i just want audrey to be happy one day

Usually, when both Brian and Dan had days off together, they would end up adventuring around Glendale, to the science museum because a new exhibit had just opened and Brian was a bit of a nerd or to this new restaurant a friend of Dan’s had recommended and Dan really wanted someone to try it with. Sometimes Audrey even came along with them, happy to be with her dad and Dan. But now with the show for Red filming weekdays and Grumps filming on the weekends, the days they had together were farther between, and on top of that that they were gearing up for tour and two new album releases. So when the couple finally had a day off together, Brian had chosen the option to let Dan just sleep, because if anyone needed it, Dan was definitely it.

Rachel had left the day before, to Minnesota to visit her family and introduce her newest partner to them, which left Brian to take care of Audrey and Coco. After breakfast, Brian had caught up on some e-mails related to work before deciding to take Audrey and Coco out together for quality family time. Audrey was insistent on holding the leash, which was fine until they got to the edge of the park, when she made a b-line for the playground with the other kids. Brian followed her, slower, and sat on of the benches near the pit, close enough to watch her but far enough away that the mulch chips weren’t much of a concern for Coco to be laying on or trying to chew. He shot Dan a quick text, saying where they were for when he decided to wake up, then turned his attention back to the playground.