i just wanna watch the animes ok

My TMNT 2012 Speech

Ok first of all, I already watched the final chapter of our half-shell heroes and I’m gonna say I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, I laughed I screamed I cried it just got me and before I start saying my gratitude for Ciro Neil and Kevin Eastman I wanna share with you my thought about t the most beautiful series I’ve ever seen.

When I was a kid I used to watch the TMNT 2003 as a Animator Designer I’m a fan of 2D animation and I liked to watch the series with my sister and my brother, in that time I was like 10 years old girl with no idea what animation was all I knew was that I liked it as a lot of series but the TMNT had that spark that got my attention, I remember to read some of the comics but I never was a huge fan over comics so I don’t remember most of them (but that’s another story), but what I did know was that the series got my attention some how but then as every 10 years old kid I changed my attentions for something else.

Then 9 years passed and the TMNT 2012 was announced on TV in my land and I was starting my career as a Animation Designer I was beginning to nurture my passion with animation and to get acquainted with 3D animation and when I knew about the series I got my attention I told myself why not it looked cool interesting and it had potencial and as a very curious girl I am I gave it a try and when I watched the first chapter I said OH MY HOLLY GOD!!!

It was beautiful, more beautiful beyond what I’ve seen on a series, the animation was awesome, the character design was so cool, the plot was amazing it is a MASTER PIECE. This series has everything I expected an more it has action, drama, comedy, has a good script and the characters my god the characters baby they went super pro with them as the design as the personally the 4 turtles just got my heart in ways I can’t explain, each of them has that charm that makes them so unique and when I started my blog and met the TMNT 2012 fandom I met a lot of nice people who share the same love for them and  through every chapter it was aired I learned more than animation.

They just taught us some many lessons about life, family, brotherhood, friendship, love, freedom and most of the lessons they also learned is never giving up. As I said one of some of my TMNT art I’ve made with them I learned to brave like Leo, to be strong like Raph, to be smart like Donnie and to be funny like Mikey, every time I watch them and their adventures they have this light that everyone seek and it is HOPE.

Their hope of chasing their dream to go out of the sewers, meeting amazing friends, finding the love and even though the were hit, hurt, blasted, humiliated, haunted they never gave up after all they’d been through they always looked for a way to stand up and keep fighting no matter the adversities stood in their way, they just keep fighting never give up and never loose hope for making the difference and the sure did the difference.

I just wanna say thanks to all the TMNT 2012 fandom, we shared so much together like fanarts, fanfictions, gifs, theories, adventures and yeah we also shared so many laughs and tears for them like the time Mikey dreamt of Pizza Face, or Donnie creating Metalhead, Leo and Raph’s rivalry and also finding the love even if it was for a moment or 2. So to Ciro Neil and Kevin Eastman I wanna thank you for bringing this beautiful piece of art into the light those 5 years were the happiest of my and our entire life and I won’t never forget it as long as I live. 

And as for the turtles I wouldn’t like to be this a goodbye ‘cuz it’s not, ‘cuz you are the most amazing boys I’ve had the pleasure to meet and also the most handsome jajajajaja and to each one I wanna say this. 

  • Leo you’ve always been a great leader and great big bro for your bros, never stop doing the right thing and be the bravest turtle you’ve always been.
  • Raph even though you are a hothead I always knew you have a huge golden heart, always protecting your big and little bros, just keep fighting and stay strong (btw you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen).
  • Donnie that brain of your is just as big as your heart and your inventions are beyond of this world, keep working hard and never stoped being a dreamer ‘cuz that’s what you are a smart dreamer.
  • Mikey you little energetic fellas, you always bring fun and laughs even in the darkest moments in life so never stop smiling and bring joy to everyone.

Wow that was a huge speech jejejejeje well at final all I need to say is THANK BOYS, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU TAUGHT ME, no matter what you 4 knuckleheads will always be part of me and my heart and where ever you are, your journey is not over yet and I will remember with a big huge and great…


Dating Jeon Jungkook ??

I had so many ideas for Jungkook dating headcanons ok b ye

- shy bby omg
- when you catch him staring at you he’ll freak out and turn into a blushing mess
- in public he will always get all flustered when you hold his hand
- but at home he’ll always be so touchy ??
- he’ll always have his arm around your waist or something idk
- nose kisses :o
- he thinks its adorable when you wear his clothes bc you look so small and cute like its irresistible
- he sings for you sometimes and whenever he does its always a blessing
- you like to blast music throughout the house and you always dance like a child
- jungkook will give you weird looks while youre dancing but really he thinks its the cutest
- and then he joins you lmao
- you like to take pictures together but theyre always of you guys making weird faces
- artist jungkook !!!!
- he loves drawing photos of you and youre reaction is always :0
- he also loves watching you draw, even if you might not be the best at it
- he’ll save up a ton of money so he can take you to your favorite band and have good seats
- !!!!
- a shit ton of cute kisses
- cuddling and passing kisses back and forth waaaa
- you having to stand on your tip toes to kiss him
- i could go on forever tbh
- dating jungkook means having either jimin or taehyung (or both) always with you guys
- mostly jimin
- theyre like your bffs
- youve gotten used to those two joining you and jungkook on your dates
- anyways
- you and jungkook always like playing video games together
- but he beats you all the time
- you pout
- he kisses your pout asdfghjkl
- you feel better
- repeat
- sends you random texts while hes gone, and theyre always just funny photos he takes of the other members
- he’ll video chat with you late at night until you fall asleep
- he’ll sing you lullabies !!!
- sometimes he’ll sing them while holding you by the waist
- aaa
- while watching a movie or something he’ll randomly start messing with your hair and like put it into ponytails or something
- “uh, jungkook what are you doing”
- “watching the movie” he replies as he makes a ponytail right on the top of your head
- youre that couple that buys matching onesies
- animal onesies
- asdfghjkl
- even though hes a little older now, you still like to call him small, a baby, etc.
- and he gets mad
- but in a cute way
- i mean like he puffs up his cheeks
- and then you squish them
- aaaa
- binge watches long animes
- like fucking naruto
- you stay up all day and all night watching it
- but you guys enjoy it a lot
- when youre mad or sad he’ll sit there for HOURS letting you vent every little thing to him, then after he pulls you into a tight hug and doesnt let go until you feel better
- when hes stressed or sad you like crawling in his lap like:
- “you wanna watch anime”
- and he’ll be like:
- “yeah”
- and bam hes happy again

yikes i need to stop im wasting mobile data just to do this ok im done
this is so cheesy but !!!!

This Year of Anime. May I just say that my feelings are so indescribable. It took me two days to recover from shock.

My Feelings:

First of all the end of seasons of certaain animes has me in tears and I’m just like:

So let’s see. From what I know so far these animes have ended (or at least their seasons did) or will end soon. (If I missed any please excuse me. I was in shock for two days and I am unstable every time I look into tumblr and see more news)

  • Noragami

  • Log Horizon

  • Hamatora

Ok there’s a whole lot more, but I’m gonna stop there cause 1)This is tearing me up.  2)I think if I type more animes that are to end I’m gonna start bawling like an idiot in front of my computer screen.  3)I rather get to the happier news.  4)I’m a lazy buttmunch.

Give me a moment to recover…


But of course we must not forget about Mekakucity Actors comin’ into town!

Ok anyways. Some new sexy shet coming into town this spring 2014 and later (Like probs the summer or fall or yeah) right below.

Lemme just say that I didn’t expect DRRR! to come back nor Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. So excited for Mekakucity Actors to come out too! Obviously you can tell which ones I’m very excited about coming out, but there may be others that you’re excited about too. I shall be happy for you! Anyways after recovering from all this exciting news (especially after Shintaro’s CM came out and all the character designs and the new seasons and and and–*breathes in heavily*) I can’t wait for all these to come out! I highly recommend you watch Mekakucity Actors (Coming out on the midnight of April 12) and read the manga (Kagerou Days) and watch all the videos and CMs (Kagerou Project [go to wiki}) (ok I’ll stop), Hamatora (It’s ending soon), read/watch Noragami and JUST EVERYTHING!!!!! These are just my personal likes, so no one is obligated to do this, but I just highly recommend it o3o Cya laterz~<3

P.S. Just wanna say one more thing.

Voice Actor: Miyano Mamoru

*Runs off screaming* That is all folks.

I do not own any of these artworks or animes (obviously).