i just want a show focusing on this era


If a woman loves her own body, she doesn’t grudge what other women do with theirs. I feel like it’s so important to be who you wanna be because it’s truly infectious. Seeing others in their element is a truly clarifying experience , it shows you how they found they thing. I feel like this is how we guide each other into self love and self care. Feeding off each other’s positive energy by setting examples of authenticity and showing our uniqueness. Then we are all capable of motivating each other to strive towards who we really want to be and be successful with what we want to do. I’d love for each of us to truly get the most out of our identities and our lives. Us women don’t realize how strong we are . We live in a inter-connected era , an era where you have the opportunity to become anything and everything ever wanted. Just as long as you are determined and focused. I’m not where I want to be yet but I think I know where I am going🍂

I like to switch up what people are seeing, I don’t want them to see too many choreographed numbers in a row. I want there to be dynamic changes throughout the whole show – like you won’t see a full show of nothing but choreographed dances. There are are going to be some acoustic numbers, there are going to be some of just me and the band, there are some where it’s just focused only on what I’m doing performing. You have to switch it up ‘cause people get bored. 

bro the shannara chronicles is SO much better than I thought it’d be, like it’s cheesy/tropey af in a lot of ways but also SUCH FUN STORYTELLING? They set up different stories and characters and you’re just waiting for everything to intertwine and you can tell you’re going to get a bunch of babies who don’t know they have magic in their veins banding together despite the fact that none of them get along to fumble through trying to save the world and I’m always SO HERE FOR THAT. And they got pretty great/endearing actors so I actually like really like the people I’m supposed to like, which usually doesn’t happen? I’m just annoyed it’s so whitewashed, honestly, and if anyone tries to pull the shit of ‘it’s the era’ they have a black woman as a royal commander and an asian man as a healer/advisor so obviously it’s not the world (and even if it was that’d be a total bullshit artistic choice). There’s definitely still time for them to introduce more PoC given that the story seems to be semi-focused on kids/people who didn’t realize they had magical blood figuring that out and learning how to use it (does anyone else REALLY WANT the hot druid guy to reopen that ancient school or am I just wanting Hogwarts to show up in everything) but yeah, fingers crossed. I gotta say, it was fun as hell, though. I ship like everyone in every iteration (especially the two leads which, again, very rare for me but they’re just such brave CINNAMON ROLLS). And the humor made me lol like 10 times - the show makes fun of itself sometimes which is great. At one point there’s something called a codex and Will, the secretly royal peasant boy puppy who has no idea wtf is happening, is like ‘wtf is a codex can’t you just call it a magic book like why do y’all have to make everything sound so extra’. So yeah. And the visual effects are BOMB. Super high production value. Idk, it might suck and I was just expecting it to be so bad that it registered as good, but I had a GREAT time watching it. Can’t wait for more.