i just want chuck to be my boyfriend


‘   You walked over to your long-term boyfriend, Chuck.

    Y/N: Alright, spit it out.

    Chuck: What?

    Y/N: I mean it is not normal for you to not let me read what you write. I just want to know why…

    Chuck: The latest book… it’s, uh, it’s kind of weird. It is going to be published in October. It’s- It’s about you… Not like your life story… I- You are my muse so I wanted to write something for you. I know you don’t like that kind of literature but it’s… basically a romance novel.

    You stayed silence and looked at him. He turned and grabbed a book from his desk drawer and handed to you.

    Chuck: It’s a rough copy. But I wanted you to see the last page.

   Your eyes trailed to the book that was held out for you. You grabbed it and slowly turned the pages. Just before the book starts it writes ‘ To Y/N. I love you.’ 

   Chuck: Turn to the last page Y/N…

   You flipped the pages quickly stopping at the end credits. Your eyes widened as they read the words, taking them one by one.

    ‘ Dear Y/N, I can’t believe that I ever get this lucky to have you by my side. You are my muse, my life source, my everything. So when I think of you there is only one question that lingers back in my mind. Will you marry me?’           ‘

I Had a Girlfriend

*Y/n’s pov*

“See you tomorrow, good night” Frypan said, we’re done cleaning the kitchen and i’m tired, all i want to do is sleep next to my boyfriend, Newt. “Hey chuck, did you see Newt?” I asked him, he’s preparing his bed now. “Oh, he’s with Thomas and Minho” i muttered thanks and went to find Newt. “I told you, i dreamt about her.” Newt said, quite serious and i furrowed my eyebrows, they still don’t see me as i clearly hid in the bushes, who’s her? “How can you dream about her when you clearly don’t know her?” Thomas asked, Newt just shrugged “yeah, these damn bastards wiped away all our memories, then she suddenly appeared in your dreams?” Minho asked, they all have serious faces and i want to smile at them because they were adorable but i can’t stop thinking about who the hell were they talking about? “Okay, what happened next?” “She told me that i’ll be fine, that she will always love me..” Newt muttered, my heart is beating so fast. This is not me, this is from the outside of the maze, he had a girlfriend back then and it’s not me. I don’t know what to feel right now, i was out of the picture in their past. “What are you going to do about it?” Minho said after Newt’s explanation “i don’t know, man. Y/n’s here in the maze, what’s going to happen if we get out of here?” I was crying right now because he’s doubting our relationship because of her. After all, she was the first girlfriend. I wiped away my tears, trying not to make a sound. “Do you think you loved her?” Thomas asked “maybe? I don’t know. Maybe i did. Did i mention that we were both crying? I think that’s the part where i’m going inside the glade.” He said and i know his feelings for me is already fading, i’m already fading. “What if they had this thing where they can hold our memories and when she found out that you had a girlfriend here in the glade, she tried to get to you. Thomas said that they’re watching us” Minho said. I can’t think straight, Newt being with another girl is killing me, i’m afraid that he will choose her over me. I’d rather die than to see them getting back together. “What are you going to do about Y/n?” Thomas asked and this is the question that’s been bugging inside my head. I need to know. “I don’t know, i love her but what if my feelings for her came back? Who will i choose?” I stood up and walked away, i can’t handle this anymore. He’s doubting, i’m fading.

The sound of the box coming up made me jump and i ran faster so they can’t see me eavesdropping. I wiped away my tears as fast as i could because i’m pretty sure it’s not going to stop. Gally’s already inside and more boys are running towards the box, including the three of them. “Y/n!!” Newt yelled and i pretend that i didn’t hear him over the sound of the damn box. When we’re all standing at the box, Newt hold my hand but it seems like my life froze at the moment. Newt was shock, he let go of me and get inside. The person inside is unconscious but barely breathing. Newt looked up but his eyes didn’t focus on me, instead he looked at Thomas and Minho. “It’s her”

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