i just want bae back ok

What I wanted from Inuyasha.

I liked Kagome, mostly in the manga though. Anime just reused stupid jokes and ruined her character too much for me to like. But I always kind of wanted her to get over her crush on Inuyasha after seeing him and Kikyo have a moment where she’s watching as a sort of ghost and go “Okay my crush is in love with another person….ok, I’m happy for him.” And just ships it. Though she ain’t gonna be letting Kikyo go all vengeful ghost lady and is like “Okay you two, stop this bullshit and kiss and make up! I’m looking at you Kikyo! Stop it!”

Kagome as supportive best friend for Inuyasha in getting the bae back on good terms. That is all that I wanted. A nice healthy relationship with everyone in the main cast of the show.

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How would the turtles handle their S/O telling them that they've been on their mind the entire day! The way they smile.. The look of their face when their focused... their muscles..voice.. and even the feel of their (skin?) 💖


He would just be chillin in the dojo, just coming down from meditating. And all of a sudden he feels hands start to massage his neck from behind.

He opened his eyes and turned his head to see his Kitten smiling at him. “Hey, I thought you didn’t get off until 5?” He asked as he nuzzled her cheek. She smirked and moved to sit beside him. She snuggles into his shoulder and sighed. “I did, but I came straight here…I missed you”

“I missed you too”

“No, I REALLY missed you…I couldn’t get you off my mind at all today”

Leo just nuzzled her hair and wrapped an arm around her to hold her closer to him. “Why is that?”

“I don’t know…I just wanted to be surrounded by you…by your scent…and the calming aura you give off…I love you so much”

He took her chin in his hand and lifted her head up. He leaned down and connected their lips softly. “I love you too” he said and continued to press kisses all over her face.


He didn’t get to sit in his room and read often, but when there was a chance, Raphael often took it. He was almost done with this one chapter when someone knocked on his door. He sighed and got up and unlocked the door. He didn’t expect Sweetcheeks to be standing there…he also didn’t expect her to jump and attach herself to him. “I missed you!!”

Raph was shocked, but he still managed to back into the room and close the door. He pulled her off of him and say her down on the floor. “I thought ya were on a business trip?”

“I was! But I took an opportunity to come back a day early! You’ve been on my mind all day!!”

“Oh really?”

“Yea!! Are you not gonna give me a hello kiss?”

“Where are my manners, of course Dollface”

He lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He smushed his lips against hers and tangled his hand in her hair. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him. Heavy breathing, she pulled away and nuzzled his cheek with hers. “I missed you…I missed kissing you…I missed loving you…I missed your voice…” She trailed off.

“Ya were only gone for a week, Sweetcheeks. And we talked on the phone”

“It’s not the same…and you know what else I missed?”


She slid down and landed on the ground. She palmed his crotch while biting her bottom lip. “I missed this…”

Grunting softly, he palmed her ass. “We’ll get on the bed because it missed you too”

“I love you Raphael”

“I love ya too, sweetheart”


“Don Juan!!”

Donnie jumped and looked up from his microscope. Only one person called him that. “Princess! I didn’t think you would make it today”

“I missed you!”

“Princess…you just saw me yesterday”

“I still missed you!”

Donnie turned and saw his Princess running straight for him. He held out his arms and she dove right into them. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, she began to kiss his cheeks.

“What warranted this behavior?”

“Nothing…you’ve just been on my mind…”

She looked up at him and he looked down at her. She took his glasses and slid them off of his face so she could look into the dark golden eyes. His eyes automatically squinted and she giggled. “Open your eyes for me Don Juan” she begged quietly as she rubbed his face.

He slowly opened his eyes bit by bit. “Princess, you know I don’t like not having my glasses”

“I know but…just let me see your eyes…I’ve wanted to see them all day…and bulked up behind your glasses”

He stared into her eyes and smiled, leaning into her hands. She smiled as well and leaned up and kissed him. “I love you”

“I love and adore you as well, Princess”



“Yes Angelcakes?”

“Can you PLEASE put the controller down for just a minute?”

“But Bae…Donnie JUST got me Dark Souls III, it’s addicting!”

“You can go back to it, just look at me for 5 minutes!”

“….alriiiiiight” he whined as he paused the game and turned to look at his Angelcakes. “Ok, you have my attention for 5 minutes, starting no-”

He got cut off as she pressed her lips to his. She licked his lips and he opened his mouth, moaning and closing his eyes. She crawled onto his lap, placing her legs on either side of his hips. She began to trail kisses down his neck and he moved his head to the side to give her room. Mikey began to run his hands all over her body and she pulled away.

“I missed you”

“Bae…you stayed the night though”

“So? You woke up without me and immediately came in here to play the PlayStation!”

“I’m sorry but it’s Dark Souls III!!!”

“I don’t care! I’m trying to tell you shit, can you listen for a minute?!”

“Ok, I’m sorry, what did you miss about me?”

“I missed feeling your skin against mine this morning…you normally wake me up by stroking my face…I love that you know…” She continued as she grabbed his hand, bringing it over her cheek.

“I missed you grinding against me…I missed having a quickie this morning…you were mean to just not give me something” she said as she started to grind her hips on his crotch. He started to moan and smirked.

“Well if you wanted the D, you should have told me!” He said as he moved to take off her top, but she stopped him.

“I’m sorry, my five minutes is up, you can continue to play your little game now” she said as she got up and left the living room. Mikey stared at her as she walked into the kitchen and groaned as he stood up.

“But Angel! I miss you!!”

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who do you think is more easily jealous when it comes to the other? Jealous and possessive, like they like to silently tell others to back off because bae is theirs and it's not that they feel insecure necessarily but more like they want to world to know that this amazing person is theirs. In Sourin and Makoharu, I mean.

ok so, in SR they’re BOTH like this ok, they’re both lowkey possessive assholes like Sousuke will be talking to someone and Rin will just…sidle over. He may or may not insert himself into the conversation but he’ll do stuff like, prop an elbow on Sousuke’s shoulder or lean against him. He’d somehow initiate physical contact and it’s usually pretty lowkey and friendly than sexual or anything but it’s a pretty obvious “Do you see this? This is how it’s supposed to be. I belong here, right next to him and nothing you do can change that.” He may also flirt a little with Sousuke, just to establish his position lmao. Meanwhile, Sousuke is just basically always this looming shadow behind Rin. He’s not TRYING to be intimidating necessarily, but his mere presence is one most people would rather not contend with lmao (even if he is actually a giant sappy nerd, but no one but Rin knows that) It’s probably the resting bitch face. It’s definitely the resting bitch face. 

As for MH, Haru is the more possessive one hands down. He will glare at you from across the room, especially if he thinks you have some ulterior motive (see Shigino Kisumi) and it’s not because he doesn’t trust Makoto, but it’s more like, he’s protective of Makoto because Makoto can be too accommodating and too trusting at times. Makoto likes to make the people around as comfortable and happy as possible and sometimes that means sacrificing his own comfort. Haruka knows this and is very watchful of it and will step in when he thinks boundaries are being pushed too far. Makoto can get jealous, but he’s less likely to outwardly show it though Haru usually exhibits very little interest in people outside of his friend group anyway. 

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Boxer Luke where the guy whispers something to him and Luke gets mad and beats the shit out of him and you get scared and then it gets super super fluffy and OMG I NEED BOXER LUKE OKAY PLEASE ILY


hold on kids thiS IS GONNA BE A LONG ONE

So like Luke would be this really really fucking good boxer and you’d be his girlfriend of two years and he’d be so so so into you and protective of you and all and one evening you two would be walking back from this quaint lil restaurant that he’d taken you for your late two year anniversary (late because he had a match that night ofc he won and you two had amazing sex that night since he was just so pumped and you were there watching him and yEAH but he still wanted to take you out somewhere nice) so you were really dressed up and had this short, tight dress on that he loved seeing you in and these cute pumps and just the whole night was just so nice until you were nearing some alley way and there were these guys on the curb of it and they were obviously checking you out and wolf whistling and making all these snide comments about how great your ass look and that they’d like to see you out of that dress and on your knees in front of them and like they were really trying hard to get Luke’s attention because they knew who he was and wanted to start shit with him and you could tell by Luke’s grip on your waist that he was getting pissed but he was trying to keep it in because he wanted this night to be perfect because after-all you were celebrating two years of you two being together and he could tell that you were a lot more than a little worried but then when you were a little past them, one of them calls out something about Luke being a pussy and that he probably doesn’t even satisfy you like he could and he just fucking loses it right then and there. So like Luke’s right on this guy and he’s all up in face like he does when he’s actually boxing and you’re standing way back where you were when the other called out and before you know it, Luke’s got him by his collar and he’s laying into this guy like there’s no tomorrow and you’re actually scared for you dear life because you know when Luke loses his cool, it takes him a long time to cool down so you end up screaming “Luke, stop it!” and when he hears the trembles in your voice, he stops with his fist in mid-air and looks back and you’re almost on the verge of tears because the thought of Luke going to jail for basically beating the shit out a guy and possibly killing him is unbearable and you couldn’t stand to be away from him, so Luke just drops the guy and spits something out like “if I ever hear you talk like that about my girl, I will fucking end you.” And so the guys basically make a run for it because Luke’s proved his point that no one should attempt to mess with you let alone him and he just wraps him arms around you waist and pulls you in for a long hug and you’re shaking a little because you’re still so overwhelmed over what’d just happened but with his arms around you, you just feel so safe and at home and Luke’s just whispering quiet apologies in between the faint and small kisses he’s pressing against your neck to calm you down and you finally just pull him back to kiss him hard on the lips and say “let’s just go home, Lukey.” and he’d just nod and pecks your lips before engulfing your tiny hand in his again. Oh goD I’m saD I WANT A LUKE.



I frowned as I looked at the nasty bite mark on my neck. I remembered him biting me but I didn’t know he bit so hard to the point where he broke skin.

“Aww look who’s standing” Alex smirked as he walked behind me in the bathroom “Shut up, look why you did to my neck” I whined

The more I looked at it, the uglier it got.

“In my defense, you cumming mad hard, just plain squeezin-” I cut him off before he could finish “Alex” I growled

He had a goofy look on his face “What? You put me in a tough position plus, you fucked my back up way worse with those fucking claws, I should be the mad one” I rolled my eyes at him

“Speaking of nails, you broke two of them” I turned to face him “Two! You’re paying for these to be fixed” I said lifting my hand to show him the two broken nails

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imagine been with Nate on a tour.

Nate babe are you ready?, we have to go to bus.- you said coming in to your hotel room.

Hey litlle ma here you are.- he said with a smile in his face.

Nate have you made your bag?.- you ask him.

Not yet honey just chill out, I’m starting on a second.- he said a bit frustated.

Just leave it I’m making it for you ok?.- you saided allready annoyed

Yn babe don’t get angry, please bae I don’t want to fight.- he said staying on calm.

Ok skate is justI want you to be a little more responsible, you know I’m not gnna be next week with you am just worried for you.- you said

Aww it seems that litte YN is worried about me.- he said making laught about you.

Hey Nathan don’t make fun of me, I just want you to be ok and plus ofcourse I’m worried about you you’re my boyfriend thats my work.- you said

Little ma’ you know I love you ok, just I’m trying to make the time we got left good enough so I can have amazing memories until we meet again ok?.- he said. 

Ok bae I love you soo much, it’s gonna hurt so badly when I go back to my house .- you said sadly.

You’re not gonna be the only one, it’s true it’s gonna hurt like hell when you leave, but for now lets just enjoy this days- he said with an smile on his face.

Chapter 8: Big Mistake.


Checking my pregnancy test, I gasped while a tear slid down my cheek. It was positive. My mom is gonna freak out. She’s gonna kill both me and Ty.

Speaking of Ty, this is his fault! He decided to have sex without a condom one night, now look where it got us. I cant put the blame on him though, nobody forced me to have sex with him. 

Sighing, I grabbed my phone and sent a picture of the stick to Ty and Chris.

Bestie : bruh stop playing. 

Baby: ok..

Sucking my teeth at Ty’s message, I texted him back. This is why I dont want any kids with him right now, he’s fucking immature. This is NOT the time to be playing. 

Me: you little childish piece of shit, this aint the fucking time to be playing. we have a child on the way and you say ok? you play too fucking much, and I just wanna beat tf out of you. get tf over here NOW so I can fucking smack you. 

Baby: alright damn no need to get hostile 

Baby: i was jokin

Baby: fr bae im sorry

Baby: text me back

Baby: i love u stop playin 

Baby: if u wanna walk out of my life then fine


Ty always blew up my phone when he knew he fucked up. Sending me like thousands of messages a day. He’s annoying as hell sometimes. Gives me a damn headache. Don’t see how his mom puts up with his childish ass. Always joking around.

My phone vibrating snapped me out of my thoughts. Grabbing it, I unlocked it a read a message from Chris.

Bestie : damn you let ty ugly ass knock you up

Bestie : lil bubbly ass, sweet ass nae done got pregnant. baby what is the world coming to? what momma eggroll say?

Me: stfu chris and I aint tell her yet, she prolly gonna be pissed

Bestie : see you need to keep your lil vagina to yourself, nigga. this wouldn’t have happed if ty kept his small ass dick in his pants or wrapped it up.

Me: bye.

Holding my stomach, I wiped away the tears I had from laughing at Chris so hard. He is stupid, yo.

Hearing the doorbell ring, I huffed. This was gonna be a long talk, because Ty’s stupid. He’s gonna ask a dumbass question, I know he will.


Nae keeps buggin’ me about apologizing to Raye,  but she’s being fucking difficult. I cant believe she’s pregnant though. That probably explains why they aint come to school today. I know her momma gone be mad as hell, but I mean what she expect? She knows that Ty is Nae’s boyfriend, and she lets him come over all the time. I know she aint  think they wasn’t fucking. Pushing those thoughts to the back of my head, I looked at Raye again.

“Raye..” I called out,  tapping her  on the shoulder.  This was like my fucking 5th time calling her.  She know she heard me.  Her back was facing me,  but she got ears. 

“Damn man,  that nigga August back.” I mumbled loud enough for her to hear.  On queue,  she quickly turned around and looked towards the doors. 

“Fucking thirsty for this nigga, man.” I said on accident.  It was a thought,  I aint mean to say it out loud. 

“Ugh,  you always got something to say!” She whined,  before putting her head down on the table. 

Huffing because I could never please her,  I wrapped my arms around her. 

“Move.” She mumbled into my shirt.

“Brah,  look I’m sorry alright?  I ain’t mean to say that.” She looked up,  and quickly pushed me away from her.  Scooting down a chair or two,  she mugged me.  See?  I’m trying to apologize,  but this lil’ bit- girl is playing. 

“No the fuck you’re not.  Don’t apologize to me and then keep doing the shit,  that makes no damn sense.  Always apologizing.  I hate a ‘I’m sorry’ ass nigga.” She spat,  making me look at her in disbelief.  I should curse her the fuck out or even be- know what?  I’m just gone let it slide. 

“Well, what the fuck else you want me to do?” I asked with an attitude. 

“You can get the fuck up out my face with that punk ass uncalled for attitude.” She scrunched up her face,  waving me off. She trying it, man.

Sucking my teeth,  I moved down next to her.  She tried to move again,  but I grabbed her waist.

“Can you just hear me out?” I asked,  grabbing her hands.   She quickly snatched them away,  and put them back in her lap. 

“NO! Can you just leave me the fuck alone?!” She snapped.  Chuckling at the fact that she was getting pissed,  I scratched the back of my head. 

“Raye I’m not about to ask you again..”

“WELL BYE! Nobody told you to ask in the first place.” She spat,  making me roll my eyes.

“Will you chill with the fucking attitude?  I ain’t even done shit to ya today.” She chuckled. 

“Yea,  exactly.  You haven’t done anything TODAY.” she said putting emphasis on today. 

“I’m trying to make peace with you.  I’m trying to tell you that I aint gone fuck with you no m—” she cut me off. 

“Ah,  don’t wanna hear it.” She said,  imitating Joseline from Love And Hip Hop ATL,  making me smile a lil’ bit. 

“Raye,  foreal.  Please?” She shook her head no,  making me groan loudly. 

“No,  Chris!  You expect me to forgive you after all the shit you’ve done to me? Do you want me to name everything you’ve done?” She explained. I shook my head no,  because I didnt want to be reminded of that shit. I was trying to move on. 

“You’ve called me out my name,  pushed me, slapped me, choked me to death multiple times,  spit on me, poured hot ass coffee in my hair,  you lied on me for your dumbass actions and almost got me expelled, loosened the screws in my desk so I could fall, made me loose my bestfriend,  made me get into a car wreck, thrown stuff at me,  you tried to let one of your lil homies f—” I cut her off,  because one she ignored me when I said no,  and two she wasn’t even half way finished naming everything that I did. 

“Look,  can we move on from the past?” She rolled her eyes. 

“If I say I’ll think about it,  will you get the fuck out my sight?” smiling,  I nodded and she waved me off. 

“Let me take you out to prove it..” She stared at me for a minute,  then starting looking down at her legs. 

“I thought I just told you to get out my face?” She said, with a confused look on her face, making me suck my teeth. Bit- Girl tryna be funny.

“Raye, come on. Please? I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” She smacked her lips, and rolled her eyes. She got a nigga begging and shit, and I aint even bout’ to hit. Shit is unbelievable.

“OK, and I want you to excuse your bitch ass from this table and leave me the fuck alone, because I personally do not like you. I don’t fuck with, kick it with you, chill with ya, non of that bullshit, so please..” She said, turning to look at me. That shit was low-key sexy, but I’m shocked. She lucky I aint slap her for saying all this smart ass shit.

“What? You gone hit me?” Chuckling, I shook my head.

“Yo, chill. I just wanna move forward from all this bullshit.” Laughing obnoxiously loud, she never stopped which freaked me the fuck out, making me look at her weirdly.

“And I just want you to get away from me, but is that happening? Nah boo.” She laughed. Shaking my head, I put my elbow on the table and rested my face on the palm of my hand. She trippin’.

“I’ll buy you some ice-cream..” I smiled. She def. couldn’t say no to that, because everybody knew she loved ice-cream.

“I don’t eat ice-cream anymore, because of you.” She replied back, smartly. Furrowing my eyebrows together, I thought about what she was talking about. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“You put—” I cut her off, remembering exactly what I did. That was the worst thing I ever done now that I think about it.

“Ok, fine. Cotton Candy?” She hesitated, before sighing.

“Ok, but once I get my cotton candy, don’t think I forgave you.” She warned, grabbing her bag.

As soon as she stood up, the bell rang causing me to cheese. “What you cheesing for?” She asked, making me put on a straight face.

“Uh, shit.. no reason.” I lied, scratching my head. She gave me a ‘yea, ok’ look before walking out of the school building.

“You riding with me?” She looked around.

“Oh yea I forget, Aug— yea I’ll ride with you.” Yea, she better not bring up that nigga name. Tired of hearing about him.

Walking to the side of my door,  I was about to get in until I seen her still standing outside of her side of the door. 

“You not gonna get in?” I chuckled,  nervously.

“Can you open my door?” I sucked my teeth,  and looked at her like she was crazy. 

Groaning,  I walked over to her side and opened it for her.  Once she was in,  I jogged back to my side and got in. 

“Are you satisfied,  now?” she gave me a small smile and nodded. 

I hope this shit goes well. 


Grabbing my Cotton Candy from the lady in Tasty Clouds,  I skipped away outside to the sand.  Hopefully Chris wont follow me down here. 

I should’ve brought August’ car,  because now I can’t leave until Chris wants to leave. 

“Aye, so wassup?” Chris asked, sitting down beside me. Looking at him, I rolled my eyes before getting back on my phone. He did look unusually good as hell today, but ion’ like him, so yea.

“So you gone ignore me?” Sucking my teeth, I put my phone down.

“Look here Banana, I told you we wasn’t gonna share any words  after I got my cotton candy, so don’t act brand new.” I explained, putting my attention back on my phone afterwards.

“YOU USED ME!” Chris screamed out like Erica from Love and Hip Hop Atl.

Biting my lips from trying to hide the laugh that wanted to escape my mouth, I shook my head and looked away from him.

“You know you wanna laugh. Gone head’ and laugh.” Chris chuckled, poking my sides.

Removing his hand, I moved a few inches down from him.

“Why you gotta be like that?” He groaned. Ignoring him, I opened a text that I had just got from August.  I aint talked to him in 2 days.

August:) : juice box?

Me: wtf? I need a better name then that

August:) : K DEN. send me a pic big titties

Me: -_- LMAO brah, you already know how I look toothpick.

August:) : fuck you n idc, I aint seen you in 4 days

Me: k stop whining

August:) : -_- nvm den witcha bitch ass

Chuckling at the fact that he was mad, I went to my gallery and clicked on an old picture. I’ma just send it to shut him up, since he bitching. Thinking about how childish and ugly he typed, I decided to do the same.

Me: all 4 u daddeh 

August:) : dam, “ima beat my dick, ima beat my dick, ima get it, ima get it! wea da laptop at wea the laptop at?” kevin hart voice

Me: get ya nasteh azz on

“Who you texting?” Chris asked, trying to look at my phone.

Scrunching up my face, I put my phone on my chest, and looked at him. “August.” I shrugged. He cant get mad, so he better not or I’m leaving.

“Man, whatever.” He said, putting his head down. Chuckling, I put my phone in my purse and stared at him. Baby boy looked so mad.

“Chrisss..” I teased, poking his 7 head. Ignoring me, he moved my hand and went back to the position he was in. Looking at him like he was crazy, I grabbed my purse.

“So you salty? Ok, fine.” I shrugged, getting up to leave. Pulling me back by my waist, he sat me on his lap.

“Are you crazy?!” I semi-yelled, punching him in the chest so he could let me go. Fuck is his problem?

“Bruh, chill.” He told me, as I moved back to where I was sitting.

“No,  I’m about to walk home since you catching an attitude.” I stated,  getting up from the sand. Dusting the sand off my butt,  I began to walk the way towards Nae’s house. 

“Fuck you then!” He yelled. Shaking my head, I rolled my eyes. Niggas is crazy. He was just literally begging me to forgive him, but now it’s fuck me? Oh alright. Fuck his stupid bitch ass.  Bi-polar ass. That’s why I didn’t wanna talk to him in the first place. 

Turning on the street that Nae lived on, I mentally thanked God that her house was mad close to the beach.

When I reached her house, her and Ty were sitting on the porch hugged up. They must’ve got done arguing cause Ty looked rough and tired, and Nae was crying.

“What’s wrong with y’all?” They both looked up at me only to put their heads back down and ignore me. Scrunching up my face at the fact that they just ignored me, I turned back around to go to the next street. Raymond lives behind them. I aint seen or heard from him in a minute though. 

Reaching his doorstep, I groaned when I saw Chris’ car next to Raymond’s in the driveway. There wasn’t no where else to go. I need new friends. 

Unlocking the door with my key, I walked in to see Cassie laying on Raymond and Chris. Nasty ass. Why she gotta lay on both of em’?

“Yo, can we talk now?” Raymond asked, walking over to me. I didn’t even wanna hear his apology story or whatever, I just want my brother back. I’ve always wanted a brother and sister bond, so I’m not gonna listen to whatever apology story he’s gonna give. I’m not the type to treat someone bad. I’m actually a nice girl. 

Nodding, he looked at me before sighing. “Ok look I’m sorry, alright? I just mad at you, because when it was the other way around when dad wa—” I cut him off, not wanting to hear about our dad. I just now realizing  exactly how he felt, that’s why I didn’t want to hear the apology. When my dad used to beat us, Raymond would always ask Bri and I to help him out or stop my dad from doing it, but we just sat there. But I mean, what else could we do? That’s what he didn’t understand. I guess that’s why he felt like he didn’t have to take up for me, because I didn’t do the same for him, but still..

“I understand, Raymond.” I sighed.

“So you forgive me? You not mad anymore?” He cheesed.

“I mean, you gotta show me that you care. You got a lot of work to do, I’m not gone let you in that easy, but I’m willing to work on it." I shrugged.

"I’m gonna go take a hot bath though,  my back hurts.” I mumbled, looking over at Chris cause he caused this bullshit.

Rolling my eyes for like the 100th time today, I jogged up the steps and turned a corner to go to my room.

Opening my door and cutting on the light, the first thing that I noticed was that my room was dirty as hell. Clothes and shoes were all over the place.

I guess I’d have to clean it after I take my bath, because that hot water is calling my name right now. 

Walking into my bathroom,  I opened the closet door. Scanning for something to where to bed tonight, I just picked panties and a matching bra. I hated sleeping in clothes anyways.

Walking over to the tub, I turned the hot water all the way up before pouring bubbles in it. Stripping out of my grey sweater and sweats, I put my hair into a messy bun afterwards.

Putting my phone on my iHome set, Drake’s Come Thru blasted through the speakers making me smile a bit.

Stepping into the now full and foamy tub, I moaned as the hot water came in contact with my back. It felt soooo good. Closing my eyes, I moved to the back of the tub and rested my head on the wall. I really needed this.

Hearing the door open, I peeked one eye open and sucked my teeth. There’s more than one bathroom in this house.

“You might wanna cover up.” Chris chuckled. Looking down at my full exposed chest, I got some bubbles and covered it up.

Feeling Chris’ eyes burn holes on the side of my face,  I groaned. “Can you not?” I spat, only for him to smirk.

“I can’t sit in here?” he asked, making me look at him like he was stupid.

“NO!” I yelled, making him jump a little.

“You mean as—” I cut him off.

“Shutup, Shutup.” I whispered to Chris as I heard August voice in my room. Fuck! He didn’t say he coming back today, although it has been a week since he’s been gone.

“Raye I just heard your dumbass!” August laughed. Cursing to myself, I pointed towards the closet for Chris to get in, but he looked at me confused.

“Damn you need to clean up this dirty ass r—” He cut himself off as he walked into the bathroom. 

Looking between Chris and I, he looked at me with disgust written all over his face.

“August, I don’t know why he’s i-”

“Ion’ even give a fuck no more, dumbass. Make sure your room is clean before you invite niggas over. You better not say shit to me either."  He spat, before walking out.

Quickly grabbing the towel that was next to me, I stepped out of the tub, almost slipping in the process. Wrapping the towel around my body, I went in my room only to find August getting his things.

"August, dont leave.” I said, grabbing his arm.

Yanking it away from me, he grabbed his keys and left my room. Sighing, I threw myself back on the bed. Seconds later, Chris came out with a sorry look on his face.

“Yo, my b—” I no longer wanted to hear his apologies either. He always did this shit on purpose. It was getting old.

“Whatever, I don’t care.” I mumbled. Shrugging, he left which gave me the chance to cry.

Grabbing my phone, I read a text that August just sent me.

August:) :  u a real fucked up person 4 dat, u know? i talked to my moms about u n erything, telling her how special u were. but tbh u ain’t nun but a dirty ass lien ass lil girl. see, im not gone say bitch, cuz I care too much but Chris says it all da time and u choose him over me? dam, I was gone make u wifey today too, but gud thing I didn’t.  u prolly was wit Chris the whole week I was gone lol but it’s all gud doe ima fall back cuz I see dat u choosin him

Groaning, I threw my phone across the room hearing the glass shatter in the process. I don’t even care right now. I’m mad at the fact that Chris ruins everything.

“Yo, you good?” Chris asked as he peeked in  my room. Frowning, I turned the other way so that he couldn’t see me, only for him to come over.

“Man, could you stop ignoring me? I’m try—” He said leaning over me, before I cut him off by socking him in his fucking face.

“Shut the fuck up and get out! You ruin everything!” I yelled in his face. A couple of seconds later, his fist came in contact with my eye causing me to wince in pain.

“I fucking tried to be nice to you, yo!” He yelled angrily, holding his now busted lip that was bleeding like crazy.

“Fucking done trying to please you, foreal. Difficult ass bitch,  man.” He mumbled, before storming out. Checking to see if Raymond was here as Chris left,  I was out of luck. He must of left with Cassie.

Nothing good ever happens to  me.



“Ma I sw’ea I’m good stop stressin’.” His plea for her to chill went unnoticed by her as she fussed over her son. Seeing as though she wasn’t paying him any attention Aug grumbled something under his breath before taking the help and getting into the wheelchair.

After this stressful ass week my baby was finally going home and I couldn’t have been more than happy. The scariest three days of my life to be honest.

“I’m not stressin’ I’m jus’ bein a mom.” She retorted back and I shook my head a small smile on my face as they went back and forth. Not only was Aug being released today but as of now he was on unofficial ‘bed rest’.

Knowing August I knew he felt a certain way about that. Especially with the unfinished tour but quite frankly I gave zero fucks about it. Harsh or not, Augs health comes first and I need for him to realize that too.

“Ok Mr. Alsina I just need for you to sign these release forms and you’re all set.” The Doctor spoke walking into the room. Silently taking the clipboard and pen out of his hand he signed the dotted lines handing it back.

“Ya ready lil bro?” Travis asked grabbing the handles on the wheelchair. Aug nodded his hat covering his eyes before he grabbed my hand. “Wha’s up?” Shaking my head he looked up at me like he didn’t believe me before dropping it. I knew he wasn’t letting it go but until we get alone he’ll have to wait.

With Tee close by as well as the hospital security we finally made it out the room. Walking behind Travis I walked next to Mama Sheila who was just as quiet as me.

I was quiet for so many reasons but at the same hand I needed somebody to talk to. “Babeh ya ok?” I nodded pushing my curly hair into a ponytail. Digging my hands in the pocket one of Augs NTME hoodies I bit down on my bottom lip feeling an arm wrap around my shoulder.

Looking up I grinned at Sneak who was smiling from ear to ear. For the past couple of days since Aug has been in a coma Sneak truly looked like the definition of someone who lost their best friend. He wouldn’t cry, that was my job but he didn’t say much either. He simply sat right on the side of Aug making sure he was ok.

I found their close relationship to be cute. Sneak was the definition of a day one. He was so loyal. “Ha ya hol’in up lil Asian?” Shrugging we reached the elevator and my eyes diverted to Aug who was resting his face in his hands. Pouting because my baby was so exhausted, I knew he could use some sleep in a comfortable bed.

“Fine, you?” Responding with the same answer as me a simple smile was what he was greeted with before we got onto the elevator.

“Brooklyn babeh, I’ll have Travis book us a room so we won’t be in tha way.” Shaking my head no, I obliged. “No it’s fine I have more than enough room. You guys can stay as long as you need.” Mama Sheila smiled her little cute dimples deepening.

“You’re an Angel you know that?” Grinning and then frowning when all four of these unwanted ass opinions made side comments I rolled my eyes. “Ya’ll better lea’ ma babeh alone.” Smirking, I kissed her cheek sticking my tongue out at Sneak who mugged me playfully. “Childish.” “Ugly.”

“Im’a fight ya lil short self midget.”

Finally the elevator doors opened and we were making our way out of the hospital. Thankfully not a lot of people knew which hospital Aug was in so it wasn’t a hassle getting to the car which I appreciated.

Unlocking the doors to my Range Rover, T helped Aug in the passenger seat while I grabbed his bags placing them in the trunk. Mama Sheila decided to ride with T because she wanted to stop and go grocery shopping so she could cook. I asked to go with her but she told me no, making Travis go with her. I pouted at that but didn’t object to her not going. She and I both know I love when she cook. She also glared at me when I told her I had no food in the house. But that wasn’t my fault.

Of course Sneak rode with us which was cool too. I wasn’t ready for Aug playing twenty one questions. “I’on kno’ why ya puttin’ ya life on tha line Sneak.” Sucking my teeth I waved him off pushing the start. “Don’t believe him.”

Sneak let out a low chuckle but said nothing. Pulling out the parking lot I pulled out of the hospital completely rolling my eyes as Aug put on his seatbelt. “You know what?” Placing my left leg in the seat with me I got onto the congested streets of New York City. Uptown was forever like this but I wasn’t one for public transportation. Even if that was the main source of getting place to place.

The entire way to my apartment Aug continued to make side comments about my driving before I turned the radio all the way up drowning out his petty self. Sneak found this funny and he was two seconds away from getting punched too.

People act like I can’t drive when I know I can. So what if I tend to push on the gas a little I’m jus tryna get to where I need to go.

At a quarter to two we reached my apartments, this time Sneak helped Aug out the car and I grabbed all the bags. “Are you good baby? Can you walk?” He nodded but Sneak still helped him out.

My doorman grabbed the bags from me pressing the up elevator button before it opened and we stepped on. Digging my keys out of my purse I tried to remember if my apartment was cleaned or not. I knew it wasn’t dirty but I also know I haven’t thoroughly cleaned since school started.

This was kind of nerve wrecking in a sense. This was Augs first time being in my home and I wish it was under different circumstances but things happen, sadly.

Unlocking my door I grabbed my bags from the doorman and smiled. “Thanks Ashton.” He grinned, “No problem Ms. Brooklyn.” His thick Jamaican accent was so cute to me, reminded me of my daddy who I missed dearly.

“My room is upstairs but if yo-” Aug chuckled cutting me off, “chill babeh I’m good jus’ show me ya room.” Why was I so nervous?

“Damn lil Asian I’m stayin’ wit’chu.” Smiling and shaking my head Sneak plopped down on my couch grabbing the remote. “That’s fine make yourself at home.” Waving off me and my sarcasm he flipped through the channels settling on college football.

Men and their sports. I cannot.

Aug squeezed my waist getting my attention and I grabbed his hand leading him up the stairs.

“This my room.” Motioning my hand over my large spacious room I grabbed all of the papers scattered around my bed tossing them on the dresser. I haven’t been home in three days so this is the results from it.

His eyes roamed around my entire room before stopping at my bathroom. My favorite part of the house if you ask me. The glass bathroom was sort of similar to the one on ‘Being Mary Jane’ kind of.

“So we usin’ dat right?” Wrapping his arms around my waist I shook my head at him. “Yes..” His eyes lit up causing me to smirk, “but not the way you’re thinking.” Sucking his teeth he pushed me away from him and I laughed picking up the shoes from off my floor.

Aug sat on the bed just watching me as I tried to straighten up my junky room but it was hard seeing as though I could feel his piercing stare.

Dropping the dirty clothes in the hamper I slid the entire basket over towards the door deciding to wash my clothes. I yawned tiredly exhausted. I’m not sure of the last time I actually closed my eyes and slept but it’s been awhile.

“Thim Slick c’mere.” Looking back at him to see him comfortably laying on my bed with the remote in hand. Treading over to him I sat next to him but he pulled me on top of him. “I’m hurting you.” “Ya not Gi. I had a concussion I ain’ break shit.” He sounded so nonchalant about it and it made me sad.

“Why ya bout ta cry?” Hiding my face in his neck the tears formed in my eyes before rolling down my cheeks. Rubbing my back he mumbled in my ear how he was ok but I didn’t believe him.

I begged him to just get some rest but he never listened to me. He’s so damn stubborn and this is the result of his stubbornness.

“Giselle, ma stop cryin’ I’m good bae I promise.” Lifting my head up I tried drying my eyes but it was a lost cause. “I’m so pissed off at you. I literally thought I lost you. Apart of me wants to kiss you all over your face cause I miss you and I’m happy that you’re ok. But the other part wants to smack you and never talk to you again.” A small hiccup slipped through my lips every few sentences tears falling from my eyes down to his chest.

August looked so hurt yet so helpless at the same time. Opening his mouth he closed it back, the first time in eight months since he’s been in my life I have never seen him speechless.

“I’m sorry Brooklyn, babeh ya got’a be’lie me.” Wiping my tears away he pulled my face towards his planting his soft smooth lips on mine. Sparks flew all throughout that kiss. My body tingling, my heart beating, stomach doing those butterflies. It felt like our first kiss and I fell deeper in love with him.

Neither of us wanted to pull away but oxygen was needed so I detached my lips from his my breathing ragged just like his. Staring down at him he licked over his swollen bottom lip squeezing my waist.

“Damn.” Laying my head on his chest another tired yawn came from me. “Did ya sleep?” Shaking my head he sighed rubbing my back through the hoodie. “Get sum sleep.” “I can’t.” Which was true I had to make sure he was ok. I didn’t want him passing out again, I didn’t need him falling into another coma, I definitely didn’t want to sleep and he can barely breathe.

“No I’m ok.”

“Brooklyn I ain’ askin’ ya I’m tellin’ ya go to sleep.” Sighing, I went to say something but decided against it. “Fine but I can’t go t-” “yeah I kno’.” He chuckled some before proceeding to rub my booty.

Grinning I buried my face in his neck inhaling his scent before closing my eyes. “I luh ya wife.” Blushing I kissed tha inside of his neck. “I love you too husband.”


Waking up to complete darkness reassured me that I’ve been sleep all day which means I missed the food, which means I’m hungry and sad. Licking my lips I wiped my eyes rolling over to what was Augs side only to find it cold.

Frowning I sat up sitting on the edge of the bed staring blankly at the wall trying to wake myself up.

After a few moments I stood to my feet going into the bathroom. Passing the mirror on the way a pout graced my face seeing sleep lines all over my cheek and a couple of red marks.

That only means I slept hard as hell. But it was worth it because now I feel like myself again..kinda.

Pulling off the hoodie along with the leggings followed by my bra and panties I turned the shower on getting in letting the hot water and steam soothe my muscles.

Washing my body with my Dove soap followed by my Jasmine scented body wash. I made sure not to get my hair wet seeing how I forgot to grab my shower cap. I blamed my half awake state for that and I was too lazy to get out the shower and grab it.

My soapy wash cloth ran over my flat stomach and I bit my bottom lip trailing the pink rag down my legs. Spending almost thirty minutes in the shower I got out wrapping a towel around my drenched body swinging my bathroom door opened.

Jumping when I seen Aug and eventually sucking my teeth I walked over to my dresser grabbing my grey Calvin Klein boxer set.

They were so comfortable and cute. “Where’s my mommy?” August sucked his teeth mumbling incoherently under his breath. “Downstairs wit e’rybody else.”

“Oh are you feeling ok?” Slamming the top drawer I sat next to him with my lotion in hand. “Yea, jus’ tired n’ shit.” Squirting the baby lotion in my hand I rubbed it onto my legs. “Well baby go take a shower and lay down.” I felt like it was something more on his mind that he wasn’t telling me but I wasn’t going to pressure him about it. Whenever he’s ready to tell me he can.

Slipping the boxer shorts over my body I did the same with my top standing to my feet. Stepping in front of Aug sliding my hands over his broad shoulders looking down on him.

“You scared me.” Holding onto my sides he licked his lips pulling me closer. “I scared ma’self.” “Promise you’ll listen the next time your body is telling you to relax?” He nodded before smiling at me genuinely this time. “Cool cause I’m too young to have high blood pressure and a heart attack.” Laughing at me August stood up towering over me and kissing my forehead. “I promise Squirt.” Satisfied with his answer I stood on the tip of my toes kissing the ‘A’ on his neck before letting him take a shower.

Throwing on a pair of Nike sweats and a plain t-shirt I headed downstairs the smell of fried chicken making my stomach growl.

“Well look at hea’ it’s lil Asian. Ya finally up midget?”

“Leave me alone. You always messing with me.” I pouted playfully going into the kitchen. Piling my plate with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni, string beans, a biscuit with gravy I did a happy dance.

Grabbing the bottle of water from the refrigerator I walked into the living room sitting on the floor folding my legs and placing my plate on my lap. “Brook ya ain’ got’a sit on tha floor.”

“It’s fine Travis I’m good.” I sat in front of Mama Sheila who played in my hair. She wasn’t doing anything but making me sleepy. “Are you ok Angel?” I nodded, mama Sheila was the only one who knew my true feelings at the moment. She had caught me in the bathroom hyperventilating because I didn’t do well with hospitals. Hated them actually.

“I’m fine mommy. I promise.” I mumbled biting into my chicken followed by my mash potatoes.

Combing through my hair with her fingers, relaxing my body completely against the couch.

The time on the clock hanging up on my wall read a quarter to nine and I knew I had class tomorrow. I wasn’t going so I wasn’t too worried about it. “Where’s Tima?” My question went to Travis who blushed on queue at the mention of her name. “Back at home, she couldn’t fly.” Nodding understandably a smile formed on my face.

“Awww Travis you having a baby. I love babies I’m claiming babysitter so yeah.” Travis agreed looking at me in amusement. “Cool, don’t be ackin’ funny when I call ya up like lil sis I need ya.”

“I won’t..” Going back to my food we all sat in a comfortable silence until we heard Aug come downstairs. My stomach did butterflies at the sight of my baby but I composed myself focusing on my food.

“Whea’ tha cake mama?” Bending down he grabbed a piece of my chicken ignoring my facial expression waiting for her answer. “In the refrigerator, leave ha food alone August.”

“Man ha lil fat self don’t need al’lat.” Kicking him in his leg he sucked his teeth kicking me back. Mama Sheila smacked his arm which he winced to catching an attitude. “Ma she hit me first.” “So you should’a left ha alone.” Poking ma tongue out a mischievous grin formed on his face.

“Ya right mama.” His little ugly self walked away leaving me wondering.

He play too much.


She slept peacefully in ma arms occasionally whimperin’ in ha sleep. Throwin’ ma arm ova ma eyes I carefully slid out tha bed watchin’ ha grab a hold of ma pillow and cuddling into it.

Going into tha bathroom I ran ma hands down ma face tiredly, lookin’ through ha medicine cabinets fa sum’n dat a take dis headache away. Wakin’ ha up wasn’t an option cause I ain’ need ha stressin’ haself out ova sum’n minor.

Openin’ tha last drawer I found tha Tylenol along wit sum’n else I ain’ wan’a find. Furrowing ma eyebrows and grabbin’ it I walked back in tha room shakin’ B’s body ta wake ha up.

“Hmm.” She whined pushin’ ma hand away. Jus’ like me B hated bein’ waken up out ha sleep so I knew a attitude was bound ta grace ha mood. “Gi get up.” Gruntin’ she sucked ha teeth sittin’ up and rubbin ha eyes. She looked at me wit a annoyed expression on ha face befo’ castin’ ha eyes ta wha’ was in ma hand.

Shock flashed across ha features fo’ a brief second quickly replaced wit a blank stare. “Why do you have that?” “Nah, tha question is why ya got dis shit?” I wasn’t raisin’ ma voice cause I knew ha lil ass would shut down so I spoke ta ha calmly.

“Why else August?” Ha smart ass mouth wasn’t needed nor was I in tha mood.

“So ya wasn’t gon’ say shit?” Breathing deeply B picked at ha nails shruggin’ ha shoulders. “Yes but I wasn’t sure and I’m still not.” Confused I dropped tha pregnancy test on tha bed leanin’ against tha wall. “Go take it.” “No.”

“I’m not playin’ n’ it ain’ up fa discussion B. Take tha shit.”

“No, I’m not taking it and you can’t make me. So drop it.” Cockin’ ma head back I stared at ha like she lost ha damn mind convinced that she did.

“Fuck ya mean I can’t make ya. Ya sound dumb as fuck Brooklyn. Ya might be carrying ma seed but yet ya stubborn ass ain’ tryna find out who does stupid shit like dat?” Rollin’ ha eyes she climbed out tha bed grabbin’ ha sweats and shirt. Puttin’ em on she snatched ha car keys off tha table going towards tha door but I deaded that shit.

Snatchin’ ha up I threw ha on tha bed ignorin’ ha protest behind it. “Deadass ya pissin’ me tha fuck off. Take tha test so we can be done wit tha shit.”

“Can I do it tomorrow?” She wouldn’t look at me, keepin ha head down playin wit ha nails. Sighin, I released tha tight grip off ha arm feelin’ like shit fa the red print I created on ha arm.

She looked at it quickly lookin away and wipin’ ha face. “I’m s-” ” please keep your sorry August.” Standing up she walked around me grabbin’ ha keys dat she dropped on tha floor, “I’ll take the test tomorrow but I’m not staying in the same room with you tonight.”

Lost fa words all I could think was ha I fucked up. Eight months spent gettin’ B ta open up ta me, jus’ this simple mistake I felt like damaged it all. “Gi l-” “no I don’t want to listen. I don’t want to be around you. You promised you wouldn’t put your hands on me and you did…” She trailed off snifflin’, wipin’ ha teary eyes wit tha back of ha hand.

She wasn’t walking out’a here mad. I wasn’t lettin’ ha do dat. Not when ha emotions was all ova tha place. Cautiously walkin’ ova ta ha she let me befo’ allowin’ me ta pull ha inta ma hold.

She cried, like broke down cryin’ in ma arms. Sittin’ in tha chair next ta ha bed I cradled ha in ma arms like a baby. Ha tears wettin’ up ma t-shirt as she cried.

I felt like it was sum’n deeper goin’ on wit ha and I jus’ triggered tha buried issues she was tryna hide.

“Man B talk ta me babeh.” I pleaded wit ha feelin’ ma eyes water. Shit, B was and is ma e’rything seein’ ha like dis was fuckin’ wit ma head.

“I can’t handle this August. I don’t want to be a mother I don’t want to bring my baby in this bullshit. I can barely take care of myself mentally what makes you think I can take care of a baby. I’m scared August. What would people think when they find out I’m pregnant by you? I’m not putting my child through it, I’m not putting you through it or myself.” E’rything she was sayin’ was true but was also wrong. “Gi dats wha’ I’m hea fa ma. Ya ain’ get pregnant by ya self. Im’a take responsibility fa ma actions. Ya’on worry bout al’lat otha bullshit ya jus’ worry bout takin’ care of ma child.”

Placin’ ma hand on ha stomach she shivered cuddlin ha body closa ta me. “I’m sorry fa puttin’ ma hands on ya babeh. I ain’ mean’a shit at all.” Nodding she stayed quiet holdin’ on tightly ta ma shirt almost like she was scared ta let me go.

“Ya be’lie me right?” Again she nodded snifflin’. “I got’a hea ya say it Gi.”

“I believe you.” She muttered lowly almost in a whisper like voice.

I think that night was tha only night I felt like the world was on ma shoulders and I was ready ta give up. B would neva hea’ dat come out ma mouth tho.

In a way tho it was makin’ me go harder at dis shit.

I had a baby on tha way. Shit didn’t even seem real.

The Next Day

Droppin’ ma mama and em’ off at tha airport I drove back ta B’s apartment in silence. Ma mama knew sum’n was wrong when I woke up dis mornin’ and instead of questionin’ me about it she simply tol’ me ta put in Gods hands kissin’ ma cheek and leavin’.

Sw’ea ma moms is e’rything ta me. It’s like she knows wit’out knowin’ and dats one of tha many reasons why I love ha so much.

Parkin’ in Gi’s car garage is shut it off steppin’ out tha truck and towards tha elevators. Steppin’ inside tha golden decorated elevator. I brushed ma hands ova ma hair, starin at ma’self in one of tha many mirrors.

A nigga didn’t even look like his self right na. Out a habit I licked ova ma lips diggin’ ma hands in ma hoodie befo steppin’ off tha elevator.

Makin’ it ta ha door I unlocked it openin’ it and shuttin’ it back.

The quietness let me kno’ Gi was still sleep or she was up and still in bed. Eitha way it was quiet in tha apartment.

Goin’ up tha steps two at a time I was right when I seen B laid across tha bed up but she was on ha computer doin’ wha I assumed was ha homework.

“Wha’ ya doin?” Lookin’ up she smile softly at me. “My homework.” I ain’ really kno’ wha else ta say and B didn’t eitha. Tha first time eitha one of us was lost fa words.

Sliding out tha bed B grabbed tha pink box from of tha night stand goin’ inta tha bathroom.

A faint smirk formed on ha lips when I leaned against tha bathroom counter. “Really?” I nodded and shrugged, “ya ack like you’on use tha bathroom in front of me.”

“Not when you just standing here staring at me.” Swingin’ ha legs back and forth I sucked ma teeth at ha bein’ childish. “Can you turn the water on.” Turnin’ it on I pulled out ma phone while she hummed ta ha self makin’ me chuckle quietly.

“Shut up.” Finally she used tha bathroom flushin’ tha toilet and placin’ tha test on tha napkin she laid out. Washin’ ha hands she hopes up on tha sink and I stood between ha legs ma hands restin’ on ha bare thighs.

Grabbin’ tha empty box she read ova it befo’ setting it down. “We have to wait five minutes.” Noddin’ I placed ma face in tha crook of ha neck ha arms snakin’ around ma neck. “Honeslty..” She trailed off playin’ wit ma fingers. “I’m scared, what if I am pregnant Anthony?” Ha voice shook a little but otha than dat she composed ha’self. Liftin’ up I kissed ha forehead liftin’ ha chin and makin’ ha look at me. “We gon’ be scared ta’getha babeh and we gon’ learn dis parenthood shit as a team.” That angel like smile lit up across ha face ha dimples deepenin’, ha eyes waterin’.

“How I get so lucky?” Kissin’ ma lips I went ta say why but she stopped me. “No, it was rhetorical. You tend to ruin the moment.” Smirkin’ I kissed ha again, liftin’ ha up goin’ inta ha room. “I think it’s been five minutes.”

“I’on wanna look right na.” To be honest I was scared ta see tha results.

“Good because I don’t either.”

Gi and I literally spent most of tha entire day bullshittin’ around ha house. Neva once goin’ back upstairs ta check on tha results. Gi was currently laid out across ma lap doin’ ha paper while I played 2k14 on ha PS4.

“Droppin’ ha pen caught ma attention and I glanced ha wit a raise eyebrow. "Ok I think we avoided it long enough. Go get it.” Lickin’ ma lips I nodded tappin’ tha back of ha thigh so she could get up. Rollin’ off me I stood up goin’ up tha steps and makin’ what seemed tha longest trip of ma life ta ha room.

Walkin’ slowly in tha bathroom I grabbed tha test not lookin’ at it decidin’ that Gi and I would do it ta’getha.

Goin’ back down tha stairs B was sittin’ on tha last set of steps bitin’ on ha nails. Jumpin’ up when she heard me she faced me lookin’ jus’ as eager. “Well..”

“I didn’t look yet.” Noddin’ she motioned fa me ta look peekin’ ha head ova ma arm ta look too.

“Wha’ dis mean?” Showin’ ha she widened ha eyes placin’ ha hand ova ha mouth.

“Aug baby i-” The loud bangin’ on tha door caused both us ta stare at it confused. “Who tha fuck is that bangin’ on ya shit like that?” B shrugged walking to tha door, “ok damn!” She yelled, swingin’ tha door opened.

Two officers one Black and one Hispanic stood in front of tha door both in expensive suits. “Can I help you?” It’s like Gi entire mood changed and a completely different person took ova.

“Are you Brooklyn Castillo?” She nodded pushin’ ha hair out tha way. “Yes, why?” Tha black detective stared at Gi his eyes trailin’ down ha bare legs befo’ lookin’ back up at ha face. Clenchin’ ma jaw I stepped behind B who was still waitin’ fa them ta say sum’n.

“We need to take you in for questioning. You’re a suspect in the disappearance of Benard Johnson.” Gi scrunched up ha face confused and lost.

“I ha- August can you call my daddy?”

I nodded ma head grabbin’ ha phone. All I could think was ha tha hell I was gon’ get B out’a sum shit I pulled.

Anonymous prompted: “Rumple and Bae both go through the magic bean portal. Instead of Victorian London, they are sent to the 21st century, which is obviously quite confusing. Luckily Belle is around and helps them adjust. Cue Rumbelle falling in love ;)”


The portal rushes in Bae’s ears and he hands on to Papa for all he’s worth. It’s a hard landing, or rather, it would have been, but Papa has wrapped himself around Bae and takes all the impact. They’ve made it. They’re here. A land without magic where Papa can’t hurt anyone. Speaking of ‘Papa’ and ‘hurt’ in the same sentence…

“Papa? Papa, are you all right?”

“Uff.” Papa opens his eyes as Bae scrambles off him. “We are never doing that again, Bae.”

Bae, still feeling rather nauseous from the trip, nods his agreement and looks around. They’re in a small alleyway, high walls on either side. There are lights at one end – torches?

“I think we need to get out of here, Papa.”

Papa gets to his feet and stumbles on his bad leg since there’s no magic to heal it here. “Bae, I can’t walk, you’ll have to find me a stick.”

Bae nods and runs down towards the light. He peers out at the world beyond the alley and his heart beats painfully in his chest. This is a land without magic, he reminds himself firmly, as he looks in fear at the horseless carriages roaring past and the unnatural orange lamps that show no flickering flames. The people on the streets are dressed strangely and when he looks up, the stars are all wrong. He can’t navigate from them.

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Anonymous prompted: “Kangaroo: How many times does Belle have to visit before they go on a date?


Belle didn’t really know when she and Rum had begun dating, but she always took their first date to have come one and a half months after Bae was released from the hospital. It was her fourth visit and the first time that she had visited him and she and Rum had had a conversation that hadn’t taken place in the house. They had taken Bae out for a walk in his pram and had ended up feeding the ducks at the river, sitting on a bench chatting about the weather and books and CSI Miami, of which it turned out Rum was just an avid fan as she was. They’d talked for a long time whilst Bae slept soundly in the pram, tucked up in several blankets and looking to be twice his usual size. That was the unofficial first date, in Belle’s opinion, and they’d had quite a few unofficial dates since.

The first ‘proper’ date, the first date that Belle knew that Rum considered to be an official date, as opposed to an unofficial 'hanging out casually with a possibly-more-than-friend’, was tonight, two days after the six month anniversary of Bae leaving the hospital. Obviously, the date would be going a lot better if Rum would actually leave the house. It was the first time since Bae’s birth that Rum had been separated from him for any length of time, so Belle could forgive him his panic. She just found it rather amusing as she stood in the hallway in her coat and high heels, watching him giving last minute instructions to Ruby, who had come to babysit.

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