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keiynanlonsdale I’ve been feeling like I had lost some magic the past couple days.. my ability to be present seemed gone, & there’s been a cloud of confusion surrounding all the unknowns & changes in my life right now. BUT - I just realised I was letting the idea of “failure” be a bad thing, I forgot that it’s okay to fail & it’s nothing to be fearful of. Career, love, travel, self expression… are all subject to risk.. that’s the beauty. And I’m okay if things don’t go the way I imagine or want. Who knows what’s in store. Got the magic back & I feel dope cause I’m unafraid to try for everything and see what happens. Fuck it! ❤️

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Hi, I just read your simon/louis post and you mentioned the idea that he wouldn't have kept Louis around if the boyband wasn't already formed before bootcamp. I am intrigued by this and remember discussions going around a few years back about the possibility of when exactly it was all planned, etc. So I was wondering your take on the whole thing: do you feel they were picked via simon at like the audition stage to fit his mold of what he wanted? Or do you think that it might even go deeper (1)

(2) and they auditioned/knew that they were being formed before bootcamp, etc? I have wondered in the past just how deep and far back the manipulation and setup goes. So was just curious on your take. If you have tags or anything, no need to answer. And obv, no need to publish if you don’t want. Thanks and have a great day!

Hello! No, I don’t have a tag for this, but I am actually writing a book about it called You’ve Got It! which is a satirical novel but the parallels are quite obvious so there’s no use in being like 

I do not personally believe that any of the boys were told the truth about how and when the band was formed during the X-Factor stage of their careers. There was literally no need to and given the state of them backstage when they thought they were eliminated, I believe that was genuine emotion. 

Full offence, none of them are this good at acting…well, at least they weren’t at the time. (Hello give Harry all the awards for Dunkirk.)

The filmed portion of the X-Factor is like the third stage for these people. A producer will see each contestant individually before deciding whether or not they get to go to the taping stage of the show. They do not interview every single person on camera who goes to the audition, so the fact that there is so much footage of Louis before he got onstage indicates to me that he had already been flagged as at the very least a potential contestant. 

These shows are about entertainment and given Louis’ background in school musical theatre they were probably satisfied that he at least had stage presence - not something you can determine by someone singing into a video recorder by themselves. That’s pretty common with most of the contestants that aren’t total randos that seem like they’ve been plucked off the street. Zayn also played Danny in his school’s production of Greece, Harry was already the front man of a band, Liam had been on the show the year before, Niall was Niall aka one of the brightest and largest presences I’ve ever seen. I’ve said before that I’ve got the most mutual acquaintances with Niall and they all say the same thing, there’s just something about him. An “x factor” if you will. The producers do not go into taping this show blind, that would be an incredible waste of time and money. There is just an illusion of spontaneity and I don’t imagine that putting a boy band together is any different. There is a very small percentage of people who come in from the open call and genuinely walk onto the show, but everyone that I personally know that got to the bootcamp stage of the X Factor had already seen a producer and registered for the auditions prior to going on the show. 

Whether or not the guy I knew who was kicked off for throwing this party with Louis was going to make it through is still unknown. I’ve seen him sing multiple times and he is a phenomenal singer with an interesting story so I think he definitely had a chance given that they invited him to audition again the following year via an email from the producers but who knows. 

What I am quite sure of is that had Louis not already been chosen to be in the band there’s no way they would have kept him around just to kick him off the show the next day.

Snowed In

Pairing: Negan x reader
Word count: 534
Warnings: fingering

Negan Smut Week 2016 masterlist

Rubbing your hands together, you shot Negan a look. “This was your idea, you know.” You reminded him. “Now we’re snowed in, and freezing.”

“You think I don’t know that, woman?” He snapped. “What do you want me to do? Magically create a fire?”

“I don’t know!” You sighed. “I just really hate the cold…” You told him, getting up and moving over to where he was standing at the window. The two of you held each other, watching the snow fall.

“Let me see if I can find something to burn, okay?” He told you. “Go bundle up, and I’ll join you as soon as I can.”

Nodding, you gave him a small smile. “Don’t be too long.” You kissed him gently before heading to pull out some blankets for the two of you. Kicking off your shoes, you pulled a couple blankets over you and watched Negan move around. Your eyes followed his every movement, a small smile on your lips. Sure, he was a hard ass, but you saw a side no one else did.

Once he had a small fire going, he turned to you and smirked. Walking to the couch, he motioned for you to get up. A shiver ran through you as your socked feet touched the cold floor. “I’ll warm you up, sweetheart, don’t worry.” His lips brushed your ear as he moved to sit on the couch. His back was in the corner of the couch, one leg against the back, the other off the side. “Come here.” Negan pulled you so that you were between his legs. Your back was to his chest, and you felt his heat almost immediately.

You let out a small hum of approval as he shifted, peppering your neck with kisses. Feeling him smile against your skin, you wondered what he had in mind. Your eyes had drifted close when you felt him working on your jeans. “Oh, gonna warm me up?” You teased.

“You wait and see, sweetheart.” He chuckled, sending a fresh wave of arousal to your core. His fingers teased your thighs, making you squirm. Finally, his hand slipped into your jeans, and into your underwear. “So wet for me.” He grinned, his finger finding your clit.

Your head fell back to his shoulder. “Negan.” You breathed.

His finger circled it until your hips moved up, needing friction. Negan moved his hand down, making you moan when two fingers started curling into your entrance. “So glad you wore your loose jeans today.” Hell, the only reason you had was comfort on this damn road trip. Your hands gripped his thighs as his fingers curled, the heel of his hand rubbing your clit. “Told you I’d warm you up. Let me feel you cum on my fingers.” His voice was low as he spoke in your ear.

“Oh!” Your grip got tighter as you felt the coil in your stomach wind up until it snapped. “I-I’m—- Negan!” You rolled your hips into his hand, gripping his legs tight as he worked you through it.

Your chest was heaving as he placed a kiss behind your ear, his hand leaving your jeans. “Get some sleep, sweetheart. I’ll warm you up even more later.”

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(To any of the Admins that write fanfics) do you guys have any tips on how to write

Hey! We’ve all been writing for a while it seems, they can reblog and add their tips as well.

-first off, sit down, right. It doesn’t need to be coherent at first, just make sure you have an idea. Don’t go back to spell check, just let it out.

-when you’re done go over what you’ve got, spell check it, see if you like it.

-this is a big one, use dialogue sparingly, it’s only needed to show the reader something or to build character.

-writing down what you want to happen also helps, like those hamburger / spiderweb frames you had to do in your elementary school English class

-wording helps set the tone of your story! I’m not saying you HAVE to have long or intricate words, but if you’re going for a more serious story you may want to consider it.

-read books you like and nitpick their writing style. Why do you like that book and it’s writing? What elements make it good? I like to use that to help with my writing

-symbolism also helps set a tone. Abandoned things can make you feel like hope is lost, a renovated house can show the beginning of new things.

-CHARACTERISATION is important. Look through source content ask yourself, “would they really s a y this?” Nothing will turn someone away from your work faster than an ooc writing. Serious characters probably wouldn’t be using sentences with many exclamation points, where as a happy character may

-this leads me to my next point. No one! Speaks like this constantly! Even happy characters speak like normal people. Save the exclamation points for surprise, sudden joy, or anger.

-orbs. For some reason people hate this description? I don’t get why, I personally would put which ever one sits better in a situation

-putting your fan fic in a different font can help you pin point errors in your work

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What would Lotor's perfect date be like? Let's give lovely Shiro some ideas if he ever wants to take Lotor on a date! :) #shotor

I’m gonna try to do this without making Lotor too OOC haha. And I’ll also make it more general instead of just Shiro ;)

I visualize Lotor as the type of person to go out and have fun during dates. Truly, he doesn’t care that much where he and Shiro his s/o go as long as they’re happy. He’d prefer amusement parks, joyrides in his fighter, visiting new planets to learn more about them and be all touristy. Fancy restaurants or big Galas aren’t really his thing, but if he feels that an occasion is important he’ll go through great lengths to make sure it’s extravagant. Other times he’s prefer to just have a date night and watch movies at home or just cook together (I’m a sucker for domestic aus btw).

Of course he might have difficulty balancing his time as a Prince/Conqueror and time with his s/o. But he knows what his priorities are so he will always try his best to go through with his plans. However if he feels that his intergalactic duties are far too important he will cancel, but Lotor will make it up to them. Also Lotor makes sure his s/o understands the importance of his work and that his faithfulness to them is undeniable. He won’t waste his time arguing about his lack of time spent with them, but he knows when his work is taking up too much of their time together.

In general, Lotor isn’t much of a “date” guy, but he’d try his best to make his s/o happy.

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Okay, thank you! I am about to be a senior in high school (first day is literly tomorrow) and I just feel so anxious because I feel like I need to have my life figured out and I have no idea what I want to do as a major/what my intelligence can allow me to do. I have always figured that I would go into a science field, but that's the extent of what I have planned and that isn't even something I'm really set for. I'm just trying to say thank you, I honestly needed that to calm my nerves.

HOO, friendo. A) no one told me you can go into college undeclared. BUT YOU CAN GO INTO COLLEGE WITH NO SET MAJOR. You can be undeclared and take classes your first semester or two and find out what you like.

B) I think that most things are just about what you want to do day to day.  When I realized I didn’t want to be an English major, it wasn’t because I didn’t like writing–it was because I didn’t want to write things that other people told me to every day. I wanted my writing to be because I wanted to do it, and I needed a job that wouldn’t ruin something that I loved so much. 

So I chose science, because I had always wanted to be a doctor but decided that I didn’t want to do THAT day to day either (and good thing because when I had my spinal tap in my senior year of college I realized that there was no way I could have ever done that to another human). But I fell in LOVE with research. I love going to work every day. I get excited about it. I care so much about what I’m trying to figure out, and I’m so invested in the answers. I love the people I work with and I love the feeling it gives me when I take a guess that someone tells me isn’t totally crazy, or maybe a guess that people tell me is totally crazy but that I should look into it. 

You don’t need to find your passion, because you’re a complicated person with a lot of interests and passions and things you like to do. There isn’t one right career and the rest of them will make you miserable. There’s a lot. and I mean a LOT. of right answers. 

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Is any of the stuff with Sour and Sugar canon anymore to anything on this blog or story and with the kids im so confused what is going on we were left in the dark by sugartalesans who didnt even explain if anything was canon or not. Also is Marubi abuse or anything to Melon or Rotten like Sour was just wanted to ask?

Nothing with Sugar and Sour is canon in Melon and Rotten’s story. He will keep the kids but I will change how they came to be. I have a funny idea that you all might like. 

I noticed that she kept people in the dark which is stupid. She should have at least told you all that it is not canon. I kind of feel like people are turning their back on me and I have no clue why.

Marubi is not abusive to Melon or Rotten or the kids. He is sweet and loving.

//quick little update for everyone: I’m no longer watching GOT. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, but if I do decide to pick it up again, it probably won’t be until after season 8 airs. I’ve really just had enough? I feel like my favorite characters have been butchered and while I still have plenty of faves in the show, I’m just too tired for this. I’ll probably keep a vague idea of what’s happened, but I won’t be posting or writing along the lines of the show from where it is now. I may reblog gifsets/photos but I will make sure they are properly tagged. I also won’t be posting anything else about the upcoming episodes. Essentially I’m kinda going to pretend they don’t exist.

P.s.: I am still show and book based, but only until 7x03.

p.s.s: I love all my showbased friends and I just want you all the know that I fully 100% support you and your portrayals; however, I no longer feel like my portrayal and opinions of Sansa are in line with the show.

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Ok let me just say that today is a truly blessed day because of all of the stuff you posted about the Mer!AU and I actually cried when I saw Yuichi, Erik and chubby Yuuri. I'm honestly so thankful for the time and hard work you put into this wonderful and adorable AU that always makes my day better. I'm kind of just screaming internally because this AU has literally every single thing I ever wanted and I will honestly always look up to you.

tbh your constant feedback on my mer AU stuff makes me incredibly happy you have no idea ;0; feedback is one of the few things that keeps me going in a project

thank you so much??? ;;; i don’t know what to say i feel like i’m the one who should be thanking you for all the support and stuff <3<3

*hides face in hands* aaaaaaaa

I'm going on a bear hunt, want to come?

Here is mine: Matt. 22. Caregiving daddy. West Sussex in England but all my heritage on my father’s side comes from Caerphilly in Wales.

Wannabe father so happy playing the cg/dd role for now. Loves being dominant. Also loves to play with his little lots.

Tate looking for his Violet. Bob searching for his Louise. God, I’m so sick of this place.

18-21 is the limit. I don’t want any sexual gratification to start with. I just want a nice, obedient little girl.

I have so many ideas as to what I can dress my little girl up as, she will be so cute! As a caregiver I am strict when needs be but also highly loving.

My kitten will get a bedtime of 11pm on weekdays and 1.30am on weekends. Having structure is key for growth and can nurture their development. She will go to sleep with a different bed time story every Sunday. As a reward she will get desert 4 times a week, but only on nights when she’s been good. She can have a special dessert of her choosing every Wednesday but again, she must be a good girl…

I’d like my kitten to act small around me, we’d build forts and have pillow fights. But I’d also like my little girl to know when dada needs his alone time. He can’t be at her beckon call all the time, no matter how much he wants to be…

My Tumblr is the-few-that-remain (very NSFW) with a side blog called little-and-big-ddlg which does contain some nsfw content so overt your little eyes. Little safety is paramount. Respect that.

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P and U for the ask game !! Also I just wanted to say that tra is by far the best series I've ever read,, you really have a talent in writing with humour and purpose (I appreciate the lack of purple prose) how many chapters are u planning tra to have??

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

i think i’m half and half!!!!! for tra ofc i had to plot it at least somewhat. have an idea how i want it to end. little scenes here and there. but for the most part. when i write parts. im always trying to think ahead. if i insert a certain scene, how will it affect the story later on. do i want that to happen. and i try to foreshadow a lot. but for stories that are one shots or just shorter. i usually just write a vague outline for major scenes and fill in the rest!!!!!! so im an architecting gardener!!!! this is an interesting question though :-D

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

dammit i was hoping someone wouldnt ask me this LOL not to make u feel bad ofc because thank u for asking n this means u value my opinion of writers!!!!! i just have so many that can i list just three??? can i do it???? ill go ahead anyway and tag: @blueagust, @chinnychimchim, and @hobiemin!!!!! those are in no particular order and i love other writers as well but those are the first three that came to mind!!!!!! LMFAO I FORGOT TO MENTION WHY I LIKE THEM SO MUCH WHOOPS i was trying to speedily queue this post BUT i love kat because her ideas are so interesting!!!!!! i love lou because her style is so beautiful and smutty!!!!!! and i love addie because i can never just PUT DOWN one of her fics theyre so addicting!!!!!!! the plots are so good!!!!!!!

send me a writing ask!!!!!

Unpopular Voltron opinion, with meta to back it up.

I don’t think the big Keith and Lance scene in episode 6 was meant to be seen as having gone well, or for things to be getting back on track in regards to Lance’s doubts. I’m actually pretty sure the conversation unintentionally made things with Lance even worse.

Just because Keith and Lance shared a scene alone together, without any fighting or outward disagreements, does NOT mean it went well. I know everyone who is a Klance shipper wants that to be the case, but the whole “5 feet apart” jokes and logic with their ship shouldn’t suddenly change the emotional tone that is ACTUALLY present here.

Do not get me wrong, it is clear that both of them wanted this talk to go well without any confrontation, and to talk with a level head and with honesty. They have both grown as people to realize this. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t a major miscommunication here. 

Lets go through this moment by moment, shall we?

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little things that can help you if you have bpd

i’ve been seeing a lot of topics like “how to deal with someone who has bpd” and it always bothers me, because there is basically no topics about how to deal if YOU have bpd. that’s why i’m making this post, in my opinion as someone who has bpd. feel free to leave other tips and comment!

  • buy a notepad and write about your emotions. in DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), used a lot to help people with BPD, they tend to help others to regulate their emotions, basing on some principles, like:
  1. identify and classify emotions; usually, people with BPD suffered/suffer from emotional abuse and it makes harder for us to have a knowledge about our feelings, since we never had someone to help us in this aspect. if you have hard times dealing with your emotions, you can create a special organization on your notepad, basing on: what just happened that could be a possibly trigger to your feeling? (EVEN IF IT’S SOMETHING MINOR, for example, if your friend replied to you in a different way, if you saw an image that made you feel uncomfortable); what are your physical symptoms about it? (for example, if you feel butterflies in your stomach, you are possibly anxious); what does this feeling make you want to do? (for example, if you feel like you want to hit something, you are possibly experiencing anger). and, also, try to identify your primary and secondary emotions, for example, if a friend forgets about an event that you would go together, first you may feel anger, but this anger can be followed by frustation or sadness (secondary emotions).
  2. how to “change” your emotions; after writing about your emotions and trying to learn about them, you can add a subject in your notepad about “WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE THIS FEELING”. your first thoughts may be pessimists, specially because borderlines are VERY impulsives, like “i should probably self-harm” or even “i should probably kill myself”, due to the intensity of bpd emotions, but right now, you have to think with your rationality. for example, if your friend is delaying to reply, you can think about the possibilities that are causing this problem: if they are busy, if they are having a hard time or if they just don’t want to talk right now. after thinking about the situation as a whole, you’ll ask yourself “okay, but what will i do?” and that’s why i think it’s important to create a list about what makes you happy and what distracts you, so everytime you have a hard situation to deal with, you can check on your list. “oh, i’m having x problem, but in my list it says that painting makes me happy, so what about painting something i saw today?”. if you don’t have anything that you like about, there is an app called Calm Harm, that can help you in self-harm situations!
  3. increase and improve positive emotional events; i know that it’s difficult for us to focus on positive moments, but once you are feeling down, please try to write about what happened in your day that was a good thing. and when i say it, i don’t mean a BIG thing, it can be something like seeing a flower in your garden. write about your sensations when your experienced this moment and think about the possibility of living this moment more than once. for example, if i saw a flower and it made me happy, can i try to plant one, so i’ll see it more often?
  4. apply pressure tolerance techniques; by distraction, self-care, improving the moment and considering pros and cons.

SO, in your notepad, have a space to: first, identify and classify your emotions; second, a space to write about how to change your emotions; third, a space to write about positive emotional events and fourth, write about what pressure tolerance techniqures you can apply to your life. 

  • practice saying no and saying what you need to the people around you; sometimes people with BPD tend to think that we are a burden to friends and family, and sometimes it’s not true. due to it, we often don’t tell what we really want. so, if you could, please, practice saying NO and what you REALLY need and want to people around you, even if it’s minor things. for example, if someone asks you to lunch with them, but you can’t/don’t want to, don’t let your abandonment fear decides what it’s the best for you, just say no, but not in the intention to hurt the other person. “i’m sorry, i really like you, but i can’t or don’t want to, since i have to do x thing/feeling x thing, but i really like you!”. when you say no, you can have a better idea about what you like and what you don’t, so you can start to let people know about it. for example, “hey! yesterday i said no when you invited me for lunch, so i realized i don’t really like going to public places, what about having lunch in my house next time?”
  • practice breathing techniques; intense emotions can lead us to panic situations or really bad physical symptoms. in stressing moments, we hold the air, increasing the level of carbon dioxide in our system, so the organism thinks we need more oxygen and make us breathe faster. the imbalance increases our heart beats, our blood pressure and the release of hormones such as adrenaline. i recommend ASMR videos to relax and you can breathe slowly, imagining a circle opening and closing, like the gif:

the post is getting long, so i’ll finish here! i’ll probably post a part two if you guys like! please leave a comment if it was helpful and i’m sorry if my grammar wasn’t very correct, english is not my native language.

remember that everything here is theoritical and it’s hard to apply these tips in your life, things will not suddenly change. but i believe in you and things take time, so don’t give up on getting better.


Sketches of a ‘what if Ahsoka went into hiding on Alderaan as a refugee during the Jedi purges, and meets Leia and secretly trains her as a Jedi?’ Star Wars AU idea by greenkaorichan. It’s been stuck in my head for days because it’s such an awesome idea, WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLL

I was meaning to draw an epic dramatic Ahsoka/Leia meets Obi-Wan/Luke mentor-and-student team up for the last panel, but then I was like “you know, they would all have one thing in common… and form a 'Darth Vader ruined our lives’ support club” XD Vader could be an honorary member of this club too


Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater

“smile for the camera!”

Don’t Doubt Your Writing

Anonymous asked: “Any advice for the crippling self-doubt with writing? I do short stories and I never think they’re good enough.”

Get ready for probably one of the worst pep-talks ever written. The first time I heard someone say (and not to me actually), “No one asked you to be a writer,” was probably the first time I realized I didn’t actually have to write. 

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering, how much/many of your ideas should you reveal and create up front ad post online and how many should you keep to yourself as an artist? I have all these ideas for like, potential shows (im a student) that would function well as webcomics. But I'd like to be a board artist or show creator. Should I make those webcomics?

Here are your options:

Option 1: Hold onto your ideas

You hold onto your ideas until you can pitch them to executives, even though that may be years and years from now. So if you’re a student right now, that means you’re probably between 18-22. I didn’t get to pitch Infinity Train until I was 27, I didn’t get to make the pilot until I was 29. Now I’m 30 and I’m still waiting around for a possible greenlight. That is 3 years of my life waiting for other people to get moving so I can get moving. If your life goes like mine, that’s 7 years until you’ve made something. One thing. 7 years. How old were you 7 years ago and how many ideas have you had in those 7 years that could also be turned into things? YOU WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF IDEAS.

Something else to keep in mind, I was able to get moving on those ideas because I was working in the industry already, had contacts, and had started building a reputation. If you walk up the front of Nickelodeon or Disney or something and just knock on the door, they’re not going to listen to your pitch. So when will you have those contacts and reputation? How will you build those connections?

Well the first thing you do is start making and producing work. That means, ironically, you gotta start using those ideas you’re holding onto. Why would you expect anyone to want to help make your things if you’re not already making things? That brings me to…

Option 2: Make your ideas

If you don’t have work, then how are people finding out about you? They’re not. You’re not an artist if you’re not making work, you’re just a person with a bunch of thoughts. Lots of things have thoughts. Cows have thoughts. The thing with thoughts is that they’re NOT REAL. It’s all just up in your head. How are you different from any other person? Everybody has ideas, it’s making the idea into a reality that’s the accomplishment.

It’s tempting to not make things. If you make something, then that means it can be a failure and that other people can criticize it. If it remains a thought in your head, then no one can say anything bad about it and it’s just a perfect thing forever that only you know is perfect. You become the person that’s like “Then there’s this guy, he’s got like a sword, and he’s like SWUH! and it’s SO awesome!” and people go: “Wow that sounds fun!” and then you go: “Yeah, I’m gonna make it someday” and they go: “cool!” and then you sit around and waste your life and never make it because why would you? It’s perfect in your head! You already got the compliment from someone, you KNOW there would be fans and people would love it because the version you have in your head is so great! You don’t have to actually prove that it’s a viable idea or that you can even make it because you’ve already done it in your imagination.

Deep down though, you’ll know it’s not true, and it will just make you feel guilty, regretful, and jealous of people who DID actually make and follow through on their ideas. It poisons your soul, then you die, then your guts fertilize some plants which get eaten by a cow, which gets turned into a burger, which gets eaten by an actual artist and used as caloric energy to power their actual artist hands.


I think the real question you should ask yourself is “would I rather see this thing exist than not exist?” Because the fact is, if you want the thing to exist, you have to make it, no one is going to suddenly knock on your door and beg you for your ideas. Don’t sit around and wait for a future that may never come, become an active participant in what you want your future to be.

As my friend Toby once angrily yelled into an empty street one day: “IDEAS ARE FUCKING INFINITE, JUST MAKE THE THING!”



This digital  mess is a result of me having NO idea what the fuck I wanted to draw and just winging it. This is picture 4 from my weekly exercise of putting out a new pic a week during the Seasons’s run. Initially to practice for hopefully testing for S4 but now Im straying into drawing them in my style. I’ll go back to the RAM style next week.

Anyway! I hope you all at least love the expressions? 
Let me know what you think! 

Hit me up on the twatter, yo