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But if you’re really a Kara stan, you should want her to be happy, doesn’t matter who it’s with. I’m most and foremost a Kara Danvers stan and just want her to be happy. Now, she’s clearly breaking apart. And it’s breaking me apart. She has lost so much in her life, and she finally had everything she wanted, only to sacrifice the one she loved the most to save the city / earth. She’s a true hero, a hero of earth. More powerful and strong than Superman, proved in this episode. She’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness and love for others to have theirs, even if it breaks her. That woman has not changed by being in love, if anything, it made her stronger.

So don’t give me crap like “Kara deserves better” Because she’s clearly her own person, capable of making her own decisions. Whether it’s who he wants to be with, or what she’s willing to sacrifice. She is a strong, capable woman. Just because she’s in love, doesn’t make her weak. Love changes people, it changed the person she wanted to be with, because he wanted to be better for her. He wanted to be a man worthy of her, and that is love.

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In 1.01 Kara has camera's in her apartment, and she stops to look at James' cameras so you know those dorks go on long walks with the intent to take pics of nature, and they get some of those but they mostly just get pics of each other being dorks with nature. Like a butterfly landing on Kara's head, James getting chased by a duck.

….i… i saw an ask so beautiful i started crying????

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Okay okay so can I request a one shot? Domestic victuuri in Victor's minimalistic apartment, it's late at night and there's a raging storm outside and Victor has astraphobia so he can't sleep and he's panicking but doesn't want to wake Yuuri up? He just sits in the kitchen alone, quietly suffering through it and somehow Yuuri wakes up and sees Victor like that and it's so strange to him. Like wow, THE Victor nikiforov is scared. And then he realises how bad the situation is and stays with him?

“I am a being of Heaven and Earth, of thunder and lightning, of rain and wind, of the galaxies.” - Eden Ahbez


Viktor was not afraid of thunder.

He wasn’t, not really, not in the way that some did. Where it was the sound itself that brought them to their knees; that made them feel like the ground had slipped out from beneath their feet and all they could do was keep falling, falling, falling—


Viktor was not afraid of thunder.

But he was afraid of the sound of dishes crashing over his head.

Terrified of the crack of his sister’s wrist when she was thrown to the floor just for standing in their father’s way. He would shake at bottles shattering on the floor because it meant that his father had come home drunk once again. Viktor gritted his teeth and gripped the bedsheets; he turned and looked at Yuuri. His beautiful Yuuri who was clutching a pillow in his arms and whose hair was sticking up at odd angles. He would be so understanding, Viktor knew, he would be the last person to ever judge Viktor for this and, yet, he was scared to wake up him. Self-doubt that Viktor rarely felt in his waking moments seemed to overwhelm him now, threatened to drown him.

He was gasping, gasping, gasping, but his lungs seemed to have left him. Choking on air, Viktor struggled to pull oxygen in, but it was like the air itself was bending around him, just out of his reach. He pulls his knees to chest, his legs icy from the kitchen tile.

How had he gotten here? Viktor couldn’t recall. He just kept seeing his mother’s porcelain vase—the one her own mother had given her, crashing over his head. It was like watching an old film that had no sound, but the thunder outside was keeping in rhythm with his memories.


He sobbed, sobbed for his mother, sobbed for his sister, sobbed for the sunny bright-eyed child he had been. The one whose worst heartbreaks were from watching flowers wilt, who thought of thunder as God laughing with joy way up in the sky. Viktor curled into himself and the spikes of terror curled with him into something almost worse; they changed from needle-like stabs to deep aching pains.

Viktor stopped crying, stopped shaking. He thought maybe he was feeling everything. He thought maybe he was feeling nothing.

There was nothing left.


And the world fell out from beneath his feet.

I’m not going to try to cram the whole thing here so here is the link for the rest:


My no makeup, hair up, boutta crash me. Truth is life’s been hella crazy these past few weeks and even past couple months. Lost my best friend cuz of some questionable big life decisions she was making, but finally after a month of not speaking to each other we’re back to “ok”..Having some falling outs with my other friends.. growing distant etc, and some big arguments/fights with my bf, and of course work drama. BUT on the bright side I’m done at OCC (local community college) and just filled out my housing contract at RIT (university I’m transferring to in August for next yr). I’m 18 with an associates degree and soon bachelors 📚👩🏻‍🎓Also I picked up 40 hrs last week and another 33 coming this week so my paycheck this Friday’s about to be litttt 💸🙌🏻 So basically what I wanted to say at the end of the day when the rest of my life’s falling apart I’ll always know I’m moving forward in my education & goals with or without everyone else 🙏🏼

recap of 5/20/17 SJM event

audio recording 1 (second session)/audio recording 2 (third (fourth) session)

She was presenting with Renee Ahedieh, so listening to them it might be hard to tell them apart. (Sarah talked a little quieter and so is a little more echoey/harder to hear.) But listening to their back and forth was really cool!

She didn’t really talk as much about her books as I wanted?? She talked more about herself, but it was a moderated panel, so that I guess was just what questions she was asked. Anyway, I tried to write out just about everything she said below for those without the time/ability to listen. Also, I only attended 2/3 sessions, but I believe @illyrian-bitch-queen attended all three, so you can ask her about the first one, or if she has anything else to add to these two!!

  • If she was in the Hunger Games, she would be the one who would work on pure “in your face intimidation.” Told a story about how in college she was crazy competitive in her badminton class that she had to take, while everyone was like “…. we’re just here bc we have to be”
  • Renee (and Sarah joining in) went on a rant about the inherent misogyny in the term “strong female character,” bc male characters can just be male characters, as opposed to having to make that designation of “strong.” Particularly discussed how much they loved Buffy (the character and all the other characters in the show) because of how many different types of female strength it celebrated. Also said that Katara is similar in that she doesn’t sacrifice love of fashion/clothing for badassery.
  • Talked about how she cried in front of Tamora Pierce when they met (they were on a panel together) because of how important Tamora Pierce was to her personally and also in opening up the industry to female-led fantasy novels. (”We stand on her shoulders”) 
  • Dorian would be the one with the largest instagram following, because he would have all the shirtless book/bed selfies and dog photos and such. Rhys would also have a huge following, but it would be less cultivated, not really selfies, but would post a lot of pictures of Feyre’s work, with a glimpse of “his eight-pack” or “a muscular thigh.” Aedion would be the one with all the workout selfies. 
  • Just turned in second to last passthrough for ToD, in which she looks specifically at the sentences, grammar and style and such.  
  • (At the end of the first session/first recording, Sarah devolves into freaking about about the hot South Korean bodyguard, which Renee mentioned. I hadn’t heard of this, but it’s here for those interested.)
  • Fave YA OTPs: Karou/Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Shazi/Khalid from the Wrath and the Dawn, and Alina/Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy
  • How she chooses names: sometimes she just likes the sound/look of it, sometimes she looks up names that mean “’hot sexy warrior’ in Greek” 
  • Would go back to the Library of Alexandria for a day if she could
  • Favorite fictional villain: Umbridge from Harry Potter
  • Moderator: “What do you do in your spare time?” SJM: “I don’t have spare time” (continues that jk, she mostly just sits on the couch wrapped in blankets, watching TV. Won’t shower for days at a time.)  
  • Met Alex Skarsgard. Shook his hand. Immediately turned around and licked her hand. (I felt the second hand embarrassment at this one lol.)
  • Last parting words to her fans: make every day count, enjoy being you, never let anyone put down you and your interests or dreams or ideas. Live in the moment. Seize the day.
Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby: and ‘Cookie’

Yea… this happened… I’m still really distracted by Raúl and the puppy…

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Canon Character: Nevada ‘Trujillo’ Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)
OC: ‘Crybaby’ Caroline, long-time girlfriend and consistent thorn in his side.
The Ta-Do: House party, not too far from their new apartment.
Warnings: Cussing, drug use (smokin’ reefer), feels.


While pouting, she twist a bit at the waist, mostly just to please him. “What'dya want?” Hollering, over the music coming from someone’s shitty speaker system. “I’m busy.”

Nevada groaned, started shouldering his way through the crowd so he could manage to curl a hand around her wrist. “You’re not busy,” he splayed fingers out towards the little collection of now-hushed girls she was standing with; pretty young ladies wearing too-short skirts, gossiping and chatting about nothing really important- “You’re chattin’, c'mon.”

He tugged at her waist, Caroline rolled her eyes and began reciting her ’I’m sorry’s to the girls who understood, as she was drug through the little apartment. There really shouldn’t be this many people here, she thought to herself, while struggling to maintain the pace of her man’s strides. It was probably a fire hazard, or should be…

But nobody really cared about that.

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my boss wants me to be alone with the woman who yelled at me last week and the thought of that makes me even more nauseous than i already am but it’s that or tell him what happened and turn it into a Thing™ so idk what to do and i don’t need this stress along with the apartment stress so someone pls save me or let me go cry in the bathroom until 5pm. 

The Choice - A Gang Imagine

A/N: I combined a couple requests to make this one! Also, starting soon I will only post every other day on this account because I want to post writing on my Guns N’ Roses blog as well! If you’re a Guns N’ Roses fan, follow @appetiteforgnrimagines

Word Count: 292

Warnings: Sex mention, STD mention

Pairing: It’s up to you ;) 

I cringe at the sound of a slap that emits from the kitchen. Two-Bit, Dally, and Ponyboy have been fighting for the last half hour over who gets to take me out and, ultimately, be my boyfriend. I was flattered at first but soon realized that it could tear apart their friendship or make them all hate me.

“You wouldn’t ever take her out! You’re always in jail!” Ponyboy argues, sounding surprisingly confident talking back to Dallas Winston.

“You’d just want to read her stupid poems,” Dally scoffs. “And Two-Bit would make her do some weird Mickey Mouse roleplay in bed. Sorry, Two-Bit, but chicks won’t dig calling you Mickey and wearing mouse ears while you hit it from behind.”

There’s a loud thud and I’m pretty sure that it’s Dally that I hear a groan come from. “How would you know what chicks dig? I’m pretty sure you haven’t done half the girls you claim to.” Two-Bit snaps.

“I’ve done plenty of girls, Mouse Boy.”

“Then you probably have STDs,” Ponyboy interjects.

Unable to sit and listen to this any longer, I stand up and walk into the kitchen. “All three of you, sit.” They all start arguing, of course. “I said sit! Or I’m leaving and none of you are going to go out with.”

That shuts them up nice and quick.

“I know I have to make a choice. Obviously, I don’t want to because two of you get hurt.” Taking a deep breath, I look down. “Two-Bit, you’re funny and kind. Dallas, you’re loyal and tough. Ponyboy, you’re smart and creative. I love you all, but I choose…”

A little drink!
  • AFD!Weiss, shouting from the RWBY apartment's doorway: UUUUMM....YANG???
  • AFD!Yang, getting up from the couch and walks over a bit to peer down the apartment's hallway, looking at Weiss: Umm...yeah?
  • AFD!Weiss, opens the door fully to reveal a hysterically sobbing Cinder: She uhh...wants to talk to you?
  • ~~~~
  • AFD!Cinder, sitting at the apartment's dining table, sniffling a little as she holds tight to a mug of cooling coffee: She...she just left. I woke up earlier today and she wasn't in bed. I thought maybe she'd have come here.
  • AFD!Yang, leaning against the sink, arms crossed and irritated, though trying her best to sound normal: Yeah well. That's my mother for you. She just leaves. That's her thing.
  • AFD!Yang, internally: /Probably doesn't help that you're an eccentric lunatic./
  • AFD!Weiss, also sitting at the dining table, having her chair scooched over closer to Cinder, with a comforting (yet slightly uncomfortable) hand placed on her arm, sharply to Yang with a glare, but then speaks in a much softer tone: Yang....but Cinder, I'm certain you're just...over thinking this whole situation. We all know how...err...'flighty'...Raven can be.
  • AFD!Yang, groans internally and checks her scroll, a message back from Blake saying she's still busy at work and she can't talk taking up the screen, a similar message from Ruby pops up as well, quietly: Great...
  • AFD!Cinder, with a weak smile, her tears having dried up but marks were still present on her face: Thank you. Both of you, you're such sweet children. I'm very thankful for both of you, for all of you really.
  • AFD!Yang, dragging her hand down her face, thinking: /I'm not even your kid, NONE OF US ARE YOUR KIDS./
  • AFD!Weiss, with a little forced laugh and smile: Of course Cinder! We're more than happy to help, if you'd like you can stay here for a little while.
  • AFD!Cinder, oblivious to how both girls really don't want her there right now, but speaks up a little: Oh, oh no no. I don't want to impose!
  • AFD!Yang, internally: /Wow, too late for that huh?/
  • AFD!Cinder, standing up slowly, being joined by Weiss, who ushers Yang to follow suit: Besides, I've got to go out and grab something for dinner. Well...just in case she's back by then. Tata loves, thank you for the coffee!
  • AFD!Weiss, escorting Cinder to the door with Yang trailing behind, a genuine smile on her face: Of course, of course! Come by any time!
  • AFD!Cinder, after giving them both tight hugs and kisses upon the cheek, takes her leave: I'll make sure to stop by again soon~!
  • AFD!Yang, waiting a few moments after the door closes, before walking up to a wall and hits her head against it, leaving it there with crossed arms: FuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK.
  • AFD!Weiss, letting out an exhausted sigh, not even caring to chastise Yang for her language: She. Is. Too. Much.
Just some babbling bullets

• Trying to raise my left arm, and my shoulder stops it at about 60%. This is proof I need to take better care of myself.
• Realized I’m “rich poor”. Basically, I make enough to support myself but don’t have anything left over for extras. Could I move into a cheaper apartment? Probably not. Unless I want to move somewhere unsafe. Jersey is fucking EXPENSIVE. 1 bedrooms go for 1200+. Unless you want to move to the hood or the boonies.
• Need to get my anxiety and depression under control. But…#copay. Can I really afford $200+ a month for more doctors visits? Not really.
• Also need a new mattress. 30 y/o Krista and super soft pillow top don’t mix. My poor back hates me.
• I keep catching glimpses of happiness, but theyre fleeting. The comedown is killer but my god when it’s good it feels so god damn good.
• Its been a solid month since I’ve had sex. That may not seem like a lot, but when you’ve been getting it regularly for 6+ months…it throws you off. Big time.
• The worst part? I could get laid whenever I want. But I don’t want it. Not unless it’s from him. I don’t want anything unless it’s from him.
• If you could all send whatever positive magic and juju my way so things can work out and I can have my happily ever after…I would really appreciate it.
• I’m sorry I haven’t been more engaging. I’ve just been in such a funk. My life needs to change.

…anyway, yea. I’ll try more guys. I will. Feel free to reach out. Sometimes it’s easier for me when I’m answering all of you.

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So I kinda keep envisioning Eda being little Olwyn's babysitter in the Demon AU. Like she's older, early 20s, and knows Thenvunin from birds or something. I dunno, but I keep imagining Eda and Olwyn having a girls night, wearing pjs as they are tucked in bed and eating popcorn watching Olwyn's favorite movies. Or dancing around Eda's apartment in socks and oversized shirts. And also Eda has a dog. A big, sweet mabari PoPo. I dunno, just wanted to share my warm fuzzies with you.

That is beautiful and I love it. Some nights Olwyn’s nanae and papae have to go do things that little girls can’t know about. Adult things, Olwyn explains very seriously to Eda.

In reality Uthvir and Thenvunin need to restock their powers, and maybe have a nice date night by themselves. So babysitter Eda and PoPo the mabari are perfect.

Also I imagine that Olwyn talks about PoPo nonstop after the first meeting. And she knows that maybe she can’t have a dog but if she DID well, you know nanae, Popo is SO SMART and SO SOFT. Prime puppy material.


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Hi!! My daddy and I aren't going to see eachother for a full month and this is the longest we've been apart. I want to do make the day we see eachother extra special but I'm not sure how! What would make such a day special for you? Please & thank you!

iPhones make a long distance relationship easy. Face time, games in iMessage. Set aside a hour before bed to talk on the phone or just text that inter hour. Remind one another how you feel.. remember the good times. I’ve been there many of times!

Second Chances - Jeff x Reader: Chapter 15

Summary: Reader and Jeff work a project and become fast friends. The project ends and they go their separate ways, neither forgetting the other. With Hollywood being a small community, you two bump into one another either at events or projects, but there is always something keeping you apart. Will the obstacles ever end?
Chapter 15 Summary: Reader is back in Philly and gets some news and an offer

Warnings: language (probably), slow burn, angst, crowded space anxiety
A/N: I have a few ideas to continue this, but it’s still developing. Please leave comments or let me know if you want to be tagged, etc
Word count: 1950(ish)
Catch up here: Masterlist

Tags: @jml509  @jasoncrouse  @yellatthetopofyourlungs  @bookchic20  @prettyepiic  @rizflo-blog  @curious-sub7  @backseat-negan

     It was only four months. You knew you could make it. If you just could get through each work week, it would be okay. You hadn’t been able to get back to LA this go around and Jeff had been busy, too. You were thinking you might have to go the whole shoot without seeing him. You talked on the phone a lot, at least once a day, but it wasn’t the same as looking next to you and seeing him with your own two eyes. Being with Jeff was bliss. Being away was torture. Thank God for work.

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im already seeing a few negative fucks commenting on zack stepping away from JL and whedon taking over and calling it a ‘blessing in disguise’ etc and i just want you to take a minute to consider a few things. zack is a person, just like you or i. despite the fact that you might not appreciate his work he is still a person going through an incredibly traumatic experience that no parent should ever have to even consider in their lives. outside of his work, he has a life and family that doesn’t revolve around your opinions, that has been torn apart. if you’re taking this time to criticise him, his decisions or his filmmaking i would like to be the first to call you a disgusting impudent fuck and hope to god nothing like this ever happens to you so you don’t have to experience both the loss of a loved one and others taking some pleasure in the circumstances. my most heartfelt condolences go out to zack, deborah, eli and everyone else affected and hope that this period of transition is not too strenuous or detrimental to any of them. we all know how it is to lose someone close to us, and this should be no different.

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EEEEEEEEEEEEE THANK YOU FOR DOING THE JUJU HEADCANONS mmmmmm if you want to can you also do ■, ♥, and ☮ for Randy?~ (you don't have to if you don;t want to)



■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

Since we have his room on canon lemme me hit you up with house/apartment hcs

Trash. Trash trash trash
What is this thing? When did he eat that??? Oh gosh I think this one might be alive-
It usually takes him some time to clean up the shit around his house (usually when it’s bothering him or he legit can’t find shit anymore). Its not gross just messy, and it doesn’t get to the point of stinking but still
Tons tons tons of trashy posters, videogames, comics, smol little collectibles. Tons of family pictures as well.
He’s turned the basement into his training spot bc whether he’s the ninja or not he likes kicking ass and loves punching shit

♥ - family headcanon


Eeh… not all that close with his relatives, especially his parents. They try, he knows, but they don’t really understand his tastes, and don’t really approve his all nighter habits or messy nature.
He loves them, he truly does, but he’s never felt like he can open up with them and tell everything… the don’t even know he’s the ninja for fucks sake. But tbh he prolly doesn’t “open up” for real with anyone..

☮ - friendship headcanon

*picks him up and puts him inside the trash*

The trash friend.
The one with stupid slang, dorky gestures, dumb puns, colorful but weird tastes, the one that pinches your shoulder and laughs at you in a good nature
He’s very friendly too, although a lot less than Juju. He’s also very dense so he doesn’t know why his friends are gloomy but c'mon give him a chance bbys trying
Not really all that touchy with them, but he never refuses to give “feel better” hugs and pats in the back whenever someone’s sad
He’s distant but he tries. Also really embarrassing and annoying sometimes but we’ll forgive him, he’s good

Summing up: good quality garbage

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Hello I'm moving into a new appartament soon and I can't take the tapestry I bought from your store with me and I was wondrring if you'd be okay with me doing a give away with it. I won't be selling it, I'll just be giving it away from my blog.

Of course! Since you aren’t reselling for profit I’m totally ok with it!

Good luck with the giveaway! If you link it to me I’ll signal boost it if you want! :)

Also, congratulations on the new apartment!

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What if the dancing scene is like them just at Magnus's apartment like dancing to music Magnus has playing OMFG

I am gonna lose my shit. I’m LEGIT GONNA LOSE IT IF IT’S LIKE THAT. 

Because Alec and Magnus slow dancing is all I ever wanted to see. 

The carefree smiles and soft laughs, the looks of pure love. and oh my god…. I am trying not to get my hopes up but fuck it. 


i just broke down crying of happiness. today has been after weeks a good day for me. i went to a student’s home to look at her sofa bcs shes selling it and i thought 35euro? it gotta be crap I will probably say no & take a more expensive one. but she barely used it bcs she had a boyfriend and mostly lived with him. it would fit perfectly in my new apartment in which i should move hopefully soon. then a lady from a job I applied to called me, the place I wanted to work at is full but they have another one & I can come tomorrow to talk to them but she said she rlly liked me on the phone & she could hear how much I wanted the job & if that works… I’d… I’d just be so happy? the past few years were just shitty… i need this so much.

i just finished talking about this on twitter a bit ago but honestly guys please respect my muse? on all fronts. i’ve had people follow me because iri is their “waifu” – which, surprise, is not what i’m here for. following me bc you like my muse and following me bc you want to bang my muse are worlds apart.

and ?? be kind about her ooc. i love iri and at the risk of sounding like a huge baby it does kind of hurt when people speak negatively about her to me. i’m aware that she’s a work of fiction but she makes me happy and when people speak ill of her when she’s already a cosmic plaything is a little ??? hhh…

and don’t needlessly antagonize her ic without running it by me like. i don’t ask for her to be the light of everyone’s life ( unrealistic much ) but i don’t find random, unwarranted violence towards her funny. this is a plot-driven blog and therefore i thrive off of conflict but…it needs to come from somewhere if u feel me.

i know this kind of comes across as me taking things too seriously or not being able to take a joke but i love this muse and i digress as a result, i take my portrayal seriously adklgj… i’d just like that to be reciprocated and respected. if you want a crack blog that’ll fulfill your need for waifu jokes and adopting-everyone-mom-tropes and all that,  i might not be the iri for you, lmao.