desperately and Luke laughs.

“Nah you can wait,” he decides and you whine as he stops, “ untie my feet.”

“You are not in a position to make demands,” you remind him and he chuckles.

“You want me to finish you then i suggest you do as i ask,” he smirks.

You sigh and, reluctantly, climb off his knee. You bend and untie his feet from the chair.

“Good girl,” he smiles.

He stands and stretches and you admire his ass as he turns around.

“We should get ready for the party,” he points out and your heart drops.

You had hoped he would finish you. Riding his thigh had got you feeling so frustrated and now he wasn’t even going to see it through?

“Don’t worry baby. I’ll finish you at the club.”


He stalks away through to the en suite and shuts the door. It was silent for a minute then you heard the shower run. Finish you at the club? What did that mean? Was he really going to fulfill his promise to fuck you in the bathrooms? And why did that sound so inviting?

“You getting ready?” He called to you from behind the closed door.

You swallowed quickly.

“Yeah. I’m gonna use the downstairs shower.”

You traipsed downstairs to the bathroom and turned the shower on, letting the water heat up. How was it possible that an hour or so had seemed like no time at all just five minutes ago? Now it felt like an eternity.

You tried to empty your thoughts in the shower and focus on cleaning yourself and smelling nice for your party, but somehow you kept coming back to Luke’s promise. This boy was unbearable sometimes.

When you were clean and dry you headed back up to your room and you had to stifle a groan as you walked in to Luke with a towel hung low around his waist. You never tired of the glorious sight that was your boyfriend’s body. You’d had him all day in every way you could possibly want and yet you were still clambering for more.

“What are you wearing babe?” He asked, oblivious to your drooling.

You frowned for a second then a thought occurred to you. If Luke was going to play games then you could too and you knew exactly what to do.

“ I was thinking i’d wear the dress Michael bought me actually,” you admit with a smirk.

Luke stops dead in his tracks. Michael has long made it clear that he has a crush on you and it drives Luke mad. So when Michael had gifted you with a skimpy black dress as an early birthday present Luke had just about killed him.

“In public?” Luke frowns.

“Luke it’s not that bad,” you scoff as you cross the room and pull it out the wardrobe but it is. It has hardly any material on it.

It comprises of a tiny strip of black fabric that covers your chest and another bit that covers your ass (just) the bit across your stomach and shoulders is made up of flimsy black lace. You suddenly wonder if this is a good idea but it’s too late to back out now.

You pull it on and admire yourself in the mirror.

“No way!” Luke snaps and you ignore him.

“Y/N I’m not kidding,” Luke sighs.

“Neither am I,” you reply, “i’m wearing the dress Luke.”

“ You want to start our party with an argument?”

“No so stop telling me what i can and can’t do.”

“ Ugh damn it Y/N,” he snaps and he stalks away to get ready.

You dry and style your hair and apply some makeup.

When it is time to leave Luke calls a cab and you both climb in it in silence. Luke sits with his arms folded across his chest in an obvious huff and you wonder if you pushed it too far. This night was going to be awful if you didn’t talk and if you were arguing then there was no way Luke would carry through on his promise to finish you. You instantly regretted your decision but it was too late now and moments later the driver pulled up outside the club.

Luke didn’t hold your hand as you walked inside and your heart plummeted. He was really mad. The place was packed and people hugged you from all sides. For a while you forgot that your boyfriend was furious at you but then Michael approached.

“Wow Y/N you really suit my present,” he grinned, leaning in and hugging you. He held you just a little bit longer than was socially acceptable and Luke’s eyes narrowed.

You watched him as you were both guided over to a table and drinks were handed to you. You spent the next half hour opening presents and trying to seem cheerful but truth was you felt so guilty. You had completely ruined this night for both of you.

Of course it didn’t help that Michael wouldn’t leave your side and, when you had finished opening the presents, Luke got up and stalked away, eyes blazing.

You wanted to rush after him but Michael was making it impossible.

“So what did you get from Luke?” He asked and you were about to reply when you spotted them.

The room froze and your heart leaped into your throat. Luke was at the far side of the room dancing. But he wasn’t alone. Instead he was sandwiched between two girls who were making their intentions extremely clear as they ground against him. He had his hands on the waist of the girl in front of him and was swaying his hips and pelvis against her ass.

“Um,” you stuttered, your heart crackling.

Michael followed your gaze and his jaw dropped.

“Is that-?”

“My boyfriend,” you finished for him and he grimaced.

“Um i have to go the bathroom,” you managed to squeak out before racing away as quick as you could.

You locked yourself in a cubicle in the girls bathroom and tears spilled down your face. You knew he was angry but you didn’t think he would ever retaliate like that. You just wanted to wear the skimpy dress so he would be looking at you all night.

You wiped your eyes and nose on a bit of toilet paper and chucked it in the toilet and you were about to leave when the main door opened.


It was clearly Luke’s voice and you kept quiet and sat down on the toilet but you couldn’t help the sniffle that you gave as he walked further into the bathroom.

“Y/N please talk to me. I’m sorry. I just saw Michael all over you and I got jealous and I wanted to make you feel the same way.”

That did it. You flung the door open in a rage.

“Michael was not all over me and even if he had been i wore that dress for you. I wanted me to be the only person you looked at all night but you couldn’t get past your jealousy for five minutes to realise that!”

“Come on babe lets not ruin this day.”

“ I’m not the one who ruined it! I wore a nice dress to a nice party and you decided that warranted ignoring me for the night and dry humping two strangers?”

“ Y/N i’m sorry. Really I am. I was being a dick.”

“Damn right you were being a dick. A complete and utterly, fucking sexy looking asshole!”

“Sexy looking?”

“Well I can’t help it. You’re wearing a fucking suit. When did you even get a suit?!” You are aware that you are still screaming at him and you are aware that you sound ridiculous but you somehow can’t stop.

“ I got it for tonight cause you said you’d love to see me in one.”

“ I did! I do!”

“Why are you still yelling?”

“ I don’t know. God you frustrate me!”

“Well maybe I can help with that,” he smirks.

You don’t know how it happens but you are hoisted off your feet and Luke quickly stumbles into the bathroom stall and turns around, using your back to slam the door shut.

You are still furious at him but your fury is only just matched by your need.

“You are such a dick!” You snap as you roll his blazer off his shoulders.

“ I know, I know,” he replies as he crushed his lips against yours.

The feeling never went away. You’d been tingling down low all night but now it was spreading out across your body and your hairs were standing on end. Luke lowered his lips to your neck and places sloppy kisses just below your ear. You fumbled with the waistband of his trousers and tugged them down along with his boxers. His length hit up against your stomach as he pushed your dress up and tugged your panties to the side.

He teased your entrance, circling your clit with his tip until you’d had enough.

“ i swear to god Luke!” You growled and he pushed in with force enough to make your whole body jerk. Your head lolled backwards and your eyes found the back of their sockets. Luke gripped your thighs, re positioning himself so that his toned v-line was hitting against your sweet spot as he thrust.

You heard people coming in and out of the bathroom but you didn’t care any more.

“Why do you always have to test me?” Luke grunted as he found a quick rhythm that made your body feel like a furnace.

“ don’t pin this on me!” You snapped as you found his lips again.

The feeling tore through you with little warning and you became a rag doll in Luke’s strong hands. You could feel the sensation right down in the centre of your bones and your body shuddered with delight. Luke came a couple of moments after and your name left his lips in angry grunts.

“Happy birthday baby,” you giggled, your anger dispersing.

“Happy birthday princess,” he replied, his head against yours and he gave you that adorable, goofy grin that was reserved just for you.

He's Mine ~Sam Winchester smut/Submission to dirtysupernaturalimagines~

Imagine: Imagine Becky being all over Sam, making you insanely jealous and taking him somewhere private to have sex with him.

Warnings: dom-ish!reader, jealous reader, becky being a creep

Your name: submit What is this?

“Babe is there a reason we’re going to this thing?” You asked. Sam finished packing his bag and turned to you, putting his hands on your shoulders. “I don’t really want to go either but Chuck asked for our help and I think if a prophet of God asks us for help, we should probably go.” He answered, smiling. You sighed. “But what if that Becky chick is there? Last time, it was all I could do to not punch her lights out. And you know I could.” You added, scowling at the memory of the last time you had seen Becky Rosen. She had been trying to flirt with Sam the entire time and had been extremely rude to you. You really didn’t have the patience to deal with her again.Sam made a face at the mention of Becky. “I know you could, baby. But let’s just find out what Chuck wants and then we can leave, okay? I promise.” You smiled and pulled Sam down into a kiss. “Okay. Let’s go.”

After you, Sam, and Dean had finished loading up the Impala, you got in and headed to Wisconsin, where Chuck said he’d be. The drive was about normally 11 hours but with Dean driving, you got there in 9. Much to your relief, Sam requested that you all stop at a motel to rest before going to see Chuck. Dean gave you 3 hours of rest before making you get up and get ready. Once you all were clean and rested, you drove to the location Chuck had given you, The Evergreen Hotel. You pulled up and saw the prophet, pacing. As soon as you three got out of the car, he looked up. “Guys?” He asked, sounding surprised. “What’s going on?” Dean asked.Chuck looked around and then back at the three of you. “Ah, nothing. You know, I’m just kinda hanging. What are you guys doing here?” You frowned. “You told us to come. You texted Sam. This address, life or death situation. Any of this ringing a bell?” Chuck shook his head. “I didn’t send Sam a text.” He said. Dean sighed. “Well if you didn’t, then who did?”

The answer to Dean’s question was answered by a loud “Sam!” coming from the top of the stairs. You groaned as you instantly recognized that voice. Becky. You saw a flurry of blonde hair and a small figure launching towards your boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around him, making him wince and your blood boil. When she let go of him,she smiled at Dean. “I just knew you guys would come!” She squealed. Chuck looked at her. “You took my phone?” He asked. She grinned. “I just borrowed it from your pants.” Chuck gave her an exasperated look. “What? They’re going to want to see it!” She exclaimed. You cleared your throat. “See what?” You asked, glaring. Becky’s smile dropped as she noticed. “Oh, hello Y/N. I didn’t realize you’d be here too.” She said, coolly. You slipped your hand into Sam’s and placed your other on his chest, giving her a fake smile. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” Becky scowled and turned back towards the door. Sam looked at you, giving you a small smile. “So far so good.” He whispered. “Yeah, I haven’t choked her lights out yet. All good.” You whispered back.

You three followed Chuck and Becky into the hotel and were greeted with something out of a weird movie. There were dozens of people dressed as Dean, more dressed as Sam, even more dressed as you. A few dressed as the monsters you had fought years ago. Wendigos, the Scarecrow god, bloody Mary, clowns, everything. “What the hell is this?” You asked. Becky ignored you and grinned at Sam. “It’s awesome!! A supernatural convention, the first ever.” You rolled your eyes. “Great…more nerds that have read these damn books, now pretending to be us.” You said under your breath, but just loud enough that Becky heard you. You smirked at her expression and squeezed Sam’s hand a little tighter.

After a few minutes of listening to people talk about the books and their favorite parts and the “Homoerotic subtext of Supernatural”, you had to take a break and excused yourself to the bathroom. On your way, you bumped into at least 2 ghosts, a demon, and about 5 Y/N s. When you got to the bathroom and splashed some water on your face to clear your head. This whole thing was ridiculous and you just wanted to leave. Stupid Becky. You thought. You guys wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for her and her stupid obsession with Sam. When you walked back out of the bathroom, your blood pressure rose dangerously high at what you saw. Becky had her stupid little paws all over your boyfriend! She kept touching him and making flirty faces, trying to act cute. You could tell Sam was uncomfortable and that just made you more mad. You stormed over and grabbed Sam’s arm. “Hey baby. Can you come with me for a second?” You interrupted. Becky shot you the dirtiest look but you didn’t care. You were gonna show her. You pulled Sam away and forced him into the first empty room you could find.

You shoved him against the wall and your mouth was on his before he could even get a word out. You yanked his jacket off and threw it behind you. Sam moaned into the kiss and moved his hands in your hair. You popped the buttons on his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. You pulled away and looked at Sam with lust-filled eyes. “Baby…w-what are you doing?” He breathed. You grabbed him and shoved him into the chair closest to you. Sam stared at you with a mix of shock and arousal. You straddled him and began to grind against him. “That bitch…she was all over you…” You snarled. Sam whined as you sucked hickies into his neck, marking him up. Sam moaned loudly and pulled your shirt over your head. You got up and shimmied out of the rest of your clothes. You knelt in front of Sam and pulled his jeans down to his ankles. “Y/N…please.” He begged. You smirked and climbed back onto his lap.

“She thinks she can just flirt with you when I’m not there? I’ll break her freakin’ neck first.” You spoke in Sam’s ear, making him whine as you sank down onto him. “Oh god…f-fuck! Y/N…that feels so good…please!” Sam panted. “You’re mine Sammy.” You groaned. Sam nodded his head furiously, panting against your neck. “Say it!” You growled. “I-I’m yours, baby! All yours!” He whimpered. You moaned and circled your hips, making both of you cry out. You began to move up and down faster and faster on Sam’s cock. A litany of curses and your name fell from Sam’s mouth, his hands roaming your body as you moved. His hips bucked up against your ass. You moaned and grinned at Sam. “Do you like how I feel squeezing your cock, baby?” Sam gasped and let his head fall back against the chair. “Fuck yes…oh god Y/N! Y-you feel so good! I’m gonna cum!” He cried out. You increased the speed of your movements, also close to your orgasm. You both moaned as you came together, pressing your fingers hard into each other’s skin.

You sat there, unmoving and panting heavily, trying to come down from your intense orgasm. You and Sam let out shaky laughs and you kissed him before getting off his lap. You dressed quickly and walked out of the room hand in hand. You were met with the stunned looks of everyone in the main room. You looked around and blushed at everyone’s shocked faces. Finally your eyes fell on Chuck’s pale face, Dean’s proud smirk, and best of all: Becky’s expression of pure rage and jealousy. You giggled and looked at Sam. “We should probably go.” You said to him. He grinned and nodded. “Couldn’t agree more.”

Remember - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

REQUESTED: No, I just decided to write this one night, and then thought it was good enough to go here, so yeah.

WARNINGS: If you haven’t seen 6x01 yet, then you might want to not read this because potential spoilers lay ahead (oops)

SUMMARY: There’s been something burning at your brain, and you can’t quite think what it is, until you enlist the help of Scott.

NOTES: So, I was meant to have an assessment on Sunday, but I feel as though I’m rushing into it, so I’m going to go to the next assessment. YAY.

Also I had to analyse TW for my Media A-Level class and it was so stressful ahhh

Also, if you want Pt.2 of Off To The Races then message me! I have plans for the next part ahhh

Anyways, enjoy!

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Imagine 22

Character- Newt
Word Count- 937

“We got a new greenie coming up!” You heard your boyfriend, Newt, call out as the alarm went off. Everyone gathered around the box, you, Newt, Alby, and Gally up at the front of the box, waiting for the box to come up to the top. 

“What do you think he’s gonna look like?” Newt asked. 

“Don’t know, maybe we’ll get another blonde up here.” You joked. 

“Haha very funny.” He said as the doors to the box opened. Gally lowered a rope for the boy, who hesitently stepped into it. Alby, Newt, Gally, and you helped pull the boy up, and Alby looked at him once he was up and out of the box. 

“Nice to meet ya, shank,” Alby said. “Welcome to the Glade.”

Something about this boy seemed familier to you, but you didn’t know what it was. You decided to ignore it for now, you would try to figure this out later. Everyone was laughing and pointing at the new Greenie, and you almost felt bad for him. His confused face as he looked around where he was, you definitely knew that you know him from somewhere. 

“Alright, get back to work!” You called out to all of the Gladers standing there, and they did just that. Now it was Newt, Alby, and you with the new Greenie. 

“Do you remember anything?” You asked him. 

“Thomas. My name is Thomas. Why can’t I remember anything else?” The boy, whos name was apparently Thomas, asked. 

“Well Thomas, all the past Greenies have came up that way, we don’t know why though.” You replied, and Newt sent you a look that said “don’t tell him too much just yet.”

“Calm down Newt, that’s all he’s getting from me. Alby wants to tell him something then he can.” You said to your boyfriend, moving closer to him. 

“You guys wanna go get Chuck? Let that shank show him around where we eat and sleep.” Alby said. 

“Good that. We’ll be back.” Newt said, taking your hand and turning around, starting to look for Chuck.

“What do you think of the new Greenie?” Newt asked you. 

“He seems okay, let’s just hope he’s not a slinthead. I feel like I know him from somewhere though.” You admitted.

“Really? Maybe you should talk to him later?” Newt suggested. 

“I think I will.” You said. “There’s Chuck." 

"Chuck, come here!” Newt called out, catching the younger boy’s attention. Chuck listened to Newt and made his way over to us. 

“Alby wants you. New Greenie needs to know where to eat and sleep.” Newt said.

“Okay. Where are they?” Chuck asked. 

“Over somewhere near the box.” You replied. 

“Okay, bye.” Chuck said, starting to make his way over to Alby and Thomas. 

“So what do you want to do now?” Newt asked. 

“I don’t know, wanna just walk?” You asked. 

“Sure.” Newt said, wrapping his arm around your waist and bringing you closer to him. You both stayed quiet for a little bit, just enjoying each others presence. After a little bit, you started to get hungry. 

“Can we go get some food?” You asked. 

“Of course, love.” Newt said, smiling at you. Your cheeks flushed a bright red, something that always happened when Newt called you love. “I say that to you almost every day and I get the same reaction from you every time.” Newt said, laughing a little. 

“Yeah well…” You said, smiling a little bit. You got some food from Frypan and sat down. You saw Chuck and Thomas getting their food and they sat down across from you and Newt. 

“So what are your names again?” Thomas asked. 

“I’m Newt and this is Y/N.” Newt said. 

“Wait why is she the only girl here?” Thomas asked. 

“We don’t know.” I replied. 

“Who put us here? Why would they do this to us?” Thomas questioned. 

“Why are you so curious? I can’t reply to anymore of your questions after this one until Alby gives me permission. We don’t know.” Newt said, rolling his eyes. 

“Oh.” Was all Thomas said as he ate the rest of his food. “Could I talk to you alone Y/N?” Thomas asked as soon as he finished. 

“Yeah sure.” You replied as you got up. You kissed Newt’s cheek, whispering in his ear,“Be right back." 

"So what do you want to talk about?” You asked him. 

“I-I think I know you.” He said. “Like we’re related or something. I’ve definitely seen you before.”

“I don’t really know what to say.” You admitted. “I feel like I know you too but it just seems really complicated." 

"Yeah.” Thomas said. 

“Well I better get back to Newt.” You said, turning around. “And Chuck is showing you where you sleep?" 

"Yeah, and are you and Newt, you know, a thing?” Thomas asked. 

“We are.” You said, smiling at the thought. 

“Well if we are related then my brother instinct tells me he is good for you.” Thomas said, smiling. 

“Thanks.” You said, hugging him. “And I have a feeling we are, by the way, or else we wouldn’t have these thoughts." 

"True. Well good night Y/N.” Thomas said as Chuck met up with him. 

“Night Thomas.” You said, waving at him before running off to where Newt was waiting for you. 

“So what happened?” Newt asked. 

“We’re pretty sure we’re related, he also said that his brother instinct told him that you are good for me.” You said, kissing his cheek again. 

“Really now, well that’s good to hear.” Newt said, leaning down and kissing you. “Because I know that you’re the one for me." 

Interrupted (Glenn Rhee imagine)

imagine: you and your boyfriend, Glenn, have been longing for some private time together for months. once you finally get some time alone, your best friend Daryl interrupts and refuses to leave. (1,143 words)

thanks to whoever requested this!! ok so i pretty much imagined that the greene family don’t exist in this imagine because i am such gleggie trash that it made me kinda sad to imagine glenn choosing someone else over maggie lmao. so idk hope you enjoy!! - gabby :)

Originally posted by umbrella-official

“Hey, you,” Glenn’s voice against my neck startled me, but I soon relaxed into his touch as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, planting loving kisses on my exposed shoulder. 

“Glenn, you idiot,” I giggled, turning away from the walkers I was killing at the gate to meet his beaming face, kissing his cheek gently. Before I could ask him how he slept, his powerful hands tangled in my hair and vigorously pressed my lips against his. I’m not sure if it was from a lack of chapstick in the world, or the constant nervous nibbling on the inside of my lips, but our kisses always tasted like blood, in a strangely endearing way.

“Rick and most of the other guys are going on a run this around lunchtime,” he mumbled onto my lips between kisses, stroking my cheek with his thumb. “So we might be able to get away with… you know…”

“Sex, Glenn?” I grinned, running a hand through his slick, dark hair. Glenn was still shy about such topics despite being in a relationship with me for a few months now, and losing his virginity to me.

“Yeah, that,” he chuckled, kissing along my jawline messily. I cupped his face in my hands, tearing his lips away from my neck as I pulled him upwards to face me. 

“Meet you in my cell when they leave, then.”

“I’ll be there,” Glenn replied with a wink and a quick kiss on my forehead. As he jogged back towards the prison I continued to kill off the masses of walkers surrounding the gates with my knife. There seemed to be more and more of them each day.

“You goin’ on the run later, Y/N?” I recognised the voice calling from beside me without needing to look. Not only because it was my best friend’s voice, but because his drawl was so identifiable. “Rick says he could really use ya.”

“I’m gonna stay here with Glenn,” I replied to Daryl’s question, aggressively yanking my knife out of a walkers forehead. I wiped off the blood on my jeans. “We’ve got other plans.” 

“Yeah, I heard,” Daryl replied with a smug smile. “Glenn just told me he’s gettin’ laid later.” I rolled my eyes and laughed lightly, sometimes it felt as though I was dating a teenage boy.

“Tell Rick I’m sorry that I can’t make it.” I noticed Carl helping his dad to load up a car with supplies, it looked like they were planning to be gone for a long while.

“I’m not goin’ either,” Daryl responded, taking his knife out and helping me by taking care of a few of the walkers. I sighed inwardly. Daryl’s cell neighboured mine, and no doubt would he try to pull something to interrupt me and Glenn. That’s what being close friends with Daryl gets you; sometimes I wished he’d never opened up to me so I could avoid his childish jokes. Almost like he could read my mind, Daryl turned to me and said in a self-satisfactory tone: “Maybe I’ll pay you and Glenn a visit.”

“Daryl, don’t be a prick,” I smacked him lightly on the arm and pleaded him with my eyes not to ruin mine and Glenn’s afternoon. He smirked at me and strolled back towards the prison, ignoring the string of insults I was shouting over my shoulder.

“Fuck, I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Glenn breathed huskily onto my collar as he threw my shirt on the floor. Thankfully, Daryl was nowhere to be seen in the cell block, and there were only a couple of people on the lower floor, meaning Glenn and I could fool around if we were quiet and careful. 

Glenn had me pressed against the wall of my cell and was fumbling to unclasp my bra when I quietened him suddenly.

“Wait. What was that noise?” My bra fell to the floor, but after that not a sound could be heard.

“What noise?” Glenn mumbled, littering kisses all over my chest. 

“It sounded like footsteps,” I whispered, but we shrugged off the thought and I tugged his shirt over his head, giggling as it got caught. He was soon knelt on the floor, attaching his lips to my stomach and hips. His hands were roaming up my back when we heard three sharp knocks on the wall beside my bed. 

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I groaned, looking to the ceiling in exasperation. Of course the footsteps had to belong to Daryl, along with the knocks. “Fuck off, Daryl!” I yelled, causing laughter to erupt in the adjacent cell.

“Will you please get down from there, man?” Glenn had resorted to begging Daryl, who was dangling his legs from the top bunk in my cell, acting extremely complacent.

“Daryl, please,” I sighed, the situation becoming less humorous by the second. I’d had to scramble to clothe my upper body, and I was beyond annoyed with my so called best friend.

“I’m comfortable up here,” Daryl drawled, resting his head on the wall behind him. I flashed him my middle finger, and he flashed me a sickly sweet smile in return. “Carry on, by all means, Y/N.”

“I’m not gonna have sex with him while you watch, Dixon.”

“Jus’ jokin’. Tryna have some fun.”

“Would you please leave?”

Daryl jumped down from the bunk effortlessly and flicked his hair away from his eyes. I gave him a threatening look and pointed towards the door.

“Whatever,” he muttered. “I’m goin’ to find Carol. You guys are borin’.”

We’d collapsed on my bunk, my head on Glenn’s chest, I listened to the rapid rise and fall of his breath complementing his racing heartbeat. Once Daryl had finally left us alone we’d had one of the most passionate nights in what felt like ages, and laying here in silence tangled in the sheets felt like bliss.

“Wow,” Glenn breathed, causing me to laugh croakily. “We need to skip runs more often, Y/N.”

“You want any food, lovebirds?” Carol’s voice called from below us. “Come quick, before Daryl eats it all.” 

I sat up slowly and scrabbled around for my clothes, struggling to find where my underwear had ended up. Just as I’d turned to ask Glenn, a white flash stunned me. After letting my eyes adjust, I saw my boyfriend with his new toy, a Polaroid in hand, chucking to himself as he fanned the photo through the air.

The photo developed to reveal a bewildered me, with dishevelled hair and a hickey decorated neck. Glenn pulled his jeans on and tucked the photo into the back pocket, before kissing my cheek softly. I watched fondly as he clumsily dressed himself, and giggled as he attempted to clothe me before accompanying me downstairs to grab some late lunch, hand-in-hand as always.

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Blair and Dan was the worst thing to happen to GG. Hell no. It made no sense and everyone ended up with the right people.

*shrugs* it’s your right to think that I just wholeheartedly disagree. Dan, in my opinion, was the best boyfriend Blair ever had because their relationship was mature; they spoke about movies and art, went to museums, he wanted a partnership with her, he wanted to be her equal, she trusted him wholeheartedly, he was always there for her, always came through for her. Chuck was too much in his man pain, he would be completely awful to her and then surprise her with kindness, that shouldn’t be how a relationship is, you shouldn’t be used to being treated like crap and then reward the man you’re with when he isn’t a complete asshole. I will never forget or forgive how Chuck manipulated Blair and essentially pimped her out for a hotel and the slut-shamed her the moment he saw her. I saw the appeal of Chuck and Blair in seasons 1 and 2 but that was it, they were both terrible and immature when they were together and that isn’t the type of relationship I ship as “true love”.

MMFD Fic: “No Alarms and No Surprises” - Chapter 3

Thank you guys so much for the amazing response to this story. I’m sorry I haven’t responded to every comment and feedback - I appreciate and adore every line you wrote, I’m just new to tumblr and seriously have no idea how all this works yet…).

Tags are at the bottom (hopefully I do this right), if for some reason I’ve left you out – sorry in advance and please let me know. Also, if you would like to be tagged to other MMFD fics from me in the future, not just this one, let me know.

Now, on with the show.


They really never talked about these things, but she was away and it wasn’t like before, where he knew every boy that sniffed around her, so he had to ask.

Chapter 3

In all her phone calls and letters, Rae never talks about dating and never much mentions other guys other than Archie. Finn asked her once, when she’d been away for two weeks, if there’s anyone interesting around. She got all quiet (they really never talked about these things, but she was away and it wasn’t like before, where he knew every boy that sniffed around her, so he had to ask) and said no. Then she’d asked about him, does he have someone in his sights, and he had to tell her that yes, he’s started going out with this lass he met at the park. This conversation was so wildly uncomfortable, that he lost all appetite he once had for rubbing his dates in her face. So after that he never asked about her and she never did about him, and it was much better for his mental health anyway. 

But then, as her first year in Uni is coming to a close, she starts mentioning a name, a “Chris”. Every few letters he reads about how they went to this lecture on fractals (whatever the fuck that was, she tried to explain but lost him and he just skipped a paragraph), or visited this cool art show at the Tate Modern about light fixtures (she enclosed the program and he looked through it and he didn’t get it, but Rae gushed about it for three quarters of a page), Finn thinks on how she somehow managed to learn to enjoy new things without him, and he scans the letters to get passed the descriptions of exhibits, to the part about this Chris, who the fuck is this Chris now, what does he mean by taking his Rae to art shows.


She comes for a visit one weekend for her baby sister’s birthday, and they’re all meeting at the pub, and before the rest of the gang gets there, it’s just him and her and Archie, sharing a plate of chips. Finn is in heaven because she’s sitting right there, her side is touching his side, and he can talk to her, and watch her roll her eyes at every little thing he says, like he loves. He takes stock of the changes in her, how she’s different from the last time he saw her. Her hair is growing back, thank fuck, and he got used to the slight weight loss, and pleased that she’s not still doing that. She’s wearing this sort of girly, lacy top, that she never would have worn a few years ago, but she does now and she looks fucking amazing, but when did she ever not. 

“Tell Finn about the course.” Archie says suddenly, and Finn catches Rae giving the lad a warning look.

“Yeah, Rae, tell Finn about the course,” he says, reaching for the chips.

“’S no big deal, it’s just something I started lately…”

She tries to sound casual when she tells him about this Graphic Design program she’d started. She only goes once a week after classes, just to pass the time, like. Finn looks at Archie who is smiling slyly into his beer and he hates that they have this whole life away from him, with friends and experiences and secrets he’s not privy to (but as always, he’s really thankful that she had a mate to go with her to the big bad city, and he sleeps better at night knowing that Archie’s there to take care of her). Anyway, Rae continues, she kinda likes it, feels like she’s maybe good at it, whatever, it’s totally not a big deal, and Finn can tell that it is a fucking huge deal. She’s well into it, and when he asks what does it actually mean and she starts explaining and her face light up like a fucking Christmas tree, he kinda wants her to never stop talking about it.

“I can see you being good at that,” he tells her. “The way you always scribble and draw shit in every blank corner of a page. Like, you should see her letters, mate, more doodles than words sometimes.” She’s blushing and tells him to shut up, but yeah, she’s well chuffed.

“That’s what we told her. She’d love it, she’s really into typography.”

Finn stares at Archie, then at Rae who rolls her eyes. “Apparently, all that scribbling I do of letters and words in all kinds of shapes, yeah?”


“Apparently that’s ‘typography’ according to Chris,” She clears her throat and reaches for her pint, laughing nervously. “It’s always like that with them two,” she gestures to Archie with her pint. “Like, it couldn’t just be doodles, it has to be some fancy thing.”

“Well, that’s what it’s called.” Archie tells her.

Guess this Chris guy is still around, not going anywhere. Not just taking her to art shows but actually changing her life. How far has this gone, though? Is she sharing music with this guy? Does she turn to him when she needs a shoulder to cry on? “So you and Chris are hanging around a lot lately, ey?” he says casually.

To his horror, and to Archie’s delight, Rae is fucking blushing. “Yeah,” she shrugs, “We’re friends.”

“Oh my god, Rae,” Archie laughs, “Would you give off? Just say he’s your boyfriend!”

She chucks a fist full of chips at him, still blushing furiously. “Shut up, Arch, no he’s not.”

“All I’m saying is, if he were my boyfriend I wouldn’t want to hide him, I’d march him up and down High Street –“

“He’s not my boyfriend, though!” she protests, but she’s laughing and her face is heated, and she never made eye contact with Finn during the whole exchange.

Of course this had to happen one day, someone was bound to notice Rae and actually go for it, but that doesn’t help Finn, because he’s not ready to be rational and even-minded about this. His fingers tremble on his tobacco pack, working their automatic routine. He can’t believe he’s still this petty and childish, but here it is, nothing really changed since that rave they went to a billion years ago, where Archie got to kiss Rae for the second time. It’s the same feeling of bile rising in the back of his throat, that ugliest of all emotions – Jealousy. Fucking Chris with his art and his broadening of Rae’s horizons and god knows what else. Was he the one responsible for the changes? Did she lose weight for this wanker? He wishes Archie would stop teasing her because he can’t stand seeing her blushing and squirming in her seat, and saying god, we’re just mates, would you let it go?

He can’t sleep that night. Because he knows about ‘just being mates’. And he knows not everyone will be content to just sit around like he does, and wait for some kind of divine intervention to make something happen with Rae, to change the situation. Even if this Chris is really her mate right now, he’s just biding his time until he can make a move. That artsy-fartsy, scarf-wearing, eagheaded, posh Uni bastard.


Next holiday, she brings Chris with her. She introduces the fucker to her mother and to Karim, then brings him over to the pub, where everyone can pass judgment on him. He is tall as a fucking poll, and infuriatingly doesn’t wear a scarf at all. In fact, he looks nothing like Finn had pictured in his mind. He’s not a stuffy posh arsehole, instead he’s fucking Grunge. His hair is long, he wears ugly torn jeans and a Soundgarden T-shirt, he actually looks like a dopey, frumpy Chris Cornell. Well, fuck. Chloe and Izzy’s voices reach new heights in the excitement, and Chop slaps the guy on the back, all friendly like, telling him he hopes he’s taking care of our little Raemundo.

“Raemundo?” Chris turns to Rae, laughing. “What’s that about?”

“A nickname you need not remember.” She answers, and gets another laugh.

“Duly noted.” He says. Finn hates him so fucking much.

“Finn, good,” she calls out to him as he approaches the table and takes his hand (no ‘hi’, no hug), “Here, I want you to meet Chris.”

“Hey there,” the guy beams at him and stretches a hand to shake. “Heard so much about you.”

 “Yeah, same.”

He knows he’s being rude, sitting there not saying a word, just drinking and rolling cigarette after cigarette. But he has nothing to say to this bloke, this "boyfriend”, and the way everyone else is looking at him like he’s the Second Coming feels like the deepest betrayal. He ignores the quick looks Rae gives him from time to time, knows she’s trying to judge his reaction. His black mood does not allow him to be generous, however, and when she gives him a small smile he doesn’t smile back. “Hey, broodington, what crawled up your arse?” She jokes, and Finn only looks at her through his eyelashes and shrugs.

She turns to Chris, who’s answering Chloe’s many questions, a tinge of desperation colors her words as she suggests, “Chris, tell Finn about the radio station.”

“Oh, yeah, it’s pretty cool,” Chris turns their way, moving a strand of long dark hair behind his ear, in an infuriatingly manly way. “Just got this gig at the campus radio station, editing one of the late-night slots.”

“He gets to pick the music every night, isn’t that amazing?” Rae gushes, her eyes on him, and if she thinks she’s got an Ace up her sleeve, something he’s bound to be impressed with, then she’s wrong, because he isn’t planning on being impressed with this guy even if they tell him he’s in charge of the set list for The Rolling Stones European tour.

“That’s amazing, mate.” He drawls. “What will you put on once you go through all the U2 records?”

“Finn!” Rae’s face registers her shock at the harshness of the insult. Chris looks confused, then he relaxes and smirks, one hand placed lightly on the back of Rae’s chair, the other goes for his beer. “Naa, none of that crap on my slots. I got some tricks up my sleeve, might surprise you if you have a listen.” The grungy motherfucker takes a slow swig and locks eyes with Finn. “Though, do they get Blast Radio all the way in the back storage at the DIY Center?”

Finn doesn’t break the eye contact, manages a snarky smile. Yeah, he’s dead cool, him. Nothing can touch him. So confident about his life choices that you can’t throw them back in his face. At least he hopes that’s what his smile conveys, ‘cause fuck knows he got no clever come back. And a few seconds later Chris turns towards the others and joins is their conversation. Rae’s eyes are downcast, there’s a slight blush coloring her neck. She sits inside her boyfriend’s casual embrace and says nothing. Finn goes to the toilet, just to get away.

He stands outside the bathroom door, trying to relax, but it’s useless. He’s not cool, not even remotely. On the contrary - he is burning up. Can’t believe she let Chris say that. Can’t believe that’s what she told him. That Finn is just some loser, wasting his life away moving boxes around. Can not believe that’s what she thinks of him. He shakes his head, knows he has to pull his shit together, get over this and just go back to the table. Might even have to say some things. Otherwise this Soundgardenlookingtosser wins.

He makes his way back to the group slowly, taking in the scene. That outsider takes his place by her side and everyone just goes along with it, they sure are laughing at his jokes. And Rae’s eyes are sparkling as she leans into Chris, and he’s got an arm across her lap, his hand on her thigh, all the while talking to Chop. He touches her casually, naturally. There’s no doubt, they are together. They have an intimacy that is not new and not hesitant. And then he sees it, and a shock goes through him. He realizes something that he completely missed when he first entered the pub. With all his focus on the new guy, Finn didn’t see that underneath her purple dress, Rae is not wearing leggings or tights. Her skin is bare. Never, outside of his elaborate fantasies about her, had she ever gone without something covering her legs. There was always, always, fabric between them. And now, this guy, this guy is, his hands are all over Rae and he knows what her thighs feel like, probably knows much more.

There’s a ringing in Finn’s ears and the three pints he’s downed so far are traveling back up. This is more than he can be expected to bare, and yet his eyes can’t let go of the place where those strange fingers move, ever so slightly, against the smooth, pale skin at the edge of her dress. He turns back around towards the toilets and the back door and he’s out.

Cold air hits his face like a blessing. He kicks the wall outside and rubs at his temples to ease the pressure building there. The way home seems endless, but he wants to be away from there more than anything. “Duly noted,” He says to the pavement in disgust. “Duly fucking noted, mate.“



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I Had a Girlfriend

*Y/n’s pov*

“See you tomorrow, good night” Frypan said, we’re done cleaning the kitchen and i’m tired, all i want to do is sleep next to my boyfriend, Newt. “Hey chuck, did you see Newt?” I asked him, he’s preparing his bed now. “Oh, he’s with Thomas and Minho” i muttered thanks and went to find Newt. “I told you, i dreamt about her.” Newt said, quite serious and i furrowed my eyebrows, they still don’t see me as i clearly hid in the bushes, who’s her? “How can you dream about her when you clearly don’t know her?” Thomas asked, Newt just shrugged “yeah, these damn bastards wiped away all our memories, then she suddenly appeared in your dreams?” Minho asked, they all have serious faces and i want to smile at them because they were adorable but i can’t stop thinking about who the hell were they talking about? “Okay, what happened next?” “She told me that i’ll be fine, that she will always love me..” Newt muttered, my heart is beating so fast. This is not me, this is from the outside of the maze, he had a girlfriend back then and it’s not me. I don’t know what to feel right now, i was out of the picture in their past. “What are you going to do about it?” Minho said after Newt’s explanation “i don’t know, man. Y/n’s here in the maze, what’s going to happen if we get out of here?” I was crying right now because he’s doubting our relationship because of her. After all, she was the first girlfriend. I wiped away my tears, trying not to make a sound. “Do you think you loved her?” Thomas asked “maybe? I don’t know. Maybe i did. Did i mention that we were both crying? I think that’s the part where i’m going inside the glade.” He said and i know his feelings for me is already fading, i’m already fading. “What if they had this thing where they can hold our memories and when she found out that you had a girlfriend here in the glade, she tried to get to you. Thomas said that they’re watching us” Minho said. I can’t think straight, Newt being with another girl is killing me, i’m afraid that he will choose her over me. I’d rather die than to see them getting back together. “What are you going to do about Y/n?” Thomas asked and this is the question that’s been bugging inside my head. I need to know. “I don’t know, i love her but what if my feelings for her came back? Who will i choose?” I stood up and walked away, i can’t handle this anymore. He’s doubting, i’m fading.

The sound of the box coming up made me jump and i ran faster so they can’t see me eavesdropping. I wiped away my tears as fast as i could because i’m pretty sure it’s not going to stop. Gally’s already inside and more boys are running towards the box, including the three of them. “Y/n!!” Newt yelled and i pretend that i didn’t hear him over the sound of the damn box. When we’re all standing at the box, Newt hold my hand but it seems like my life froze at the moment. Newt was shock, he let go of me and get inside. The person inside is unconscious but barely breathing. Newt looked up but his eyes didn’t focus on me, instead he looked at Thomas and Minho. “It’s her”

A/n: i’m back!! Message me if you want part two!! To the anon who sent me a message, i’m going to write your suggestion after this imagine. Requests are open!!! X